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Unused Sonic Mania Boss, "EggJanken"

by Fearless Echidna

Data miners have done it again! Some digging into the PC version of Sonic Mania was done and found an interesting, unused boss in the files. It looks like a callback to the mini boss from Act 1 of Flying Battery Zone in Sonic & Knuckles. It floats around the stage and you essentially play a game of rock, paper, scissors by hitting the button when it is on the correct counter to the tile on the right while avoiding its swinging arms. Here's a video of the full boss fight:


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NY Comic Con promises IDW info

by Fearless Echidna

Comic Cons have given us more Sonic comics news than at any other time in the last year combined. San Diego comic con gave us the news of SEGA’s shift from Archie to IDW. New York Comic Con, which takes place next month starting October 8, will answer the big question that now lingers in the minds of Sonic comic fans: what will the IDW Sonic era be like? Stay tuned to Sonic HQ, your ultimate Sonic source, for details!

Have thoughts on the new comics or the Archie debacle? Discuss it at Sonic HQ Forums!

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New Sonic Forces Trailers

by Fearless Echidna

Two new trailers aired today in Japanese, translated for your convenience. 

Interrupting your evening for this very important message from Dr. Eggman!

ATTN: Help wanted!

You heard it folks, Knuckles is the leader of the resistance! Stay tuned to Sonic HQ for more Tokyo Game Show news.

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Sonic Mania Review

by Rabid Rodent

After decades of fan outcry, Sega has finally released a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog game after 23 years of absense! Can you believe it?! Sonic Mania is a brand new game based on brand old games, headed up by lontime fans and hackers who have spent years essentially reverse engineering the entirety of the classic Mega Drive series. It's pretty exciting.

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Sonic Mania delayed until August 29th for PC

by Lighthead

Sega announced via their livestream that Sonic Mania for the PC will be delayed until August 29th to allow for more time for testing and better performance. If you pre-ordered the PC version, you'll be treated with a free version of Sonic 1 (not the updated Christian Whitehead version) for your troubles. If you pre-ordered the Collector's Edition, you'll still get the box and the download code will still work but will initially release Sonic 1 until August 29.

Edited to add their official statement

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