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Sonic HQ

Hey there! If you haven't noticed I am the guy who mostly posts when Lighty doesn't.  And boy do I have an exclusive treat for you! I sent an q&a email to Sonic HQ way back in 2002. I was so excited I got a response that I printed it out! ...Which turned out to be the only surviving copy of it ever happening. Good thing I spent the entire night retyping it EXACTLY as it appeared on this paper!  Well apart from deleting my real name and all. Otherwise everything is there, misspellings lowercase and all.


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Pages from the original Geocities version of Sonic HQ have been featured on the One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op blog!

This automated Tumblr blog, a project of the Contemporary Home Computing site, chronologically posts screenshots of Geocities homepages. Every 20 minutes a new screenshot gets posted (inside a Netscape browser no less), complete with the original URL and the date the site was last modified.

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Sega has lately been doing very well in the mobile space. Sonic 4, Sonic CD, Sonic 1 and 2, Sonic Dash, Sonic Jump, Crazy Taxi, just to name a few, have done very well in their new mobile environment. Sega clearly is experimenting even more in this space with games built from the ground up for mobile. Sonic Dash has proven itself there’s a spot for Sonic strictly on mobile and the upcoming game Crazy Tax: City Rush also looks poised to do well.

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Written by Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker
Art: Evan Stanley

Catch some sun and ride the wave as the aquatic adventure continues in 'Waves of Change,' Part 3! Sonic faces a city invasion by the ominous Dark Gaia Monsters! To make it even worse, the invasion is underwater - and Sonic can't swim! As the struggle turns desperate, will it be Amy's mission to find the key to saving them all, or will Sonic be left to drown? Then, in 'The Light in the Dark,' Part 2, the Freedom Fighters find what they're looking for - but will their own divisions bring them down? Featuring new cover art from Ben Bates and an extra-special 'monster movie' variant from artist T.REX!


Written by Ian Flynn
Art: Jim Amash

Bust out your detective hats and hop on the case in 'The Great Chaos Caper,' Part 3. Knuckles and the Chaotix are in the heart of the Aquatic Mines-where their only two options are to get crushed by a cave-in, or to drown! How on earth (and below earth!) can they make it out alive? And once they do, they've got to chase down the unlikely Chaos Emerald thief before Nack's team of Hooligans beat them to it! Add in ravenous Dark Gaia Monsters, and there may be too much for our heroes to handle! Featuring new cover art from Sonic comic guru Tracy Yardley and an awesome SEGA game art variant starring the Chaotix!



For those who don't know what Sonic Revolution is;

"Sonic Revolution is a movement to bring conventions and meetups for Sonic the Hedgehog fans to every part of the world."

..And they're running a single day Sonic convention on June 15th in Buena Park, California! Some of the highlights being a performance by the band Serenity Seven, an exclusive short preview of the fan film Sonic Prologue, and Archie comics artist Evan Stanley will be there signing autographs and displaying artwork!

100 tickets were put up for grabs yesterday and they all were claimed before the day was over.. These were free tickets (Though they are taking donations) 

There are still an additional 100 tickets to be given away, but the plans for them remain unclear..



Written by Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker
Art: Evan Stanley

Dive into the action in 'Waves of Change' Part Two! Sonic, Amy, and Rotor-in the deep sea and in deeper trouble! When their new friend Coral has run afoul of her government, will Sonic and the Freedom Fighters stand by her side? Or will they risk becoming fugitives? Then, in 'The Light in the Dark,' Sally's simple raiding plans take a turn for the worse! Featuring new cover art from Sonic superstar Ben Bates and a hilarious new 'Is it Summer Yet??' Variant cover by Tracy Yardley! and Matt Herms!


Written by Ian Flynn
Art: Jim Amash

The chaos continues! It's hijinks and high explosives galore with Knuckles caught in the middle of all the action! The Chaotix and the Hooligans are falling over each other to get to a Chaos Emerald - the key to saving (or dooming) the world! It's up to Knuckles to power through the madness and complete his own mission, and in his travels, you'll never believe who he finds! Featuring new cover art from Tracy Yardley and a rad red SEGA Variant cover!


Lots of Sonic news today, folks. Let's see how condensible it is.

Sega has taken the wraps off their new direction for Sonic, Sonic Boom. Sega is calling it a "a new branch of the Sonic universe" so it's not a full on reboot. Under the Sonic Boom umbrella, will be the new cartoon, debuting on Cartoon Network this Fall, a Sonic Boom video game developed by Big Red Button Entertainment, formerly Naughty Dog for Wii U and 3DS. It will be the third title part of the Nintendo exclusivity agreement. New toys will be produced by TOMY and will include plush, action figures, RC, role play, vehicles and novelty. The voice actors from the games will be incorporated in Sonic Boom. It's not certain if it's an exact 1:1 match but so far, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Eggman are certain.

There's more information in the source link below.


Source: Sega Blog


Site Improvements
by Lighthead @ Feb 3, 2014

Just wanted to share a couple things that's new to the site but very easily missed.

In the Comics section, the default “Browse By Series” listing is now paganized in chronological order from the beginning to now. This includes Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Super Special (and original Specials), Sonic Universe, Knuckles The Echidna, all the miniseries, and Sonic X.

There is now RSS support for the main page. The RSS feed is at http://www.sonichq.net/rss



Bells clanged into the air when it was revealed that people remember and still use Sonic HQ's archives without any of our prompting! Even still is that it was caught in the seedly underbelly of the internet (but not really) comics and cartoons board a certain unnamed but well known site. Unfortunately, we here at Sonic HQ do not agree with his viewpoints and insist that Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is good cartoon show in its own wacky way. Dr. Lighthead's official stance when questioned by reporters is "if they name dropped and also gave a link back, eh let them."