SHQ News - Year 2000

Sonic Adventure 3 info?

Gosh, Sonic Team must be busy. Now theres talk of SA3. Apparently, Sega let slip. Find out more at Sonic Sages At this rate, we'll be playing Sonic Adventure 4 in, oh, a year's time!

Sonic Team to develop PS0 for GAMECUBE???

I have just gotten off the phone with my friend, who works with the Sonic team. This person, who shall remain annoymous (at his request of course) has informed me that the Sonic Team is going to develop Phantasy Star Online for Gamecube! This confirms that the Sonic Team IS developing for other consoles, and the Gamecube will have it's own online network!

My friend has also informed me that Sonic Adventure has not been pushed back to the fall, but rather has been pushed ahead to January 30th, 2001! Expect an article about this on IGN DC when it opens back up after the new year.

Sonic 95 Color Cover Released.

Click here to see the cover.

And here we are, the link above to the cover, and below, the plot, as describes by Worlds of Westfield.

Enemy Mine. A trip to Robotropolis to rescue the roboticized Overlanders baffles Sonic and Bunnie, as many of the Overlanders haven't even been roboticized.

There you go. Enjoy, folks.

Credit: Worlds of Westfield

Sonic #96 Spoilers - ALREADY?

Anyone else wondering why these spoilers are so dang early? Didn't Sonic #95's spoilers JUST come out? I like it when things are ahead of schedule, but the spoilers are here at Sonic-speed! Or is that Mina-speed? Anyway, at this rate, #97's spoilers will be here in... oh... 5 days, 6 hours, and 22 minutes. I'll be waitin'!!!


Sonic the Hedgehog #96
Written by Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
Art by James Fry, Ron Lim & Ken Penders

"The Messenger." The answers to many questions are revealed - and a few new ones are raised. Has his Majesty's Secret Service learned of Sonic's heroic, secret trip to Robotropolis? Will Princess Sally and Sonic finally see each other again? Has Dr. Robotnik finally figured out a way to get back into Knothole Village?

32 pages, $1.99, ships on April 6.

The Spaz cover looks odd to me... mostly because I can't tell what's happening. Sonic and Mina are being chased by one of those SatAM-ish hoverpods, and... are riding some kind of hoverbike? I dunno! That's what it looks like! Or some big robot in front of them? Curse my 20/30 vision!!! I'll wait for it to be colored...

And what's this... "Has Dr. Robotnik finally figured out a way to get back into Knothole Village?"??? He finally got into Knothole? Cool. ^^

This will be another issue that Fry and Lim will pencil. Fry's work, IMO, is excellent, but Ron Lim, as quoted by someone I know, "is the devil." We'll see how it comes out, though. Ken Penders also writes and inks the Knuckles story, which is missing spoilers again. Well, at least it ain't Ron Lim. :)

This also marks another issue where Sonic and Mina star on the cover together. The question "Where's Sally?" has been on the minds of many fans, and it's on mine, too. Since Mina is scheduled to become Sonic's new "love interest", who knows where Sally'll be??? Probably going for Mina's throat...

The events leading up to Sonic #100 are proving to be more interesting with every bit of new information. I wonder what they've got planned for it. ^_^

That's all for now.

Source: Comics Continuum

Sonic in Shenmu

While maybe not earth-shattering news, small Sonic-themed figurines can be bought as you play the new marvel game from Sega: Shenmu. While it really does nothing to the advance the game, it's fun to see the 3-D Furs. So far, all but two characters from Sonic the Figthers have been found (the two missing being Metal and Super Sonic) by me. Another note of intrest is that they are by their Japanese names (i.e. Nack is called Fang and Dr. Robotnik called Eggman).

Rockman X5 Characters

This is semi-old news, but I've been busy with college and I'm just now getting to updating the site again.

The new mavericks in Rockman X5 are Crescent Grizzly, Bolt Kraken (most likely Sonic Squid in the English version), Tidal Whale, Shining Hotarunix (a FireFly), Spiral Pegasus, Spike Rosered, Burn T-Rex, and Dark Necrobat. So far, this undoubtedly looks like the most interesting batch of mavericks yet, at least in design and concept.

New reploids include Doglas, Alia (an information source), Life-Saver (repair robot), Signas, and Dynamo.

You can see pictures of the new armors, reploids, and mavericks at

Source: Zero Tolerance

Holiday News

Happy Holidays, friends--whatever you may be celebrating this time of year. It's been a long time since I've actually written news for Sonic HQ, and I send out my apologies for that. But, enough of that, let's get to what you really want--news! I bring in my big red stocking today more sales information for PSO, Saddam Hussein Stockpiling PS2s, and Sonic Team Junior's Holiday gifts to their fans.

A new rumor

I'm not really sure if this is true or not, but I heard a rumor about a new Sonic cartoon. They say it is called "Sonic Kids". I'm gonna look into it a bit.

If you know more about it I'll post something at the Mobuis forum if I ever find anything about it.

Phantasy Star Online no. 3, Sonic Adventure 2 demo available for download

PSO is no.3
IGNDC's daily Jap. top 10 has PSO listed as number 3 for December 22nd. At number 2 is another DC game called "Let's Make a J-Leage Soccer Club Expansion", which was also released on December 21st.

Sonic Adventure 2 Demo Available for download
From TSSZ:
That's right--AJ Freda has the guts to do it! You can grab it by heading to this link, but you're on your own as to how you get it from the PC to the Dreamcast.

New Sonic Adventure 2 Demo

O.K., my first post. Gaming Age Online has vidio footage of the entire Sonic Adventure 2 demo.


I do believe Sonic HQ is incorrect on something. On an earlier post, someone noted, and I quote:

Another thing to note, ODCM [Official Dreamcast Magazine) has also announced that the release date has been pushed back until Fall of 2001. The reason for this being is because Sonic Team wanted to ensure that the Sonic Team would have enough time to make the game everything that they wanted it to be.

I do believe I heard it'll be delayed elsewhere too, but I don't remember where. And now, they say just to the right of this post, and i quote:

Sonic Adventure 2 is set for release on February, 2001

Now I think they are wrong on the February thing and I do believe it was pushed back but I could be wrong. I just don't want anyone to get their hopes up and I hope Sonic HQ corrects their mistake.

Various Info on PSO, SA2, and Samba De Amigo!

Samba De Amigo Version. 2000 was released for the Dreamcast yesterday in Japan, with many new songs and modes, such as a "dance" mode, where you have to dance with the maracas. They've also created this brand new desktop wallpaper on their site for the occasion, download it: 1280*1024 (1250KB) or 800*600 (470KB)

Phantasy Star Online has been reviewed by Famitsu Weekly of Japan, given a 37/40 mark, with a Platinum award, here is what those wacky Japanese said about the game, thanks to DC.IGN.COM:

1ST GUY: If you can handle the price of the phone system and the game itself, you should definitely buy it. Simply communicating over the system is fun. It's possible to chat in real-time without any stress. When you're in the room, you can become a new person. I felt like there were wonderful possibilities! When you play off-line, it's an average action-RPG. - SCORE: 9

2ND GUY: You can play the game off-line single-player. However, you can go on-line to play as your own character. You can defeat your enemies, share the items you earn, and cooperate with your buddies via the chat mode. It's fun to experience the adventure with real-life people. If you dare to give candid advice, there may be some problem in cooperation. - SCORE: 9

3RD GUY: The underlying system is fairly simple. As you defeat enemies, your player's level slowly goes up. Single-player mode gets tiring. Why do the multi-player modes become so interesting? Talking with people while you fight is too much fun! You can't feel any time-lag, either. People who are connected to the net will want to try it. - SCORE: 9

4TH GUY: This is the first really complete consumer network game, and I applaud its perfection. You can enjoy the game with people you've never seen before, or play the game by yourself thanks to the decent gameplay system. It feels more like Diablo, but the game really shines because of the Yuji Naka touch. - SCORE: 10

SegaWeb have recently had the pleasure of watching both a new SA2 video, and a PSO video, heres the link. This is what they concluded:


  • A new character seemed to exist. He appeared to have Knuckles' skills, such as climbing and flying, but this character was white. Super Knuckles, perhaps?
  • A robot character, much like E-102 was seen in the footage. This robot was playable, and was racking up insane combos with its laser.


  • Sonic Team did not really demonstrate the online play from the game; they focused mainly on the interface and the single-player gameplay
  • To summarize: It kicks ass ^__^
  • Sonic Team guided the character from the outdoor areas to the main lobby section, which allowed for a great demonstration of the games menu interface.
  • The Menus are VERY important to this RPG's Gameplay, if you don't know Japanese, don't bother importing :)
  • everything in Phantasy Star Online seems to be customizable. The character was shown equipping armor and weaponry, and it looked like he not only was able to select from a truckload of items, but he was also able to alter the color/designs of the items themselves.
  • Sonic Team then showed off the motion capture from the game, and how it played a key role in making Phantasy Star Online's characters more lifelike. They also displayed several icons that exist in the chat features of Phantasy Star Online, among them being Doraemon symbols (A fat, blue cat with a magic pocket.. also it has no ears :), NiGHTS symbols and Sonic symbols. Perhaps these are Sonic Team's versions of smileys? :)
  • Sonic Team apparently wants to make Phantasy Star Online have date-specific downloads. Much like Sonic Adventure had its Christmas Square, Sonic Team wants Phantasy Star Online to have a special graphical alteration done to it on Dec. 25, three days after it is released.

The Super Sonic Zone has reported although Famitsu gave PSO a 37/40 rating, Famitsu Dreamcast, it's sister magazine, gave it a perfect 30/30! The game will come out around about the 27th of January in the US, and about a month after for the PAL release.

30 SA2 Shots!!!!!!!!

AHHHHH! 30 brand-spankin' new screens for SA2!!!! You heard it here first folks!

Check them out @ Swirlvision:

More Sonic Adventure 2 tad-bits

Following the news and rumors of Tails maybe or maybe not showing up in SA2, I have run across the ODCM (Official Dreamcast Magazine) and this is something that they have just reported about SA2:

"Although only a few characters have been revealed so far (Sonic, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik), sources tell us that five new characters, pulled from former Sonic games on Genesis, Game Gear, amd arcade platforms, will also join the party-introducing new styles of game play in the process."

This could mean that Ray, Mighty, Nack, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Bean, Bark and other Sonic characters who haven't been seen for many years could make a comeback.

Another thing to note, ODCM has also announced that the release date has been pushed back until Fall of 2001. The reason for this being is because Sonic Team wanted to ensure that the Sonic Team would have enough time to make the game everything that they wanted it to be.

Source: ODCM (Official Dreamcast Magazine)

Sonic #95 Spoilers - The Chosen One Starts Now....

Dub here! And today we get the long awaited Sonic #95 spoilers! Bunnie Rabbot fans will definetely want this one for the first story. But Miles "Tails" Prower fans - buckle your seatbelts: "The Chosen One", the final Knuckles arc before Sonic #100 and the follow up to one of the biggest side storylines in Archie starts here.....

Sonic The Hedgehog #95
"Enemy Mine"
"The Chosen One - Part One"
Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders
Art by James Fry And Ron Lim
Inks By Andrew Pepoy and Ken Penders.

A trip to Robotropolis to rescue the roboticized Overlanders baffles Sonic and Bunnie, as many of the Overlanders haven't even been roboticized! Meanwhile, Kodos has gone over the top, affected by radiation, leading Sonic and Bunnie to assist Arachnis in battle against Kodos as they attempt to make their way through the Great Forest. Is Kodos' condition part of a bigger threat? Can Arachnis be trusted? And just what can Robotnik be up to by allowing the Overlanders to exist free of roboticization? And in the backup story - His fellow enchidnas might not have the answers to Knuckles' problem, but Athair believes he does. He recruits Tails, along with Merlin Prower, to assist with the solution, leading to the moment many have asked for: the ultimate destiny of Sonic's major domo revealed...

Coolness. Not only do we get a story with Sonic and Bunnie (my personal fave of the FF's) but we get the long requested Chosen One arc that I know a bunch of you will be happy to hear, plus the return of Athair as Tails may possibly meet his uncle Merlin Prower who hasn't been seen since back in the day. :)

As an off note, the miniature version of this cover doesn't really do it justice. Sonic trapped in Spaz's "Spider Man" webbing makes this a SWEET cover and probably his best one in a while just for the layout. I'm not that happy with Ron Lim doing the art for the Knuckles/Tails back, but overall this looks to be a pretty good issue in the making. And if it follows the upswing trend the books have been taking since #88 (skipping SSS#15 - it doesn't exist >_<) then #100 may be looking good after all...

Sonic Zippo Image has manage to get an image of the Sonic Zippo, which is part of Dreamcast Direct's promotion for Sonic's 10th anniversary, has been released. Despite the fact that many children will be playing this game and could potentially get their hands on this, we here still think it looks pretty frickin' phat.

The Sonic HQ Interview! - Daniel Drazen and Sonique!

Howdy folks! Dub here - it's been a LONG TIME coming, a LONG TIME waiting, and a LONG TIME in getting it here - but I can assure you the waits are more than worth it! Today - for the month of December we present what I've promised you since the anniversary: The SHQ Interview with Daniel J. Drazen! And if thats not enough to appease you, we even got an interview with Alison "Sonique" Scharlemann - THE Sonique credited with Sonic Pandemonium, Perfect Chaos, the late Shadow Of Light, and now FUS: the online fight to get one of the fandom's cartoons back on the air!

I can guarantee that these are two of the biggest and neatest fan interviews we've ever done, so get to reading!

Daniel J. Drazen - Would you believe he's one of the oldest and most well respected Sonic The Hedgehog fans online? Have you ever wondered who that well spoken dude on the mailing lists is who consistently churns out reviews of the Archie Sonic Comics every month since..oh, Sonic #18? :) Or have you heard of the infamous fanfic called Mobius Apocalypse? From Archie, to its writers, to Sega, to writing fanfiction, to practically everything else as well as tips for the young aspiring writer and whats new, take a peek and get to know Daniel J. Drazen - one of the cream of the crop among Sonic fans.

Sonique - She can be one of the nicest people you meet if you talk to her, but cross her the wrong way and she wont hesitate to tell you what she thinks. ^__^ She's vocal, she's outspoken and she's one of the most well known long-time webmasters in the Sonic fandom! Her name is Alison Scharlemann, but you all know her as the unique "Sonique"! From Sonic Pandemonium, to Shadow Of Light, to currently FUS, join us as we have a sit with tonights lady of the evening and discuss whats new since we last saw her! And Sonic Underground fans, bring your flame retardant sheets ready...Prepare for a liitle Pandemonium - Sonique Style! :O) (Note: ***There is some mild language left in to keep the interview in tact)

Thats it for today! Read those and then check out our Poll Position below! And feel free to discuss anything you read there on the Station Square MB!

Poll Position And Reader Reviews: December!

Howdy folks! And welcome to our brand spanking new "End Of The Year" Poll Position! This month, the Sonic The Hedgehog #100 Speculation Poll as well as Sonic #88 and Sonic Super Special #14 Reader Reviews! Also 2 new polls and 4 new reader reviews of Archie Sonic 89-91 and a special review for reader input concerning Sega's new videogame release of the party game Sonic Shuffle! Considering we've got a lot of ground to cover, lets get right to the point:

There was only one question on this months Poll Position and that was - What event would you like to see happen sometime within the timespan of Sonic 100? (Choose 5 Answers)

Here are the final results.....

Tenth Anniversary Madness! Every Sonic Game On Dreamcast?

**twitches violently**

I'm not sure if this has been posted already - but who cares!!!! TRUST ME: It's worth being posted a second time. ^__^

How would you like a Sonic Greatest Hits compliation on Dreamcast? And no - we're not talking about stuff like the Sonic & Knuckles Collection or Sonic CD on PC. We're talking EVERYTHING from the Genesis Sonics, to the Saturn Sonics, to _MAYBE_ a rerelease of Knuckles Chaotix. Yes: You read that right. O__O All of this _AND_ Sonic Adventure 2!

Grab your analog stick for this one: rumors have floated over from Japan about a Sonic Compilation for early next year in celebration of the blue hedgehog's 10th anniversary. This will not be a meager helping of hits... you'll be graced with ALL the Sonic games from the Genesis to the Saturn baby, including Sonic 1, 2, and 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic R, Sonic Spinball, and other rumors are saying Knuckles Chaotix too. No word on anything anywhere of the 8 bit Game Gear's like Triple Trouble, Sonic 1 and 2, Sonic Chaos, and Sonic Blast. But I thik the above is more than enough ^^

If youre a Sonic and/or Knuckles fan, you should be pretty much drooling and quivering like mad now! ^__^

Granted this may be just a rumor after all, and Sega of America has heard nothing of such a compilation coming form the land of the rising sun. Then again, they may either be keeping this two GD-ROM compilation under heavy secrecy, or perhaps this compilation may not come to the States after all.

We'll keep you informed as more information rises. And we hope (and pray) that this rumor is true and that such a compilation will be released next year. A rumor always has its roots, and perhaps they're buried somewhere deep in Sega Japan...I cannot WAIT until February. :D

Source: Sega X

Two Adventures! Two Sonic's? Too Much Information!

It's TWO - TWO - TWO TIMES THE FUN! But where on earth is our little 2-tailed kitsune Tails?

At least thats what the major videogame sites are saying concerning the latest Sonic Adventure 2 demo (which is RUMORED to be in one of the next ODCM's). From these off the wall "Nails The Bat" new character rumors, to the Dark Sonic, to the missing Tails, to the now playable Eggman its obvious that we're in for a 1oth Anniversary treat either way!

You've seen the IGN article below. Here's the Daily Radar scoop:

The wily Sega had many surprises in store for the assembled throng of videogame journalists at the company's Executive Games Summit, which was held last month in San Francisco. At the two-day event, Sega showed off approximately 30 titles, all of them scheduled to come to Dreamcast in the year 2001. It was a glorious overdose of all things Sega and, for reasons unknown to all but the people who put the event together, certain materials were made off limits for coverage; a nondisclosure agreement provided Sega the legal right to assault those who discussed certain games before a certain date with flesh-eating beavers. With the passing of December 7 (the infamous day when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, forcing the United States into the global conflict known as World War II), the nondisclosure has lapsed on Sega's Sonic Adventure 2. Now it is safe to say that Sega showed the game's first level at the Executive Games Summit, and it was spectacular.

The game will celebrate Sonic's 10th anniversary, and centers around the creation of a new and sinister ultimate weapon, which happens to look a lot like a black hedgehog. The game will look similar to the original Dreamcast launch title Sonic Adventure, and will feature Sonic, his echidna pal Knuckles, the vile Dr. Robotnik and those beloved virtual pets, Chaos.

Sonic Team's Takashi Izuka, the man who created NiGHTS for the Sega Saturn (and who refused to comment about the game being made for the Dreamcast), was on hand to show off Adventure 2. He brought both a brief preview movie of the game, as well as a working demo of its first level. The movie showed brief flashes of gameplay, all fueled by pounding guitar sermons that seem to be the hallmark of such promotional material. Sonic himself was shown skyboarding, sliding down an anonymous hilly town with cable cars (San Francisco), using his board to grind along rails, swinging on vines, interacting with chaos and being an all-around bad-ass.

The demo for the first level proved revelatory. The first series of levels is titled "The Trial" and begins with Sonic riding in an attack helicopter. At this stage, Sonic is a prisoner, but his captives, as well as their motives for capturing the beloved mascot, were not revealed. Nonetheless, the plucky hero escapes his bonds, and hurls himself out of the chopper. Gameplay begins when he lands on terra firma and starts sliding down the streets on a board. Here, Sonic was shown sliding at great speed and with great fluidity. (Izuka promised Adventure 2 would have a frame rate that improved on the original 30-fps Adventure.) During jumping tricks, he would rocket into the air and begin spinning wildly, Tony Hawk-style. In a fit of videogame goofiness, Sonic was also shown knocking cars aside on the way down. The demo concluded with a visually stunning scene of Sonic racing toward the front of the screen while being chased by a rampaging truck. It was clearly a tip of the hat to the mad killer whale scene in Adventure, but was nonetheless remarkable.

Izuka then answered a series of questions about the game -- that is, he answered by saying he was unable to answer. He passed on the question of online support for the game, although he did acknowledge there would be some. He did not comment on the possibility of NiGHTS for the Dreamcast, but was able to say that it would be possible to shift Sonic's movement while he's grinding down rails in Adventure 2.

All in attendance were allowed to play the game later that day. The demo sampled is the same one that will be packaged with the Japanese version of the online Dreamcast game Phantasy Star Online, although Sega showed it to American game fans first. A brief playtest revealed that the game did, in fact, run at about 60 or so fps, and had graphics that were both sharper and cleaner than those of the original Adventure. It was simply fun to play as well.

As an added bonus, Sega sent all in attendance a copy of the demo on the date that its nondisclosure agreement lapsed -- along with a nice note saying, inexplicably, that the playable copy of Sonic Adventure 2's first level was not to be written about until December 21. Expect a full preview, as well as many screens and movies, on that date.

Sounds cool, huh? Couple that with the news above and it looks like were gonna be in for some GOOD GAMING come the 10th Anniversary! Now all we need is to find out the full truth behind Tails and these unconfirmed Nails rumors and see what happens. ^__^ Does anyone else wonder if this "Nails" may be the Dark Sonic in question? For that we'll just have to see. For now though, you can also check out's review of the demo, as well as thier new screenshots shown here linked below.

SA2 Demo Review #2:

Source: Daily Radar

Mina Maid

James Fry recently brought up some things concerning Mina The Mongoose's development on the Archie Mailing list in reference to a letter in response to Dan Drazen. An excerpt from the responsive letter is below:

Mina was always intended to be a mongoose, hence my remark wondering whether or not we made her species clear from the beginning. In point of fact, she was a mongoose before she was named Mina. The character was originally named Chloe, and changed to Mina at the 11th hour because so many of this book's female characters' names end in that "long-e" sound: Sally, Bunnie, Rosie, Amy... you get the idea. But the mongoose thing (clearly labeled on the character-design sheet Spaz sent me), the super-speed and the maybe = girlfriend thing have all been part of the plan for ages. I'm not saying stuff never gets made up on the fly, just that this certainly isn't one of them.

I wont reprint the full one. But check out the mailing list for more of the discussion. :)

Source: Archie Sonic Mailing List

Shuffle Bugged

Well - some are saying Sonic Shuffle is pretty good - some however are damning it to the lowest bowels of Sonicdom. Gamefan is one of the latter following echos of reviews from fans and VG pages alike as they've graced it with a whopping 42. :P Here's an excerpt from thier review:

One of the things that made Mario Party such a success were its fantastic mini-games, they were quick and easy to understand, and you were involved in one at least every turn. Sonic Shuffle’s mini-games really aren’t that swell--while a few are mindless and fun (like the wooden labyrinth game), most are either unnecessarily complex, banal, or just plain stupid. For example, in Sonicooking, one player flips a giant frying pan while the others try to stay inside and collect rings. There’s zero challenge to stay in the pan because the flipper cannot move it fast enough to knock you out. A safe cracking mini-game has you turning a knob ad as soon as the other player sees a “!”, they open the door. Whichever team can do this faster wins. Lame. And here’s the real kicker. You really don’t play that many mini-games during the course of play because you have to land on specific spaces to activate them, and there are really very few of them on the board. You don’t even get to complete in a free-for-all mini-game at the end of everybody’s turn like in Mario Party.

'Taint funny Sega! If you wish to read the entire review check out the Source Link below. Its not pretty....

Source: Gamefan's Shuffle Review

Older Tidbits From Ken Penders

Ron cleaned out his mailbox yesterday and graced us with Sonic Mailing List potpourri from Ken Penders (in red and the actual letters in cyan)! I wont reproduce everything here (Go to Kens board or subscribe to the list ya lazy twit!) But I thought the Robo-Robotnik news was interesting enough to post here. ^__^

What I'm wondering is, if you wrote all of #51-present (with Mike Gallagher possibly doing the issue #3 reference story with Al and Cal like he did with "Opposites DETRACT") Would we be seeing Robo-Robotnik right now?

Yes, but as for how different than Karl has done, it's hard to say. Initially, when we killed off Robotnik in #50, Sega allowed us to do so with the provision he be brought back six to eight months later. We just kept pushing it off for as long as possible for a variety of reasons -- storyline, marketing and even production considerations. The only major difference is that I wouldn't have used the name Robo-Robotnik after explaining where he initially came from. I had planned to use Robotnik Mark 2 and avoid any confusion over the mattter.

Subscribe: Archie Sonic Mailing List

Big Bully Sony Picking On The Stores?

Here's something interesting...In recent days, it has been no secret that Dreamcast has been enormously benefiting from Sony's blunders in launching the PlayStation 2, with even Sega of America's President speaking on the matter.

Recently however, Sega X says that theyve been receiving word that something is not right in the World of Gaming... at least in America, anyway.

Barnes & Noble, owners of Babbage's Etc., Software Etc., Funcoland, Gamestop, and more, appear to be involved in what could be seen as blackmail. So what do they have to back this? Well, according to them theyve had numerous employees from stores owned by Barnes & Noble, reporting the news that the stores have been told to remove all X-Box advertising, and stop pushing Dreamcast as much. The rest from Sega X's article:

Sound rather unlikely? Well, we've went as far as to quote an employee of Software Etc. on the situation:

When I asked my district manager (about the situation), she said: "It is a company-wide mandate that we are to take down X-Box promotion materials." When I asked her why, she said that "we have obligations to other companies right now and we don't need to be pushing the X-Box." When I asked her if it was because of Sony, she said "That's possible but I'm not totally sure."

We've been hearing from other sources that Sony have indeed contacted Barnes & Noble regarding the situation.

So, is this Sony showing Microsoft-like bully boy tactics? We'd be surprised if this wasn't true, after hearing it from so many sources, there has to be one common link. It would be interesting to see if the law comes into play, but until then, we can't say any of this is concrete.

A good way to find out is to call your local store, or if you go in and see that most X-Box materials have been removed, then it is more than likely the case of Sony. As of this moment, is still advertising X-box -KP

Source: Sega X

PSO - Everyone Say, "Thank You Mr. Yuji!"

Sonic Team are all set to release Phantasy Star Online on December 21st in Japan, and to celebrate the big occasion, the Sonic gurus are to hold a thank you party in Osaka Japan on the 16th.

So what does this party involve? A heck of a lot frankly. There will be a Q&A section, where Joe Public can put questions towards the team; a PSO Panel Discussion, featuring the game's producer, Yuji Naka, and development team members; a PSO game demonstration, where Sonic Team members will play the game, demonstrating how it works; a scramble for Sonic Team goodies, including old past times such as rock, paper, scissors and quiz questions; a history corner, looking back at earlier Sonic Team games; and much more Sonic Team madness! ^__^

There's no need to reserve a place at the party, you can just drop by on the 16th between 13:00 and 17:00, if you live anywhere near Osaka that is (Why can't we get anything like this in America?). For us Westerners, there's two options. A) Move to Japan especially or B) Hold your own Sonic Team Thank you Party, drown your sorrows in Sonic Shuffle, anime, and Kool-Aid and invite all your friends! :D

Source: Sega X

New Sonic Java-Mini games

Shadow of Sonic has been remodeled to play like a game! You can play many java games at the arcade, play the java slot machines, solve puzzles, and much more. One of the mini games is a Sonic trivia game that changes each time you play it. Other games featured are a memory game, blackjack, hangman, and more.

Sonic Adventure 2 details.....

Hey there folks! When I was on the Official UK Dreamcast Magazine's website, well to be more exact, the online chat, a person claimed he new further details on SA 2, when people questioned him, he said that Tails would indeed play one of the biggest roles in the game. It appears that this person believes he knows who created Dark Sonic, when questioned by chatters, he said Tails created Dark Sonic!

Could this be yet another Nails the Bat rumor, or something more? Well time will only tell, to be infact, we will see whether or not this guy was an imposter on February 2nd 2001, the scheduled release date for Sonic Adventure 2. More information on the release date go to: and search 'Sonic'.

Remember folks, there are an awful lot of rumors and theories going around about SA2, so don't take any particular one toooooooooo....serious^_^

Sonic Adventure 2: First Impressions from IGN

IGN got their paws on a demo of Sonic Adventure 2 and told us their first impressions of the game. You can read the article here. Also, it seems that we may be able to play the demo!! Here's what they said:

.....There will be two things immediately noticeable when you lucky readers have the oppurtunity to play the demo version of Sonic Adventure 2 this month......

I may be reading it wrong, but it sounds like we'll be getting a demo of the game with the January ODCM, on sale December 26th! Keep checking IGNDC for more info.

To Tails or not to Tails

Well, we've seen no pics of him so far and the big question is, IS TAILS IN SA2??? The answer is

No one knows!

The official Dreamcast magizine in the UK stated:

In a recent interview with Yuji Naka, the guy who created Sonic, Official Dreamcast Magazine were asking questions about Phantasy Star Online and the new Sonic Adventure 2 game coming out early in 2001. When asked if Tails was going to be in Sonic Adventure 2, Naka replied that no he wasn't. When they then asked if Tails the Fox would make a comeback he said he couldn't say anymore which suggests that Tails may come back seeing as most developers say things like, 'Sorry but we have finally scrapped this.' I hope this will end months of specualation of Tails being in SA2.

And Sagesages said this as well:

In the Preview Yuji Naka it is made clear that Only Sonic, Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik are the surviving members of the original cast and he points out that the Dark Hedgehog plays a big role in the story. What ever the Dark Hedgehog is it will be big as even Yuji Naka refuses to talk about it.

That should end speculation right there, two sources said Yuji Naka himself said no Tails, but WAIT! There's more. Gamespot got their hands on a preview and had this to say:

Sega first showed us a brand-new trailer for the game that showcased Sonic Adventure 2's enhanced graphics and hinted at the storyline. From what we could tell, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are the primary heroes in this game, and their quest involves both Dr. Robotnik and a brand-new character. Though the trailer wouldn't show the character in full view, it did show several close-ups of his face, enough to allow us to make an educated guess about his identity...

So, the answer to this question still remains unanswered after all this time. Hopefully the real answer will be revealed soon...

Sonic SatAM in the Brazil

Sonic SatAM will pass in Brazil December 11. After so much time again will pass a cartoon of Sonic in Brazil!

News Poster Update

I've updated the news posting rules, and if we have any more site ads and rebuttals, I'll add a post screening feature on here. I'll probably do it anyway, actually, when I write the new version. I'm too busy to write the new version right now, but I'll be working on it, as well as the directory and fan art, next week.

Good New's For UK Sonic Fans

I Got The Latest DC-UK Dreamcast Magazine And Found Something Out. Sonic Shuffle AND Sonic Adventure 2 Are Gonna Be Out In The UK This Month. They Also Said Something About Japanese Sonic Merchandise Coming Out In The UK. It Said Is Gonna Be Hard To Find And Expensive.

News Update

Hello, friends. Since I was the one that conducted the "Sweeps" data, I have more information inside. Plus, a new low in journalism for Daily Radar, and Sega of Europe confirms SA3 development.

We're Number 1! We're Number 1!

The results are in, and Sonic HQ is the most popular sonic site, according to TSSZ. Numbers for Team Artail were unavailable, but Tristan suspected they were third, with about 22,518 hits. tSf, previously the Sonic site to hold the raitings crown, dropped to 3rd with 17,813 hits.

For more information check out TSSZ's story.

Sonic on Malcolm in the Middle

I just watched Malcolm in the Middle today and I noticed that at the beginning, Malcolm and that kid in the wheelchair were playing Sonic R. Kinda weird to see a 2 year old game on a new tv show, eh?

Sierra Ranay Away For A While (

Shayne "Seirra" Ranay (known as Manic to some) will be away from and the net for a while having her wisdom teeth removed. Her surgery begins on Monday and she asked me to post this for her.

She's very worried and asks for everyones prayers to help her get over her fear. :) Stay well Sierra!

New Other-M Issue

Maintaining their monthly release status, Sonic fan-comic Other-M will be releasing their sixth issue on Thursday, Nov. 30th. This issue also sports a second Off Da Wall somic strip, provided and prompted by the merger with SonicVerse Team.


More Sonic Compilation News

It seems that Sonic Compilation may be true after all. More sources are reporting about it. Talk even says that perhaps Knuckles Chaotix could be on it. Click here to read up.

Source: Sega Web

Sonic Christmas Calendar

I always wondered why no one ever thought of making a Sonic christmas calendar and put it on the net before.... so I decided I'd make it myself! So, thanks to friends who came with ideas, plus my stubborness, here it is. Starting December the first.

Secret Sonic Shuffle characters!

The four secret characters in Sonic Shuffle have been revealed. They are:
Super Sonic!
A chao (Yup, a playable chao! Wow)
Big the Cat (drat)
E-102 Gamma (what?! Didnt that robot,erm, die?)

Seems reminiscent of that wonderful game Sonic Adventure. The two new characters. A Chao.

Sonic on Nintendo? ODCM says nope!

I just recived ODCM issue no. 10 today, and right in the letter of the month box was a letter I sent them a few weeks ago. I had asked if Sonic Team would be developing for other systems, and here's they're answer:

Hey Chris, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what will happen to Sega since it's formerly internal development teams were split off into independant companies. For now, all of these teams are now only involved with making games for Dreamcast, NAOMI and NAOMI 2 arcade boards (as well as the occasional PC and handheld port). There have been rampant rumors about some of them taking their acts to to other platforms, but Sega has remained very firm in its proclimations that this is untrue.

We here at ODCM have heard it all (both the rumors and the denials) and we doubt that any of the theams will be developing for other systems under the Sega brand for a long, long time. On a side note, we've also heard through the grapevine that this rumor often strikes fear into the hearts of third party publishers who release games on competing systems, simply becuase Sega is such a revered game developer in Japan! No third party wants to compete with games like Jet Grind Radio and Shenmue. But for now, it looks like they have nothing to worry about: Sonc Team et al are still Sega acolytes. So relax Chris- Dreamcast is still the only place to see next-generation Sonic.

Next to the letter was a picture of Sonic and a PS2 with Sonic laughing out loud.

So it seems like we have nothing to worry about, at least with the Sonic Team. I'll try to keep you updated with any new info about this subject-and so will everyone else :-).

New Sonic Related IRC server!

I am included in a group of freinds that have set up a new Sonic related IRC server, and we would be glad for you lot of Sonic Fans to join us... The address for the server is: '' and our homepage is . Please help support this IRC server, as we want to move it to a fast ADSL Linux Box. Thanks to Vector, who gave me permision to post this!

Shadow of Light is back!

Shadow of Light is back...sort of. Now called 'Shadow of Sonic', has only the best Sonic the Hedgehog stuff now and will be updated my Neon Chaos only. Some of the new things you should check out is the Sonic Adventure 2 preview, and Sonic Shuffle wallpapers. I'll have my Sonic Shuffle review up as soon as I beat that game. Fell free to send me logos for this site. PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you find any broken links or files not working ( image won't load all theway) e-mail me at to report the problem.

Visit it at

More information on the Sonic Compilation

TSSZ just got some news on the new Sonic Compilation GD-Rom for DC, to be released sometime next year. Here's what Tristin had to say.

We have just received an update on what is in the proposed Sonic compilation disc for the Dreamcast. It looks like all the Sonic Team made Sonic games will be in there, meaning Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R are out. However, this could mean that we would see Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles, in addition to Sonic CD! It also looks like the Sonic Team will be trying to put the late Sonic X-Treme on the disc as well! As you may know, Sonic X-Treme, though not made by the Team themselves, was developed by STI (a division of SOA) as a Sonic platformer for the Saturn. Development was then cancelled for unknown reasons.

We also have word that this new compilation CD, to be released in 2001, would span two GD-ROMs. As for extras, we have no idea what will be included yet.


great sonic comic deal on ebay

this person is selling ahole @#$% load of sonic comics go here

Walmart = More Sonic Merchandise

Well, after my 5-day absence from the net, I actually LEFT the house, and went to Walmart.

Of course, I checked for the new SA Series 2 Action Figures (resaurus) but what I found instead was strangely odd. Walmart is now carrying an assortment of Sonic the Hedgehog bath supplies. Or so, I'm assuming. What I found was a small little water game, with Sonic on it. On reading the back, it said "Look for more Sonic Bath Supplies brought to you by -someoffbrandcompany-"... It was one of those cheesy little "press the buttons to make the rings land on the posts" games, and the top opened up (I think) for the soap or whatever.

Another thing I found, which striked me as odd, is the latest Tiger Electronic's gimick games, entitled "Tiger Arcade". They feature those cool little low-res dot matrix screens like seen in the old Tiger 99x games. Walmart had only Hydro Thunder, and Q-bert for now, but on the back packaging, one of the games listed -- Sonic Adventure. Now, most of the other games WERE Arcade games at one time or another, except Sonic Adventure. No matter, it's still on my Holiday Wishlist. :)

For now, I haven't seen these at any other store. Oddly enough, at my local K-Mart, anything even resembling a Dreamcast or periphiral for it has vanished -- save for one small little memory card. No games, no systems, no nothing. Although, Hap-hazardly stuffed into the games case was a literal MOUNTAIN of PS2 games and PS1 games. So many infact, that if one were to open the display case, they'd spill out onto the floor.

Well, that's it from me. Later guys.

Sonic Adventure 2 and Beyond: New Info!

Hello, and today we have new information about Sonic Adventure 2, and possibly beyond, from an interview with a Sonic Team representative.

More Sonic Shuffle Reviews and Movies!

Both SEGAWeb and Daily Radar have recently reviewed the latest Sonic Game, Sonic Shuffle. Unfortunately, like DCIGN, Segaweb gives it a very poor score, 4.5/10. However, Daily Radar gave it a HIT Rating, which is the rating below their highest. I believe have a review and fan reviews, but they seem to be down at the time of writing. Also, SEGAWeb has nicely created 7 new movies of the game, but beware, The story ones show how poor the voices are :(

Sonic Shuffle Review: SegaWeb 4.5/10

Sonic Shuffle Review: Daily Radar HIT Rating

Opening CG. 12.1MB MPEG

The story unfolds. 9.1MB MPEG

The story unfolds, Part 2 10.5MB MPEG

The story is still unfolding, Part 3 18.6MB MPEG

The Stone location and Egghead evil. 6.4MB MPEG

Jamming out with Sonic and pals. 11.0MB MPEG

Auntie Em, it's a twsister! 8.4MB MPEG

Sonic Shuffle Beaten To A Bloody Pulp by IGNDC

Sonic Shuffle, Sonic's answer to Nintendo's Mario Party and Sony's Crash Bash has been dished out an exteremly bad review by IGNDC. Although they acknolaged the excellent sound, graphics, and overall presentation, they had a *few* quibbles with the gameplay, and they also said this game had a very low lasting appeal. The game was given a 4.7. Ouch!

SA 2 Coming in February!

Hey there folks, another great tidbit of news, it seems as though Sonic Adventure 2 will ship February 2nd to the U.S. has named this as an import. Order yours today!

Below is a box shot, it looks like a mock-up box though...

Weekend News

Good afternoon, friends. At the end of this weekend, we have an explanation of Thursday/Friday's SHQ downtime, an explanation of the multiplatform rumors involving Sega, and an explanation of the PS2 launch compared to 9.9.99.

SA2 tidbits in UK DCM

I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned-- sorry if it has-- but in the latest issue of the UK Official Dreamcast Magazine, as well as a Yuji Naka interview that we've all seen before (you know, the 'Air NiGHTS' one), there's also a short SA2 snippet. It has two new screenshots, a close-up of Sonic sliding down a San Fran hill on that weird metallic wheel-less skateboard thing, and another showing him 'grinding' along a jungle vine. Perhaps most importantly, the preview reveals the planned (worlwide) release date: summer 2001, although according to Naka it 'could be earlier'. Also mentioned by Naka-san was that the game may have a more 'Western-aimed' taste to it than the original. As the man muses, this may be a side affect of working in the US. ;)

Sonic Shuffle Official Homepage Up!

Hey there folks, its your trusty Sonic news reporter Egguman with some terrific news on Sonic Shuffle!

Sega Online has opened the official Sonic Shuffle site, I've been monitoring this event for quite some time now, remember folks you heard it here first @ Sonic HQ!

Check it out here:

Sonic The Hedgehog (and 9 other sweet Genisis games) to be released on Dreamcast!

This January, Sega will come out with another special Dreamcast bundle. This bundle will be called "Smash Pack" and will feature 10 of the greatest Genisis games ever made, plus Sega Swirl and Virtua Cop 2, all on one GD-ROM.

The Genisis games are as follows:

Sonic the Hedgehog
Altered Beast
Golden Axe
Revenge of Shinbo
Streets of Rage 2
Phantasy Star 2
Shining Force
Wrestle War

But what about those who already own a Dreamcast? Well, according to IGNDC, Sega will be releasing a Genisis Greatest Hits GD-ROM. No word on what games will and will not be included.


SA Series 2 Figures are OUT!

Thats right folks, you heard it here first SA figures, that is series 2 are out, you can order all of them at the Resaurus Online store!

Check it out here:

NO MORE Shadow Of Light Please

I have talked to Sonique concerning this last night and Neon Chaos pretty much made it evident in his own news post that SOL is sadly dead. Personally speaking, I have nothing against SoL, I visited it myself, in fact, like I said, though I have not talked to NC I talked to Sonique the other night concerning this and she is moving onto other things, most noteably FUS, which I fully support her in.

I personally ask all posters: Please do not clutter up the board with a moot topic as Sonique and Chaos have already chosen not to acknowledge clones in some situations. This is _SORELY_ leading Vector and myself to re-evaluate the public poster whether we need it or not.

_UNLESS_ you are either Neon Chaos or Sonique and you are acknowledged by either of the two SoL webmasters, any more Shadow Of Light down/reopened/whatever posts will be deleted without question as they are the ones that made the final decision and were the head webmasters of said website. I will respect thier views and wishes not to continue and/or acknowledge advertising of clone sites and I ask that others please do the same. This board is for news not advertisemets. Thank you.

DiC's Website!

While surfing the net this evening, I stumbled upon DiC Entertainment's (creators of all 3 Sonic TV series) website. It appears their server is under testing, but you can leave a comment to DiC and/or email them! This is a quick way to contest the cancelling of your favorite Sonic show. The URL is:
Mobotropolis Alley

Shadow of Light RETURNS!

I have some copies of that site on my computer.
If Neon has the pages I'd like him to send them to me.
I know how to get them up.

If you want to see the ramains go here. If Neon has the pages on his computer I'd be happy to put them up. After all, you CAN have over 1 account!


Shadow of Light - DEAD

As you may already know, Shadow of Light is dead. And it will be like that. Yeah, I know the site went down hill ever since Sega-Zone moved to a new ISP and that message board crap. Some people still don’t respect that fact that the site had some of the most unique stuff period. Who had the best previews of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Shuffle? We did. No respect! All we wanted is a little bit of respect.

Will Shadow of Light come back? Probably. I don’t know. We can’t get a server because we’re too big! The whole site takes well over one GB of data! can’t host us too because of the size. No one can! It’s not like I can get a job at and have a downloads section. That would be nice but it’s never going to happen. Hopefully, I can get a job at some other site.

As of right now, I do not and will not acknowledge the presents of other clones of the site.

Once again, we’re sorry.

Shadow of Light is Gone - Don't email me

I don't really know why it's just not there right now. Whether or not it's coming back or not is not really up to me cause it appears Game Fan took it down. Don't email me and Neon about it please, we're aware of the problem.

*dances* it's over, it's over, it's finally, finally over!

News Update

Hello everyone, did ya miss me? Hey, what do you mean, no? Anyways, here's what I have to report after a three-week sabbatical--Sega's Okawa has cancer, Suzuki in San Jose, and Joe Lieberman bites back. Hey, it's the day before the election, why not?

"Nights" was planned for Dreamcast!

Yesterday, TSSZ reported that Sonic Team wasn't just considering making a new "Nights", they were actually making it! Here's what an interview in the UK ODCM said:

"You know linear sensors? Well, we made this system where you could remobe the cable from the original pad and control NiGHTS like this." Naka proceeded to loop and twist a rolled up magazine in the air in front of him. After this, he continued talking. "It was called Air NiGHTS. We made it on Dreamcast for a while as well, but we stopped."

So why did Sonic Team decide to stop production of the game? "I know a lot of people love it and want us to make a sequel, but for us it's a really important game. Like the way Spielberg likes ET so much he won't remake it, I don't want to make another NiGHTS."

So there you have it....while it may seem unfortunate, Naka makes a good point.


Sonic Oasis Reopened!

It seems as though the Sonic Oasis has made a comeback! Although still loading everything, the new design and features will definately give tSO a place on the Sonic Internet fandom (again^_^)!

Go check it out @:

No Plans for Nintendo and Sega!!!!

According to Sega Web, it was all one big communication problem.

Another crazy rumor has been killed. Yesterday there were, once again, mis-translated reports out of Japan that Sega and Nintendo were involved in some grand new gaming venture along with music producer Tetsuya Komuro. The deal was supposed to involve Sega's ongoing network gaming plans.

The real story is that Satoshi Kayama, director at Marigul Management, has been invited to act as an advisor to Sega to oversee their network initiatives. Mr. Kayama has worked with Tetsuya Komuro and Nintendo in the past, and this is the extent of Sega's relationship to these two entities. Sega sort of knows this guy Kayama, who once worked with Nintendo and Komuro in the past. Sheesh! Talk about needing a better translator.

It's not all bad news though, Nintendo's resident genius Shigeru Miyamoto said this about the company: "Marigul helps talented programmers that don't have enough money in terms of funds to make the games they want to make." A small development team called Saru Brunei is a part of the company and is headed by former Nintendo game designer Gento Matsumoto, who served as Miyamoto's right hand man for more than a decade.

Source: Sega Web

FUS - Fans United for SatAM

A new attempt at collecting SatAM lovers has risen. FUS - Fans United for SatAM is a place where they will be free to express themselves without the possible torment of Anti-SatAM'ers. I, Sonique, created a site devoted comepletely to SatAM with no SegaSonic, no Sonic Underground a little to no Archie. I know a lot of SatAMers are out there who are afraid to express their opinions because of the amount of SegaSonicers, but FUS is a place where they can all come to hang out. FUS will also be trying hard to revive the SatAM in one way or another, but we need members first. Please fill out the form on the page is interested and be sure to including your email address so I can contact you.

Please check out the page too as it has over 300 SatAM/Archie Fanfics, many o' downloads, and a page dedicated one of, if not the best, Sonic fanmade game ever, Sonic Epoch.

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you all soon. :)

Sonic #90 Released Today

Just a reminding note that Sonic The Hedgehog #90 will be released today. You can find it in your local bookstore and/or comic book shop. Subscribers should have already recieved it. :)

That is all. ^__^

Sonic #94: Previews - Darkness Falls, A New World Order, And Sonic Goes To High School....

Loops are thrown aplenty in this preview. As if Double Cross' news post wasn't foreboding we get something that FURTHER adds to the mystery that is the road to the coveted anniversary issue: Sonic The Hedgehog #100...

"New Order 2"
Written by Karl Bollers
Art by James Fry
Inks by Andrew Pepoy.

As beautiful as the new Knothole Village is, Sonic just can't adjust to it knowing that Robotnik's presence - and that of the Overlanders - persists in Robotropolis. For his part, Elias has chosen the path of peace, electing to focus on turning Knothole into a permanent habitat rather than trying to reclaim Robotropolis. By issue's end, however, dark alliances shall be made and peril shall befall the Freedom Fighters - in the form of both natural disasters and wicked enemies...

OK - Several things in this preview caught my eye. Namely:

1. Check out that cover and one thing will immediately catch your eye - namely the centerpoint of Spaz's piece: Knothole High School! @__@ And not only that but we see Sonic walking with Tails and Mina (sans Rotor trailing behind them) in a congested courtyard nonetheless. Bunnie and Antione are walking in the opposite direction, but Sally is nowhere to be seen....It looks like after Sonic 93, Mina, Rote and Tails will be getting bigger roles after all. I specifically remember WAAAAAY back before Sonic #50, Ken Penders said he had wanted to try something like this (the high school thing) but I didn't think they'd actually play it out. THIS could be interesting...and its CERTAINLY something new that hasnt been done before in the book. Makes you wonder what on earth they have planned for after 100.

2. NEW Knothole Village? Robotropolis is now populated with Overlanders _AND_ Doc R? And Elias wants to "move on" on reclaiming Knothole? And then there are the titles of "New Order" and "Darkness Falls" revealed below. It should be neat to see how this all will turn out in the end. After tomorrow - 9 issues to go till the big Double Zero...

Next Ken Penders Online Chat & New Info

Be here on Wednesday, November 8, 8:00 PM for an online chat where we'll either be celebrating a Gore victory or commiserating over a Gore loss. (I will acknowledge a GOP victory, but that doesn't have to mean i like it or believe it's good for the country. At least we get to vote for Hillary in this state.)

I'll also be talking about SONIC, THE LOST ONES and all my other latest projects, including THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE 6-page story I just completed pencilling for Disney Adventures.

As far as SONIC #100 is concerned, right now, the working title is "DARKNESS FALLS", and you can take that to mean anything you want, 'cause the world of Sonic and his friends just won't be the same after. (That includes Knuckles and company, as the whole issue is one complete story.)

Now I'm going to grab some sleep before getting back to the drawing board and hopefully finding some time to update this blasted site. I have so much stuff to upload it isn't funny.

Until next time, take care.

Doesn't this make you feel all warm inside?

Source: Ken Penders' Message Board

Preview Color Cover of Sonic #93

Sonic the Hedgehog #93

Writer(s): Karl Bollers
Penciler(s): James Fry
Inker(s): Andrew Pepoy

Sonic returns to Knothole and finds himself in hot water because of the missing Sword of Acorns! Angered by the frosty reception, he hastily leaves with Tails, Rotor and Mina. Sonic blames himself and can't stop thinking about the sword. And Robotnik is also angry over the lost Sword of Acorns, terrified it will get in rebel hands and actually restore free will to those he's imprisoned. The facts don't stop Robotnik, however: he pretends to have the Sword in a nefarious plot to hoodwink the newly arrived Overlanders...

There ya have it.

Source: Worlds of Westfield

Other-M #5 - Release Date

Other-M, one of the finest (and perhaps the most successful) Sonic fan-comics on the net will be releasing its fifth issue on Halloween. Get a treat without having to dress up!
Other-M #5 - Oct. 31st

New Black Dreamcasts go on Sale

I should stay away from this news poster thing. o.o As usual, I don't know if this has been posted or not, but here goes:

I was in Walmart a few days ago, and I noticed, while there were no PS2's to be sold (or even on display), Sega is now selling slick Black Dreamcasts. These Dreamcasts come with two games, Virtua Tennis and NFL2k1 I believe. They've been dubbed the "Sega Sports" Dreamcasts, with the Sega Sports Logo branded on them and everything. The Units themselves are ALL black, including the controller. If my memory serves me correct, the controllers are see-through.

The units retail for $169.99 I believe, which is mighty cheap. This is obviously to combat the PS2. Unless of course, I am wrong, and somebody's reported this before me and I'm just blowing hot air. :P

Sega And Nintendo To Form Joint Company?

As if Sega news hasn't been monstrously odd this past week, from the "coming out of left feild department" we get this: Remember that weirdo Sonic/Mario hybrid RPG newsrumor that flopped out of nowhere and was dismissed by many as silly talk?

Well this came in from the grapevine this weekend courtesy of IGN DC:

According to the Online version of Japan's Asahi newspaper, Sega and Nintendo are teaming up to form a joint company. The story at Asahi first describes Sega's recently announced losses, stating that Sega revealed to investors in September that its results for the half-year ending September 30th would be less than expected. And that's what happened (see news article clarification below - WB), with the company announcing a loss of 29.2 billion yen today, down from an expected profit of 600 million yen. Poor Dreamcast performance was stated as the cause for the loss. Now, for the full year period ending March 2001, the company expects a loss of 22.1 billion yen, down from an expected profit of 1.5 billion yen. This will be the fourth yearly loss in a row for the company. This is where the story becomes a bit odd.

Sega has stated that it's not basing its future exclusively on Dreamcast - go figure. As expected, it's looking to reinforce the network gaming side of its business. In order to achieve this latter goal, Asahi states that Sega will be forming joint companies with, respectively, Nintendo and...famed Japanese music producer Tetsuya Komuro.

If you're not familiar with Komuro's work, then you probably aren't familiar with modern day Japanese music at all. Komuro has helped to develop such names as Namie Amuro, Ami Suzuki, and mega-group Globe. (Don't look at me - I have no sense of Japanese music - WB ^___^) We're not sure what to make of this peculiar announcement. Unfortunately, the Japanese source gives no further details on what these joint ventures will amount to, and how Komuro plays a role in things. Sega of America could not be reached to confirm the information.

The Tetsuyo Komuro thing is real cool if you're into that sorta stuff, I have no idea who he is personally - but perhaps of more relevance to game fans is being able to see Sega and Nintendo mentioned in the same sentence alongside the words "Jointly owned company."

If this is ever confirmed, and after this fiasco weekend, maybe there's truth to the rumors after all?

Source: IGN DC

Dreamcast Direct Announces Special Bundles

Dreamcast Direct, Sega of Japan's Online sales service, has added four titles to its growing list of special offers today. Sonic Shuffle, Daytona USA, Tanteishinshi Dash! and Card Captor Sakura are now available for preorder, with some of these titles including special freebies when purchased online.

Sonic Shuffle does not have any special goodies planned, but it still can be preordered online. The title is set for Japanese release on Dec. 21 for 5,220 yen ($48).

Source: IGN DC

Clarification From Sega

Follow ups and Clarifications all around! ^__^

First things first, the Reuters article that was printed on a lot of major news sites (most noteably Reuters and Gaming Age). According to Gaming Age, the recent Reuters article they reported on, which basically confirmed that Sega would develop for multiple game consoles: After the news story broke, GA went straight to Sega of America for a quote as well as some clarification. The original article appears to be either a mistranslation on Reuters part, or some very wishful thinking on the part of the author. A Sega PR rep provided them with a copy of the release which was the source for the original Reuters article, and made the comment that "As far as we know, that's (Sega developing for rival game consoles) not the case".

When reading through the complete release, it makes much more sense as to where the confusion may have originated. The thing is a _LONG_ one, so instead I'm just gonna link it. It can be found here.

The next bit of clarification is concerning SEGA's actual reported loss. This is from IGN DC:

Cross platform development, hardware licensing, network gaming… there's wild speculation everywhere regarding Sega's steps in these areas. There's no speculation what so ever, though, on one thing: Sega is losing money and is not living up to previous expectations. Today, the company (which is described by Bloomberg as "a money-losing video-game console maker") announced its expectations for the year ending March 2001. And they're not good. The company is forecasting a group net loss of 22.1 billion yen ($204 million), in contrast to the expected profits of 1.5 billion yen. These estimates will mean that Sega is losing money for the fourth straight year in a row.

Half year results ending September are also lower than the initial forecast. Sega will post a group net loss of 29.2 billion yen, down from the 600 million profit that was initially expected.

Analysts are suggesting that the price cut for the Dreamcast in Europe and America, in addition to slow Dreamcast sales in Japan, are contributing to the poor performance. Comments Nomura Securities analyst Yuta Sakuai, "The loss has been expected since the console price cuts, because the company had been making a 1,000 yen loss per machine even before the price reduction."

Sega is still expecting to reach a worldwide 10 million mark for Dreamcast in time for March of 2001, matching Sony's forecast for PS2. As of September 30th, 5,870,000 DC units had been sold worldwide, with 1.06 million of those checking in between April and September. For the six months between October and March, Sega is forecasting sales of 3.77 million Dreamcasts worldwide, with 2.1 million systems going to North America, 770,000 units in Europe and 730,000 in Japan (maybe the rest will go to Antarctica?).

So will the slaughter end anytime soon? Hideki Sato, who will assume the role of Representative Director and Vice President of Sega starting November 1st, stated "I think we are predestined -- the real battle starts now." Nomura's Sakuai commented "the fourth straight annual net loss is a blow to Sega, but it now has a better chance of returning to profit next year."

And the FINAL bit of claricication comes from Sega's stance on producing games for OTHER platforms and what they have to say. This is also from IGN DC:

There's an online buzz going around about the SEGA Dreamcast. Specifically, sources on the Internet claim that SEGA will soon announce a new business strategy that will include plans to provide game software to rival maker's consoles. To which we say... yeah, right. SEGA held an earnings report where they had announced their new strategy to focus on network gaming. It seems many have likened to make speculation into news, since on the press release there is absolutely no mention of plans to have SEGA software on competitors' consoles. The closest statement is:

"Further, SEGA will take other strategic measures such as utilizing its vast software library of more than 1,000 titles to develop content for other consumer entertainment and mobile devices, making full use of the SEGA's renowned brand and characters to expand its game software business"

It seems everyone wants to get a shot at SEGA, whether fact-based or not. While SEGA is projecting a pretty big loss for the end of the fiscal year, there is, I repeat again, no mention of software development for rival consoles.

And THAT is THAT. :)

Sega Goes Multi Platform, The PS2 Launches, Heck Freezes Over

Well now if this don't get the goat NOTHING will. First - before I print this interview I made a LOOOOOOOOONG rant about this, the PS2 launch and Sega at the Mobius Forum. I urge everyone to read it because I'm not sure (after reading Tristan's news reply) if I understand the full impact of this myself as its pretty danged big. So I _REALLY_ want people to read and reply and sorta get me straight if I'm wrong on some facts, as well as getting input from others on this.... The post is located here and opens in a new window.

Note: Please excuse the "cute" theme on the Mofo right now. ^_^ We're sort of in the middle of a sanity lapse.

Now for the story that I'm sure you ALL want to read - Sega goes Multi Platform verbatim from Reuters...

TOKYO (Reuters) - Struggling Japanese game console maker Sega Enterprises Ltd forecast on Friday a fourth straight net loss, and unveiled ambitious plans to shift into software provision to move back into the black.

The projection of a consolidated net loss of 22.1 billion yen ($204.2 million) for the business year to the end of next March was revised from an earlier estimate of a 1.5 billion yen net profit.

Sega attributed the loss largely to an 18.5 billion yen loss from its recent decision to cut the overseas sales price of its mainstay Dreamcast (news - web sites) game console to combat a competitive threat from rival Sony Corp, which launched its snazzy PlayStation 2 console in the U.S. on Thursday.

"We might have had good demand without the price cut but we wanted to achieve cumulative total sales of 10 million units by March," Hideki Sato, who will become chief operating officer (COO) on November 1, told a news conference.

Analysts expect even fiercer competition next year when Nintendo (news - web sites) Co Ltd and Microsoft Corp launch new consoles.

Sega tried to calm concerns by announcing a far-reaching new business strategy, including a future plan to provide its game software to rival makers' consoles.

We are already in talks with a few foreign firms", Sato said when asked about licensees. He declined to give details.

That transformation into a software provider from a hardware maker marked a drastic, and welcome, policy shift, analysts said.

Sega declined to specify for which rival game consoles it plans to make software, and emphasized it would not withdraw from the Dreamcast hardware business.

"We applaud the company's decision to shift its focus to providing content and away from the loss-making home game hardware business even though it isn't pulling completely out of hardware,' said Nomura Securities analyst Yuta Sakuai.

"The fourth straight annual net loss is a blow to Sega, but it now has a better chance of returning to profit next year".

Hefty Loss

Sega, the world's third-largest maker of home video game players, said it sees group sales of 320 billion yen for this business year against an initial estimate of 336 billion yen.

It slashed the price of Dreamcast to $149 from $199 in the United States on August 31, before the PlayStation 2 debut, followed by a reduction in Europe in September to 149 pounds from 199 pounds to solidify its footing before Sony's launch.

"The loss has been expected since the console price cuts, because the company had been making a 1,000 yen loss per machine even before the price reduction," Nomura's Sakurai said.

The news came just before the Tokyo stock market closed and Sega shares ended down 31 yen or 3.68 percent at 811 yen.

In the business year ended last March 31, Sega posted a net loss of 42.88 billion yen. Its president resigned to take responsibility.

For April-September, Sega sold 1.06 million Dreamcast consoles, boosting cumulative sales to 5.87 million.

It aims to sell 2.1 million Dreamcast consoles in North America in the six months to next March, 770,000 units in Europe and 730,000 in Japan to try to achieve its post-launch target of 10 million by next March.

CSK Corp, which holds a 17.2 percent stake in Sega, also revised down its estimate, forecasting a group net loss of 11 billion yen, against its previous forecast of a net profit of 300 million yen.

Drastic Move

Sega's new business strategy includes a plan to seek to license the Dreamcast design technology to manufacturers of personal computers, audio-visual equipment and cellular phones to increase compatible PCs and other devices.

"The company is heading in the right direction by trying to boost loyalty income through its attractive software library," Deutsche Securities analyst Takashi Oya said.

But I am not convinced the company can make a decent profit from licensing the Dreamcast technology.''

Nomura's Sakurai said Sega's partial move away from making game boxes would help rival game makers Sony and Nintendo Co Ltd as well as U.S. Software giant Microsoft Corp, which plans to enter the market next year with its Xbox machine.

"Sega's decision will be positive for rivals, meaning less competition in the hardware business and offering a possible new strong partner to provide games."

If this means what I think it means - then Sega may not be making any new hardware, but then again - I'm not sure if I read the article right. O_O I urge and ask everyone to GO HERE, read my rant, and then please post on it. I'd like to get the facts straight on just what this means and whether its as good or bad (a double edged sword) as I think it is. Claricication and input please.

Dan Drazen To Get Published !

Not exactly Sonic news per se, but a heartfelt congratulations to a VERY deserving Sonic fan. :)

Posted yesterday on the Sonic Powerzone Mailing List, well known and respected Sonic fanfiction author and reviewer Dan Drazen made this announcement:

I've mentioned in the past that I've been doing some non-Sonic-related writing, specifically a novel about the boyhood of the prophet Samuel. Well, last April, a couple of book editors from the Review and Herald Publishing Association (the flagship publisher for the Seventh-day Adventist church) were here on campus interviewing people with manuscripts or works-in-progress. I made an appointment to meet with them about my book, which I was still in the process of whipping into shape. They were interested and wanted me to commit to sending them a rough draft by the end of August with a final draft before the end of the year. I readily agreed.

Long story short: the Book Committee met yesterday and Approved it!

Too bad Archie isn't looking for new writers, as the fact that I'm going to be published (though not as a comic book writer) may finally give me the "standing" to even have my work considered by them for the comic. Though you never know, what with Mike Gallagher's having jumped ship. But OTOH it means that I can start applying myself to Sonic fanfic again. I'll keep the lists informed.

BTW, the book itself probably won't be PHYSICALLY published until the Fall of 2001.

Dan Drazen

A hearty congratulations to Mr. Drazen on his endeavor! ^__^ And for those of you asking - YES I do have the Dan Drazen interview, its sitting on my hard drive right now and I swear I've reread it twice, but I've either been too lazy or too swamped with social and school-related things to pull it up. You can slap me with a trout and call me mean names later. ^^ I'll try my DARNDEST to sit still and get it up this weekend. PROMISE. :)

Sonic Adventure Homepage "Chao Black Market" Coming Soon

The link to it's already on the Sonic Adventure homepage, unfortunately it doesn't work yet. Check out under "Community", "Chao Gardens", then the third option, "Chao Fun Room". There's a new banner over "Evaluate Your Chao", for the Black Market, "Trade Emblems for Special Chao". ^_^ Unfortunately, it doesn't work quite correctly yet. Unlike what it currently says, you DO need to use Game Save Data, not Chao Data (Go to the Game Select screen after you select your VMU, hold "Y" and press "A", it should take five seconds (if it happens really quickly, you need to clear space on that VMU, but the upload file isn't too large, 11 blocks max), and then make a Ring Sound.) Then go to the place mentioned above, select that VMU, and it'll let you in... sort of. See, it's still in debugging, and doesn't quite work right (it kicks you to the same selection screen the Emblem Attack does, and with almost any selection it complains the page didn't set the "World Ranking" cookie to your DC webbrowser, a shame.) But obviously, this is a pretty big clue it's coming soon. Too bad with the Sonic Adventure hacking projects, the hardcore audience has seen most of the "Special" Chao, but this'll allow them to be more mainstream and easier to access, I suppose. ^_^

Attn Kulock: The post has been edited and corrected :) Thank you. - WB

Source: The Moogle Cavern

Anti-PS2 Site Looking for a Host!

I know it's probably not my place to post here, but since we're all Sonic fans, and don't exactly take kindly to the PS2 too much, I've decided to plea for help here. If any of the editors deem this fit to delete, they are welcome too.

I am developing an Anti-PS2 site. This site, while having a biased name, will not say biased words. It will only speak the truth of what plauges the PS2. The site is being created to inform the people of how Sony is trying to con their way in using the PS2.

But, such a site is without proper hosting. Or proper staff. I hope to have the site up and running by Thursday, to counter-act the PS2 launch party. If I cannot find a host, I will seek hosting at good ol' GO Network.

I ask of you all, does anyone reading this have a fast, reliable server, with either PHP or CGI (both?) support, willing to add an Anti-PS2 site? Wether it's Emulation Zone,, SegaZone, Gamefan, whatever, does anyone have any space to offer?

Also, as I mentioned, I need a staff. While I don't want to start taking applications yet, I'm going to anyways. And, while I do know a small bit of CGI and PHP, it'd be real nice to have someone who knew that. If you think you're qualified to either write articles, moderate a forum, or code me some CGI/PHP programs (news updater script most likely, but that would be about it I guess, except for something that automatically posted articles, too), give me an email at All article writers must have excellent grammar and spelling, and must be good at writing long, factual based articles.

Thank you for your time.

In reply to this news

With respect to Mr. Maldon, I thnik I can explain this. I had tried to report this before, but the information I was given was well, wrong. I got a lot of beef for it and was finally told the truth. To put it short, Sega is working on merging with other companies, Microsoft included. This is a good move for them, for it can make them a more formidable competitor against some overhyped, extremely pricy game systems (havefunwatchingDVDscausethegamesSUCK). In addition, some of the groups that Sega used to own, Sonic Team being the most prominent, have become independant studios, producing software for other platforms and no longer limited to Sega alone. Sonic could not only appear on the Xbox, but possibly the Gamecube as well. In short, this is not bad news, rather, it is GOOD news. Sega is no longer a minor company taking up table scraps (Let's not forget the Sega CD and 32X), but a tough cookie. And while Sony rubs it's miserly withered old hand thinking of ways to destroy that which is Sega, We have new allies in microsoft (Owned by a man who unfortunately I think is equally evil) and possibly Nintendo. I HOPE I got my facts right this time.

Sonic with Microsoft?

Could Sega's 10-year mascot make an apperance on the new X-Box or perhaps in the next version of Windows?

Amy Rose Fan Club back up

Hi. I know Ive already shamelessly plugged the Amy Rose Fan Club but then it was taken down. Now it is back up. If you are an Amy fan, pop over to the Amy Rose Fan Club and join! Theres even a mailing list there.
Amy Rose Fan Club

The Classic Mega Man in X5

In this month's EGM, (Electronic Gaming Monthly for those of you who don't know) there was a preview for Mega Man X5, and it mentioned that it would be possible to play as the classic Mega Man. If this were to fit into the plot accurately, it would pretty much ruin any theories that X is really Mega Man....

Sega Movie Confirmed!

The mysterious Sega movie has been confirmed, and it ain't Sonic. Rather, it will be on Sega's "House of the Dead" series. Here's some facts from Dark Horizons.

House of the Dead: Mindfire Entertainment, the company behind "Free Enterprise" and "The Specials" has just inked a deal with Sega to do a feature based on its "The House of the Dead" arcade and video game. You may recall a while ago that Jesse Dylan was attached to possibly direct the project but then it had sinced fizzled with no word for almost a year on what had happened to it. Now with the very similar "Resident Evil" project finally moving out of development hell, so has this zombie computer game-turned-movie project. The film's producer Daniel Kletzky says "Unlike previous attempts to adapt video games, we intend for 'The House of the Dead' to be a very hip, cutting edge film with state-of-the-art special effects and a great, contemporary soundtrack that will satisfy fans of the game as well as all moviegoers who love supernatural thrillers". There's also a big Internet presence planned with footage from the set, streaming prequel sequence videos, and "other interactive features". Shooting is expected to begin in February with an aim to release it around Fall 2001. Thanks to 'Agent M'

Source: Dark Horizons

All new Rock/Megaman game!

There's a new Rock/Megaman game coming to the Gameboy Advance. It's called Megaman EXE, and it's an RPG. The only problem I find with it, is, what kind of Megaman game is a turn based battle system?
We'll have to wait to see.

For the whole shebang of info, go here: IGN Pocket

Sonic Adventure 2 - Demo Dilemma!

Japan gets all the cool stuff. ^__^

Sega of Japan’s 4X Memory Unit will be packed in with a "special edition" of Phantasy Star Online. Today we bring you news of Sonic Team including even more with the global online title. At Sega of Japan's retail conference in Tokyo today, Sonic Team's Yuji Naka revealed that Phantasy Star Online will come packed with a demo version of Sonic Adventure 2! O_O This extra will be in both the special edition and regular version of PSO, and will feature opening moments from the game as well as some movie files. Currently, Sega of America is unsure if the demo will be released stateside.

According to all the latest charts, Phantasy Star Online will be hitting the Japanese market on Dec. 21.

Samba in stores!!!

Samba De Amigo is now in stores! And both DC.IGN.COM and the newly brought back have reviewed the game, and both have given the game a high 9.5/10 rating! check them out.

Gamefan Review

DreamcastIGN Review

New hi-res SA2 shots

Seems like the predicted draught of SA2 news hasn't actually happened. Computer & Video Games has several cool hi-res Sonic Adventure 2 shots, including some new ones. I recommend you take a peek.

Sega Announces Worldwide Agreement with NexGen

Thanks a lot to Evil Blackfox on the forum for showing this...

Sega announces worldwide agreement with NexGen Software

Sega Dreamcast Game Consoles powered by NexGenIP TCP/IP suite, allows thousands of players to play together around the world

Sega Europe is pleased to announce the newly acquired license for NexGenIP, a complete embedded TCP/IP stack developed by French based company NexGen Software. This license will allow Dreamcast developers to access a Complete Networking Suite to design better online Games.

?Our objective was to offer our developers one of the most complete embedded TCP-IP stack which is perfectly tuned to exploit our optimised architecture?, said Serge Plagnol, Associate Director for Developers Technical Support at SEGA Europe. ?We worked closely with NexGen Software, to deliver arguably the best Internet based game software solution for a console available today? concluded Plagnol.

?The relationship established with SEGA gave us a deep understanding about the technical issues and we enjoyed working closely with them. While our TCP/IP stack is very carefully layered, we met the challenge to optimise some of our code in order to exploit the advanced Dreamcast architecture. The resulting port is probably the best one we have done, improving both the portability and performance? said Jean-Paul Medina, President at NexGen Software.

NexGenIP Open Embedded TCP/IP Suite is carefully designed to solve the most demanding requirements in terms of size, performances and portability. All dependencies are well isolated in the NexGenOS Interface Layer to support most of the popular Polling or Real Time Operating Systems.

Weekend News

Good evening friends, today, I have a PS2 Retailer Squeeze Play, One Million DCs sold in one year in Europe, and Indianpolis gets to enforce its law.

Last News Report

Sorry Don't E-mail me. AIM me, my name RATM182 Fitch. My e-mail does'nt work.

Sonic Comics!

Hello I am AKA, some of you might remember me.. But most of you don't know me. But anyways I bet most of you are asking why is he posting on the news page and I bet this is gonna be taken down but I discovered something while cleaning my room. i found some nice Sonic Comics. And if you are willing to buy them please e-mail me at Here they are:
Issue 6, January
Issue 17, December
Issue 3, October
Issue 7, Febuary
Issue 4, November (missing cover)
Thank you! Please buy them! I need cash!

Sierra Ranay

(Can SOMEONE please erase the last article? I can't get in to edit the darn thing)

Sonic and Knuckles are at Denny's! They are 3.99 a piece, and are from SONIC UNDERGROUND. Sonic is wearing his medallion at that. They were discovered when Denny's played their TV ad.

SU's Sonic and Knux dolls at Dennys!

Okay, I have YET to see this myself, because I was still asleep when my Mom and best friend found out that Denny's was advertising for Sonic and Knux plushies, and they were from Sonic Underground. I'll go more into detail as I investigate this news story.

Sonic #93 - Sword Play Pandemonium !!!!!!

Sonic The Hedgehog #93
Written by Karl Bollers
Art by James Fry
Inks By Andrew Pepoy.

Sonic returns to Knothole and finds himself in hot water because of the missing Sword of Acorns! Angered by the frosty reception, he hastily leaves with Tails, Rotor and Mina. Sonic blames himself and can't stop thinking about the sword. And Robotnik is also angry over the lost Sword of Acorns, terrified it will get in rebel hands and actually restore free will to those he's imprisoned. The facts don't stop Robotnik, however: he pretends to have the Sword in a nefarious plot to hoodwink the newly arrived Overlanders...

The road to Sonic #100 is lookig pretty decent. ^_^ Glad to see Mina, Rote, and Tails following Sonic. This means Sally, Elias, Bunnie, and Ant are back in Knothole and that could prove interesting considering the other previews. Speaking of which:

Now keep in mind - Thanks to Sega stepping in at a SERIOUS last minute, previews were changed and it was announced here that Sonic 92 is being forcibly made into the Sonic Shuffle preview. That issue was supposed to have the lead being the "The Wrath Of Khan" and a Knuckles backup. Whether that main story has been pushed out (which tied into this issue) or whether the Knuckles backup has been pushed out (which would make more sense considering the timeframe it was given to Archie by SEGA), we don't know yet. We'll try to let you know if we do. Peace out! :)

New Sonic Arcade Screens Discovered!

Well, I decided to check up on the status of the Model-2 Emulator Virtua, to see if there was any support for Sonic Championship... while there, I poked around the site, and found a link to a site where a guy, calling himself ShinobiZ, posted what I find as the most comprehensive information on just about every Sega Arcade board out there. Upon going into see listings of every System 32 game, I found two more Sonic Arcade Screenshots.

Sonic & Ray swinging through a mountain-like Zone.
I'd say this was from an opening scene, but you can see Sonic's lifebar. It's a level!

The first screenshot is nothing new, it's the 2nd one that catches my eye. Though you all may say, "Must be from the opening scene." ... it's not. You can clearly see Sonic's lifebar. It's a level. Also, according to this site, there is a System 32 emulator in the works. While obviously known from such sites as Geoshock, it might prove that it is still in the works...who knows?


News Update

Good evening, and happy Columbus Day, Yom Kippur, and/or Thanksgiving (in Canada, that is.) Today, I have a couple things to pass along to you, including Malaysia banning arcade games, Samba maracas at EBWorld, and Daytona getting a, some have all the luck...

Mega man item in Powerstone 2!

I've been playing powerstone 2 for dreamcast, and I found an item called the powerful buster. it looks like megaman's buster cannon. you can charge it up by holding the action button. It's pretty interesting, and I'll try to get some pictures of it.

Worldwide Launch for Sonic Adventure 2!

Reports out of Japan indicate that Sonic Team is keen on the whole worldwide launch thing. Apparently, Sonic Adventure 2 is now set for a worldwide simultaneous release, meaning gamers in America, Japan and Europe (but probably not Australia - as usual :( ) will take to the speedy blue hedgehog's latest exploits at around the same time.

So no waiting this time for an indefinite period in America - and gamers in Japan won't have to shell out cash at some later date for an improved version of the game. In theory at least - Phantasy Star Online was originally scheduled for simultaneous worldwide release, but the US version is coming out one month later. Hey - one month is close enough! :)

Source: IGN DC

Gamefan Go Boom!

I had been wondering why I couldn't get into Gamefan to find news (let alone even loading it) and now I know why. I can't think of any Sonic websites that are hosted there but if you know any of them it may be wise to tell them to move before tomorrow or find a temporary spot.

Following a turbulent merger with, GameFan appears to have pulled the plug on all of its hosted websites. The main GameFan website is down (supposedly for an almost permanent period) while popular sites such as VoodooExtreme are unreachable. Apparently found hosting sites to be "no longer supported under our business model." A full version of the email sent out to hosted sites appears below.

RE: Courtesy Hosting Services

Dear GameFan Network Associate:

We regret to inform you that will no longer be offering the courtesy of hosting services to its GameFan Network Associates. We have found that this service can no longer be supported under our business model, and we will do whatever we can within reason to facilitate any transitional requirements. The timing for this is as soon as possible, and is to occur no later than Monday, October 2, 2000. To be clear, any GameFan Network Associate site that has not been moved off Genuity s servers by 11:59 PM October 2nd will effectively be shut down, so it is critical that you take independent action to retrieve and independently procure hosting provider for your site(s).

A pretty rotten thing to do on such extremely short notice. :( Good luck to those hosted with them.

Rumored SU Game confirmed!

You heard it here first. Sonic Underground has its own video game! Manufatured by Tiger Electronics, the SU game is a hand-held LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).

6 stages of Sonic Spin Dash action!
Keep the marble rocketing around the game for added Sonic speed!
Sensational Sonic sound effects from the new hit TV show!

Nothing can stop you when you're riding [Manic's] hover board!
Grab your guitar and chase off Sleet and Dingo with some awesome guitar riffs!
Use your Super Sonic Spin to flatten the Swatbots!

"Sonic Underground" features SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, his brother MANIC, and his sister SONIA. They fight to free their enslaved planet, MOBIUS from DR. ROBOTNIK, his evil cohorts, SLEET and DINGO, and the merciless SWATBOTS. With the help of [Manic's] hover board, your gutair, and your famous Sonic Spin Dash, help Sonic make the world a more creative, musical place!

These games can be found at Big K-Mart, and are priced at about 12.99.

Ken's Chat - Full Messages

An addendum to True Red's post, here is EVERYTHING that I could culminate from the chat. VERY BIG THANKS to Brian Sapinski and True Red for filling in gaps and posting since I could not attend.

  • Knuckles will feature a prominet role in maybe Sonic 91-93

  • Plans have changed and Charmy bee will return in Sonic 93. The change for issue 92 is the Sonic Shuffle preview. Unlike other game adaptations, however, there is no complete story. In fact, it will end on a cliffhanger, saying to buy the game for the rest of the story. (SEGA promotional issues - it'll probably be better this way anyway considering what problems the SA adaption caused)

  • There may be something more concerning Big, E-102, Perfect Chaos, Robotnik all in the SS game, and new people as well (probably Void). It may ied to SA slightly, and not in any part of the continuity. All of the above will be explained and understood when we see the Knuckles story. So until planning is finished we'll have to wait and see.

  • SSS15: The Final Issue and The Return of Ixis Naugus is going to the printers

  • The Regular series is settling down for the moment. Details leading to 100 are still being planned. Pages from Sonic 90-92 may hopefully to add to KP's website.

  • Ken will be doing some Pokemon and Digimon covers for Beckett's collectors magazine. Also has an online comic that Ken's doing.

  • Major change regarding KP's message board and chat room this weekend. Due to the new COPPA Law restricting commercial websites (which Ken considers his site to be) Everyone must register to use it, due to legal matters and the nature of the site, parent's signature for those that are underage and e-mail address to receive password and use the boards Personal info needed. He said he wouldn't do it if he didn't have to. If you want to know more about this ask him at his messageboard before the restrictions go up: Source: KP's Message Board

  • No Julie-Su until Sonic 98. She and her step-parents will return in full

  • Dimitri will return as Enerjak by Sonic 100

  • SEGA will not change in regards to certain things. These are their characters including the FF's and minor chars. SEGA exerts more control of the comic as a promotional vehicle. Referring to Shuffle in that aspect is already tough. SA2, however, won't be for a while. The comic will adapt any Sonic game SEGA puts out, and they can't refuse, as they will use the comic to market the games.

  • KP still has a free hand with Knuckles, as we'll see in following issues

  • Ray The Squirrel was on the Floating Island when Echidna Civilization got zapped into a different zone, and won't be coming back for a few issues. This stands for the Chaotix as well. No Chaotix stories coming up, but they will be around.

  • Speaking of the Chaotix, Charmy is the only one outside the Dark Legions zone barrier. Charmy and Saffron will return in Sonic 93. That will be posted on KP's website later. Certain relationships will be explored.

  • And you'll FINALLY be seeing certain things Archie intended to do a long time ago finally come about. Stuff that was talked about WAAAAAAY back in Endgame time:

  • Geoffrey will become more involved with Sally, for instance. Geoffrey and Hershey was never established more than professional relationship. There also may be a possible love triangle returning but it may not be how we think, could be very interesting, as Sally will re-examine her feelings for him.

  • The Chosen One arc will appear in Sonic 95-97, Tails and Knux will unite during this time.

  • Mina's role will increase

  • Even Archie had a hard time getting Knux books into stores.

  • Constable Remington's big secret concerning Knuckles happenings will come out some time after 100.

  • No idea if any stories will appear from that new zone where everyone on the Floating Island was zapped to, because events in #100 have not been accurately determined.

  • Sonic might go solo soon as well, Ken will have to check with Karl on that one. The Sword of Acorns is a plotpoint he'll have to check on as he's not sure what its status is with it. He can only maintain Knux continuity.

  • He also highly doubts Knux will be speaking much to anyone after Sonic 100.

  • Mike Gallagher quit! O_O Does this mean Off Panel on hiatus?That's possible, although KP hasn't discussed what happened with Justin.

  • Just to give you some idea of the insanity in producing the latest issues, they've been barely getting the books out before deadline due to a lot of miscommunication and other snafus

  • Sonic and Knux will do a major crossover in 100. Xenin could return, not sure when, because Ken's more concerned with Enerjak and the events leading up to Sonic 100. Even more interesting: Someone christened "The Ultimate Villain" will appear in Sonic 100.

  • Manny Galan is no longer associated with the books in any way. :( He's too busy working for Nickelodeon now.

  • Lara-Su appears between 100 and 112. The Color scheme is still undecided.

  • Ken's unsure of everything that Karl has planned beyond a few specifics. HOWEVER - Something does happen to one of Sonic's parents by #100.

  • What happened to the oncoming Overlanders will be addressed later on.

  • And we'll probably much less of Remington token appearance, UNLESS the proposed Knuckles mini-series is approved. Here's hoping! ^__^
  • Ken's Oct 4th Chat Highlights

    I was there for the majority of the chat and here is some info first about upcoming stuff and then direct quotes made by Ken during the chat.

    1) Julie-Su returns along with Simon and Floren-Ca (her step-parents) in Sonic #98

    2) Dimitri becomes Enerjak in Sonic #100

    3) Charmy is back in Sonic #93 because Sonic #92 is going to be the Sonic Shuffle adaptation

    4) Ken's not sure if Tikal will return

    5) Nic and Nack aren't going to be the only ones hunting Knuckles in Sonic #91

    6) Tails and Knuckles will be working together during "The Chosen One" storyline (Sonic #95-97).

    Here are some direct quotes from Ken Penders that I managed to copy and paste (mostly from the Q&A part):

    Sega is going to exert more control in rgards to using the series as much as possible as a promotional vehicle

    Sega will have us adapt any SONIC game they put out. That's called marketing, and we can't refuse to

    There won't be any Chaotix stories, Blue Raven, but the characters will be making appearances I just can't say when they will do so other than Charmy

    [on Knuckles series] That's why the book is no longer published, because even Archie had a difficult time getting the books into the stores

    It'll be sometime after #100 before we can address Remington and his secret

    I highly doubt Knuckles will be on speaking terms with many people, let alone Sally after SONIC #100

    Just to give you some idea of the insanity in producing the latest issues we've been barely getting the books out before deadline due to a lot of miscommunication and other snafus

    Geoffrey will become more involved with Sally, for instance

    Sally will re-examine her feelings towards Geoffrey

    Keep your eyes on Mina, everyone, as her role is going to increase as well

    SONIC #100 will involve a crossover with SONIC and KNUCKLES

    Xenin could return, Mariah, but I'm not sure when, because I'm more concerned with Enerjak and the events leading up to SONIC #100.

    Manny is no longer associated with the books in any way. He's too busy working for Nickelodeon

    [on Lara-Su] I haven't worked out her color scheme yet, although I know I'll have to real soon as she will be appearing sometime between SONIC #100 and #112

    Something does happen to one of Sonic's parents by #100

    We will be addressing whatever happened to the Overlanders

    You will meet the Ultimate Villain in SONIC #100

    I don't think we'll see much of Remington or Komi-ko beyond a token appearance, unless...
    My edit: the chat moved too fast for me to copy the rest of the statement, but Ken and Justin have proposed a mini-series to the publishers and they're waiting for approval or disapproval

    If you missed the chat, there's most of the relevant Sonic/Knuckles info.

    Sonic Team VMU!

    A solid blue VMU will be released in Japan December 21st, the same date as Phantasy Star Online. It will carry the Sonic Team logo and Sonic characters, but pretty much remain the same as a regular VMU. Still, if you want one, check the import retailers in late December, possibly even January 2001.

    Source:The Super Sonic Zone

    News Update

    Good evening friends, sorry for being a bit late on my news, but it happens. Today, we find Sega potentially committing cybersquatting, nominations for the Sonic Emmy Awards announced, and the number of PS2s available come the 26th of this month have been cut in half.

    SA2 Movie number 1.5!

    Yes you heard it right folks, Sonic Team has released a newer version of the SA2 movie with more action! See Sonic interact with Chao, Dr Eggman in battle, Sonic skyboarding and more!

    You heard it hear first folks, at Sonic HQ!

    Check it out here!

    Other-M #4 Launches

    The new form to the newsboard kept me from posting this earlier :P Anyhoo, Other-M (perhaps the most successful fan-comic on the net) has just released it's fourth issue.


    SU: Season 2 Info

    With Season 2 less than 5 hours away, here's some quick info:

    I will be opening's chat room at 11:30 P.M. EST to talk about Season 2. Lots of others are to be there, so I suggest you get there early by clicking here.

    Season 2 will be launch at precisly midnight, EST tonight.

    That's all for now. See you there!

    Cover of Sonic #92

    Here's the long-awaited cover of Sonic #92! And in color, too! This is the story that goes along with the cover:

    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #92 - (Bollers/Fry/Pepoy) The Wrath of Khan! Monkey Khan, the cyborg-simian created by Doctor Robotnik returns, and this time the furry fury's got it in for his maker and all Overlanders in general.

    There you have it.

    Source: Worlds of Westfield

    Cover of Sonic #92

    Here's the long-awaited cover of Sonic #92! And in color, too! This is the story that goes along with the cover:

    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #92 - (Bollers/Fry/Pepoy) The Wrath of Khan! Monkey Khan, the cyborg-simian created by Doctor Robotnik returns, and this time the furry fury's got it in for his maker and all Overlanders in general.

    There you have it.

    Source: Worlds of Westfield

    Addendum to the "Day 9" Pictures

    This is just an addendum to the article Knuckles posted about the "Day 9" pictures of Sonic Adventure. I just wanted to point out about the second picture, that looks like the Chao Doctor (with a different look than the SA Homepage), this time integrated in-game (possible for Chao Tutorials and Troubleshooting.) I mean, come on, hospital beds, a medical symbol slapped everywhere, "doctor" hair stuck on an otherwise normal Chao. (to distinguish it from one you grow, to make it recognizable to a normal player as a regular character.) Just thought I'd point that out, thanks.

    Day 9 of the SA2 pics!

    Be good to your Chao by rewarding him!

    What is this place?

    [CHAO: Artificial life]

    Chao which you all have grown to love has become more intelligent and cute! Improved intutitive communication and response with Chao increases Chao Fun! You won't be able to leave your Chao alone with the improved VMU Chao mini-game with secret features.

    Looks like everyone's favorite Chao are back with new features too. By the looks of the second pic, the Chao must get their own room with luxuries! Source: SonicTeam

    New Samba De Amigo Wallpaper!

    Over the past few days of the SonicTeam Fall festival, SonicTeam have added 2 new Samba De Amigo v.2000 Wallpaper designs for the public. The first is A Samba and his SISTER (I thought it was a love interest?!) on a Barbie Pink Background, the second shows what the new "Dance" mode goes like, on how you have to move your maracas around, not just pose.


    1280x1024 BMP File (1282KB)

    800x600 BMP File (470KB)


    1280x1024 BMP File (1282KB)

    800x600 BMP File (470KB)

    Source: Sonicteam Fall Festival

    Just add alittle AXER

    What do you get when you add one of the coolest artists around (J.Axer) and a fan comic team with a plan (us, the SonicVerse Team ^^)? Yes, another rendition of Sonic Adventure! Most of you guys have seen the Archie version of Sonic Adventure. Most of you have seen the Fleetway version of Sonic Adventure. We're not saying ours is any better but we want to give it a shot, darnit! ^^

    More SA2 Shots!

    Dr. Eggman triggers the emergency alarm!

    Dr. Eggman takes out an enemy robot!

    [Egg Mobile Blast-off]

    Enter Dr. Eggman riding high on his new powerful Egg Mobile. Armed with a powerful weapon, Eggman destroys all who enter the battlefield. One's true character is measured by battling with Eggman. What diabolical evil is Dr. Eggman planning this time around?

    Is it my imagination, or could it be possible that could play as Eggman? Just a thought, but if Dr. R. is taking out enemy robots...

    Lara-Su's first appearance in the Sonic Comics and stuff

    Feh, I'm sick so I'm staying home from international school in Taiwan... but enough about that...

    I just talked to Ken Penders in AiM. Originally I just talked to him to wish him an early Happy Birthday (his birthday is on the 28th). Before he left, he told me that:

    Lara-Su will make her first appearance sometime between SONIC #100 and #112

    So there you have it folks. Now you know when Lara-Su will appear. And, being the BIGGEST Lara-Su fan around, I can't wait! =) Chao!

    Capcom Selling Stock

    From SegaWeb...

    Speaking of Capcom and army of robot developers, the company has announced they'll be offering the chance to snatch up some stock. Beginning October 4, 4.7 million shares of previously privately held Capcom stock will be available on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The price of the stock is expected to be announced sometime between October 2 and October 6.

    Credit: SegaWeb News Bytes



    Dr. Eggman stands in front of a mysterious terminal. Can it be...Eggman is fighting with the enemy !? But why?

    The Latest Pictures Have Emerged! EGGMAN! And from the looks of that Second picture, he might be some sort of Playable Character! (I doubt they'd have some power up like that)

    also (THEROY TIME) The first picture looks kinda like a comet. And the Sonic "Clone" seems to be black. Is it just me, or does this look like it's gonna be a Spiderman/Venom type Story? :)

    Crazy mustache and round glasses...can only mean that diabolical scientist of evil, Dr. Eggman is back! Could it be that our leader of evil who's primary mission has been to stump the heroic efforts of Sonic... is engaged in a battle with the enemies? Check it out!

    SEGA Japans Sonic Shuffle Page up!

    SEGA Japan have opened a small site deticated to Sonic Shuffle. Although fully Japanese, a translator like E-lingo will do the trick. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell us much more new, It Only tells of 4 characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, it doesn't even mention big) and the storyline doesn't say much.

    SEGA Japan Sonic Shuffle Page

    Sonic Zone's SU Site Returns!

    I didn't see this coming, but for the heck of it, I went to Sonic Zone's SU Site to see if ANYONE has done ANYTHING with it. Looks like Tom's gone and brought it back. Except a few things, not much has changed. If you remember, Sonic Zone's SU Site was one of the largest SU sites before in August of '99.

    Sonic Zone: Sonic Underground!

    SA2's Screenshots of the Day

    These are today's screenshots as one move shows Knux's new move, the Spiral Upper attack.

    Knuckles is world famous for all his variety of moves! Gliding through the air, traversing treacherous cliffs, burrowing underground still make Knuckles an awesome character. This time around, Knuckles gets added moves to Power up his game.

    The Latest SA2 pictures are in!

    The Latest Sonic Adventure 2 Pictures are out! Knuckles finally gets his turn, i what looks kind of like Red Mountain.

    With the wide variety of playable characters...the charm of Sonic Adventure is back! Characters intertwine behind the scenes to reveal another Sonic epic. Our story would not be complete without the undisputed guardian of the Master Emerald, Knuckles the Echidna.

    Amigo and Amiga, Sitting in a tree..

    The USA Samba De Amigo page has added some new Samba De Amigo wallpaper for your downloading pleasure, which includes faces of all the characters from Samba De Amigo 2000, Including the new monkey girl, and also shows us her name, AMIGA! (oo, what a original name eh? ^_^ Its also an old console :P) Download:

    1280x1024 version

    800x600 version




    On top of that, they have created Brand new Game/Clocks! Now which include Sonic Adventure 2, Chu Chu Rocket, and Phantasy Star Online (To the left is the SA2 one) All have 2 pictures each and can become puzzle games via the menu.

    Sonic Adventure 2 Clock

    Chu Chu Rocket Clock

    Phantasy Star Online Clock

    Vector, For the Love of God READ THIS!

    Sorry for using the news board to do this, but it's the fastest way to get Vector's attention! Vec, when I was uploading the main page today, my FTP program timed out and I wound up deleting the whole page. Luckly I had a backup in index2, but it was outdated, AND THE NEWS ISN'T POSTING!!! I'm REALLY panicking right now, and I want to know if you can help me with this. I'll erase the page info things in the news column, and add the counter and What's New, but that's about all I can do. Can you PLEASE take a look at this and try to get the news to work again? THANK YOU!!

    Dreamcast Piracy Finally Dying Down?

    Upon my regular visit to, my jaw dropped as I noticed that all the goodies of information of upcomming released pirated games were, well, gone. The front page was only left with this message:

    "Due to legal issues, is suspended until further notice. However, a full statement will be issued regarding the future of this site in several days."

    Well slap me silly and call me a raving lunatic on drugs; SEGA has gotten to the second best "DC Scene" site on the web. However, one question pops up to everyones minds;


    If anyone who visited would know, they didn't contain any material which would be illegal in SEGA's eyes. No game covers, no illegal Dreamcast boot disk, no links to places to get the ripped games, nothing. All they really had was information on the next upcoming games that were ripped by the groups of DC hackers, and nothing more. Therefore, why is SEGA attempting to shut down?

    I'm not clear on the whole legal issues, but I'm sure what SEGA is doing is wrong. Nevertheless, it's still good to see that they're stomping down and setting the line to people out there who are attempting to release more pirated games online, and saying, "No more." Yet, will this be enough to stop it?

    Not a chance. More and more sites pop up at least every week or so about the whole "DC Scene." Rest assured, the piracy of Dreamcast games will go on, but at least SEGA is trying their best to rid of it all.

    Weekend News

    Hello from me, with the news from this weekend. Today, release dates, hack threats, and Naomi 2.

    Screenshots and New Moves in ENGLISH

    T'is your friendly SHQ Special Reporter here with some grand news. As reported, new screenshots have been released on, but ALSO on the english site! Also tells about Sonic's new move, "The Grind" where he can slide down rails and other places. COOL MOVES!


    SA2 Screens! ^_^ 6 New ones!

    Shakka no SonicTeam?

    Shakka To Tamborine, A Game which looks mysteriously similar to Samba De Amigo, was reported as a game made by Sonic team themselves. However, during a chat with some top japanese blokes (I'm in their Chat! WHEE! and with My Translator on ;P) which I think include members of the Sonic Team themselves (although I don't think they even noticed that I posted links to Sonic BETA shots :)) That Skahha is NOT made by Sonic Team, but a Mystery Developer, who is most probably using the same engine.


    And while chatting, it has come to me that the Japanese are much more calmer in Chats then in english speaking chats, where you have trash talk. Also they aggree that The SonicTeam USA seem to be Lazy with their live Camera, and that Ozisoft are not very good :D

    Interesting Sonic/Knuckles Info From Ken Penders

    This comes straight from Ken's MB:

    Are you taking a deep breath, Rick? Better sit down, as I announce that the story THE CHOSEN ONE is now on the schedule. Regretably, it won't be the 66-page epic originally planned, but it was either do it in 24 or nothing, so I accepted the conditions and put it on track. The storyline will see print in SONIC #94 - 96, followed by the return of the Dark Legion in SONIC #97 - 99, which leads into the SONIC/KNUCKLES crossover in #100. Look for the return of Dimitri as Enerjak, as well as other surprises.

    As for SONIC #100, discussions have begun on what the story will be like, and this much I can say: it'll be a full-length story featuring practically every character we can shove in there, it'll be written by both Karl and myself, and I'll probably be handling some of the art, but not sure what or how much just yet.

    What it won't have: any weddings or engagements involving anyone from Knothole Village. Justin, Karl and I have been discussing the issue at length, and it was decided that most, if not all of the characters considered -- Sonic, Sally, Antoine, and Bunnie -- are simply too young for any serious relationships beyond simply dating. (I had been a proponent for at least Antoine and Bunnie getting engaged, but I'm afraid that is one aspect where I simply may have let all the fan interaction get to me, and just wanted that monkey off my back. You have no idea how tiring it gets to receive e-mail practically every day asking when Sonic and Sally are going to get married. When Justin and karl made their case against it, I couldn't help but agree. It would be wrong for the series to proceed any further in that direction at this time.)

    I'll have much more to say at my online chat. See you there.

    This info REALLY clears up a lot of questions from fans regarding the comic. Well, for me, anyway :?

    Source: Ken Penders' Message Board

    the development site has changed a little

    The development site has changed a little now they are doing songs from other Sonic Team games and some japanise bloke put a note in front of the cam!

    Help Wanted at Shadow of Light

    It's been fun running a large website for a while, but now it's just annoying and too much pressure. I have a job, a life, and whatnot and I can't be bothered to update it every day and put up with the weirdos who bug me. Anyway, If you would like to become a part of the SoL staff (the job I do) email me and SHOW me how you are qualified. Don't just tell me. Give me a URL to your site or something. HTML knowledge is REQUIRED! If you wish to see what alll you'd be running, go to this page and look under Sonique. I also run a few things on other pages such as music and the dictionary. If you can run most, that's also okay as I may stick around and run something. Thank you for your time :)

    Sonic the fugitive?

    I don't think anyone else has noticed this, but in the new screen shots from Sonic Adventure 2, in the one where Sonic is jumping out of the helicopter, there is a pair of handcuffs attached to one of his wrists. (the one on the right side of the picture.) Now, considering we know that there is some kind of a dark or evil Sonic in this game, this pretty much confirms that at some point, Sonic will be framed and arrested, then escape. The helicopter could be a police copter, and maybe GUN stands for some kind of made up law agency in the game.

    New Sonic Adv. 2 Screenshots!!! - Day One

  • Edited to include the pictures - WB

    Sonic Team has released two new screen shots from Sonic Adventure 2 in the new section of their site "SonicTeam *Aki Matsuri* (Fall Festival)." And, it says there that new shots will be released daily for the duration of the festival --- from 09.22.00 to 10.01.00.

    Out of the blue skies comes the sound of a roaring helicopter. From the helicopter, jumps our mighty blue hero, Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic ready to take on the challenges that face him! The stage is set and the curtain rises for Sonic's next adventure!

    The first screen shot is of Sonic jumping from a large helicopter with the initials "G.U.N." on it. These stand for somethin', as there are words written under each letter, but, they're too small for me to make out. (Remember those "G"s in some of the earlier SA2 pics?) The second pic is of Sonic fallin' with a sky surfin' board attached to his feet.
    These two shots look great! I can hardly wait for more to come out. So, go see 'em! You won't regret it!

    Source:SONICTEAM: Aki Matsuri~ Japanese ver.

  • Phantasia !!!

    Sonic Team has opened the Phantasy Star Online webpage which looks pretty darned sweet! ^__^ Available in English you can find such things as whats new, basic information, character profiles, techniques, and weapons! ^_^

    Click the picture to access the English portion of the page.

    Source: Sonic Team

    Ricky Martin Makes Samba!.....Sort Of....

    Regardless of how SoA's arcade division treats us, there's no questioning the fact that the DC division loves us. Remember how "Livin' La Vida Loca" and "Cup of Life" had to be removed from the DC version of Samba in Japan due to licensing issues? (Sony Music Entertainment ***grrr*** holds the rights to all Ricky Martin songs, in case you're behind the curve.) But we'll put up with no such nonsense on these proud shores, where freedom rings eternal! The US tracklist for Samba de Amigo has been released, and guess which two songs are in it? The bad news is that neither one (or Chumbawumba's Tubthumping, for that matter) are being performed by the original artists. Aw hell, who needs Ricky Martin anyway? Here's the complete tracklist, as well as the list of downloadable songs to be made available through the Samba homepage:

    • Al Compas del Mambo
    • Ali Bombaye
    • Cup of Life
    • El Ritmo Tropical
    • La Bamba
    • Livin’ La Vida Loca
    • Love Lease
    • Macarena
    • Samba de Amigo
    • Samba de Janeiro
    • Soul Bossa Nova
    • Take On Me
    • Tequila
    • Tubthumping
    • After Burner
    • Burning Hearts
    • Dreams Dreams
    • Super Sonic Racing
    • Sonic You Can Do Anything
    • Magical Sound Shower
    • Opa! Opa!
    • Open Your Heart
    • Rent A Hero No. 1

    Source: Neo Green Hill Zone

    And The Heavens Cried.....ARTOON ?!?!!

    Meet Pinobee.

    About a year ago at this time, there were a million wicked rumors circulating about Sonic Team, ranging from the unlikely (Sonic Team splits into three divisions: the Naka division, the Ohshima division, and the Iizuka division) to the unearthly (Sonic Team breaks up). But as with any rumor, it all stems from a (usually) harmless truth, and the truth in this scenario is that a number of key Sonic Team players left Sega to form their own development house: Artoon.

    Green Gibbon (who originally revealed this) isn't sure at this point exactly which members of the Team defected during the upheaval, but the big word going around is that Naoto Ohshima is among the list of traitors. Actually, it kind of makes sense. Ohshima's style of direction is very mellow and fantasy-based, but the recent Team trend is towards off-the-wall, "wacky-cool" styles ala Samba De Amigo. It's not hard to predict just what we can expect from Artoon...think along the lines of Sonic CD and Ristar, both of which were made by certain members of Sonic Team.

    Artoon's first independent project, Pinobee: Quest of Heart for the Game Boy Advance, ideally reflects the sense of fantasy direction found in the aforementioned titles (as well as NiGHTS). Players control Pinobee, a robotic bee who dreams of becoming real. (The name is actually a play on "Pinocchio.") Apparently, it's an action platformer with luscious hand-painted backgrounds and rendered characters. Pinobee: Quest of Heart is being published in Japan by Hudson. Other titles from Artoon include a couple of cell phone games not really worth mentioning, but if you absolutely must know about them, you can read all the gunky details here (in Japanese, of course).

    Source: Neo Green Hill Zone

    Let Fall The Hype Machine!

    Microsoft has started the hype machine yet again to plug their upcoming videogame console, the X-box, with a press conference showing off 3rd-Party support for the console in a conference in San Francisco, London and Tokyo. To help kick the announcement off, Microsoft also showed off a demo reel of numerous titles headed towards the console, including a curious platformer that looks an awful lot like a hedgehog we know and love. After seeing the footage, it became obvious that the spikey lookalike was not Sonic, but just to help cut off the rumor mill on UseNet before it even gets started, IGN DC contacted Sega for the official word on the identity of this masked hop-aholic. Heather Hawkins, Manager of Gaming Press Relations for Sega of America stated, "That is not Sonic. Sure looks like him, though. There are no plans whatsoever to release a Sonic title on X-box."

    So sorry, kids. Much like the rumor of Nintendo and Sega co-developing an RPG, this one is obviously a heap of bunk. As for the true identity of the title, no one knows who this Sonic wanna-be is, but rest assured that we'll keep an eye out for the guilty party should he pop up again.

    As far as that Sonic/Mario RPG. Its been conflicting as to whether its valid or not everywhere, which it probably isnt (Ages and Odnetnin? Really now. ^___^) So no one knows for sure even though its one of the biggest whoppers I've seen. ^_^ But it certainly is fun to imagine what it WOULD be if it is. Hehehe

    Source: IGN DC

    SonicTeam LIVE! Broadcast starts now!

    Sonic Team have released a NEATO Live Camera, for coverage of the JAMMA Show for themselves! YAY! However, at the moment, They are just showing the Development site. Which at the moment has Chu Chu Rocket playing on a monitor, a few Sonic dolls stuffed around the area, and if your lucky, Some Japanese top Blokes wandering around ^__^

    They've also brought out a? Schedule of whats happening, although in Japanese, we've kindly enough got a good Japanese Translation for you here. It seems to have chats with developers of Samba, ChuChu Rocket, and PSO, and the boss himself, YUJI!

    To Acess the LIVE Broadcast, you need to snag Windows Media Player. Then click here!, Beware though, I've been sitting through it for 1/2 an hour, and the Chu Chu Rocket Music gets quite annoying. :)

    Happy Broadcasting, I'll let you nkow if anything pops up!

    Samba Clock/Puzzle Avaliable for download!

    Sonic Team have just added a Neato Smaba Item to their page! A Samba Clock! Which has 2 pictures, a collection of the gang, and A Amigo head with Amigo's Gal :)

    What is also cool about this, is that It doubles as a puzzle! Both images can turn into a pu8zzle which you move around the pieces to get it right, if you can get it, good on ya!

    The little gizmo can be found here!

    Source: Sonic

    SU Season 2 Now a Reality pulls off another stop as those who been waiting for a season 2 of Sonic Underground have nothing to fear. A new team by the name of Sonic Underground Project 2000 have taken over and are bringing out TXT episodes of the new season, starting with #41, "Taking the Fall". The new season begins October 1st, and a new episode will be released AS THEY ARE FINISHED WRITTEN. Here's a little teaser:

    SonicUnderground Project 2000 Presents...

    Hedgehogs will leave Robotropolis.
    One sibling will leave the band.
    Angel Island will take the fall.
    October 1st.
    Nothing will be the same.

    Samba De Amigo v2000 Info, NEW MONKEY GIRL!

    The Samba De Amigo v.2000 Upgrade has been shown at the JAMMA Show, Including new modes and songs, and surprisingly, THIS NEW MONKEY GIRL! (which I'd bet alot of money for, that shes in because of the Love Love Mode, You Go Amigo!)

    Here?s what?s new with ver. 2000: a bunch of new songs have been added into the mix (along with the original game?s selection of Samba melodies), and there are two new modes available from the select menu. The first new gameplay mode is ?Normal Mode? (the default system for the sequel), which introduces the practice of waving both maracas between two of the six positions. You?ll also need to make wide, circular sweeping motions with both maracas. Whenever you?re required to do this, the ?pose? icon pops up, and voices start chanting. This does an exceptional job of making the player look even sillier, and it gets my seal of approval.

    The other addition is the Dreamcast version?s notorious ?Love-Love Mode,? which calculates the romantic compatibility between two players. This is specifically designed for young couples who frequent game centers (which are hot Tokyo dating spots ? really!), and is appallingly cute. To increase the game?s red-hot sexual tension, a new character has been dropped in ? a lovely girl monkey who plays the tambourine. Rrrowr.

    And that?s about it. Ver. 2000 isn?t particularly earth-shattering, but the new songs and the maraca-waving challenges are fun enough to warrant getting addicted all over again ? and I had a blast playing it at the show. Let?s hope that this paves the road for future, fruitier endeavors from Sonic Team.

    There are movies and pictures, go check the source!

    Source: DC.IGN.COM


    The JAMMA Show has begun in Japan! And Sonic Team have brought out a new game! Shakka To Tamborine! The Sequal (Technically) To Samba De Amigo! However, instead of Maracas, we've got Tamborines instead, and a buncha of new characters!

    Using a similar arcade cabinet, the gameplay is oddly reminiscent of Samba de Amigo, requiring you to shake a single tambourine in one of six positions. Colored dots show you where to shake, and where to smack the bright, yellow button located on both sides of the musical peripheral to make a clapping sound. Since the arcade game?s sensors are capable of tracking the maraca in 3D space, you?ll also be required to make circular, sweeping motions with the maraca while shaking it (similar to painting graffiti in Jet Set Radio). Is it fun? Yes. Oh, hell, yes. If you don?t move your butt to this game, there?s something seriously wrong with you.

    The music threw us for a loop at first ? instead of the funky Latin beats of Samba, Shakka?s tunes are all J-Pop songs from Nipponese super groups like Morning Musume and Ayumi Hamazaki. Ranging from traditional Japanese melodies to fast-paced techno, the song selection is great? if you?re Japanese. If Sega?s considering an American release, 99% of these songs are gonna get the axe (though I hope they leave in the Gatchaman theme).

    Shakka appears to use the same engine as Samba, sporting 60fps, cartoony visuals with stoopid-crazy amounts of background animation. And oo-wee, is it fruity! Seriously, this is one of the brightest, shiniest, happiest games we?ve seen since Super Magnetic Niu-Niu. Think the dancing monkeys in Samba de Amigo were weird-ass creations? They ain?t nothin? compared to the white tuxedo-clad freaks who smile insanely as they shake their tambourines in a fit of ecstasy. These guys scare me.

    There are movies Avaliable at the source, check them NOW!

    Source: DC.IGN.COM

    Sonic To Appear in new Daytona DC Game!

    Recently, Famitsu Magazine in Japan has brought out first screenshots of The New Daytona USA Title on the dreamcast, which will include tracks from DUSA1, Championship Edition, and DUSA2. And to no surprise, Sonic has once again showed himself up in the mountain in all his glory!



    The Next Ken Penders Online Chat

    ... will be Wednesday, 8:00PM EST, October 4, 2000. I'll be online for at least an hour, staying longer if it's anything like it was last time.

    To avoid confusion and give everyone a chance to get their questions answered, I may ask everyone to refrain from chatting with others during the session. I only say this because many people were having trouble keeping up with the flow of the conversation as a result of the extra chatter.

    Please keep in mind that anything connected with this website is a work in progress, and while Bob and I do work hard to try to improve things overall, we're not quite there yet. We ask for your patience and consideration to others. Thanks.

    There you have it. I'll be there - what about you?

    Source: Ken Penders' Message Board

    Joint game by Sega and Nintendo!?!?

    That's what the biggest rumor to come down the pike in ages is saying. This comes from SegaWeb...

    Holy just so wacky it might be true, Batman! A rumor has surfaced indicating Sega is teaming up with none other than Nintendo to create a new cross-platform game. Featuring characters like Sonic, Mario, Link, Virtua Fighter Kids, and more in an RPG-style outing, the game will see release on both the Dreamcast and GameCube. The game (tentatively titled "Sega and Nintendo: The Cosmo Cube") is supposed to be officially announced in November. Ah, so that's when Hell is going to freeze over. Thanks to The Magic Box for the scoop.

    Remember folks, and take THIS to heart; THIS IS IS JUST A RUMOR! It may or may not be true, but it's certainly very intriguing, is it not.....

    Credit: SegaWeb News Bytes

    Don't Forget Canada!

    With a little hunting around with help from Sonique, I've found the address so all you SatAM fans can also email Teletoon Canada. (the Canadian equivelant of the Cartoon Network) These guys air Sonic Underground and many other "niche" shows, so there is a possibility of them airing SatAM. Without furthur ado, here's the address:

    BCE Place
    181 Bay Street
    P. O. Box 787
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5J 2T3


    Increadible news for SatAM fans. We heard DiC was bought, well it was DiC who bought their independence. YOU MUST WRITE LETTERS TO CARTOON NETWORK NOW! Cartoon Network would be the best because they adopt series and above all they listen to their fans. They listened to the Sailor Moon petition so the SatAM petition could work. Okay, here's what to do. Here's what WB said:

    Write to CartoonNetwork AND Dic. For CartoonNetwork you need to give them reasons as to why this series is so good and show them how many people are behind it. For Dic you need to convince them the benfits of airing it again, new episode possibilities (think of interest in Sonic Adventure 2, study demographics) and why Cartoon network would be a good place

    DO NOT ASK FOR NEW EPISODES YET!! That will come in time and I'll keep everyone posted. Here's the addy to cartoon Network:

    Cartoon Network
    1050 Techwood Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30318

    And for DiC:

    DiC Entertainment
    303 North Glenoaks Blvd,
    Burbank CA 91502 (USA)

    Phone #: (818) 955-5400
    Fax #: (818) 955-5696
    Andy Hayward: President & Cheif Executive officer
    Patricia Ryan: President of international sales
    Joy Tahjian: President of worldwide merchandising
    Robby London: Senior Vice President of creative affairs

    Two games added to Sega's All-Star lineup.

    Two new games have been added to Sega's All Stars program. Capcom has announced that both Power Stone and Marvel vs. Capcom will now be repackaged and sold for a measly $19.95. Woo-hoo! Now you have absolutely no excuse for never having played these games. Check out our review archive for the scoop on both of them and then get off your butt and go buy 'em already! Sheesh!

    Good news for Dreamcast fans.

    Credit: SegaWeb News Bytes

    What ABC Said about SatAM

    For those of you who know, I recently sent out the SatAM Petition to quite a lot of compainies. Here's the bad news from ABC:

    Thank you for your submission to American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. However, worthwhile, we cannot assume any obligation for ideas contained in your unsolicited submission. In an effort to avoid misunderstandings over the orginazaion or story ideas, it is our policy not to accept or review any ideas, suggestions or creative matericals not solicited by us.

    As a nation orginization, we recieve a great number of program suggestions, many of which have similar plots, story lines, formats, and/or ideas to those created internally and/or already incorportated in other programs .
    (not a misprint, that's how it was written)

    Accordingly, enclosed please find your unexamined submission. We thank you for your interest and wish you all the best in your pursuits.


    Some ABC Jerk....
    Anyway, if they'd payed attention, they'd see I was more so asking for them to rerun the series, rather than make a new one. Then, eventually, maybe a new series or season. Anyway, this is gonna be harder than I thought, but hell if I give up. I will not give up and just hope others are writing letters and having more luck. If Ben Hurst is right, the new president of ABC doesn't give a damn about ABC, so I suggest writing elsewhere.

    Weekend News

    Good evening friends, Tristan here. In today's report, Peter Moore testifies before Congress, a Genesis/Sega CD hybrid called the WonderMega hits EBay, and something that has hit home for all of us here at Sonic HQ brings a wonderful turn of events. now ships Wallscrolls

    For those who ordered the Sonic Adventure wallscrolls when they "came out" last month, you may have noticed that never got the wallscrolls on time. Well, I got an e-mail the other day from them, and all Sonic Adventure wallscrolls are ready for shipping!

    Everything that was on Sonic Pandemonium is Permanently Gone

    Okay, so you people will stop emailing me, I asked for Sonicpandemonium account to be removed because everything is now at Shadow of Light. A few hoax pages may be missing, and I'm sorry as I wasn't aware that they all weren't on SOL. You can resend them to Trez if you wish. But that's it, it's done, no more emails.

    BTW, we still have a lot of uncut SatAM episodes for those looking.

    Sonic Team Translations 2 - The Japanese Get ALL The Coolest Stuff...

    I would KILL for that Sonic T-Shirt...

    In fact - I would kill for over half the items I'm about to show you guys from something I found called "The Sonic Fashion Project". While searching through my translator some more, I've found some pretty awesome pictures of various items and merchandise within the Sonic store in Nagoya Japan. Clothing, plushies, jackets, giftboxes. The AMOUNT of stuff on the page is AMAZING. I never knew Sonic Teams page went into all this stuff. And I know I'd go practically BROKE in this store in Nagoya. See for yourself - :)

  • KAWAII Plushie Madness!
  • Is this not the phattest ensemble ^___^!
  • Sonic The Streetwear! Just look at the design on SONIC on that shirt...
  • Sonic The Sweater!
  • The Best Dressed Accesories...!
  • Check Out That Skateboard!
  • Different Varieties Of Sonic T-Shirts!
  • One Of The Sonic Store Shirt Displays
  • And every last bit of that - is ALL Sonic Merchandise...

    And get this folks - THERES WAS A SONIC STORE IN PARIS....PARIS STINKING FRANCE !!!! ^___^

    I wont post all the pictures (cause not many of them are really good shots - the one shown was the best one) but according to, the display is gone. :( Perhaps the European fans that have access to this vicinity can check it out. I posted what I could translate of the adress if this means anything. I hope you ghuys can read it because I'm not familiar with the setup of European Phone numbers and such:

    Jean Charles de Castelbajac
    TEL : 0033 (0) 1 45 48 50 20
    FAX : 0033 (0) 1 45 48 46 43

  • The Sega Gamecube?

    Believe it or not - Gamecube was the name that was supposed to have been Dreamcast! ;)

    Yuji Naka posts a column to Sonic Team's web page every now and then (see previous and below articles), and the latest entry contains an interesting revelation. Apparently, when Sega was deciding upon the name for its new 128-bit console, Sonic Team looked at the shape of the system and suggested "G-Cube." If Sega had taken Sonic Team's advice, we may just have ended up with the Sega G-Cube instead of the Sega Dreamcast. Hmm… perhaps Nintendo would have then opted to release the Nintendo Dreamcast?

    Source: IGN DC

    From The Translated Diary Of Yuji Naka

    Yuki Naka has put some interesting material on the Sonic Team website. ^_^ One of which is new pictures of the Sonic Store in Nagoya, Japan. :)

    I've managed to find a way to translate some of the stuff he has on the page. (Yes, I've found a way to reliably translate some Japanese now. YAY! ^__^) And one of the other entries from his "web diary" (see article above) talks about the recording session for Sonic Adventure 2. One of things said is that a new character has been confirmed! ^__^ He talks about something that was called a "Volume of Post Recording" on Sonic Adventure 2. The translation is a bit wacky in areas and _VERY_ hard to follow (I believe its due to errors in grammar during translation), but here's what it got translated to:

    [It] had gone to the studio of a Touhoku new company in Akasaka for the audition of a new character etc. of 'Sonic adventure 2'on this day. It is anxious because [it] thinks as going, and it is not done to SCE separately that it is bad whenever the studio in this Akasaka is in the vicinity of SCE whenever [it] goes. (^_^;) Video production for the Tokyo game show of '(*fantashestaronrain*)'was the vicinity of SCE. ‚?‚?‚?‚?‚?‚?‚?‚?‚? ?[ has been reconsidered in the studio because there was no audition recently.

    I said the thing was wacky - I didn't say it was legible :P

    Remember these pictures below? I've managed to get a lot of different stuff translated and its REALLY cool. ^^ One of the things (concerning an article that was posted a few months ago) was concerning the "Pokemon Train" where people were wondering why Mr. Naka had pictures of Pokemon on the ST website. It turns out that this entry of the diary was comparing Pokemon's train advertisements to the Sonic Adventure train advertisements before its launch. And he mentioned how the SA advertisement campaign was much smaller than how Pokemon is being advertised.

    I'll be going through my translator pretty much half the day. So if I find anything interesting, I'll be sure to post it here! Later! ^___^

    Source: Sonic Team

    Sonic HQ RA News

    It's here, and it has SAGE fact, most of the SHQ RA News this time around focuses on the expo. You can either stream it, or download it all. I'll be back Monday with a news update.

    Sonic related E-Bay Auctions

    Well, folks, we have some Sonic E-Bay related auctions to pass your way, including yet another offer of all 26 eps of SatAM.

    First up, here is an auction for Sonic 26.

    Next, another auction here has Sonic 31 on sale.

    To wrap up the comics, here is one for Sonic 24. The one selling all three of these ships worldwide, so don't let being outside of the US bother you here.

    Here, we have all 26 eps of SatAM. This dude ships to US and Canada.

    Finally, here, we have a book of how to Draw Sonic and company. Unfortunely, this person only ships to the US. :(

    Well, there you have it for now, folks...

    The SHQ Poll Position! - September

    Thought I forgot - DIDNTCHA ^___^ !

    Well the Poll Position is back for the New School Year, and for the month of September we open up with the results of our 3 previous polls! And the responses were EXCELLENT! ^__^ In June we polled you all with 3 questions concerning Sonic and Sega. We got some REALLY good response (most of which you can probably attest to them being up for so long). The questions are as follows:

  • The Sonic Adventure Adaption Revisited! - The Sonic Adventure Adaption comes to an end with this issue (Sonic #84)! What did you think of it?

  • The Classic Sega Poll! - The Classic Sega mascots rule! Pity they're not used much anymore. With Phantasy Star and Ecco coming back - of these classics, who is in most need of updating and who do you want to reborn for Sega!

  • The Sonic Shuffle Poll - Void Where Prohibited! - What kind of minigames would you most like to see in Sonic Shuffle? Only choose up to 4 of the 10.

    You'll be ESPECIALLY surprised (or maybe not) at the Sonic Adventure results...The results to all polls and info on the new one can be found in our extended Poll Position artcle, link below! :)

  • Sega Cracking Down on the Piracy

    Some serious news involving the whole piracy of Sega Dreamcast games has been brought up.

    Sega is taking no prisoners this time, and has now officially shut down one of the largest Dreamcast sites out there that contains the most information on how to copy your own DC games and everything. The site?

    This site was totally into the whole "DC Scene," as the whole Dreamcast piracy business was called. This site explained on how to burn your own DC games, contained the files to make your Dreamcast work with copies. It also contained covers to the DC games for those that wanted their copies nice and neat. They even contained manuals in Adobe format, not to mention a forum where people could discuss things that were going well, or things that screwed up and warn people not to obtain certain things. All to keep the scene going.

    Yet, since it didn't contain any files that illegally distributed any actual DC games, there was no way Sega could touch them, seeing as all they did was give out information. Apparently, something caught Sega's eyes and soon hacked down on their site, which will truly slow down the distribution, however, not by a long shot. There are other websites out there that focus on the whole DC Scene, basically replicas of DC ISOS, and this won't stop broadband users with CD Burner's from getting more games. In other news, last week, Kalisto, a major online distributor of the DC games released their latest, and final, DC game to the public, and with it, they had this to say:

    "Sega has offered us stock options to stop releasing DC, so this will be it, our last release."

    Sega had found a new piracy protection code for it all to end. Kalisto, however, found their way around it and ripped their last few games to the public.

    Rumor's have it that Sega was devistated that no matter what, Kalisto would always get through the protection code, and it scared Sega. So, they offered them a way to "shut their mouths" and basically bribed them. Another rumor is that they were caught and arrested, and that they used that bit to cover up what really happened.

    It seems Sega's finally gaining the upperhand on the piracy business, but with more groups showing up to distribute games online, there's no telling when it will all end. One thing's for sure, Sega's much more ordered than Sony when it comes to piracy.

    S.A.G.E OPEN!

    SAGE - Sonic Amateur Games Expo!

    S.A.G.E, The Sonic Ameture Game Expodition has opened today!

    The S.A.G.E is to Sonic Fan Games as Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is to Video Games. A whole heaps of online "booths" have been created by different teams of creators to show their stuff to the adoring public.

    Sage will be taken place from the 9th (today) to the 11th of September, with new goodies popping up everyday!

    Go now to SAGE - Sonic Amateur Games Expo! Now!

    Sega Scream If You Love Sonic!

    Stop thinking and SCREAM !!! Ladies And gents - the Sega Scream that defined Sega in the early 90's is officially back! And with it comes a new commercial that features a guest stint of not only Tails, but E-102 Gamma as well! ^___^

    Sega recently announced the introduction of a multi-million dollar advertising and marketing campaign to support the launch of's much-anticipated SegaNet, the only high-speed online console gaming network providing Sega Dreamcast and PC users with the ultimate in speed, reliability and content. The campaign, which includes one 60-second TV spot and two 30-second spots, was created by Foote, Cone & Belding, San Francisco and includes animated footage from Pacific Data Images, the creators of the award-winning animated feature film, Antz. ^___^ To kick off the campaign, Sega debuted the commercials on September 7th during the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.

    The Play Online advertisement features the Sega characters whistling “America the Beautiful” while an announcer speaks about “whipping each other’s booty” using SegaNet. Kids are shown throwing their controllers around, screaming, tearing up teddy bears (no joke) and even blowing up their houses after competing in some fierce NFL2K1, NBA2K1, and Quake III. All this is highlighted by the Sega Scream, which is done in true oldschool Sega style. Those with VERY sharp eyes can pick up characters from Power Stone, Resident Evil, Fur Fighters, and Amigo from Sonic Teams Samba De Amigo - but most importantly Tails The Fox and E-102 Gamma From Sonic Adventure! Can you spot them in the picture above? ^__^

    Download The Commercial: "Play Online!" - 25337K
    Source: Dimension S And IGN

    Jet Set Sonic!

    Haven't you ever wanted to spray graffiti all over your hometown?

    Well - BESIDES the fact that you can get arrested for it, Sega is now letting us do it for thier videogames :) New Sonic Team graffiti designs have been made available for VMU download at the Jet Set Radio (aka "Jet Grind Radio") website! The designs include three Sonic logos, three PSO logos, and four Samba logos.

    Happy Spraypainting! ^___^

    Download Files from: Jet Set Sonic Downloads
    Source: Neo Green Hill Zone

    Emulinks A New Opportunity

    Andy Wolan - owner of Emuzone, the website that hosts us has opened up a new project that benefits gamers of all genres! The press release is below. :)

    As part of Emulation Zone's on going commitment to the emulation scene and to video gamers alike, we are proud to announce EmuLinks.Com . The goal of this new web site is to pick-up where many search engines, like Yahoo, leave off by offering a complete database of links geared toward emulation and video gaming. Since it's coded, owned and operated by us, a non-profit organization, you can be sure that we will strive to offer our viewers an unbiased service they can depend on.

    What makes our site unique from many "link sites" on the web is that our site is completely automated. This allows us to do things to our database of links unimaginable or too difficult to incorporate on site that are edited by hand, such as real time user feedback.

    The site is currently in its final beta testing phases, but just about all the bugs have been ironed out. I would like to cordially invite everyone with a related web site to on stop on by and submit a link to your site. Our team of reviewers will go through the link submission and review the sites accordingly.

    If you don't have a web site, we would like to welcome the public to play around with the site, add links to their favorite related home pages and give feedback on what they think of the place. :)

    Sonic #92 - Preview Spoilers: Guess Who?

    Dub here! Its _SUPER_ late my time and the Sonic #92 Spoilers are just in - and it looks like the return of a love him or hate him character. But THIS TIME - another writer and another artist are handling the chores....

    Sonic The Hedgehog #92
    "The Wrath of Khan"
    "Bagging The Big One"
    Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders
    Art by James Fry and Steven Butler
    Inks By Andrew Pepoy and Pam Eklund.

    The Wrath Of Khan! Monkey Khan, that is. The cyborg-simian created by Doctor Robotnik returns, and this time the furry fury's got it in for his maker and all Overlanders in general. In an ironic twist, Sonic goes from protecting the newly arrived Overlanders from the Eggman last issue, to defending them against Monkey Khan this issue! If he doesn't they might go running scared into Robotnik's clutches after all. And in the backstory, "Bagging The Big One," As his search for the Floating Island continues, Knuckles discovers he's the quarry of more than a few interested parties, each racing to beat the other. Unfortunately for them, this isn't the Knuckles they've all dealt with before...

    32 pages, $1.99, ships on Dec. 22.

    Eh. Looks to be somewhat decent - but then again I'm not a big fan of the Amazing Jackie Chan Chimpanzee either. :P Whenever he's been around its always been under the pen of Frank Strom. For once its Karl Bollers and since James Fry is handling artwork there is SOME hope. :)

    8 Issues From This One Till The Big Double Zero!!! ^___^

    Sonic J

    This is from Sega X:

    Sonic J Hands On
    by Will Curley

    In a recent interview WaveMaster's Yukifumi Makino spoke of Roomania #203 as emblematic of Sega Japan's current situation. If there's a gaming metaphor for Sega Europe surely it's Jet Set Radio. SEGA in Europe is every bit the counter-culture, ignored, shunned, rejected by the mainstream and the industry that controls it. Like Cube, Beat and Co. they must operate on the periphery, striking with dynamism and creativity - reeking havoc and doing it in style. SoE may not ha

    Alright, final news on Megaman X-Treme!

    OK, I've got it. This is DEFINATELY a new Megaman game. It's basically Megaman X1, but with new enemies (not bosses), and slightly revamped stages. This could change, but so far that's the scoop from me.
    So far, Megaman X-Treme looks like it'll be cool!

    Umex, signing out.

    Another appearence from Megaman on DC!

    In a new game. The game is a shooter which is called Cannon Spike. This game looks very odd for it has many other popular Capcom characters in it like Charlie and Cammy from Street Fighter! It will be at the cheap price of 29.99 and it will be released on September 18th! I am not sure if that is the US date or the Japanese date but we will have to see when it comes out!

    Other-M Release Next Issue

    Other-M, one of the most successful and original Sonic fan-comics, recently released their latest issue, OM#3. This issue marks two special events for Other-M: the first issue released only on the Official Site, and the first issue to bare the mark of the recent Other-M/Sonicverse Team merger.



    Sonic Underground turns One; Possible concept of SU found?

    Yep, Sonic Underground turned one today, with it being the anneversery of the day SU aired in the US, plus along for the ride.

    On a side note, a fan manga of Sonic was just recently found on the net by Qtoken. Okay, Sega's said it before: SU is BEFORE Sonic met Tails. But who knew that before SatAM, before Archie, Before Sonic 3, BEFORE TAILS WAS EVER INTRODUCED IN 1992, there was SU? It was featured in a manga that was published in 1992, before Sonic 2. It features Sonic as a kid, along with a brother and a sister, both havin the resembence of Manic and Sonia, except in the comic, Manic is wearing glasses, and Sonia jas a FUNKY hairdo. Look for yerself. Could this be the pre-Su that existed before Tails' time?

    Sonic Manga

    WB had this to comment on the manga.

    "The manga in reference is titled Shonen Jump - its the same manga that Dragonball Z and Dragonball and currently Akira Toriyama's new project Sand Land are serialized in.

    HOWEVER - I dont THINK its fully official. But then again - this is a case where we would NEVER know.

    You see - Shonen Jump is notorius for unnoficial stuff. However - you're absolutely correct. Theres NO WAY this could have been after Sonic SatAM. This is DEFINETELY before considering Shonen Jump doesnt do this anymore.

    What QToken found is whats called a "Fan manga". Its not official, but printed officially by a respected manga artist. Shonen Jump used to do this sort iof thing if I'm correct. The kids look NOTHING like Sonia and Manic, so I doubt theres any relation to SU at all, EXCEPT for the idea that it was out there before SatAM. It leaves wonder as to what other "goodies" are sitting out there in manga land.

    Sorry to dissapoint - nine times out of ten it probably isnt SU related, but it IS a gem nonetheless and newsworthy. And like I said - if this was in Shonen Jump and been on the net this long it was definetely before SatAM.

    So while the mysteries of SU have yet to be solved, this could (or could not) be a key to where the idea may have been layed.

    Sonic Returns to Starz!

    Those of you who has Starz! listen up: "Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie" is coming BACK to the station again for one time only. If you have Starz! (and if you're an early bird), then look for it Thursday morning at 6:40 A.M EST. If you don't have Starz!, then call your local cable company and tell them "I wanna see Starz!" sorry... ^^

    JC Penney offering Dreamcast package deal.

    This catchy piece from SegaWeb.

    JC Penney is all about the DC. They have been selling the console for a paltry $159.99 for some time now, but they are giving up something extra now. The retailer is offering a package consisting of the console and all the trimmings bundled with NFL2K and Sonic Adventures for the same $159.99 price tag. Check it out, but make sure you get the right product number if you want the package deal.

    Credit:SegaWeb News Bytes

    Guess What Knuckles Fans?

    Diamond Comics have come across a slew of books its seems - and all of them are Knuckles. So if you're looking to complete your back issues - here's what they got:

    JUL001610 KNUCKLES #23 (O/A) $1.79
    JUL001611 KNUCKLES #24 (O/A) $1.79
    JUL001612 KNUCKLES #25 (O/A) $1.79
    JUL001613 KNUCKLES #26 (O/A) $1.79
    JUL001614 KNUCKLES #27 (O/A) $1.79
    JUL001615 KNUCKLES #28 (O/A) $1.79
    JUL001616 KNUCKLES #29 (O/A) $1.79
    JUL001617 KNUCKLES #30 (O/A) $1.79
    JUL001618 KNUCKLES #31 (O/A) $1.79
    JUL001619 KNUCKLES #32 (O/A) $1.79

    DC premiere.

    Read the article.... Sega's really pushing the PR standard.

    Who says that Hollywood is the only place for big-time premieres? Apparently, Sega didn't get that memo because it has planned a little something something for all its fans that have been shut out of the ECTS in London. Because the game-playing public is excluding from participation in the European Computer Trade Show, Sega has come to the rescue by offering a Hollywood-style premiere for its upcoming roster of titles.

    The big-screen Dreamcast premiere will be held at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square London, and will feature a host of titles scheduled to hit stores by Christmas. The idea is to exploit the Dreamcast as the "world's only Internet-ready games console" as well as bring some attention to the holiday lineup.

    Reportedly, the event will hold approximately 800 gamers as they scurry to check out some of the first online DC games that they will be playing in the near future. Among the titles scheduled to appear, the UK's first public showing of Quake III Arena running on a Dreamcast. And if that wasn't enough to wet your panties, the main event will feature a 40-minute screening of breath-taking visuals and gameplay specifics to water your eyes.

    To further emphasize the fact that this event is not for the industry suits, Sega has commisioned the likes of Sonic, Ulala, and some of the Soul Calibur faves like Ivy and Mitsurugi to appear and pose for pictures. Now wouldn't that look nice on McDeez's desk?

    One thing is for sure, if you can't get into the ECTS and you want to see some of the best interactive games for the next few months, you better hop on the bus and get your hide to the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square. Tickets can be had only if you visit the Sega Dreamcast booth in front of the theater on Friday, September 3, the day of the showing, from 1:30 pm until 5:30 pm. You might as well hang around to get a good seat because the doors open at 6:00 pm for the show that starts only 45 minutes later.

    Do you want to be in the know? Do you want to see whay you'll be playing in a few short months? Tickets will go quick, and you already know what that's like.

    Credit: SegaWeb News

    Ecco the Dolphin contest!

    Sounds like a damn good one too.....

    Many contests that companies put on are lame and serve alterior motives anyway. However, let it be said that Sega is not one of those companies. It goes all out to make sure that its fans are getting the very best in gaming, and it throws in a stellar contest to boot.

    Sega wants to send you to Key Largo, Florida to swim with the dolphins. No, really. Sega has announced its "Swim With the Dolphins" radio contest that can out you in the water to meet one of Ecco's cousins, or maybe Ecco himself. The contest will be held in 10 cities via participating radio stations for whoever can make the best dolphin call/sound.

    If you live in one of the following cities and/or listen to one of the following radio stations, you may be a winner. The cities and radio affiliates are:

    WBCN Boston
    WKQX Chicago
    KEGL Dallas/Fort Worth
    WRIF Detroit
    KLOL Houston
    KROQ Los Angeles
    WKTU New York
    WYSP Philidelphia
    KITS San Francisco
    WWZZ Washington DC

    The way to win is to have the ability to sound the most like a dolphin out of all participants. After calling into the station, you will be asked for your best attempt at sounding like a dolphin while on the air. When your blowhole is tapped out, the station's listeners will then call in to vote on who was the best. Those who pass the on-air test will then compete in a playoff of sorts to determine the regional winner. Beyond that, the nationals to determine who gets to swim with the dolphins. If you don't make it that far, it's not a total loss. Twenty-five winners per city will take home a copy of Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future for Dreamcast. An additional five winners per city will receive a Dreamcast console. And if you haven't guessed by now, the grand prize is a trip for two to Key Largo.

    So brush your teeth and gargle well to gear up for your best dolphin sound effects. Who knows, it could make you famous. Maybe you could star as the voice-over in the next Flipper series.

    Credit: SegaWeb News

    DreamMouse shots revealed.

    Some DreamMouse goodness for y'all....

    Sega of America has answered the prayers of many a gamer by announcing that it would release a Dreamcast-specific mouse peripheral to go with the keyboard that it has already shipped. One question that baffles us at SegaWeb is: Why did it take so long?

    Recently, Sega launched its mouse peripheral in Japan to admittedly mixed reviews. Many who have experienced the mouse have divulged a common complaint: the size. Many felt that the Japanese mouse was, well, mouse-sized. Too small for many, it is reportedly easier to maneuver with two fingers rather than the palm of your hand. Everyone knows that Americans like things big - big cars, big houses, big guns, and big women. Okay, so maybe that's just me... SoA has seemingly fixed this and has a new, revised mouse for its finicky American gamers.

    The new mouse is undeniably smooth and easy to control. Admittedly, it is akin to a standard PC mouse, but hey, that's what we are used to. What did you expect it to do, make coffee and iron yo' clothes, foo? It is pretty basic and contains features that we have come to accept as standard including, but not limited to, the left and right buttons. The coolest feature that Sega was smart enough not to lose is the scroller dial. Undoubtedly one of the most innovative features that has ever graced a mousepad is present on your DC mouse. Also on the mouse is a button on the left side where your thumb rests that could serve a variety of purposes while browsing or gaming.

    All in all, it may be nothing to write home about, but it certainly puts a jolt in our shorts. After all, what fun is web surfing with your DC/keyboard combo without a mouse? Fret no longer, Dreamcast faithful. This will soon be in your sweaty little palms. Sicko.

    Credit: SegaWeb News

    FTC report on videogame marketing leaked.

    Sigh.... get ready for another Lieberman tirade, folks....

    The FTC has leaked a report that shows that game publishers are knowingly and deliberately marketing mature, M-rated games towards a younger crowd. Senate Commerce Committee Chairman, and former Presidential candidate John McCain has requested a hearing on the report for September. Of course, Vice Presidential hopeful, Joseph Lieberman has expressed a certain interest in testifying at the hearing. Ugh!

    Credit: SegaWeb News Bytes

    Two interesting Sonic Auctions on E-Bay.

    I've found a pair of Sonic auctions on E-Bay that could prove interesting, especially this first one....

    The first one is all 26 eps of SatAM Sonic on tape. However, be prepared to shell out some major cash....

    The second one should be interesting to all you aspiring artists out there. It's a How to Draw Sonic and Friends book. Unfortunely, all outside the USA are out of luck, as this person only ships within the states.

    Just a couple of things I felt worthy of pointing out to y'all.

    Sega-Media Optix suit settled.

    Sega now seems to have one less worry.....

    Sega recently settled the lawsuit that had it tangling with Media Optix for some time now. The suit centered around a patent that both companies were fighting over, although that particular patent remains a mystery. The suit was settled with an agreement by both parties, however terms were not disclosed to the public. Hmmm...

    Credit: SegaWeb News Bytes

    I found Disney's address

    Okay, I finally found the address for Disney. Disney now holds the rights to AoStH so they probably own the right for SatAM as well. Write KIND letters to Disney requesting SatAM to return to the air. Remember, be nice or they won't read it.

    Buena Vista,
    500 S. Buena Vista Street,
    Burbank, California 91521-7690

    Stay cool!

    Bye Bye Mr. Butler...

    I didnt seem to have caught this before - but it seems that longtime Sonic artist Steven Butler will be leaving the book. Found on KP's messageboard:

    Right now, things have gone into overdrive, as Steven Butler has let it be known that the KNUCKLES story in SONIC #91 will be his last, resulting in Justin and I trying to figure out what's what. There's quite a bit of stuff going on behind the scenes and I should have some news to report later this week, most likely for the first time at my online chat this coming Wednesday.

    Steven Butler - for those who don't know, started his run on the book on the Naugus Trilogy, the end of the "Mobius World Tour" saga. An excellent artist, his talents will be missed to Sonic.

    News Update

    I suppose I should explain why I've been gone for two weeks...basically, I took some time off to enjoy what's left of my Summer, and that didn't go so well. So, I used up what was left of the time to focus on my own site. That said, you're probably wondering where the new RA News is. I can tell you it's coming September 10th, when we're right in the middle of the Sonic Amateur Games Expo.

    But, for now, here's all the Sonic and Sega news that's happening now.

    Sonic Stickers

    I was recently in a Canadian Tire store that carried Sonic Underground stickers as well as Sonic Adventure stickers, roughly costing $1. So keep your eyes peeled!

    Sega All-Stars for Europe, too?

    Looks like European gamers are in for a pleasant surprise....

    Could European Dreamcasters be set to get cheaper games too? It would appear a program similar to Sega of America's "Sega All Stars" is currently in the works for our friends across the pond. Rather than shelling out big bucks (big pounds?) for games like Sonic Adventure and Sega Bass Fishing, European gamers may soon find their costs cut in half for Sega's modern classics. Expect more on this story as it develops.

    Credit: SegaWeb News Bytes

    Play upcoming Dreamcast games at ECTS!

    Gamers will be able to play upcoming Dreamcast games! But you'll have to go to London to do it. This comes from SegaWeb....

    Every time a big video game show rolls around, gamers get psyched about the impending news blitz and, at the same time, pissed off because schmucks like me and the other folks at SegaWeb get to wander around playing all the cool games long before anyone else. The inevitable complaints about the stupidity of shows like ECTS and E3 being closed to the public run rampant. Sega feels your pain, people, and they're doing something about it.

    This year at ECTS, Sega will be giving gamers the chance to sample its upcoming library of Dreamcast goodness. The playtest will be held at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London, and from 6:00pm - 8:30pm on September 3, the doors will be opened to Sega fans everywhere. While no mention of specific titles has been made yet, you can bet some very cool stuff will be on display and playable. Hey! It's just like a gaming version of that room in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Only without Oompa Loompas.

    Sound good? We don't know what Sega has up its sleeve, but one has to wonder if this is purely an altruistic venture. Giving fans a sneak peek is certainly a way to generate some interest in upcoming titles, and good word-of-mouth advertising is always helpful. Or maybe the company just wants to say thanks to its loyal supporters. Maybe if you American Dreamcasters are good children for the rest of the year and make sure to wash behind your ears and clean up your rooms, Sega will do something similar at next year's E3.

    Some interesting news for y'all....

    Credit: SegaWeb News

    Dreameye info revealed!

    Some new info on a Dreamcast peripheral....

    The new Dreamcast camera is on the way! I'm scared. Note toself: Catch up on beauty sleep ASAP. The Dreameye may sound like a cheesy 1950's horror flick ("It came from outer space to... err... look at things strangely! And... other stuff! Bad stuff!"), but any savvy gamer knows it just might be the coolest thing since Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon took over Marvel's "The Punisher" (okay, so that's cool to me anyway). It's the Dreamcast peripheral that will eventually allow obscene gestures to be shared among fragging multiplayers and your face to be scanned onto your favorite video game hero's head. And it's coming our way.

    Well, technically it's heading to Japan first, as with nearly all peripherals and most games. After numerous delays, Dreameye is scheduled to finally hit store shelves September 14. The complete Dreameye package is expected to contain the camera itself, a new version of the microphone peripheral, and other goodies like special software that allows real-time chat, sending pictures taken with the camera via e-mail, and other cool stuff.

    So when can Europe and the United States expect to see the Dreameye? We can't tell you. No dates have been hinted at, and the peripheral has yet to be officially announced for release anywhere outside of Japan. It's a safe bet to say we'll see it eventually, however, as its potential uses could mean a new level of interactivity for console games, and we know Sega is all about pushing the envelope when it comes to the Dreamcast. Keep your eyes on SegaWeb for any and all new developments.

    Credit: SegaWeb News

    Sega Releases internet starter kit for DC!

    Some news for you on-line Dreamcast Freaks....

    In an attempt to drum up some more business for the Dreamcast hardware, Sega is planning to release an Internet Starter Kit for the console in order to draw attention to its online capabilities. Targeting older users and housewives who aren't necessarily gamers, but who are looking for a cheap way to get online. The kit will include the DC keyboard and recently-released mouse (both in that snazzy see-through "skeleton" design), a mouse pad, Internet software, and the Japanese equivalent of the "Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Online and Finding Porn." Or something like that anyway.

    Credit: SegaWeb News Bytes

    New Sonic mini-games! Tyro's News Page

    This just in! There are several new Sonic mini games for cellular mobile phones. They include Sonic Logic, Sonic J. and many more! Go to Tyro's news page for more information including screenshots.

    Station Square 2.0

    Station Square version 2.0 is finally here! The site went under many changes and updates, including a big update on the rumors and theories section!

    Besure to check out the new Station Square @

    Sonic Shuffle Ad!

    See the image to your left? That was found on the back of the new Ecco the Dolphin game cover. And from the looks o'things, Big the Cat IS in Sonic Shuffle. This is only the tip of the iceburg that I have for you. More Sonic Shuffle news will come as it follows.

    Looking for SatAM Sonic?

    This goes out to anybody looking for SatAM Sonic tapes. Typically I wouldn't do this but my goal is to moderate posts to the news board some. In the hope of keeping brief, simply e-mail me to work out a deal. It is

    I apologize for this.

    SONIC CD on Yahoo! Auctions UK

    The PAL version of Sonic CD (Mega CD, UK) is up for auction at Yahoo! Here is the link

    $300 bucks for all 26 eps of Satam Sonic on ebay!

    You heard right! Today was the final day of the auction of the 26 eps of Satam Sonic recorded from ABC. Since I've been trying to bid, this guy paid over $300, which outbid me by $100!!!!! Well, It was a hard struggle, but I guess the one with the most money got it! I hope there's another person out there willing to sell 26 eps of satam Uncut that is to Take Action

    After recent news about SatAM and the fans supporting it, has declared to take action for the SU fan base who won't let Sonic Underground go down without a fight.

    SatAM in Las Palmas,Spain?!

    Um,hi,im probably not recognized by many people,anyway,here is some interesting stuff: I Live in Spain,province of Las Palmas,and yesterday,I saw a commercial on Television Autonomica de Canarias (channel 6 in this province)announcing a season of reruns of SatAM,that will start airing on the 28th of August,7:00 AM.I dont have a link source because I havent found out on this on a site,nor does the channel have a homepage. Unfortunately,the channel is only available in this province,and its in Spanish(no problemo for me!).So any Spanish Sonic Fan that lives in this province,keep your eyes peeled for the series,and the commercials... Oddly,the commercial didnt introduce the original SatAM theme,but dont worry,it sure aint Sonic Underground(thank god!).


    Posters of the Sonic HQ news as of late.

    Please, when you want to add news to the Sonic HQ News board. be sure that you are typing something worth while. This is _not_ a message board. Please do not post any responces to other posts. If your news is worth while, try to make it as informative as possible, and make sure you know a good bit of HTML before posting, if you do know know HTML, and have found some decent news to post, please send it to the Sonic HQ news Editors. If however you do want to post a response to an artical, go to the Mobius Forum and post it. Not here.


    Sonic der Irre Igel was NOT replaced by Digimon. It's still on RTL 2 at 1:00 pm German Standard Time (Instead of 4:10 pm GST).

    A little Tip

    In response to the writting to different Networks to get SatAm back on, I think we'll have better luck w/ Disney, since they play the AoSTH series on the Toon Disney Channel.

    It doesn?t matter for Germany

    Even the SatAM- Series was called "Sonic der irre Igel" in Germany. First there were the AoSth Episodes, and then the SatAM Episodes. With the cancellation of "Sonic der irre Igel", the SatAM Series will not be shown.

    Australian Dreamcast pricedrop upon the world!

    From The Official Australian & New Zealand Dreamcast Website

    Back when the GST kicked in, the majority of the country groaned a little, but those wandering outside to go pick themselves up a new Dreamcast were all set to pay $50 less than they previously would have. To help a greater range of people enjoy the wonders of Sega's 128-bit console, Ozisoft have slashed the price of the Dreamcast hardware dramatically to a highly affordable $299.

    Factoring in currency exchange, the Dreamcast is now cheaper in Australia than any other territory in the world, which is great news for those whose piggy banks haven't been quite fat enough to invest in Sega's powerhouse console. The new price of $299 includes GST.

    Sales Director for OziSoft, Danny Gambaro, said, "At $299, Dreamcast is a true mass market consumer product. Our offering at $299 is giving consumers the most sophisticated games console and access to one of the fastest growing entertainment and information resources the world - the Internet."

    Stephen O'Leary, Dreamcast's communications manager, said "Dreamcast is the first console to be released with a modem as standard, providing millions of Australians with the ability to access the Internet and Email at a fraction of the price of a home computer. Together with its incredible library of existing and upcoming software titles from SEGA and its many 3rd party developers, the Dreamcast has firmly established itself as the next-generation entertainment and Internet (TV) set top box."

    The announcement is official as of today, but the price drop will not be effective till Thursday 24th of August.

    So, finally the good ol' Ozisoft get their tuckus in gear (since the Australian DC has been porr since the launch) but riddle me this, if this is to happen to us Australians, what about the rest of the world? Could this mean Captain Pricedrop is ready to bombard the US and UK in hope to out wit the black doorstop with only 2 controller ports? We Shall see :P

    That wasn't SatAM

    "Sonic der irre Igel" was AoStH, no SatAM...

    Megaman X-Treme for the Gameboy

    Megaman X-treme (hopefully a *new* X game) is scheduled to be released October 2000! I don't have any information on it, though. I'm hoping it's not just X1 or something on the Gameboy.

    I might have some more information soon!

    Megaman X-Treme looks like kind of a mix of X1 through 3. says it has "new allies and enemies". Check it out here

    SatAM in Germany

    "Sonic der irre Igel" (German Title) was sadly replaced last monday by "Digimon"

    Third Wallscroll

    I went to the site to look at the wallscrolls, and I found a third one. I actually bought this one ^_^

    The Time is Now

    This isn't much of a news report so if Sonic HQ wants to delete this, they can. Anyway, i read that SatAM article below and also know in a few other contries SatAM has been airing or begun to air. With Sonic Underground in the gutter most everywhere, we must ask for SatAM to return now. We shouldn't ask DiC, we should ask Nickeoldeon, Cartoon Network and even Disney to air the series. Here are some of the addresses we can write to, and don't forget BE POLITE IN YOUR LETTERS! Nothing is more powerful then the power of a written out letter (NOT EMAIL) but, no one wants to read some letter from a smart mouth brat saying they're gonna kill DiC. Here we go:

    ABC Network: Nickelodeon
    ABC Network
    2024 Avenue of the Stars
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036
    Fox Theatre: Cartoon Network:
    20th Century Fox Theatricals
    PO Box 900
    Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900
    Cartoon Network
    1050 Techwood Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    WB Network Disney
    Warner Brothers
    505 N. Brand Blvd.
    4th Floor
    Glendale, CA 91203
    Can someone help me
    here? I can't find
    this one

    Info for Ken Penders' next chat.

    Ken Penders has released the info for his next on-line chat.

    ... will take place on Wednesday evening, August 23, at 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time. I'll field your questions for at least an hour, and see where we go from there depending on the crowd. You can find me in KenP's Online Chat room, with everything squared away so there's no need to worry about any system failure, thanks to my tech-guru Bob. See you there.

    There you have it.

    Credit: The Sonic Foundation Newsboard

    SatAM Sonic returns to Germany!

    Firstly, a BIG thank you to Chuckie Chipmunk, AKA Toni the Mink, for this great piece of news!

    This is what she said on the Mobius Forum:

    That's right, German Sonic fans. Starting in September,the SatAM series will return. The post I found this from was all in German, but I have a (rather lousy) translator. Here's the post in English:

    "The Sonic SATAm series comes into German remotelongs! For those, which missed it on cable 1: The rather stupid series nevertheless momentary l=E?f = t rtl II. keep from noble Sonic series of fans; the SATAm series will follow! Presumably at the beginning of Septembers."

    See the post here (aol/5863:126/

    Source: (aol/5863:126/

    Thanks again, Chuckie!

    Dreamcast Mouse news.

    Segaweb had the following to say on the DC mouse:

    Following yesterday's coverage of the impending Dreamcast mouse in Japan, I'm happy to report the techno-rodents are spreading to the UK as well. The peripheral will be launching alongside a new keyboard and VMU sometime before year's end. There's no word on the price yet, but when you think about playing Quake III with a controller, does money matter all that much? I didn't think so.

    So, something to keep an eye on for Dreamcast fans, huh?

    Credit: SegaWeb News Bytes

    Bleemcast, Bleempod, and Bleempad news.

    SegaWeb had this to say Tuesday.....

    Bleemcast now has a firm release date. Look for Sony's nemesis to hit store shelves September 14 along with the Bleempod and Bleempad (the peripherals that allow you to use Sony controllers and memory cards on your Dreamcast.

    More news for DC fans.....

    Credit: SegaWeb News Bytes

    Some More News on the Article Below

    If you're wondering if the episodes are from ABC or whatever, I wrote to the seller and he said this:

    The episodes do have static, but are still very easy to hear and see, there are 2 tapes, no commercials, and were recorded from ABC. Thanks for your interest.
    There ya have it.

    All 26 eps of SatAM Sonic on E-Bay!

    You read that title right, folks! All 26 episodes of SatAM Sonic are currently being sold in E-Bay right now!

    Click here to go to it!

    Be prepared to shell out some dough, as the current minimum bid for this as I type is $31 US, But I think a lot of people are quite willing to pay...

    Here's the link again.

    Official PSO Website is Active! has just been updated, with an all new PSO Website deticated to it! This new site includes actual art of Characters seen in the game, to the actual storyline!

    Unfortunately, the Site is only in Japanese. As the English Site is still under construction (Hopefully they're converting all the pages just for us poor english speakers), But if you happen to know where to get a decent Japanese translator, then go wild, and tell the world what the jumbled mess says at the Sonic HQ Mobius Forum

    Also in the Sonic team Update, The Yuji Naka Picture page was updated again. This time with pictures inside their Studio and various other places. Noticably a Train with this plastered everywhere:


    Source: The Phantasy Star Home Page at

    Phantasy Star Online Shots! 50 of them!

    The UK Publication Computer & Video Games have released 50 brand new screenshots of Sonic Teams Game "Phantasy Star Online" to the public!

    These shots are absolutely stunning, showing that we can trust the Allmighty Sonic Team with the PS Franchise.

    source: Computer & Video games

    The Truth on Sonic Team

    Ok, it seems there is a bit of confusion here. Despite the fact that Sonic Team is "seperating" from Sega, they are still PART of Sega. Here it comes straight from the Official Dreamcast Magazine.

    In a move to make its first-party titles even stronger, Sega of Japan's internal Research and Development teams has been redefined as financially independant, seperate "companies" within Sega, and given a carte blanche to name themselves whatever they want.

    As you can see, just because they are "seperated" from Sega, they are still loyal to their parent company. Also- it was not Mr. Naka, not Sonic Team, but Sega itself that decided to let the R&D teams become more independant. Yes, there is a small chance these 'companies' might develop for other companies, but that is very slim, especially for Sonic Team. Sonic Team's home, it's parent, is Sega. If they were to stop developing for Sega, yes, that might bring bad news. But they're not stopping.

    Really, just don't jump to conclusions! These R&D teams are technically still part of Sega itself- there is almost no way they would take major risks in working for other companies. And as for Sonic Team, who SAID that they would stop making Dreamcast Sonic games? It's still the same old Sega, folks, read: They are not leaving Sega!

    Small mistake I made

    Thank you Neon Chaos, for pointing out a small mistake I mae. I forgot to give my source. Well, to learn more about the Sonic Team branching away from sega, go to I apologize again for making this small error.

    A note about the article below

    The story down below about the Sonic Team becoming indepent is NOT true. No Sega site on the web has reported any of that information. Also, there is no source in that story to prove that it's true. Will someone at the Staff please go in and delete that post and this one too.

    Sonic Team Becoming Independant

    It seems that Yuji Naka and his Sonic Team decided to branch off from Sega and become an independant company. This means that they will be producing software for other systems and platforms other than the Dreamcast. This also means that we may no longer see any more Sonic games after Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Shuffle. A NiGHTS game, like many have been waiting for, may also not be produced for this reason. This also means that the Sonic Team runs the risk of going bankrupt soon, since no company now holds their funding. In a short Editorial, I think Yuji Naka made a small mistake that could lead to big problems. I think he should have never left Sega.

    SonicNEXT is Back!!

    ???Oh, uhh, hi! If you don't know know me already, my name is Pepperidge. You've probably noticed that for the last 2 months the news on SonicNEXT hasn't been updated. Well, appearently Vec (current webmaster there) is too pre-occupied with hosting and another site to keep up with the news, so that's where I come in!

    ???That's right, you're looking at (well, sort of) the new news reporter for SonicNEXT! Once I get that darn FTP downloaded, I'll bring you the lateset Sonic Team news. Plus I also have a couple more aces up my sleeve, but you'll just have to wait and see! Hope to see you there! It's a beautiful thing, oh yeah!:D

    PSX.IGN.COM Previews Mega Man X5!

    The game will feature classic MMX gameplay, along with some new features. Stages and the game ending will depend on how quickly you play the game, and both Mega Man X and Zero will be able to duck and move hand-icver-hand on hanging railings. The story looks very interesting - X and Zero must prevent an orbiting space colony from crashing into earth in 24 hours. The graphic and mavericks also look downright sweet.

    Click here to read the preview.

    Mega Man HQ Grand Opening!

    Today is Mega Man HQ's Grand Opening! We plan to provide a wide range of Mega Man information, files, and links. The setup for this page is similar to that of Sonic HQ. The Game Info page is about 1/4 full, and the Download Gallery is under construction.

    Thanks for visiting.
    - Vec

    Weekend News

    Good evening friends, I hope you had a very good weekend this first weekend in August, but as we return to the daily routine ahead of us this week, here's a little Sonic news to keep you company. Tonight--AJ Freda auctions off another Archie Sonic comic, the SSRG hits a milestone, the Green Hill Zone gets a domain, and a Sonic Fan Games HQ forum moderator is getting tough on discussion about the recent Emulation Zone hack.

    Sonic Team release new Sonic media!

    Wait, before you get too excited, it's only wallpaper. :)

    Yes Sonic Team have created a new backdrop for you to use on your Windows or Mac desktop. There was also one released on the 1st of July, but I don't know if that was reported or not. Anyway, you can get them both from this page.

    Emulation Zone releases EMULinks!

    EMULinks will be a large non-profit directory of emulation and gaming-related sites. It will be dynamically-generated, allowing far greater complexity than you could find on a hand-made directory page.

    Andy Wolan, owner of, who hosts and gave us the domain name, has written this press release:

    As part of our on going commitment to the emulation scene and to video gamers alike, the Emulation Zone is proud to announce EmuLinks.Com . The goal of this new web site is to pick-up where many search engines, like Yahoo, leave off by offering a complete database of links geared toward emulation and video gaming. Since it's coded, owned and operated by us, a non-profit organization, you can be sure that we will strive to offer our viewers an unbiased service they can depend on.

    What makes our site unique from many "link sites" on the web is that our site is completely automated. This allows us to do things to our database of links unimaginable or too difficult to incorporate on site that are edited by hand, such as real time user feedback.

    The site is currently in its final beta testing phases, but just about all the bugs have been ironed out. I would like to cordially invite everyone with a related web site to on stop on by and submit a link to your site. Our team of reviewers will go through the link submission and review the sites accordingly.

    If you don't have a web site, we would like to welcome the public to play around with the site, add links to their favorite related home pages and give feedback on what they think of the place.

    Sonic Team release new Sonic media!

    Wait, before you get too excited, it's only wallpaper. :)

    Yes Sonic Team have created a new backdrop for you to use on your Windows or Mac desktop. There was also one released on the 1st of July, but I don't know if that was reported or not. Anyway, you can get them both from this page

    Sonic Underground Cancelled Down Under

    From Knux of Australia:

    The Big Breakfast, a morning cartoon show in Oz has been canned. As a result, the repeat showing of Sonic Underground has been cut short. The show was part of a reshowing of the most popular cartoon shows voted for. This probably means Sonic Underground including the rumored "Lost episodes" will never be seen again as after Agro's Cartoon connection was cancelled, there was a 3 year gap before a show like it came out. Channel 7 has declined to explain why the show has been axed.

    Sonic the Comic 184

    The last issue of "Sonic the Comic" to feature an original story is now on sale. It will be available until 11 July 2000. This is effectively the death of the comic. Future stories will feature an original cover by Richard Elson, accompanied by reprint material selected by current Managing Editor Steve MacManus.

    COVER (features spoiler):

    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Richard Elson
    Lettering: Ellie De Ville

    Robotnik has lured the terrible Chaos creature to his mountain retreat and gathered the Chaos Emeralds allowing him to grow into the almighty Perfect Chaos. Despite the pleas of assistant Grimer, it is clear that Robotnik has NO PLAN - he has gone completely insane and believes he is setting up the end of the world. He may be right. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy seemed to be at the mercy of Perfect Chaos when Super Sonic and Ebony arrived. A far cry from his days as a world-destroying demon of incredible Chaos energy, Super Sonic's energy is now almost up and he needs the Chaos Emeralds to regenerate. He leaps into Perfect Chaos, a clash of the Chaos creatures that need the Chaos Energy to survive. PICK UP THE LATEST ISSUE FOR THE STUNNING CONCLUSION! Not to mention some BIG surprises!

    WIN SONIC ADVENTURE ACTION FIGURES! Courtesy of Bandai UK, the STC folk have 30 Sonic action figures, and thirty additional figures of either Knuckles or Tails models to give away.
    SONIC VS SUPER SONIC Past cover artwork from script-hume Nigel Kitching reproduced in full 'widescreen' view. Previously seen in part on the cover of issue 86.
    KNUCKLES: TOTAL CHAOTIX Part 6 Concludes today! Nack has betrayed Knuckles and Chaotix to the sinister Brotherhood of Metallix, but finds that the Brotherhood are just as treacherous than he is. (Script: Nigel Kitching; Art: Richard Elson; Lettering: Elitta Fell - originally printed in issue 58)
    TAILS: SMALL CHANGE Tails is shrunk to the size of an ant when Grimer's jealous cousin Slimey uses his shrinking ray. How can Tails stop Slimey's enormous robot from destroying the village when he's busy avoiding dewdrops? (Script: Lew Stringer; Art: Bob Corana; Colour: Steve White; Lettering: Tom Frame - originally printed in issue 88)
    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: DIY DANGER Comedy story in which Sonic encounters Rodger Bodge, a rabbit obsessed with DIY. It soon becomes clear that it's worth Sonic's attention when Bodge's fixed-up bridges and Troopers become a danger to himself and others! (Script: Lew Stringer; Art: Bob Corana; Colour: Nigel Dobbyn; Lettering: Tom Frame - originally printed in issue 103)
    And - Data Zone flashbacks for new readers! Graphic Zone readers' art - Printed pictures win a Sonic digital watch!

    Price: ?1.35

    More 'Sonic the Comic' information is available at: STC: STEM

    Color Cover of Sonic 89 released!

    Say hello to Sonic 89's color cover, just released! And from the look of things - the rumors may be true and someone may be getting the boot out of Knothole Village...

    "Thicker Than Water"
    "Return To Albion - Part Two"
    Writer(s): Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
    Penciler(s): James Fry & Steve Butler
    Inker(s): Andrew Pepoy & Pam Eklund

    The heroes deal with the disastrous results of last issue's major turmoil, and in the process face their own inner turmoil as well. Princess Sally is among the hardest hit, keeping a vigil for her ailing father, King Max - while Sonic blames himself for King Max's condition. Meanwhile, Doctor Robotnik has returned to see the damage his headquarters has suffered. Marshaling forces of Shadow Bots and Robians, he plots his revenge, even as Sonic ponders the Sword of Acorns' alleged ability to restore the Robians' own free will....And in the backup story, Knuckles and friends return to Albion, where many surprises await them - including Antoine discovering his roboticised father, General D'Coolette there.

    Credit:Worlds of Westfield

    Sonic HQ RA News

    Hello, I'm back with a brand new RA Edition. To listen to it, click here for a streamed RealPlayer broadcast, or hereto download the whole thing.

    I'll be back either tomorrow or Tuesday, since it is the long Indepdence Day holiday here in the USA, with a special Long Weekend News. For now, enjoy the RA News.

    Sonic Underground

    In response to the article below, Sonic Underground is still being shown on Canada's Teletoon network regularly.

    It seems also that they usually show the cartoons in the correct order.

    Sonic Underground To Make A Comeback?

    The SU Rumor mill is stirring and it seems Sonic Underground may be poised to make a return - but sadly, for its American and English fans, the American version may not be coming back anytime soon...

    The Sonic Underground mailing list has been getting reports that either 40 new episodes or the myserious "Lost 25 Episodes" as noted by Ben Hurst earlier in its inception may be in production for a premier in South Africa and POSSIBLY in Australia. These two countries are the only two currently showing it regularly as its only shown in the US sporadically on Toon Disney and on again off again on Diggit in the UK and YTV in Canada. South African commercials are supposedly saying that a new season is on the way - where the toon is said to have had its best popularity. Ben said months ago that there were 65 written episodes, but only 40 showed here in America (65 is the regular syndication packet for a show, 40 for syndicators that want it cheaper). The remaining episodes were dubbed by SU fans as "the Lost 25", and if theres any full truth to the story - then the Lost 25 would be in the new season. We'll see when South Africa does its premieres. ^_^

    We havent heard from Ben Hurst on the situation, but then again he may not know. We'll send him an email asking him - but overall it would be a decision made by DiC and Sega. The policy of not premiering a cartoon in the origin of the country it was produced in (SU was produced in France, so it would make more sense to premiere it in France or Europe altogether) is not practiced very often, but it has been known to be done before. We'll keep you posted more on the subject as we find out. And if this does mean the premier of "the Lost 25" in another country it brings up much questions concerning the new rumored Sonic cartoon as well as the status of SU in America and England....

    We'll keep you posted! ^___^

    Source: Sonic Underground Mailing List

    Sega Changes Advertising Campaign

    In lieu of recent events concerning Sega's ANYTHING BUT ad campaign - it seems Sega is going back to the good old humor of thier old ads.

    People had recently complained that Sega's ads just werent cutting it. Sonic Adventure and Resident Evil got decent coverage ad wise, but it had seemed that on Television and other ads of print medium, Sega had been giving its games the short shrift - specifically with the recently realeased Space Channel 5 and upcoming Seaman.

    After Space Channel 5, only two 'In the Box' ads remain, World Series Baseball 2K1 and Seaman; the new commercials, beginning with NFL 2K1's this fall, will retain the trademark Sega humor, but will focus on the gameplay and quality of Sega's wonderful lineup. Sega acknowledges that two to three seconds of in-game action just isn't enough, and plans to sort out a mix of around 50% gameplay, 50% new ad concept per thirty-second spot. Naturally, the company's hesitant to reveal its new concept so early, but it's said to be flexible enough to keep the comedy for some games but approach others straightforward. Case in point--Sega already plans to sell Shenmue more like a movie than an actual game, sporting perhaps a trailer-esque mix of voiceovers, in-game action and cut-scenes.

    Sonic Adventure 2 Music Encoded!

    Thanks to Sonic HQ staff member Shayne Thames (aka Manic - Fanfics/Cartoons) we now have a copy of the music played in the Sonic Adventure 2 online trailer! The music is available in both RA and MP3 form so that you can listen to it.

    Thanks Shayne!

    Real Audio Theme
    MP3 Audio Theme

    Ken Penders WANTS YOU !!!!

    Sonic Super Special #14 spoilers are light in this post - so beware if you haven't gotten it.

    For those that don't already know, as we posted last week, Sonic Super Special #14 was released Wednesday and has already met with some numerable discussion on its day of release. With this book Ken Penders has seemingly wiped away all of Knuckles continuity in one big stroke! I wont spoil it any further than that, but so far a lot of people have been VERY happy with this one (minus the short Zone Wars story), as this story has reset Knuckles to his roots presented when he was first introduced. Now Ken Penders wants your feedback on how it went and what you thought. As he posted on his message board:

    I thought for sure with all the clamoring for Knuckles to get his own book again that I'd hear more commentary -- pro or con -- regarding SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #14. I put it everything but the kitchen sink just to let everyone know no matter what the format, I'm still able to make the stories a continuation of what has gone on before.

    So head over to KP's message bard and tell him what you thought of the decison to "wipe the slate clean" so to put it. Was it achieved well, or done badly? The link to the message board is below.

    Source: Ken Penders' Message Board

    Sonic Adventure 2 - Worldwide Release; Sonic Shuffle Net None?

    The word seems to be going around that Sega and Sonic Team are planning for a worldwide simultaneous release of Sonic Adventure 2 on December 10, 2000.

    And in other news - recently Gaming Age and other websites posted a story that said Sonic Shuffle would have no internet capabilities whatsoever. Well thanks to Sega X, this story has been rightfull debunked and this is what they had to say....

    The rumor behind Sonic Shuffle's online support has just gotten even stranger. Earlier today our Sega PR contact e-mailed apologizing for yesterday's information. She then told us that, "There are no internet capabilites in the game [Sonic Shuffle]. Sorry about the confusion." To be doubly sure, we contacted Sega a second time for re-confirmation, and ultimately, what we discovered was not uplifting. As it now seems, Sonic Shuffle will not be bundled with on-line capabilities, corroborating the company's official link for the game, which originated this controversy.

    Originally, Sonic Shuffle was announced to come with networking support as one of SegaNet's primer titles this Fall.

    And what does have to say about it - they still have full net support up. :OP So we'll see what happens when it happens

    So Hsu Me !!!

    Electronic Gaming Monthly must REALLY like Sonic The Hedgehog.

    He's been on thier covers more times than any other character, he's gotten more coverage by them than any other videogame magazine, and this month he and his arch-nemesis Doctor Eggman make an appearance in EGM's monthly comic strip - "The Adventures of Hsu and Chan!"....Well...a reasonable facsimile of Sonic anyway - you see, this guy is really Arnie the Ground Squirrel - and that blue stuff is mousse! ^_____^

    Take a gander at the strip by clicking the panel on the left, and when you're done head on over to "Evil Monkey Productions" and give Hsu and Chan Tanaka's creator Norman Von Scott a hollar! Tell him what you thought of it.

    Daily Radar Top 100

    Daily Radar has just posted what they think to be their top 100 games/series of all time. While most of them deserve to be there, they completely ignored some of the more insanely good Sega franchises. Sonic clocked in at 19th place, far below Mario (1st), Metal Gear (2nd), as well as Tetris (6th), Street Fighter (10th), Pac Man (11th), Tony Hawk (12th), and Half-Life (15th). This is what they had to say about the Sonic Series:

    While this series is certainly nowhere near as deep as the platform originator Mario, go back and play it today and you'll find a solid, highly enjoyable platform game. Nintendo may have been the innovator, but Sega polished the concept to a new level with the Sonic series.

    Hmph. Flames can be sent by going to this page.

    <- DCX Liquid Rain ->

    Sonic Open - But Not Finished

    As reported below - has opened, however its far from actually being finished. ^___^

    According to Chainspike (Lien) who checked it out this morning:

    I downloaded the SA2 trailer, and it's in much better quality than the ones from the E3 coverage. It's exactly the same, just better image quality and new music. They've moved a lot of the stuff from their old site to the new one, and now it's just more organized. :P I downloaded a desktop wallpaper image of Sonic, but they seem to have problems with their compressing files in Winzip, cuz I tried extracting them and got weird results. :P

    We'll keep you informed for further results. You can download the Sonic Movie AND the new wallpaper below.. ^__^

    Movie File #1: - 320x240 (Large)
    Movie File #2: - 112x80 (Small)
    Wallpaper #1: - 1280x1024 (Large)
    Wallpaper #2: - 800x600 (Small)

    Website Crisis is over, and more-

    Okay, some news to tell you all. The Website Crisis is OVER. I was able to obtain a credit card to use for,, and the sites at Second off, DTZ is closing down TEMPERALY. I'm turning it into a SegaSonic site called Another note. I e-mailed Keith Palmer (Who happened to be the Senior Associate Producer at SoA, and was on Locationer's Staff in the SA credits), and checked in about Sonic Shuffle, just to make sure what I told you wasn't a case of miscommunication. Here's his reply:

    "Hi Shayne,

    I am glad you like the gifts from Sega. And of course, I will send you the new Sonic games when they are completed. If you every need anything, just give me a jingle. Take care and thank you again for all your help!

    Best Wishes,

    Keith Palmer"

    Also, I may not vist other sites much, but this " is a scam" crap is bull. Read the reports below. One last thing: Sonic Underground is making a comeback in Africa and Austalia. It's back by popular demand and there's a rumor going on about a NEW 40 episode season in South Africa. Dunno if this is true or some form of miscommunication, but, it's happening, and it's "Taking on the World in a Blue Blur".

    The June Editorial Frenzy !!!

    Dub here! Back from my comp upgrade, I have a LOT of news for you guys, but first I'll get started on something LONG overdue - namely, this months new editorials and Editorial Focus! For our new editorials, we have two - one on SegaSally and the other on the STC Sonic Adventure adaption!

    Steven Butler Artwork At EBay!

    Steven Butler - longtime Sonic The Hedgehog artist and current artist of the Knuckles The Echidna stories has placed some new artwork on EBay! His list of work includes

  • The piece on the left - Sonic #66 artwork. Bidding at 10 bucks as of post - ends July 1st. View the auction here.

  • Sonic #66 artwork: The Ultra Sonic/Naugus battle. Bidding at 10 bucks as of post - ends July 2nd. View the auction here.

  • Sonic #64 artwork: Double page introductory spread - Splash page of "The Naugus Trilogy - Part One". Bidding at 20 bucks as of post - ends July 2nd. View the auction here.

    All pieces are done in pen and ink. Happy bidding! ^___^

    Source: Archie Sonic Mailing List

  • Sonic Super Special #14 - Released Today

    Sonic Super Special #14 - The book that begins AND ENDS a lot of the previous Knuckles story arcs that took place in his book was released today in book stores and groceries across the US. Note that some people ended up getting the book 1 week early, but that mostly depended on where you live -

    "Zone Wars: Law Of The Land"
    "The Best of Times, the Worst of Times"
    Writer(s): Ken Penders, Jim Spivey & Evan Skolnick
    Penciler(s): Steven Butler, Pam Eklund, Suzanne Paddock & Harvo

    Everyone's favorite red dude with the 'tude, Knuckles, returns in this novel-length epic. The action comes fast and furious as old plotlines are resolved and the stage is set for new Knuckles adventures which will appear regular in the monthly Sonic series. Plus: In another "Zone Wars" feature, Sonic is thrown into the trial of his life by a Mobius of another zone called Litigopolis, where everyone sues everyone else.

    Sonic Team News - Chu Chu Times Two And....

    Debunking all the reports of any fraudulent mishaps started by other websites, it seems super lucky Sonic fan Sierra Ranay has been put in the clear. A month or so ago, Sierra owner of Sonic and maintainer of SHQ's cartoons page, made the claim that she was contacted by Yuji Naka and a person named Keith Palmer of Sega Of America who wished to transfer ownership of to their namesakes.

    Well it seems the transfer is finished as Sonic Team has finally started uploading on its new website - Nothing is up yet except for the phrase "Coming Soon". But at least this finally proves to the naysayers that Sierra wasnt lying. Her gift for being so helpful to SoA and Sonic Team - ALL SA related merchandise including the keychains, tee shirts, plushies: AND a copy of Sonic Shuffle before it hits the shelves! Congratulations Sierra.

    In other ST news - The world's first online console game- ChuChu Rocket! -has taken claim over 100,000 new homes in Europe. Dreamarena, the Dreamcasts exclusive Internet portal has been overloaded by over 100,000 users signing up for the game since the June 9th launch. Dreamarena currently has over 300,00 users registered and receives over 3 million hits per month. With upcoming games like Quake 3, Sonic Team's Phantasy Star Online, and Black and White, the numbers will probably get higher.

    European gamers - To get your copy of ChuChu Rocket!, head on over to and check out the instructions.

    Source: Sega X

    Nack's Back !!!

    The Nack is back! Everyones favorite weasel (along with his Archie created twin sister Nic) will be making an appearance in Sonic 90 and 91. Here's what Ken Penders had to say about Nack - as well as the upcoming delay on the Tails The Fox "Chosen One" arc:

    SA2 movie now in MPEG!

    SegaWeb has brought to us a MPEG version of the SA2 video which was shown in Quicktime Format by DC.IGN when E3 was on. this version also has Music! But its just the Startup of Sonic Adventure 1, its much faster, so you QT haters can now rejoice ^_^

    To see pictures and descriptions from the movie come here

    Download the movie here

    Source: SegaWeb

    Sonic the Comic - And now the conclusion!

    The last ever issue of the brilliant STC to contain a new story is currently on sale. It's thoroughly unmissable with plenty of surprises. So what on earth are you waiting for? Go buy it!! (No cover image because it's got a huge spoiler IMO)

    The Weasel Strikes Back

    Ken Penders, in response to a posting on his site, has leaked out the stories for Sonic#91 & #92. See Ken's site ( for details. What's more, it appers he will be using my idea. So someone at Archie DOES listen to the fans

    Sonic winner in Blockbuster Awards

    If U havent hear all ready, but Sonic Adventure won at the Blockster Awards for best game play! All right Sonic! 9 years and still kickin' !!!

    Weekend News...On Monday

    Hello again, you can fault this late entry to an Internal Server Error which made me unable to file anything yesterday. But that is behind us, so let's get on to the news.

    First, take a look at this article posted by Blaze Hedgehog on the SFGHQ, it could mean great news for Sonic fan games:

    Starting June 22nd and running until June 25th, at Lyons, Colorado, Ryan Bloom, also known as the infamous BLAZE HEDGEHOG did something no SFG creator had done before.

    He went public with his game, SONIC INFINITY.

    It has long since been taboo to even announce a fangame outside of the designated Sonic Fangame Websites. Let alone in the real world, where people are afraid of Copyright Violations.

    Ryan (whom for purposes of normal-ness will be refered to as Blaze) didn't SELL Sonic Infinity. Well, because Sonic Infinity isn't done. Instead, he gave out FREE Copies of "Sonic Infinity: Halloween Special Edition!" on disks, for FREE.

    It was a simple promotion. Blaze's company, BlazeFire Productions was planning on selling commercial games at this show; but due to technical difficulties, BFP's flagship commercial game, "THUNDERHAWKE" was set into a demo mode and ran all day long for people to watch the game sit and play itself. Out of the 8 Disks Blaze had with him, he gave out 5. While this isn't much compared to the number of people that attended the show, it's alot for Blazefire Productions, and alot for SFGs.

    Especially when the two highlights of the show for Blaze happened. While he was away looking at the show's other sights (and scoring a poster of a very *HOT* looking blonde), a gentlemen claiming to be from IBM stood and stared at the computer monitor, with the Thunderhawke Beta Demo playing itself, ships blowing up left and right.

    Blaze gave specific instructions to his mother to give the SONIC INFINITY disks out to whoever was interested. And this man seemed more than interested. He not only asked who made the game, but he asked for Blaze's website. In which his mother gave the man his business card (labeled: BLAZEFIRE PRODUCTIONS: (Freeware, Commercial) GAMES, MUSIC, ARTWORK AND LAME JOKES!). He then proceeded to tell Blaze's mother he was very intrested in contacting Blaze, and said he would email him. He also ASKED for a copy of SONIC INFINITY: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL EDITION, in which he recived it.

    Next game the day afterwards; another boy, around 17 or 18 asked Blaze for a copy of the game, as well as a list of his websites so he could keep up to date with the latest releases of the game, plus many more games waiting in the wings. Needless to say, Blazefire Productions is pushing into an area of Sonic Fangaming never even touched: Actual IRL Human Interaction. And while at this show he wasn't prepared, he said; "I'll be ready for the next one. I'll have a big display for it and everything. It'll be real hi-tech and stuff."

    Things could be looking up for Sonic Fangamers. Especially with the upcoming SAGE Event (Sonic Amature Game Expo), which will kick off on Sept 9th and hopefully run for several days. Blaze, whom was presumed the head of the event has big plans for SAGE, he even hopes to have big coverage from ACTUAL game magazines.

    Needless to say; Blazefire Productions is trying to pump something new into Sonic Fangames as we know it. But there is always that one risk: With something new, comes the risk that it may be rejected, and backfire completely. The only task Blazefire Productions has to worry about is: If for some reason this does become BIG, will he be able to handle it? And keep it that big? Or will BFP become a wash-up company?

    Time awaits with an answer. And we await his words.

    I so foolishly made a mistake last week--it was Reave, the helping hand of Artie, who left last week. But he is back now, updating Team Artail.

    And finally, Ulala made a public appearance on Thursday...well, at least the human form of her did! It was at Universal Studios, a ninety minute event, when she and her posse gave out free Space Channel 5 material, including calendars and posters. A look-alike contest was held, in which you not only had to look like the SC5 poster girl, but also dance to her tune for 45 seconds. The winner received five hundred dollars and a free Dreamcast.

    And that's it from me for now, the RA News will pop up by the end of the month.

    Sega and Motorola

    Motorola and Sega announce intent to create Strategic Alliance,Demonstrate Games on Wireless Phones at JavaOne.

    Sega and Motorola are teaming up to develop wireless electronic entertainment.
    Here is the article

    And here are some pics:



    Source: Sega Japan

    No need for a Mod chip!

    According to Segadojo (and a million other Sega sites), you will now be able to play import Japanese games on an American Dreamcast using the DC Gameshark CDX! For a measly (yeah, right) price of $50 or so, you can have hundreds of DC game codes, along with the ability to play import games. Sweet.

    Source: Segadojo

    Want to Help Perfect Chaos?

    Okay, PC has been falsy accused of a copyright violation, so be sure to contact them about this if you want to see the site back up.

    this email is my personal server and this one is as a whole so pick which ever you want to write to. The first one would be more efficient.

    BTW, the Sonic movie thing was actually from Trez, I had it at my site but Trez gave it to me.

    A Quick News Update

    Hello, no Weekend News this week since A)The CGI system went cuckoo on Sunday (this was NOT SHQ's fault), and B) The problem has fallen right into my exam week.

    But, before I go, I want to quickly note that JD Harding of The Sonic Corner has done three major things in the past two days: He has changed the requirements of the Sonic Network, and wiped out previous members, announced a one month vacation from TSC to concentrate on music, and has shut down Tolwyn.Net. You can find out more by clicking the link above to TSC.

    And that's it from me for now. Wish me luck on my finals, and Weekend News will return June 11th.

    Ken Penders and Ben Hurst Sonic Movie?

    Ken Penders revealed in last night's chat that he is writing a Sonic Movie script with Ben Hurst! The movie is supposed to feature the best of the Archie and SatAM continuities. Ben Hurst is writing the first draft now. Now go tell them to put the Chaotix in it. ;)

    Source: Perfect Chaos

    Surgery Today

    Just a note to let you people know that my wisodm tooth surgery is today. Wish me the best as I'll probably be knocked out half the day. Nothing says happiness like a heavy dose of sedatives - WHOOHOO !!!!! ^___^


    Sonic The Hedgehog Speaks On The NGHZ

    The Neo Green Hill Zone has done it again! In something that caught a lot of people off guard - Ryan Drummond, the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Shuffle popped in to say hi! Here's what Mr. Drummond had to say:

    Aw yeah! This is happenin'!
    Greetings everyone!
    Ryan Drummond here. Many thanks to Popcorn and Pepperidge for telling me about this site. I hadn't seen it yet! Amazing what Sega forgets to tell me about! Anyway, I just wanted to thank those of you who've written to me and been so darn complimentary. It's great when people appriciate your work! I also wanted to point out that someone here on the SonicNext team got some wrong info. The voice of Dr. Robotnik was done by DEEM BRISTOW, not Steve Broadie as they wrote. Just want to give credit where credit is due. They also had some mis-information on some other characters, but what it was exactly escapes me at the moment. Hey, it's 2 am. My brain is almost dead. So anyway, Just finished recording 90% of the lines for SONIC SHUFFLE this past week, and once Sega gets a handle on that, we'll start looking into SA2. Sega's happy with all their voice choices this time around, so you should be hearing the same people for the next few games at least. Consistency is GOOD! That's what I keep telling them. :)

    Take Care all!

    (Sonic the Hedgehog)

    Is that not TOO COOL! ^___^ At any rate, its good to know that the voices will be returning. If Mr. Drummond relays more input, then we'll post it here for your viewing. Later folks!

    Source: Neo Green Hill Zone

    Sonic #85 - Top Ordered Comics For March

    Reprinted below are the top ordered comics for March, starting from Sonic #85 to the lowest selling Archie book - Jughead. Note that other titles by other publishers have been shown at thier rank below, so that you can see where Sonic stands among other books of its kind (furry/comical/kid oriented, etc). Sonic is #217, with Jughead being #287. And for once - Sonic even beat a Pokemon book! ^__^

    The first number is the Quantity ranking (how much), second number is the Retail ranking (stores)

    217 256 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #85 $1.99 ARC
    218 257 SCOOBY-DOO #36 $1.99 DC
    223 233 GUNDAM WING #4 $2.95 MIX
    224 236 NO NEED FOR TENCHI PART 9 #3 $2.95 VIZ
    237 285 SABRINA VOL 2 #8 $1.99 ARC
    239 209 MAGICAL POKEMON JOURNEY #3 $4.95 VIZ
    241 289 BETTY & VERONICA #150 $1.99 ARC
    244 291 ARCHIE #498 $1.99 ARC

    247 294 DEXTERS LABORATORY #11 $1.99 DC
    251 262 LOST ONES #2 $2.95 IMA
    252 255 ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST #117 $3.19 ARC
    254 300 BETTY #88 $1.99 ARC
    256 301 VERONICA #102 $1.99 ARC

    260 303 LOONEY TUNES #66 $1.99 DC
    262 306 CARTOON NETWORK STARRING #11 $1.99 DC
    264 265 PALS N GALS DOUBLE DIGEST #50 $3.19 ARC
    265 309 ARCHIE & FRIENDS #42 $1.99 ARC
    266 310 CHERYL BLOSSOM #33 $1.99 ARC
    268 314 ARCHIES WEIRD MYSTERIES #7 $1.99 ARC
    271 304 BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #113 $2.19 ARC
    273 274 JUGHEADS DOUBLE DIGEST #69 $3.19 ARC
    276 312 ARCHIE DIGEST #173 $2.19 ARC
    282 321 LAUGH DIGEST #158 $2.19 ARC
    286 323 JUGHEAD WITH ARCHIE DIGEST #158 $2.19 ARC
    287 329 JUGHEAD #129 $1.99 ARC

    Sonic #88 - Spoilers And Color Cover

    The color release for the cover for Sonic #88 has been issued. Spoilers and order form below:

    Sonic The Hedgehog #88
    "Family Matters - Part One"
    "The Road To Albion - Part One"
    Writers: Karl Bollers and Ken Penders
    Artists: James Fry and Steven Butler
    Inkers: Andrew Pepoy and Pam Ecklund.
    Order This Issue Online

    Sonic, Princess Sally and the gang return to Knothole to find the kingdom in complete and utter turmoil. Prince Elias has been captured by Shadow-Bots who intend to roboticize him and Queen Alicia undergoes a surgical operation to determine her fate one and for all, while King Max insists on storming Doctor Robotnik's HQ with his troops in order to save his son. As if all that wasn't bad enough, Sonic must also confront his Uncle Chuck, who is under Robotnik's control! And in the backup, Knuckles finds himself drifting alone amid the raging waters after an energy wave sets off a massive explosion in Haven. Surrounded by nothingness, the ghostly image of his ancestor Athair appears to guide him on a journey to Albion, a journey not only of discovery but possible redemption and restorations...

    32 pages, $1.99, ships on Aug. 18.

    Sonic The Hedgehog #85 Release Date; Order #87 & #88 Online

    Due to Memorial Day, Sonic #85 (depending on where you live or if you have a subscription) will not hit shelves until this Thursday - June 1, 2000. If you're lucky it may get in this Wednesday, but it may not depending on whom you shop with.

    You can find the comic book in any Grocery or Comic Book Store, or if you wish to order it online - Go to Mile High Comics and place an order for it at these links.

    Order Sonic #87 Online
    Order Sonic #88 Online
    How To Order Online

    Spoilers below; Note that this is the first new story since the Sonic Adventure arc, plus the beginning of Danny Fingeroth's Metal Sonic storyline to take place next issue -

    "The Big Payback"
    Writer(s): Karl Bollers
    Penciler(s): Ron Lim
    Inker(s): Andrew Pepoy

    Robotnik is upset by Sonic's victory over "Perfect Chaos," so he sics Silver Sonic II on the blue blur - right as the Freedom prepare to depart the Hidden City! Joining the battle, Sonic's friends find trying to beat Silver Sonic II in hand-to-hand combat is impossible - only Sonic can withstand Silver Sonic II's blows. The battle is furious, with repercussions sure to impact the future of the Freedom Fighters. What lies in store for our fearless heroes, and is there a way to defeat the juggernaut that is Silver Sonic II?

    Spaz Does Titan A.E.

    Probably should have posted this a bit ago - but Spaz's latest Gamefan cover is none other than Fox's summer CG/Traditional animation masterpiece Titan A.E..

    This issue of Gamefan is currently on shelves now.

    Sonic Toys Wave 2 - Toy Island Figurines Released?

    I totally forgot about these things. :P

    At any rate - It hasn't been confirmed for release yet on the official website (no date had been given), but supposedly some people have been running across another wave of Sonic toys. I'm assuming that these MAY be the Toy Island ones considering that they ARE due to hit late first quarter to mid 2000, but at this time I can't confirm or deny anything as I haven't been able to find release dates for any of them, and can only go by what people have heard. The toys people have come across so far are Robotnik, Big, a "Skateboarding" Sonic, and Tails w/Chao which seem to match the TI motif.

    No word yet on the Resaurus figurines. To find out more on Toy Island's line click here

    Weekend News

    Hello from me, and happy Memorial Day to those in the United States. It is indeed a time to remember those who fought for the country, but it also means, well...another day off! =) On that note, here is your news on this long weekend for some:

    JD Harding has re-opened his page, and it showcases his Sonic remixes, as well as original songs by him. You can even hear the theme for the Sonic HQ RA News! Of course, you need to get to the site first, and I have that all taken care of.

    Also in the fan world this week, a Sonic Fan Games Exposition of sorts is starting to take form, in part thanks to other Sonic fan game developers, and Rlan, webmaster of the Sonic Fan Games HQ. Plans at this time are very uncertain, but the event might be hosted on SegaSonic.Net to the event to stay fair and balanced. A domain name might even be purchased. More details soon...

    And finally, we know that Sega is on rocky ground this week due to rough sales in Japan. With that in mind, it should calm your minds that a DC title made it to #1 in terms of Japanese software sales from May 15th to the 21st. The title? Kyuuen no Kizuna Sairin Shou. (No, we don't know that that is.) It sold 27, 546 copies, beating out Zelda: MM for that week by just 214 copies! Whew!

    And so, on that note, that is it from me for now. I'll be back next weekend; join me then.

    With The Bad News Comes - The Good News

    Following up the follow up to Ed's report below comes the Good News :O)

    IGN DC's weekend update present a better version of the full picture for Sega explaining a bit of what is going on as well as making sense of the earnings -

    Click here

    Sega Splits Up, No Microsoft Partnership, More on Net Losses

    As a follow up to Ed's post below, I found three interesting tidbits of news on Sega X. First of all - The rumors of a possible partnership between Microsoft and Sega were finally laid to rest yesterday as CSK and Sega Chairman Isao Okawa publicly stated that he believed Microsoft was not interested in the network. It had appeared that even after Microsoft's announcement of their X-Box console that the two companies might generate a joint relationship. However, future operations centered around networking will be handled by Sega and CSK alone.

    Now for the fiscal losses and switchings of SOJ President. Rather than reprint the articles here due to thier length, I'll point you to them:

    1. Sega President Go Bye-Bye; Fiscal Loss

    2. Sega Splits Up

    Thats all. ^__^ Personally I found it interesting. With the Sega Saturn - it was America that was doing bad and Japan that was semi-suceeding. Now with the Dreamcast, its been flipped. Personally, perhaps I don't know all the info on it, but I find the actual problem not with Sega themselves but with the unbelieveable fickleness of the Japanese market in general. And considering that thier economy isn't all that great it makes me wonder why they don't try to concentrate a little more in the American and European divisions - the two that ARE doing well. But perhaps thats just me - like I said. I can't fully understand EVERYTHING thats going on...

    ASSD to Return and a new Sonic Series by the Creators

    A Super Sonic Destiny was going to be a really cool movie made by some Sonic fans, but the idea was canned when they had staff problems but it's back!! Yes, they are going to continue it BUT in Comic format! It's still really cool though. Here's what the owner said:

    Well, its been a long time hasn't it. I know everyone is dying to know what happened to assd and Techenosama. I have good news and bad. The good is we are still working on a sonic cartoon but the bad is it's not assd. Yeah I know that really sucks but hey," what do you want from me"? I only had a handful of good help and in the end I was the only animator so I gave in. A movie is a huge project and for you to even think one guy can handle such a feat you have a lot to learn my friend. Anyway ASSD may become a comic book adaption and I am releasing the script on the fun page. It is a really good script and once you start reading it you will not be able to stop.

    And they have a new series bassed around SatAM which shows Sonic years later! Here's again the owner of the website:

    Well, ASSD was not completed cause of the length of the project and lack of help. Well, I now have a new and better staff *(Nick Manic the big bulk of it ^_^)* and we are trying something I think many of you fans may enjoy. I have to say this is going to be a really interesting project cause Sonic Next will be a continuation of the sat am but the difference is it will not continue from were the series left off. Archie pretty much covered that so why should we waste our time redoing what archie has done? Besides as Vic Rodriguez said," it's time for something new and more challenging to comprehend for the sonic audience". I mean we are all ready for a more mature and evolved sonic right? (Well, not sonic mabey but a storyline and characters none the less). We are also ready for a new villain I think as Vic stated as well. That is were Sonic NExt comes into play.

    That's all for now but I'll keep you posted. You can read more at Prism Shade Productions.

    A couple of K:20YL spoilers

    I talked to Mr. Penders in AiM, and I was able to get some spoilers about K:20YL out of him. :)

    I'll bet the lot of you are wondering since the Sonic: In Your Face Special: "What are Sonic's and Sally's kids' names?!" Well wonder no further, cuz here's what Ken has to say about their names. It may (or may not?) be a shock to most of you:

    We decided to go with Sonia and Manic, as I recall. I'll have to recheck the script.

    I was pretty surprised, as I didn't expect this (wouldn't you be? :P). I asked why Ken named them after Sonia and Manic from SU and he said:

    Since we weren't planning to incorporate any of the SU continuity in our series, we thought we'd at least acknowledge it by using those names.

    Interesting, ne? Other questions I asked from Ken are about Lara-su's knuckles, and Sonic's kids ages (Kinda personal questions, but I thought I'd share them with everyone :)

    When I asked Mr. Penders if Lara-su will have knuckles like her father or not:

    Lara-Su's knuckles don't show all the time, only when she wants them to.

    The only guardian who can retract her claws like a cat. Bizzare! And Sonia and Manic's ages:

    As for Sonic and Sally's kids, probably around 13 or so.

    Yes, they are about Lara's age, at least. I'll bet you're asking me "How can they be teenagers when we saw them as little kids from Sonic In Your Face to SSS#11?" Ken says:

    As for the other kids, this is a different story, which takes place after any other that has ever shown them before.

    Cool. Well that's all for now, peepz! :)

    Bad News for Sega

    Just checked out the "Computer & Video Games" website and it had this:

    Sega misery deepens as financials loom Speculation ran rampant last night on the future of Sega, after president Irimajiri's resignation and the prospect of a massive loss announcement this week

    Heavy talk spread across the 'net of a buyout of Sega by either Microsoft or Sony last night in the wake of yesterday's Nikkei report that Shoichiro Irimajiri is to step down as president this Friday. The announcement is almost certain to come alongside Sega's financial figures for the fiscal year '99 to 2000, which are expected to show a loss of at least ?300 million.

    Mainstream financial press leapt on the story as Sega's position worsened. UK money paper The Financial Times reported that, "Sega's shares, which are down 63 percent since February 9, fell almost 3 percent to Y1,670 yesterday [May 22] despite the company's denial of reports that Shoichiro Irimajiri, its president, would resign because of the poor performance of the Dreamcast game machine."

    With Dreamcast sales in Japan falling by over 50 percent behind predicted targets and the imminent release of PlayStation 2, Sega's prospects are looking increasingly bleak, despite a strong showing at E3. The new president, Isao Ohkawa - formerly head honcho of Sega parent company CSK - will oversee the moving of the company onto an increasingly online footing, and is likely to prepare Sega for a merger or buyout of some kind.

    After Friday's announcement, the company will have posted losses for three years in a row. Its marketing strategies now include giving away free copies - probably in the region of 500,000 - of puzzler Chu-Chu Rocket in Europe and 4 million Dreamcast units in the US before 2001, on the proviso that gamers submit to its ISP for two years. The cost will be enormous - just how deep are Sega's pockets?

    Patrick Garratt
    Wednesday, 24 May 2000

    "Computer and Video Games" is the world's first games magazine and currently in its 223rd issue. It's a highly respected British publication from the company that made the Official Saturn Magazine."

    The Sonic HQ RA News

    The second edition of the RealAudio News is out...complete with a wrap-up of the top stories this month in the Sonic world, plus that important E3 wrap-up.

    The Sonic HQ RA News UPDATE

    Tristan's note: My apologies for the article below. Something is causing an error in the News CGI script, and I can not edit the article to what it should be. So, until the error is fixed, here is the original article below. Enjoy.

    The second edition of the RealAudio News is out...complete with a wrap-up of the top stories this month in the Sonic world, plus that important E3 wrap-up.

    Also in this edition, we have the latest on the Simplenet conflict, and the potential resignation of Shoichiro Irimajiri. Of course, all the details are given about the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo as well. You need RealPlayer G2 to listen, and you can either Download the entire file or stream it.

    Please note the the old RA News is now unavailable, as I update the files with the latest edition.

    Simplenet Crisis 2? I think not.

    Major kudos to m'VERY good friend, NetRaptor for goin out of her way to find out about this so-called Simplenet Crisis 2.

    Hi from NetRaptor.

    I emailed Yahoo-simplenet about their account changes, and this is what they said:

    Thank you for contacting us. At this time, existing Domain Web Accounts & Packages that were set up under SimpleNet will continue to be provided the same service. New accounts and upgrades, however, will convert to the services offered by Yahoo!. Existing customers have the option to also convert to one of our new packages with no setup fees! Only your monthly billing will change.

    You can find out more at this URL:

    Whew! We're safe ...


    In other words, turn off the panic button and listen up. This means that everyone can now RELAX. I think J.D. Harding, who was the one who first alerted the Sonic Community of the problem, just jumped the gun WAY too early in the scene without cold-hard facts. Simplenet KNOWS they be trampling over themselves if they were to make the customers convert on their own. And thank god because the following sites all depend on Simplenet or simplenet related servers:

    The Sonic Foundation (
    Team Artail (
    The Dream Avenue (
    The Sonic Corner ( (
    NetRaptor's Domain (
    Zone 9
    Mute Isle
    TLoB's Sonic Site
    Sonic HQ's SatAM video files other words, a WHOLE LOT of Sonic Websites would be affected. But, thank god it won't happen.

    Weekend News...On Monday

    Hello from me, and the edition this week is a bit late due to the dreaded term we high schoolers call "Research Paper". In any case, here is the news:

    FGN Online has reported this morning that Shoichiro Irimajiri could resign as president of Sega Enterprises in order to take responsibility for poor DC performance. If this happened, CSK president Isao Okawa would take over, and Irimajiri would become vice chairman of Sega, heading up development for the next Sega system. I will bring you more information as it develops.

    Also, Simplenet has either been bought or merged with Yahoo!, and now several Sonic sites on Simplenet could be critically affected. The maxmimum amount of space allotted under the new paid plans is now 250 megabytes, instead of unlimited space. Sites such as Team Artail, and SonicUnderground.Net could be impacted. I will keep track of the situation for you as this could spark a debate on previous Terms of Service policies that Simplenet had before the change.

    And finally, on a better note, The Dreamcast Technical Pages has moved to a better location, at Now, much more space can be devoted to their all important message board.

    And that is it from me; look for the next SHQ RA News either later in the day or Tuesday.

    Sonic the Comic 181 -- "The Origin of Chaos"

    STC 181 is on sale.

    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Richard Elson
    Lettering: Ellie De Ville

    Pocachamac reveals the truth about the creation of the Chaos Emeralds upon which the entire Echidna/Drakon war hinges. Sonic and the warring factions also witness the creation of Chaos...

    Other stories:

    KNUCKLES: Total Chaotix (Part 3)
    TAILS: Changing Times
    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: The Brotherhood of Metallix (Part 2)

    Sega Officially Opens New Site Design

    Sega has officially opened the new, redesigned site. You might remember they had a preview of it earlier, before E3. Click here to take a gander at it!

    Weekend News...E3 Edition

    E3 and Mom's Day in the same's crazy! Anyway, here was what else was going on at the show:

    SegaWeb finally updated, as Internet connections went bust at the LA Convention Center, and they took a closer look at Sonic Square/Shuffle. Now, they think that the game is more than just a Mario Party rip-off they were claiming a couple days before.

    Sega showed off many a few things at E3, including the DVD player prototype, the MP3 VMU player, and...Ulala. Space Channel 5 was the major game that Sega was showing off, and they did so via human Ulalas, and several stage shows. The Dreamcast Browser 2.0 was given away as well.

    With all the great games that were shown, there were some disappointments. Eidos, creator of the Tomb Raider series, cancelled some DC projects, and Daytona USA 2, which was rumored to be shown behind closed doors, was not there at all. That didn't mean there were not any other racers at the show--Sega GT and Metropolis Street Racer, both very good titles, were on display.

    And finally, there was bleem! As you might know, bleem! was a PSX emulator for the PC. Now it's coming to the Dreamcast. The display shown was a regular Playstation game on one side, and Bleemcast, the rumored name of the emulator on the other side. When comparing and contrasting the two side-by-side, one could easily tell that the PSX game running via Bleemcast had significant improvements visually. Look for the first batch of bleem! for the Dreamcast early this Summer.

    And that's it from me for today, but a special RealAudio News is coming up this week wrapping up all the details from E3, including all Sonic Team developments and a huge bit of Sega news.

    Sonic Shuffle video!

    Sega Dojo has recorded a clip of Sonic Shuffle! Click here to see it. Sure, it's kind of hectic and hard to tell what it's of, but still- it's video!

    Source: Sega Dojo

    More on Sonic Shuffle- What the...?

    Sega Web has taken pictures from the E3 show of Sonic Shuffle- and yes, the game looks great. However, the two journalists that went to see it, well- seem to hate it.
    After staring at fish thingies at the Seaman stand, we shuffled over to Sonic Shuffle. We shuffled away just as quickly: this game is a blatant rip-off of Mario Party. It even features similar game structures: a blue square is +3 points, a red is -3, and exclamation points take gamers to mini-games.

    O....kay... Geez, you'd think a Sega site might have some faith in a Sega game, right? And since when is a game that is much like a game a rip-off? I mean, the original Resident Evil had things in common with the first survival horror game, Alone in the Dark, but it certainly wasn't a rip-off. Besides, the same team that made Mario Party made this! How can somebody make a rip-off of their OWN game? Well, at any rate, I look forward to this game greatly, and these pictures certainly make me even more excited. Click here to read and see this for yourself. I think the two journalists were just cranky at the time they wrote this! ^__^

    Source: Sega Web

    E3 News: Sonic Adventure 2 Videos - Watch It Move !!!

    IGN DC latest update is here - and today they've gotten their hands on: Video's of Sonic Adventure 2! The first footage of the game in action !!!

    Two videos comprise the update - but read IGN's statement and check them out:

    Sonic Adventure 2 Videos - IGN DC

    Added by Rlan - Since Dubbs wasn't able to see what the movies looked like, I'm here to tell =)

    Unfortunately, No Music done here (possibly from that Sony Cam Corder they used ^_^) but what we see here is something of a Movie trailer. With quick Flashes of Sonic Doing certain things, even Knuckles!

    We see Knuckles doing some moves (although he rarely shows up) and Sonic Doing heaps like that "Sonic getting chased by the mother truck" in motion! also Alot of little messages pop up, the first one contains Truth/Lies, Light/Darkness etc splattered on the screen. the second one claims "Master Emerald, Chaos Emerald, Sonic The Hedgehog, Knuckles Echidna, Secret weapon, Dr. Eggman. And So on. Spooky eh?

    Anyway, DOWNLOAD THEM NOW! Although I don't know why IGN has to put them in MOV format. I'll take MPEG anyday =)

    I've taken MANY screen grabs from the movies, and they can be viewed HERE

    SA2 Screen Shots!!!!!

    HOLD MY GOD!!! I'VE JUST FOULD SONIC ADVENTURE 2 SCREEN SHOTS! Yes your reading right!!!! Visit them here...

    This screen shots totally rule! There way better then SA!!

    (Rlan - Just dding to what Neon Chaos Said)


    **starts trembling** this is what we wanted folks! an Now WE 'AVE EM!

    Well, accordng to the pictures in the link above, this is what I've come to believe:

    Sonic seems much fitter and taller since SA1

    Knuckles is there! WOOHOO!


    Also noted at the bottom: Presented By SonicTeamUSA @SanFrancisco!!! This means that part of Sonic Team stayed in America! I hope that the (see news below) hs something to do with these blokes.

    More news on SA2

    Seems that Sonic has been in a lot of news lately, no? IGN has some news on Sonic Adventure 2. Nothing real special, but worth the look. IGN

    Source: IGN DC

    E3 - Price Drop For American And Canadian Dreamcasts!

    Frustrated because of the high high cost of the Canadian Dreamcast? Interested in a "DOUBLE" rebate ala the "Free Dreamcast" deal? What about Modem stuff as well as other news! Skeptical of the Seganet deal? IGN DC does it again and this is a REALLY big whopper for anyone considering or already owning a DC. Check out the news on the Dreamcast Price Drop and Rebate!

    Don't Drop That Bomb On Me!!!

    James Fry Artwork On EBay

    For anyone interested, James Fry has placed up one of his original comic art pages on e-bay until Saturday. According to Mr. Fry, he'll be putting up at least one page per week for the foreseeable future. For those of you seriously into collecting original art - this is certainly a steal, as the bidding as of this post (I just got the email) is at $3.00. >;O)

    Fry2K - Sonic Pro Art: Sonic & Tails VS Doc R !

    Source: Archie Sonic Mailing List

    Sonic Adventure 2 Confirmed !!!

    IGN DC has released an article that confirms the existence of a Sonic Adventure 2 showing at this E3!

    Well what on earth are you waiting for - Read the article! GO ! GO ! GO !!! ^___^

    Source: IGN DC - SA2

    Sega site makeover!

    Is up! Go to to check it out! Might be a little slow and troublesome, but it looks to be great. And look, even they have the information on Sonic Shuffle! Oh my goodness, now I'm convinced that Sonic Team is behind it... (mind me, I'm a little slow)

    More News

    Well, as much as to be expected, Mr. Naka recieved my letter in safe. And yet, another package goes, here was a quick note left by Mr. Naka:


    Thank you very much for sending me back the agreement with your signature. I really appeciate your kindness to make our website come true.
    I would like to send some present for you. Hope you like it! This is all my and all the Sonicteam members' thought for your assistance. Thank you very much again. I hope you can enjoy our site too."

    MY LORD. He sent a TON of stuff, including ton of plushies:

    Sonic Adventure
    Dr. Eggman
    11" Sonic
    NiGHTS Chao
    Amy Rose
    2' Sonic
    2' Tails
    2' Knuckles (Chainspike's gonna kill me for THAT one)
    A SA Video

    Samba de Amigo
    (I don't know all the characters names, so work with me here)
    11" Samba the Monkey
    9" Samba the Monkey
    A maraca plush with Samba hangin at the end.
    11" (butterfly lady)
    9" (butterfly lady)
    (lepard lady)
    (the blue bear)
    A Samba de Amigo soundtrack (WILL be found soon on

    AND an autograph of Mr. Naka. Okay, this party is not ended YET, as I will keep you all posted when will be availible. - The New Website!

    To correspond with the Electronics Entertainment Expo and the formal showing of SegaNet, Sega is changing around their official website. While the page doesn’t officially go live until this Thursday, Sega is offering people a sneak peek as to what they’ve been up to.

    The newest layout isn’t altered that much from the older one, as it just contains some Flash animation and a letterbox-style design. If you will recall, at the SegaNet official announcement an image was released displaying this layout. Now you can check out the actual version of this layout for yourself by following THIS LINK. ^__^

    Source: IGN DC

    Sonic #88 Spoilers - The Return of Uncle Chuck and Athair!

    Sonic The Hedgehog #88 spoilers have arrived. Two long missing characters return as well as the beginning of a long awaited story arc! And awaaaaaaay we go -

    Sonic The Hedgehog #88
    "Family Matters - Part One"
    "The Road To Albion - Part One"
    Writers: Karl Bollers and Ken Penders
    Artists: James Fry and Steven Butler
    Inkers: Andrew Pepoy and Pam Ecklund.

    Sonic, Princess Sally and the gang return to Knothole to find the kingdom in complete and utter turmoil. Prince Elias has been captured by Shadow-Bots who intend to roboticize him and Queen Alicia undergoes a surgical operation to determine her fate one and for all, while King Max insists on storming Doctor Robotnik's HQ with his troops in order to save his son. As if all that wasn't bad enough, Sonic must also confront his Uncle Chuck, who is under Robotnik's control! And in the backup, Knuckles finds himself drifting alone amid the raging waters after an energy wave sets off a massive explosion in Haven. Surrounded by nothingness, the ghostly image of his ancestor Athair appears to guide him on a journey to Albion, a journey not only of discovery but possible redemption and restorations...

    32 pages, $1.99, ships on Aug. 18.

    This seems pretty cool. Rotor is due to make a comeback next issue so we'll see whether it means he's back on the team or if its just an update on whats happened to him. Uncle Chuck is back - even though still under Robotnik's control, plus Athair is back in the storyline that was supposed to be the next "big one" for the Knuckles book. If I remember correctly - the "Chosen One" arc (that concentrated on Athair, Knuckles, and FINALLY puts Tails back into the spotlight) is supposed to follow this. Notice how they're starting to bring characters back? I'm assuming that by the early 90's Archie's gonna start something major in preparation for Sonic 100. Also noted is that James Fry returns this issue as head Sonic penciller and Steven Butler this issue as head Knuckles penciller. If you haven't seen it already - check out our interview with James Fry on our Interviews page! That's it. ^___^

    Eight Characters In Sonic Shuffle? Zones Named?

    Courtesy of Gamefan Online - new information on Sonic Shuffle has arisen! The article is as follows:

    New information has surfaced on Sonic Team's Sonic Shuffle... The game (which is basically a rip-off of Mario Party with Sonic characters and cell shading, that neato graphics technique used in Jet Set--er, Jet Grind Radio), is scheduled to hit the Dreamcast this November, and will feature five boards, each of which takes place in a distinct zone from the world of Sonic (Magical Train, Firebird, Nature Zone, etc.). Sonic Shuffle will also come with tons of mini-games and trivia, multiple board paths, eight playable characters and online capabilities, so there's a lot of gaming to be found in Sonic Team's latest. We'll let you know how it plays when E3 kicks off later this week...

    Source: Gamefan Online

    SA2: Sonic will be kidnapped?

    I found this rumor that the SoJ message board. I think this is false and that some just made it up, but i'm going to post it here anyway.

    "I want to know the rumor that I am hearing it is true. . . that will REALLY throw Sonic Adventure 2. .and will the history be that Sonic will be kidnapped and Tails, Knuckles and Amy it is that will save him? ?please! ! place the Metal Sonic as villainous of that time! !"

    You can see the post for yourself by clicking here.

    The the lates news on SA2 and everything about it, visit my SA2 preview page by Clicking here.

    Weekend News

    A happy belated Cinco de Mayo from me. There has not been a great deal of general news this past week; that should continue until the big E3 days. So, with that in mind; let's bring on the Fan News frenzy!

    Russell Blakley of The Sonic Saga has told me that TSS has now returned to comic status. On top of that, John Fell, an original artist, has returned to TSS. However, the game idea reported last week is not completely dead because of this.

    Would you like to have a Sonic bedroom? Sure you do. That's why someone on EBay has put up a Sonic comforter for auction. The current cost is $39.50, and it ends in about five days' time. Check out the auction here.

    And finally, get a load of this--bleem!, makers of the emulator that will allow you to play PSX games on your PC, is apparently going to make another one to let PSX games work on your DC! Take a look at this article:

    Many of you have undoubtably heard by now that someone named Will Kempe has registered the domains:,, and It turns out that Will is a part of the bleem! team, and that come E3 next week, you will probably see the debut of "Bleemcast", a PSX emulator for the Dreamcast console. Needless to say, for anyone of you who rememebers what happened between Sony and bleem! at the last year's E3, this E3 should be VERY interesting to say the least.

    If this goes through, expect serious legal developments in the very near future. But, until that happens, that's the news from this week; I'll be back next week.

    Top Story: X-Treme X-Posed!

    Reposted by WB; Courtesy of Rlan
    Source: Sonic Fangames HQ

    We've got 7 big news stuffs for you today (our largest news influx in a while), from Sailor Moon ***shivers***, to Conkers BFD, to new SA2 news, to Sonic Shuffle, to new polls, to the release of Sonic #84 - the list goes on and on :P

    But first we've got some GREAT NEWS on unraveling the "sprite mystery" of the long lost Sonic game for the Sega Saturn, Sonic X-Treme! Courtesy of well known chaps in the Sonic community, Rlan and Stealth. Reprinted from the SFGHQ News Page...

    For some reason, the moderator of SSRG made a accidental mistake. And because of it SFGHQ was down for a small amount of time, it's all fixed now though...

    Now for the BIG news! Our Friend Stealth has got his grubby hands on the ENTIRE collection of SONIC X-TREME SPRITES! Yes, the ones which were on Secrets of Sonic The Hedgehog, But the FULL COLLECTION! Unfortunately, theyre still in their original format, PCX, but hopeflly in the upcoming weeks we'll be seeing huge amounts of Sonic X-treme sprites popping up, so Watch this space!

    What we have is 4 zip files. The first 2 contain Sonic Sprites. the first having basic moving sprites but in 320x200 pictures and 400 frames of animation. The second one is the whopper, over 2200 frames of glorious fast running animation! With things like the tapping foot, to even the correct Animations when Sonic's turned on a Loop! The third one has EVERY SINGLE BADNIK (which was created at the time) for your own pleasure! All 24 of them - From Tbot to Pintup! And the last is a mystery. It's full of ANM files! I have no idea what these are, But I'm betting it was used for the programming o Xtreme, or something only certain large 3D modelling pograms can open. But BEWARE! the file size may be small zipped, but unzipped these take over 100 megabytes! So keep them zipped, or have Some hard drive left free.

    So what does this mean - it means that when most of those PCX files are translated, and the SXT sprites are up and running, we can finally see ALL of the animations that were done for Sonic X-Treme before it was ditched! ^__^ This is very valuable also in the sense that it also tells you a lot about how the game was made and what things were planned. Like attacks, various motions, etc etc. As soon as Rlan gets more info we'll keep you all updated. Congrats on great find Stealth!

    Now onto the dark side of our news....

    Off Topic: You Have To SEE This To Believe It...


    I haven't posted anything this off topic on the news page in a LONG time - but these two tidbits alone are MUST SEES !!!!

    Many of you may have already come across this, but for those of you familiar with Sailor Moon, you all know how badly DiC dubbed the first season yadda yadda yadda. However - its still hugely popular in the U.S., with new episodes on the way to Toonami for MAYBE this Fall season. Well what if DiC (Do It Crappy ^_^) had never gotten it? What if Saban (Power Rangers, Flint The Time Detective, Dragonball Z first and second season) had gotten it? Many of you MAY not have seen this, but I've come across the original Saban trailer for thier proposal of a live action, musical "Sweet Valley High" version of Sailor Moon. ROTFLOL! You just HAVE to see how horribly and unspeakably bad this is. Saban was going to take Sailor Moon, get rid of the Japanese animation and replace it with snippets of American animation (in which Sailor Moon looks NOTHING like she does now) and make it all live action with dance sequences and everything. One of the Sailor Scouts (I THINK its Mars) is in a wheelchair, Luna is a fat fuzzy white persian cat that looks like a throw rug...OH MY GOSH... ^___^

    Anyways - you all have to see this. Its a rather large file which I zipped and its in .mov format - you'll need Winzip to unzip it and either Windows Media Player or Quicktime to view it. Its a big download, but TRUST ME when I say its worth every bit. You'll be in stitches >;O)

    Saban's Live Action Sailor Moon Trailer

    One final thing before I close this out. If you've been keeping up with the gaming scene, Nintendo and Rare are planning on releasing a new game called "Conker's Bad Fur Day". The other night I downloaded the trailer for it and all I have to say is....well, I honestly DON'T know what to say on that - except that its possibly one of the most vulgar, adolescent thing I have ever seen in my life. O__o Its hard to believe that Nintendo is going this route on Conker (a character already established in two games as mindsappingly cute)...I downloaded the Movie for this as well and I want you guys opinions of it. But be forewarned - It may look cute and cuddly BUT THIS IS NOT OR CHILDREN. Scenes of near nudity (yes - A Nintendo game), bloody squirrels, shot up heads, YOU NAME IT - its in this trailer. :P For you guys of older descent - download it, view it, and put your opinion up on the Mobius Forum where a thread on it has already started by other forumers. What do you think? Is "Bad Fur Day" a bad idea or just another gore game? Same downoading instructions as the Sailor Moon trailer apply here.

    Conker's BFD Trailer

    Mobius Forum: Conker Discussion

    More On SA 2 and Sonic Shuffle

    Well now that I've finally gotten my scanner fixed I can add some more to Joey's previous post on Sonic Shuffle as well as add some new info on SA2!

    I didn't see this at first, but in another section of EGM (shown to the left) in the latest issue there is one small tidbit of information on Sonic Adventure 2 that isn't mentioned in the main articles - namely more on the development team and 2 player functions! Besides the fact that there is new Sega Sonic promo art on the cover this is what was said in the Quartermann section of EGM dispelling current SA2 rumors:

    Rumor: Sonic Adventure 2's in development and is coming along splendidly, but won't show up till 2001.
    Truth: Sonic Adventure 2 is indeed in development, and some of the work is being handled in the U.S. by the portion of Sonic Team that relocated to San Fransisco during the localization of the first DC Sonic. And just like the Genesis Sonic 2, it'll have a two-player mode. A "new take" on the new look may be in as well...

    Good news if you ask me. Now if only we heard something on that "Nails The Bat" rumor thats been floating around...

    As a follow up - heres some more Sonic Shuffle tidbits:

  • All gameboards will be in full 3D unlike Mario Party's pre-rendered maps
  • Sega insists that Shuffle will be a MUCH different experience in play than Mario Party - namely noting the internet play
  • A characters abilities will help him in the minigames - Knux's claws, Sonic's speed, Tails' flight...
  • There will be some sort of racing minigame involved
  • Some members of Mario Party's team are working on this game

    For pictures of Void (the new villian in the Sonic Shuffle party game) check above and to the right. For other screenshots, chek Joey's previous scans reprinted here....

    The Crocodile Minigame
    Split Screen Sonic
    The Game Board

  • Rotor Returns !!!!!!

    Well it seems SOMEBODY in Archie HQ must listen to the fans - cause if you recieved Sonic #84 through the mail, or have bought it yet in stores, then you know that Rotor The Walrus - first generation FF who has been on Archie hiatus since Sonic #72 will be returning in a solo backup story in Sonic #85. ^___^

    I guess that means that I can announce the fact that Sonic HQ will be having its first theme week, "Rotor Week", within the next week and a half - headed by Sonic fan Trevor "Bumper" Lake. :O) Why a week and a half you ask? Cause I still have to move from school and finish finals - THATS why. ^^

    Also note that next month, Sonic #85's front story - Karl Bollers' "The Big Payback" is the epilogue to the Sonic Adventure adaption as well as the prologue of the "Return Of Metal Sonic" two parter that will introduce former Spider man editor Danny Fingeroth as a new writer. And speaking of current book - Sonic 84....

    The SHQ Poll Position - May

    It's that time again! The beginning of a new month - and that means updated polls! With E3 around the corner its a good thing too. With new polls on Sonic Shuffle and classic retro Sega to be discussed later, right now lets concentrate on the Poll Positions of April:

    Sonic Adventure 2
    What would you most like to see in Sonic Adventure 2?
    A Playable Version Of Doctor Robotnik!  (62)


    A Playable Version Of The Chaotix  (129)


    The Rumored Appearance of Eggman's Father ??  (14)


    The Return Of Nack The Weasel!  (50)


    A Cameo By The Super Mario Brothers ^_^  (33)


    The Return Of The 3D Special Stages  (42) User-Suggestions


    Total Votes: 330

    You can't go bad with what you KNOW is right! >;O) And the Chaotix win by a landslide! Mighty, Espio, Vector, and even Charmy Bee would all look exceptional in 3D and if anything - Chainspike's April fools gag of "Knuckles Adventure" proved that! Coming in at a hot second was a playable version of Doctor Robotnik (which would look bafflingly odd the more you think about it) and finishing at third place is everyones FAVORITE weasel - Nack! And we all know he's LONG OVERDUE for a return to any Sonic continuity! And you people who voted for the Mario Brothers should be hit sideways with a wet noodle.... >;O)

    Comment wise people suggested: Better Voice Acting (can I get an amen brothers and sisters?) a Sonic Love Showdown poll (Cruel joke people....cruel...^___^), Harder difficulty levels, 2 player mode, SURPRISINGLY people wanted a playable Tikal...interesting, Hyper Knuckles and Turbo Tails, and the return of Metal Sonic (how on earth I forgot to include that in the poll itself is BEYOND me...)

    The Sonic Comic Dream Team !!!!
    A man can dream can't he? Which one of these famous mainstream comic book writers/artists would you to see on the Sonic Comic book one day? Vote twice - one writer, one artist.
    W - John Byrne (X Men, Spider Man Revamp)  (10)


    W - Peter David (Young Justice, Incredible Hulk)  (6)


    W - Mark Waid (Flash, JLA, Impulse)  (1)


    W - Howard Mackie (Spider Man, Spider Man Relaunch)  (6)


    A - Humberto Ramos (Impulse, Crimson)  (2)


    A - Joe Madieura (Battle Chasers)  (6)


    A - Todd Nauck (Young Justice)


    A - Patrick Spaziante ( Guess? ^______^ )  (69) User-Suggestions


    Total Votes: 100

    This is the LAST time I put Patrick Spaziante on any kind of poll you cheaters! >;O)

    Ignoring Spaz's gargantuan landslide win - coming in first place for writers is....JOHN BYRNE ?!?!?! Have you people actually picked up an issue of Spider Man recently or taken a look at his stuff on Wonder Woman? Sure - he is responsible for the modern day Superman..but..but...look at what he did to Spidey!!! You HONESTLY want that on the Sonic books? O__O Coming in second was Young Justice writer Peter David, whom I honestly expected to win because of his witty writing and the fact that he does well on team books...but oh well. For artists we have Joe Madieura (MAD!) whom I DID expect to win for this category, and coming in second, the ORIGINAL Impulse man Humberto Ramos - another one of todays greatest IMHO. :O)

    John Byrne INDEED!!!

    Reader comments however made another turn...namely to Benjamin Hurst - primary writer of Sonic SatAM...Go fig. ^^

    This months polls give us a triple threat - plus on 2 of the 3 you can vote for MORE THAN ONE answer! Lets see what we got:

    The Mascot Wars Revisited - The Classic Sega mascots rule! Pity they're not used much anymore. With Phantasy Star and Ecco coming back - of these classics, who is in most need of updating and who do you want to reborn for Sega! Choose up to 5
    The Sonic Shuffle Poll: Void Where Prohibited - What kind of minigames would you most like to see in Sonic Shuffle? Only choose up to 4 of the 10.
    Sonic Adventure Adaption: Overall - The Sonic Adventure Adaption comes to an end with this issue (Sonic #84)! What did you think of it?

    Thats that folks! Get to voting ! ^___^ Poll answers will be counted at the end of the month

    Sonic #84 - Release Date And Ratings Poll Added

    Sonic The Hedgehog #84 was released this Wednesday in local grocery stores, comic book shops, retail book chains and magazine racks around the USA. Spoilers are as follows:

    "Sonic Adventure - Part Seven: Perfect Chaos"
    "Knuckles Backup - Bridge Over Troubled Waters"
    Writer(s): Ken Penders And Barl Bollers
    Penciler(s): Steve Butler And Ken Penders
    Inker(s): Pam Eklund

    As Super Sonic battles Perfect Chaos, Knuckles and the Freedom Fighters do whatever they can to save those in danger from the raging waters. With Super Sonic weakening, the heroes' only hope is to get the generator - which is underwater and buried under tons of rubble. Can they reverse the damage and save Super Sonic, or is everyone doomed? And even if they reach the generation, are they prepared for any ramifications their actions might cause?

    The review-its have been added to the news sidebar on the right for you all to rate what you thought of the book. Don't forget to add in your comments as well! The best ones will be featured as Reader Reviews for the month of June! ^__^

    Zifei Wu's Goodbye...

    Zifei Wu, founder of this very website and SonicNEXT, is leaving Sonic fandom to venture into E-Commerce. Here are his last words posted on SN Monday:
    You might be wondering why there's been no updates for the last 20 days. Well, I had a lot to do in real life. And I had some time to set down and think.

    I've been with the Sonic internet fandom since the early days. 1995 to be exact. Around that time, no one really cared to make a Sonic webpage any good. was a good archive, but a terrible page. The Freedom Fighter Network showed that a good Sonic page could be done. So I went out to try to make a true Sonic page.

    Zifei's Sonic Page was a graphical disaster at first, what did I know? But it grew around the bases of original ideas, not copy and paste. When I founded Sonic HQ, I knew that it would turn in to something great. Because the staff and the fans were so positive in support.

    Well, the summary of the story is that my work is done with the Sonic internet fandom. It has matured from the early crappy pages into mega hit pages. I am no longer needed to advanced the fandom just for the reason other poeple such as Kedzie-K, WB, Total Neon, Tristan, Rlan, and others are doing just that.

    I'm heading into e-commerce in a company I'm forming called Internext. I'm also making a Ender's Game webpage called IFHQ. Oh yeah, I just found out John Weeks, the great midi maker happens to goto the same school I goto (which is White Station High School in Memphis, TN), I need to catch him sometimes in the halls.

    My position as owner of SonicNEXT will be transfered to Jonathan Lazor (Vector). All the hosted pages will not be affected by any of this.

    ...Goodbye, Sonic, Sonic fans, and others. For the last time, this is Zifei Wu reporting.

    We wish Zifei the best of luck in his new projects; we hope that he brings as much magic and creativity to those as he did with Sonic HQ and SonicNEXT.

    Sonic #83 - Rating And Reviews Added

    Its time for the Archie Comic poll reviews folks! This month we present your ratings and reviews for Sonic #83 - "Sonic Adventure - Part Six: Menace To Society":

    Sonic #83

    "Sonic Adventure - Part 6: Menace To Society"
    Writer(s): Karl Bollers
    Penciler(s): Steve Butler
    Inker(s): Pam Eklund

    Results: Overall Rating - 3.4 Rings Out Of Five

    The general consensus is just what I expected it to be - middle of the road, some loved it and some didn't like it at all. While it wasn't the best story we've seen in Sonic in a while, IMO it was certainly one of the better parts of the adaption as a whole (and the fact that it was a full story w/no backup helped), though it meandered in certain spots. However - as I've expressed before, my problem isn't so much with Karl Bollers' writing, but his dialogue: the overuse of the slang especially. For the official Sonic HQ review, check out Rolland "Rommy" Therrien's review on the comic page - viewable here.

    Reader Reviews:

    Spectre_CA: 4/5 (3.8). This was a good issue. One of the better ones recently but Super Sonic was drawn far to wierd. Possibly the only bad part of this issue.

    True Red: 4/5 (4.8). I loved this issue, along with the rest of the adaptation (beginning with Sonic #82).

    Nicklas 'Astal' Bradach-Nall: 4/5 (3.8). Not bad, actually the best of the adaption so far.

    Chazz, the Dark Legionnaire: 3/5 (2.6). I really didn't like how Super Sonic was drawn, and a lot of the panel seperations were just too messy.

    Kevin: (4). I thought this was a very good issue. They just need to make the story longer like they did with "Endgame."

    Alex Tibbetts: (3). Not too bad. But this issue was just plain rushed.Let's hope Sonic 84 isn't the same.

    Blick: 3/5 (2.6). Not the greatest issue ever. They put it the exact same text as in the game. Laaaaaaaaaame.

    Trevor (Bumper) Lake: 1/5 (2.2). This story was rushed. I didn't get too much if anything out of this book. I'm sad to see the comic continue to freefall like this....

    Nakkrusu: 4/5 (3.6). It was OKAY. The dialog was below average, the art was the best feature, and of course they spelled TIKAL wrong again!

    Redbone: 4/5 (4.4). This was a realy good comic I realy liked where sonic met that echidna girl tical

    R Prower: 4/5 (3.8). This was my first Sonic comic, and it was pretty good.

    A very tiny K:20YL spoiler

    Heh, sorry, folks, this isn't about the preview pages Ken promised to show us (since November...). I just thought you'd like to know a little fact about Lara-Su in K:20YL, and that would be her age. Here's what Ken said as I asked him how old she will be in SSS #16:

    "Most likely a teenager, probably around 14."

    And here I thought she would be roughly Sonic's kids' age... Well, just thought you all would like to know :)

    Import Samba de Amigo Reviewed!

    Want to see a game that got a better review than Dead or Alive 2 or ::sigh:: even Resident Evil Code: Veronica? Well, Samba de Amigo (import) got a 9.4, beating Dead or Alive 2's 8.9 and REC:V's 9.2. Way to go, Sonic Team! Click here to read!

    Source: IGN DC

    The History of Sonic

    ZDNet's follows Sonic the Hedgehog from his birth in 1991 on the Sega Genesis to his most recent exploits on the Sega Dreamcast. Check out this page, it even covers the cartoons and comics.

    The History of Sonic


    The Deal with Other-M

    For some odd reason, the Official Site (who's link gave me so much grief earlier) has not completed the pages of Issue #1. However, the Unofficial Site is completely up and running. Please check it out here.

    Sorry for all the hassles.

    Sonic Square in EGM- Pictures!

    This comes straight from Electronic Gaming Monthly's June Issue!

    Here it is, Sega's secret E3 weapon. It ain't Sonic Adventure 2 like you probably thought, but it is a Sonic game and- more importantly- it supports network play. Sonic Square (tentative title) is a multiplayer experience that'll no doubt draw lots of comparisons to Mario Party. In fact, some members of the crew who developed Mario Party are working on the game.

    Due for US release this fall, Sonic Square features Sonic and his roster of sidekicks and enemies, as well as several new characters. Most notable of the new guys is Void, the game's main villain, who has locked up the power of special crystals called Precioustones. It's up to you and three other players to compete in Sonic Square's mini-games and see who will be first to get the Precioustones.Characters will also have unique abilities to aid them in their quest, although we're not sure how those powers will factor into the mini-games. All the classic Sonic collectibles-especially coins- will be crucial to the game play, as well.

    Like Mario Party, Sonic Square includes several theme boardgame style maps, on which players move their characters by choosing cards. The boards are covered with meandering tracks of color-coded and iconic spaces. It's these spaces that determine the general types of mini-games players will engage in when everyone's done moving their character, much like Mario Party.

    The game's profucer in Japan tells us Sonic Square will pack in approx. 50 mini-games. Expect a lot of twitch stuff- plenty of Track 'N' Field-style rapid-fire button tapping. You'll also play, for instance, a shooting-gallery game set in the wild west. And we've seen a few contests that have everyone racing around expansive environments and bouncing off bumpers- all on four-player split screen.

    Sega told us the mini-game played online in Network Mode are mostly the same as the ones played in regular Battle Mode. And we've been assured that we'll see no lad in Network Mode.

    Sweet, no? Here's some images, too.

    Sonic and the Crocs

    Split Screen Game

    Sonic on a Board

    And wanted to see the new villain, Void? Here it is!


    Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly

    A small error in the post below

    Apologies from the editor, there has been a slight mix-up. The Offcial Site can be found here.
    Sorry for the confusion.

    Other-M's official launch date announced!

    Edited for Correction - WB 12:00AM 4/30/00

    After a few false-starts and over a year of production, Other-M #1 has been official set to launch on May 1st. Other-M is a new, Archie's Sonicverse-based fan-comic that takes a new twist on all your old favorites. There are two places you can find Other-M #1:

    The Official Site
    The Unofficial Site

    Other-M promises to be a bold new look into the Sonic fandom.

    Ian the Potto

    Sega starts their Registration for the New

    Needless to say, if you had shopped at before, you know what I'm talking about, but here's the scoop from the e-mail I got tonight:

    Want a chance to win a hot new Dreamcast game? Want to be one of the first to get your own username and password for the new

    Of course you do! That's why you gave us your e-mail when you shopped at, right? But because of some new laws*, we can't keep you updated unless we know how old you are.

    So here's the deal: You click on this link (, give us some quick info and you're all set.

    What's in it for you? You'll get a chance to win a cool Dreamcast game of your choice, from a list of five of the hottest games. You'll also be among the gamer elite with access to the new, to be launched in May. There you can chat with other gamers, fill out your own personal profile and let the world know what you're all about.

    You'll even get exclusive content for your VMU, Sega news e-mails and even more great contests. And if you sign up now, you can be one of the first to choose your own username and password - making sure you get the cool name you want before some other joker grabs it.

    So be early, click on this link (, sign up by May 5, 2000, and you could win an awesome Dreamcast game!

    *All this is because of the new COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). It says that for those under 13, we can't use their e-mail address without their parents' permission. So to stay in touch with you, we just have to know how old you are!

    That's all the info I have. OH! If you register now, you'll be part of a special group of the "pioneer" zone for being among the first to be in the group.

    Weekend News...Oops...

    Huh boy...apparently I didn't look close enough at previous news, as I have just found out that Sierra reported on Sega.Com a couple days ago. Sorry about that Sierra...and for the rest of you, here's a new story:

    If you haven't visited The Fan Games HQ lately, then you may not know that a new Sonic Adventure background has been posted for game creators to take advantage of. Sorry, it's in 2D, but it's better than nothing though.

    And that is it from me; hopefully this wasn't reported previously as well!

    Weekend News

    Calling all gamers: You can now become a member of the new Sega.Com network now. All you really need is an E-Mail address, and if you register, you get Pioneer status, meaning special treatment, you lucky person you. If you want to register; head to this link.

    The Sonic Saga is now an RPG game; here's Dash with the details:

    I wanted to wait until I had some screen shots and a demo before I announced this, but because it would take to long for that to happen, and because people have been emailing me nonstop asking me what's going on with TSS, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you what are plans are. I'll just get to the point ... NO, TSS IS NOT CANCELED! But it is no longer a comic, but instead, an RPG game. Here's a message I posted on the Sonic Fan Games HQ Message Board (it'll give you a little more info about it): "Some of you *may* know me. My name is Russell Blakley and I was one of the higher ups at the fancomic "The Sonic Saga," which didn't go so well in the long run due to lack of motivation. Sure, it's just a fancomic, not a fangame, so you may be wondering why I'm posting here ... maybe. Well I'm glad to announce that I myself am working on a sonic 'fan-game' along with a few others. And I must say it's a very neat and fun experience. I guess I could give you a little info about our new project if you'd like :P Well, what we did was take our fancomic idea and move it into a new format. An RPG actually, which is more fitting because the comic was intended to have an RPG type feeling in the first place. The engine we're using is open source, which leaves us endless possibilities of things we could do. A movie intro, transparency effects, layers, 3D models, the works! I'm very pleased with the results thus far and I'm sure everyone here will find it somewhat interesting and good enough to be added to the growing list of Sonic fan game projects. We're trying new things and experimenting with new ideas so this game, which will stay true to the SegaSonic world, should also be very original in a sense of style, story, and gameplay." I will make another announcement about this when a demo is ready. Until then, just wait. Feel free to email me if you have any questions/flames/suggestions about this change of formats. Thanks you.

    And finally, in SSRG news, Stealth has recieved his beta Sonic MegaCD; and you can find out the differences between it and the final by following this link. And if you're wondering about SSRG Radio; it's at 35% completion.

    That's it from me for now; I'll see you back here next weekend.

    Sonic Square up for Pre-Order!

    Yes, the Mario Party-esque "Sonic Square" (or "Sonic Shuffle" as it's also known) is available for Pre-Order at Ugo Direct's Game It gives a description of it (stats, etc.), as well as a release date of September 15, 2000 (which will almost definately change.

    Click here to see it for yourself. Odd how they have this, but not a pre-ordering area for Sonic Adventure 2?

    Final correction on Other-M release

    My apologies for the mix-ups and the mulitple reports. The Official Site can be found here. This time, the link is right.

    Again, sorry for the blunders.

    Sonic Shuffle Exposed !!!! Plus More On SA2 blunder...

    The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) features a first look at the next Sonic game - a new Sonic the Hedgehog party title by the name of Sonic Shuffle, formerly called Sonic Square. The game is being prepared for a fall release and supports network play.

    Sonic Shuffle will allow players to control Sonic and crew as well as some new characters in a Mario Party-style game. A new villian character will also be introduced in the game tentatively named "Void". Void, Sonic Shuffle's main villain, has harnessed the power of special crystals called Precioustones. It's then up to you and three other players to compete in several Mario Party-style minigames to get the Precioustones back.

    Players are required to navigate several themed board-game-style maps by choosing cards. These boards are littered with color-coded and iconic spaces that will thrust Sonic and crew into different minigames. According to the game's producer, there will be approximately 50 minigames in all.

    Sonic Shuffle features a story mode for one player, a battle mode for two to four players on the same Dreamcast unit, and a network mode for two to four players across the Internet. And the best part about the Internet mode is that there will be no lag. According to Sega, players should not be able to see a difference between the offline and online games.

    As for the game's graphics, Sonic Shuffle will utilize the same "celshading" routine that is currently used in Jet Set Radio. Early screens show some of the game's great-looking 3D environments as well as the characters' very cartoony looks.

    Sonic Shuffle will be on display at Sega's E3 booth. Unfortunately my scanner is on the fritz so I can't scan any pictures - BUT check out the latest issue of EGM (Sonic himself on the cover as well as a Dreamcast swirl), which is currently arriving in the mailboxes of subscribers and should be at retailers next week.

    So what about the heavily awaited Sonic Adventure 2 screenshots that were hyped about? According to (who is in league with EGM):

    Last month's issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly - the June issue, with Tony Hawk on the cover - promised readers that the next issue would feature the first screens and info on Sonic Adventure 2. Unfortunately, Sega of America decided after the June issue went to press that the timing wasn't right to unveil Sonic Adventure 2 just yet. "It's a bad-news/good-news kinda thing," said Crispin Boyer, EGM's features editor. "We lost out on Sonic Adventure 2 for our July issue, and I apologize on behalf of the magazine for not delivering the screens and info. Sega is promising us that we'll be the first magazine to show Sonic Adventure 2, but when we get those screens is a bit up in the air right now.

    Thats actually understandable, but so far, rumors are floating around that Sonic Adventure 2 (while the first few levels are playable) may not show up at all in E3. Yes its speculation and rumor, but it is something to note as we won't fully know until E3 comes or if Sega announces. Personally I think it highly unlikely that it wont show up, but who knows? :P

    Unfortunately - since I CAN'T do any scanning yet (my personal scanner has seemingly gone cuckoo ^___^), I have provided some screenshots of what Jet Set Radio looks like so you can get a gist of how it looks. VERY nice and detailed backgrounds, but that celshading almost gives it a 2D on 3D look. The finished product will be interesting to see nonetheless. The 2 screenshots of JSR are below for you to peruse...

    New SA Download - Samba Grand Prix

    To celerate the Release of Samba De Amigo in Japan, the "Samba Grand Prix" download places a special entrance to Twinkle Circut in Station Square over behind my the place where you would take the elavator to get in Twinkle Park. When you enter it, you are taken to a special Samba GP Mini game! It's a whole new twinkle circut track, with different music from Sonic R, "Everybody's Super Sonic Racing" instrumental version! Download it now at the SA homepage! Once you beat it, your time will be saved and you can register your time on the Sonic Adventure homepage. This is one of the best downloads yet.

    Do the Monkey - Samba Style!

    Samba De Amigo, Sonic Teams wackiest game yet, featuring that Monkey with a large head and huge smile. Has FINALLY hit Japan Dreamcast, and to celebrate, both IGN and Gamefan have brought out the goods on making everything Samba-happy! Gamefan has listed all the Dreamcast - Exclusive options, a cool Desktop theme (would have been better if they included sound bytes though), The Japanese Advert (mpeg) which is quite humorous, unfortunately not as god as the Famous Chu Chu Rocket one, and that Samba De Amigo WILL be at E3, could it possibly come to America?

    On the other side, DCIGN posted their thoughts on the game, a Quictime version of the ad, also that two songs in the game are missing from the Arcade version, because Sony music owns Ricky Martins music,Living La Vida Loca and The Cup of Life are not included, although Sega will try their best to get the songs back in. Also the first of many Downloadable track for the game have been released. Japanese gamers can now download Open your heart - Sonic Adventure as a playable track. they also have a Hardware review of the Samba-only maraca controllers.

    GameFan - DC exclusive options!

    GameFan - Japanese advert!

    GameFan - Samba at E3?? could Samba be coming to America?!

    GameFan - Samba Desktop theme!

    Samba at IGN

    Shake THAT Samba - Maraca Controllers

    Color Cover Released for Sonic #87!

    The color comic cover for Sonic #87 was just released! Check it out above!

    This is the second part of the Metal Sonic Return series that's going to begin in Sonic #86. Also is the second part of the two part (I believe) series featuring Monkey Khan. Here's hoping they actually improve this character. Spoilers below:

    Sonic The Hedgehog #87 - 32 pages, $1.99
    Writer: Danny Fingeroth
    Artist: Sam Maxwell
    Inks: Jim Amash
    "Heart Of the Hedgehog - Part Two"
    "Against A Huanted Past - Part Two"

    The heat is on — literally! — as Sonic desperately tries to save Tails, trapped inside the rim of a volcano by the menacing Metal Sonic! Rescuing his little buddy will be harder than usual… as the new, sentient version of Metal Sonic knows no limits in his hatred of Sonic, and will stop at nothing to ruin his world! All the more frightening since he’s faster and stronger than before! It's Sonic’s biggest challenge yet, courtesy of friendly neighborhood, long-time Spider-Man editor, Danny Fingeroth — making his debut his as a Sonic scribe! Plus: Last month, we revealed the tragic origin of Monkey Khan and the sinister part Doctor Robotnik played in his creation. Now it is the present, and Robotnik has Monkey Khan within his grasp again. Can Mobius survive if Robotnik’s greatest creation is once again programmed for evil?! Find out in “Against a Haunted Past” Part 2 by Frank Strom and Harvey Mercadoocasio.

    Ahh.... my first successful report in my new position... what a feeling! :)

    Credit: Worlds of Westfield

    EGM Reports - Sonic Square ?

    Just let out today - in case you've gotten the new EGM then you don't know. Promising that they would have info on a new Sonic game, EGM touts what may be the next title in the Sonic series: Sonic Square! (Known also as Sonic Shuffle). Both names are tentative, but it'll be interesting to see which one stays. Depends on how timely EGM's data was on the game before it went to print, in conjunction with Daily Radar who released the info last week under a different name. :P

    As speculated, the newest Sonic game is a Mario Party type game with Sonic and the Crew. I haven't read through much of the article yet (I do have work ^__^), but I will post the info when I get back tonight.

    On the cover is Sonic and "Sega Strikes Back". The issue is full of upcoming Sega games also. Supposedly the characters models in SS (Sonic Square) resemble those of Jet Set Radio. Also, it will have netplay

    Just a little addition to what's below

    Just a little note, I heard from a friend in the UK that the playable female (or A playable female) is actually Tikal. I'm not 100% sure though but he said he read it in some magizine I'd never heard of. Just to let you guys know. And don't you think that pic on the right, that has nothing to do with my report, is funny?

    The Rumor Mill: SA2 - Nails The Bat? New Female Character?

    First of all, let it be known that this is a RUMOR. I usually avoid posting rumors of any kind on here unless I find backup on it, but the source of the article has been known to be right in many a number of times while sometimes hit or miss on others. I found it interesting enough to post nonetheless. So before you get into this - remember it is a rumor. An interesting rumor - but take of it what you will:

    Concerning the questionmarks concerning the new characters of Sonic Adventure 2, IGN's Segadojo posted this up. An EB representative went to a meeting at Sega HQ and came back with info on various working titles for the post E3 period for DC. This is what was said concerning SA2:

    I don't know how much this is worth, but today, I went to a 'game discussion' at Sega HQ in San Francisco. And besides their building being pretty sweet, I got to see some pretty cool drawings of some characters from Sonic Adventure 2. There will be a Girl Bat possibly named "Nails" ( I didn't really like that name) and she will be a spy that's sly and she can fly (nice rhyme eh?) And there will be another bad guy, a dark "shadow" to sonic that looks really cool, a couple of the drawings had him with one eye. Another interesting thing I saw is there will be good and evil Chao, the evil ones having devil tails and being black, the good ones still look the same. On the last page that they showed our group had a big several eyed monster, a very human looking floating angelic good like chick (think the last girl in Silent Hill for PSX) and some kind of flying dwarf that looked kinda like Sonic. Pretty cool stuff. They didn't let me take the pages with me, but the game is lookin cool.

    AGAIN - a rumor. Take of it what you will with a grain of salt, but I thought it interesting enough to post. If there is a "Nails" The Bat kind of character, starts off bad, possibly ends up good, it might seem sorta cool. The name doesnt sound all that hot (Tails anyone?) but this was the most interesting tidbit of the bunch along with the "Evil Chao".

    E3 is in, I believe, 2 weeks, so I'll look for more news and rumors to leak, and I'll post anything that is of value up here as I find it and we'll see how right, or wrong SD is on the matter. Later peoples! ^__^

    Source: Segadojo

    Sega of America finds New Boss

    Sega of America has finally picked it's new chief operating officer (COO) to run the company in place of Bernie Stolar, who was fired last year. Stolar, as some may know, was very responsible for getting the Dreamcast's start so succesful in the States. Now, Peter Moore, who has already worked for SOA for a while, has been promoted to take the job. Click here to read the full article.

    Source: IGN DC

    Daily Radar Digs Sonic !!!!

    A special feature piece has been added to news site Daily Radar! The piece - entitled Sonic Through The Ages, chronicles Sega's big blue mascot in all his game form, the bond with Yuji Naka, and other stuff as well! Check it out:

    Sonic Through The Ages

    Weekend News

    Happy Easter and Passover to all who celebrated it--both landed on the calendar last week. But let's get on with the news, shall we?

    The latest issue of Next Generation magazine in the USA has a huge feature on Sega's Internet plans, including games slated to take advantage of the new Sega.Com network. Phantasy Star Online and ChuChu Rocket, as you know, are two of those games, and were mentioned in the article. Also deep in the mag was a quick review of ChuChu Rocket; NextGen gave the four out of five stars.

    Sonic Team Junior released Sonic Robo Blast 2 Christmas V .94, however, it was re-released today after many complaints about a new control system that was implemented. You can grab the new program here.

    And Rlan is taking a little break from updating the Sonic Fan Games HQ, he's away for the Easter holiday. He will be back sometime in the next two days, though. Mike of fan game developer Maim Entertainment has been filling in for him the past few days.

    Finally, in the heat of what could be the big Sonic Comic Crisis of 2000, I thought you might like to know that 21 more STH Comics and Specials are up for auction on EBay. They include several of the 48-page specials, and as of this writing, they are going for 40 US dollars. Find out more info here, but be warned...this auction ends late tomorrow.

    Sonic the Comic 179

    Sonic the Comic 179 is on sale, complete with a free pack of Chewits.

    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Richard Elson
    Lettering: Ellie De Ville

    Tikal whisks Sonic to the ancient past.


    Total Chaotix - part 1
    Knuckles is warped to the Nightmare Country.

    Fleabyte Returns
    Tails takes on Fleabyte again.

    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Rampage of Mekanik - part 2
    Sonic, Amy, Johnny and Shortfuse must defeat the gigantic Mekanik robot.

    SHQ News - Forum Issues

    Needless to say - these new forums have ISSUES....

    Entire posts have vanished at the blink of an eye (the Role Players Forum was in an uproar), the registration is hella nosey, we cant keep outside links to other pages (part of a plan I wanted to try later), and 2 days after its release it does a full 180 and we have to redesign it all over again (With a nice touch, compliments of Vector ^_^)

    But at the same time several things need to be adressed and we need your help. Vector, Lien (Chainspike), and myself have been conversing on a number of things concerning the forum and needless to say WE DO KNOW of everything that people have been telling us one of us gets at least one to three queries on it a day - problem is we weren't sure how to handle it till now. has its obvious problems and Server Apps (while far superior in some aspects) can't give us everything we want in a forum. This is what WE need to know. This weekend I'm going to try and set up a compromise forum - the first being a board on Network 54, the second an EZBoard. When these two are set up we will be closing down temporarily and using our other two options as tests for a week or two, where you all can post and see which you like better. The Server App forum will be left open during this for comments and regular discussion as is now. When the decision is made we will then relaunch the forums with whichever the forumers like better. But realise that when the decision is made - we will not be using the Server Apps. One forum system only - and its either (currently up), EZboard (UBB like setup with more user options, less customising range for us), or the N54 forum (most like the server apps with more customising range for us than EZBoard) which you'll see this weekend. And if push comes to shove - the main bit will come between N54 and EZBoard, cause I refuse to have the MF split in two any longer and we need to get this sucker out of the way now. And if posts are STILL dissapearing from then so be it.

    If you know of any problems you have or may have had with ANY OF THESE FORUM TYPES TELL US BEFORE HAND!!! Complaints before hand will be taken in full consideration, Complaints after the final decison will be ignored as this already puts us off of other things we had planned for next week. The Server Apps are still up and linked below. The more we know what you want, the more you tell us what you know - the better you get. Until then - please use the boards up now to the best of your ability and if you are a Mobius Forum poster - use the server apps. Stick with us and give us from this weekend to next week. We're working to the best of our abilities. Get back to you all later

    Forum: Sonic HQ - The Mobius Forum

    Sonic The Movie.....AGAIN !?!?!?

    "Can Brad Huang Save Sega?" Better yet what does Brad Huang have to do with Sonic - or a Sega movie featuring a character? Maybe nothing at all. Maybe something.

    From, this is how a recent article at Business Week Online begins. For those who haven't been paying attention, Brad Huang is the gentleman at the helm of Sega's recently opened branch, but as revealed by this recent article, his role in the Dreamcast and Sega as a whole is a lot more than that. Getting to the finer points - this guy is one of the brainchildren of SegaNet,, his ideas alone have upped Sega's stock and what caught my eye....

    He has a penchant for action movies.

    Huang is apparently interested in action flicks and, 15 months ago, he bought a script for a movie based on one of Sega's games. What this game is is unknown by anyone but Huang and the buyer. Although Okawa has yet to approve of the film, Huang is already making arrangements in the Los Angeles headquarters of Warner Brothers.

    Now a film based off of one of Sega's games could be ANYTHING. Could it be Sonic? Virtua Fighter? Sarah Bryant? Rent-a-hero? Shinobi? Vectorman? Decap Attack even ***shudder***? In LA at the WB it could either be animated OR live action. So dont get your hopes up though Sonic fans. :O) Just something to note on an Easter Weekend. To read the full article check out the source code below.

    Source: IGN DC

    Nigel Kitching Speaks: More On The Fleetway Reprint Ordeal

    In lieu of the news that Fleetway has gone on full reprint status, we can give you more info now on just what has taken place and more on just what it means. Announced by current STC writer Nigel Kitching, after issue #184 (the end of the SA/Chaos storyline and Mr. Kitching's 10 issue run) the book will no longer be producing new material. Known for having up to 4 stories, the book went 3/4 reprint last year much to the dismay of fans.

    A sad development in Sonic news, when we asked Mr. Kitching himself on the situation he had this to say:

    To be honest I don't think this news will come as a tremendous surprise to STC fans - the writing has been on the wall since the comic became predominately reprint a while ago. The decision to remove all of the new material is still not final but the chances are 99% that it's going to happen.

    Still, seven years is something to be proud of, I think. In Britain there aren't many comics that last nearly this long. I wonder if there are any comics launched in the last ten years that can claim anything like the kind of success we've had.

    And I've got to work with some great artists over the years. I met Richard Elson through the comic and he's drawn up my scripts like nobody else could. He's pointed out my stupid mistakes and often been the one to come up with new characters - as he never tires of reminding me... Nigel Dobbyn I've know for many years and it was great to help get him work drawing the Knuckles strip, his artwork seemed to bring out the sensitive side of my writing. I also got to work with the great Mick McMahon, I've loved his stuff since the late seventies - how often do you get a chance to work with one of your heroes?

    And at least I got to write the current ten issue run. I think it's some of my best work and, under the editorial control of Andy Diggle, I've been able to get some of my more powerful ideas into print.

    All in all I'm pretty proud of the work I've done on STC. It's all over now but at least I got the chance to write stuff I enjoyed for seven years.

    Not too bad really...

    Not too bad at all. For those that don't know (unless you've been hiding under a rock) Fleetway has been the comic thats been going on JUST as long as Sonic Archie has. Its developed its own universe and style and not only served as a main platform to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters but was known for its working with Sega created characters or reworkings of them - Knuckles (on his own), Tails, Johnny Lightfoot, Porker Lewis, and Amy Rose - as well as its own noteable FF's Shortfuse The Cybernik Squirrel (a sort of "similar" version of Bunnie Rabbot) and Tekno The Canary (a sort of "similar" in character perspective to Rotor). Will STC go out with a bnag before its reprints - only time will tell. But what is known is that there are PLENTY of fans that are certainly going to remember both the good times and bads.

    SA2 in Official Dreamcast Magazine

    I've had this for a while but couldn't scan it until now. So in case you're interested, you can look at a scan of the article in Issue 5 of the Official Dreamcast Magazine.

    Click Here To View

    The text reads:

    Sonic For Two?

    With E3 around the corner, the rumors surrounding Sonic Adventure 2 heat up

    The sequel to Sonic Adventure has been grist for the rumor mill for some time, and as this year's big conventions loom (Spring TGS in March, E2 in May), ODCM's secret sources have been letting the blue fur fly, so to speak. While Sega have yet to confirm any or our suspicions regarding the title, it's highly possible that the game will make its first appearance after E3.

    So, what have we heard? Point of interest #1: Multiplayer capabilities. The pseudo "Tails as a second player" mode in the original just won't cut it. For the sequel, more than two players may be able to control separate characters during the game. Part of Sonic Team has supposedly been working out of SOA's offices for over a year now, but we're not sure if Naka would allow the game to progress fo far away from home. Will this year's E3 show reveal all? A full report next issue!

    SHQ Third Break: Bad News For Archie? Clearing The Rumor Mill And What To Do

    As if this day wasnt newsy enough - in the break of bad news on Fleetway and good news on Sonic gaming. Now we get "MAYBE/ALERT" news on Sonic Archie.

    I waited two days to post this news and I'm glad I did because of certain situations...According to a post by Ken Penders that began on the situation concerning his personal book "The Lost Ones" Ken commented on the comics industry in general and said to some extent that the state of Sonic Comics may be heading into dire straits. In other words, a repeat of the Knuckles situation may repeat itself again. BUT THIS DOES NOT mean that the book may be cancelled, but that Archie fans SHOULD be on alert. Due to lagging sales that are due mostly to the rareness of the comic (Wal Mart - a hefty chunk of Archie's sale group stopped selling all comics due to the words of a complaining mother) the publishers are shaking their heads. It may just be a short term problem, but the same thing happened for the Knuckles Comic, and look where that got us. :P

    Needless to say - amidst the rumors. Things need to be cleared up. This was Ken's exact post (taking out LO comments):

    In the meantime, I'm continuing to work on Sonic and Knuckles stories for Archie. However, many of the problems affecting my efforts getting THE LOST ONES to the comic stores are the same ones affecting comic sales throughout, including SONIC and SONIC SUPER SPECIAL.

    Already, I'm receiving numerous letters from many readers reporting what a difficult time they're having getting hold of the latest issues. Even if their is still a strong fan base of support for SONIC (which there is), if readers can't get hold of copies to buy, it still amounts to the same thing towards the bottom line as if they lost interest altogether: less copies being sold. The publishers at Archie won't care WHY the book isn't selling. All they'll see is that the book isn't selling as well as it used to, and that'll be justification alone for them to cancel it. (The ironic part here is that even now the SONIC books still outsell the Archie line. Go figure.)

    I've hesitated mentioning any of this, because I don't want to be known as the boy who cried wolf here. I also don't want my message misunderstood. I am NOT saying Sonic is about to be cancelled, only that the POSSIBILITY exists if things don't pick up. If the problem is an industry-wide one as I suspect it truly is, there may not be much anyone of us can do anyway, but if you're up for fighting the good fight, you can start by letting your retailers know you want your Sonic comics.

    On another front, I've been given the go-ahead to begin writing a TOY STORY script for Disney Adventures. I'll have more details once I turn it in and find out if I'll alos be drawing it. (You have to be approved by Pixar Studios first.)

    As for the website, I plan to upload an unpublished Sonic story that's been sitting around in my files since early 1994. I hope to have it up sometime before next weekend, as well as some other surprises. (No, I haven't forgotten the Sneak peek to Knuckles: 20 years Later! :-) Stay tuned.

    Needless to say - his post WAS taken out of context by some people. And after some letters and questions on his board AND by Archie officials about the "cancellation" of Sonic. This was his response:

    I wish people would pay attention. I did NOT say the book was going to be cancelled. I said there's a real danger if current market conditions continue to result in a collapsing of the industry.There's a big difference. I hesitated to even speak about the problem because I knew some people would misinterpret what I was saying, and begin bombarding Archie Comics with letters asking why the book was going to be cancelled.

    As a result, I received e-mail from one of the Archie publishers asking why I'm spreading around rumors, so in turn I had to explain to him what was happening. Because of this, I'm probably not going to say a thing about the status of the comic anymore. I don't want to be held responsible for declining sales if my news discourages readers from picking up the books. On the flip side, I don't expect to receive any credit for a bump in sales either.

    Whatever happens, happens, and that's all there is to it.

    Needless to say - I can understand what he is saying. The book IS NOT being cancelled but that DOES NOT MEAN that readers should not be on alert. What Ken is saying is that the comics industry in general is in the largest slump it has EVER been in. Thats widely known. Whether or not Sonic The Hedgehog is the best selling Archie comic title(above even thier own books) does not matter. If they have to liscense the book out, they still have to pay. And to publishers - its all about them greens. The problem though is still at Archie's end. Because even if we can get everyone on the 'net with issues that want them (which would definitely help), they still have to advertise. And advertising isn't one of Archie's strong points unless it's one of their own characters though. So while Ken isnt saying the book is being cancelled, he is saying stay on alert. AND ABOVE DO NOT take what he said out of context. Hopefully that should clear rumors up.

    Now - to close this out. People say that they have trouble finding the books anywhere. So where CAN you go to find the comic? Its really not that hard:

  • If you go through a comic book store, convince your local comic book chain to carry the book. Set up a pull list there and have them order Sonic for you or set it out on the bookshelf.

  • Do not go to Wal Mart as they have discontinued ANYTHING comics wise that isnt Pokemon related. Check big local book chains like Books A Million, Waldenbooks, and other bookstores in your local mall. Do not go to B. Dalton Booksellers as they dont carry comics period.

  • Check your local grocery store chain. Be it Krogers, Albertsons, Winn Dixie, etc etc., look for the magazine racks where they keep comics and youre bound to find Sonic and SSS at at least one of them. Thats a no brainer.

  • I have compiled a small list of online comic book stores where you can order the comic, if you still cant find it. Two VERY GOOD places for buying Sonic comics are: Mile High Comics and My Comics Shop. Not only do both of these sell current issues of Archie Sonic monthly, but they sell back issues of Knuckles.

    Later on I'll post these links and hints on the sidebar of news so that it will help. I hope that clears up the rumors and helps a lot of peoples questions. Later!

  • SHQ First Break: TWO New Sonic Games ! - Sonic Shuffle And SA2

    Remember that Sonic Party game we announced a couple of months ago along with the SA2 rumors that we posted yesterday - well today Daily Radar put this little tidbit up that is MOST interesting....

    We don't have much in the way of information as yet, but we do know that there are two new Sonic the Hedgehog games headed your way soon. Likely to be the first off the Sega production line is a game now known as Sonic Shuffle. Although details regarding gameplay are scarce, we do know that it's a multi-player event game, not entirely dissimilar in style to Mario Party. We also know that it was formerly known as, or at least code-named, Sonic Party. Expect to see several famous Sega characters, hopefully including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Vector Man, Shinobi, the Virtua Fighter crew, and others appear in the game.

    The other game, possibly imaginatively titled Sonic Adventure 2, is a sequel to Sonic Adventure (duh), and promises much more elaborate and attractive Sonic the Hedgehog patented superfast gameplay. Our Japanese spies report that the game is a much more ambitious and less-hastily assembled effort, likely to take full advantage of the cavernous Dreamcast power. Nobody from Sega of America was prepared to comment, but we hope to see one or both of these titles at the upcoming E3 Expo.

    Now we have what is FINALLY reliable news on BOTH subjects! ^^ And with E3 stuff coming soon and the announcement of a double whammy of Sonic games, its gonna be interesting to see how this pans out...

    Sonic Shuffle....Sounds a lot better than Sonic Party, but either way it still sounds like a bad dance remix. ^__^ I like the idea of the old school Sega characters. Sorta establishes that Sega hasnt forgotten their classics. But whatever happened to Alex Kidd? ^_^

    Source: Daily Radar

    More On Sonic Fleetway (Repost)

    Soon after the "Save STC" petition was started, another has come to do the same! We recommend that you sign BOTH petitions so they both get maximum signatures! For more info, check out STEM where the story was first reported.

    Petition Save Our STC

    Source: STC STEM

    Note by WB: I realise that was probaby accidental, but as a note to news post users, please be careful about posting news as you almost erased other news in the process by posting this 5 times. And please do not advertise your site on the newsboard. If you want to link to your page where the news story was posted, please place it in as a source code or the post will be modified if not deleted altogether. Thank you.

    SHQ Second Break: Bad News For Sonic Fleetway

    I wanted to wait until I heard more from the source who emailed before I put this up - but since the person hasnt responded yet, I won't say his name here for certain reasons and I'll be rather limited on what I put here for fear of getting said person in trouble. But I felt this posting pertinent as a petition has already started and I've gotten like 3 emails in my box telling me. And at this point if its sometihing that does affect a large portion of the Sonic community, people who read said item need to know. :P

    After the current writers 10 issue run on the Sonic comics (currently in the partial SA adaption, #179), Fleetway's United Kingdom Sonic The Comic is going all reprint.

    This DOES NOT MEAN that the book is cancelled, but this does mean that there will be no new stories at all for the foreseeable future - all of them will be stories that you've already read. Forseen by some readers, the book (which usually went 4/4 new stories back in the day) is currently at the stage where it is 2 to mostly 3/4 reprint.

    A little more can be explained at the Save STC petition which has just begun and was started by STC fan Caroline Merritt. And I'll go into more detail and post something new when I hear form the source whom I recently emailed. Good luck STC fans.

    Petition: Save STC

    The Lost Ones

    From Ken Penders:

    I just received word tonight from Image Comics that they're going to tell the printers to start running the presses. The book should be hitting the stores by May 3rd, so I'm asking everyone to please notify their comics retailers to be on the lookout! The book is definitely happening, and it will be released.

    At this point, issue #2 will be out sometime in June. For there to be an issue #3 and beyond, I need all the support I can get on these first two issues, so please spread the word. Thanks.

    On an unrelated note, SOA is doing SA2 without ST involvement?!! Ugh...

    News on SA2!

    Some news on SA2, courtesy of Zifei. Yuji Naka has confirmed that Sonic Team is NOT working on SA2. Sega of America is doing that instead. SA2 is featuring a new female character, no details have been released about her as yet, so we can start guessing now, I guess. Also, SA2 will feature full screen bumpmapping, meaning higher graphic quality for the game. That's all for now. Bumper

    Sonic HQ RA News Relaunch

    It's one of the first times I am updating on a weekday this year--and with good reason; I am here to announce the relaunch of the Sonic HQ RA News!!! In our first 2000 edition, it's the Sonic Radio Boom, A DC Mouse Rumor, and a look at Video Game Violence. The full download is here, and this is the streaming version. Enjoy.

    Weekend News

    It has been a big week for Sonic Internet Radio: Sonic Sages has launched Sages Radio, a new 24/7 music station, and JD Harding of TSC has launched TSC Radio.

    And, on that particular note, let me be the first to tell you that sometime in the next two days, Sonic HQ is going to be re-delivering something audio-related that might make you very happy. So keep checking back for the next 48 hours...

    Also, it looks like you'll be able to download new music to Samba de Amigo, says IGN Dreamcast. Starting April 17, Japanese gamers who have Samba will have the opprotunity to take advantage of this. Players will be able to shake maracas to Sonic Adventure, a new Samba track, Sonic R, and Burning Rangers, to name a few.

    Finally, if you have a ton of cash to spend, you might want to check out this EBay auction. Someone is selling a truckload of STH Archie comics, including the original mini-series, a huge load of the regular series, and almost all of the specials. But the current high bid so far is $155.

    More Naka news.

    Sierra wanted someone to post this, because she is having problems with the news poster. Heres what she said:

    "As reported a couple of weeks ago, Yuji Naka had sent me a letter concerning Later that night I found his old e-mails sitting on my old e-mail address. I responded to his e-mails right away and had agreed to give to him.
    Now, today, I have recieved another postal letter from the man, containing documents requiring my signiture for transferrence from me to him. I have signed the documents and they will me sent to him tommorrow. I did ask to keep in touch so that I may hear about upcoming titles from Sonic Team. Included with the documents I have added the URL to my site,, AND SonicHQ!
    I will keep you posted on this issue as it developes."

    Also, Zelda fans: Prepare yourself for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
    Thats right, a SEQUEL(sp?)!!!
    Heres the link...

    Also, to all whom have ever been to a site called 'Mute Isle', or 'Mute Island', Its been moved AGAIN! The new URL is I've started a redesign of it, and now it is at :
    Pleas update your links/bookmarks. Thanks!

    Attention all Australian and new Zealanders

    The lovely people on the forum at are holding a petition of Phantasy Star Online.

    The reason for this petition is the supposed world-wide release of PSO, and having the bad history in Australia of Dreamcast Delays, we hope that this one be on time this time.

    So what are you waiting for Aussies? Reply to the post now, and hope forthe game on time.

    Source: The PSO Petition

    Toyz N Da Hood

    Wondering what's going on with new Sonic toys?

    ReSaurus has released new pics of the toys, specifically some production shots of E102 shown above and more which you can view by clicking the picture. The second wave isn't set to hit stores until sometime in June/July. Here we have some early sculpt shots of E-102, the robot who develops a conscience and turns against his boss, Dr. Robotnik, in the game. According to Reasaurus - The final piece looks a bit different, particularly in the head, which was revised before the tooling patterns were sent to the factory.

    Series Two will include: a new Sonic the Hedgehog (on skis), the ever adorable Amy Rose (pictured below), Big the Cat and the robotic E-102. Each figure comes with it's own unique display stand. Click the source code below to view more of the toys as well as the model bases.

    Source: Raving Toy Maniac

    Interview Time !!!! - An Interview With James Fry, Green Gibbon, and Artie

    You read that right! Not one - not two - but THREE full interviews for you on Sonic HQ's Anniversary !!! And who are those interviews per se -

  • James Fry - Steven Butler has gone on to Knuckles - so who was has taken the reigns of Sonic after Mr. Butler went byebye? Why none other than James Fry! And we've got the goods on him - his first works, his upcoming stuff, and just who the guy is and a little of what makes him tick! In tis interview he talks about working with Karl Bollers, Japanese animation, Sonic Ideal, and TONS of other stuff. Quite possibly the most in depth interview SHQ has ever done! ^___^

  • Green Gibbon! - Many of you have heard of it, some of you have experienced it - but few have ever met the Gibbon and come away TRULY sane. ^___^ And now, here for you wonderful readers, an interview with Green Gibbon - owner of the Neo Green Hill Zone, lover of Midori, and worshipper of Drano. Be VERY afraid! :O)

  • Mike "Artie" Reyes - Better known among Sonic fans as Artie - owner of one of the largest fan based Sonic websites, Team Artail, Artie sits down with SHQ to discuss a little bit of everything! From Anime to the cartoons to just what he puts into his site. Read the interview and pay him a visit! :O)

    What? You thought I was through? We have LOTS more interviews for you to come later tonight! ^_^ Check back here later as we shoot the breeze with the Master Man of fanfiction himself - Daniel Drazen! and coming soon an interview with Archie Sonic cover artist, Harvo !!!!

  • Editorial Frenzy #2 - April: Welcome To Station Square!!!

    Another wave of editorials have set in and this time we got a pretty nice batch! Four as a matter of fact, and THREE of them focusing soley on Sonique's "Why Sonic Is Failing Editorial"! Lets see what we have -

  • Never Judge A Furry By Its Cover - An editorial by Sarah "Samanfur" Rose on the miserably failed Sonic Love Showdown Poll (see Poll Position below) that questioned who would make the better girlfriend Amy Rose or Sally Acorn! Needless to say its a good editorial, but the poll itself started from unabashedly flawed concepts...

  • Why Sonic Is Not Failing (Response) - A rebuttal to Sonique's editorial, Mike C points out a decidedly siimilar, yet different and well noticeable viewpoint.

  • Why Sonic Is Failing 2 - A letter sent to Sonique, by a Mr. Tom Hancock points out some agreements and differences all spread out in a well written fashion. A definite editorial worth reading.

  • Why Sonic Is Failing 3 - The third response/rebuttal aimed at Sonique. This editorial shows that this Sonic fan is in TOTAL aghreement. Plus he has QUITE some choice vocals on Sonic Adventure. A little language - but overall a definite read.

    Check them out and see what you think!

    In other news - today we christen our very own Editorial Board! Due to the popularity of these things, included with the new community mentioned above are several boards where members can post! One such includes the Station Square News And Editorials Board whose link you can find to your right! And what better way to christen it than with April's Editorial Focus!

    This month, our editorial focus for you all rests on two major Sonic Adventure factions - The Games And Comics.

    All things SA AND SA2 - What we would like to know for this month is how do you feel the Sonic Adventure adaptions/integrations have progressed under Karl Bollers' (USA) and Nigel Kitching's (UK) guidance? What do you think of Mr. Bollers' overall SA writing on Archie? For the UK visitors, was Richard Elson's redesigning of Chaos a wise move and What do you think of Nigel Kitching killing Johnny Lightfoot in Fleetway? Have the SA Adaptions had success, failure, or otherwise for both countries?

    For Sonic Adventure 2 - do you think that Archie and Fleetway should tackle these and game wise we'd like to know from you what would you most like to see and NOT SEE in a sequel to the Dreamcast Hit!

    Post your editorials and comments to SHQ's News And Editorial Board on the link to the side! The best comments and all editorials will be up and running on the next update! Remember to follow the rules for submitting which are a minimum of 2 paragraphs! And now - on to the polls... ^_^

  • The Poll Position April !!!!

    Welcome to the Poll Position April! March's polls were a HOT HOT topic for both our mailbox AND our forum. As some didnt like ONE poll in particular...Lets see what we got:

    Sonic #87 - Preview Spoilers: Sonic Anime Perhaps?

    Spoilers for Sonic 87 as well as color previews for #86 and the "Knuckles: Best Of Times" Super Special!

    Sonic The Hedgehog #87
    "Heart Of The Hedgehog - Part Two"
    "Against A Haunted Past - Part Two"
    Written By Danny Fingeroth and Frank Strom
    Drawn By Sam Maxwell and Frank Strom
    Inks - Harvey Mercadoocasio and Jim Amash

    The heat is on - literally, as Sonic desperately tries to save Tails, trapped inside the rim of a volcano by the menacing Metal Sonic! Rescuing his little buddy will be harder than usual though - the new, sentient version of Metal Sonic knows no limits in his hatred of Sonic, and will stop at nothing to ruin his world. This time he's faster and stronger than before....And in part two of the backup, last month, the tragic origin of Monkey Khan and the sinister part Doctor Robotnik played in the creation were revealed. Now it is the present and Robotnik has Monkey Khan within his grasp again. Can Mobius survive if Robotnik's greatest creation is once again programmed for evil?

    Hmmm....This is interesting. VERY INTERESTING. To be quite honest this has been the first Sonic book I'm honestly piqued about in a LONG TIME. If this Danny Fingeroth guy's actual work is as good as the previews sound, I'll take him over Karl Bollers ANY DAY. Here's hoping he STAYS and replaces him as regular writer. IMHO - The sooner the better. >:P

    Another noteable quip to mention - when looking at this issue it seems like there are a LOT of Sonic Anime parallels in it. Which IMO is good. A sort of "breath of fresh air" especially with a new guy at the helm and a new story focus. A near sentient Metal Sonic, an active volcano. All thats missing is a certain red echidna with a hat and a whiny princess with a cat fetish. ^__^ Check back here during the day or tomorrow during the BIG SHQ Update and I'll post all the information I can find on Danny Fingeroth.

    Previews For Color Covers

    Sonic The Hedgehog #86
    "Heart Of The Hedgehog - Part One"
    "Against A Haunted Past - Part One"
    Written By Danny Fingeroth and Frank Strom
    Drawn By Sam Maxwell and Frank Strom
    Inks - Harvey Mercadoocasio and Jim Amash

    After the Freedom Fighter Special makes a crash landing, Sonic and Tails perform a little reconnaissance and find themselves up against the menace of Metal Sonic!

    Sonic Super Special #14
    "The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times"
    "Zone Wars"
    Written By Ken Penders, Jim Spivey And Evan Skolnik
    Drawn By Steven Butler and Suzanne Paddock
    Inks - Harvey Mercadoocasio and Pam Eklund

    Everyone's favorite red dude with the 'tude, Knuckles, returns in this novel-length epic. The action comes fast and furious as old plotlines are resolved and the stage is set for new Knuckles adventures which will appear regular in the monthly Sonic series. Plus: In another "Zone Wars" feature, Sonic is thrown into the trial of his life by a Mobius of another zone called Litigopolis, where everyone sues everyone else.

    That Spaz Metal Sonic cover looks awesome. Sonic's posing seems a little off, but beyond that the layout is one of the nicest looking from Spaz's "Anime Period" so far. As a closing out: Knux fans - check out that cover on SSS14. Enerjak's back! >;O) And why on EARTH does Snively look like a certain perrenial villian of Dudley Do Right? I guess that means Sonic's trial must be...."Snively Whiplash VS Sally McBeal!!!!"

    ***Loud groans from audience as tomatoes are thrown at WB***

    Weekend News...On Monday

    Ladies and gentlemen, although it is a tad late, here are the shorts:

    Unfortunately, Damian Grove's ISP is apparently acting up again, according to Stealth or SSRG. And, in case you have heard of a 32X emulator, forget about it; Stealth has also said that Knuckles Chaotix is NOT supported.

    An SA World Rankings competitor, VRshowdown, has commented on how one can cheat in Sonic Adventure. There is a controller which can be used in particular; it is the Interact Quantum Fighting Pad. For his comments, check out this link.

    And finally, if you are in the mood for a new Dreamcast, game retailer EB has claimed a special edition Sega Sports black DC for release in the fall. We don't know a lot about it right now, but this might be the first of several SE DC editions.

    More Sonic Stuff in Japan

    On today's update of the Japanese Sega site, there is even more Sonic stuff. Click here to view the page! Really cool stuff, sorry I can't give you more information because I can't read Japanese.

    Source: Sega Entertainment Universe

    STC News (UK)

    That's right, Tikal makes a guest appearance in the next issue of Sonic the Comic (UK) along with a whole tribe of echidnas! And fans of the Kohenu (from the Graveyard, #69-72) will also be pleased to know that they'll be turning up as well - alive and well! The story is called "Out of Time". For more info and images, click here!

    IMPORTANT: bad news for all those planning on going to the Comics 2000 convention in a couple of weeks, hoping to attend a Sonic signing. The STC team (Nigel, Lew and Richard) can't make it, so if you thought there would be some big Sonic event I'm afraid you were wrong. And yes, the Comics 2000 web site is also wrong in this case. It's too late to print anything about this in the comic, the team have prior commitments, and the organisers have known about this for months - they simply haven't bothered to do anything about it. But if you want to go to the convention anyway, to see the other non-Sonic comics stuff on display, I'm not stopping you - just don't expect to see any of the team. And you can still get free entry on Sunday with your STC issues.

    For more STC information, (or if I've got any link/image URLs wrong) see STC: STEM
    And for the Comics 2000 web site, click here.

    Sonic the Comic 178 -- "Splash Down!"

    Cover: Richard Elson

    Script: Nigel Kitching; Art: Richard Elson; Lettering: Ellie De'Ville
    Sonic is gone; Knuckles and Porker face Chaos 1; the Floating Island is falling to its doom; Amy and Tails are racing there ASAP; and Robotnik is motivated again and beginning to take a serious interest in Chaos. Since this story continues from that, I don't suppose I need say more.

    KNUCKLES: versus the Cybernik
    (Script: Lew Stringer - Art: John Moore - Lettering: Elitta Fell)

    TAILS: Fox on the Run (Part 4)
    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Carl Flint - Colouring: John Burns - Lettering: Steve Potter)

    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: The Rampage of Mekanik
    (Script: Lew Stringer - Art: Nigel Kitching and John Burns - Lettering: Elitta Fell)

    It's also got Speedlines, great free Sonic stickers and a Knuckles info poster!

    The April Editorial Frenzy !!!

    I've been sitting on these just for a slow news day Sonic wise - and now that we've hit one its time to begin the next wave of Sonic editorials! We got some good ones in this time and as usual I encourage MANY responses, comments and rebuttals on them both good and bad! So lets get started -

  • Why Sonic Is Failing - Sonic fan and ower of "Perfect Chaos" Sonique gives her straight up and real views and issues on the cause/effect of the downfall of the hedgehog - touching from Sonic Comics to SatAM to Sonic Underground. While Sonique may not want opposing comments (as she expressed below) I DO. But I dont want flames (you just have to read the last line of the piece ^_^). Thats what the editorials are for - speaking out, getting rebuttals and giving free expressions. Feel free to email her as well, but I would still like comments on it for the page.

  • Adapt THIS!!! - Wonder just why Archie can do a Sonic Adventure adaption, but not take the time to do an adaption of the ADV Sonic anime? Sonic fan, gamer, artist, and owner of "Micheal's Boring Homepage", Micheal Stearns takes a good and very insightful look at just why we won't see one and lays down some facts as well.

  • Chu Chu Sonic! - A more lighthearted editorial - Sonic Team, perhaps the backbone of Sega Enterprises, are always full of surprises. First, they will create a game that will definitely boost Sega's sales, and then they will create another game which will cast doubts into the hearts of people. Two such examples, as Cuisinart king shows us, are Sonic Adventure and Chu Chu Rocket!

    Good job on the editorials people, but I still wanna see some more - so get to writing! ^_^ Check back here this evening for new polls, and April's "Editorial Focus!"



    This is very good news for Dreamcast owners who want to get online and a pretty sweet deal, especially if you don't have an ISP for your Dreamcast/computer. According to IGN DC, a new service called "SegaNet", made by the new "" company will offer Dreamcast owners an AOL-like ISP to use on the Dreamcast. But, if you sign up for 2 years of service, you get some good deals. If you don't own a Dreamcast- they will give you one. FOR FREE. And if you do? You'll get your check for $199.99. This is NOT a fake story, as I have read it at multiple sites! Click here.

    Source: IGN DC

    Why Sonic is Failing Editorial

    HELLLOOO EVERYBODY!!!! I just wanted to let you peeps know I wrote an editorial for this page and it's finally up. Go to the editorials to read it! Comments and flames are unwelcome.. hey! I'm being honest... but if it's something really useful, you can email me and I'll take a look at it though there is no guarentee(SP?) that I'll respond or that it won't end up in my wannabes.

    Weekend News

    Happy belated April Fools Day to all--Here's what some other sites did to celebrate it:

    SonicNEXT Ran a story on the Sonic Team's latest title, Sonic RPG.

    Sonic Team Junior had a 'fake' SRB2Xmas .95 up for download, which was only a joke add-on level, while its parent site, SSRG, ran an announcement stating that the site was sold off to SEGA for $150,000.

    TSSZ ran a completely ad-libbed, Pokemon-filled, Off-beat RA News.

    Finally, the Gaming Intelligence Agency ran several fake stories, including one that claimed a man in Newark, New Jersey was the last to download the ChuChu Rocket Japanese commercial.

    On to serious news, now: The Tokyo Game Show was held this weekend, and Phantasy Star Online and Samba de Amigo were the big hits of the show. We now have some hard facts on PSO, including the facts that the online network will be able to handle 6 billion people, and the fact that the game will never end. As for Samba, we know that there will be new modes in the DC version, and the maraca controllers are slightly lighter and less height conscious than in the arcade.

    KNUCKLES Adventure!!

    EXCLUSIVE! Stock art for a game called "Knuckles Adventure" has been found on the Sonic Team site! It's not "Sonic Adventure 2", but KNUCKLES ADVENTURE! No information was given about the game that I could read but there were files on the server. I fished as hard as I could to find these. AMAZING NEWS FOR KNUCKLES AND CHAOTIX FANS!!!

    This is an April Fool from Chainspike. (Although late; the cgi went down yesterday :P) However, you can check out even MORE Knuckles Adventure stuff HERE!

    Sonic Bowl

    With my regular wading through the Japanese site, I found some pics of "Sonic Bowl", added on today's update of the Sega Japan site.




    View the page here.

    Source: Sega Japan

    More games for Dreamcast Network!

    This may not be true Sonic news, but it's for Sega. Here, we go people, this is what we were waiting for! The next game to use the Dreamcast Network for online gaming is Quake III of First Person Shooter fame! This fully 3D game will use the Dreamcast Network, but there's more: apparently, Dreamcast owners will be able to play against the PC Quake III owners! This is a huge step for Sega, and one that will be sure to surprise Sony with its PS2. To read the full article, go here. Prepare yourself Sony, Sega's going to put up a fight this time.

    Source: IGN DC

    The [honest] Sonic Grammy Awards!

    Ever since that other site ran their Sonic Emmies award page, I wanted to make my own because their polls had no cookies, and it was kind of obvious some people cheated. This time, there will be no cheating because I've set the poll so you can only vote once. Please go to my website and vote for your favorits. The top two sites in each category will then be judged in a 'final' round. So, vote all ready! Polls close 4/14/00 12:00:00 PM.

    Interview With Sonikku Team

    New HQ member Henry Prower has done an interview with Sonikku Team member CyberKnux. Sonikku Team makes Fan Games, such as the Sonic Quest Demo and Metal Sonic Quest. Check the interviews page to read it.

    Lots of SatAM on Ebay

    This guy is selling his collection of taped Sonic episodes on Ebay. Since he taped them from TV, I think it maybe illegal, but usually eaby catches those auctions sooner. He all ready sold one for $50 so get this one while it's cheap. I'm also pretty sure they are 'uncut'. The auction can be found below:

    If you are worred that it is illegal, there were many other SatAM tapes selling at ebay. Just go to and search for 'Sonic the Hedgehog.'

    Weekend News

    Rlan and Rocket (Damian Grove), both of SSRG fame, have returned from their unexpected vacations. Rocket was unable to update the SSRG due to ISP problems, and Rlan had to take a two week break to concentrate on academics.

    In case you didn't know, Sonic Team Junior did release the latest edition of SRB2 Christmas Edition. Get it by going to their site.

    And finally, after months of waiting, Australian DC users can finally surf the Internet, as Ozisoft shipped the browsers this past week. The reasons for this were problems with getting an ISP and software localization.

    Next month in EGM- SCREENSHOTS OF SA 2!

    YES, YOU READ CORRECTLY! Next month in Electronic Gaming Monthly, you will be able to see the FIRST SCREENSHOTS OF SONIC ADVENTURE 2! They will even give out info on what's sure to be one of the biggest and best games in Sega history! Unless this is an "April Fools' Joke by EGM, this is not an issue to be missed!

    Sonic Merchandise at Tokyo Game Show

    From all the "gibberish" I read on Japanese sites, I found that there is going to be some Sonic merchandise at the Tokyo Game Show this spring. The T-shirts are priced at 3,000 yen, which is about $21.50 U.S.

    There are also wallets which are about $20.79 U.S. (left) and $12.90 U.S. (right), if my calculator isn't lying to me.

    View the page here.

    Source: Sega Japan

    Sonic the Comic 177 - "Night Terrors"

    Issue 177. 22 March - 4 April. ?1.35.

    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Richard Elson
    Lettering: Ellie De Ville

    Sonic quits the gang, blaming himself for the death of Johnny Lightfoot. Meanwhile, Knuckles and Porker find out the hard way that Chaos is still alive.

    Knuckles: Carnival Night Conspiracy: Part 6
    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Richard Elson
    Lettering: Steve Potter

    If Knuckles can't even get into the Carnival Night Zone, how on Mobius can he protect the people that are walking unwittingly towards their doom?

    Tails: Fox on the Run: Part 3
    Script: Lew Stringer
    Art: Carl Flint
    Colouring: Mike Hadley
    Lettering: Steve Potter

    As they evade danger, Tantrum makes Tails realise how he must sound to Sonic

    Sonic the Hedgehog: The Great Escape Part 2
    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Rob Corana
    Colours: Timothy Marx
    Lettering: Ellie De'Ville

    Sonic, Tails, Johnny, Amy and Porker are on a rescue mission outside the Metropolis Zone. Shame that they've already landed themselves into a 2-parters worth of trouble. :)

    As usual, you can expect the full lowdown on Sonic the Comic: Sonic the Electronic Magazine... albeit not from me because for the time being I can't load up to it. Update

    Ken Penders' site has had a makeover. Not a lot of new stuff has been added, but there are some new features that will be added and expanded on the site. One of the things added on this update is the preview for SSS#13.

    Source: Ken's Comic Book Stories & Art

    New PSO Shots!!!

    GameSpot have been able to snag some lovely Phantasy Star Online Pics!

    See the artical here. there are 4 pics in all.

    "GameSpot News has acquired new screenshots of Phantasy Star Online for the Sega Dreamcast. These willi mmediately excite any Phantasy Star fan who is anticipating this game.
    The story begins when a scout team is sent to investigate a mysterious explosion on the planet,
    right before their space vessel is scheduled for landing. Phantasy Star fans should not be
    worried, since the settings of the game will be strongly based on the original series. Yuji Naka
    of Sonic Team has mentioned that the current version of the game can already be played online but that the title is only about 20 to 30 percent complete. Although the development team wishes to release the game this summer, it is more likely that we will be seeing the title around fall of this year.

    Phantasy Star Online will be at the Sega booth during the Tokyo Game Show. We'll have full coverage of the game starting next week. But for now, take a look at the new screenshots, courtesy of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu."

    Yuji Naka to take over

    Okay, to be straight and to the point, I recieved a package from Sega Enterprises today. Along with all the Sonic Adventure plushies, I found a letter from Yuji Naka himself. Here's what he had to say:

    Hello! I am very sorry for the sudden mail. Please excuse me for this since it is necessary for me to contact you about your web,

    First of all, I think I should introduce myself since I am going to ask you if you can do me a favor! I work for Sega Enterprises and I am the producer of many Sonic series. Currently I am working on Phantasy Star Online, Samba de Amigo and other titles that I hope you to enjoy soon.

    I have accessed to "" today again though it seems that this homepage has been shut down already. As you may understand from my previous mail (Have you recieved my mail? I am afraid that I have been sending to a wrong e-mail address.), I am currently working on our Sonic Team's official homepage website and I would like to use the URL "". If you're not going to use this address anymore, I would like you to consider giving us your URL to inform our new updated information and all other fun stuffs to have everybody enjoy.

    "Sonic team" is very important name for us, and as you may know my games have sold millions of copies throughout the world, and this name is very closely associated with my project team. If you can hand over your URL "". that will be really nice, and I have no intention to harm you. Of course if there's something that I can help with your Sonic Adventure page, I am willing to support this.

    Feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Many Wishes,
    Yuji Naka

    Well, not only was I thrilled to hear that SEGA wants my old site, I said YES. I'm ging those who are currently using the site one week to move to my other server,, before I close the account and hand it to Yuji Naka. Anyway, here's the scan of the letter that Yuji sent me.

    News on Phantasy Star Online

    IGN DC has more info on Sonic Team's newest game, Phantasy Star Online- a fully online RPG. Apparently,the game will be launched this summer simultaneously in Japan, the US and the UK, and get this- Japanese players can go head to head with the English and American! Read the full story here.

    Source: IGN.Com

    Mobotropolis Closes It's Doors

    For those few fans out there that have been waiting for my website (Mobotropolis) to reopen, sorry, it won't be. Too much stress and too many complications are screwing the site up big time. Not to metition everyone but me quit. But don't freat, i'll be reformating it into a petition (SATam) and sonic news website soon. So keep checking back at Also check out my club at

    Sonic Stuff

    Sonic Stuff was not hacked. SoNiN wrote that himself. I know cause I talked to him myself. Well, see ya

    Link: tSf

    Weekend News

    STJR MB: There have been a lot of confusion surrounding the status of the Sonic Stuff website (we will not post the URL due to current offensive material on its main page). Saturday, we thought it was hacked, but then it returned, and someone claimed it was used to get attention! It turns out that might indeed be true, because the current message of the main page now takes a stab at Sonic Foundation webmaster Kedzie K! Who knows what might be next, but keep your eyes peeled for it.

    DC Tech Pages: Someone has made a very nice remix of the ChuChu Rocket commercial theme. You need RealPlayer to listen to it here.

    Tolwyn.Net: Here's a quick update to JD Harding's announcement to bring back the Sonic Corner: He's going to redesign TSC, and that will begin any day now. We'll tell you when the new site opens.

    Archie Sonic Comics Previews


    Written by Danny Fingeroth, art by Sam Maxwell and Saleem Crawford.

    "Heart of the Hedgehog." Part one of a two-part story. After the Freedom Fighter Special makes a crash landing, Sonic and Tails perform a little reconnaissance and find themselves up against the menace of Metal Sonic.

    32 pages, $1.99, ships on June 23.


    Written by Ken Penders, Jim Spivey and Evan Skolnick; art by Steven Butler, Pam Eklund, Suzanne Paddock and Harvo.

    "The Best Of Times, The Worst of Times." Everyone's favoriet red dude with the 'tude, Knuckles, returns in this novel-length epic. The action comes fast and furious as old plotlines are resolved and the stage is set for new Knuckles adventures which will appear regular in the monthly Sonic series. Plus: In another "Zone Wars" feature, Sonic is thrown into the trial of his life by a Mobius of another zone called Litigopolis, where everyone sues everyone else.

    Source: Comics Continuum

    Options for "former" Knuckles subscribers

    I just got this in the mail today so expect this soon if you didn't get it yet. Archie is giving all subscribers five different options on your remaining Knux issues:

    1) If you don't have a Sonic subscription, you can get a Sonic subscription for the length of the Knux issues they owe you.

    2) If you have a Sonic subscription, you can extend it by the number of Knux issues they owe you.

    3) You can get back issues of Sonic, Knuckles, SSS, or Nights that equal the number of Knux issues that they owe you.

    4) You can subscribe to Archie's comics, such as Archie, Betty, etc.

    5) You can get a refund that is the number of issues they owe you times $1.25

    Those are the choices.

    True Red

    Attention Sonic Anime Otaku - The Sonic OVA's On Sale!

    Missing an integral Sonic music CD? Ineterested in the Sonic Anime? What about the ORIGINAL Sonic Anime OVA series in japanese? ^_^

    CD Japan has added the Sonic Anime OVA's Volumes 1 and 2 in thier original no holds barred raw japanese to thier databases! No more problem of title/serial references or japanese language. You just have to make a search for "Sonic" with all matches... And you will find a

  • -Sonic the Hedgehog Vol.1 "Animation"...39.67 USD
  • -Sonic the Hedgehog Vol.2 "Animation"...39.67 USD
  • + about 15 $ of Shipping/handling

    You simply have to check the basket and Register as Customer...Special thanks to Solly N Hedgy of Dream Avenue for finding this gem! :O) Also on sale for those interested are certain gems like "Best Of Dreams Come True" from the group that helped to make part of the soundtrack of "Nights Into Dreams", (Correct me if I'm wrong), The Sonic Adventure Remix CD, Best Songs From Sonic Team, The Sonic Adventure Vocal Album, and The SA Soundtrack! have fun shopping!

    Soource: Sonic Newsgroup

  • Sonic Anime On Starz! Starting Today

    I got this news from Oxygen, who did a search on

    Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie
    60 min.
    This high-octane anim? adventure based on the popular video game finds the hedgehog and his friends on a quest through the Land of Darkness in order to save Planet Freedom. Directed by Gary Dehan and Kazunori Ikegami.

    Rating: NR
    Category: Movie, cartoons & animation
    Director: Kazunori Ikegami,Gary Deham
    Release Year: 1996

    It premieres this morning, but it will be played throughout the week.

    Weekend News

    If you are wondering the scores several big-name Sega sites gave ChuChu Rocket, they range from 86% (Sega X) to 95% (Sega Otaku).

    Rlan will be AWOL weekdays for the next 2 weeks, so he is saying to send Reviews of games or Demos to Rocket, SSRG Maintainer during that time.

    Russell Blakley of the Sonic Saga has posted a new audio show on the official Sonic Saga site, titled Live Wire with Russell Blakley.

    Don't be fooled by CCR's MSRP of 30 bucks. In order to make a profit, some big name chains (Babbages/Software Etc.; EB; and so forth) have upped the price to 35 dollars. So be sure to bring enough money to the stores.

    And finally, a quick release date to pass on to our European Sonic fans-May 12th is when CCR will be released over there.

    Chu Chu Rocket Stuff

    Edited By WB - March 12, 12:44 AM

    Due to two conflicting news posts on prices I decided to check some things out, and it turns out that both posts were right. One from Joey saying that the price was 30 bucks and one from Tristan saying it isnt all the time (below). Both posts are right. It turns out that some places are selling it for 30, and some are not. I went to the mall tonight and found it for 35, then went to another to find it for 30. So obviosly some stores are selling it at conflicting prices and you'll just have to do "comparative shopping" to find the better bargain.

    Problem solved. ^___^

    Sonic the Hedgehog comics on eBay

    This isn't really news, but it's been slow lately anyway. On eBay I'm selling a lot of Sonic comics. They are #1, 2, 3, 3, and 4. There are two #3's because of the original mini-series and the normal series. If anyone is interested, click here.
    See ya around!

    Break Man

    More STC Previews

    More "Sonic the Comic" previews: this time it's STC 177, entitled "Night Terrors!"

    For the previews and more info check out Sonic the Comic: STEM

    Is Videogaming A Form Of Art?

    Sort of off topic, but I was really digging this article. If you're into programming, have thoughts on creating videogames or just have your own opinion on it - this article is for you.

    From Gaming Age, author Alax Makar, in response to an oppositely focused article on Newsweek, asks the question "Can Videogames be considered a form of art"? Its very well written and very insightful. I suggest anyone interested in videogaming, creating videogames, or artists in particular read it.

    Source: Can Videogames Be Considered As Art?

    Chu Chu Kachoo !!!!! - Get Your Dance On With Sonic Team News!

    Chu Chu Kachoo !!! Ladies And Gents - Chu Chu Fever Has Struck!

    In todays news we start out with some Sonic Team stuff. Several videogame websites have sent in reviews of the American version of Sonic Team's insane cat and mouse puzzler "Chu Chu Rocket" and it seems to be a bonafide hit! To see who is saying what about it, check out our links below:

    Review #1 - Sega X Sega X Review

    Review #2 - IGN DC IGN DC Review

    Review #3 - Daily Radar IGN DC Review

    In other news we get our dance on as what may be a prototype controller for Samba De Amigo has been seen. Here is the news byte from IGN DC:

    Samba De Amigo's Japanese release is close at hand, and Sega of Japan has begun the hype machine. Our Japanese correspondent ran into this on the 4th floor of a Japanese Sega arcade:

    At first glance, that looks like it may very well be the maracas-style controllers set for use with the Dreamcast version of Samba De Amigo. Actually, this is an unfinished version of the hardware which makes use of the arcade maracas. Still, we expect the Dreamcast version to look nearly identical.

    We'll be back with more on the game as its release nears.

    The Toonament Of Champions!

    This is interesting...

    Someone just informed me that Canada's Teletoon is hosting a contest of sorts of all thier shows. What this contest is for is beyond me, but its most likely gauging the popularity of all of thier liscened shows combined including: Cybersix, Johnny Bravo, Ned's Newt, Scooby Doo, Angela Anaconda, Mega Babies, Cow And Chicken, Ren And Stimpy, Archie's Weird Mysteries, Pippi Longstocking, I Am Weasel, Bad Dog, Tom and Jerry Kids, Redwall, Calliou (sp?) and Sonic Underground

    Currently the voting is set at Cybersix VS Sonic Underground. It seems SU had won previously but that was mostly due to a technical glitch in thier system. And thanks to the glitch Cybersix now has a lead of 150 votes - compared to Sonic Undergrounds, which I think had something like 40 when I saw it.

    At any rate - vote which you think is the better cartoon, Cybersix (whatever that is) or SU, below! ^_^

    Source: Teletoon Toonament Of Champions

    Sonic Editorials - Opinions On Archie And The Rotor Rebuttal

    Well now that I'm set up thanks to my trip home for Spring Break, I can get to posting today's latest editorials! ^_^

    For today we have two new ones, a response from Bumper to Ian on his Rotor Rumor editorial and a new one concentrating on views from Archie, from a newcomer to the editorial page - Tariq Bhatti.

  • The Rotor Rumor: Response To Rebuttal - And lo - the masses cried Rotor! Bumper takes a good look at what Ian said and sets a few facts straight of his own, as he looks at the collaboration of Nate and Rotor and what it actually means for minors to be roboticised VS majors.

  • Opinions On Archie - So what does the regular joe think about current Archie situations? Submitted by Kamal Bhatti, comes a simple editorial that gives his honest opinion on recent happenings in the comics, what he thinks it needs and what he wants to see. Give it a peek and tell us in two or three paragraphs what you want and whether you agree with him.

    Opinions On Archie
    The Rotor Rumor - Round Three!

  • Sonic the Comic 176 -- "What Price Victory?"

    Sonic the Comic 176 has a smashing new look. The "Data Zone" gives loads of insight into the heroes - Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Tails and Tekno; and the villains - Robotnik, Grimer and Chaos. There's also a great poster and lots of other redesigned malarkey.

    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Richard Elson
    Lettering: Ellie De'Ville

    Since Sonic broke free from Chaos, his eyes have gained green pupils. But the gang have bigger problems when Chaos returns.

    KNUCKLES: Carnival Night Conspiracy - Part 5
    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Richard Elson
    Lettering: Elitta Fell
    The Carnival Night Zone is open to the public - but it looks like Knuckles has been defeated.

    TAILS: Fox on the Run - Part 2
    Script: Lew Stringer
    Art: Carl Flint
    Colours: Mike Hadley
    Lettering: Ellie De'Ville
    Tails is trying to guide Tristrum home, but the lava pits are guarded by some nasty badniks.

    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: The Great Escape - Part 1
    Script: Nigel Kitching
    Art: Rob Corana
    Colours: Timothy Marx
    Lettering: Ellie De'Ville

    Sonic and the Freedom Fighters attack a badnik processing plant, while Doctor Robotnik learns that the people of the Emerald Hill have disappeared (to the Floating Island).

    In the next issue, it's Knuckles VS Chaos. Previews, reviews etc. at:


    Ken Penders Chat Info Bits

    I was at Ken Penders' chat today and while we wait for the log to be posted up, I'll report the interesting things that were mentioned.

  • Ken and Spaz are working on a Sonic "manga" that will probably be in SSS#17. this must be the "Super Secret Sonic Super Special" that was mentioned several months ago. I wonder why he called it "manga".

  • About Spaz, Ken mentions that we don't know how much longer Spaz might be staying with Sonic. He's very busy with Gamefan and other fields of work. I guess it's inevitable... it sounds like Spaz might leave. However, this is not completely confirmed as of now.

  • Ken mentions a "new cartoon series". This I was surprised at. It's only in the discussing stages now, but the logic is that DiC will need something to produce anyway. There's not much more info on this. He says that it "will be a cross between SatAM and the Archie series. If you had to give it a name: Sonic SatAM Third Season". Others in the chat brought up the letter than Ben Hurst posted about his meeting, and Ken had this to say: "However, no offense to Ben, but he's not critical to the process whereas executives at DiC and Sega are." So I suppose it has more hope than we thought? We'll just have to wonder for now.

  • Someone asked about a Sonic Anime adaptation, and this was Ken's reply: "No anime adaptation at this time. Sega would just as soon we not acknowledge it. However, I did restore Knuckles' hat for K:20YL. Anime adaptation: For some reason, Sega says we don't have the legal rights to do so. Go figure."

  • SSS#14: We're going to see the one Guardian that hasn't been shown yet. "The Knuckles story in SSS#14 dwells on the overall family of characters. Spectre and the rest of the Guardians make an appearance I wanted the emotional reaction to be the most intense I could make it." Ken expects it to rip our hearts out. We'll see what's in store.

  • Bean & Bark: someone asked if these characters would ever show up in the series. The answer is no. There isn't any opportunity to write stories with them, as there are many many characters already. "Sonic the Fighters was never released in this country, and as such, Sega would prefer we not acknowledge it. Sega never supplied us with anything on it."

  • Sonic #100: "There's a lot of stuff going on behind-the-scenes affecting the production of the book that I just can't talk about at this time. What I can say is that we haven't decided whether SONIC #100 will feature Sonic and Knuckles together, or in separate stories. Part of the problem with that is I'm unsure if I want to use SONIC #100 as the beginning of what I planned for KNUCKLES #50. We're currently lobbying the publishers to at least let us do a Knuckles mini-series.

    As for planning a year in advance, because of all the material we had in the pipeline at the time of the cancellation of Knuckles, the publishers have dictated they want us no further ahead in production than two months, three absolute tops. To plan that far ahead right now when a lot of things could change would be counterproductive at this time."

    Well, that's all the important stuff for now.
  • Ken Penders Chat Transcript Released

    Ronald Bauerle, owner of the Archie Sonic mailing list, has taken the time to get the chat transcript up for Ken Penders recent chat. For a larger detail of the more important things concerning what went on, see Chainspike's report below. For the full transcript hit the link. Do not put this transcript on your page. You can feel free to link to Rons' transcript, but it woudnt be right to take it and put it up after Ron did all that work just getting it for the mailing list. ^_^

    In other news not listed in CS's report:

  • We would officially like to be the first website to announce that Lara-Le and Wynmacher (Knuckles mother and soon to be stepfather) will be getting married in Sonic Super Special #14!!! And to add to the excitement, Constable Remington will get a girlfriend. Kewlies. ^_^

  • The Sonic Comics 40% drop in sales was confirmed by Ken Penders as it was reported here by the "Phoney" WB and Sonic Next, but due to lack of distribution more than anything else. (Wal Mart, Comic Book Shops)

  • This was discussed ON THE LIST and not in the transcript. James Fry did the actual design for Zonic The Zone Cop and not Spaz as some people have thought. Though he takes no responsibility for his coloring. ^_^

  • People on the list may know this, but some people off may not. Archie gets 100% profit from thier own books, but not on Sonic related ones. They have to pay them for the liscense. So they dont get a full profit even i it is thier biggest selling book.

  • More major news below in Chainspikes report! ^_^

    Source: Ken Penders Chat Transcript

  • The Sonic Anime to be on STARZ

    The Sonic Anime (English Dubbed Verson) is going to be on the STARZ cable channel and no I won't tape it for you... wait that's not the point of this...

    STARZ, Mon Mar 13 9:10AM
    STARZ, Thu Mar 16 5:20AM
    STARZ, Sun Mar 19 10:00AM
    STARZ, Mon Mar 20 4:15AM

    Cheaters Never Prosper !!!!

    So you think you can cheat on the poll and get away with it huh? >;O)

    Well several people brought it to my attention that things were looking rather inflated on two of the polls, so I did some checking and discovered that in my infinite wisdom - I forgot to turn the IP and Cookie Checker on for the polls :P

    At any rate - The polls have been changed to reflect the TRUE stats of it and the Sally and Amy one rebooted entirely for the simple fact that it had been inflated so much I couldnt even FIND the true stats anymore. :P Whoever was in the lead is STILL in the lead for the Devils Advocate Poll (Reflective of that answers original stats w/o inflation) but at least now its fair. If you've already voted then vote again, but this time you can't vote a second time. >:O)

    All polls close on March 18, 2000 at Midnight

    ***Wiggles finger at SegaSonic fans*** Shame Shame Shame! ^___^

    STC 176 released on Wednesday!

    Not much more to add. Be excited, be very excited - it's Sonic the Comic 176 and the title is apparently "What Price Victory?" Cool or what?

    Source: STC STEM

    SatAM on the Disney Channel in Asia

    We got this e-mail today from someone in Singapore:

    From Fred: I come all the way from Singapore, and rewcently my cable provider gave us 19 days of free Disney Channel, and on the Disney Channel WAS THAT GREAT SONIC THE HEDGEHOG CARTOON! So, in way your petition seemed to succeed...maybe in Asia! Weird, but it's better than nothing.

    Sonic Editorials: Methinks I Have Started Something...

    Two submitted editorials in one day? I don't even remember the last time that happened...Well now it seems my little editorial question has started something, now hasn't it. ^_^

    In response to Bumper's editorial on the rumors floating around of Rotor's robotization, which you can read below, Sonic fan Ian The Potto makes a rebuttal/response and takes a look at something that wasnt previously brought up before - the prospect of a small little scientist, named Nate Morgan. What role will he play? Click to source code see what Ian thinks.

    And as an added note, if this really is a good topic, as it seems to be, I'd like to hear from more of you all on it as well as the one mentioned in the Editorial Challenge. After all, thats what this is for. Send me some more editorials folks so I can get rebutalls and responses up. We've got a while before the next poll change. What are you waiting for! Get to it! ^__^

    Source: Rotor's Robotization - Round Two!!!

    This is kind of a cool item at Ebay

    It's a promo for Dreamcast and the poster itself is really huge. 37" X 49"!! The picture is to big to desplay here so you'll have to go here to view it. It's really a nice item!

    Typeface For The Masses

    Here's something to start your day off nice - A new Sonic font has been found!

    This font is based off of the logo of Sonic and Knuckles and while the lowecase only works in the font I can only assume that its an "unfinished" version and was still in the making.

    I have no idea who to credit for this, so if you are that person send me an email and tell me where I may have gotten it from as proof and I'll put your name up as a credit. Click the link below to download the "Sonic Title Font" and as an added bonus, the Sonic 3 font "Andes" for those that don't already have it....

    Font #1: "Sonic Title Font"
    Font #2: "Andes - Sonic 3 Font

    Sonic Editorials: The Rotor Rumor! Rotor's Robotization...

    A new editorial is here ! Today, Sonic fan Trevor "Bumper" Lake takes a look at the situation surrounding the rumor concerning Rotor's robotization. And he won't exactly be happy with the creatives types at Archie if it happens to be true...

    This editorial comes in part of our "Editorial Challenge" for this month. The current question in part with our polls asks:

    What do YOU think the Archie comics needs. If Rotor is roboticised will you read the comics anymore? For that matter, do you think another love triangle between Sonic and Sally and Amy would work? What are your opinions?

    Send in your opinions on this or anything in general and we'll put it up ASAP! Later guys! You can check out Bumpers editorial response on the link below:

    Source: Rotors Robotization ?!?

    Guess Whats Not Working Again? :O)

    The Sonic SatAM files! How ever did you guess? ^_^

    Here are a few miscellaneous notes and quips just to finish things off:

  • Sonic SatAM Files - Well I recently talked to Fishboy concerning the Sonic SatAM files and I found out the problem again, as many of you have pointed out - Action XTreme is gone. O.o So this time I'm gonna have to try and store them on this server and figure out once and for all why theyre not working on ours. I should know something by late today or tomorrow.

  • WB's Email - Vector pointed out to me last night that lately everyones been saying that they've had a heck of a time trying to get in contact with me. Well it seems that Hotmail has been bouncing certain messages from my personal account and I think I know why. So if you emailed me personally and I never responded within the last month (perhaps the last two) nine times out of ten it didn't get through. The same goes for my Outlook Express mail. I checked it last night and was flooded with over 50 messages...Something on my email accounts isnt working right and I'm working on getting a new email adress and cleaning out the Hotmail one to see if that will help, but until now please send any email directed to me concerning Sonic HQ through my Sonic HQ account at Kontek until I can give word otherwise. At least I can rely on it not bouncing messages back. Sorry about the confusion folks!


  • The WB Wannabe is Back and that Report Below is FAKE!

    Okay, I think it's pretty obvious after what Ben Hurst said that that report below is a fake and not by WB. The IPs are completely different as well and if I'm wrong, may my email be engulfed in flames.

    Nice try WB Wannabe, but we are not as stupid as you.

    Inserted WB note here - Thank you Sonique !!!

    This is WB from inside our internal CGI editor

    Its true - the post below is a fake, so please ignore it. The real SatAM news was posted by Chainspike much further below. However we will leave this news up as proof of harassment considering that this person ISP will be contacted shortly now that we have his IP number. Thanks Sonique and thank you Mr. Mystery Poster. You truly are a big idiot. ^__^

    SatAM Season Three a reality!

    We've been waiting for this for an AGE, and finally we can tell you that it's true - SatAM, after five years off the air, has been brought back for a third season! The new season will be shown on weekdays towards the end of this year. However if that's too far away, perhaps the prospect of the ENTIRE first two seasons of SatAM beings repeated on our screens this coming June may satisfy you!

    At present, I'm afraid there's no information concerning which channel it will be airing on, or anything else about it actually, but that's great news for us SatAM fans, as we've finally got what we wanted...

    Source: Ron's Mailing List

    Sonic SatAM News from TeamARTAIL/Ben Hurst

    Artie of Team Artail and the SatAM petition posted news about Ben Hurst's meeting. on his site today. He has heard from Ben Hurst, who gives some information regarding network TV. There is no actual success yet, but the most important part is that actual letters are more powerful, and he encourages fans to send letters to local network affiliates. Read the message here.

    Source: TeamARTAIL

    A Word Or Two About The Mystery Poster

    Hello all.

    Lately we have had two attacks on this newsboard by a person using the public poster to basically mar the names of myself and Zifei. Once when I was away getting my wisdom tooth taken care of and once yesterday. We have an idea of who it is, but basically this person is just a no life BS troll and we have effectively handled the situation.

    As a second note, I'd like to say that we knew the risks of putting a public posting CGI on our newsboard and thankfully no has ever abused it but this one person. We put the Public news CGI up so that Sonic fans in general can come in and feel free to add an update or two if they had things of interest to the Sonic community. Sort of a bulletin announcer of sorts since we can't keep up with EVERY happening in Sonic fandom. Since this is a one person doing, we will not do this, but if it ever gets to the point where people abuse this benefit, we will take it down. Remember - we put it up for you all to use to your advantage.

    And lastly to the cowardly immature troll who is doing this. I fully invite you to post again. Try it since you think we (Sonic HQ and Sonic Next) are stupid enough not to know who you are. You'll be in for a very nice surprise if you wanna risk it in the future. And that is that.

    If you find any posts here on the board that look out of the ordinary, please report them on the Mobius Forum or send email to me or Vector immediately.

    Sorry about this brief interlude, but it was something I needed to get straight about the news page in general. Now - for those that don't act nasty (99% of you) I'd like to say thank you. Its people like you that make doing this page worthwhile. Lets get on with the real news - shall we?


    Poll Position and Editorial Challenge!

    Guess who's updated todays polls! In todays area we have 3 new ones mainly focusing on Archie and SegaSonic. PLUS we're issuing an editorial challenge as well. More details afterwards.

    Devils Advocate Poll - Lately most tend to agree the Archie comic needs to have a shot in the arm. Playing Devils' Advocate - Out of these scenarios, What would you MOST LIKELY want to see happen in the Archie Comics. The higher the number of answers to a scenario, the more you wanna see it, the lower the number, the less you will want to. We urge you to add comments on this one!

    Sonic Love Poll - No biggie here. 2 names - 1 hedgehog: Sally Acorn and Amy Rose. Who deserves Sonic more? Who would Sonic go for more? This is your time to choose!

    Who Will Die... - Lets get morbid !! Rumors move quickly. Lately - Out of all these characters, its rumored that one of the Freedom Fighters may be roboticised or die in the distant future near Sonic #100 or as early as the late 80's, early 90's...Instead of asking who you think it is, we ask who you want it to be. Make a choice and then respond to the editorial challenge below.

    For this Month's Editorial Challenge: We ask the question, what do YOU think the Archie comics needs. If Rotor is roboticised will you read the comics anymore? For that matter, do you think another love triangle between Sonic and Sally and Amy would work? What are your opinions? Later guys. And we'll be posting results and editorials halfway into the month. ^_^

    Dreamcast Magazine Website Launches!

    Here's something to tickle your fancy. ^_^

    The official Sega Dreamcast magazine has launched its website. Hip hip hooray. Located on it will be information about the issues, news, reviews, previews and all that jazz. :O)

    Source: Official DC Mag

    Penders Chat Fall Down - Go Boom!

    Guess who's chatroom meeting exploded again? ^___^

    When asked whether there will be another chat meeting (#3) Mr. Penders had this to say:

    Bob and I are currently working with the ISP in order to correct this problem, now that we've learned the problem is on THEIR end. As soon as the matter is resolved, the online chat WILL be rescheduled. Stay tuned.

    Hopefully in the near future, third time will be the charm.

    Source: Ken Penders' Mesageboard

    Sonic VS Mecha Sonic - Mach 3: Round 1 - FIGHT!

    Westfields released the large color version of Sonic 85. Coolness.

    Now that we can decipher the cover from its black and white phase, it seems Spaz has made it a riff of Marvel VS Capcom. ^_^ Interesting take though. While the previews state that its Silver Sonic, it looks like Archie had a change of heart and retitled him Mecha Sonic Mach 3 before release. Mach 1 being issue #25, Mach 2 being Sonic himself in the "Mecha Madness" arc, and Mach 3 being after the SA adaption. It maakes more sense this way - but whats with all the Machs lately?

    Spoilers are in the previous post below for those who missed it. Click the cover to see the larger version of the thumbnail.

    Something Sorta Super

    Missing a few Sonic Super Specials? Don't have any? Want some extra ones? Try getting ALL 18 of them ! O.o A seller named Shelley Crabtree has placed all 18 Sonic Super Specials up for Yahoo auction. Hurry and bid if you want them!

    Source: Yahoo SSS Auction

    This is a Test

    This is a test of the Emergency CGI system. If this had been an actual emergency you would have been instructed to slap Vector with a mildly wet trout. ^___^ Just doing the weekly testing of the CGI, folks - Later! ^_^ WB

    Other-M Fan Comic

    This info is from Ian The Potto.

    Sonic Hype of the Sonic HQ is not the only fan-comic that's on the horizon.
    The Sonic Zone is now hosting the upcoming comic Other-M.
    While no release date for issue #1 is set, it is hoped that Other-M #1 will be published some time in March

    Ian the Potto

    Sonic the...Store?

    According to "", there is a Sonic the Hedgehog-only store!

    Yet another instance of "Why isn't this in America!?" graces the IGNDC update. Today's topic of much disgust among American gamers concerns Sonic Team's announcement of a new Sonic Fashion Specialty Shop, housed in the south pavilion of Nagoy'as Matsuzakaya department store. On offer are all sorts of Sonic goodies, including t-shirts, jackets, pants, skate boards, and so forth. This store seems to function similar in style to Sega's specialty Sakura Wars store, only it focuses on the fabulous blue hedgehog. Check out the shots below of the shop, and if you're in Japan, you owe it to American everywhere to stock up on every single Sonic item in the place. Hmm . . . isn't Sonic more popular in America?


    Sonic Adventure 2 News

    This Comes from "Segaweb". is saying that Sonic Adventure 2, the Sonic sequel everyone's hoping for, will be announced soon, unveiled at E3, and hit the US by Christmas. All very exciting, except of course that SegaWeb already reported this strongly-hinted-at rumor some time ago.


    SHQ Exclusive: A New Sonic PC Port?!? - The Sonic Speed Pack

    I have no idea how long this has been out, but it has to have been fairly recent as I've never viewed it before anywhere else nor had I heard of it. While I was in Wal-Mart yesterday in the computer aisle searching for a mouse pad, I came across what looks to be a new Sonic PC port! ^_^

    Entitled the "Sonic Speed Pack" it contained BOTH Sonic R and the Sega Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast. Sega had released separate versions of these games before on PC, but this was my first time seeing them together in one package. I'll try to post more info on it as well as an image of the box art when I get a chance to buy it for my personal collection later.

    SoUnd back in the UK!

    After being missing from our screens for more than six months, Sonic Underground is about to return to the UK. A new run begins this Saturday (not Sunday this time) on Carlton (ITV) at about 8:10. Be there and be square... eyed! =)

    Sonic Team News: Play It Again, Samba !!!

    Sonic Team's wacky interpreation of the music genre will be coming to Dreamcast. After a successful run in the arcades, Samba de Amigo will be hitting stores April 27th. In Samba de Amigo gamers must use maraca shaped controllers to keep up with the beat of the music. All together very colorful with vibrant graphics inline with Sonic Team's trend, no word on a US version just yet.

    Source: Sega X

    Less than 24 hours to live.. I mean.. to sign

    Only one more day til Ben Hurst's meeting with the executive at Dic in which he'll propose the 3 options for SatAM:

    Pick the series up

    Do the third season as direct to video

    A film

    The more signatures we have the better the chances of getting the show back. Please, I beg you to sign and spread the word if you have not. If you have, thank you now please tell others.

    Sonic SatAM Petition @

    A Public Sevice Announcement on behalf of WB

    It appears that there`s been some confusion over a post made on this board earlier today

    It appears that there`s been some confusion over a post made on this board earlier today.


    Brilliant news concerning sale of the Archie Sonic comic (you know, the crap one)

    And allegedly written by WB, the post went on to make some very derofgatory comments about both the Archie comic, its fans, the HQ, SonicNEXT and Sonic fans in general. A quick investigation into the HTML source found that the post was not in fact written by WB at all, but someone who signed themselves as:

    (really an old friend... if you haven't worked it out by now, you're bibbling idiots!)

    The _REAL_ WB had this to say on the matter:

    "I need someone to post on the news CGI using the public posting thing that it was a fake and explain where I am and what I am doing (x ray, wisdom teeth, surgery, all that). I hate I don`t have the original so I could compare IP numbers and prove it.. But luckily the CGI screw up saved my name... I'll handle the matter when I get back."

    "My hotmail box was flooded with comments."

    So sincere apologies are owed all round from WB and the staff as a whole to anyone offended by that post, but it seems as though someone deliberately misused the newsboard`s open CGI format to blacken the names of both the HQ and WB.

    The HQ staff are currently investigating.

    The T.O.S.U.P. Project

    Within a wirlwind of news centering around the cancelling of SU, and the uprising of the SatAM petition, I bring SU fans a ray of hope: The T.O.S.U.P. Project (The Online Sonic Underground Petition). Click the banner below to sign the petition to bring back SU!!!

    Save Our Princess Sonia!

    A Super Sonic Destiny

    It seems that ASSD is to be no more. This fan made Sonic cartoon looked very promising. The artwork was very good and the same goes for the animation. If you were able to at least see the 2 min. preview they had, you would of seen what I mean. A explaination on why this project is being stopped will be given on the ASSD web site in a day or 2. So, give these guys a friendly send off, please sign their guestbook. And hurry, their site might not be around much longer. Hard work shouldn't go unnoticed.

    ASSD Web Site

    Attention SatAM Fans! - Good News, Very Bad News, Great News, Best News!

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    OK all of you fans of Sonic SAT AM - this is a lot to inhale and its HUGE so bear with me:

    Good News - Our Sonic SatAM files are FINALLY back to working! Believe me, we've been gettng the request to find out what was wrong with them OVER AND OVER so if you sent and mail and didnt hear back from us (it was probably because we were sick and tired after trying to figure out what was wrong with them), but we found out the problem and you would not BELIEVE the stupidity that caused us to get it wrong no matter how many times we uploaded and reuploaded....

    We got the names of the files wrong for every one...

    Instead of .rm, it should have read .ram. Chalk us up for the stupid meter folks - we goofed. Sorry. Anyways - I tested it in two different spots here on campus and I had no problems whatsoever. So that means that you should be able to download:

  • Sonic SatAM files
  • AoSTH Intro (Files available on
  • Sonic Anime Cutscenes
  • Sonic Jam CGI Anime
  • Sonic CD Anime Cutscenes

    Download it the regular way and you should have no problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Source: Sonic HQ Cartoon Downloads

    Bad News - Ladies and gentlemen, the Sonic Stuff SatAM Petition is no more. This petition, which has been around since early last year literally gathered almost over a 1000 names. But sadly it has gone. The owner of the petition Sonin has had to balance out a lot of things in his life, one of which involved the moving and changing of his site. However the problem came up that the MIVA script that held the petition up was only hosted by simplenet. If the site moved and changed - the script could NOT. Meaning that no names could be transfered over to a new script and a new site would not be able to previously take over that script. Such are the problems with MIVA's.

    He only had a limited amount of time to find an alternative and unfortunately - in a situation like that: There are none. So the SonicStuff SatAM petition is no more.

    Source: Sonic Stuff

    Great News - The Sonic Stuff petition is no more, but the Artail petition is still here! How does this work? Originally Artie (webmaster of Team Artail) would take the petition if something were to happen to Sonin's. Even though the MIVA script screwed everyone over, the PETITION ITSELF has now found a new home, with that of Team Artail. So while we HAVE lost the entire past petition we will have to build from the ground up with a new one. Artie has put a lot of work into this one folks - so what we need you to do is this: If you have already signed the petition SIGN IT AGAIN! We know its a hassle but we as a fandom and regular visitors need to rebuild the base number of people as high as we can so we can get it back to its previous status IF NOT higher. Normally I've never been this adamant about petitions (in fact I was pretty sick of them at one point) but this one has good reason for going back up:

    Best News - Ben Hurst (primary writer of the Second Season of SatAM) WILL be having a meeting with DiC Animation. While I was talking to Artie last night about the situation, this is what he told me from an email from Mr. Hurst:

    My first meeting in the process of Satam Season III, in whatever incarnation I can pull off - will be with an executive at DiC next Tuesday, the 29th.

    Our guess is that when he meets he is going to mention the online petition. With Sonic Stuff's petition gone, Artie's petition may be what we need to get this sucker boosted, but we only have a few days to do it and WE NEED THE SIGNATURES. So far we have 80. SoNin's was literrally over a thousand. Get it out by word of mouth - announce it on mailing lists, tell your friends and put the banner on your page! Promote this petition folks! We need to have something good to report back to you by Next Tuesday. If you would like to link to this petition from your web page, you can use the following banner for it (HTML code provided for copy & paste). This code will even make it open in a new window so your visitors don't have to leave your page!

    Sonic SatAM Petition @
    Sonic SatAM Petition @

    Thats it folks. Get to signing! And don't forget - WORD OF MOUTH! ^__^

    Source: Team Artail Petition courtesy Mike Reyes (Artie)

  • Totally Off Topic - Attention Japanese Anime Fans! ^_^

    Yeah - I know this is off topic and YES I do encourage NOT posting off topic, but this just got me giddy! ^___^

    Are you a fan of Japanese anime? Or more specifically are you a fan of "The Slayers" - The anime created by Japanese artists H. Kanzaka/R. Araizumi featuring Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, and thier partners in crime Amelia and Zelgadis! Well if so - REJOICE! The third and (so far) final installment of the series "The Slayers Try" will be available by Pre Order Date - April 10th. By Street Date - May 9th!

    And all I have to say is ITS ABOUT DARN TIME. ^__^

    The Slayers Try: Majestic Journey
    Price - 19.95
    Availabilty: Subbed and Dubbed Versions

    New from Software Sculptors! In search of fame, fortune, and foreign food, Lina Inverse sets sail for the new world! Just who told her idiot companion he could steer? After the ship capsizes magnificently, Lina and friends scarcely have time to enjoy a decent meal before they're faced with a horde of demons and beast men. Feels like home already... Also available in English language dialogue (dubbed) format.

    Source: Software Sculptors and Inverse.Org

    Sonic the Comic 175 -- "The Coming of Chaos"

    Or the coming of Kitching. :)

    Cover: Richard Elson & John M Burns
    Sonic leaps into action with Johnny, Porker, Tails and new-look Amy in tow. Impressive.

    Script: Nigel Kitching; Art: Richard Elson; Lettering: Ellie De'Ville
    Continues where GAME OVER left of - Sonic and the gang take a break from trying to find Robotnik when they find a creature called Chaos terrorising Metropolis City. But things soon get out of hand...

    KNUCKLES: Carnival Night Conspiracy (Part 4)
    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Richard Elson - Lettering: Elitta Fell)

    TAILS: Fox on the Run (Part 1)
    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Carl Flint - Colouring: Mike Hadley - Lettering: Steve Potter)

    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Roberto Corana - Lettering: Steve Potter)

    Speedlines is cut, but there's details about the new-look STC coming next issue... along with a new look Sonic! (And you really, REALLY want to get this comic to find out how Sonic gets his new look!!)

    Chu Chu Rocket only $30!

    Right now, most stores and online stores state the price of Sonic Team's new game, Chu Chu Rocket at $30, instead of Sega's usual $40-$50 dollar price range. As some of you would know, Chu Chu Rocket cost $50 in Japan, but that was for a copy of the game and a "Chu Chu Edition" DC controller. Remember, Chu Chu is the first online DC game in America!

    A Blockbuster Vote !!!

    Sonic Adventure has been nominated for Best Dreamcast Game! Other contenders are: NBA 2K, NFL 2K, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Sega Bass Fishing, and Soul Calibur. VOTE for SA. You KNOW you want to ^___^

    Click the link below to vote for it.

    Source: Blockbuster Entertainment Awards

    Interview With Benjamin Hurst

    The owner of Sonic Stuff will be conducting an interview with the great Ben Hurst himself!!!! Writer of almost the whole second season of SatAM including the wicked DOOMSDAY PROJECT! That is so cool! Anyway, go to that page and send in your quesitons to SoNiN and he'll ask Ben Hurst for you.

    WOW, Ben Hurst WHOO HOOO!!

    Editors' Note - Excuse her folks. She's a wee bit giddy. ^__^ - WB

    Chance for Sonic Party after all?

    Well, I was really skeptic hearing about "Sonic Party" from a website which lists games like "Hello Kitty in Quake III Land" as a game coming in 2000. But, I changed my mind when I read in The Official Dreamcast Magazine. It lists it as a semi-rumor- maybe some truth after all? I hope so!

    Sonic Pocket Adventure Review!

    Sega X has given a pretty decent review of NGPC's Sonic Pocket Adventure! In it, reviewer Neil Turner goes through stages, batteries, trial modes, bonus rooms, etc, etc!

    Check out the source code below to read the review!

    Source: Sega X

    SatAM Petition Recieves Downtime

    For all you Sonic SatAM junkies out there - I recently had a chance to talk to SoNIN, owner of the SatAM Petition about some stuff concerning it. He asked me to inform people that he is moving the Nine Inch Nails portion of his website. The problem here is that although his Sonic site will remain in the same place, the SatAM petition cannot due to the MIVA script hosted on Simplenet. Therefore, the petition will be moving at the earliest convenience, but it will most likely experience downtime where it will dissapear for a while. Rather, he will be in discussion with Artie, webmaster of TeamArtail, who says may be able to get the package.

    So, for now, it's all renovations. For those interested - stay tuned in the next couple of weeks to find out when he'll inform me of the new addresses and other stuff.

    Dan Drazen: Sonic The Hedgehog #81 - Review With Spoilers

    Titles: "City Of Dreams"
    "All You Need Is A Bit Of Chaos"
    "A Rose Plucked"

    Written By: Karl Bollers And Ken Penders
    Pencils: James Fry (Breakdowns), Nelson Ribiero (Finishes), Steven Butler, Chris Allan
    Inkers: Andrew Pepoy, Harvo, and Pam Eklund

    Dan Drazen has released his newest review of the latest Sonic comic #81 - viewable at the link below. The second part of the Sonic Adventure adaption, it doesnt exactly get glowing reviews for a lot of errors and duly pointed mishaps. Click the link below to read

    Source: Sonic #81 Review

    Ken Penders To Host Second Online Chat!

    Ken Penders recently announced on his page that he will be in his chat room to host a second online chat. He tried one before but his chat service went a little askew... ^_^

    Okay, gang! If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. My first chat ended up being quite the disaster, in that we weren't prepared for the system overload we experienced. However, my tech guru Bob went through everything with a fine tooth-comb and gave the thumbs up for another go at it.

    So here's the deal...

    Everyone's invited to my chatroom on Wednesday, March 1, 2000 at 8:00 PM EST, where I'll be discussing all things SONIC and LOST ONES, and maybe a few other relevant topics as well. So bring your questions and we'll have some fun.

    I'll be online for at least an hour, and possibly longer depending how well everything is going. Hope to see you there.

    Source: Ken Penders' Message Board

    Sonic Hype Now At Sonic HQ!

    For those of you who keep up with the Sonic fancomics and fan art, Sonic Hype, a project thats been in the works for a while, is now hosted here at SHQ. With writer SonIxe and web designer and artist Ian J. Flicky, SH consists of the popular and talented Sonic fan artists and fanfic writers including:

  • Noelle "T2" Carballo - artist
  • Ian the Potto - writer
  • Ian J. Flicky - artist,webpage
  • Fox-Li Swift - artist
  • Rina Cat - artist
  • SharpKnux - artist
  • DaneHog - letterer
  • NeoCat - artist
  • RAF - artist
  • Anime Abys - artist
  • Sarah-Le - artist
  • Tony "Asudeum Hedgehog" Nguyen - artist
  • RealLoneWolf (Rommy Wolf) -writer

    Right now, everything is pretty much bare bones. But thier page is viewable in the link below. If you have any questions, be sure to send them to the SH Forum and ask for Ixe and Ian. Also available via link below. When SHQ's new forums are up look for a Sonic Hype forum to be available there as well. Laters. ^_^

    Source: Sonic Hype
    Questions: Sonic Hype Forum (Temporary)

  • Whatever Happened To Scott Shaw?

    Thanks to Bumper for reporting this.

    Few people may remember this - but Scott Shaw was the very first artist for the Archie Comics version of Sonic The Hedgehog. So what has Mr. Shaw been up to since he left Archie so many years ago? Well this is what he had to say recently in reference to one of his latest projects - the possible ressurection of DC Comics's Furry old days superhero "Captain Carrot":

    I just wanted to check in and thank everyone for the interest in CAPTAIN CARROT AND HIS AMAZING ZOO CREW! I realize the series is fairly obscure (and myself even moreso) but the amount of effort and care that went into this site is impressive! (Refferring to the Captain Carrot website)

    I've drawn and inked the page for WORLD'S FUNNEST; it looks like a terrific comic (as are most things from the mind of Evan Dorkin.) And Captain Carrot fans might want to check out Comic Book Resources in the near future, specifically Gail's weekly "YOU'LL ALL BE SORRY!" column. As for more substantial appearances of the Zoo Crew, you never know...nothing is definite, but our favorite superhero funny animals may not be confined to the back-issue boxes forever! (Although it's certainly true that the "Year Of The Rabbit" miniseries presentation I showed to DC never found a home there...) And no offense intended to the Brothers Grinn's work, but if there's ever a new CAPTAIN CARROT project, as 10% owner of the property (and its co-creator), I'm gonna be the one to draw it!

    In the meantime, I've been working on more Pebbles cereal commercials (featuring the Flintstones), Alpha-Bits cereal commercials, Cartoon Network giveaway posters (cereal premiums) featuring the Flintstones and Scooby-Doo, cereal print ads for comic books and magazines and a ton of back-up stories for THE SIMPSONS COMICS (writing and drawing); I'm also writing a bunch of stories for the upcoming BART SIMPSON COMICS, also from Bongo.

    No word on Sonic projects sadly, but we'll keep you updated if we find anything out. Its good to know the dude's still very busy after not hearing from him in Sonic fandom for years ^_^

    An Old Favourite is Reborn!

    Today is a bittersweet day for sonic fans world wide for today an old site is reborn but not of its original creator...For today as the torch is passed to a new generation. We say farewell to Andre Dirk, owner of the popular Secrets Of Sonic the Hedgehog website...Andre, Secrets of Sonic was a great site while you were running it and you deserve a lot of respect for the work you did. Thanks for everything Andre and farewell, good luck to you in everything you pursue. You will be missed but never be forgotten....

    SoStH will be now Maintained by Knuckles the Echidna, who also runs the Ice Cap Zone on Practically everything that was in the original SoStH is there, from the design, to the much missed Sonic Hoaxes!

    Source: SoStH : The Original!

    Sonic #85 - Preview Spoilers: The Return Of Silver Sonic!

    Title: "The Big Payback"

    Written By: Karl Bollers And Ken Penders
    Pencils: Ron Lim
    Inkers: Andrew Pepoy

    Doc Robotnik is furious by Sonic's victory over "Perfect Chaos," so he sics Silver Sonic II on the blue blur - right as the Freedom prepare to depart the Hidden City. Joining the battle, Sonic's friends find trying to beat Silver Sonic II in hand-to-hand combat is impossible - only Sonic can withstand Silver Sonic II's blows. The battle is furious, with repercussions sure to impact the future of the Freedom Fighters! What lies in store for our fearless heroes, and is there a way to defeat the juggernaut that is Silver Sonic II?

    Quite interesting. This is the first issue to take place after the adaption with an original story, so it seems Mr. Bollers is utilising the Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic drones in the glass tubes of the Egg Carrier. Question I wonder about is why isn't he using Metal Sonic? Ah well - guess we'll have to wait to find out. Nice to see Silver Sonic again though - LONG LONG time no see....

    IGN Interviews Sonic TEAM

    Mobius TetherBlood is back on the pages of the news section filling you, once again, in with the latest news around the web.

    IGNDC interviewed Yuji Naka during the 1st SEGA Dreamcast Championships. You can read the interview from here.

    Source IGNDC

    Sega Breaks A Million Again!

    Time to party-- online that is. Sega Enterprises announced today that its worldwide on-line user-base has broken its first milestone of one million registered subscribers. Japan leads with just over half a million, followed by North America breaking 280,000, and finally Europe close behind with exactly two hundred thousand. What is quiet impressive is the number for Europe. With less time on the market, and fewer consoles in ciculation when compared to the United States, Sega of Europe has still managed to sign on almost as many on-line users, even though the US has 1.5 million Dreamcast owners, overall. Good job Europe.

    Source: Sega X

    Sonic Adventure Series 2 Figures!

    ReSaurus has given us an advanced look at Sonic Adventure Series 2 figures. Along with the figures, Sega is set to release a sequel to their hit Sonic Adventure game in December of 2000 for the Dreamcast. There is no further word as yet on the possibility of more 11" rotocast figures, such as the just released 11" Sonic, which you can find in any toy or video game shop or some retail places like Media Play or Best Buy (if you look hard enough ^_^).

    The first series of ReSaurus' Sonic Adventure action figures have been performing very well at retail. RTM is pleased to share this first look at the second series of Sonic Adventure action figures - which include:

  • Sonic The Hedgehog - On Ski Accesorries (White Base "Sonic Laughing")
  • Big The Cat (Yellow Base)
  • Amy Rose (Blue Base)
  • E-102 Gamma (Gray Base Base)

    Overall the toys look pretty cool, but I'm most impressed with the E-102 Gamma toy seen on the right. There was a LOT of detail put into that figure...Big looks a bit creepy (^__^) and they need to do some work on those bases. The colors a litle gaudy, but that may just be the picture quality. But otherwise it looks pretty cool.

    The Toy Island Line is coming along fairly nice as well. Most impressive is thier 5" Dr. Robotnik figure shown to the left.

    Didja hear that? Sonic Adventure 2 this December!
    Thanks to Conekiller for this news.

    Click HERE to view the Toy Island line.
    Click HERE to view the Resaurus line.

  • Sonic Party!?

    Well, this is interesting. Jtanner e-mailed me and told me about "Sonic Party," which is listed as a title on the Release Dates page of "Cheat Codes Central." Keep in mind that this is still a rumor, as sites mentioned title names such as "Sonic RPG" on their release dates pages before. I should also mention that Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS 2 are also on the list.

    If this game is anything like Maio Party, then it could be a great fit for the Dreamcast's online capabilities!

    Source: Cheat Code Central

    Sonic Adventure STILL in Top Ten!

    In a stunning show of force on the North American sales chart data supplied by NPD TRSTS Videogame Service during the week of January 20th through February 5th, Sega of America's Crazy Taxi debuted as the number one best selling interactive software title, which includes both PC and Videogames. Sonic Adventure ranks in at #6.

    The competition it trampled on included such heavy hitters as Gran Turismo 2, Mario Party 2, Donkey Kong 64, The Sims (which also debuted that week), and every single Pokemon game for all platforms.

    As far as Videogame-only charts are concerned, Eidos Interactive's Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for the Dreamcast also had a good week, as it remained in the Top 25 with a showing at number 23. As for the rest of the Dreamcast games, the Top 10 for the console is as follows:

    1. Crazy Taxi (Sega of America)
    2. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Eidos)
    3. Zombie Revenge (Sega of America)
    4. NFL 2K (Sega of America)
    5. NBA 2K (Sega of America)
    6. Sonic Adventure (Sega of America)
    7. Sega Bass Fishing (Sega of America)
    8. WWF Attitude (Acclaim)
    9. Soul Calibur (Namco)
    10. Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense (Activision).

    Source: Sega X

    Vintage STC For Sale And Trade

    This message was just posted on the STC Mailing List courtesy of Selena ( If you are interested in trading or buying STC Comic books please contact the person below. A link to her page has been placed in the source:

    Hiya STCs for sale or trade or auction...see how good I am at this kind of thing? Anyway, they're all here:

    Some of the small pictures dont work as yet, but I'm slowly sorting the matter. If you click them, you'll see the cover in it's full glory, despite the thumbnail not working. Sorry about the astronomical load time...but I spent over 2 hours scanning them, over an hour resizing and sorting them and over another two hours uploading, resizing, downloading, sticking onto webpage, complaining with xoom and killing the PC. I just dont have any more strength to sort it out right now :P Just a quick glimpse, anyway. And no, the page is not staying like that. I dont like the colour scheme / layout /'d be good for a My little Pony page, but it just doesn't say "Sonic" to me :)

    Source: STC Mailing List, Nack's Stash

    SOA Aspiring For 6 Million?

    All of those worried on Dreamcast's success can take stock in a little bit of optimism tonight. Current projects of consoles sold-through (which means consoles in the possession of consumers) will top six million by 2001. In the press release, Chris Belfield, director of marketing communications at SOA said that through "programs and marketing" the company would combat the PS2 and Dolphin in coming months.

    Furthermore, Sega of America is very optimstic that the six million number will be attainable by next year. For instance, they sight the fact Dreamcast will be the only console to allow out-of-the-box on-line gaming and e-mail opportunities. "This will be a fully sustainable business model and provide for a healthy revenue stream," Mr. Bellfield also said.

    Source: Sega X

    The Death Of A Great Man. Farewell Charlie Brown

    Sad news today folks. We take this time out in the Sonic newswire to tell you that Charles Schultz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Schroeder, Linus, Lucy, and a host of characters that have been in American culture since its heyday has passed away at the age of 77.

    Mr. Schultz died, ironically, on the eve of his final Peanuts announced a while ago. In his final strip, showing Snoopy seated on top of his doghouse in his role as a writer who invariably starts his stories ``It was a dark and stormy night...''

    Other scenes in the panel recall typical situations from the cartoon -- Snoopy as a famous World War One fighter pilot, Snoopy making a grab for Linus's security blanket, Lucy snatching a football away as Charlie Brown tries to kick it, Lucy staffing her psychiatry stall, and Woodstock operating a Zamboni on a frozen bird bath.

    In a farewell message printed in the strip, Schulz said: ``I have been grateful over the years for the loyalty of our editors and the wonderful support and love expressed to me by fans of the comic strip .... Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy ... how can I ever forget them...''

    ``Why do musicians compose symphonies and poets write poems?'' he once said. ``They do it because life wouldn't have any meaning for them if they didn't. That's why I draw cartoons. It's my life.''

    Ironic, yet poetic and poignant, he always said that his strip would die only when he died. It was as if he wrote his own death. And with him goes that Good Ol' loser Charlie Brown.

    Farewell Charles Schultz - the cartoon and comics world mourns its loss. Happiness truly is a warm puppy...

    The Final Strip:

    Sonic Team Interview - Sonic Championships!

    The First-Annual Sega Dreamcast Championships, which contained a host of Sega's gaming heroes, including the legendary Yuji Naka were held a while ago. IGN DC had a chance to chat with Naka-san about the contest, Chu Chu, and of course, Phantasy Star Online. Click on the picture above to hear what he had to say!

    Source: IGN DC - Yuji Naka Interview

    Sonic Team - Chu Chu Cachoo !!! Play Against Sonic Team!

    IGN DC has officially gotten a truckload of Chu Chu Rocket info! First off, Sega has officially confirmed a Chu Chu Rocket Online Tournament which points to the future of Sega's plans for the Dreamcast Network, and will give gamers a chance to play against a host of Sega's finest, from the Marketing Department to Sonic Team themselves! IGN found this little tidbit in Chu Chu's Network area, which among other areas, had an "Events" section, which gave them a glimpse at the contest plans. Here's the skinny:

    On March 25th, Sega will go toe-to-toe with gamers from across the nation during an all-day tournament against several groups from Sega HQ. Here's a breakdown of the day's contestants:

    9-12:00pm: Sega Test
    12-2:00pm: Sonic Team USA
    2-4:00pm: Chu Chu Rocket Team
    4-6:00pm: Dreamcast Network Team
    6-8:00pm: Sega Marketing
    8-11:00pm: Sega Test II

    And as an added bonus IGN has also placed a nifty little article which theyve played CCR using Sega's new online America network. Viewable here!

    Source: IGN DC

    Tales From the Crypt Back-Still a little hope for SatAM?

    Well, this probably belongs on the Forum, but here it goes: Tales from the Crypt, the cartoon show (not the live action) is back on Saturday Morning TV. Why is this Sonic related? You might remember that Tales from the Crypt was part of ABC's Saturday line-up, along with Sonic SatAM. Tales from the Crypt even has new episodes! Geez, if that show can get back on the air, Sonic could easily....


    The Sega Sonic Poll
    Will you be buying a Neo Geo Pocket Color for the release of the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure?
    Yes (129)


    No (106)


    Undecided (112)


    Total Votes: 347

    The Sonic Cartoon Poll
    What Sonic continuity would you most like to see in a cartoon?
    Archie Sonic - based on the comic universe, basically a loose SatAM Season 3 (305)


    Sega Sonic - A cartoon based on the SegaSonic universe, previous exploits up to current SA (109)


    Sonic Adventure- A Sonic Adventure themed anime series based on SA and upwards with no previous SegaSonic material (207)


    A second season of Sonic Underground (43)


    A revamping of Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog (31)


    Total Votes: 695

    The Archie Sonic Poll
    What Sonic Villian would you like to see Archie use more of in the comic series?
    Nack The Weasel (70)


    Metal Sonic (279)


    Evil Sonic And The Anti-Freedom Fighters (58)


    Ixis Naugus (15)


    Mammoth Mogul And The Fearsome Foursome (28)


    Scratch And Grounder ^_^ (70)


    Total Votes: 520

    The Sonic Pocket Poll seems pretty even, which should be expected, since it involves nuying a new system. In the Cartoon poll, SatAM seems to be about tied with the 2 Sega-based options. In the Comics poll, Metal Sonic wins by a landslide. What is interesting is that Scratch and Grounder got a tie for 2nd with Nack!

    Sonic Underground Canned Again

    I was just at and found out by their schedule, Sonic Underground is no longer a part of SciFi! I checked everywhere and as far as I could see, the last episode will air Thursday, February 18.
    This may be a good break for the SatAM to return, especially if SU keeps on going like this. It's not on in Australia, UK or on SciFi anymore. All I can say it, it's about time.

    Ben Hurst: I'll not give up until there is no hope left at all.

    I wrote an email to Ben Hurst about whether or not it's true he's trying to get a SatAM third season on the air and he wrote back to me saying this:

    Yes, I'm trying to see if I can get the third season done in one form or another....

    ...I'm working on a contact at DIC to set up a meeting for me with a representitive from Sega. There are a lot of bureaucratic hurdles to jump through and the wheels grind slow in animation, so it might take awhile, but I'll not give up until there is no hope left at all.

    I appreciate all the people who love Sonic as much as I do and thank you for your correspondence.

    Take care,

    Isn't he great folks??? :)

    Sonic the Comic 174 -- "GAME OVER part 2"

    STC 174 is released TODAY! And it's fantastic, too...

    Cover: Richard Elson & John Burns.
    Recognisable partly for the stunning picture of Robotnik holding Sonic, but also for the 'Free Super-Sonic Space Spinner' things on the front. Quite how it works, what the point of it is or how it relates to Sonic (apart from the image on them) I won't even begin to try and guess. Don't forget the two pages of Speedlines in there. :)

    GAME OVER (Part Two)
    (Script: Lew Stringer - Art: Richard Elson - Lettering: Ellie De'Ville)
    The conclusion to the four-issue saga with Robotnik planning to try and destroy Mobius. Knuckles and Tails lead the Emerald Hill people away from the dead Emerald Hill Zone. The mega-charged Robotnik faces off against Sonic, Amy, Shortfuse, Tekno and Grimer.

    KNUCKLES: Carnival Night Conspiracy (Part 2)
    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Richard Elson - Lettering: Elitta Fell)

    TAILS: The Land Beyond (Part 3)
    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Dave Windett & John M Burns - Lettering: Steve Potter)

    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: Day of the Death Egg
    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Richard Elson - Lettering: Ellie De'Ville)

    More info (i.e. a review and probably a cover scan) will be coming to STC: STEM soon.


    Sega Dreamcast Championships

    Last Saturday, Sega fans, Sonic masters, various members of Sonic Team, and a host of celebrities gathered at Sega Gameworks in Las Vegas for the first annual "Dreamcast Championships." Before the night was over, one of four Sonic fanatics would be deemed best Sonic player in the nation, pick up a check for $15,000, and get a photo op with Sonic Team's own Yuji Naka. Everyone in attendance would party hearty, though, with free arcade games aplenty, and 311 rocking the night away (well, until 2:00AM, at least).

    Click HERE for the full story.

    Sonic #84 Spoiler

    Written by Ken Penders, art by Steven Butler and Pam Eklund.

    "Perfect Chaos." As Super Sonic battles Perfect Chaos, Knuckles and the Freedom Fighters do whatever they can to save those in danger from the raging waters. With Super Sonic weakening, the heroes' only hope is to get the generator - which is underwater and buried under tons of rubble. Can they reverse the damage and save Super Sonic, or is everyone doomed? Even if they reach the generation, are they prepared for any ramifications their actions might cause?

    32 pages, $1.99, ships on April 21.

    Source: tSf.

    SSRG Hacked

    In something that one can find to be incredibly ironic, the SSRG was not available yesterday; in fact, it was pointing to a very offensive picture. The problem, according to the webmaster of ZTNet, was this:

    DNS has a primary and secondary (and even additional servers) that contain information on how a site is accessed. On the domains listed above, (ZTNet's)secondary DNS was in control by (another) DNS server. (We're keeping this server censored because of appropriateness.) The webmaster there had brought this to my attention some time ago, and it was put on the back burner as I did not realize how important secondary DNS was. He finally got fed up with the many DNS requests being sent to his servers, that he decided to intercept them, and direct them to his webserver, and consequently redirect those HTTP requests to offensive material. In short, due to my lack of taking care of this DNS issue earlier, and to the acts of the webmaster, a portion of your visitors were redirected to offensive material for approximatley 12-14 hours.

    So, why did just the SSRG point to the offensive picture and not the entire Emulation Zone? Because of that secondary DNS, where SSRG's site access address was. Right now, you still can not access the SSRG, as it currently points to ZTnet, and when the SSRG will be back up and running is a question we can not answer right now. But stay here for the latest.

    Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Sales

    Here are the sales generated from Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics:

    Total average monthly circulation number: 133,908
    Newsstand monthly sales average: 40,716
    Monthly subscription average: 5,338
    Comic stores/direct market monthly average: 46,054
    Others (free give aways, print testing): around 1,000 Source: SoNiN of The Sonic Foundation

    350,000 Hits!

    I'm putting some info up in the Time Capsule about the 350,00th hit. Brian Sapinski got the 350,000th hit on February 1st.

    More "Sonic Party" News

    This "Sonic Party" News comes from the Dreamcast Magazine's website.

    Sega of America let slip this exclusive shot of its forthcoming Mario-party style Sonic game, Sonic Party. According to sources from within SOA, the game will feature a more adult Sonic, who 'boozes, schmoozes and cruises' his way through the game, which it described as a new genre, the 'party sim'. Our sources also report that during this latest outing, Sonic kicks ten balls of fur out of Tails ('he was looking at me'), fails numerous times to get Amy's phone number, and tells Big the Cat that Sega plans to get him 'fixed' along with the office kitten next week, before throwing up on Doctor Robotnik and slurring the phrase 'you'd all be nothing without me. Nothing! Do you hear me? NO-THING!'. He then jumps into his Porsche and promptly wraps it around the nearest lamppost. And that's just the intro. Expect a Spring Break release.

    Hmm, seems....different. My guess is they're lying. ^__^

    Source: ""

    Chu Chu Rocket Demo

    Chu Chu Rocket is available to play in demo form, ON YOUR COMPUTER.It uses Shockwave. Go check out this link! Chu Chu Rocket It's in Japanese, so here's how you play: If you didn't know, you have to guide the mice (Chu's) into the rockets. To do so, you must place an arrow square on the right area. When you do that, press "Enter" to make the mice go! You must put the arrow in the right place to get them into the rockets. To take back something you might have done, press "Spacebar" (If you do it too many times, the game restarts). The game is incredibly addictive! Good luck, and watch out for Chu Chu Rocket this MARCH!

    STJR News

    Sonic Team Junior has opened up their new MOD archives page. This is mainly for add-on levels to SRB 2, plus Skins, Textures, Sounds and more. The location is at STJR's old site, which is here.

    Doomsday Project W/out Cut-Outs on the Net!

    I finally uploaded the Doomsday Project to the Real Video files section on my webpage Perfect Chaos It's about 12MB and the quality isn't the best but it's better than the 8MB that are out there now and no cut outs. I also have an MPEG video of when Sonic and Sally destory Doomsday. Check back for more including but not limited to:

    Spy Hog, Sonic Conversion, Cry of the Wolf and Heads or Tails!

    Chaotix Petition!

    Station Square has started a petition to bring a PC port of Knuckles' Chaotix to the market. Sega does know about the petition, and they have responded with a standard letter that mentions that the suggestion has been forwarded to Sega executives. At the moment, the petition has just 3 signatures, so we may get a more specific response if a lot of people sign the petition.

    The Chaotix Petition

    Chu Chu Rocket Available Soon!

    The latest American release date for Chu Chu Rocket, Sonic Team's latest game, is now March 2, 2000! This means online gaming may be as early as Chu Chu Rocket comes out! Cross your fingers!

    Sonic the Comic 173 -- "GAME OVER"

    Nobody has reported it, so I may as well make use of the submission section here to tell everyone that the fantastic 173rd issue of Egmont Fleetway's Sonic the Comic is currently lurking on the shelves of newsagents around the country!

    It's easily recognisable for the fantastic cover with Sonic trapped by the Plax. It contains the following stories:

    GAME OVER (Part One)
    (Script: Lew Stringer - Art: Richard Elson - Lettering: Ellie De'Ville)
    Continues from STC 171 and 172, where Robotnik and his alien allies, the Plax, unleashed an anti-life virus to destroy Mobius. And I think this instalment might just be the best yet...

    KNUCKLES: Carnival Night Conspiracy (Part 2)
    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Richard Elson - Lettering: Elitta Fell)

    TAILS: The Land Beyond (Part 3)
    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Dave Windett & John M Burns - Lettering: Steve Potter)

    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: Badnik's Bridge (Part 2)
    (Script: Nigel Kitching - Art: Casanovas & John M Burns - Lettering: Ellie De'Ville)

    Also, there's the return of "Speedlines" with two pages of letters, and a new subscription offer page.

    -- Ed

    Probs with On-Line petitions...

    There is a problem with On-Line petitions. I am saying this in responce from all the current petitions for SatAM. Recently, several On-Line petitions were sent to LucasFilm LTD to persuade the company to release Star Wars: Episode I on DVD. Unfortunetly, the company threw the letter and petition right in the trash.

    Why? On line you can just put in an address for anybody. One person can go through and sign it 100 times or even more. The pest way to get the job done is to mail people directly.

    If your itchin' for the return of SatAM even in re-runs, then the best way is to wip out the old printer and stamps and send them a nice letter sating your purpose and what you would like to see done.

    Hope I helped.

    A Super Sonic Destiny In Need Of Help

    How often have you wanted your art talent to be recognized? Ever dreamed of being in a movie? Now's your chance. A group of people who are wonderful at animation and fan made anime have come together to bring us a Sonic-Related movie A Super Sonic Destiny!
    I have seen this movie in action and it is truely a wonder! You would not even believe it is a fan made project at first. If you don't believe me, go to The ASSD Homepage and check out the awesome screen grabs and the two minute preview!
    As you can see, it's an awesome movie in the making but they need your help. The need new animators, background artists and other staff members or the project will be shut down. Go to their home page here and email Razor and join the staff! Don't let it pass you by! A Super Sonic Destiny is coming at ya!!

    Rebuttal From Sonique

    Shows have come back and been known to have new episodes before. Rugrats had no new episodes for 5 or 6 years then made a comeback and even got a movie. Ghostbusters were on for a while, went off then came back with the "New" Gostbusters. Doug on Nickelodeon is another example. He had no new episodes forever then Nick sold him to Disney and look at him now! Even his own movie!
    What about Alvin and the Chipmunks! They at first had not so good drawings and animation and years later, MANY YEARS later, the show returned with better quality and better look. Smurfs, Scooby Doo, Inspector Gadget, even Rocky and Bullwinkle for a while! What do you think of that WB? Shows what you knows about cartoons and TV!

    If we are going to get this show back, the time to try is now. We must inform DiC, Sega and anyone else we can think of that we still want this show. One way to say how much you want to is to sign the petition at Sonic Stuff. The owner (SoNiN) will personally email or mail DiC, Sega, USA and whoever else the results. Over 700 maybe even 800 have signed so far so get signing. DiC's mail address is:

    303 North Glenoaks Blvd
    Burbank CA 91502

    Do not be rude to them be very polite and be sure to highlight the points you want to make because I'm sure they do not have time to read every letter that comes to them. Remember be nice or it'll just make them ignore you. That's all I have to say. It's up to us to bring this show back!

    Sign the petition!!!
    View the Petition!!!

    Sonic RPG

    I've started programming for a new Sonic RPG. Zifei Wu of SonicNEXT will be the graphics artist. This game will definitely feature Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Vector, Espio, and Mighty as playable characters. Probable playable characters will include Ray, Amy, and Nack. This will be a SegaSonic RPG and you can expect appearances by nearly every character to appear in a Sonic game, as well as quite a few of the zones.

    STC:STEM officially opens!

    While you wait for Sonic HQ's Fleetway comics section, a site completely dedicated to Fleetway's Sonic The Comic is already here, brought to you by ex-staff member Doctor Zachary and forum lurker Ed Reynolds:


    It features such things as the STC mailing list, an STC online magazine, and more! Go there! :)

    SatAM W/out USA Cuts

    I have encoded some of my SatAM videos that I have. These are without USA cuts so that makes Perfect Chaos the first site to have SatAM vids without USA cuts!

    Originally, I was going for quality as suggested by the poll with each file being about 33MB but I didn't for a few reasons:

    1. I didn't think anyone would actually vote for that and mean it.
    2. They would neither download or upload properly. they may have on a higher modem like a cable modem but not a whole lot of people have them yet.
    3. I know a lot of people in other countries who have to pay for local phone calls and internet and it wouldn't seem fair to make them sit there for 4-5 hours and run up a huge phone bill.
    4. IceCapZone (who BTW, was the one to provide me with the webspace for this) is going to get them in better quality so keep your pants on.

    I went to the next best quality which is 12MB. So, go to Perfect Chaos to get these eps. More to come soon including: Hooked on Sonics, Super Sonic, Sonic Racer, The Doomsday Project and others!

    Knuckles Comics Update

    If you signed the petition and gave me your email address, this message
    has been sent to you. For everyone else:

    From: "Mike Silberkleit"
    Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 19:31:51 +0000
    Subject: Re: Knuckles the Echidna comics

    Dear Katrice,

    Thanks for the e-mail and petition. It is very difficult for us to
    disappoint fans, especially those as loyal as you and the other readers
    who signed the Save Knuckles petition. However, as a businessman, I have
    a responsibility to the shareholders of my Company to see that the Company
    remains profitable. Unfortunately, the sales of Knuckles were no longer
    profitable and we had no choice but to discontinue the title. I guess
    that part of the reason was distribution and rest assured that we
    discussed this with our distributor. We kept the title going as long as
    we could, but losing thousands of dollars an issue is not good business
    sense. Remember, we have to pay the writers and artists, the seperators
    and the printer, as well as the shipping charges. The revenue on the
    sales was constantly below these charges and we had to stop the losses.
    I hope you understand our position.
    Michael Silberkleit

    What this response is saying that the only chance we have of getting
    Knuckles back is to make the issues that they have already published
    sell. Check out SOK's section on where to get Knuckles comics,
    especially for those who live outside the US and Canada, if you're missing
    issues. After you checked the section, if none of those options work for
    you, email me because I might be able to help out. If you have the full
    series, you can still help out. If anyone knows of sources of Knuckles
    comics that I don't have listed, please tell me so that I can add them.
    Whether or not you have all the issues, we can all do this: Get anyone
    you can hooked on Knuckles and get them to buy the back issues.

    For anyone who thinks this is hopeless, don't think that. That's when
    Knuckles is gone for good. I'll keep trying to get Knuckles back as long
    as people keep supporting the petition. I've based this site and what I'm
    doing off of Save Our Sailors and it took them a year and a half to work
    and they're still going. It's only been three months so far and I plan to
    see this through no matter how long it takes, but I need the support of
    the fans. So, like the last time I got a response, I'm still collecting names.

    True Red

    Yamaha XG Interviews Richard Jacques

    Yamaha XG has interviewed Richard Jacques, the man behind the music of Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast for Saturn, along with a variety of other music. Click here for the interview!

    SEGA Gains Ground in the Video Game Market

    According to a report in today's issue of the Wall Street Journal, SEGA has made a strong gain in the video game markets, pulling away some of the market share from Sony and Nintendo.

    Here are the numbers for market share in 4th Quarter 1999 (4th Quarter 1998 numbers follow in parentheses):

    Sony - 52.9% (About 63%)
    Nintendo - 31.8% (About 37%)
    Sega - 15.3% (0.1%)

    Sony - 64.3% (About 64%)
    Nintendo - 28.6% (About 35%)
    Sega - 7.1% (0.6%)

    So as you can see, SEGA's put a dent in the numbers, primarily Nintendo. The question now: Can SEGA keep this rise up when Nintendo and Sony launch their new systems later down the road?

    For more details, I have placed a transcript of the full article here.

    Sonic SatAM Acquisition - Follow Up Report

    In lieu of the recent report of the Sonic SatAM rights being released by USA, I felt I should expand on it a bit more as things were still left a bit hazy and I still kept getting queries on it.

    First of all - what this means is simply this: SatAM is NOT back on the air nor will it be airing on Cartoon Network UNLESS it, or another company buys the rights. And theres certainly no guarantee of that happening. Sonic SatAM only contains 26 episodes - which isnt exactly considered "syndication gold" in the business. It only means that someone else acquiring the liscense is one of MANY MANY possibilities.

    Secondly, to answer some more questions that were directed - no this does not mean new episodes. The show's been dead in the water for 6 years, so to those cartoonophobes still screaming SatAM's coming back - deal with it: it's dead. If DiC and Sega decided to go on with Sonic Underground then theres no way in heck they may revive SatAM by now. Its been FAR TOO long unless they just revamp the show entirely. Stuff like that just don't happen in the animation biz. ^_^

    The third and final contingency factor is that of Toon Disney, and Buena Vista Studios: current owners of the liscense to the "Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog" series, with Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, etc. Now - the past has proven that if one Sonic show is in syndication, other series most likely will follow that other show. Remember, USA also owned both SatAM and AoSTH together. Deciding to not run cartoons ANYMORE, USA lost the liscenses to ALL thier major cartoons with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Janurary 1, 2000. SatAM _WAS_ included in these cartoon losses. However - both it, AoSTH, and Sonic Underground are produced by DiC. DiC is a subsidiary and is partly owned by Disney.

    If and only if SatAM was to appear again - nine times out of ten: Toon Disney would get it and NOT Cartoon Network, since Cartoon Network is owned by Time Warner and AOL. So writing letters to Cartoon Network will most likely do NO GOOD, since its Disney that owns the biggest liscence of them all AoSTH with its 66 episodes and parts of SU with its ownership of DiC. The larger the amount of eps - the better chance for syndication depending on popularity and demographics. And both SU, SatAM, and AoSTH really aren't all that popular on both ends of the stick. If SatAM is to ever appear again in reruns, the best bet is to write letters to Toon Disney and NOT Cartoon Network, as CN has other plans for its scheduling lineup. Hope that clarified a LOT of questions guys. Later. ^_^

    DC Sales Reach 1.5 Million in US!

    We now have the sales figures in, and as of December 31st, the Dreamcast has officially sold 1,550,000 units! This has indeed exceeded all previous expectations. Remember that the original expectation was for the DC to get to 1.5 million by March 31st.

    In a related story, in Europe, Sega Europe has announced that 650,000 units have been sold as of today, the 11th. This is very good, considering how small of a video game market Europe is.

    This means so far, in America and Europe, the DC has broken sales records. And with Shenmue already out in Japan with a huge positive impact over there, expect the same to happen domestically once we get that title along with the likes of Chu Chu Rocket, Dead or Alive 2, Crazy Taxi and more.

    Cartoon Network and TMNT

    Cartoon Network has bought the rights to air Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What does this have to do with Sonic? Well, USA has had the contract for TMNT, but they're dropping the rights to most of their cartoons. Presumably, this would include SatAM. If this is the case, then another network could buy the rights to show SatAM, and it could return to the air, without the USA cuts!

    Sonic Team Announcement Forthcoming?

    I received my newsetler from IGN yesterday by email. Take a look at this article about what does Sonic Team has in store for the near future:

    It seems that Sonic Team has a few secrets they'd like to reveal within the coming weeks.

    When Sonic Team announced that they had four new Dreamcast games in the works, we were shocked to hear that a sequel to Nights was not on the cards. Instead, Japanese gamers got an updated version of Sonic Adventure, a wacky puzzle game known as Chu Chu Rocket and a quirky arcade offering in the form of Samba De Amigo.

    Also announced was Phantasy Star Online, but with that title being far from completion, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Yuji Naka's company had its hands full. However, that may not be the case. Apparently, Sonic Team is set to announce something that will make Sega fans worldwide extremely happy. Unfortunately, we have yet to hear what team leader Yuji Naka has in mind.

    There are a few likely possibilities, though. We all know that a sequel to Sonic on the Dreamcast has been confirmed, but we've yet to hear any information whatsoever on the title. It may be the case that Sonic Team is behind the latest installment, and with a release date for late this year, the first pieces of information are bound to be released very soon. Also possible, though, is the confirmation of a release date for Phantasy Star Online. When will the title hit Japan? Gamers worldwide would certainly be pleased to be on the recieving end of some solid details.

    Finally, the aforementioned Nights 2 comes into the fray, and to be honest, this is the one for which we've all got our fingers crossed.

    So, which one will it be? We're hoping for the latter, but more details on the two confirmed projects would be very nice indeed. Let's hope the wait isn't too long. -- Matthew Langan, IGNDC

    Source: IGNDC

    SHQ and the Sonic Emmy Awards!

    The Super Sonic Zone, Tristan's site, has named the winners of the Sonic Emmy Award! Visitors to the site voted on which sites they considered the best in each category. I won't tell you who won each award here, but I will say that SHQ did win at least one, as did tSF, The Sonic Stuff Research Group, and numerous others. We'd like to thank our visitors for this great honor. ^_^

    Source: The Super Sonic Zone

    SonicNEXT Officially Opens

    Zifei Wu, former hed of Sonic HQ, and several other HQ members have opened a new Sonic source, SonicNEXT. If features everything essential to the Sonic fan: News, Game Information, Comic and Cartoon Info, a section devoted to Fan Material, and more. To check it out, click here.