SHQ News - Year 2001

Other-M #13 Released

After a few delays caused by server problems, Other-M has released thier latest issue, as well as a few other updates. Check it out now!

New Sonic Advance Screen Shots


Sega is gearing up for the release of the latest chapter in their Sonic series on the Game Boy Advance. Scheduled for release on December 20th in Japan, Sonic Advance will feature four playable characters; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. At first glance the game appears reminiscent of its 16-bit predecessors, however, Sega has a few added goodies planned for Sonic Advance. Specifically, new gameplay elements including rail sliding and several linkup mini-games are expected in the finished version.

The Images

Image 1

Image 2 ?

Image 3 ?

Image 4 ?

Image 5 ?

Image 6 ?

Image 7 ?

Image 8 ?

Image 9

Source -

Mysterious Off-Center Badniks Found?

Amazingly, there's still new stuff coming out about Sonic 2 Beta. (See the "Hedgehog That Never Was" page in game info if you're unfamiliar with it.)

This post on the Sonic Area 51 message board contains screenshots of 2 badniks seen in the off-center magazine screenshots but not in the beta game itself.

This practically proves that the off-center pics, including the one generally known as "Dust Hill," were from an even earlier version of the Sonic 2 beta. Also found was a never-seen-before fish badnik.

SA2 Battle Box Art

Found on Sega of Japan's site by HQ Forumer Buzzbomber.

New pro art of all 6 characters has been added - a rare event for Shadow and Rouge.

Sonic Advance Box Art

The Sonic Advance box art (Japanese version) ha been released! It features some new character art, in the SA style.

Source: Sonic Online

Dreamcast Manufacturing Gears Up Again

This was taken from

With a new price drop and an unexpected surge in demand in Japan, Dreamcast production has resumed, although for a very limited run. CRI, a Sega subsidiary, will produce 2000 black Dreamcast units, which can be preordered starting next week. The final units will ship to customers in February or March 2002. Sega abandoned costly Dreamcast production due to the financial drain the modest-selling console was inflicting on the company. Sega has since returned to its core expertise of game development.

No plans have been announced for the North American market where Dreamcast consoles are available for $50.

Source -

NAoStH: The Comic

NAoStH (short for New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) the fan-made cartoon series is now becoming a fan made comic book. All episodes will be turned into comics as soon as we find enough artists who would like to help

Check out The NAoStH Homepage for more information.

Source: NAoStH

Sonic the Hedgehog #107 Spoilers


Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders, art by Ron Lim, Pam Eklund, Andrew Pepoy, Dawn Best and Penders, cover by Spaz.

"Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon Part Two." Things are heating up as Sonic continues defending the Hidden City of the Ancients from the dragon that besieged it in the last issue. Meanwhile, the rest of the Freedom Fighters do their best to keep damage to a minimum - both to the building and the citizenry, whose alliance the Freedom Fighters are counting on. It's not easy - someone or something is intent on keeping them from accomplishing their mission. Who could it be? "Reunification Part Two." It's the moment Knuckles fans have been waiting for: the embattled hero has finally restored his family and friends back to their home of the Floating Island - but with the Dark Legion now part of the equation, can confrontation be far behind?

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Feb. 8.

Source: Comics Continuum

Tails is 9!

Happy birthday to our furry little two tailed friend who turns 9 today (Nov 24th, anniversary of Sonic 2's day).

FUS Sea3on Coimc Issue 2

The second issue of Fans United for SatAM's Season 3 comic is done and uploaded. It's available in high, medium, and low quality. The layout is much improved I think, and so far, I've recieved much positive feedback.

High quality 3,884 KB
Medium quality 1,203 KB
Low quality 649 KB

Thanks to all who participated and helped out. Stay on the lookout for issue 3, probably sometime in January. Oh and as if me typing this:
95 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes, 56 seconds
till SatAM DVDs!

Sonic Returns To Home Video and For The first Time DVD

A Big Balloon Filled With Hot Air To Match His Large Ego

Not only is he the fastest thing alive, but now he may also be the lightest! Dancing off your Dreamcast and jumping into the sky, Sonic the Hedgehog is ready to set the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade afire.

Joining the ranks of such noticeables as Snoopy and Garfield, Sonic joins newcomer Jimmy Newtron high above New York to bring in this year's Thanksgiving. Be sure to catch the parade in-person or on television as Sonic celebrates his tenth anniversary in style!

Source: AllRPG

Bleem is dead!

It seems thatt well known PC and Dreamcast emulator maker Bleem! has gone under. Anither just as noticable thing is the picture on the main page, which features a gravestone and Sonic standing next to it crying. This is probably to signify the death of their DC emulators, but I'll follow up if I find anything else out.

Source: Bleem!

Sonic Site Awards

Dreadknux has a special awards ceremony called The Sonic Site Awards 2001. Currently, it's in the second stage, PHASE II (the polls), where qualifying sites (with the most nominations) enter for the award. The PHASE II Polls will close on 30th of November. You can go vote at The Official Sonic Stadium Sonic Site Awards 2001 page.

sonic on smashbrothers again?

I have read in a magazine that the guy who created sonic actually was quoted to have said "i'd love to see sonic in a future smash brothers type game" more info later

Boo! SA2 Battle Released Date says SA2 battle is going to be released in January 2002, which is one month after the Japanese version. I still ain't gonna buy one :)

Sega Instant Messenger for PC Released

Sega has released their newest creation: The Sega Instant Messenger! It's free to everyone with a, SegaNet, or account (no, you don't have to pay the $10 monthly fee, according to their website)

Here's what the site said

"The Sega Instant Messenger (IM) is a PC application that offers real-time chat between members worldwide. It's a lot like other IM programs out there, but with one big difference -- it's strictly for Sega fans. Best of all, it's free to all SegaNet Subscribers and registered members of!"

Source: Mobotropolis

TeamArtail SatAM Petition Demise

I was just at the TeamArtail site and went into the petition board and got this message. "The Petition has been removed due to abuse. Besides, there are SatAM episodes being released on VHS & DVD on 2/26/2002 so the sales of those will do the talking if we want the rest of the series to be released. Sorry that immature people had to ruin this petition, but at least one goal has been achieved, whether due to the petition or not, I don't know, but there isn't a need for it anymore. Thanks to all who supported it." So it does seem that the petition is now off the net.

sonic mars

thre is a game calld sonic mars for 32x for reals it is not sega mars

Sonic Adventure - New beta media

New! Never seen before footage of the Beta version of Sonic Adventure, now available to download!
New! Concept art of Sonic's Dreamcast incarnation available to view. is a new site dedicated to the beta version of Sonic Adventure. You can download a video that contains previously unseen* footage from the Beta version of Sonic Adventure, including a different version of the Ice Cap stage and a missing Amy stage! There is also a picture that is believed to be concept art of Sonic's Dreamcast incarnation.

(*outside of the UK)

Ooh... Sega Gets a Burn....

Sega has gotten a burn in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Read the following from Swirlvision to get the goods.

In the newest issue of the pop-culture mag, Entertainment Weekly, EW staffers highlighted the 100 top holiday gift ideas. Among the videogame systems and games making the cut were the Game Boy Advanced (45th place), Dance Dance Revolution (47th place), retro videogame packages (69th place), and the unholy trio, the PS2, X-Box, and Gamecube (34th place). The Sega Dreamcast unforunately made the "What Not to Give" list, which probably means EW staffers are too cool for graphics of near-PS2 caliber and a library of nearly twice as many games (at this point) for what soon will be 1/6th the price... whatever.

Joining the DC on the WNTG list (You didn't hear? EW says abbreviating stuff is in! If you don't abbreviate, you suck!) are Furbies, Cathy coffee mugs (Because there's no more Cathy comics! Get it?!? Those EW staffers SO have their fingers on the pulse of society!), Nad's hair removing gel, and the Ab Roller. That would be a pretty damn bad group to be a part of, if the HHG list didn't include Castaway Wilson volleyballs, lamps from Friends, silverware from Dawson's Creek, and the #1 ranked item, the George Foreman grill. Thanks but no thanks, EW... I'd rather sit on my inflatable furniture and water my Chia Pet, which both also made the WNTG list.

In other EW news, Britney Spears is cool, Buffy rules, and anything that hasn't been seen on TRL, or Will and Grace is lame.

Give me a break... well, fans probably won't care too much, if at all, anyway. Still, I felt this was worth noting.

Spurce: SwirlVision

Peter Moore Releases Public Apology Regarding U.S. Shenmue 2 Cancellation for the Dreamcast

Peter Moore has made an official public apology to Sega fans over the cancellation of the Dreamcast Version of Shenmue 2 in the U.S. Said cancellation has angered many Sega fans, which may have prompted the following statement from Mr. Moore:

"To our Sega fans,

"First, I want to thank the legion of loyal Sega fans for their unwavering enthusiasm and support over the past years - your dedication has truly been invaluable. As you all undoubtedly know, this year Sega is transitioning from a hardware manufacturer into a platform-agnostic third party publisher. During this change, Sega has had to make some very difficult business decisions, including the cancellation of Shenmue II for Dreamcast in the U.S. market.

"I realize that this announcement is a difficult one for many people to swallow, and I sincerely apologize. While I cannot detail all of the reasons that led up to this decision, I can tell you that it was made with the long-term interests of Sega fans in mind. No matter how difficult it seems, I want you to understand that any difficult choices that are made during this transition time are based on one bottom line: ensuring the longevity of beloved Sega franchises, including Shenmue. Sega is working hard to make the necessary decisions to drive our business forward while at the same time continuing to support our loyal fans.

"Although the company may be changing -- we are still Sega. Although the ride has sometimes been rocky, our promise to our fans is this: We will continue to push the boundaries of gaming with new content and technology. We will continue to deliver new and innovative games. We will continue to put out the games that no one else can. We will continue to be Sega and bring you only the best that gaming has to offer. Bear with us - the ride is going to get a lot smoother..."

Well... let's see how public reaction is....

Source: FGN Online

New Sonic 2 Hacking Notes Available

This information comes from Damian Grove, regarding Sonic 2 Hacking Notes:

I figured that this is a fairly big importance for the Sonic community and figured it probably would be good to address it in the Sonic HQ news section.

I have released my 'unreleased' Sonic 2 hacking notes to the public. I have held on these for a long time now (some over 2 years), but have decided to let the public eye see them. There are 21 text files all zipped up, filled with piles of information (47.2KB total -- uncompressed). These were planned for quite some time to be put on one of my sites --Sonic 2 Hacking Guide, but never got around to it. So finally, I decided to release them as is for those people who wanted them ASAP. You can download the notes from

New Online Deal for Sega.

OK, we have more business news regarding Sega right here from FGN:

Japanese Internet investor Softbank has started a joint venture with Sega to distribute games through high-speed Internet networks.

The new company, Xsido Corp, will offer to Internet service providers (ISPs) game titles as well as a device that makes the software available to users irrespective of the specifications of their PC or game console.

"We are betting on growth in demand for online contents with broadband services via ADSL fast Internet access becoming more popular," said Xsido's marketing director, Hitoshi Kaneko.

Sounds very odd... I guess we may find out more soon...

Source: FGN Online

First (In English) At Sonic HQ News - 3 New Official Characters, Vector In Sonic 1?

Sonic The Hedghehog Band - Featuring Max, Mach, Sharps, and Vector!

"Dr. Eggman" posted a link to this Japanese Sonic secrets site on the GHZ message board. Well, Pepperidge told me about it and we did a little investigating. Several months ago, we spotted these guys on a Japanese profiles page sent to us by SB. It didn't say who they were, but oddly, they were listed above everyone but Sonic and Eggman, and Vector was with them.

We looked at everything through a translator, and it seems that Max, Mach, Sharps, and Vector were all members of Sonic's band, which was supposed to be featured in a planned Sonic 1 sound test. Apparently, they're the oldest official Sonic characters besides Sonic and Eggman themselves.

On top of that, there's a lady on that Sonic secrets site whose name translates as "Madonna," and the profiles site claims that Bean from Sonic The Fighters is actually the son of Bin from the old Dynamite Dux Master System game. @.@ If anyone has any info about these 2 tidbits, or the band, be sure to send it in.

SatAM Episodes to be released Revealed!

I get to post this before Artie.... Hedges informed he asked DiC which episodes were going to be released, and they responded with the expected Sonic Boom, Sonic and Sally, Sonic Racer and Super Sonic. They've all ready been released but I encourage everyone to buy them even if you all ready have the old tapes. The only way we'll get more episodes is to have these first few sales do well, and I have a feeling they will.


That's right! The real deal! Artie of talked to someone at DiC who said they will be release 4 episodes, 2 on 2 VHSs and on DVD. Now before you think "what if it's the same one's they all ready released?" the mistriss Artie talked to confirmed the possibility that there will be more episodes released IF SALES DO GOOD! So buy for goodness sake! Buy to your hearts content, for the sake of SatAM. I have a feeling myself that the episodes wil be the first 4 of the series.
And if yo so desire, go take this poll at Artail's site. We're all curious to see how it comes out.

Vote for Sonic HQ!

This is just a little reminder to everyone to vote for Sonic HQ for the 3rd Annual Sonic Emmys over at TSSZ. Sonic HQ is up for Emmys in the catagories of Best Sonic Message Board, Best Page Design, Best Sonic News Site, as well as Best Sonic Site Of 2001. So go on, head over to TSSZ and show your appreciation for Sonic HQ and vote for us!

Source: TSSZ

SatAM to be released on DVD!! FOR REAL!

Okay first let me say, if this guy is lying, I swear to God I will track him down and personally break his neck. Ronald Mears sent me an email telling me he wrote a letter to DiC and got this reply:

Dear (email withheld by Sonique):

We will be releasing episodes from the 1993 ABC series in February 2K2 on VHS and DVD. We will be releasing 2 episodes on VHS and 4 episodes on DVD (all 4 that are on the VHS) We will not be releasing all 26 episodes at once but there is a possibility that we will release more episodes in 2002. I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for your continuing interest in Sonic the Hedgehog.


Angela Rodgers, Marketing Director, DiC Entertainment"

Hopefully no one out there is that heartless to make this up, and if he is, may he die of a horrible disease worse than anthrax and be sent to Afganastan and used as target practice. FYR I AM trying to get confirmation from DiC.

Sonic 1 Autographed by Yuji Naka on Ebay...Again...

My copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 1 for the Sega Master System autographed by Yuji Naka himself is once again up for auction at Ebay. After the last auction, the winning bidder retracted his bid after the auction ended, so I'm trying again, and this time, if you place a bid, please INTEND TO BUY IT. You can get to the auction at: This auction ends Nov. 4, so go check it out!

Other-M - Trick or Treat?

The Other-M site has gone under an odd change, stating that Halloween will feature either some goodies, or nothing at all. Is it a shamless suspense-promoting trick? Or will the readers get a treat? The answer lies on the 31st.

SegaNet to receive flat rate

This info comes from Gamespot:

Sega has announced that it plans to implement a flat rate for consumers interested in playing networked games over the company's SegaNet online service. As of November 1, the company will charge $9.95 a month for unlimited access to Sega's online multiplayer games, as well as features such as instant messaging, profile pages, and organized online tournaments. Starting November 1, existing SegaNet customers will have to pay to access the service. The flat rate covers every online Sega game other than the original Phantasy Star Online, which the company said would still be available for free because it runs on its own servers.

As announced earlier, the SegaNet service will be rolled out across all upcoming and current platforms, including the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2, and the Nintendo GameCube for online games. It will continue to support Dreamcast games. The SegaNet ISP service, which was originally introduced alongside the launch of the network, was discontinued in July.

Source: Gamespot

sega game pack

I found a sega game pack, I'm not sure if its old news, but there was a series of classic sega video games *including Sonic Spinball. stef___

More Original Archie Art on Ebay

Ken Penders is selling a few different pieces of original art and one script on Ebay. You can get the original art to the 5-page story "Beat The Clock" published in Sonic #11, the Princess Sally Sega Data File in Sonic #101, and/or the Julie-Su Sega Data File in Sonic #102. The bidding on the Sally piece ends on October 28 at 10:37pm Eastern Time (7:57pm Pacific), while the Julie-Su one ends at 10:57pm Eastern Time (7:57pm Pacific) on the same day. The bidding on the story ends on October 29 at 11:18pm Eastern Time (8:18pm Pacific).

Source: Ken's Comic Book Stories and Art

Sonic 2 Battle Update

Sonic Team has updated it's Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Page. It's all in Japanese, but it shows a few new pictures and multiplayer scenes (like Shadow in City Escape). See them Here.

BIg The Cat Sightings

Hey wassup I thought I could help you out with updating you Big the cat sightings section. I spotted him in Sky Rail. As soon as you start the level look towards the ledge at the bottom right corner and you'll see his back turned. In Lost Colony, as you go up on the elevator there are alot of robots you have to blast in order to keepthe room lit. Look on the left side of the screen and you'll see him chillin out on the wall. In Prison Lane, before Tails gets on the elevator there is a short tunnel. and there is a small jail cell where you can see Big's hands and as you walk further you can see his body. I'll keep you guys updated if I see him again anywhere else. Bye! If you have any questions about it email me at

New Sonic Advance info and screenshots

Once again, IGN has come through with the most up to date Sonic info. This time, they've got details on Sonic Advance's 4 playable characters, multiplayer link up games, and some of the other new features. It also has some new screenshots of the game, a directly hints at a possible name change for SOnic Advance before it's released, though that isn't confirmed. For your Sonic Advance quick fix, run here, back to Pocket IGN.

Source: Pocket IGN

Sonic Team speaks at TGS

Sonic Team spoke at this weekend's Tokyo Game Show. They talked to reporters about their future plans for Sonic, games on other consoles, and other Sonic Team produced games such as PSO. For more information, hurry yourself here.

Source: GameSpot

Sonic 1 Autographed by Yuji Naka on Ebay!

Hey everyone! I thought I'd let you all know that my Yuji Naka-autographed copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 1 for the Sega Master System is now up for auction on Ebay! The auction ends October 19th, so if you're interested, hurry up and place your bids! Here's a link to go to the auction and get more info:

Sonic Advance to be published by THQ

Sega announced today that they have entered a partnership with THQ, another well known game compony. The agreement states that THQ will publish six Sega developed games, and 10 Co-Developed games for the Game Boy Advence. Quite a few of the announced Sega GBA titles fall under this agreement, one of them being none other than Sonic Advance.

Source: IGN

Sonic #106 Spoilers


Written by Karl Boller and Ken Penders, art by Ron Lim, Pam Eklund, Andrew Pepoy and Penders, cover by Spaz.

"Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon, Part One." Princess Sally, Knothole Village's first ambassador, is sent on her first mission as an envoy of peace to the rest of Mobius. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters join her on her trek to The Hidden City of the Ancients. Before talks can commence, however, the Ancients ask the FF to help with a small problem they are having: a fire-breathing dragon. Plus: Knuckles in "Reunification, Part One." A mysterious echnida appears on the Floating Island. Rather than finding Knuckles, they find a place inhabited by The Dark Legion. Who is this echidna and what does it have to do with Knuckles?

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Jan. 11.

Source: Comics Continuum

Mini-Sonic #105 Spoilers

Sonic 105 Preview Cover Karl Bollers (yes, you are reading correctly) has filled in the void of currently no spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog #105 being released and put this up on Ken Penders' Message Board:

"Touch of Evil," by Karl Bollers & Ron Lim-- Sonic returns to Robotropolis on a top secret mission that may prove to be his last! Plus, the final fate of Snively!

Source: Ken Penders' Message Board

Sonic DVD very possible

All though this is speculation but I was surfing and found something interesting.You guys here of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago.DIC produced a cartoon based on the game.Though its not Sonic.This series is coming to DVD.It came on Fox around the same time As Satam.So,Sonic couldn't be for off.That's all.

New Sonic Advance Screenshots

Gamespot has posted new screenshots for the upcomming Sonic Advance. These new screenshots show off those cute little Chaos and how the Chao system will work in Sonic Advance. The pics can be viewed here

Source: GameSpot

New Details for Sonic Link-Up

FGN has the following news on the capabilities of this new Link-Up thing with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Advance:

The titles can exchange data between them which can be played separately. The core idea is based around the artificial life form - 'Chao', who can be brought up and transferred between the two games. They change both appearance and personality in accordance with the way they are bought up. A demonstration of the link-up capabilities is planned for the Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn.


Source: FGN Online

Sonic DVD Revealed

Psxphile found this order form for DiC's "Sonic DVD." Looks like it's AoStH. However, we don't really know if this is "the" Sonic DVD that DiC has promoted. Some have said that that DVD was delayed until 2002.

Correction: This is actually a VHS, the DVD still isn't out. Thanks to Sonique for this info.

Sonic Advance--Chao's Petit Garden

Pocket IGN has a report with details on how the Game Boy Advance and GameCube titles interact in terms of the Chao for Sonic Advance & Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

STC - Update

STC has been extended to #223, which WILL include all four parts of "the Evil Empire". Together with the three-part "Flickies Island" story this makes for essential STC reading!

STC follow-up: clarification of reprint order

The reprints unfortunately won't get as far as "Evil Empire" - considering that #222 will be the Christmas issue it will most probably include the Sonic story from #119 (which wasn't all that bad), the conclusion to "On the Run" (Knuckles and Chaotix, #124) and some festive Tails and Amy thrills.

The previous issue would presumably contain the final part of the "Flickies' Island" story - and considering that Robotnik is arrested at the end it would probably be a fair break-off point...

The #100 reprint, available this week I think (?), is issue 217.

Let's hope for a TPB reprint of Evil Empire and other subsequent greatness, eh...

Sonic the Comic's Ending

This bit of info comes from Ed, reporting from the STC mailing list:

Sonic the Comic #222 will most likely be the final issue of the series and will be released in December 2001. It'll be the Christmas issue, but no word on the stories that'll actually be reprinted in this particular issue. The next/current issue is 100 reprinted. So in the six or seven remaining issues (Ed doesn't know where the comic has reached now), it could end even with a reprint of 'THE EVIL EMPIRE'.

Sonic HQ Gets Hit #1,000,000!

I'm proud to announce that Sonic HQ got its 1 millionth visitor at 7:29 PM Pacific September 26th. It's been incredible to bring the site to you and we've got a ton of additional features planned. :)

The site has been through a ton of changes, starting as Zifei's Sonic Page on geocities, then getting a staff to become Sonic HQ, then moving to, and changing hands between Zifei, WB and myself, and now Lianne and I. I've met many friends and learned a ton personally by being here. We'd like to thank all our visitors for coming by and sticking with us. ^_^

Sega developing titles for the Wonderswan

Interesting news from Gaming Age:

Today, Sega of Japan and Bandai announced that Sega will begin bringing titles to the Wonderswan Color. The first title to hit Bandai's little handheld, will be a port of the arcade and Genesis classic, Golden Axe. Sega will be allowing Bandai to handle development of the game, but they will still play a part in it.

Source: Gaming Age

Return Of Satam?

For years we've all been dying for Satam to return in some form, and it may very well be on the horizon.

sonic 4 back agine

yes sonic the hedgehog 4 is on ebay agine. I dont know if its the same guy or what but its there. Type in sonic 4 and it will come up. u can buy it for $51. but why waste ur money?

PC Version of PSO's Site opens

Sonic Team has released a page for the PC Version of Phastasy Star Online. It has screens and info, and you may check it out here, as long as you can translate Japanese for the info.

Source: SwirlVision

Phastasy Star Online headed for PC

Great news for PC Sega fans:

Sega announced today that they will be porting Phantasy Star Online to the PC. It will hit PCs in Japan by the end of this year, and probably the US as well, since it supports 7 languages. The 2 new languages it supports are Chinese and Korean.

Source: SwirlVision

Issuing statement concerning Today's Tragedy

Ladies and gentlemen, as I type this, surely you know of the grave tragedy that happened in New York City and Washington today. If not, the short of it is that two planes crashed into the World Trade Centre today in NYC, and the Pentagon in Washington in a terrorist attack. The towers collasped, in which tens of thousands work every day, and west wing of the Pentagon is destroyed. On behalf of the entire HQ staff, we'd like to express our condolences and sorrow for what has happened today, and offer our thoughts and prayers for the families, and the victims.

SAGE opens once again!

Once again, SAGE (The Sonic Amateur Games Expo) has beat the odds and set up camp at . This 7 day "expo" showcases the talent and creativity of amateur video game designers and thier love for the Hedghehog. Swing by and download some game demos, or stop and chat awhile!

A Ton of Sega Sports News

I found a lot of Sega Sports related news today, so I figured I'd just do it all in one posting.

First off, let's start with the offical announcement from the Sega Sports Summit that Sega Sports has announced the expansion of it's franchise to other platforms, to reflect the company's non-platform specific position.

"The launch of multiple Sega Sports titles across all four platforms is a testament to Sega's immersive content and winning gameplay," said Peter Moore, president and COO, Sega of America. "We've seen overwhelming support for our evolution from a hardware maker to a third party publisher, and this acceptance by all platforms puts us clearly on the path to becoming the leading publisher in the industry. We are committed to making that goal a reality."

"Every Sega Sports title is developed with a passion for building groundbreaking videogames, which translates into a gaming experience that is unparalleled," said Greg Thomas, president, Visual Concepts, a member of the Sega group. "To be able to bring that same experience to more gamers is a developer's dream come true."

The complete Sega Sports roster of next generation titles includes (in order of launch):

* "Sega Sports(tm) World Series? Baseball 2K2" with Boston Red Sox? Pitcher Pedro Martinez (Sega Dreamcast* - launched in August 2001)

* "Sega Sports(tm) NCAA? College Football 2K2" with Heisman* Trophy Finalist Drew Brees (Sega Dreamcast* - launched in August 2001)

* "Sega Sports(tm) NFL 2K2" with Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Randy Moss (Sega Dreamcast*, PlayStation*2, Xbox*)

* "Sega Sports(tm) NBA 2K2" with Philadelphia 76ers Guard Allen Iverson (Sega Dreamcast*, PlayStation*2, Xbox*, NINTENDO GAMECUBE*)

* "Sega Sports(tm) Tennis 2K2" with Venus Williams and Serena Williams (Sega Dreamcast*, PlayStation*2)

* "Sega Sports(tm) NHL? 2K2" with Colorado Avalanche* Center and 2001 Stanley Cup* winner Chris Drury (Sega Dreamcast*)

Now, for the press release that brings news that Sega Sports has revealed further details on their advertising campaign:

NEW YORK - Sega Sports Summit - (September 6, 2001) - A monumental day in video gaming is approaching! The Sega Sports* games that were so revolutionary on Sega Dreamcast* will now be unleashed onto other next generation platforms. Sega Sports, the brand that continues to set new standards in sports gaming, announced today further details surrounding the $20 million marketing campaign for the Sega Sports brand. As the company nears opening season for the fall launch of the 2K2 series sports games, including the highly anticipated and top-selling "Sega Sports* NFL 2K2" for the PlayStation?2 computer entertainment system from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, Sega Dreamcast* and the Xbox(tm) video game system from Microsoft?, Sega Sports is armed with an arsenal of strategic marketing elements that will effectively convey the Sega Sports key message. Very soon, Sega Sports fans will see the brand everywhere through marketing efforts including an expansive print and broadcast advertising campaign, promotions with key retailers, launch of a new website exclusively for Sega Sports and consumer promotions at major sporting events. This strategic marketing onslaught will ensure that consumers nationwide will know that Sega Sports is the leading brand in sports gaming.

The marketing campaign for Sega Sports is aimed to hit the nerve of sports gaming enthusiasts and sports fans alike. Building upon the strength of this 10 year-old brand that started with favorites such as "Joe Montana Football*" in the days of Sega Genesis*, Sega Sports is continuing to break the barriers in sports gaming with unparalleled authenticity. Key to Sega Sports is a truly emotional element devoid in other sports gaming brands. Bringing new levels of competition to sports gameplay with features such as online gameplay, the Sega Sports 2K2 line-up will attract sports gamers who like to kick ass and brag about it.

"Sega Sports is a brand that has set the benchmark for quality sports gaming for more than a decade. Now, we are ready to take our quality titles to the next level as a platform agnostic third party publisher of great sports games," said Chris Gilbert, executive vice president of marketing, Sega of America. "When we say Sega Sports will bring 'all key sports to all key platforms,' we want consumers to know there is a choice. And once they get a taste of what Sega Sports delivers, there will be no turning back."

Advertising, Promotions and Events
Created by Leagas Delaney, San Francisco, Sega Sports will debut three new and compelling brand television spots that will raise awareness of the Sega Sports' brand essence and titles, while emphasizing the company's foray into multiplatform development. Launching during the first Monday Night Football game on September 17, and running throughout the fourth quarter on many national networks, the two Sega Sports "brand anthem" television spots and the "Sega Sports NFL 2K2" spot will convey to consumers the depth of emotion that goes into playing Sega Sports' reality-infused games. The Sega Sports television brand ad will be followed up by numerous Sega Sports title spots, in addition to a hard-hitting print campaign that will run in all publications key to reaching the Sega Sports consumer and beyond.

Additionally, Sega Sports will take over the airwaves with a number of radio spots and product give-aways. With an aggressive media buy, Sega Sports will be everywhere.

Key to the marketing program for Sega Sports are promotional opportunities with mass-market vehicles. Sega Sports is continuing to secure large-scale consumer promotions to raise awareness of the brand and the Sega Sports titles. A number of Sega Sports promotions are lined up with key retailers, professional sports teams, radio stations nationwide, and many more. In addition, Sega Sports will have sponsorships at a number of key events this year, including the SuperBowl and will conduct an aggressive sampling campaign at a number of high-trafficked locations.

Finally, the press release that announces that Sega Sports will become the title sponsor for the Las Vegas Bowl:

NEW YORK - Sega Sports Summit - (September 6, 2001) - One of the biggest bowl games is now getting one of the biggest names in sports video gaming. Sega Sports(, the brand that continues to set new standards in sports gaming, today announced that they will be teaming up with the Las Vegas Bowl as the title sponsor for the bowl game which will be held on Christmas Day. Dubbed the "Sega Sports Las Vegas Bowl," this sponsorship puts Sega Sports in the same category as other renowned bowl sponsors such as Nokia and Tostitos(. This sponsorship is all part of an aggressive new Sega Sports brand marketing campaign that is aimed to target gaming enthusiasts and sports fans alike.

The Las Vegas Bowl presents numerous opportunities for Sega Sports to reach its core audience. As the title sponsor of the Las Vegas Bowl, Sega Sports will be incorporated into the official bowl logo and receive on-site exposure via signage, program advertising, VIP/hospitality packages and other in-game promotional elements. Sega Sports will also receive television inventory and be recognized as the title sponsor on ABC's telecast of the Las Vegas Bowl.

Last year's Las Vegas Bowl was played before a record crowd of 29,112 and a national television audience on ESPN 2. The game was the second highest rated bowl game in the network's history. Recently, the bowl signed a multi-year agreement with ABC Sports to televise the game.

"With the strong television ratings and captive audience that this bowl has enjoyed in the past, the Sega Sports Las Vegas Bowl will allow us to speak directly to thousands of our sports gaming consumers," said Chris Gilbert, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Sega of America. "This, along with many other elements of our marketing mix, will help the Sega Sports message 'be everywhere' during our industry's biggest selling season - the fourth quarter and early Q1."

"We are delighted to announce the partnership with Sega Sports. Every year we search for ways to elevate the stature of the Las Vegas Bowl, and this sponsorship is an important component in our growth," said Tina Kunzer-Murphy, Las Vegas Bowl executive director. "Partnering with such a recognizable and dynamic property as Sega Sports will add a new dimension to the Las Vegas Bowl for the next two years."

"We are pleased to have Sega Sports as the title of the Las Vegas Bowl and join us in our mutual commitment to bring this event the national exposure we believe it deserves," said Chuck Gerber, executive vice president and general manager of ESPN Regional.

ABC Sports will air the Sega Sports Las Vegas Bowl live from Sam Boyd Stadium at 12:30 p.m. PST on Monday, Dec.25, 2001. This game will match the fifth selection from the Pac-10 Conference against the second selection from the Mountain West Conference (MWC).

For more information on the Las Vegas Bowl, visit the official website at To learn more about Sega Sports, visit

Whew... there you go. All the Sega Sports news you can handle for a day.

Source: SwirlVision

Sega Looking For 15 Percent

The following is from FGN:

Sega has revealed its aim to grab a 15 percent share of the consumer game software market in Japan and the U.S. in the 2003/04 business year.

"Our goal is to become the world's largest game software provider," Chief Operating Officer Tetsu Kayama told Reuters.

Sega aims to sell 35 million units of game software globally in 2003/04 -- 15 million in the States, 10 million in Japan and 10 million in Europe.

15% in two years... should be fun...

Source: FGN Online

Sega Forms New Divisions

In order to help focus on their new stance on software, Sega has its marketing teams into two divisions:

...Sega is expanding its marketing organization into two focused divisions -- Sports and Entertainment properties.

The company has announced the addition of former Namco member Mike Fischer to the Sega marketing team. As group director of product marketing for the Entertainment division, Fischer will be responsible for managing all strategic and outbound marketing efforts for all of Sega's character-based, action, adventure, role-playing, fighting, driving and puzzle games.

"Sega is making a major commitment to our marketing efforts in North America by expanding our marketing organization and brining in professionals with the expertise to succeed in the competitive video game industry," said Peter Moore, president and chief operating officer, Sega of America. "Fischer has the strength, depth and experience to oversee all of our Entertainment products and he will be a critical member of our team as we transition our company into the leading publisher of interactive entertainment."

Sega also announced a new position for Charles Bellfield. Formerly vice president of corporate and marketing communications for Sega, he will now serve as vice president of business strategy and corporate affairs, responsible for corporate communications, strategic planning and the management of investor relations with Sega Corporation in Japan.

This should help get Sega's titles more into the mainstream knowledge.

Source: FGN Online

New DC Browser Available

Planetweb has released an updated version of the Dreamcast Web Browser, which now adds Instant Messaging and Broadbad Support to it's list of capabilities.

"Planetweb is proud to continue our support for Dreamcast fans by delivering an updated browser including broadband support and the latest in Internet technology," said Ken Soohoo, president and CEO of Planetweb. "We maintain a long-standing relationship with Sega and will continue to provide the latest and most advanced features to the Dreamcast community."

The new browser can be purchased directly on the net from Planetweb.

Source: FGN Online


Out of the blue, Sega has redesigned their website to go with their new 3rd party look. There's tons of new sections including a section for each console Sega supports (i.e. all of them) and a large history section on what Sega is and was. They haven't forgoten Sonic either, just check out the backround. There's so much new, you'll just have to see it yourself at

Eggman Voice NOT DEAD!

Apparently we will hear Robotnik's voice again! Read this email directly from Ryan Drummand:

"There's mis-information all over the Sonic web right now about the passing of Steve Broadie. Steve did the voice for the President and a couple other little things in SA2. A man named DEEM BRISTOW is the voice of Eggman/Robotnik. Everyone seems to think that the guy who did the voice of Eggman was the one who passed away. I'm trying to clear it up on Deem's behalf so that people won't think he's not with us anymore."

Thanks to for this info!

SSNTails.Org Gone for Good; SAGE in Trouble?

AJ Freda has announced that his site, SSNTails.Org, will cease to exist:

SSN is not returning in any shape or form. In addition to the $325 a month for 256k, my telephone company wanted $10 per additional IP address.

Another thing they failed to tell me was that the DSL is running off their central office, which is about 5 telephone-miles away instead of the nearby hut. DSL is supposed to max out around 3 miles, but they said they've had it work as far as 6 miles at 512kbps. Well, he came to install it today and ran into problems with it being recognized/finding a suitable frequency. I don't want to stick a server on a connection that's probably going to bomb out intermittently.

And besides, I couldn't even raise 1/3rd of the money to cover it from the people I was hosting. I'm tired of playing Santa Claus to people who want lots of bandwidth usage but don't want to pay for it, which results in me having to foot the bill.

If you wanted some content from any of my sites, please don't bother me. You had two years to grab what you wanted. Goodbye.

Right now, some fans fear that this could put SAGE in jeopardy, but we are told that Smidge does have a backup server ready. Still, new information should be known later on today.

Delayed Sonic DVD

I recieved this email today from Lions Gate:

"Thank you for your interest in Sonic The Hedgehog on DVD, that will be release in the first quarter of next year! Keep an eye out for it.

Thank you,

Deborah Schonfeld

Home Video Coordinator

Lions Gate Entertainment


So, we have to wait till NEXT year now.

Yuji Naka Speaks on GameCube

Some words from Naka-san come from Core Magazine:

Sega subsidiary director Yuji Naka appeared at Nintendo's Spaceworld pre-show event this afternoon in Tokyo and briefly agreed to speak about Nintendo's new console. Therein, he was asked about the appeal of the GameCube and what impact he believes it will have on the market. He responded, "The gaming industry is in a depressed state, but I think the GameCube will trigger a resurgence of players. Nintendo is focusing on fun original software with multiplayer compatibility, and I think people will be delighted with the GameCube. In terms of Sega software, Super Monkey Ball will be available at launch. We believe the GameCube could trigger an industrywide turnaround, and we're proud to be a part of it." Sega and its subsidiaries have emerged as Nintendo's strongest third party developers. Do they believe in Nintendo's claims of easy software development on the GameCube? Naka-san contunued, "I believe it's true. If today's showing is any indication, we've been able to transplant Sonic Adventure 2 and Phantasy Star Online easily to the GameCube. The short translation time is allowing us to focus on adding new elements to both games." Speaking of Phantasy Star Online, when can players expect Sega's network RPG on the GameCube? Naka-san revealed, "Because it involves the modem which Nintendo has control over releasing, I can't give a specific release date yet. However, we've been working with Nintendo on the online aspects and scheduling a release date. On the development end, we've been focusing on adding new elements lately, and we look forward to bringing network gaming to the GameCube in the near future."

Source: Core Magazine

Third Sega Team Joins in Development for GameCube

The good Sega related news just keeps coming in for Nintendo and their next-gen system. The following is from SegaWeb:

When the news hit last week that Sega would have eight titles for the GameCube at Space World it set off speculation of a new team working on the system. Today that news has been confirmed as IGN spoke with Wow Entertainment, the developer of the House of the Dead series among others, and they confirmed two games are in production for the Cube.

No specifics were offered, but they are expected to be announced, if not shown, by Friday at Space World. In the past Sega has confirmed that ten GameCube titles are currently in production, raising the possibility of yet another team working with the system. Expect the trickle of news leading up to the show to build to a flood by the weekend.

Gotta love this....

Source: SegaWeb

Sega's English Toys Site Opens

For ages now, Sega has had a page in Japanese for it's toys. Now, we english reading fans can check out their line-up too. Go here to check out the site. A lot of people have probably been waiting on this one...

Source: SwirlVision

Official GameCube Sonic Adventure 2 Site Opens, With Two Shots!

The official Sonic Adventure 2 for GameCube site has opened on Sonic Team's site, along with the first two shots of the port. Click here to check out the site, but like just about everything else on Sonic Team's page, much of it's in Japanese, so I hope you have a translator...

Possible answer to Sonic DVDs

For months now SU fans and SatAM fans have been aruging back and forth to whether or not DiC's upcoming DVD releases will be SU or SatAM. Tristan Palmgren of the FUS Message Board may have found the answer. On they have put up a page for a preorder of one of the new Sonic releases. And the winner is:

Sonic Christmas Blast

No joke! For those who don't know, Sonic Christmas Blast is based of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog kiddy, weekday, horribly animated series with a few aspects of SatAM such as Princess Sally making an appearance.

There is little on the page about the video itself, but it's in fact not a DVD, but a VHS with apparently only one episode on it. It doesn't make any sence if you ask me. I mean i hope we get more than a few AoStH tapes with 1 episode on each.

There still might be hope for SatAM fans yet though. One thought that someone mentioned was that Sega is marketing Princess Sally by selling this episode, so perhaps this video is going to be mixed in with more SatAM episodes. I kind of doubt it though, but Sega could surprised us. In fact... they made one big surprise here.

Sonic Adventure 2 for GameCube Confirmed

The rumors surrounding Sonic Team's mystery game have been put to rest as GameSpot is reporting that SA2 will indeed be ported to GameCube. Here's the full story:

"GameSpot can now confirm that Sonic Team's secret GameCube game is indeed a port of Sonic Adventure 2. Details regarding GameCube-specific features have not been revealed at this time, but the game is listed on the official Space World 2001 games lineup. GameSpot will have more on the GameCube version of Sonic Adventure 2 later this week, direct from Space World."

Source: GameSpot

SA2 confirmed for Game Cube

Game Spot has this to say:

GameSpot can now confirm that Sonic Team's secret GameCube game is indeed a port of Sonic Adventure 2.
Details regarding GameCube-specific features have not been revealed at this time,
but the game is listed on the official Space World 2001 games
lineup. GameSpot will have more on the GameCube version of
Sonic Adventure 2 later this week, direct from Space World.

Go here for the article,10870,2806025,00.html

sa2 on gamecube

SA2 is going to be on gamecube. they will show it at spaceword 2001. check gamespot for lata details

Sega Smash Pack Volume 2 is out.... for the PC

It seems that the Sega Smash Pack Volume 2 has been spotted for the PC on shelves. I'm not sure how long this has been out, but Sonic 2 and Vectorman 2 seem to be among the games on it, and it only costs $9.99 US.

However, a Dreamcast port isn't expected in the near future.

Source: SwirlVision

Rockman EXE capsule figures

I should have posted earlier but I just ordered the figures from wizzywig. It is that same deal with those X5 figures. There is 8 Netto,Megaman,Megaman with gun,Protoman,Roll,skullman,Bass maybe?,and Starman. I'm nit surre about and starman. You just go to characters p-s at I can't post a link just go there!

Mystery GameCube Title to be a Sonic Title? Possible Proof Within...

Well, well, the recent Sonic Team blurry screenshot may have been explained. What has resulted from some disecting seems to increase the odds that a Sonic title is the mystery game. Go here to get the full details. However, please remember that it could also be a decoy that Sonic Team put out to stir talk in the media. As IGN says, please remember both possibilities.

Source: IGNcube

Sonic Adventure Eggman Voice Over Talent, Steve Broadie, Passes Away

Some sad news from video game voice over land today, as one can see by the title. The following comes from Ryan Drummond's site:

Before I go for this month, I have to pay respects to a fallen talent here in San Diego. Steve Broadie was a very talented Voice-Over actor here and I always enjoyed seeing him at auditions and working with him on projects. He passed away at 2pm on Friday the 10th. He will be missed. Hope he's doing V.O.s in heaven! :)

That is the mention from his site. Very sad, indeed...


Sega and Archie Comics Officially Announce Sonic #100 is on the Stands

And in the process, Sonic actually hits a historic milestone:

Sega today announced the release of the 100th issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series, making the speedy hedgehog the first videogame character to reach the milestone.

First published back in 1993, the strip has traced the adventures of Sonic and the Knothole Village heroes as they take on the evil of Dr. Robotnik and the Robotropolis villains for the past eight years. The 100th issue, which coincides with the 10th Anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, will mark the return of the Freedom Fighters, a band of Sonic allies that help him battle Robotnik on his home turf.

"The Sonic The Hedgehog comic book is very special to us and we are thrilled to see it reaching Issue #100," said Michael Silberkleit, Chairman and Publisher, Archie Comic Publications. "'Sonic The Hedgehog' is one of our top-selling comic books and we look forward to many issues to come."

Director of licensing and character development at Sega of America, Jane Thompson enthused, "Since Sonic's 1991 debut as Sega's mascot he has been a leading icon among consumers, and our 'Sonic the Hedgehog' titles are consistent top-sellers for Sega." "Sonic embodies Sega's unique ability to create innovative properties and characters - a strength we've had for more than 40 years with Sonic leading the way."

If these guys want many more issues to come, they got a lot of another kind of 'issues' to deal with first...

Source: SegaWeb

Looks Like Sonic Team Will Have a Surprise Title to Unveil at Space World!

This could definitely open some floodgates. Sonic Team is showing four titles at Space World (For those that don't know, Space World is Nintendo's Japanese showcase of upcoming games). We know of three, which are Phantasy Star Online (GameCube), Sonic Advance, and Puyo Puyo, both for the Gameboy Advance. However, there also seems to be a mystery fourth title lurking in the shadows from the team... noone outside Sonic Team knows what it is yet, so it could be any number of things...

Source: SwirlVision

A Sega Music Collection Update

More Sega Music News... for Japan:

Sony has reaffirmed plans to release a compilation of music from popular Sega games. Over the past few months Sony has allowed players to vote for their favorite Sega tunes for possible inclusion in the compilation. Due to overwhelming demand however, Sony plans to release a series of compilation discs dubbed 'The Best of Sega's Game Music.' The first two volumes in the series are expected to hit Japanese retailers on October 24th and November 21st respectively. Each volume will consist of two discs, though definitive track listings remain undisclosed. Each volume will retail for 3,059 yen ($25), no word on plans to release the compilation discs outside Japan.

News import retailers love to hear... also, I personally find it wierd to hear Sony releasing Sega stuff. I know there's no problem with it now, but it still feels somewhat odd.

Source: Core Magazine

Chao Editor Vers. 2 Available for Sonic Adventure 2!

Since I don't play SA2, I'm not 100% what this is, but SwirlVision deemed this important enough to put on their page. The VMU Chao Editor Vers. 2 by Alessandro Sanasi is up for SA2, which people seem to find pretty damn important.

So, uhh... there you go. *Hates these situations where he's not 100% of what exactly he's reporting :) *

Source: SwirlVision

Good Deal Games Releasing Saturn Games!?

This interesting, if not big, news comes from SegaDojo:

During this weekend's Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas (which I had the pleasure of attending), I had a talk with a couple of good folks from Good Deal Games, who recently unleashed two new Sega CD games on the market- Bug Blasters and Star Strike. During our discussion, the spokespeople revealed that they were hard at work on three new games for the Sega Saturn.

While not two many details were revealed about two of the games (they "couldn't say yet", but something tells me they soon will), we do know that one of the games is based on the old Kevin Costner action film Waterworld- and it's practically finished. Nice.

We'll have more details on these games soon. They're also working on producing another Sega CD game, the oft-delayed Absolute project Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors. Nice.

Well, this could be definitely something to watch for...

Source: SegaDojo

Sega Sports Dreamcast Bundle Announced

Yet another deal...

Along with announcing that the base Dreamcast price would drop to $79.95, Sega has released details on yet another great deal. This morning, the "Sega Sports AEE Bundle 2K1" was announced, for $99.95. The new Dreamcast bundle contains the usual hardware and peripherals, along with 3 of their most popular Sega Sports 2K1 titles: NFL 2K1, NBA 2K1 and World Series Baseball 2K1. The bundle will be available this month, at most major retailers.

More to cheer for...

Source: Gaming Age

Just a Reminder - Dreamcast now Officially at $79.95 US

The following reminder comes from Gaming Age:

Major retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Circuit City have lowered the Dreamcast price to $79.95. The move on Sega's part is to clear the remaining inventory of Dreamcasts and draw a clean slate towards third-party land. In addition, the DC pad is now $14.99 and the VMU is $9.99. The DC still has great new and upcoming content. Alien Front Online and World Series Baseball 2K1 were just released and the whole 2K2 sports line up is slated for Fall. Pick one up if you haven't, cause it's a steal!

I hope the Walmart they're building here will be selling DC's...

Source: Gaming Age

Resaurus is dead

Resaurus has announced that they are going out of business. There will not be any new figures, (none of the planned SA2 ones), and their entire stock is on clearance sale at their online store. Thanks to Keira-Jo for the scoop. You can access Resaurus' site at

I hope you enjoyed this bad news.

Official Announcement: Dreamcast Price Drop Taking Effect This Sunday

You've heard all the news stories, folks, now hear the official announcement so many have awaited:

It's been rumored all over the place, announced in several retailer bulletin boards, and been typed across several platforms. But SEGA has yet to confirm the Dreamcast price drop to $79.95? well, until now. So here is the full SEGA press announcement about the Dreamcast price drop taking effect August 12th:

On Sunday, August 12, 2001, Sega of America will reduce the manufacturer's suggested retail price of the Sega Dreamcast video game console to $79.95, down from $99.95. The change will be effective Sunday, August 12, 2001 at retail stores nationwide. The price reduction is a milestone in Sega?s announced strategy to transition from hardware manufacturer to leading platform-agnostic third party publisher. The move will help ensure that Sega Dreamcast is on store shelves this holiday season, as well as help deliver on Sega?s stated goal to sell through all remaining Dreamcast inventory by the end of the holiday season 2001. In addition to reducing the price of Dreamcast hardware, Sega will also drop the prices of the Dreamcast controller to $14.95, the visual memory unit (VMU) to $9.95 and the Sonic Hardware Bundle to $99.95 (consisting of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle, and a blue Sonic VMU).

?By taking these steps, we are confident that we will meet our sell-through goal, and we are excited to be able to offer consumers an excellent choice in consoles this holiday season. Besides its affordable price point and incredible library of content, Dreamcast continues to be the only console offering out-of-the-box online gameplay right now.? -- Peter Moore, President & COO, Sega of America.

Sega will continue to support Dreamcast with innovative Sega content. In fact, Sega is shipping more than 20 titles this year to Dreamcast, including the first online-playable baseball simulation, "Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K2;" the first online console games to use in-game voice chat, "Alien Front Online" and "Propeller Arena;" as well as sequels to top-selling Sega games like "Sega Sports NFL 2K2," "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" and "Shenmue II."

Further, on August 13, Sega will bring back the popular Sega Sports bundle at the attractive price point of $99.95. This year?s Sega Sports bundle will include Dreamcast hardware, a Dreamcast controller and the top-selling Sega Sports NFL 2K1, NBA 2K1 and WSB 2K1. Sega?s focus is on developing innovative content for gaming and non-gaming platforms, and on networked entertainment. Sega continues to be an architecture provider and licensor of the Dreamcast chip-set technology for set-top-box products from Pace Micro Technology, Europe's largest digital set-top box manufacturer. In addition, Sega is exploring different publishing channels to deliver Sega games to handheld devices, such as the previously announced partnerships with Palm handheld computers and Motorola cellular phones. Finally, Sega is focusing on its network strengths to bring online gaming to a variety of devices. Sega?s goal is to become the leading publisher of interactive entertainment worldwide.

For those that don't know what the Sega Sports bundle is, here's a press release of the full details of the sports bundle:

Sega? of America today announced the ?Sega Sports . Bundle 2K1,? which includes the 128-bit Internet-ready Dreamcast? video game console and three titles from the award winning Sega Sports 2K1 line-up for $99.95. Included are three of Sega?s most highly acclaimed sports titles to date: ?Sega Sports . NFL 2K1,? ?Sega Sports? NBA 2K1? and ?Sega Sports . World Series? Baseball 2K1.?

?We are making the Dreamcast more affordable than ever so consumers can experience the thrill of playing Sega Sports games on or offline this summer,? said John Golden, director of product marketing, Sega of America. ?Sega Sports has a reputation for incredible content, so by combining games from the awesome Sega Sports 2K1 line-up with the Dreamcast makes the Sega Sports Bundle 2K1 a terrific value for every sports video game fan.?

?Sega Sports NFL 2K1,? ?Sega Sports NBA 2K1? and ?Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K1? are three genre-breaking sports titles that feature over 1,300 motion-captured character animations, high-resolution detail and facial expressions, artificial intelligence that mirrors real life behavior, and accurate game and season statistics. From ?bump and run? coverage in ?NFL 2K1,? a working spin move and crossover in ?NBA 2K1? and true-to-life camera angles in ?World Series Baseball 2K1,? these games bring all the intricate action of the big leagues to gamers everywhere.

*Is cursing the fact they don't sell Dreamcasts where he lives*

Source: DCIGN

Razor Freestyle Scooter on DC

This is neat sounding thing...

The trick bonanza will only set you back $19.99, which isn't bad at all.

"The scooter phenomenon continues to thrive throughout the U.S.," said Martin Spiess, senior vice president of marketing at Crave Entertainment, "'Razor Freestyle Scooter' provides cool environments and characters so fans can scoot day or night, year round."

Interesting, to say the least. Let's see how it does...

Source: FGN Online

Official Announcement: Dreamcast Price Drop Taking Effect This Sunday, Plus, the Return of the Sega Sports Bundle

You've heard all the news stories, folks, now hear the official announcement so many have awaited:

It's been rumored all over the place, announced in several retailer bulletin boards, and been typed across several platforms. But SEGA has yet to confirm the Dreamcast price drop to $79.95? well, until now. So here is the full SEGA press announcement about the Dreamcast price drop taking effect August 12th:

On Sunday, August 12, 2001, Sega of America will reduce the manufacturer's suggested retail price of the Sega Dreamcast video game console to $79.95, down from $99.95. The change will be effective Sunday, August 12, 2001 at retail stores nationwide. The price reduction is a milestone in Sega?s announced strategy to transition from hardware manufacturer to leading platform-agnostic third party publisher. The move will help ensure that Sega Dreamcast is on store shelves this holiday season, as well as help deliver on Sega?s stated goal to sell through all remaining Dreamcast inventory by the end of the holiday season 2001. In addition to reducing the price of Dreamcast hardware, Sega will also drop the prices of the Dreamcast controller to $14.95, the visual memory unit (VMU) to $9.95 and the Sonic Hardware Bundle to $99.95 (consisting of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle, and a blue Sonic VMU).

?By taking these steps, we are confident that we will meet our sell-through goal, and we are excited to be able to offer consumers an excellent choice in consoles this holiday season. Besides its affordable price point and incredible library of content, Dreamcast continues to be the only console offering out-of-the-box online gameplay right now.? -- Peter Moore, President & COO, Sega of America.

Sega will continue to support Dreamcast with innovative Sega content. In fact, Sega is shipping more than 20 titles this year to Dreamcast, including the first online-playable baseball simulation, "Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K2;" the first online console games to use in-game voice chat, "Alien Front Online" and "Propeller Arena;" as well as sequels to top-selling Sega games like "Sega Sports NFL 2K2," "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" and "Shenmue II."

Further, on August 13, Sega will bring back the popular Sega Sports bundle at the attractive price point of $99.95. This year?s Sega Sports bundle will include Dreamcast hardware, a Dreamcast controller and the top-selling Sega Sports NFL 2K1, NBA 2K1 and WSB 2K1. Sega?s focus is on developing innovative content for gaming and non-gaming platforms, and on networked entertainment. Sega continues to be an architecture provider and licensor of the Dreamcast chip-set technology for set-top-box products from Pace Micro Technology, Europe's largest digital set-top box manufacturer. In addition, Sega is exploring different publishing channels to deliver Sega games to handheld devices, such as the previously announced partnerships with Palm handheld computers and Motorola cellular phones. Finally, Sega is focusing on its network strengths to bring online gaming to a variety of devices. Sega?s goal is to become the leading publisher of interactive entertainment worldwide.

For those that don't know what the Sega Sports bundle is, here's a press release of the full details of the sports bundle:

Sega? of America today announced the ?Sega Sports . Bundle 2K1,? which includes the 128-bit Internet-ready Dreamcast? video game console and three titles from the award winning Sega Sports 2K1 line-up for $99.95. Included are three of Sega?s most highly acclaimed sports titles to date: ?Sega Sports . NFL 2K1,? ?Sega Sports? NBA 2K1? and ?Sega Sports . World Series? Baseball 2K1.?

?We are making the Dreamcast more affordable than ever so consumers can experience the thrill of playing Sega Sports games on or offline this summer,? said John Golden, director of product marketing, Sega of America. ?Sega Sports has a reputation for incredible content, so by combining games from the awesome Sega Sports 2K1 line-up with the Dreamcast makes the Sega Sports Bundle 2K1 a terrific value for every sports video game fan.?

?Sega Sports NFL 2K1,? ?Sega Sports NBA 2K1? and ?Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K1? are three genre-breaking sports titles that feature over 1,300 motion-captured character animations, high-resolution detail and facial expressions, artificial intelligence that mirrors real life behavior, and accurate game and season statistics. From ?bump and run? coverage in ?NFL 2K1,? a working spin move and crossover in ?NBA 2K1? and true-to-life camera angles in ?World Series Baseball 2K1,? these games bring all the intricate action of the big leagues to gamers everywhere.

*Is cursing the fact they don't sell Dreamcasts where he lives*

Source: DCIGN

Two CDs of Sonic Adventure 2 Music Coming Out in Japan!

This will excite many SA2 fans, especially those who missed out on the Birthday Pack. Read on...

Missed your chance at scoring the limited edition birthday pack? Don't fret, because Japan will be receiving two CDs of luscious Sonic Adventure 2 music. The first is a vocal collection, and hits Japan on August 28th. The second is the original soundtrack, and will hit Japan on September 5th. Both should be excellent pieces, and you can check out your local import shop or National Console Support to request the CDs.

If you're a SA2 fan, I bet you're starting to mutter 'Why does Japan get all the cool stuff?!'. You're not alone, my friends...

Source: SwirlVision

Learn about the team that did the SA2 score!


Wavemaster, the studio responsible for the diverse soundtrack in Sonic Adventure 2, has opened a special site for the little blue guy. The SA2MUSiC Web Site has the newest information for everything that relates to Sonic Adventure 2's sound and music. Everything from interviews to release information to general wacky comments by the creators. Too bad everything is in Japanese...

The site has released information about, multi-dimensional, the original sound track for SA2 and detailed track list, comments, and explanations for the SA2 vocal collection. The OST will be released Sept 5th and the vocal collection will be released earlier on Aug 28, these dates are both for Japan of course.

Why does so much of the good stuff have to be in bloody Japanese?

Source: DCIGN

Sonic Team's Servers Hacked!

And lookie how Sonic Team responds, with a vengence...

Reported in Japanese publication Nipon Shinbun, SonicTeam has reported a massive hacking of their servers. This is considered criminal action according to Japanese penal code.

According to reports, the police have tracked down the hackers, who are outside of Japan and International Interpol has been notified.

Big mistake, Mr. Hacker.

Source: FGN Online

Sega's Japanese Arcade Schedule

From Swirlvision

Here are the release months in which Sega will unleash their latest arcades in Japan. Most are being developed by Sega, while a couple are just using Sega's hardware.

9/??/01 - Project Ikuraga by Treasure (NAOMI GD)
9/??/01 - Alien Front by Sega (NAOMI GD)
9/??/01 - Inu no Osampo (Dog Walk) by Sega (NAOMI GD)
9/??/01 - Mobile Suits Gundam DX by Capcom (NAOMI GD) (new characters, and balanced gameplay)
Late October - Virtual On Force by Sega (Hikaru)

Source: SwirlVision

Sonic 104 Spoilers: One of the Fan Artists Revealed

Sonic 104 Spoilers have been released, and one of the fan artists that has been reported on The Sonic Foundation News Page has been revealed. Read on...

Written by Mike Gallagher, art by Dawn Best, Ken Penders, Dave Manak and Harvo.

"Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy, Part Two." The tribute to the Guardians of the Galaxy continues. Sonic's troubles in the alternate future version of Mobius go from bad to worse, as the harbinger of doom arrives - and his name is Silver Snively. That can only mean on thing: his master, the incarnation of doom itself, can't be far behind - none other than Robolactus. Can Sonic and the future Freedom Fighters stop this menace before he has a chance to erase them from the history books. "The Return of the Downunda Freedom Fighters, Part Two." A continuation of the confrontation begun last issue, as the Downunda Freedom Fighters square off against Bunyip in a classic-style Sonic tale.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Nov. 16.

Ken Penders had this to say on the matter on his message board:

I had been keeping the identity of my new assistant a carefully guarded secret for some time, mostly because I wanted this person to be able to concentrate on the work while outside distractions were kept to a minimum, especially since this person is still in school.

About the only thing I didn't foresee was the timing of the solicitations for upcoming issues, so it took me by surprise when I learned the game was given away on a website that promotes the comics industry, and thus announced on the SONIC HQ website. After that, it was only a matter of time before the buzz hit the mailing lists.

Since I'm on a couple of these mailing lists, and since word is spreading, I may as well break the news here.

My new assistant is none other than Dawn Best AKA Chordsy.

Since I've recruited her, she has turned in pencilled work based on my layouts for the KNUCKLES stories you'll be seeing in SONIC #101, #102 and #106, as well as the SONIC story in issue #104.

At the moment, I'm preparing the Knuckles script for SONIC #107, which she will do as well as any other Knuckles stories from that point onward. While she is learning from my layouts, it is my intention at some point to eventually cut back to strictly inking as far as art chores for Sonic and Knuckles go and allow her to solo on the pencils.

While others submitted samples of very high quality, it was Dawn's work that Bob and I kept coming back to, and I predict within a short time she'll be leading the vanguard of the next generation of artists on the series.

So let's give her a round of applause. (You deserve it, Dawn.) I also look forward to comments on her work for the letters pages.

Well, I'm certain this will be big news for fan artist fans and comic fans alike. The second artist is slated to make his/her debut #108.

Source: Comics Continuum

The Floating Island Site Is Shut Down

Well, I went to the floating Island just to check on the site to find this:

After some immense thinking, I have finally decided to discontinue "The Floating Island." I honestly do not have much time for the site anymore, as new paths begin to open for me. Future plans for TFI consisted of moving to a new server, MP3 downloads, and other interesting features. It is a waste of money paying for a host, when I will update rarely. Other considerations were added as well.

We do not have a very large 'staff.' Only Mike (Knux56K) and I evenly work on the site, which is at a very slow pace. Previous recruits refused to put in an honest effort. Lack of publicity fails to make TFI a known community. Not to mention there are other well-done Sonic sites around. We could not measure their duration in work, time, and interaction.

So I leave it to them to enlighten your "Sonic the Hedgehog" needs. I know this may disappoint some of you, but it's the best option for me. The site will be lingering around... allowing you to download what you don't have, until I completely close it. No immediate decision has come to mind on the Angel Island Jamz I'll just keep it running for a while. And no, I do not want another webmaster maintaining the site. Saying all that, I wanted to thank everyone who supported!

All of the members of the mailing list, linkers, advertisers. Anyone who contributed to this site. I enjoyed working on the site for about 3 years. If you have any questions or comments, my E-mail address remains below. We hope you had a great time here, and wish the best for you. Thank you.
Josh A.K.A. "Knuckles Echidna"

So there you have it! After 3 years, the site has shut down!

Phantasy Star Online Snags Another Award!

Sonic team must be so happy right about now...

According to Dengeki Online, Phantasy Star Online, Yuji Naka's wondrous online RPG for the Dreamcast has garnered another award. At the Sixth Annual Animation Kobe, Phantasy Star Online received the Best Network Media award, adding to it several awards received from various coventions including TGS and GDC.

I bet Sonic Team's awards shelf is just bursting right now.

Source: IGNDC

Sammy Purchases a Subsidary with Dreamcast Beginnings


According to a press release today, major Japanese pachinko maker Sammy has purchased 90% of stocks in Sega's subsidiary SI Electronics for 134 billion yen (roughly USD$1.08 million). With this purchase, Sammy acquires SIE as a direct subsidiary and strengthens the relationship between Sega and Sammy. SIE will be responsible for research and developing the LCD chips to be used in future Sammy pachinko and pachisuro machines.

Sammy is one of the largest pachinko/pachisuro machine makers in Japan, responsible for roughly 78% of total pachisuro machine sales and 8% pachinko machine sales in Japan. With other recent acquisitions, Sammy has been attempting to expand into other areas of the amusement/entertainment industry, including softwares for the PlayStation, cellphones, and other platforms.

Sega, on the other hand, is one of the oldest console gaming software development houses in the world. The sale today is one of many changes with the recent pull out of the hardware home gaming industry by Sega. SI Electronics was responsible for many major components in Sega's Dreamcast entertainment system.

Boring? Probably, but hopefully someone will find this news interesting. :)

Source: DCIGN

Video Game Channel Finally?!

It's every video gamer's dream, a channel devoted to video games 24/7

Begone, Gamepro TV! It's time for some real video game TV watching.

Comcast has announced that they are working on an all new television channel dedicated to video games, 24 hours a day. The idea came about from former E! Entertainment Television operator Debra Green and former Disney animation team head Charles Hirschorn, and the channel will be called G4. It should launch sometime next year, and will feature 24 hour programming dedicated to video game fans. No, not including any sort of Mario Bros. Super Show reruns, thank goodness.

Thanks to for the scoop!

Yes that's right. If all goes well in about a year people will able to sit in front of their TVs and get video games 24/7! Hopefully things will work out and video game fans will get an entire channel devoted to time. About time huh?

Source: Sega Dojo

CSK Research Institute Corp. Changes Name to Sega - AM2 CO. Ltd.

From FGN:

Sega R&D AM2 game development department was merged with CSK Research Institute last year to be an independent company according to Sega's strategic decision. AM2 is a leading brand of the arcade game and is now eyeing the field of home videogame development.

The company said, "By taking this occasion, we decided to change our company name by adapting these honorable 'Sega' and 'AM2' brands and restart for goal with refreshed spirit and exiting enthusiasm for success."

According to Japanese reports, CSK will be announcing reorganization plans of the company at the end of the fiscal year. Specifics have yet to be revealed, but insiders suggest that there's a possibility of two of CSK's major divisions, Sega and ASCII, being sold off. These rumors have been follwed up by ones suggesting that Microsoft could swoop down on Sega. Don't you love the Internet?

Probably not tremendous news for most folks, but probably worth putting down.

Source: FGN Online

No PSO At Launch for GameCube, Apparently.

Well, this news may disappoint some, but at least this is for a good reason...

Although Phantasy Star Online would most likely be completed by GameCube's launch, Naka-san is reconsidering having the game as a launch title. The reason is that Nintendo's online plans will not be set in stone yet, leaving the user without online capabilities - which as you know is a major part of the game. Props to CCB's Game Review for the scoop.

The page mentioned above is in Japanese, just so you know. Anyway, told you it was a good reason.

Source: SwirlVision

Peter Moore Comments on Sonic/Mario Game Rumors

The following somewhat major news is from SegaWeb:

We've been reporting for months about the rumors that Sega and Nintendo have teams working on a title featuring the companies respective mascots, Sonic and Mario. After a long silence, Peter Moore has commented on the matter to IGN.

"I think that's just wishful thinking," he said about the rumored project. "But if I got a phone call at four o'clock this afternoon from Japan that said they were doing it, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. We have a great relationship with NCL all the way to Yamauchi-san, who has great regard for Sega and what we've done over the years. There is also an incredible mutual respect, particularly between Naka and Miyamoto. So, yeah -- have we done anything? No. Are they talking about it, I'm sure. Have we announced anything? No. Might we? I bet you that we do."

If that sounds a bit like Peter is leaving the door open for announcements at Spaceworld, you are not the only one.

When asked specifically about Sonic's appearance in Super Smash Brothers Melee for the GameCube, he commented, "Wouldn't surprise me at all if Sonic were to show up in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It wouldn't surprise me at all if two of the greatest videogame development talents in the world sat down and said, 'Hey, we've got to do something together.'" But it's just a rumor at this point. There is nothing definitive. And I'm not holding anything back. But with that said, I've got to believe that conversations are being had."

While far from being a confirmation, we can take Mr. Moore's hedging comments as an indication that the project, in whatever shape it will eventually come in, will happen possibly as soon as Spaceworld, now only three weeks away. We'll have more on this story one way or the other then.

Looks like we're all waiting untill Spaceworld...

Source: SegaWeb

DiC to partner up with Lions Gate

These articles from Kidscreen and Lion Gate Studios' website.

Kidscreen reports:

...DIC has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Lions Gate Home Entertainment (a division of Lions Gate Studios) to distribute its library of programming in North America. For DIC, the multiyear deal represents its first step back into the home entertainment realm since Heyward, newly named DIC president Brad Brooks and investment company Bain Capital bought the company back from Disney in November. Though DIC had planned to start releasing its shows on video and DVD in the spring, the process of choosing a distribution partner took longer than expected, says Don Gold, executive VP of home entertainment. Ultimately, though, selecting Lions Gate became a no-brainer. "Lions Gate was the most enthusiastic about our shows, and put together a plan that would allow DIC to be the focal point for all of its children's programming," says Gold. As per the agreement, Lions Gate will release DIC's catalog, which includes some 2,500 half hours of programming, on VHS and DVD through its Trimark Home Entertainment division. Starting in August, Trimark will bow with best-of episodic collections for Sabrina: The Animated Series and the Ivan Reitman-produced Mummies Alive! on VHS and DVD, and will follow up with releases for Madeline in September. Gold says the two companies will work closely to aggressively market DIC's titles, and the partners plan to tie in promotionally with The Learning Company for video releases of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and with Sega for Sonic the Hedgehog, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Though DIC's agreement with Lions Gate covers North America only, Gold says the company has begun negotiating separate deals with a number of distributors outside the U.S. to distribute DIC's shows on DVD/VHS internationally.

This from Lion Gate Studios' Website news page:

June 6, 2001 DIC ENTERTAINMENT PARTNERS WITH LIONS GATE IN NORTH AMERICAN HOME ENTERTAINMENT DISTRIBUTION DEAL (Burbank, CA. - June 6, 2001) - DIC Entertainment has inked an exclusive North American distribution deal for its extensive library of award-winning animation with Lions Gate Home Entertainment, it was announced today by Don Gold, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Home Entertainment at DIC, and Peter Block, President of Home Entertainment, Acquisitions and New Media at Lions Gate. Under the deal, Lions Gate will distribute the diverse library of properties within the DIC catalog, which is the second largest library of American animation in the world. The deal marks an important step in the growth of both companies. For DIC, it is the first distribution deal for the Worldwide Home Entertainment division since DIC CEO Andy Heyward, along with Bain Capital, purchased DIC back from Disney in November, 2000. For Lions Gate, the partnership represents a giant step into the business of distributing children?s programming. By virtue of the deal, DIC will become the primary supplier of animation titles to Lions Gate. While Lions Gate will oversee the distribution of DIC?s extensive catalog of programs, the artwork, packaging and marketing of all releases will be a cooperative effort between both companies. The first releases on VHS and DVD slated for August are ?Sabrina, The Animated Series,? based on the hugely popular WB series starring Melissa Joan Hart, and ?Mummies Alive!,? the Ivan Reitman-produced animated series. The planned DIC releases over the next several months include ?Madeline,? ?Sonic The Hedgehog,? ?Carmen Sandiego,? ?Inspector Gadget,? ?Action Man,? as well as numerous other titles. ?Home Entertainment represents a significant source of revenue for any entertainment company, and I could not be more pleased that Lions Gate aggressively and enthusiastically pursued this distribution agreement. They have an exceptional sales staff, an innovative marketing team and a management staff marked by integrity and trust,? said Don Gold. Peter Block said, ?DIC has an extensive catalog of animated titles that have tremendous recognition and brand awareness across all generations, and we are honored that DIC has chosen Lions Gate as its distributor. DIC has a fantastic management team in place and has been a Company that continues to re-invent itself, and these factors were extremely important in our decision to distribute DIC titles. This is a key acquisition in building our sell-through catalog to the heights we believe it can soar to, and we look forward to our continuing relationship with DIC.? Lions Gate Executive Vice President, North American Home Video Sales and Operations, Ron Schwartz added, ?This acquisition will provide the powerful boost in our sell-through business that we?ve been looking for. As a home video company, we?ve had much success in the sell-through arena, but we?ve never had the opportunity to distribute such a wide array of quality children?s product. We are extremely pleased that DIC has placed their confidence in our hands.? The deal was brought to Lions Gate by Guy Stodel, Lions Gate?s Vice President of Acquisitions. The deal was brokered on Lions Gate?s behalf by Peter Block and Ron Schwartz. Negotiating the deal on behalf of DIC were Don Gold and Matthew Erramouspe of O?Melveny & Myers LLP. Lions Gate develops, produces and distributes a broad range of motion picture, television and other filmed entertainment content through its four operating divisions ? Motion Pictures, Television, Animation and Studio Facilities. The distinctive Lions Gate brand is recognized as a symbol of original, cutting-edge, quality entertainment around the world. DIC Entertainment was purchased in November 2000 by Andy Heyward in partnership with Bain Capital, LLC. DIC Entertainment is a leading children?s entertainment company focused on developing, producing, distributing, and merchandising children?s animated programming worldwide. Since its founding in 1983, DIC has produced over 100 series and 3,000 episodes, averaging over 145 new half-hour episodes per year for the last ten years. With approximately 2,500 episodes, DIC?s catalog is one of the largest and most valuable libraries of children?s animation television programming in the entertainment industry, boasting beloved evergreen brands such as Inspector Gadget, Madeline, Sailor Moon, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, Action Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario Bros. DIC?s programs are watched by approximately 25 million kids in the US each week.

Other-M #11 Released!

Making good on the promise made a month ago, Other-M #11 is out without any unsightly delays. This marks the eleventh issue in fifteen month - an unheard of achievement among Sonic fan-comics. Don't miss out on this extra-long, turning-point issue! Other-M

Sonic DVD Delayed

I visited my local Suncoast today and asked about the Sonic DVD. Apparently, it has been pushed back from End of July/Beginning of August, to End of September/Beginning of October. The man did not know what the dvd was specifically. (SatAM, AoStH, SU, etc...) SO, I guess we won't know until it comes out, and I guess that won't be for a while. :(

Sega of Japan has two job openings

For those of you who can do Softimage, Sega of Japan has an opportunity for you.

If there's a dream of every SEGA fanatic, it's working for within the school of Sonic. We've all dreamed of being Yuji Naka's "gopher", or Yu Suzuki's "coffee guy"... okay, maybe not. But if you're serious about joining up with SEGA and have some skills in - oh let's see here - Softimage, two new job openings are available at SEGA of Japan for animator and designer in SEGA's new R&D center for TV, movies, and multimedia. Of course, this requires you to also (1)read and speak Japanese and (2) move to Japan, but think of the bright side: you could always drop by and go karoaking with Anoop.

OK, so you'll have to go pretty far...

Source: DCIGN

Sega Stock looking Good in Japan despite troubled economy

Well, good news for you Sega Stock savvy folks...

Bloomberg news has posted a brief interview with Stephen Auth, global portfolio manager at Federated Investors Inc. in which he discusses the state of the Japanese economy and the opportunities it presents to investors. Noting that the Japanese stock market is at an all-time low, he warns that it may be difficult to single out individual companies to invest in; he does strongly recommend mutual funds as an alternative.

When pressed for exceptions, he specified Sega as one of only three companies he could name as being in a strong position. "In addition to software games, they are also going into a major restructuring, exiting the hardware business, going from a loss-making situation to a profit one," he said. Sega's stock is valued at a respectable $4.05 despite four years of large losses.

If the company turns a profit this year as they plan, it could move upward rapidly. Auth also mentions Nintendo as a strong buy, no doubt buoyed by the successful launch of their Game Boy Advance system and strong buzz on the upcoming GameCube. Notably going unmentioned was Sony, whose stock has dropped 50% in the past year, including a $5 drop today on poor earnings news.

Source: SegaWeb

Apparently No Dreamcast Price Cut for Europe...

Big info from FGN Online regarding the DC price cuts in Europe:

Sega's next-gen console looks set for a further two price drops before the launch of Xbox and Gamecube later this year ? but only in the U.S. it seems. The system currently retails for $99.99, but in an attempt to clear out inventory, two price cuts are now expected before the holidays.

We received word from an anonymous source that Sega will cut the price on August 12 to $79.99, the new All Stars Sports Pack will sell for $99.99 featuring NFL 2K1 and NBA 2K1. The price is then expected to plummet one last to $49.99 around the turn of the year ? that's almost the price of a game!

Sega U.S. has yet to officially announce the deal, and is refusing to be drawn on the subject in the U.S. Thankfully though, bigwigs at major retails firms can?t keep quiet about it. Speaking to the Hollywood reporter, Doreen McKenzie, director of merchandising and videogames at Babbage's, revealed, "After the initial price drop to $79.99, Sega has told us that it will further reduce the price to $49.99 either around Christmas or early next year, depending on how much inventory it has left over."

It's a different story in Europe however. Dick Francis, Managing Director for the firm that now handles all things Dreamcast, told FGN Online, "Planet Distribution has no intention of lowering the price of Dreamcast from ?99.99. We have been very happy with our hardware sales figures and on software, especially from the game Sonic Adventure 2."

He continued, "We have strong support from retailers and excellent sales into the consumer. Planet Distribution has exciting marketing plans in place for Christmas. Dreamcast has shown exceptional performance to date and we categorically have no intention of lowering the price from ?99.99."

Well, if things hold as the firm says, European Sega fans may not be too happy come X-mas...

Source: FGN Online

Sonic Gets Some Credit

News from

Forget about 'smart chips', the coolest credit card on earth has just been unveiled.

Sega of Japan has announced a partnership with Visa to produce a special edition credit card. Two versions will be available, one featuring Sega's mascot, Sonic and the other featuring Sega's network subsidiary, (think the SegaNet of Japan).

While certainly only available in Japan, the cards are very eye-catching and a must for Sega fans living there. Our readers living in Japan can sign up for the cards over here. Be warned, however, the presence of Sonic on the card might motivate you to shop even faster than usual.

Ben Caton

Is dangerous when armed with credit cards.


Game Cube Preview: Phantasy Star Online Ver.2

News from

As part of Sega's new software-oriented business approach, they will be bringing the critically acclaimed PSO to the GameCube along with a host of improvements. The first title was a hit with gamers worldwide due to the fact that players across the world could play co-operatively in teams of four. Unfortunately it didn’t deliver the goods in the offline mode for those that didn’t have an Internet connection. This game was meant to be played online, you have to do this to fully appreciate what the game has to offer. I suppose that’s why it wasn’t called Phantasy Star Offline.

Sonic Com Returns

hello im not really a reporter for Sonic HQ but i do have news for all ou sonic fans.....i just wanted to tell u that the site SonicBoy Productions is bringin back Sonic COM a sonic site that closed down back in 1994-95 (not sure) well i am going to try my best to restore the old Sonic Com site to it's former glory =) well that's it for now sonic fans if you wanna kno more information please feel free to email ro go to for further information thanx peace out!!!!!

Cool Chao Idea

Since we've heard Yuji Naka say numerous times that he's interested in the GameCube hardware, and that there might be a possibility that Sonic Adventure 3 could be made for it, wouldn't it be cool if Chao Adventure 3 was made to be used with the GameBoy Advance (since it is supposed to be able to link up to the GameCube). Much more could be done on the GameBoy Advance than a VMU (like color and depth). Just a thought though, may not happen but would be cool.

Sonic Adventure 2 takes a good spot on sales charts

An impressive launch for SA2 seems successful, as it catches a position on the top selling US games, despite the fact it was only there for a few days last month. The list follows:

1) Super Mario Advance (GBA, Nintendo)
2) Twisted Metal: Black (PS2, SCEA)
3) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (GBA, Activision)
4) NBA Street (PS2, EA Sports)
5) The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC, Nintendo)
6) The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC, Nintendo)
7) Sonic Adventure 2 (DC, Sega)
8) Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA, Konami)
9) F-Zero Maximum Velocity (GBA, Nintendo)
10) Mario Party 3 (N64, Nintendo)

Note the impressive showing from Nintendo, as well.

Source: SegaWeb

Sega partners up with Earthnet

Very important news for users of the Dreamcast's on-line capabilities. Hopefully, good news... announced today that they have partnered with EarthLink, and will now provide all of the content previously available exclusively through SegaNet to gamers outside the network. EarthLink effectively becomes SegaNet's "preferred ISP", similar to how AT&T was before SegaNet launched.

Current SegaNet accounts will be converted to EarthLink accounts seamlessly, with a new monthly price of $19.99. How this affects customers who purchased a Dreamcast with the SegaNet rebate was not addressed. "EarthLink can provide the speed, reliability and customer service that gamers want to be competitive online," said Marc Connor, who holds the interesting title of Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances,

This is a distinct change from Sega's original plans for their gaming ISP. Early last year Sega of America president Peter Moore told, "What SegaNet will provide is a direct hub network for SegaNet subscribers... rather than being routed all around the Internet as I might be on, let's say, EarthLink or MSN."

The alliance sounds as if SegaNet is being brought into the EarthLink fold, most likely driven by lower numbers of paying subscribers than Sega had anticipated; the merging of ISPs has become common as of late, such as NetZero's recent purchase of Juno. The new partnership will bring much higher exposure to SegaNet while providing over a quarter million new monthly customers to EarthLink.

Also stated in the release is the first official comment that SegaNet will expand to other systems sooner rather than later. The statement specifies that "as new consoles come online later this year, plans to open its high-speed network to a wider audience of online gamers." Since the PlayStation 2 is the only console set to go online this year (pending a shock announcement from Nintendo), we can take as a given that Sega and Sony's recently announced network partnership will extend beyond Japan.

There you have it, everyone.

Source: SegaWeb

big found in: Cannon's Core

I'm not so sure if everyone knows but i just recentlty found the location of Big in the Cannon's Core level. He appeares during Rouge's part. Big is at the top of the switch on the ceiling dancing around. You can reach him by climbing the pillars to the top then climbing the center ceiling peice. stef___

The Future of Sonic Comics

After speaking with Ken Penders at the San Diego Comic Convention, I gained some valuable insight into the Sonic Universe.

SegaNet no longer an ISP

I have just recieved an e-mail informing me that SegaNet will no longer be providing internet service. They will, however, still hold the servers for internet play. More infot can be found at the SegaNet Transition FAQs.

Makers of Video Games Motion for Columbine Suit to be Dropped

Could all the bull finally come to an end?

Eight game publishers have asked a federal judge in Denver to dismiss a lawsuit brought against them by relatives of several victims in the Columbine High School shooting, the AP reported.

Lawyers for the companies said the suit should be dropped because it doesn't allege that any particular game led Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to go on the shooting spree that killed 12 students and a teacher. The companies also argue that video games are protected as free speech and that they cannot be held liable for someone's reaction to the games.

Companies named in the suit are Acclaim Entertainment, Activision, Capcom Entertainment, Eidos Interactive, Infogrames, Interplay Entertainment, Nintendo of America and Sony Computer Entertainment America.

More as it happens...


Sonic Comic 99 at Agabus' Sonic the Hedgehog Website

I uploaded the complete Sonic Comic number 99. All pages uploaded! They are large enough to read and shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to load.NOTE THE KNUCKLES SIDE STORY HAS NOT BEEN UPLOADED. AT URL: http://www.angelfire/ky3/anime2000years/index.html

Sega to Showcase at Tokyo Game Show

Well, looks like Sega will be doing some stuff at Tokyo...

This fall's Tokyo Game Show will have a welcome surprise going for it- a great showing by Sega.

The company announced today that they would be showcasing new wares for the Dreamcast and other consoles at this fall's Tokyo Game Show, taking place on October 12th-14th. What games will be shown is not yet known, but you can get a look at Sonic Team's flyer for the event at the link below.

Thanks to Swirlvision for the scoop!

Source: SegaDojo

SatAM on VCD from Thailand!!!

Even though the wait continues for the anticipated release of Sonic on DVD, many hope that it's Satam. Well, look alive Satam fans, cause every episode is on VCD!!! That's right, I found a site that had pics of the VCDs and I couldnt believe that there was a "Doomsday" cover. This is very exciting. The only thing is that they are from Thailand, so it might be dificult to order

Sonic 100 cover art 4 sale

While surfing around e-bay I ran into Sonic 100 orginal cover art signed by spaz, which is for sale. Starting price is 500 American dollars.

Click here to see the page.


sega to release R7 black dreamcast in japan

Sonic 103 Plotline Released

Archie has released the plot for Sonic 103, and it goes something like this, courtesy of Comics Continuum:

Written by Mike Gallagher, art by Jim Valentino, Dave Manak and Harvo.

"Freedom Fights of the Galaxy Part One." A tribute to the Guardians of the Galaxy brought to readers by the team that created them, writer Mike Gallagher and artist Jim Valentino. In an alternate future, Sonic comes back to Mobius after being in space for a thousand years to find the planet in worse shape than when he left it. Teaming up with the descendants of the original Freedom Fighters, the heroes combat an evil so great, they with the original Robotnik was back. Plus: The Return of Downunda Freedom Fighters, squaring off against the Bunyip in a tale recalling the early days of the Sonic comic series.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Oct. 19.

No cover to accompany it, unfortunely. Story sounds intriguing, though. One always had to wonder what would happen with decendants of the originals.

But first, we wait for 100...

Source: Comics Continuum

New Sonic Artist!

A popular sonic fan artist will be a penciller for the Archie Sonic comics. The person will definitely make the Sonic comic's art quality rise very much. But, the Artist's name has not been revealed to the public yet, so it's kind of a mystery. And on top of all that, you'll have to wait a while to see this mystery person's art, because the artwork will not be shown until Sonic #107. Cya till next time!

New Sonic Advance Media

Gamespot has put up some new screenshots of Sonic Advance, and they're looking pretty nice. You can view them by clicking here.

"Sonic The Hedgehog" On DVD Release Estimate

Ever since the news headlines talked about Sonic the Hedgehog being released on DVD, Ive been so anxious for it, that I check Suncoast twice a week just see if they were in stock yet. So, fianlly, I went up to the clerk and asked if I can look at the "Upcoming Releases" Sheet. As it turns out, it will be released at the end of July or the begining of August.

SA2 180 Emblem VMU game save

ok i've a game save of SA2 with all 180 emblems from Sayian Sonic, here's what's unlocked:

2-Player Mode:
Sonic/Shadow race:
Sonic's PSO suit/Shadow's PSO suit
Amy/MechaSonic (Sonic CD version)

Knuckles/Rouge race:
Knux's PSO Suit/Rouge's PSO suit
Tikal/Chaos 0

Tails/Eggman battle:
Tails in Red Tornado/Eggman in Camo-Eggwalker
ChaoWalker(that's the best i can call it)/Big in Eggwalker

Stage Select:
Green Hill stage (original Sonic 1 stage in 3D, you gotta see it to believe it)

ok here it is for all who want it. Downloads
Go and signup for an account and the SA2 save will be up for DL. after you set it up, you'll have to get to the DL through your DC. Have fun all!

Sonic Scam on Ebay

I was surfing around on ebay and I saw an interesting item:
SNES Sonic The Hedgehog 4 RARE Import!!!

At first I thought it might possible be Sonic Crackers because of the 'Sonic 4' title it was given, then I saw it said SNES. (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) I knew something was up, and sure enough when I checked the link, I was right. The item was a fake.

The item the loser is selling is actually a hacked Speedy Gonzalas (SP??) ROM made by someone when hacking was a big deal in the Sonic community. The ROM must have been put on some SNES cart, and the picture of the cart was pasted together with scenes of Sonic 3 and other games. All though so far, I've been unsuccessful in locating the ROM or the owner, but if anyone has it or knows who made the ROM, let us or ebay know so we can stop this scam. If it's one thing I hate, it's people taking advantage of Sonic fans. So if you see this item on ebay:

DON'T BID ON IT! It's not real!

Sonic Advance

EB Games has Sonic Advance release date which is November 16th.

Sonic Advance
Hop on ridges, slide down rails and grab some rings...Sonic is back and he's as fast as ever! With a choice of 4 characters and link cable support for multiple players, this classic 2D platfomer takes full advantage of Nintendo's powerful new handheld.

IT'S TRUE! Secret SA2 Area Pics!

Someone on the IGN boards has posted pics of the rumored hidden area accessible with 180 emblems. Words can not describe how sweet this is. ^_^ Click the link to see them.

IGN DC Reviews SA2

Ok, they reviit a while ago, but Peppy just sent me this and I think I should post it. This is an EXTREMELY well-written review, definitely the best I've seen yet, and the author obviously paid attention to the details. He gives ewed SA2 a 9.4, BTW.

VERY Wild SA2 Rumor

Supposedly, if you get all 180 emblems in SA2, a secret area opens up, loaded with cool extras. Also, according to this rumor, there IS a point to all the hidden Bigs in the game. This area sounds too good to be true, but after the other stuff that's been revealed about SA2, it wouldn't really surprise me too much if it was in there. If it is, then kudos to Sonic Team for putting something like this intro the game for the 10th anniversary. This is a mild spoiler, since you may want to be surprised by what you get when you get 180 emblems, so it's listed in a link.

Hidden Characters In SA2! Costume Details! More Pics!

Once again, this is a mild spoiler, and there are quite a few more pics than I'd want to post on the main news page anyway, so click the link to see them. We also have new details about HOW the hidden characters play and pics of some costumes available for download from Sega's SA2 page.

Public News Posting Is Back!

Due to increasing schedule conflicts, the fact that I'm focusing on other content like the SA2 page, and increasing SA2 news, I've put in moderation features on the news pahge earlier than I planned to. So now you can post all the news you want, even wild rumors and just links to information on the net. Articles only show up once they've been edited. Note to staff: this includes articles you post too, so be sure to edit them.

Tons Of Hidden Characters! Costumes!

The insane depth of SA2 keeps getting more impressive. This is sort of a spoiler, so if you want to know about them, read the full news item.

Gamespot presents a history of Sonic the Hedgehog

While this isn't news in the strictest sense, I thought this might be of interest to fans.

Clicking here, you can check out a history of Sonic the Hedgehog preapred by Gamespot. It may be of interest to fans, so check it out.

Yuji Naka to Sign Copies of SA2, plus more!

Sonic fans, now hear this:

Q: What could possibly be better than a brand new copy of Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast?

A: A copy of the game signed by legendary designer Yuji Naka, the man responsible for the creation of all things Sonic.

Yuji Naka will be at Software Etc. in San Jose form 11AM on June 30 to sign copies of the recently shipped game. The first 100 people at the store will receive a free gift, and Sega personnel will be on hand to help everyone celebrate Sonic's 10th Anniversary by serving up slices of a big Sonic Birthday cake at noon.

The Store Address is as follows:

Software Etc.
3600 A-Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117

Hello, hello... I thought you might be interested. :)

Source: FGN Online

Happy Birthday Sonic!

Today is officially Sonic the Hedgehog's 10th birthday. Be sure to give all your Sonic toys a great big hug and wish him Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday everyone's favorite hedgehog! You rule!

Sega to Release Dreamcast Exclusive Quake 3: Arena Maps to PC Players; Allow cross-system gaming between the platforms.

Some VERY good news to pass along from GameSpot:

Sega of America has announced that it will release the new maps from the Dreamcast version of Quake III: Arena to PC players. The so-called Dreamcast Map Pack includes a collection of 23 maps from the Dreamcast version of the game, and it can be downloaded from Sega of America's official Web site. The pack also includes slightly altered versions of existing maps.

Additionally, the Dreamcast Map Pack will allow PC players to play in the new maps against Dreamcast players. The only criteria are that PC players must have a 1.16n or lower version of Quake III: Arena available and use the GameSpy 3D or PingTool utilities to browse the Sega Dreamcast servers.

Quake Arena players will certainly be pleased...

Source: GameSpot

Sony to Distribute Sega's PS2 Titles in Europe

From SegaWeb...

Sony will be publishing Sega's first seven PlayStation 2 titles in Europe, the two companies announced jointly today. Sega will turn over the publishing, advertising, and distribution reigns over to Sony in the territory, who will distribute the titles in five languages. The titles include the previously announced Virtua Fighter 4, K-Project, and Space Channel 5 games; the four new games are Ecco the Dolphin, F-355, Head Hunter, and a second Space Channel 5 title.

At least two of the seven titles will be released this year, though which ones were not specified. It is unknown if the confirmation of Head Hunter coming to the PS2 will impact the Dreamcast version of the title.

The partnership was made for a number of reasons, not the least of which being logistics. "Since we do not have our own marketing network in Europe, we decided to have SCE to handle distribution of our games for PlayStation 2," a Sega spokesman said. While Sega will continue to distribute their own Dreamcast titles in Europe, the additional titles will not put a strain on the company, which is currently undergoing a major reorganization. Whether the partnership will be renewed after these seven games are released was not addressed.

This is the third major partnership between Sega and Sony this year. In February they announced plans to co-develop a network of arcades using Sony's PS2-based arcade technology, and earlier this month announced plans to create cross-platform online titles for consoles and PC. The latest announcement was made after the stock market had closed in Tokyo, though Sega's share price rose nearly 2 percent prior the announcement, following weeks of declines.

For those keeping track, Sega has also announced a Sakura Wars title, two 'Let's Make a Sports Team' games, an online horse derby title, Guru Guru Onsen 2, and two Sega Sports games (NBA and NFL) for the PS2, bringing the total number of announced Sega games coming to PS2 up to 14.

Source: SegaWeb

Sonic Adventure 2 Media

IGNDC has released new SA2 media. Check it out by clicking here, and prepare to see the word 'grind' a lot.

Sega Looking to Other Ventures

Sega, naturally, is looking at new ways to handle their expertise. From Gaming Age:

Sega is looking towards non-game areas to boost profitability. The new strategy should help the company spread its wings to gain revenue on top of traditional videogame sales.

Munehiro Umemura, a general manager for Sega's future entertainment division, told a news conference that Sega's computer graphics technology and know-how in content development and in managing arcade facilities should present opportunities.

Non-game ventures include educational software that uses computer graphics, and training software such as computer simulations of earthquakes. The new businesses are expected to make up more than 10% of sales in the next five years.

Source: Gaming Age

Sonic Adventure 2 Ships

Many people have now reported getting their hands on copies of Sonic Adventure 2, and SegaDojo, with no doubt a lot of other sites, have confirmed Sega's shipping of the game.

As I said on the Mobius Forum, 'Let the Chao(s) begin...'

SA2 Release Date

There has been a ton of confusion over just when SA2 is supposed to come out. Different branches of SEGA and numerous gaming news sources put the dates as June 19, 21, and 23. Some software retailers are saying it's going to be released on Junew 20. Of course, SHQ will report it as soon as the game is spotted in stores or a definite release date is confirmed.

Sonic Video Confirmed Again

Recently, there have been a lot of questions about DiC's "Sonic" (cartoon series unspecified) DVD release. People have been asking abut it at video stores only to get weird looks from confused clerks. Well, we don't know when it's coming out, but it is still planned forr the market. Sonmanic wrote DiC and got this response, reconfirming the videos.

Thanks for your interest in Sonic. Yes, it is true, we will be releasing Sonic on Home Video and most likely DVD as well. There will be a Sonic release this year and most likely some in 2002 as well. We are working with Sega on cross-promotional activities to tie in with the 10th anniversary of Sonic. Unfortunately, as of now, that is all the information we can release.

Again, thanks for being a loyal supporter of Sonic!

Jedd Gold
Manager, Marketing & Promotions
DIC Entertainment

Sega Becomes Largest Shareholder in CSK Corp.

The following is from SegaDojo:

A few interesting tidbits that was recently put into public (although not surprising). It seems that Sega Corp. has become the largest shareholder in CSK along being the second largest investor in NextCom KK. This news was recently posted in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Saturday morning edition. After Isao Ohkaw, the company's former President and Chairman, passed away in March, he donated his stakes to the company. With Sega holding 4.4 million shares (or 5.9% in stake) in CSK along with 19.88 million shares of it's own company (or 12.2% in stakes), it will be very interesting to see what the financial state will be for them in the near future.

Probably not particularly interesting for most folks out there, but this is worth noting, nonetheless.

Source: SegaDojo

Sonic Birthday Party in Japan

It's Sonic's tenth anniversary in Japan, and to celebrate, Sonic Team is holding a birthday party! The party is set to take place in Japan on June 23rd starting at 8:00 (in Osaka) and June 24th starting at 4:30 (in Tokyo). Those who attend will get to meet members of Sonic Team and socialize with fellow rabid fans and Sega of Japan PR reps.

Believe it or not, it's actually suggested that you bring a present for Sonic! Sonic Team does ask that you not bring anything too valuable, though. Those who attend will receive a special piece of Sonic merchandize which we presume will be sellable on Ebay for thousands and thousands of dollars fifty years from now.

We've heard that Sonic Team is hoping to hold similar events in America, although nothing has been confirmed at this point. Sega of America… how about it?

If you're in Japan, turn to this page for more details.


Source: DCIGN

Sega Unleashes Interviews: Yuki Naka of SonicTeam have released 4 interviews. From SEGAs Hitmaker (Crazy Taxi), Smilebit (Jet Set Radio), Amusement Vision (Planet Harriers), and of course, Sonic Team's own Yuji Naka. Only a few questions were asked unfortunately, as they did not have enough time to give a full interview (it's not like we don't know all about whats coming out anyway) so enjoy.

Source: Sega Unleashes Interviews by IGN

Sonic Plushies

Wizzywig is offerring Sonic 10th Anniversary Plushies for pre-order. The five plushies to choose from are of Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Rouge, and a Chao. More information is at their site under Preorder Toys or Characters (and then Sonic).


Sonic in PSO Ver. 2..... in Japan.

Gaming Age has provided more news to make us envious of Japan... I guess the Sonic crew's gonna be in the PSO Ver. 2 lobby between June 16-30 over in Japan... follow this link to more info, including screens.

IGNDC Interview With Sonic Adventure 2 Director Takashi Iizuka

Although IGN had this interview on their IGN Insider, they have released the interview to the public! check it out.

IGNDC: Will there be online features for Sonic Adventure 2?

TI: Right now we're still in the planning stages of our online features, and while it hasn't been completed yet, basically the player will play the game and once they complete a stage or level, they'll receive a certain ranking. And through the Internet, they'll be able to upload their score and see how he ranks against other players on a worldwide basis.

IGNDC: Having played through the game numerous times, we've been able to see the big changes in Sonic Adventure 2 in terms of the faster gameplay and improved frame rate. What other major improvements have been made in Sonic Adventure 2 over Sonic Adventure?

TI: (laughs) There are so many, it's pretty hard to answer that. Obviously we wanted to make Sonic Adventure 2 run at 60 frames per second and design the stages so that when you play the game, you feel like you're going a lot faster. And then, the two-player versus modes was the next big benchmark after we established the 60 frames per second.
And for the future of Sonic's actions, instead of blazingly running through a stage, we've given him more actions so he's not just constantly running. So he'll run, he'll grind on a rail, then he'll spin dash into an obstacle, etc. It's not just about running fast; we wanted to create a "tempo" for the action.

IGNDC: Speaking of the two-player mode, right now in our preview version, there are three versus games – Sonic Vs, Shadow, Tails Vs. Dr. Eggman, and Knuckles Vs. Rouge. Are there any more mini-games planned and will other characters be able to battle each other (i.e. Sonic Vs Tails)?

TI: Ahh... well, that's your preview version (smiles). For that preview version, we've only included one stage per versus game. With the full version, you'll see a lot more stages for each versus mode. I really can't say too much about the versus games yet, but there are two other versus modes we're thinking about incorporating outside of the three that you've played.

IGNDC's full interview SA2 Page update! Kart racing!

Thanks Budls & Tristan for the pics

Everyones favorite blue hedgehog is back, facing down his old nemesis, Dr. Robotnik. This time Dr. Robotnik has a new surprise in store...

It seems that Dr. Robotnik has uncovered an abandoned military experiment, one that has yeilded what promises to be the ultimate weapon! He only has to force his way past the robot guards and unlock the weapon - a black hedgehog named Shadow, who can utilise the energy of the Chaos Emeralds to increase his speed to warp capabilities. Fighting alongside Robotnik and Shadow is a bat named Rouge. But just who is leading who in this motley group of villians remains to be seen...

Many questions remain to be answered: who is Maria, the girl who helped to raise Shadow from infancy? Where is the Professor, who designed Shadow to be the ultimate life form? What is Rouges ulterior motive?

The fate of the planet is in the hands of Sonic and his friends; will it be peace on Earth, or Earth in pieces?"

This page truly is something worth to look at. It shows so much more information than the Sonicteam page, all about the backgrounds of the characters (Rouge has a crush on Knuckles ;>) To the map screen which you select levels from. Also it shows:

Kart Racing!'

Not much longer to go now, can't wait! The page also includes screensavers, wallpaper, a Timeline, a new large competition, and many other great things! Be careful though, it needs Flash, and it seems that this hates loading to the full. you may need to refresh it a few times.

Sonic Adventure 2 showcases Sonic and company like you've never seen them before. Sporting all-new animations and a higher polygon count, Soinc Adventure 2 taps into the hardware muscle of the Dreamcast system like nothing before it. Fast and smooth, Sonic Adventure serves up a heaping helping of Dreamcast goodness.

* Play as either the heroes to save the world of the villains to conquer it.
* More than 30 unique missions across 5 visually stunning zones (desert, canyon, island, city, outer space). Explore a forgotten pyramid, an abanoned military base, and a giant space station.
* New scoring system rates your performance in each level. In Stage Select mode, you'll play each mission with five different objectives--see if you can get 'A' ratings on all of them.
* Chao, Chao, and more Chao! Your favorite cuddly critters from the original Sonic Adventure are back, and better than ever. Raise them right, and they could be champions. Collect the whole set, or trade them with your friends.

The SA2 Page

SA2 Chao Garden! Tails and Eggman out of their cockpits!

The Chao Gardens have been revealed at the SonicTeam webpage, in Engrish! Now thats some fast updat'n. :)

Chao are back and better than ever!
Now's your chance to raise your very own hero or dark Chao. Imagine your Chao taking on hero traits as they hang out with Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. Better yet, how about raising you Chao to be a little "rascal" being with the likes of Shadow, Dr. Eggman or Rouge. This is all possible with the new breed of Chao in Sonic Adventure 2. Chao are now directly affected by which game characters interact with them, and over time, their personality and appearance will change. Also, your Chao's personality is affected by how you interact with them...bully your Chao and he might just turn out to become a little rascal...

Chao Garden

Welcome to Chao garden that will be your first stop when you acquire the "Chao key" in the action stage. Here you will find Chao eggs, which you have to hatch and then raise. Let's have some fun raising Chao!

Hero Garden

Welcome to the most heavenly garden of them all... which opens when you do something very special!

Dark Garden

Welcome to the garden filled with darkness and chaos! How did we get here?

There are also pictures of the Chao Races. But these Hero/Dark Chao rooms show that Tails and Robotnik Actually get outside of their vehicles! Hazzahs are in order, lets hope some normal levels are like this. But what could Eggman do? Find an toaster and toast? "I've made toast! Delicious!" :)

Also, a New SA2 Movie has also been posted, download now!

SA2 Page

SA2 Chao Page

SA2 new Movie Page

INTERVIEWS: PGC Yuji Naka E3 Interview!

Again, thanks goes to CyClone for locating this. The intrepid reporters at interviewed Yugi Naka at E3. All references to Nights and Sonic are vague, as usual, but there might be hope that Sonic will come to Gamecube.

Max Lake: I was wondering if there is any chance we'd see a Sonic game on the GameCube in the future?

Naka-san: (smiling) I have to ask Sonic which hardware he wants to run on.


Max Lake: Is there any chance we'll see any new Nights games in the future?

Naka-san: A lot of people tell me that! I haven't even made it for the Dreamcast, so we'll have to see.

Click here to read the whole article

First picture of Amy in SA2!

Earlier this month, it was mentioned that Amy IS in Sonic Adventure 2, and is a big part of the plot, but is not a playable character. In the latest Electronics Gaming Monthly magazine, the first picture of Amy has been shown.

Thanks to Staroxide and Teila for the image.

SoE Deliver Birthday Box!

Sega Europe have announced that the Limited Edition Birthday Box version of Sonic Adventure 2 is heading to PAL territory.

Sonic Adventure 2 is released on the prickly one's tenth birthday on June 23, and there will a strictly limited version of the game available exclusively from our online store. The Sonic Adventure 2 folder contains a copy of the fantastic new game, a 23-track CD of music from Sonic's history, a commemorative gold coin and a booklet covering the 10-year history of Sonic and his friends, all presented in a deluxe blue package.

As there will only be 200 copies of this promotional item released it will become an instant collector's classic, so you'll have to be faster than Sonic to get hold of one. The limited edition of Sonic Adventure 2 goes on sale from midnight on June 23 for a mere ?29.99, and remember, it's only available in our online store.

Source: SoE Birthday Box page.

New Official Sonic Dreamcast Bundle!

A new Sonic Dreamcast Bundle is now avaliable across the county. A must for a Sonic fan, who doesn't have a Dreamcast yet.

The Sega Dreamcast Sonic bundle features: a Dreamcast Console, a blue VMU, Sonic Adventure game, Sonic Shuffle game, and a demo of Sonic Adventure 2. All this for one very affordable price!

At $119.00 US dollars, its pretty cheap. That Blue VMU also seems to be that special edition Sonicteam one.

Source: EB Games

SonicTeam update, NEW PICTURES! have just updated with a array of new pictures, of new levels, and new bosses!


SONIC, Metal Harbour: You are Sonic,? imprisoned with false crime. The prison facility "prison island " empty their troop as it escapes. Here metal harbor is the marine military establishments which were made making use of the shoal of the prison island.



KNUCKLES, Pumpkin Hill: Breaking searching the fragment of the master emerald which scatters, to mountain zone the .......... which is done. When perceives, as for there, the mountains of the weird pumpkin line up, it was strange mine zone...

MILES "TAILS" PROWER, Mission Street: Sonic, which becomes the wanted person from the troop and the police. In order to shake off the chaser of the troop who is chased obstinately, the night it forces breaks throughout the city in the cyclone!

DR. ROBOTNIK/EGGMAN, Sand Ocean: In order to return to the secret base of the egg man who is hidden in desert zone, it pierces the encirclement of the troop and tears. It jumps over foothold, using the dynamite, it levels the stone pillar of several dozen meter thing heights, that keeps crossing the sea of the quicksand the bridge substituting.

Stage of the rouge which appears in the story first half. Chasing after the egg man, the rouge which it disappears to the secret base of the egg man. But, in order to advance to the inner part of the base, the key of three To handbills must be gathered, it seems....

Note: Yes! That IS E-102 Gamma. The Description reads: Mass production type " E of E - 102 gamma which appear in the previous production - 1000 ", protects here.

O_O! WOW! Not only that, but they have new picture of 2 new boss fights! Shadow Vs. Sonic (Sonic Game), and Dr. Robotnik Vs. Tails (Eggman Game)

More picture and More Info can be found at this address, for the Japanese version of the Sonicteam site (They take about 2 weeks to update the English website), and since E-lingo now hates us all, we'll have to use the Babblefish Translation. Not the best, but you can make some words out :)

New SA2 & Sonic Advance Info

This info is from Sega Dojo:

The man who can't be stopped (AKA Mojoe) has uncovered even more tidbits of information for the two upcoming Sonic titles, Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast and Sonic the Hedgehog Advance for the Game Boy Advance. What kind of information, you ask? Multiplayer modes, of course!

Sonic Adventure 2
We already knew that Sonic Adventure 2 would have multiplayer games, as we played a few of them at Sega's booth at E3. However, what we didn't know is that one of the games would be kart racing! Yes indeed, boys and girls. A new kart racing multiplayer game will be added to the final version. Also, in regards to chaos, collecting them will in fact open up hidden game features and mini-games. Perhaps the chao side quests will be worth it this time around, hmm?

Sonic the Hedgehog Advance
In our fresh-off-the-presses Sonic the Hedgehog Advance screenshots story, we revealed to you a picture where you play as Amy, a character introduce in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. To elaborate on this, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy will all be playable in the final game. Could this be the biggest 2D Sonic game yet?

Also, Sonic the Hedgehog Advance will also support multiplayer games between multiple Game Boy Advance. While details on the games haven't been fully revealed to us yet, we do know that there will be a Chaos Emerald Hunt and Battle mode.

More as we receive it!

Source: Sega Dojo

sonic advance

its here. the sonic advance movie from E3. just go to and go to e3 live then the movies and u will c it. it looks great cya lata robo13

Bleem Accusing Sony of Blocking Their Products

At it Sony and Bleem go again...

In a press release today released by Bleem, Inc., Bleem! has filed a motion to the US District Court for the Northern District of California blaming Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) for interfering with the marketing and sales of Bleem's new product, "Bleem! For Dreamcast". The motion filed accused SCEA of unlawfully using its market power to strong-arm retailers via threats of legal action and harm to their business dealings with the company. The motion claims that as a result of Sony?s coercion, Babbages stopped distribution of Bleemcast to its stores and asked to return nearly all of its 7,000-unit initial order. "Sony has already asked the judge to pull bleem! from the market in three separate motions, and each time, they?ve lost," stated David Herpolsheimer, president and CEO of Bleem. "This is nothing more than an end-run around the justice system ? Sony is using its huge market power to force retailers into giving them what the courts won?t."

Released on May 2 of this year, Bleem claims that when Electronics Boutique initially carried bleem! for Dreamcast, it sold out of its 11,000 units in barely a week. It quickly became the number-one best-selling product across all gaming platforms on the website, outselling even the highly-anticipated Gran Turismo 3 title and the PlayStation 2 console. However, Bleem claims that pressure from Sony halted reorders and Bleemcast! was temporarily removed from the site. We have yet to get a comment from SCEA, though hopefully we'll be able to speak with someone at SCEA about Bleem's claims later on this week. Stay tuned for more.

And next, on Springer, game companies that'll never stop fighting...

Credit: DCIGN

DC May Have Kissed Black and White Good-Bye.

There just might be some hell to pay for this...

It has been confirmed that Sega has dropped Black & White from its release schedule, no doubt to the surprise and anger of many DC owners - especially when an Xbox version is tipped to already be in the works.

"Unless we can find another publisher this is unlikely to happen," a spokeswoman for developer Lionhead Studios told FGN Online. As soon as we have any further news, we'll let you know.

Credit: FGN Online

Sega Reports Record Loss

Sega had better hope the news is better next year...

As expected, Sega reported a record net loss in its past fiscal year ended March 31, hit by a hefty charge from scrapping inventories of its loss-making Dreamcast, Reuters reports.

The company posted a loss of about $421.9 million for the year, compared to last year's loss of about $349.5 million. Sales dropped 28 percent to about $1.9 billion.

Sega's poor year marks its fourth loss in a row. However, the company's CEO Shunichi Nakamura said Sega expect to make a small profit of about $17 million in this fiscal year, thanks in large part to it focusing on software for other platforms.

Maybe there IS a little light at the end of the tunnel as far as Sega's financial woes go.


"...And I'm all outta gum." Sonic Models for FPS!

Ryan "Kaos" Daniel has released a Quake 3 Arena Model, based on our hero, Sonic The Hedgehog.

With the reviews around this model, it's one of the best looking skins based on a game character. With extra skins such as Super Sonic, Psyco "Shadow" Sonic (Not to be confused with Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2), and an excellent looking Cyber Sonic, which has a variety of colours for Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch

Download the Quake 3 Arena skin here

Download the Star Trek: Elite Forces Converted model here

Yet More on Sonic Advance

This is from E3 I think:
Sega’s booth was closed to the general public, but that didn’t stop us from getting through the guarded doors to get a first-hand look of the first Sonic game to ever hit a Game Boy system -- Sonic the Hedgehog Advance.

The game wasn’t playable, but it was running on Game Boy Advance hardware through a Wide Boy AGB device (you know, the development cartridge that enables developers to play GBA titles on an N64 and a television) as a self-running demo. And man, it was slick.

The Game Boy Advance title, developed by Dimps, is based on the classic side-scrolling design, but it’s a game all its own. Sonic can run and jump, as well as spin-dash to get himself out of specific binds. Collecting rings is still the name of the game, and when you get hit by specific enemies, dozens of those golden ‘o’s go flying…showing off the GBA’s sprite handling capabilities. The game is super-fast as it should be, and there are plenty of corkscrews and loops to make players going dizzy.

But that’s not all – the game also borrows from the second Dreamcast adventure – Sonic can now “grind” down rails in several places in the game. Though the demo only showed one instance of this feature, it was a lot of fun to watch. The graphics have also been completely redone, giving the hedgehog an edgier look to his classic design. And the pictures that Sega has given us show that you’ll also play as several different characters as well – Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy will be in the player lineup. And, like a good GBA game, it will support the four player link for multiplayer mini-games.

The game’s being prepped for a November 2001 release.

SA2 Party Pack: Pre-order Now

NCSX is now taking pre-orders for the Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Pack for $65, which was earlier reported:

Sonic the Hedgehog's 10th anniversary lands on June 23, 2001 and Sega celebrates the decade-long run by releasing a commemorative edition of Sonic Adventure 2. In addition to the SA2 game GD, the special edition includes a gold Sonic engraved coin, a bonus music CD, a Sonic series history booklet, and nifty blue gatefold packaging. The product will only be sold in Japanese stores from June 23 (Saturday) to June 24 (Sunday) but NCS has an inside track on quantity. Pre-orders are open starting today online but will close once our allocation is exhausted. Core Magazine posted a feature on this product yesterday. Pricing is set at US$65

New Sonic Advance Shots!

Megaman of the SegaTech Forums has posted these pictures of Sonic Advance he has found on a website. Problem is, we don't know which one! But they do look quite nice. The sprites look a little bland compared to other Game Boy Advance games. It also shows that Amy and Tails are avaliable for play.

The pictures were originally found on this page, beware though, the page is full of pictures, so it may take a while to load (includes pictures of Shenme 2, Bomberman DC, Jet Set Radio Future etc)

Mega Man X6 Confirmed

The Answer to many peoples questions have been answered, as a follow-up to the successful Mega Man X5 comes (targeted date)November 2001!

Description: Mega Man X and his trusty companion Zero were involved in a catastrophe. Now Zero is nowhere to be found! It’s up to Mega Man X to get to the bottom of the mystery and locate his faithful companion. But it’s not going to be easy. Mega Man X must battle through a maze of levels to find his cyborg pal and rescue reploids along the way. Return to battle with the new Nightmare System, which randomizes level maps, enemies and endings based on how you play the game. Mega Man X is back and now it’s personal!

As a bonus X can use Zero's sabre, from the beginning.

Source:Capcom E3 2001

Shadow gracing the walls near E3

Straight from IGN:

As I finally arrived at the LA Convention through the nifty subway that no one really knows about, I found it somewhat heartwarming that the main entrance - that was decorated last year with the SEGA Dreamcast “It’s Thinking” Eye – is still held by SEGA, this time it displays a large banner of Sonic’s new nemesis, Shadow.

Source: IGNDC

Sonic Adventure 2: Limited edition in Japan

Sega announced today that in recognition of the 10th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, they plan to release 2 versions of their upcoming Dreamcast platformer; Sonic Adventure 2. Specifically, a limited edition version dubbed the 'Sonic Birthday Pack' will come with a bonus music disc, series history booklet and commemorative coin. The limited edition version will only be available in stores on June 23rd and 24th, and will retail for the same price as the normal version, 5800 Yen. Below are pictures of the limited edition version, expect updated media and impressions from Sonic Adventure 2 at E3 later this week


Those lucky Japanese, they get everything. Still, this will be a hot item, and a must have for any Sonic fan.

Source: Core Magazine

Public Posting

Public posting is off until I add the screening upgrade, due to insane amounts of lamers this week. Post news in Station Square, please.

Highlights from the Ken Penders chat

I'm starting the WHO'S WHO pages in SONIC #101 with Princess Sally and the Floating Island, followed up by Robotropolis and Dimitri in SONIC #102. After that, I figure you guys will really be rolling in with the suggestions. So far, Mina seems to be the heavy favorite

Sonic is at least 16 pages in SONIC #100, while Knuckles is 10.

I can't say regarding Tails and Robotnik, because of what happens in SONIC #97.

I'm going to be dealing in some capacity regarding K20YL during the next year.

Archie has pretty much most issues available for order.

You'll have to ask Karl why (Mina is) a mongoose, as I was not in that.

I'm not sure yet at this juncture when and how the K20YL storyline will be incorporated just yet. All I can say is that it will be.

I did the first drawings of Lara-Su at last year's San Diego comic convention.

I think there's a lot we haven't learned yet about Tails, so you'll have to wait and see.

Sonic is an only child, just like Knuckles.

SA2 comes out in June, just not sure when, (JUNE 19TH) and SONIC #98 is supposed to come out a week later.

Whether or not Lara-Le and Wynmacher have a bundle of joy is another matter, one I haven't decided upon yet.

Knuckles won't be in SONIC #102 and 103 at this point, as Justin is going to be using an inventory story.

Basically, as I am writing and drawing the Knuckles stories, Justin wanted to give me a break in order to allow me to get ahead of schedule, and he didn't want anyone else doing Knuckles at this point.

I'm also considering doing a talent search, looking for an assistant who can either help me update this website or one who might be able to help me out with the pencilling or inking. The old artists are working on other things, and I'd rather work with new talent I can train. Anyone interested please e-mail me basic info about yourself and what you're interested in doing, and what your talents are. Anyone wishing to e-mail me can do so at or Before anyone thinks this is a full time job, it's far from it.

I described the new requirements for submitting fan art in the editorial for SONIC #98.

We didn't wish to create a new character, and always felt it made more sense for Robo-Robotnik to become the new Robotnik than any other solution.

I've been working on SONIC since #11, and I've been enjoying it for the most part.

The original Robotnik is dead. We have no plans, NONE, to ever bring that version back.

I haven't read karl's script for SONIC #101, but the Knuckles story definitely affects Sonic and friends without Knuckles being anywhere near them.

Spaz is a real big fan of anime, and Justin has asked me to incorporate more anime style elements into my Knuckles work as well.

Spaz worked on the Sonic story for #98, and he may yet do that Sonic project him and I were planning for the Super Specials.

I'd like to hear what direction you guys think we should go in regarding the comic

You'll find out about Tobor and Kragok within the next few issues.

In addition:

Speaking of conventions, I'll be at San Diego in July, Toronto in August and Boston in October. I may be in NYC in June, but I haven't confirmed that one yet. If i do NYC, it'll be the one in Madison Square garden.

I was referring to Tails' uncles in SONIC #95 [seems that Tails has a larger family than we know about]

The characters from SA2 are up in the air as far as future use goes.

Source: Ken's Comic Book Stories and Art

Mega Man/Sonic Crossover

The webmaster of the Offical Mega Man Homepage (also her novel series simply titled "Mega Man the Series Homepage" ) has written a novel-length epic called "Of Flesh and of Steel". I hate to disappoint you Knuckles fans but the only Sonic characters appearing are Sonic, Tails and Eggman.

Here's a little the link/cover

Source:The Offical Mega Man Homepage

Mega Man/Sonic Crossover

The webmaster of the Offical Mega Man Homepage (also her novel series simply titled "Mega Man the Series Homepage" ) has written a novel-length epic called "Of Flesh and of Steel". I hate to disappoint you Knuckles fans but the only Sonic characters appearing are Sonic, Tails and Eggman.

Here's a little the link/cover

Source:The Offical Mega Man Homepage

Amy Rose to Appear in SA 2

Hmm, seems despite all of the constant worry and panic, Amy is going to make it into the game after all! It was revealed in an IGN Insider interview with SA2 director Takashi Iizuka:

IGNDC: Will we see any of the old characters from Sonic Adventure?

TI: Uh... good question (laughs). Amy is very well involved in the story but unfortunately she's not playable.

Well, there you have it!

Source: The Moogle Cavern

About Public Posting

I've been planning to add post screening here for a while, but I've been too busy. This has gone too far, though. Even people who follow the rules are posting old or incorrect news. So until the screening is up, please post it on Station Square first and stuff that is news will be copied here.

Read the rules please.

It's not my place to say this, but please, don't post things that are rumors on the board. This has been said alot around here, I know, I've seen it happen alot.

For one, the Dreamcast 2 Issue was dated BEFORE the announced end of the Dreamcast. And above all, it is a rumor, and it's clearly stated in the rules of this news poster, which are directly above me as I type, Please don't post opinions, news rebuttals/corrections, or rumors here.

Again, it's not my place to say any of this, I know, and I wouldn't be suprised if somebody like Vec or somebody else tells me just to but out. But this place is 2nd to TSSZ to me, and I dislike seeing it cluttered with rumors or things that were already posted or known. (Like the "New Sonic Adventure 2 Trailer" -- the demo's been out for months, of course we know about the movie by now)

Anyways, I'll shut up now, and get back to studying for my drivers test. Have a nice day, all.


The legends figures everyone wants are here go to ebay type in Rockman dash they have the figures bid fast.

Toys n joys have got more figures

You say you missed out on Megaman models well come on down to,for a while they didn't have the Blues figure but now they do.There are now 2 pages of the stuff don't worry the site is secure and very reliable.

Sonic Adventure 2 showed in London

Yesterday in London, Sega showed off the Sonic Adventure 2 preview version in a number of Dreamcast demo pods near 'Miss Selfridges' in Oxford Street. This event drew a huge number of eager Sonic fans all dying to get their hands on the game and play a more complete version than the SA2 Trial. The version of the game was the one doing the rounds on WebPages (such as IGN) and Magazines where you could pick the side of Good or Evil. But only the first level for each character was playable. I personally was unable to attend the event but I gathered this information from a London radio station which was covering the event, as well as other happenings around the Oxford Street area.

Suncoast releasing Sonic DVDs sometime this month

Suncoast Picture Store, is going to carry the Sonic DVDs that are scheduled for release late May early June. When I talked to the people there, they told me they had no idea which episodes of what show it will be. So, we'll still have to wait and see what happens. However, Sonic the Hedgehog was the actual title for Satam, so you never know.

Chinese are cool?

Somewhat related to Sonic, I wondered over to DiC's website today (which is STILL under construction) and a new message on the page read "Chinese are cool." What does that mean? Is DiC going to start importing Chinese cartoons or what? Guess we'll just have to wait & see.

Source: DiC


Please read the rules for posting news. No site ads.

Interview With Lani Minella

The Floating Island has an interview with Lina Mineelli, the voice of Rouge, Omochao, and hundreds of other characters, which you can read here. In the interview, Robotnik's father is mentioned, which almost certainly refers to the "Pr. Gerald Robotonik" on Sonic Team's page.

Daily Radar RIP

One of my personal faves, Daily Radar, has closed. This site is a internet gaming news site and often a news sorce for Sonic things, and I thought it might be nice if we give it a few moments of silence. You can read reasons why they shut down and alot more at

Daily Radar 19??-2001

Light dash skill

Oh no its not the light speed dash over agian Sonic and Shadow get a new skill the light dash were Sonic or shadow will burst of in speed and make images of themselves cool.You can check it out its at the site with the new Sonic screens this move will make you remember those images Sonic made when he was hyper Sonic.

Another Sonic Level: Green Forest

IGNDC has released info and movies on Green Forest:

When you start off the Green Forest level, you have eight minutes to complete the stage before it blows up! Yeah, we don't know who the heck would decimate a forest (well, besides corporations like Exxon), but if Sonic has to run, no problemo! The Green Forest level is a pretty dangerous level as one bad jump will send Sonic down to the watery depths... and as we all know, hedgehogs can't swim. The level design of the Green Forest is fantastic as it follows the true principle of any Sonic level; while you can get through the game carefully, there's always a faster path that allows you to zoom by the level even faster... so long as you have the skill to do it! I really implore you dear readers to check out the movies as they really demonstrate how the level design of the Green Forest is made for our favorite turbo-charged hedgehog. Also, The Green Forest is the two-player battle level for Sonic and Shadow where both characters are trying to out race each other to the Goal Ring!

You can check out the new screens and movies here.

Source: IGNDC


Some interesting stuff is on Sonic Team's English SA2 page. It's confirmed that the military is after Sonic because they think he's Shadow, and that all the characters go to a space station named ARK that contains the "Eclipse Cannon." Slightly surprising is tyhat Tails apparently is just as good with machinery as Robotnik, and Sonic and Knuckles are listed as "friends." However, the big surprise is in Shadow's profile. It says that he was built by "Pr.Gerald Robotonik." If this isn't a translation mistake, then Sonic Team is either using the English name for Eggman for another character, or the game could intro one of Robotnik's relatives.

Source: Sonic Team


Sonic Team's SA2 page has info on some of the game's bosses. Of course, the character vs. character battles are back, but the 2 other bosses mentioned are a surprise. Big Foot is a mechanical walker built by the military and one of Sonic's bosses. It belongs to the "Scorpion Troop." Shadow fights Hot Shot, a flying military machine that chases him and fires on the ground (which sounds like a very cool boss, IMO). It belongs to the "Spider Troop." No clue what these "troops" are - maybe competing teams attempting to catch Shadow?

Win a SA2 T-Shirt

Sega is sponsering a new SA2 contest, where you can win one of 300 SA2 t-shirts featuring the new characters. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about SA2, and you're entered.

Just jump over to to enter!

Source: SegaDojo (not even gonna try to link it, I always screw it up and end up linking half the page :)

Sonic and Princess Sally bedding found at Kmart!

Ok, now I know the Satam DVDs must be true, cause when my friend and I were getting a soda at Target, we were browsing around the store to kill break time from college, when something unusual cought my eye. As I wondered down the bedding section, I was amazed to find.......SONIC THE HEDGEHOG AND PRINCESS SALLY!!!! That's right! This is no joke, Sonic the Hedgehog AND Princess Sally were on sheets, pillow cases, bedspreads, and of course....PJs!! If you are a fan of Satam I urged you to visit your local Kmart and check it out.

Sega Dojo Has Done It Again

Following up on their article on Sonic's buddy Tails, Sega Dojo has decided to do an article on the best of the best Sonic series, the Genesis (or Master System). While the article isn't as long as the Tails one, it is worth checking out.

You can find it here: MASTER SYSTEM REVIEWS:: Sonic the Hedgehog

SA2 Music @ Napster

If you do a search on Napster for Sonic Adventure 2, you'll usually get a nice little collection of MP3s to show up. There're all those files that came from the demo disc like "City Escape: City Escape," "City Escape: Chased by Semi!," "Invincible," "Round Clear," "Title," "Escape From G.U.N." (that one's probably part of Theme of "SONIC"), and "Speed Up." Then, there're those other files like Theme of "SHADOW" (called "Dark Sonic's Theme" and "Warrior's Shadow" at Napster) and "Hyper Knuckles vs. Super Sonic."

[sarcasm] Oh, look! What ever do we have here? Could it be new SA2 music? [/sarcasm]

NO!! It's a fluke!! "Dark Sonic's Theme" is actually from another game: Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Here's a news story from TSSZ that was written about this fake SA2 files (submitted by Sorok Echidna):

Someone on Napster is playing us all for fools.

When I saw the update on TSSZ about Hideki Okugawa writing Dark Sonic's theme, the wheels in my head started turning. I remembered that Okugawa composed the soundtracks for *all* versions of Street Fighter III- not just New Generation, but Second Impact and Third Strike as well.

And Warrior's Shadow sounded an awful lot like a Third Strike tune... like Urien's theme, to be exact. It didn't sound quite the same as the DC version, though, so I downloaded the arcade version of the theme, and sure enough... there's our "Dark Sonic theme".

Mystery solved. I would encourage Napster users not to trust any "Sonic Adventure 2" MP3s they find. Apparently, someone thinks it's funny to fake us all out.

So, there's one mystery solved. Now to the second one: Hyper Knuckles vs. Super Sonic.

Actually, this time, this song is (more-or-less) a "Sonic" song. It's just not from Sonic Adventure 2---it's one o' the remixes from that Sonic Adventure Remix Album. This song is a remix of "KNUCKLES: Unknown from M.E." from Sonic Adventure, by Cevin Key. Nothin' more.

Sorry to you guys out there if you've been disappointed by this---I'd love to get some more genuine MP3s of music from SA2 just as bad as some o' you, I'm sure. But, I guess we'll just have to wait for the OST of SA2 to come out. (Hopefully one'll be made.) Anyway, it's better to know the truth than to fall in line with all the fake stuff.

Vec Note: Thanks to NetRaptor for exposing this too, but I put up this article posted on the Station Square forum because it's the most detailed. Another way to spot this as a fake is the fact that a level is called "Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles," because that's an Archie matchup, and Super Sonic vs. Super Knuckles would make a lot more sense.

Sonic Dreamcast Pack? has listed a Sonic Dreamcast bundle pack for $199.99. It includes a blue Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure, and is due out in May. However Sega has yet to offically annouce such a pack, so it may be an un-offical one.

Source: Mobotropolis

Sega spotted in Josie movie!

I just got home from seeing the Josie and the Pussycats movie, and Sega seems to be sponsoring the Josie movie, because throughout the movie, you can see PLAINLY in a store, the background had Space Channel 5 plastered ALL over the place. And in the final act, there is a sign in a huge arena that says "Sega Megarena". Sonic was NOT spotted at all, but it shows how much of a team Archie wants ta be with Sega. The movie IS good, so check it out when you get a chance.

More SA2 movies! Whee!

Gamepot have brand new Sonic Adventure 2 movies. Unfortunately, they seem broken at the time (or Gamespot is being hammered) So Diablo of the Gameing-age Forum found a way fix them, and has uploaded them to his own server.

Thanks Diablo! Much appreciated. Checkout the Radical Highway level, top stuff!

Gamespot also have a preview. check out the page here

Next Ken Penders' Online Chat

Ken Penders' next online chat will be held on Thursday, May 9, 2001, at 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time at Ken's site. He also said this "What'll probably be different is I'll be asking you guys just as many questions if not more so than what I'll be asked."

Source: Ken's Comic Book Stories & Art



OMG! SonicTeam have blessed us, with new Character Art, Names of Levels, And the Characters first bosses! This is all too good to be true! Just look at Rouge! O_O

Finally, that machine which becomes familiar through a sonic series will operate it possible. Level: Iron Gate

Using the all important ELINGO translation tool, Your able to find all about Sonic Adventure 2 and the characters! According to the information, "Shadow" has been created by a Doctor Gerald! And Robotnik's first stage is to break into Geralds base (Canon Inc.) And take Shadow for his own purposes! Shadow seems to be a organic Robot! Yahoo!

Next mechanism of the Tails invention is this. It is cyclonic of the walker machine.? Level: Prison Lane

According to the Page, Tails first mission is to try to rescue Sonic from the supposed jail he is residing in (but he escaped the helicopter). Which would explain the? "Cyclonic" against the bad Police-bots.

Knuckles advances by making good use of digging the wall, the swim, and gliding. Level: Wild Canyon

As seen in the Videos on Daily radar (below post), Knuckles begins his area Searching for those dear Emerald Shards from the ME, which was broken to keep Rouge and Robotnik from getting them.

This is new action "Grind. " of sonic. Let's slide down in various places. It is happy.? Level: City Escape

As Seen in the Demo, Sonic rides through City Escape, new however is his Shoes, different from the Demo version.

Here is a valley zone in the desert. Rouge walks about looking for the mastering emerald. Level: Dry Lagoon

Rouge, following Knuckles style of Game, Swims, Glides, and Climbs through levels looking for those "pretty" gems. now if we only heard her voice :)

Shadow which slides with Hover Shoes. This fellow is a considerable speed boast.? Level: Radical highway

It's Shadow! And doesn't he look cool?! Flying around at serious speeds, this hovering character is sure to rock! Apparently he's escaping the police because of his escape (and most likely some havoc)

See even more screenshots, AND Character pictures at This E-Lingo Translation!

Source: The Original, Japanese Webpage

SA2 Movies!

Daily Radar have done a preview of Sonic Adventure 2! Getting the same demo as IGN, Daily Radar ave blessed us with movies! be careful though, it seems that their servers are getting hammered (as usual)

Get em while they're slow right here

Source: Daily Radar

30 Brand New SA2 Shots! People Bow to DCIGN!

DC.IGN.COM Have to be the nicest guys in the world, or the biggest Sonic Fanboys this side of Newsies! They got a preview copy of Sonic Adventure 2, and just couldn't wait to show the world 30 brand-spanking new shots of Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Robotnik, Shadow, and Knuckles!

Yes, I think I'm crazy too... why the hell would I stay up till 12:00AM at work? Well, in this case folks, I hope you appreciate this update. Ever since we got our update previewable version of Sonic Adventure 2, we've had a hard time containing our excitement over this wonderful game. While our preview version is still quite early, we finally get to check out the line-up of characters. Right now, there are six playable characters and it's not know if there will be more added. The characters are divided into two groups: Hero (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles), and Dark for the villains (Shadow, Dr. Robotnik, and Rouge). There's so much to talk about like the new stages, characters, and especially the versus battle mode, but I'll save that for later today. For now, we've got 30 glorious screenshots of Sonic Adventure 2 that you MUST see! Check back later (like way later) today for a full solid updated preview! Enjoy!

Grab em' all at THIS Address. Can't wait for tomorrow's preview! ^________^

Good year for Sonic fans.

This could be a great year for Sonic fans.Such as the release of Sonic Adventure2,Dic releasing videos of Sonic which could be satam and a Sonic Adventure series3 toyline is in the making not to mention this is Sonic's 10th anniversery so get ready to have some fun with Sonic.

DiC to release Sonic DVDs!

Good news for fans of the Animated Sonic!

" spring, the company will bow with episodic videos of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega's video game character that's celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In honor of the occasion, DIC will tie in promotionally with Sega through in-pack and on-pack offers on its Sonic videos and DVDs."

Whoo-hoo! Lets hope they are episodes of the fan-favorite SatAM series!

Source: DiC Article


Hello, I would like to correct a link error on the article about the hi res SA2 box art this is the link name

Sonic #100 Spoilers

Sonic 100 Preview Cover Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders, art by Ron Lim, Jim Amash and Penders.

"Reunion." Sonic and Princess Sally reunite for the first time since Sonic was divested of his knighthood, but it's not quite what the heroic hedgehog had in mind. Ironically, it all takes place in that mechanized metropolis of Robotropolis, but that's not the most shocking surprise: the bittersweet reunion is made even more so by the loss of one of Knothole's own. Plus: another Knuckles back-up story. The recent exploits and intrigue of Knuckles collide in one combustible story, as Knuckles faces off against Dimitri and the Dark Legion. The fact of literally everyone on Mobius hangs in the balance, not to mention Knuckles' family and friends, helplessly trapped in another zone.

32 pages, $1.99, ships on July 27.

High Resolution SA2 Boxart!

Last week EB Games let out a small, but nice picture of the Sonic Adventure 2 boxart. Today, snagged a high resolution picture of the box, showing all the little details that were hard to see before.

View it here

PSO Easter Special

Awesome PSO Easter special that maybe will be hitting the US like the previous holiday specials,the town will be dressed up with easter decorations and music,they also had maintainence on today for a new downloadable quest,but it'll only be for Japanese users of PSO.

The Real Truth About Sonic Epoch

Hold on there Rangoonth, the Sonic Epoch game is NOT complete, but simply had some modifications to it. There is only one extra level since the last demo, but a few levels have been modified.

There are new cut scenes and some characters have changed dramatically. Knuckles has been replaced with someone who just plain makes more sence, Tails is much vulger (much more, sensitive players are cautioned), Snively is a bit more sadistic and Sonic 2 has been completely remodled. Many more surprises included a brank spankin' new soundtrack.

For those of you who don't want to listen to Tails swear or see scenes with gore, it's cool, you can download. A censor has been installed just for you :) So download at: and enjoy

SA2 Screens has released new SA2 screenshots. And apparently Tails is in it, Rouge and Shadow are playable, and there's a two player mode. Have a look.

Sonic vs. Shadow

Tails vs. Eggman

Knuckles vs. Rouge (maybe Rouge is after the emeralds for jewelry!)

A better look at Rouge

Thanks to Zeefay for the tip.

Source: More Pictures can be found here.

Sonic Epoch

The Sonic Epoch game is finished it is a satam game its at satam

SA2 worldwide launch date set!

Its offical! The worldwide SA2 release date has been confirmed at June 19th, for Europe, North America, and Japan.

Additional SA2 Info

IGNDC has a new report out on Sonic Adventure 2:

And for the good boys and girls, we have new details on what could end up being the best Dreamcast game yet, Sonic Adventure 2.

In Sonic 1, it was Sonic versus Robotnick.

In Sonic 2, it was Sonic versus Mecha Sonic.

In Sonic 3, it was Sonic versus Knuckles.

And now, in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Team has decided to go way crazy with the rivalry thing. It seems that everyone will have a rival in this game. Sonic has a rival in Shadow, a new character. Knuckles has a rival in Rouge, also a new character. And, according to Japanese Dreamcast website Dreamcast Station, Tails will find his rival in Robotnik. This could be first "unofficial" confirmation that Tails will actually be playable in the game, although we ain't sayin' nothin' for sure.

The game's story will focus on what's called the Hero Side versus the Dark Side, apparently emphasizing these rivalries. Even the Chao characters can have Hero/Dark attributes. The story will come in two forms, and what we've read makes us believe that one storyline will have you play as the good guys (Sonic, Knuckles and Tails) and the other storyline will have you play as their rivals (Robotnik, Shadow and Rouge). This later part is conjecture on our part based off what we've read though, so don't be surprised if the final product is different.

Depending on the character you play as, the game will take on one of three different forms. For Sonic (and possibly Shadow), the game will be best described as a 3D Action title. For Knuckles (and possibly Rouge), the game will be best described as a Rare game - err, I mean - a Treasure Hunting title. For Tails and Robotnik, the game will be best described as an Action Shooter.

Included somewhere in these various game genres is a two player mode. Split screen? Online? Or is Sonic Team approaching the two player mode messy like they did with Sonic 2? We expect to find out soon.

Source: IGNDC

Sonic Adventure 2 news

New news on SA2,in Japan it'll be release June 23rd,the day Sonic turns 10!But It still has a June 21st release date for us Americans.Shadow might be a playable making the 5 playable characters answered!

From Sonic The Hedgehog News

OTher-M #9 is released

Just in time for a slightly stale news board comes the release of Other-M #9, the latest installement in one of the fandom's strongest fan comics. Be sure to check it out!


Metal Sonic In SA2?

New SA2 screens have been released today, and well, WOW.

Watch out for that laser!

Is that Metal Sonic's rocket booster?

This looks like some kind of volcano stage, but what's really interesting is that blue figure that looks suspiciously like Metal Sonic! @.@ In fact, this LOOKS LIKE it might even be another race stage between Sonic and Metal Sonic, a la Sonic CD! We'll keep you posted as more screens show up.

Note: It's A Joke. ;)

Microsoft and Sega Confirmation

The X-box is going to supported by Sega:

The daily grind was rudely interrupted earlier this week by a rumor that sent shock waves through the Xbox community, and now Microsoft and Sega have confirmed that the two are conspiring to bring the upcoming console a host of quality titles in the next 12 months. Sega, a new player on the 3rd party publishing scene, has confirmed that they will be bringing no fewer than 11 titles to the Xbox.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Sonic R II Production

More News On Sonic R II,it already has a script for the opening scene,Sonic presents the log with news updated weekly.

Shayne Thames

Jason Mitchell

Andrew Koivisto

The Star Dreams Team

Are The Members Making SRII,are they going to work with Sega?Do they have concent to work on it with Sega's rights?More news soon as posible.


Sonic The Hedgehog News

Microsoft and Sega Team Up?!?!?

This is of if you want to see!(and my first post)

Sega and Microsoft To Team Up?

You say the Xbox has no good games? It seems an old friend might have something to say about that.

March 26, 2001

If the startling silence of GDC is any indication, Microsoft has more than a few major announcements up their sleeve, and while most are anticipating more launch details and information on Team Xbox's Network Strategy, the unveiling of multiple 3rd party developers will undoubtedly take center stage among enthusiast gamers. To that end, IGN Xbox has learned that one of the primary partners for Microsoft's new console will be none other than the newly platform-agnostic crew at Sega. While details are scarce at best, rumor has it that this newly-made 3rd party giant is about to strut its stuff in a big way, revealing a horde of titles that will be joining the Xbox software line-up.

While no specifics are available at present, rumors about the company's sports franchises making the leap to multiple platforms have already hit the web, and IGN Xbox has also heard that the Bill Gates Keynote will include some surprises. What surprises? Well, while no specifics were given, apparently the list will include several obvious franchises, as well as the return of an old favorite. Hmmmm.

When asked for comment on a pending announcement, Sega's Vice president of Corporate and Marketing Communications Charles Bellfield stated, "Sega continues negotiating with all platform companies as we announced on January 31st. We look forward to making announcements shortly, but at this point, Sega has no further information."

Microsoft's Xbox Director of Advanced Technology Seamus Blackley hinted of big things to come at Tokyo Game Show 2001Spring during his speech at this year's Game Developer's Conference, and if what we hear is true, this could be one of the biggest. Unfortunately, we were unable to unearth any specifics as to the exact titles that will be revealed, but an announcement is expected to kick off the show Friday morning in Tokyo, so be sure to check back with IGN Xbox late Thursday evening for full details.

The webmaster for the Samurai Pizza Cats website "Princess Vi's 'Spiffy-Diffy' SPC Page" gives Sonic some support

I had sent an E-mail to this Samurai Pizza Cats website where I asked the question Who do you think is the cooler videogame mascot between Nintendo's Mario and Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog?" and her answer was Sonic the Hedgehog. I don't know if this could lead to cross-fandom support, but I'd say it would be a great idea of SPC fans and StH fans coming together for a massive fan crossover event, even if it lasted just a little while.

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Sonic R 2 Production

Sonic R II has just been confirmed and prodection logs.Sonic R 2 is in production and started March 19th as they have a drawing board and story for opening video.More to come on news about this when there is!

From Sonic The Hedgehog News!

Sonic #99 Spoilers

Basically it's the same as the previous Sonic #98 spoilers, but some other information is given.

Sonic #99 preview cover Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders, art by James Fry, Ron Lim and Penders.

"Blow By Blow" After returning to Knothole, Geoffrey informs Elias that Robotnik still has robotization on his mind. Sally disguises herself as a servant and manages to sneak out of Castle Acorn in order to go see Sonic, but Sonic has his hands full trying to stay incognito while he continues his quest for Arachnis and the Sword - not to mention Mina, Sally's latest rival for Sonic's affections. The intrigue never ends where Kodos, Doctor Quack, Tails, Nate, Elias and Knuckles all play a part. Plus, another Knuckles back-up story, this time guest-starring Sonic's buddy Tails.

32 pages, $1.99, arrives in stores on June 29.

Source: Comics Continuum

Note: The information on the back-up is wrong since "Chosen One" arc ends in Sonic #97 and the back-up in Sonic #99 is going to be a story called "What Goes Around Comes Around!" which will mark the return of Julie-Su and the Dark Legion.

BREAKING NEWS-outspoken president Okawa dies

This just in!

TOKYO, March 16 (Reuters) - Sega Corp said that its outspoken president Isao Okawa, who recently grabbed media headlines for his 85 billion yen ($695.7 million) private donation to the struggling gamemaker, died of heart failure on Friday. He was 74 years old.

When Sega made the tough decision of ending its flagship Dreamcast game console in January, Okawa took the unprecedented step of making the donation to ease its pain.

Okawa returned his entire stakes in Sega and other group firms -- CSK Corp , Ascii Corp , and NextCom KK -- to offset some of Sega's financial burden from its January 31 decision to pull the plug on its loss-making game machine by end-March.

The gift, also involving shares in unlisted firms and convertible bonds, helped calm nervous investors about the outlook for the world's third biggest gamemaker as it faced 80 billion yen in special losses from ending Dreamcast, leading to a record 58.3 billion yen net loss in the year to March.

Okawa also was founder and honorary chairman of information services company CSK and had been active in helping Sega and software publisher Ascii expand their networking businesses. is terrible.


PSO Version 2

Sonic Team have unveiled their expansion disc for the hit (and rather excellent) game Phantasy Star Online, entitled PSO Version 2. The new version includes new enemies, characters, mags, and levels, as well as an additional difficulty setting ('Ultimate') and a versus mode where you'll compete against each other. Head over to Gaming Age to see the screens and full info.

Newsboard Posting

Please don't post opinions, news rebuttals/corrections, or rumors here. We have a board SPECIFICALLY for those things, called Station Square. If the rumor looks interesting and not TOO wild, we'll post it.

Lumina into NiGHTS (Follow-Up)

I'm back here to confirm what Disney's Adventures has revealed. Nights is in Sonic Shuffle. He flies around in the board, but Lumina still narrates. Oh well, it's a start

Nights Sonic Shuffle

Lumina into NiGHTS

In Sonic Shuffle, you can change Lumina into NiGHTS. I found this out from the Technomania section of "Disney Adventures" (April 2001 issue):

"Fool your friends by changing the character of Lumina the fairy into the Nights charatcer (star of the classic Nights game). To do it, go to your Dreamcast's Settings menu and change the date to Christmas Eve, 12/24/00. Then head back to the game and you'll have a whole new character. That's a Christmas present you can use year-round!"

Source: Disney Adventures Magazine

Desktop Wallpaper

I am not aware if Sonic HQ's has seen this or not, but I was surfing Sonic Team and they have new Desktop Wallpaper up. Sonic type of course!
You can download 800x600 or 1280x1024


SAGE is open!

The Sonic amature games expo is once again open for a 5 day period! For those who arn't in the know, SAGE is a yearly event where the top Sonic fan game creators go to show off their upcoming releases to the outside world. This year, there are about 20 booths showing off brand new demos of games such as SRB2, Thirdscape, TFH, Metal Sonics quest 2, Sonic Forever and many more. Fancy checking it out?

Sonic Adventure 2 Release: Bumped up?

I been absent form the net the last 10 days so I dunno if this is old news or not:

Electronics Boutique is now taking preorders for Sonic Adventure 2 at the price of 49.99, and is set to be released MAY 3RD.

On a side note to the below comments about StHA: Nintindo's website just hasn't put up info on the game yet, but it is NOT a Japan only/not to be released title. As far as I am aware, StHA is set for release when GBA comes to the states.


This isn't game or Sonic related, but I have to say this. This area is for news and ONLY news. If you have a comment, please take it to the forums. Don't do it here, that's not what this is for.

Sonic in _NINTENDO_ Power

Reading through the latest Nintendo Power I stubled across an article about Sega developing for GBA (GameBoy Advance) and GCN (GameCube). Finding this rather surprising, I read through the whole article which was mostly about the GBA games Sega is developing. The titles anounced were ChuChu Rocket GBA ( or ChuChu Rocket Advance), Puyo Puyo, and Sonic Advance. No GCN titles were anounced.

Ken Penders 2/27/01 Chat

I attended the chat and basically kept a log. Here is all the major stuff said and a whole lot of bombshells were given.
Note: Whatever is in [] are my notes to help understand the discussion.

KenPenders: Regarding SONIC #94, Dan [Drazen], it's lucky that story came through even that well, considering everything that was going on behind the scenes.

KenPenders: Regarding the Chaos Syphon, what happened there was my fault and that of plain ol' circumstances. I wanted to update the design of the Chaos Syphon, and I was supposed to draw #94

KenPenders: instead of just inking it. When matters changed and Ron [Lim] stepped in to do the drawing, it got lost in the shuffle.

KenPenders: Well, the write-ups in Diamond Previews aren't anywhere near able to keep up with everything that's happening these days.

KenPenders: First off, SONIC ADVENTURE 2 will be featured throughout the entirety of SONIC #98, interrupting the Sonic storyline in progress and forcing me to switch gears with Knuckles

KenPenders: As a result, the Ultimate Villain may or may not (most likely not) show up in SONIC #100

KenPenders: The Chosen One storyline runs in SONIC #95 through 97. It's not a 4-parter, as some have speculated.

KenPenders: SONIC ADVENTURE 2 couldn't wait because the book comes out a week after the actual game comes out, so it's tied in with that.

KenPenders: James Fry is off the book as of SONIC #97. 96 was his last issue, as I understand it.

KenPenders: SA2 is only in SONIC #98. We tried to get it featured as a Super Special, but Archie is no longer publishing those, not even the giant size issues with their own characters

KenPenders: due to major problems with the magazine distribution acros the country. It's not just comics that are affected, but major national publications as well

KenPenders: Ron Lim is taking his place and we'll see how that goes, since he had to change his style in order to get the assignment. (He's taking lessons from Spaz. :-)

KenPenders: Spaz will be drawing the Sonic story in SONIC #98

KenPenders: The Chosen One was affected by the cancellation of the KNUCKLES series. We're talking about whittling a 66-page story down to 24. That's major cutting.

KenPenders: I'm finishing inking the Knuckles story for SONIC #97, then I jump onto inking 8-pages of the Sonic story for #97, as various forces have mandated a change in plans

KenPenders: While I've written the 8-page back-up story for SONIC #98, I may end up inking some of the Spaz pages, then it's business as usual on Knuckles

KenPenders: No, don't blame Sega, as it's a lot more complicated than that [on what is causing the recent problems at Archie]

KenPenders: As for SONIC #100, instead of a combined SONIC - KNUCKLES story as originally planned, each will have their own separate stories.

KenPenders: The Knuckles story will be 8 - 10 pages, and will feature pretty much what I originally planned for KNUCKLES #50 instead.

KenPenders: Julie-Su and the Dark Legion return in SONIC #99 in a story titled "What Goes Around Comes Around!"

KenPenders: We don't like it that there are two stories in SONIC #100 as I'd rather do what we originally planned.

KenPenders: I'm not saying what was originally planned for SONIC #100, as I'm talking with Justin to see if it can be done by SONIC #110, which would mark 100 issues of my involvement with the book.

KenPenders: WB, I can understand your frustrations, but we live in the real world, and you'd have to be in our shoes to see we're not trying to turn out material you're not going to like.

KenPenders: To give everyone an idea of what life on the frontlines is like, I'll use myself as an example. When Archie was publishing SONIC, KNUCKLES, and SONIC SPECIAL, there was more than enough work so that I could concentrate strictly on Sonic and nothing but.

KenPenders: Since the demise of the latter two series, that has resulted in less work, and thus forcing me to look elsewhere to make up the difference as far as pay goes. It also necessitated long dry spells because Archie had a backlog of stories that had to be published.

KenPenders: So when I was working on the KNUCKLES storyline that was featured in SONIC #91 through 94, I was working on Digimon and Pokemon covers for Beckett publications, pencilling an Emperor's New Groove story for Disney

KenPenders: illustrating an online comic for and working on preliminary sketches for a romance comic to be published by a foreign company, to say nothing of reworking THE LOST ONES into a graphic novel.

KenPenders: Sonic #100 will have a cover similar to SSS #13 more than SONIC #50

KenPenders: I don't write the Sonic stories at this time, but I do know what I'd do if I did.

KenPenders: I don't pay much attention to Karl's unless I need to because I don't want him to feel I'm looking over his shoulder all the time.

KenPenders: I figured out a storyline that would allow me to address the Sonic - Sally situation as it has never been shown in the series yet.

KenPenders: I inked the cover for SONIC #98, and it will be done pretty much like SONIC #100.

KenPenders: Any questions about the ongoing Sonic stories are better left to Karl. I'm not going to rain on his parade.

KenPenders: That line [Tails' comment in Sonic #94 about Sonic & Sally] addressed part of the problem, Ron, but I don't think it resolved the feelings on the part of many readers for seeing something to develop beyond what we have.

KenPenders: Sonic is still a very marketable property, and the comic only reinforces that concept.

KenPenders: I've never dealt with the Sonic team. Only Justin has.

KenPenders: No Chaotix for awhile longer. Just not sure yet how long. For one thing, starting with SONIC #101, the Knuckles stories will be six pages long as opposed to eight, the trade-off being that it will now take four issues to complete a story. The reason for this is something special.

KenPenders: Beginning in SONIC #101, two pages every issue will be devoted to feature pages devoted to either the characters, maps of locations, diagrams, whatever the readers want to see of Sonic's world.

KenPenders: Not quite, Dan [Drazen]. The Chaotix will show up on the feature pages.

KenPenders: As for KNUCKLES: 20 Years Later, we'll see some of the developments leading up to that story sometime during SONIC #101 - 110, including the first official unveiling of Knuckles' daughter

KenPenders: The Survivor concept is part of an upcoming story plot, but it won't be a parody

KenPenders: Contrary to popular belief, I am getting ready to upload updates to this website featuring a sneak preview from the Chosen One storyline as well as an advanced look at my Lost Ones graphic novel, to say nothing of other projects in the works.

KenPenders: If I told you the title for the KNUCKLES story in SONIC #100, I'd be giving way too much away. Suffice it to say things won't be the same for awhile as the Dark Legion will assume a major role.

KenPenders: SA2 has not really influenced anything as we don't know enough about it to incorporate any story elements into the series properly yet. We were only given just enough to set things in motion.

KenPenders: Yes, we will see what happened to everyone on the Floating Island, but I'm still rewriting a number of things to make any delcarative statements at this point.

WB: So basically it'll [the SA2 adaptation] probably just be a full issue Sonic Shuffle-like preview then. Thats better than it dragging out for 6 months like last time I suppose...
KenPenders: Pretty much, WB

KenPenders: Wynmacher is not dead, but Lara-Le may have a surprise.

KenPenders: The contests may return now that I'm handling the letters pages, as everyone at Archie would always cringe whenever I suggested the same thing

KenPenders: There's a major surprise concerning Tails that will blow everyone's minds.

KenPenders: Tails is not a villain. That much I will say.

KenPenders: He also doesn't die or anything like that. [on Tails]

KenPenders: I really can't say because I don't want to spoil what Karl has planned.

KenPenders: That's a very distinct possibility, Aurora, one that receives regular discussion all the time. [on Bunnie or Tails meeting parents]

KenPenders: And no, I haven't decided on a color scheme yet. I don't think about such things until absolutely necessary, as I hate to lock myself in until then. [on Lara-Su]

That was the chat.

Sega Sues K-Mart

Sega is going to sue K-Mart $2.2 million dollar's because they did not pay that much from Dreamcast System's sold.Read the bottom from for full story. From the great site Sonic The Hedgehog News

Sega Smash Pack 2 And Sonic CD Dumped

You heard me right, Sega Smash Pack 2 [Featuring Sonic 2 and Flicky] and Sonic CD have been dumped, and they don't require emulators.

From The DaNz WeBz Message Board: Sega Smash Pack 2 & Sonic CD for you all! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dan has also dumped the Sonic R PC version and you can find it at

Other-M #8

Other-M, the internet's most successful Sonic fan-comic to date, has announced that issue #8 will be released on Wed. the 28th.


Dreamcast Petition

Okay, maybe most of you already know and even signed that, but here you can sign a petition to Sega about continuing support Dreamcast. There are about 7517 signs so if we all sign it *maybe* we have a chance to convince Sega...

Sonic #97 AND Sonic #98 Spoilers! - Ultimate Villian Queries, Secret Identities And....SA2 ????

I knew the previews were late for this month but dang....Two In One DOUBLE PREVIEWS !!! Well now THIS is just nuts - Geoffrey St. John, Tails The Fox, Uncle Chuck, A Sonic Adventure 2 Cover, Missing Overlanders, An undercover Sonic The Hedgehog, Sally sneaking away from Knothole to find Sonic whose trying to find Tails, Tails whose busy somewhere off with Knuckles but has some link to Dr. Robotnik (?????), And Mina finally being acknowledged as Sally's rival????

Attention Tails The Fox fans! You're gonna have a lot of fun tryng to decipher THESE previews....

Sonic The Hedgehog #97
"My Secret Identity"
"The Chosen One - Part Three"

Writers: Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
Pencilers:James Fry & Ron Lim
Inkers: Andrew Pepoy & Pam Eklund

Geoffrey manages to piece together half of Uncle Chuck's message from the damaged Shadow-Bot, and he and his secret service team embark on a mission to Robotropolis to retrieve it. Meanwhile, an incognito Sonic begins his quest for Arachnis and Tails, but is sidetracked by Geoffrey's mission. The intrigue thickens when both the secret service and Sonic are captured by Overlanders, and Sonic does his best to maintain his anonymity in the midst of his cellmates. Can Sonic aid in their escape without blowing his cover? Plus, surprising unexpected revelations about Robotnik and Tails. And what's with all the missing Overlanders? Also: another Knuckles back-up story, this time guest-starring Sonic's buddy Tails.

Sonic The Hedgehog #98
"Blow By Blow"
"The Chosen One - Part Four"

Writers: Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
Pencilers:James Fry & Ron Lim
Inkers: Andrew Pepoy & Pam Eklund

After returning to Knothole, Geoffrey informs Elias that Robotnik still has robotization on his mind. Sally disguises herself as a servant and manages to sneak out of Castle Acorn in order to go see Sonic, but Sonic has his hands full trying to stay incognito while he continues his quest for Arachnis and the Sword - not to mention Mina, Sally's latest rival for Sonic's affection. And just like last issue - what's with all the missing Overlanders? Plus, another Knuckles back-up story, guest-starring Sonic's buddy Tails.

Okay - say it with me. "Damn." ^___^

Where do I start on THIS one? First of all Tails is getting a LOT of recognition lately...More attention than he's gotten in a long time. Hmmmm. That, AND Tails and Dr. Robotnik (???) now seem to have some sort of connection? Plus it seems that the Chosen One saga is being extended to 4 parts. THIS is a good thing. ^^ Maybe Tails The Fox is the rumored "Ultimate Villian" ^__^ But Archie wouldnt have Sonic fighting Tails, his own sidekick and "psuedo-little brother" on the 100th issue anniversary - would they? ;D

Sonic's incognito identity makes him look like an X-Man with that cape and X gloves. Hehehe. ^__^ But the biggest shocker (to me anyway) was the cover of Sonic #98. Juct click on it for a sec, and tell me if you see the same thing I saw. Does that cover say Sonic Adventure 2 in the background? We know its not gonna be in the book in time for Sonic #100. Archie's already gotten that and the first few issues after it planned out. But I think that after #100.... Plus - something I noticed, but its amazing that the June cover sports SA2. Especially since thats the release date for America. But not to worry or anything. Like I said - #100 and the first issues past are probably already planned out, so theres no need to worry about Sega intrusions on the big "UV Story" for now. But at least we know that theres a large possibility that its coming...

And last but not least, those spoilers. Whats with the all missing Overlanders? Its ABOUT TIME we finally saw Sally take some initiative again. Perhaps she wont be playing second fiddle for a while, but it looks like a meeting between her and Mina and Sonic is imminent. Uncle Chuck returns, Geoffrey's proabably still gonna be a prude with Elias on puppet strings, and I'm still trying to figure out just what this link is between Tails and Dr. Robotnik...

One more issue to go....Hmmmmm...... ;D

The Next Ken Penders Online Chat...

...will be held on Tuesday evening, 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, February 27, 2001. Since we're on the new system, we have nothing to worry about as far as system crashes go, unlike if this were being held on my old ISP's servers. That said, I hope to see you there.

On another note, the new e-mail addresses are working great, except for the fact that I can't send out yet. Bob is working on it and hopes to have the situation resolved withing the next day or two, so anyone looking for responses from me, i ask you to please be patient. Thanks.

There you have it.

Source: Ken Penders' Message Board

SegaSonic The Hedgehog - Lost And Founded! ^__^

Special thanks to Typhoon of the GHZ Message Board for finding this info! This is what I get for being late on this... :P

Ladies and gents - the longlost hidden mystery that is Sonic Arcade (or better known to the our Japanese friends as "SegaSonic The Hedgehog" is now playable as a ROM. Its not that great a ROM, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. ^__^

The game is playable on an Emulator called "Modeler". What makes SegaSonic The Hedgehog so interesting and flat out _RARE_ is that it was the only Sonic game that was not available to any Sonic fan even via the internet till now. It was never brought to the states at all and it was even more scarce since it was an arcade game. :P Its the one that basically NO ONE knew anything about and its the Sonic Game that introduces Ray The Flying Squirrel and Mighty the Armadillo into SegaSonic continuity.

The "Drano Cookie Monster" Green Gibbon (of the GHZ) has played the ROM of the lost game and had this to say about Sonic Arcade on the GHZ Message Board:

Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on Earth!

Okay, it's not that good. The emulation sucks monkey nuts. You can only see about half the graphics at any given time (the blank spaces being represented by flashing gibberish and pure whiteness), it's slow as a sloth on Prozac, and the music is choppy. But regardless...this is as close as I've yet come to actually playing Sonic Arcade, so I'm not complaining. Too much.

I didn't actually play as Ray. I couldn't figure out how, or even if it's possible, to select the character, so I just used Sonic. I only played about fifteen minutes and got through a couple of areas, but it's actually pretty cool. The whole object is to escape...there's something chasing you down every corridor, whether it's an avalanche, spiky steam-roller thing, or twisted gears, the object is to keep moving. It's fast and although (or maybe because) it's simple, it seems like it could be alot of fun.

The control is quite slippery. Think Marble Madness meets Sonic Spinball. The levels are laid out as corridors from a 3/4 perspective like Labyrinth or 3D Blast. Sonic has a power bar and Rings replenish it. What I could make out of the music sounds really good...I'm actually still remembering a piece of what I heard. I bet the graphics were awesome by 1993 standards, especially if I could see them...

Actually, it's almost like a dumbed-down Sonic Labyrinth. It moves, though. I can imagine playing this thing in an arcade with two other people building up a sweat with the trackballs would have an almost Samba de Amigo-esque quality to it. I'll sit around and play it some more when I don't have to get up for an 8:00 A.M. class followed by a day of homework and wrapped up with an evening of work.

And there you have it! I'll post some more if GG gets wind of it. In the meanwhile you can access the post which can get you to Modeler and the Arcade ROM below:

The Hidden Palace Forum - Play Sonic Arcade

SA2: Making The Grade & PSO: Everybody Wants A Little MAG

The Opa-Opa Mag!First things first: MORE Sonic Adventure 2 News or: How to get an A Ranking In City Escape ^__^!

Been playing the demo and wondering why you keep getting C Rankings over and over? How do you get a Grade Of A, let alone a B? Well I'm here to tell you that Sonic Team has officially gone insane. :) Replay value's gonna be BIG in SA2. Get this: I Pimp The Whale Sequence...

To get an A, you need to get 2/3's of all the rings, land at least 4 Awesome Tricks, and NEVER a Trick worth less than 300. You need to HIT every trick (even when running from the truck) and you need to kill everything you see (in the game). FYI 2/3's of all the rings in the level is 290 or so. Also (one last thing) you need to beat the level in under 3:10. There you go. The "impossible run".

Looks like the dificulty levels have been upped a huge notch since Sonic Adventure 1 in the replay department. And in case you've played the demo already, its not as easy as it sounds, especially since you cant see the ramps until you get square on them during the truck sequence! Have fun! ^__^ The Nightopian Mag!

Now for the Phantasy Star Online News which is in a way, connected to Sonic. One of the most identifying details that set characters apart in Phantasy Star Online is the MAGs. For those not in the know, MAGs are those hovering robotic "pets" near the back of each character. By feeding the MAG different utility items you either find or buy in PSO you increase the MAGs abilities and additionally, you also help the MAG evolve into different forms. So, how many forms are there to the MAGs? A quick "E-Lingo"-ing of the PSO Jazz japanese website has revealed the numerous MAGS located in PSO!

Theres the Opa-Opa MAG (from Fantasy Zone) and the NiGHTopian MAG (from NiGHTS of course). And supposedly, there is a Omochao MAG (from Sonic Adventure 2) as well as a Sonic MAG though both aren't shown on the webpage. If you wanna see the full list, check out or source links below.

Source: IGN Dreamcast and PSO Jazz (Japanese)

New SA2 charcters revealed!

Here's images of 2 of the new character from SA2 in really neat action figure form by Resaurus!


WB Edit: OMG !!! I _HAD_ to add an addendum to this one! ^__^ Ladies and gents - the "Nails The Bat" rumor is _DEAD ON_. The difference however is that the bat is named "Rogue" and has white and pink suit on. Her design looks kinda dark and neat. Speculation, but PERHAPS she is why Tails hasn't been mentioned in SA2! I mean, think about this for a second. If you have a bat that can fly, then whats the need for a fox that can fly in the game as well. My guess is that Rogue The Bat is going to play an interesting part in the game....

Also, the name of the "Dark Sonic" has finally been revealed as Shadow! Looks like Segasonic just got another female character (hooray!). Plus I think the Dark Sonic's name sounds pretty durn cool, dont you? ^__^

These are the first "clear" pictures of the new SA2 characters that anyone has managed to find. Even the websites dont have this one! Thanks Mike! ^__^ Plus we now know that Resaurus is doing a Series 3 toy line as well. Suddenly the futures looking a whole lot sweeter! ^___^

Shadow The Hedgehog, Rogue The Bat, and G.U.N. .....Is it just me or has Segasonic gotten just a bit darker? :)

ODCM Go Bye Bye........

Well I can't very well say I'm surprised at the matter after the brouhaha of the last two weeks BUT...but it seems ODCM is officially dead. :P

According to IGN, with SEGA's changes to its business strategy, it's been a tough time for the Official Dreamcast Magazine. First comes the loss of the demo disc, then SEGA goes third party only, and when SEGA decides to cut off from the hardware race, that means less third party titles, and that means less coverage for ODCM. It was inevitable, but after more than a year of delivering some of the most interesting Dreamcast coverage, the Official Dreamcast Magazine is officially gone.

According to, the Future/Imagine company that publishes various magazines announced that it will lay off 350 employees or slightly more than 17 percent of the company workforce. Publications that are effected include the digital music magazine Revolution, the gadget magazine T3, and a few others totaling 20 different publications in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany. However, the one that hits us home ODCM. Sad to see em go. :(

The final issue is the one out now, with Spider Man gracing the front cover.

SA2 Info.

Well, it seems that after 4 long months after the interview I had with Ryan Drummond (A.K.A, the Voice of "Sonic the Hedgehog"), he finally signed my guest book. What does that have to do with anything? In the signing he had stated that he had finished recording the voice of Sonic, in Sonic Adventure 2, last week. Thus being that the US version of Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast looks like it's coming soon. We'll all see what happens. :)

Source: The Floating Island

Sonic The Hedeghog And Super Mario RPG...A Reality?????

Remember that laughable old tidbit that was rumored ages ago that everyone scoffed at? You know - the one that said Sega and Nintendo were thinking about a joint RPG together? Well it may not be so laughable anymore...Sega is playing chums with Nintendo and the impact could be significant. An RPG is a good start, eh?

At one time it would be too far-fetched to imagine Nintendo and Sega walking hand-in-hand, smiling happily together as they slap competitors in the face. Since Sega's recent departure from the hardware industry, however, the vision of these former "enemies" has become all too real. Sega has willingly admitted to its support for both Game Boy Advance and GameCube. It even admits to having GameCube development hardware since as early as last November. (Shock! Horror! Hehehehehe - WB) What everyone wants to know, though, is exactly what Sega is working on for GameCube.

Well, you may want to sit down for this one, because the plot has thickened greatly. Last year there were reports that Sega and Nintendo had talks about doing an RPG together. Whether the supposed title uses Sega and Nintendo-branded characters or not is unknown, but the thought of the two most talented developers on earth teaming up for an RPG is unbelievably delicious. Since then Nintendo's Peter Main has smirked at the possibility, and just recently in a GameWeek interview Sega of America's Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Charles Bellfield, confirmed the existence (in a roundabout way) of the RPG and praised Nintendo. Here is the excerpt from the interview courtesy IGN....

GameWeek: Let me get right to it: was there any truth to the reports Nintendo was looking to buy?
Charles Bellfield: (long pause) Yeah. So were Microsoft, so were Sony.

GW: Can you expand on that?
CB: Sure. The truth is, if we didn't think we would be successful with our new strategy, something might have happened. In 2000, we were the sixth largest publisher in North America. That was with a 2-3 million Dreamcast install base. Imagine the potential for us when we get to PSX, GameCube, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance. There's only one way for us to go and that's up. That's the reality of it.

GW: Theoretically, Sega could be a difference maker in the upcoming console wars, depending on what franchises are delivered to each particular platform. Any thoughts?
CB: Let me turn the tables a bit. What do you know about GameCube?

GW: You probably know a lot more than we do; Nintendo is the most quiet company we've ever dealt with. It's scary.
CB: Four words: don't write off Nintendo. A lot of companies have, but Nintendo's got a five billion dollar war chest and a lot of great, original franchises.

GW: Yes, they have the one key ingredient that Sega has: content. They really are self-sufficient.
CB: Agreed.

GW: Charles, can you confirm or deny the existence of this so-called "top-secret RPG" being worked on by Sega and Nintendo?
CB: (long pause) I'm trying to recall… Tetsu Kayama talked about a number of things last week and I would normally refer back to what he said, but... Let's put it this way: whatever he said, the answer is "yes."

GW: You know, Peter Main had the same suspicious grin when I asked him this question two and a half months ago...
CB: Did he really? Yes. (another long pause) We've got a great content line ahead. (smiles)

The comments are even surprising to IGNcube, who is all too aware of Sega's support for GameCube. It seems that Sega and Nintendo have banded together to show the industry how it's done. Consider the above comment again. When Charles was asked if he thought Sega could make a difference in the upcoming console wars, the first thing that came to his mind was GameCube. The interviewer didn't ask this Sega head figure if he liked GameCube, he willingly touted Nintendo. We're not sure what Nintendo and Sega are up to, but this is just short of an official confirmation that there is a Sega/Nintendo RPG underway. We ask that you do keep in mind that the quote could be taken a few ways. Nontheless, what a truly astounding possibility this is. If Sega is backing Nintendo's GameCube so much, how should we view the exclusive Virtua Fighter 4 on the PS2? You can't straddle the fence too much, and it seems that Sega is definitely leaning towards Nintendo. The PS2 may be getting VF4, but it now seems obvious that Nintendo and Sega have far bigger plans for GameCube. As each day goes by, Sega's withdrawal from the hardware business gets sweeter and sweeter. Life is good.

Source: IGN Gamecube

Sonic Adventure 2 Release Date FINALLY CONFIRMED

And its about friggin time too..... >:P

The dates careened all over creation and theres never been a SOLID pinpointed date on it till now....Sega of America has informed IGN that Sonic Adventure 2 has finally been tagged with a tentative date for June 21, 2001. While the date isn't set in stone, sources indicate that things are looking good for our blazin' blue buddy, and that the demo was but a taste of the action that lies ahead.

Source: IGN Dreamcast

Ken Penders Speaks

KP just spoke on his messageboard about the latest concerning his website, LO, the upcoming Sonic storyline, and other stuff. here's his message reprinted below:

If you see the words YOU ARE HERE! above the photo of me on the home page, your browser is accessing the site on our new server. If not, you're receiving the transmission from the old server while able to still access this message board on the new server. It may all sound confusing, but trust me, Bob's got it all worked out as far as the tech stuff goes. Needless to say, until the transition is totally complete, the site updates have been delayed until then.

However, in the interest of giving you some idea of what's in store, besides a sneak preview of pages from THE CHOSEN ONE storyline, I'll touch base on a number of topics.

For a long time, I've been looking to make this site more interactive, and this year looks like I'll finally achieve that. One of the concepts I've been exploring is conducting an online course of drawing as well as a course on creating a comic book from initial concept to finished publication. Because of the time and resources involved with doing this right, the size of the classes will be limited and there will be a cost. I hope to have all the details finalized within the next couple of months and begin conducting the first classes come September.

Another thing I'm looking to initiate is more original online comics, new material that hasn't been seen before. To that end, pages from THE LOST ONES graphic novel will begin showing up before long, as well as the first installment of CAPTAIN HAZZARD.

There's a lot of new art to be uploaded, including a sneak preview of pages from the upcoming THE CHOSEN ONE storyline that begins in SONIC #95. I guarantee a major shocker where this one is concerned.

Also, check back later this week for confirmation of when my next online chat will occur, as I'll discuss these and many other subjects as well.

Finally, in regards to the Knuckles story in Sonic #93, I'd like to say a few words.

Some people have criticized my use of photos with the artwork. To that I say... this is how you learn. I've been wanting to experiment with the concept for some time. The problem was that I didn't end up having the control over the finished look like I was originally supposed to have. I was supposed to color the story on Photoshop, which would allow me to do the color seps at the same time. Due to contractual obligations with a third party, the editors at Archie informed me that they would be doing the work. Thus, I found myself essentially creating a road map for them to interpret what I wanted. To say the results were unsatisfying would be an understatement of epic proportions. Would it stop me from doing this again? Not if I was given the control I was originally supposed to have. But that's for another time.

Another final thing... yeah, I know.... :-) ...

I'm going to be closing down my AOL account within the next 30 to 60 days, so from now on, until I get all the e-mail links on this site changed, if anyone wants to send a message or ask a question, please e-mail me at the following address:

Thank you.

And THAT is THAT. ^__^

Source: Ken Penders' Message Board

Mega Man X5

Mega Man X5 has been released in North America! And yes, the horrid Guns & Roses names are in it. >:P


The Interactive Digital Software Association, which includes every major game publisher in the industry, has made a proposal to the the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. It includes restrictions on the marketing of M-rated games. Some restrictions have been summarized on GameCenter.

Print (including game publications): Ads for Mature-rated games may not be placed in magazines where 45 percent or more of the readers are under 17.
Analysis: By our count, there are only three magazines in the industry whose audience does not fit this profile.
TV advertising: Ads for Mature-rated games may not be placed on programs where 35 percent or more of the viewers are under 17.
Analysis: By this definition, a game such as Resident Evil could not be advertised on MTV.
Internet ads: Paid ads for M-rated games shall not be placed on Web sites where 45 percent or more of the visitors are under 17.
Analysis: The document states that Media Metrix data will be used to establish the demographic of Web site audiences. Considering how many fan sites are too small for Media Metrix to measure, this could make it impossible for any independent sites to secure advertising revenue.

Join The Discussion On Our General Gaming Forum

GameCenter Report

The Document

New Sonic Anime? recently interviewed Satoshi Kayama, a big man at Sega of Japan, who revealed some suprising details about Sonic, and Sega's hardware future.
Here's what IGN gathered:

"Sonic for Game Boy Advance will arrive in celebration of Sonic's 10th anniversary. Sega hopes the game will spur interest in Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast. Sega is also considering doing other things besides games, including the release of a possible anime using CG."

and sadly...

"When asked if Sega will put out hardware in the future, Kayama responded with a strong no, and a laugh. Sega consulted with its creative team first before making the move to software only."

So Sonic may be getting a computer animated move/video, and Dreamcast 2 is already dead :(

Source: IGNDC

SONIC ADVANCE SCREENSHOT! and Chu Chu Rocket GBA news! have released the first EVER picture of Sonic Advance for the Game Boy Advance! and just looking at the picture will make anybody drool with excitement! **drool**

a quick Elingo-ing and this is what it has to say about the title:

Sale schedule in autumn of 2001.

"Sonic" series which became smash hit 1 which exceeds 15,000,000 total sales numbers in all over the world after appearance in 1991. When sonic is narrow, It runs through in the new field which GBA produces in 2001 which becomes the tenth sonic birth anniversary which should be commemorated.

It also notes that Sonic The Hedgehog Advenace is the working title, and this will be one whole brand new adventure (unlike Sonic Pocket Adventure, a re-release of Sonic 2), and uses the power of the GBA Palette to the full. Lets hope it uses some of that Mode 7 goodness too, eh? This was the only picture, and a work in progress one at that (Just like the Sonic 2 pictures, like Hidden Palace and Dust Hill)

Also, new pictures of Chu Chu Rocket GBA have been released! Including some new info.

Sale schedule on March 21, 2001.

Exciting Puzzle Game appears from Sonic Team to the Gameboy advance. Let's make it induce lovely rats and escape by the rocket. Battle with a friend will be alot of fun! New roulette event and 2600 question puzzle, etc. A new element only of the Gameboy advance version is also fully loaded.

What is also very interestiong is the fact that it claims to use 5 different languages! Japanese, English, French, German, and Spanish! This make an even bigger hope for it to be released in the US and Europe! More Pictures are also at the Source.

Source: Sonic View the page here

View the E-Lingo Translation here.

Wai Did You Ever Leave Me????

**laughs at title**

Any longtime Sonic fan in the game scene will remember the name - Simon Wai, the guy who helped Sonic fans everywhere discover the longlost Sonic 2 Beta. Well guess what?

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaacck.... ^__^ So just where did he vanish to? This was the post made yesterday to the Sonic 2 Beta Messsage Board...

Hey guys (anyone here?), It's Simon Wai here. It has been a loooong time... Looks like lots of things have changed. How are you guys?

You probably have many questions to ask, but let me clear up something first. I seemed to vanish because of the heavy workload (okay that does sound way too familiar LOL). I promised to myself to explain to you guys my departure of the Sonic scene, but being such a lazy guy, I kind of postponed the announcement day by day. And I ended up never made the annoucement at all. So if I made a mess (and it seems so), I'm willing to apologize. Sorry guys.

So what makes me suddenly come back.... I was downloading some MP3s on Napster and someone popped up and asked me if I'm "THE Simon Wai" (my username is simonwai). That reminded me to explain what has been going on to you S2Beta fans.

Thanks to Pelord for maintaining the site. I'm sure lots of Sonic fans have been helped. I'm afraid I can't contribute anymore to the Sonic scene, as any Sonic-related data have been wiped out of my hard drive long ago. I also won't have enough time (remember?). And no, I didn't find any Sonic 1 beta etc when I was in Hong Kong ;)

Thanks for listening, I am sure that clears up lots of "clouds" inside you head. Also thanks to everyone who supported me during the old days.

Oh one more thing, I dumped @home and am now on Bell ADSL. My e-mail is If you want to ask anything, or simply want to confirm my identity, feel free to send me an e-mail (I WILL reply this time, hehe).

P.S. Are Sonique, Dezmond, Andre, Kulock, etc still around?

I never knew Simon at all, but I know Sonique and sometime Kulock visit here at the news page so hopefully they'll get this message and respond. As for Andre Dirk he vanished a long time ago as well if I remember correctly and I never knew Dezmond. But if you knew him, pop by and say hi - message link below.

Source Response:Simons Welcome Back Message - Sonic 2 Beta MB

An Update on SEGA SMASH Pack

WB, recently reported a SEGA SMASH Pack Vol. 3 somewhere. I have come to verify that the US ahs released a SEGA SMASH Vol. 2 containing the games: Sonic 2, Flicky, Kid Chameleon, Vectorman 2, Comix Zone, Shining Force, Super Hangon, and Swirl are all included in this CD. Oddly enough I found this lovely little CD over at the place, you wouldn't think to look at, K-MART! The game is out the people, you have to look for it and it coasts $20 plus whatever you sales tax is. Thank You and goodnight!

Sonic Makes The Cover Of EGM !!!..........Again.

EGM's latest issue has come out! And guess whose on the cover again...... :)

This time its Sonic with the cast of Phantasy Star reflected from his eyes. Included in this issue is an article celebrating 10 Years Of Sonic The Hedgehog and an SA2 Blowout at the end! The issue is selling for $4.99 and you can click the cover for a larger view. :)

Pre-Order Sonic Adventure 2 !!!

Care to get your hands on Sonic Adventure 2 before everyone else? If so you can import the Japanese verion from!

Description: The hedgehog is back, running at the speed of sound heading toward a TV screen near you!! Super crisp graphics, the mysterious black hedgehog, Sonic grinding on his board down a've probably seen or heard a lot of stuff about this game. As he reaches his tenth anniversary, gamers are goint to receive a big surprise when this game is released. More adventure, more action, more speed!! Experience a storyline that Sonic fans never have witnessed ever before. It will truly amaze you.

Coolness! ^__^

You can preorder the Japanese version of the game for 58.99 or view the order from the Source Link below.

Source: Preorder Order SA2! (import)

Sonic #96 Spoilers - Color Cover Released

The Color Cover for Archie Sonic's Sonic The Hedgehog #96 has been released. Spoilers included below....

"The Messenger"
"The Chosen One - Part Two"
Writers: by Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
Artists: James Fry, Ron Lim & Ken Penders

The answers to many questions are revealed - and a few new ones are raised...Has his Majesty's Secret Service learned of Sonic's heroic, secret trip to Robotropolis? Will Princess Sally and Sonic finally see each other again? And has Dr. Robotnik finally figured out a way to get back into Knothole Village? And in the Knuckles back up - the Chosen One arc continues...

Cool. But what did they mean by will Sonic and Sally ever see each other again? O_O My guess is that thier building up the breakup we've heard rumors on. I wonder who will break up with who first - Sonic or Sally?

In the meantime I can now comment on the cover since it doesnt look all gibberishy now. ^__^ Either Doc R.'s Shadow Swatbots have learned how to cloak themselves OR theres a new brand of clear Swatbots (the color cover releases are never fully accurate - so I'm guessing) but either way Sonic and Mina reflected off the surface of the bot is pretty cool. Click the cover for a larger view. ^__^

OT - Have You Seen My Bleemcast?

This is CERTAINLY NOT Sonic news, but I know a lot of you are still wondering about this - so I figured I'd post it and inform you guys.

Even though Bleem! has made it clear that there has been no set date for their upcoming PlayStation emulator on the Dreamcast, decided to fire off an email to the company anyway, wondering what the holdup is with Bleemcast! Here below is the reply they received:

The good news is, there are something like 6 million Dreamcast consoles out there that will be able to play bleemcast! with no problems. The bad news is, (for the time being at least) bleemcast! will only run on those machines, until we can figure something out for the new units.

However, we anticipated this change when we first heard about the system being cracked and our projections have been based on the installed base of MIL-CD compatible Dreamcasts, so it doesn't affect our product plans in the slightest. And now that the new machines have hit the streets, we're looking to see if there's a way to make bleemcast! work without putting the platform at risk by exposing another backdoor for the pirates to exploit. In the meantime, we'll do what we can to help potential customers determine whether bleemcast! will work with their DC.

Frankly, we can't blame Sega for killing support for the MIL-CD format, given the explosion in piracy in recent months. It's a pity that the information was put out there so irresponsibly and so much piracy has sprung up so quickly - Sega made a great console at a great price, and offers some of the most creative and innovative content out there. What's sad is that many of the same people who steal Dreamcast games will also be the first to bash Sega if they drop out of the market because they can't make any money.

Of course, it's good to know the reason why we haven't seen this emulator grace our Dreamcasts yet given the fact that we were expecting it back in October. With the recent announcement that Sega will be reducing the console price to $100, smart shoppers may benefit from buying the Dreamcast and Bleemcast, getting the best of both Sega and Sony. Hopefully the Feburary or March release date will stick this time.

Source: Sega X

Genesis Classics Come To Advance !!!

Think Sonic Advance was it huh? Think again...

It seems the Game Boy Advance will be getting a LOT of the classic Sega Genesis games as well - and hopefully there may be a few classic Sonic's thrown in there as well!

After Sega's big announcement, IGN got in touch with Charles Bellfield, vice president of marketing communications for Sega of America to talk about the company's future plans with the Game Boy Advance. While he couldn't go into specifics about what the company has in the works for the system, he was genuinely excited for the future with the handheld. The big question was asked – will Sega dig into its classic Genesis library and revive some of the best titles of the 16-bit days? "It's a natural thing to do," he told us. "Just look at the backlog of titles Sega has…there is plenty to work with."

Unfortunately, other of the hit games published by Sega may have to be left in the past, as many of them utilized licenses that weren't directly owned by Sega itself. Six big titles from the Genesis era: Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion, Aladdin, and Donald Duck's Quackshot were Disney titles, Gunstar Heroes and Dynamite Headdy are Treasure property, and Toejam and Earl is owned by…well, Toejam and Earl Productions. While Sega could work its legal magic with the respective companies, it may be easier just to work with what Sega has. Nothing is known if the games listed above will end up being ported. Time will tell.

"But we wouldn't just rehash our old software just to sell," Bellfield told us. "If we didn't add to the original as an incentive to buy it, we wouldn't do it." In other words, for those who remember it, you might not see >b>Altered Beast on the Game Boy Advance unless it was updated or enhanced in some way – such as new levels, new graphics, or new gameplay elements. Or, at the very least, included in a compilation pack similar to what Sega recently released on the Dreamcast as the Smash Pack. Something that would make the game less of a "shovelware" -- something to give the title an incentive for folks to buy itIf the company doesn't increase the value of the game with new elements, then folks might not buy it. It's the "been there, done that" syndrome.

While Sega Enterprises (the Japanese branch) is responsible for the production of the first three games for the Game Boy Advance, Sega of America will also actively produce titles for the GBA down the road – just as it had for the Dreamcast, Saturn, and Genesis. The company's both a publisher and a developer – and nothing has changed in this transition – several titles produced by Sega deserve a return, and with this recent turn of events for the company, the possibility has turned into a probability.

Source: IGN Pocket

The Demo Disks Return !!!!!! - Sonic Adventure 2 Yuji Naka Interview Included!

Though the Official Dreamcast Magazine will stop releasing a Dreamcast demo disc, don't fret dear readers... you'll still be able to get a demo disc full of all the future SEGA titles as SEGA has unveiled its replacement, the new Dreamcast, Ltd. The demo disc will be released quarterly from SEGA, similar in style to the PlayStation Underground Discs you see in places like Electronics Boutique and Software Etc.. The first volume will release on March 27th, 2001 nationwide at a suggested price of $4.95.

“The ‘Dreamcast, Ltd.’ program lets us showcase the unparalleled quality of content coming to Dreamcast,” said John Golden, director of product marketing, Sega of America. “By making the discs available at a very low price point at retailers across the country, every Dreamcast owner will have the opportunity to experience the very best of what’s coming up for Dreamcast.”

On the first volume of Dreamcast, Ltd., the disc will feature demos of:

  • Unreal Tournament
  • Spider Man
  • Championship Surfer
  • Bomberman Online

    and other hot titles. Addtionally, there's also this great interview with Yuji Naka (the creator of Sonic), where he talks about the development of Sonic Adventure 2 as well as a good look at whats new in the game! Oh what about the demo of Shenmue 2? Oh, it's in there, too! ^__^

    Source: IGN Dreamcast

  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 On PC! - Sega Smash Pack #3?

    One of the loyal Sonic fans just discovered something interesting. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and the game Flicky (what the Flickies in Sonic 3D Blast are based on) are now available as a PC Port in Japan. He discovered this while browsing Sega PC Japan's website: (it's in Japanese, but you can translate to English with an Japanese to English Web Translator)

    Apparently they have 3 software packages available, called "Sega Archives from U.S.A." Volumes 1, 2, & 3. Volume 1 is what we know in the States as the "Sega Smash Pack," and Volume 2 is the "Sega Puzzle Pack." (which includes Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine) But Volume 3 doesn't seem to have any American equivalent (at least to my knowledge -- anyone?), and that's the one that contains Sonic 2. There does seem something rather odd about this though:

    Wasn't it Steve Snake, et al, who put together the Smash Pack & Puzzle Pack (see's PC section)? I would assume that the same people put together the 3rd collection in the series; but if so, how come it wasn't released in the States first? And, am I right in assuming that these people are Americans?

    If you have any idea at all, post on the Station Square Newsboard (link to the right) and look for the post titled "Sonic 2 on PC"! Later!!! ^___^

    Yuji Naka Interview

    IGNDC recently did an interview with Yuji Naka, the man behind PSO, and all things Sonic. He commented on add-ons for PSO, SA2 plans, and he hinted that Sonic Adventure 2 may not be the last Sonic Team game on Dreamcast. Read the full interview at IGN.

    Source: IGNDC

    Sonic Advance Confirmed !

    Sega made history this morning when the company revealed its future publishing plans for 2001 and beyond (see our news story below) – the company is slowly leaving the system business and transmogrifying into one of the biggest third-party publishers for the Game Boy Advance, Gamecube, XBox, and PlayStation 2. The company announced that it has three Game Boy Advance games currently in the works, Chu Chu Rocket, Puyo Puyo and:

    Sonic The Hedgehog Advance. The game is reported to be along the lines of the Genesis 2D sidescroller, with brand new levels unique to the Nintendo system. The game is currently scheduled for a worldwide release with the US system this July. Blast Processing not needed -- just look how well the NeoGeo Pocket Color version measured up.

    Whats important about this is that it will not only be a Game Boy Advance launch title (**@_____________@**) but it will be the first Segasonic videogame on a system that is NOT fully Sega supported AND the first Sonic game on a major Nintendo system.

    Sonic Pocket Adventure, The SNK-published game for the Neo Geo Pocket Color, was a decent game and took Sonic through a 2D world filled with rings, bursts of speed and graphic splendor. But the game did have some flaws, most of which will be now non-existent on the Game Boy Advance. For example, one complaint from some: "There's no parallax scrolling." The GBA -- the 32-bit RISC processor will be able to handle parallax and depth with little to no problem. And although the Neo Geo game was very similar to the Genesis versions of the platformer, it's almost certain that the GBA Sonic will be superior to the older games, especially since the little handheld has just as much power as the older Sega system.

    We're not completely sure whether the game will really work like the Neo Geo game, or if it will be a completely different style of gameplay. (Rumor has it that the game and levels will be all new and not remakes of older boards designed differently) Either way - It will likely be Sega's flagship product on Nintendo's new handheld, and it will doubtless have incredibly high production values and endless amounts of fun.

    So here goes Sonic's next step...The Game Boy Advance...

    Source: IGN Pocket

    The Dreamcast Is Dead. Sega, however, Is NOT

    The two posts below are prime examples of the latent confusion, reactions, and outbreak of the news that everyones been going on about The Death Of The Dreamcast

    You havent see me post any of it on SHQ News because quite frankly I had no idea if any of it was true and neither did many of the sources at the time. So I'm composing this news article to get some facts straight and hopefully inform people as to whats going on....

    The source I'm going by is IGN's News Articles (as thier the best to decipher) which you can find here: IGN Dreamcast. The article is being reprinted here in full. Important things to note will be in bold and underlined.

    The Death of Dreamcast: Sega Confirms Price Drop, Inventory Reduction, and More

    How's that for an elaborate revenge plot, EA? Come witness the coming shift of power.

    A great man once said, "It's true, it's true." After months of denial, the house that Sonic built decided to follow suit, confirming what many thought to be unthinkable: Sega of America is calling it quits in the hardware business, and as part of their plans to completely wash their hands of that side of the business, they are dropping the price of the Dreamcast to $99.85 US as of February 4th, 2001. In addition to the price drop, Sega will be offering a number of incentive plans to retailers to help move the excess stock, though details were unavailable at press. Sega manager of marketing communications Heather Hawkins stated, "We'll continue to support the hardware through December 31st, as we anticipate some hardware will still be in retail at that time, but we'll no longer be holding inventory as of March 31st."

    As reported earlier this week, Sega will be re-focusing its hardware efforts, and will look to license Dreamcast technology to outside hardware manufacturers. While Pace Micro Technology was the first such partner to be announced by Sega, VP of Corporate and Marketing Communications Charles Bellfield did not rule out the possibility of other agreements entering the picture, "Pace is going to be a key partner for us, the main one, but we're looking at other opportunities for the technology, obviously."

    As hinted at by multiple announcements from Sega of Japan, the company will now approach a new focus as a publisher (WB note: For those that dont understand this - Think along the terms of Square and Capcom and how they are big game producing companies, but develop thier games for multiple platforms - The best examples of them being mega Man and Final Fantasy). This multi-platform strategy, dubbed "platform agnostic," will mean that from this point forward Sega will now be openly and aggressively developing content across all platforms in an attempt to become the world's leading game publisher.

    Hawkins sees the position as the best route for Sega, stating, "Being platform agnostic means that we will have the opportunity to look at all platforms to determine which one will be the best fit for our content, both from a development/technical side and a demographic one, meaning we won't have to determine the feature set of a title by what by the constraints of any particular system."

    On that note, Sega has announced several titles already in production for other platforms, most notably Yu Suzuki's upcoming sequel to the popular Virtua Fighter Series, Virtua Fighter 4, which is being developed from the ground up as a PlayStation 2 exclusive for a Fall release. [Ed's note: Pick your jaws up off the floor now, please. Done? OK, good. You may now continue reading.] Sega also confirmed that United Game Artists' Space Channel 5 would make its way to PlayStation 2 from Sega later this year, as well as titles in the Sakura Wars and Let's Make a Pro Sports Team series, though the latter 2 look unlikely for release in the States.

    Sega finally confirmed the poorly-kept secret of their deal with Acclaim, and stated that the company will release Crazy Taxi, 18 Wheel American Pro Trucker and Zombie Revenge on the PlayStation 2 some time after April 2001.

    Confirming statements made by Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s president Hiroshi Yamauchi earlier this week, Sega has revealed that they are working on multiple titles for Game Boy Advance, including Sonic the Hedgehog Advance (WB note: This had actually been rumored for quite a long while, before the Sega news ever came into existance), Chu Chu Rocket!, and Puyo Puyo. Sega officials also noted that while they made no announcements with regards to Microsoft's Xbox or Nintendo's other hardware effort, the upcoming GameCube, they are currently in negotiations to provide content to both platforms, with more concrete information undoubtedly on the way.

    Sources inside Sega also mentioned that the company is looking into bringing some classic Saturn titles to the original PlayStation, though no decisions have been made to that effect yet.

    All hope is not lost for the Dreamcast platform, however. Bellfield explained that "We're not giving up on Dreamcast. We'll continue to support the platform well into the next 18 months, and beyond that, as long as it is profitable." Now that Sega is moving out of the costly hardware business, this should prove to be a tricky proposition, as the system's limited install base will undoubtedly limit sales potential for new software.

    Sega has confirmed over 30 titles for Dreamcast for the remainder of 2001 (WB Note: Sonic Adventure 2 - which looks to be the final Sega produced Sonic game on a system of thier own, is one of these), many of which we have revealed here, and it appears that Sega will be carefully evaluating where they will focus their content beyond this calendar year, where it will truly begin to expand on its new focus.

    "Sega is a company that has always dared to be innovate and push this industry forward," said Peter Moore, president and COO, Sega of America. "Sega will continue to do so with its new strategy, and the result for consumers will be what you would always expect from a 'rules-breaker' like Sega – a library of pioneering, jaw-dropping content now available any way you want to play."

    While the move will obviously benefit Sega, the effect of their new direction will have on Dreamcast owners remains to be seen. Expect the picture to become increasingly clear as we approach E3 2001, where the announcements should surface like baby seals in the wake of the Exxon Valdez.

    Thier second story on this matter had this to say...

    Sega of Japan has issued a few statements regarding the discontinuance of the Dreamcast hardware platform. Yes, folks, it's happening even in Japan. Throughout the world, Sega has amassed a surplus stock of 2,000,000 units, and these must all go out the door.

    Here's what went wrong, according to Sega. Previously, game consoles were sold on the oft-publicized "Razor Principle", where you sell the razor at or below cost and make all your money selling blade cartridges. Similarly, one used to sell game systems at or below cost and make all the money back on software. According to Sega, this strategy didn't work with Dreamcast as the hardware cost was too high. Furthermore, the company was forced to discount the price of its hardware in order to remain competitive, which further added to the problem (WB note: Remember the Dreamcast Price Drop a while back?). Combine this with a difficult software market, and the Dreamcast business model was not able to meet the required returns in software for balancing out hardware sales.

    It is because of this that Sega has decided to stop Dreamcast production. Additionally, the company mentions that it has suspended research and development on new hardware (WB note: This means that there will ABSOLUETLY BE NO DREAMCAST 2 OR NEW HARDWARE or WHATEVER. Software will continue, but no more hardware. Got it?). Anyone hoping for a new Sega system five or six years down the line when Sega has recuperated its losses are probably in for some disappointment.

    Sega comments that it will continue supporting the Dreamcast system into the future, as previously mentioned. The company states that it has 30 first party titles in development with third parties accounting for an additional 40. We're not sure how one gets the previously mentioned total of 100 Dreamcast titles from this, even adding in American support, but we have a feeling even the 30 and 40 numbers are being optimistic.

    So will Japanese-based Dreamcast product and support become hard to find in the future? Sega doesn't seem to think so. Dreamcast Direct and the various Sega partner shops will continue to carry Dreamcast product, meaning if someone in Japan wants a game, they need only turn here. If your Dreamcast should malfunction, Sega promises to have you taken care of. The company will keep various Dreamcast parts in stock for the next six years and will be open for servicing and repairs.

    But what should happen if you write for a videogame website devoted to the Dreamcast platform? What do you do then? We'll see… we'll see… but I don't know nothin' 'bout writin' 'bout no Xbox! ^_^

    And ladies and gentlemen - THAT is THAT.

    All your questions and whatnot on just what the Death is have been answered. Dreamcast is DEAD, Sega however will continue as a third party platform. Whether or not they will develop for X-Box or Gamecube has yet to be decided (my sheer biasness for the PS hopes that Sonic will end up on one of the two) More news will surface on the up and coming weekend and I'll keep you posted.

    So what does thsi mean for Sonic?

    To be honest. No one knows that yet. Sonic Team is independent now and is still doing Sonic Adventure 2.

    Sonic Advance was talked about ages ago since Sega did not wish to start a new Game Gear, so this was already known by many, but probably forgotten with all of the recent talk.

    What is known is this - Considering that SA 2 will be a fouth quarter release in America, Sonic Adventure 2 will be the final Sonic Team produced Sonic game _PERIOD_ on ANY SEGA SYSTEM. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that this is the final Sonic game, but rather we'll probably no longer see him after this on a Sega Console. Consider it the end of the second Segasonic era. Its rather ironic really. Sonic began Service Games and kept it going. Sonic will now end out Service Games as its last hurrah and take it into its next step.

    Sonic The Hedgehog however is NOWHERE near dear. Sonic Advance (appropriate title for the situation) will be the very first Sega Sonic game on a new rival system and will mark the beginning of the 3rd Segasonic Era. I cannot specifically say this, but I think I remember reading somewhere that Yuji Naka had actually liked the X-Box. And perhaps that Sonic/Mario crossover RPG that had been talked about and laughed at for YEARS may now have a way of actually seeing the light.

    And thats that folks. Hopefully that will clear everything up. And if you have further posts or disccusion the topic (and this news story), like others is free for discussion on Station Square. And is now the Editorial Focus for the month of Feburary.

    Hope to see you there!

    Discussion: The Station Square Message Board: Sega's Big Goodbye

    Sonic Marathon on Toon Disney

    In case there's anyone there out who's intereseted, Toon Disney will be running a marathon of AoStH this coming Friday from 6 A.M. to 7P.M. Too bad it 's not a SatAM marathon...

    DC not Dead 2

    There have been a lot of posts here that the Dreamcast is dead. This not true! Sega has said that there is over 100 games planned for 2001, and even some for 2002! Sega also said that if the Dreamcast was still profitable, after 18 months, that they will continue Dreamcast software production. Sega announced over 30 first-party titles for this year (that's not counting those secret projects) all of which were Dreamcast-only! Some of those include Sonic Adventure 2, Crazy Taxi 2, all the 2k2s, and many more. After the remaining 2 million Dreamcast units are sold (expected to be gone near end of 2001), Pace will take over and begin selling the Dreamcast set-top boxes, which are rumored to have a DVD drive and a 40GB hard drive! So it seems that Dreamcast has the potiental to live at all the way up to the video game standards of 5 years! But after DC, Sega IS pulling out of the hardware business, at least for now, who knows? Maybe sometime in the 256-bit era, we may see a new box with the Sega logo on it.

    First, a moment of silence...

    It's true. The report below is NOT a false one. At first, even I didn't believe it. Unfortunately, I checked
    and learned that the post is true. The Dreamcast is officially dead. According to the article, Dreamcast production will continue through December 31st of this year. Then, manufacture will stop and supplies limited. They will no longer be holding any inventory as of March 31st, 2002.

    Apparently, they intend to manufacture games for systems like the PS2 *ack!* and the X-Box. However, they DO NOT intend to stop games for Dreamcast. In fact, SEGA still has over 30 titles in store for Dreamcast over the 2001 year.

    Be that as it may, this is still heartbreaking news. I was (and still am) a long-time supporter of the SEGA Corp. But, money speaks in this world and SEGA was running out of words. They hope the new move, called "platform agnostic," will bring up their cash flow. Even so, I for one grieve over the loss of our little grey friend. Video games will never be the same.

    Dreamcast abandoned...

    Hate to be the bearer of bad (horrid in this case) news, but I just saw this on, and it looks pretty clear that the Dreamcast is quite, quite dead...

    Of course, the technology and the games will probably live on, especially considering True Red's earlier post, but this is prolly the last we'll see of the console.

    Japan's Sega Corp. pulled the plug on its Dreamcast game machine on Wednesday, announcing it would suffer a record loss by ending production of the loss-making console in March in a dramatic refocusing on video game software.

    The world's third-biggest maker of game hardware and software said the shutting down of Dreamcast will generate $689 million (80 billion yen) in extraordinary losses, leading to a consolidated net loss of $502 (58.3 billion yen) in 2000/01 ending March 31.

    That exceeded analysts' forecasts for a $430 million (50 billion yen) special loss to abandon Dreamcast, the world's first Internet-compatible video game machine when it was launched in 1999 that grew famous for characters like "Sonic the Hedgehog."

    Sega's dream of the world's first 128-bit console wired up for online gaming taking the market by storm quickly faded into a nightmare as the machine floundered against smoother, faster rival machines from Sony and Nintendo.

    ``We will rapidly shift our focus to the content business,'' Sega said in a statement on Wednesday.

    Source: ZDnet

    Sega Partners with Pace Micro Technology

    This is the big news Sega had planned. A snippet from the article at IGNDC:

    This is perhaps the reason why many rumors have been flying about the demise of the Dreamcast. Hardward production of the Dreamcast will decrease, but not because SEGA is "pulling out of the game", but rather to make room for this new product. Though no specific details have been revealed, this new set-top box will incorporate a hard disk drive planned to have a size of 40 GBs or larger. With the digital platform of this new device, SEGA and Pace are planning to provide downloads of hundreds of SEGA titles - Dreamcast, SEGA Arcade, and perhaps even old SEGA console titles - right on the spot. With the digital format, this set-top box will also allow games to be transmitted wirelessly on to portable, hand held devices. Additionally, it has been surmised that this new console will have "TiVo" like TV features and it has been rumored the device will incorporate DVD features as well.

    You can read the full article at IGNDC here.

    Source: IGNDC

    Sega bombs SegaSonic.Net

    Hello, this is my first time posting.. but I think this is worth it: Sega has closed in on one of the most popular and long-running Sonic sites, SegaSonic.Net. Seems Sega wants the domain name for themselves, they don't even seem to want a negociation(sp?) either, and copyright probs are also in their pocket. I ask, if Sega can't take the fact that Sega/Sonic fans make websites about their favorite characters... is the Sonic Net safe? I think it's all BS, but don't take my word for it, read on...

    SSRG: Help Wanted

    Straight from Andy Wolan via E-Mail:

    The SSRG is currently looking for people to help out with the site. In the past, positions were scarce and few, and unless you were a good hacker, getting on was difficult. This made it a challenge for good people who were highly interested in working for the SSRG to join.

    Today, that is about to change. We have compiled a listing of over a dozen entry positions. These positions cover a wide range of skills and talents. That means you don't need to be a hacker to join.

    For more information, please visit the SSRG at and check the 'Want Ads'.

    New site to bring you news

    I have created myself a new site which I will post news on many subjects as well as Sonic and Mega Man. Bring you reviews of games and secrets as well. Any suggestios, go to my message boards and post them. URL is See you there. Seeya later all

    Close to the Ground is here

    From the Reputable site creator of Shadow of Light and Total Neon Network, Dennis "Neon Chaos" Spielman presents Close to the Ground. The site name comes from an old saying, "You know what they saw when an angel flies too close to the ground. They crash." And that's what Neon Chaos is all about. I run this site alone, no staff members, but it features information done by past members. This site features information to help you out with your homework projects, online radio station, and over 100 Sonic icon files and over 300 Sega and Sonic wallpapers. Plus tons more stuff!

    Close to the Ground Link

    Follow-up on Sega news below

    Rumors have once again surged to the forefront of the Dreamcast newswire: the typically reputable Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports that Sega has concrete plans to cease production of its Dreamcast hardware in March, and will move forward with plans to develop for other hardware platforms, specifically, Sony's PlayStation 2 and Nintendo's GameBoy Advance platforms at the start of fiscal year 2001.

    The story goes on to say that Sega will continue to market the Dreamcast console, but will cut off sales as soon as it gets rid of its existing inventory. The Japanese newspaper also indicates that Sega will continue to support the Dreamcast via software in 2001, with some 100 titles expected to hit the console over the course of the year.

    Obviously, information like this is cause for some serious concern on the part of Dreamcast owners everywhere, so we got in touch with Sega to see if there was any truth to the report. Vice President of Communications for Sega of America, Inc. Charles Bellfield, denied any truth to the story, stating, "Obviously it's a very slow news day, and people are very bored."

    He continued by explaining the source of the story, which has since spread across the 'Net to various game-related publications, as well as respected mainstream news sites like MSNBC, by saying that the whole thing was a complete misunderstanding and is 100% false.

    "This is the continued misinterpretation of facts based on an announcement Sega Japan made last October 2000. It was a mistranslation then and it's a mistranslation now. It's rumor building upon rumor and I can honestly confirm on this point that Sega has said nothing about its intention to make PlayStation 2 or any other console games, except for Dreamcast. Dreamcast is a core part of our business. Next week you will see new announcements based on the further technology and improvements on the Dreamcast, which we will continue to support." Bellfield went on to explain that the source publication, Jiji news, apparently pieced together the story after hearing little back from Sega on the rumor, which has been circulating nearly as long as the Dreamcast hardware itself.

    He continued, "The press releases from the business announcement we posted last year doesn't include other consoles, but other electronic devices, i.e. digital cameras, phones, etc. I realize that is a very bold announcement, but this current news story is rumor mongering and speculation. Sega will make these new announcements next week."

    Just exactly what Sega's exact plans are going forward remains to be seen. Obviously, if Sega has plans to support the Dreamcast through this calendar year, owning up to outside console development this early in the game could be potentially damaging for the company's current interests. Add to this the fact that commenting on any software deals with current hardware publishers could easily hamper any negotiations with other players who plan to enter the market in the near, and you can see why Sega is being careful with its words at this point.

    The release Bellfield mentioned above commented on Sega's intent to "take other strategic measures such as utilizing its vast software library of more than 1,000 titles to develop content for other consumer entertainment and mobile devices, making full use of Sega's renowned brand and characters to expand its game software business." The original wording of the document was somewhat vague, and an initial translation may indeed have led many to believe Sega was loosely proclaiming its intention to develop for other hardware platforms.

    Sega quickly refuted such rumors, reiterating its continued commitment to Dreamcast, and as was the case last October, Sega has released an official statement today about the latest rumblings saying:

    "Sega of America stated today that the company globally reaffirms its commitment to Dreamcast. In fact, Sega has more than 100 games worldwide coming out for the platform in the next year. It is not Sega's policy to comment on rumors and the company has not made any statement regarding ceasing manufacturing of Dreamcast or development for other videogame platforms."

    What is curious about such a statement, however, is that it does little to address the specific nature of the allegations found in said article. The piece, which also said that Sega would release over 100 Dreamcast titles in 2001, claimed that Sega has as many as five PlayStation 2 titles presently in development, and that in March, Sega plans to stop taking orders for Dreamcast hardware -- neither of which Sega even slightly hinted at in said announcement.

    It is interesting to note that earlier rumors linking Acclaim to Sega-developed PS2 titles also listed the number of titles in development at five. It remains to be seen if said titles are, in fact, the same titles mentioned above, or completely different projects.

    Also curious is a new hardware package which Bellfield hints at in his quotes above. Could these rumors of halted Dreamcast development have to do with a new hardware configuration? Or is Sega really calling it quits? The picture remains a bit cloudy at present, but we will continue to follow the story, and should have some sort of update next week following Sega's announcement.

    Says Bellfield, "In the next week or so, Sega will make some new announcements about the Dreamcast that will help to explain our future strategies. At that point you'll be able to see that Dreamcast technology will incorporate a whole new videogaming experience. Our future is very, very rosy." For the sake of the millions of Dreamcast owners worldwide, we hope you're right, Charles.

    Source: IGNDC

    Mega Man's Designer - Keili Inafune?

    From Peter Jenkins on the Mega Man mailing list:

    I remember some discussion in the past where people were trying to decide WHO it was that originally envisioned our fave little hero. All of the names listed in the credits of the N.E.S. games are strange little pun-names, almost nick-names, and offer no helpful insight. Well, in the latest Hyper magazine (which is easily the best gaming mag in Australia) they interviewed a man called Keili Inafune about his upcoming game, Onimusha. ("Ogre Samurai," is apparently a translation of the title) Anyway, in one of the questions, Hyper say to Inafune-san "You are the creator of Mega Man. To create Onimusha, did you work to some specs given to you, or did you create the game idea and present it to Capcom?"

    Perhaps this man is Capcom's Shigeru Miyamoto - the ideas man... Whether they meant that HE was the person who invented Mega Man or they were talking about Capcom in general is not specifically clear, but still... It turns out that this is actually Inafking, producer of many of the MM games. Considering how many he's been listed in, it seems pretty likely that he did design MM.

    Sega developing for other platforms and dropping the Dreamcast!

    Well, well... looks like Sega is taking out the DC and is becoming a developer. Below is more on this breaking story.

    Yahoo! Japan News has a report from the Jiji Tsushin (sort of like a Japanese version of the Associated Press) that confirms what many have been expecting: Sega, after battering losses and dwindling Dreamcast market support, will soon begin creating software on the PlayStation 2 platform. According to Jiji, this move is part of a massive company restructuring that will be officially announced before the end of the month. Development for Microsoft's Xbox will also reportedly come under consideration.

    When asked for a comment, Heather Hawkins, Marketing Communications Manager for Sega of America, replied, "Our official stance is to not comment on rumors. These are just more of the same [rumors] that have been floating around for a while."

    Rumors of imminent earth-shattering events at Sega have run wild for several weeks now -- Sega had to deny that Nintendo was going to buy them after a year-end New York Times report alleged that negotiations were underway. News of Sega's PS2 support had popped up on Japanese game-news sites early Monday, but Jiji is the first reliable source to divulge the info.

    And then, later in the day, this was reported...

    According to the Nikkei, Sega of Japan will not only make software for other systems, such as the PlayStation 2 and the Game Boy Advance, but also will cease all production of the Dreamcast console by the end of March. Sega will market the machine through fiscal 2001, but will stop once inventory is thoroughly depleted. Despite ceasing production, Sega still will support the system with software in 2001, and expects to release around 100 titles throughout the year (presumably first-and second-party titles). This report also provides more information on Sega's plans to develop for other consoles. The company is reported to have at least five titles in development for the PlayStation 2 and two titles for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, which launches on March 21 in Japan.

    Earlier today, Sega of America Marketing Communications Manager Heather Hawkins told us, "Our stance is to not comment on rumors. These are just more of the same [rumors] that have been floating around for a while." But with multiple reliable Japanese news sources (like Yahoo! Japan, Jiji, Nihon Keizai Shimbun and Nikkei), it seems irrefutable that Sega is indeed abandoning the hardware market and changing its strategy to a multiplatform software approach.

    Sega of America will have a more official statement for the press later today. We'll keep you posted.

    Well, this is big news, and will soon get much reaction after Sega releases their official statement...

    Rockman X5 Figures!

    These figurines include Zero, Armored X, X, Dynamo, Dark Necrobat, Bolt Kraken, Sigma (who seems to get his capes at the same place Evil Vec does ;P), and Crescent Grizzly. [Picture] You can pre-order them from from Wizzywig, which is releasing them in February, here.

    Source: Megalopolis

    Offical Word on PSO Broadband

    SOA representative Heather Hawkins has commented on the situation--that being whether the Sonic Team's PSO will officially support the broadband adapter or not.

    Sega would love to offer official BroadBand Support for Phantasy Star Online if they could without compromising the release of the game and/or the quality of the game via BroadBand.

    Reasons why we were not able to:

    1) In the US, with the numerous companies offering BroadBand, for them to work officially with Phantasy Star Online would cost Sega at least a few months of development time (conservative estimate). Sonic Team wanted this game as a worldwide release, so imagine how this would look if Japan released in December, and the US version released in May. Granted, it's now mid-January, but our intention is to have as close a worldwide release as possible so people from Japan, the US, and Europe can meet online.

    2) In Japan, it was simpler to support BroadBand, mostly because there are not many companies there that offer BroadBand support, making it a whole lot easier to test and have the ability to support it 100%. In the US, there are numerous companies that offer BroadBand support, and the time to insure that all the BroadBand specifications worked with the US version would delay the release of Phantasy Star Online (see above). If you can't deliver something, you better not to promise it. With that in mind, Sega of America does not want to promise something it feels it could not deliver 100%.

    3) Quake III was developed to work with BroadBand support at the beginning of its development, Phantasy Star Online was not. It's a simplification, but ask a programmer how easy it would be to add a true 3D model to a 2D game, if it wasn't planned upon at the beginning of the project. It would be doable, but it would take time. That's the situation Phantasy Star Online was in. So yes, if you look at it, time was a consideration. Because Phantasy Star Online was not built upon supporting BroadBand in the beginning of its development, it would take time to completely support BroadBand officially that would not allow us to release the game in a timely fashion in the US (Time to add extra code, time to test the code, time to debug the code, time to test the code...).

    If there are people out there that don't feel inclined to buy Phantasy Star Online because it does not offer BroadBand Support, that's their decision. I just wanted to make it clear that Sega of America is not trying to give any one the "runaround" that people seem to be talking about here. Sega of America wants to offer what it can without compromising quality. Should you settle for less?

    Other-M launches 7th Issue

    Despite a delay of around two weeks, highly successful fan-comic Other-M launches its 7th issue today. As a bonus for its late arrival time, a new feature is added to the end of the issue.


    Mega Man X5 Info

    In the new "Tips & Tricks" it has a MMX5 strategy guide, and here is a rundown of the levels and the bosses names - they are named after members of the hard rock/metal band, Guns 'n' Roses. These levels have level names, like chapters of a book...unlike X4:

    Chase the Truck!=Grizzly Slash (Crescent Grizzly)
    Obliterate the Battleship!=Duff McWhalen (Tikal Whale)
    Electric Trap!=Squid Adler (Bolt Kracken)
    Fortress Lab Infiltration!=Izzy Glow (Shining Hotarunix)
    Escape the Space Trap!=Dark Dizzy (Dark Necrobat)
    Destroy the Time Bombs!=The Skiver (Spiral Pegasus)
    Red-Hot World!=Mattrex (Burn Dinorex)
    Into the Jungle!=Axle the Red (Spike Rosered)
    Maverick Base Area 1=Rock Monster (yes, from the first MM game!)
    Maverick Base Area 2=Robo Mask
    Maverick Base Area 3=The Final Battle!=Sigma

    Thanks Patty for the news!

    Sonic Cafe: New Phone Games?

    SonicTeam have released info and pictures of 4 new applications. NiGHTS into Dreams, Chu Chu Rocket Puzzle, Chu Chu Edit, and Samba De Amigo. Although hard to determin exactly WHAT these Sonic Cafe games are for (NTT DoCoMo Co.... 503i series.. sounds like a colour mobile phone, is it related to the making of Motorola phone Sonic Games?) They look darn cool. now if only VMU versions were released ^__^.

    NiGHTS Into Dreams game seems to be a take on the classic "Snake" game found in most mobile phones. you collect the gems, and you seem to be able to circle around the NiGHTMaren. The Growing "Snake" is the row of light that follows NiGHTS. Chu Chu Rocket Puzzle and Edit seem to be your basic Normal Puzzle game of Chu Chu. Where you must get all Chu Chu (mice) into the rockets without getting hurt by Kapu Kapus (Cats). Edit would be to create your own Puzzles. Samba De Amigo is.. well Samba De Amigo. you listen to music, and push in the correct button for when the blue balls go into their rings. Downloadable Songs are also downloadable after.

    At the moment, they seem to be free-to-download on your 503i phone (doesn't seem to show where, and it's a Japanese Phone), and when it turns 4th of Feburary you'll have to pay 300 yen to keep it (3 bucks) per month. They'll be downloadable January 26th.

    Source: Sonic

    View E-lingo translation here

    New Wallpaper at WWW.SONICTEAM.COM have release their latest Wallpaper offering! Much like the original Sonic Adventure game, he also has a new "phrase" about him

    A Quick bolt of lightning, and Sonic's his name,
    He helps the needdy- thats Sonic's game!
    Speed is his glory, it's what he does best,

    Sonic's the fastest north, south, east & west.

    1280x1024 BMP (333KB)

    800x600 BMP (553KB)

    Append "It's Broadband" to "It's Thinking": Dreamcast's Broadband Adapter Has Been Released

    Long has it been promised and well before Sony has made its broadband a reality, SEGA has released its broadband adapter for the Dreamcast. The following is a quote from the Gaming Intellegence Agency:

    After months of anticipation, the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter is finally available at Sega's online store. The adapter allows gamers to connect with any existing Ethernet, DSL, or Cable network. Though only a few of the system's networkable games are supported, the highly anticipated Phantasy Star Online will be one of the first marquee titles to take advantage of the Adapter's broadband capabilities.

    Source: The Gaming Intellegence Agency

    Sonic HQ Exclusive: SA Behind the Scenes Video!

    Now HERE'S something to see. A "behind the scenes" video footage of Sonic Team's trip to South America that was found on the video of the unveiling of Sonic Adventure that Mr. Naka had sent me last year. I'm planning on re-recording this video to include footage at the beginning of the segment that I missed. (I had recorded in AVI and had cut out the beginning in fear of memory problems, but now I KNOW I can record the whole segment), so look for news on that soon. BTW, the video is in Real, so you'll need RealPlayer 8 to play it, which you can get here .

    Right Click to Download 2.60 MB

    System 32 Emulator? It's coming. But they need your help!

    From Zophar's Domain comes news that yes, a System 32 emulator is being built-- and progressing too! I repeat from Zophar's news page:

    "17:08: Well, the Impact site is back up wityh news of a Linux port of Impact and Modeler. As far as Modeler goes, it was updated to version 0.0.5. Here's what's new and changed: New in this release is preliminary Sega Model 1 emulation with support for Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing and Star Wars but none of them are playable yet since the 3d graphics isn't emulated. Screenshots are available in the modeler section. Note: The System 32 emulation is disabled in this release. Please read the requests listed at the end of textfile included and see if you can help. You can download both the new vesrsion of Modeler and the old System 32 version of it from the Multiple Arcade Emulators section. Thanks to bwb for the awesome news."

    What does this mean? Well, obviously one is progressing, but the folks working on it need help! If you think you can give some help, please check out the Modeler Website and see what you can do!

    Source: Zophar's Domain

    Sonic Emmy Awards

    In the Second Annual Sonic Emmy Awards, Sonic HQ walked away with two Emmys, Best Design on a Sonic Page, and Best Sonic News Site. Since I am a member of SHQ, I did accept the awards on the team's behalf. So, here it is for show...for now at least. The big winner this year was once again the SSRG, as the site recieved two Emmys for Best Sonic 'Secrets' Site, and Best Sonic Site of 2000.