SHQ News - Year 2005

Sonic Riders

The Japanese website has been revamped and updated. The download section includes a new trailer featuring scenes from the game's story.

Sonic Riders site

SEGA has brought there english Sonic Riders site online here:

Sonic Riders Update

Sega of America have updated their Sonic Riders page with a few tibits of information, along with a release date-Febuary 2006.

Edit: Gamespot's X-Box Sonic Riders page gives the release date as February 21, 2006.

Comic Previews

Westfield comics has provided more previews for our comic pleasure.

Sonic the Hedgehog #159-System Reboot: As their robotic creations wreck havoc around them, the contrast between Robotnik and Chuck is intensified.

Sonic X #6-Never Promised you a Chao Garden pt. 2: Eggman's scheme has the chao going crazy and chaos reigns.

Sonic Team talks to Kikizo Games

An Interview with Sonic Team and Kikizo games posted today talks about Sonic Riders, and Sonic Rush. During the interview, Sonic Team hints at the possibilty of a Sonic Rush 2, confirms future sequels of Sonic Riders and other Sonic Action Style games, and that new Sonic Franchises are being considered.

Source:Kikizo Games

Sonic X #3 Is Out & Special Quiz

According to Diamond Comics, Archie's Sonic X #3 is on sale in comic shops starting today.

Also, Joe Edkin, the writer of Archie's Sonic X series, is planning on sending 5 people a signed copy of Sonic X #1. The info about the offer as posted on the message board is copied below.

Shadow Site Update

The english Shadow the Hedgehog website has gotten a huge update including more stages, wall papers, and icons.

International Deals for DIC


BURBANK, November 10: DIC Entertainment notched up several new deals at MIPCOM on key properties such as Trollz, Strawberry Shortcake, Sabrina: The Animated Series and Totally Sonic.

The animated series Trollz has been licensed to 93 territories so far. New broadcasters on board include NRK (Norway), Channel 4 (Finland), Minimax (Poland), TSR (Switzerland), ORF (Austria), EMTV (Germany & Austria), DRS Free TV (Switzerland), SABC (South Africa) and Canal J (France).

Strawberry Shortcake now reaches 163 territories worldwide, with new deals including Jr. TV (Germany & Switzerland), Channel 4 (Finland), TV2 (Norway), Alter Channel (Greece), Canal J (France), SIC (Portugal) and Club RTL (Belgium).

DIC also shored up deals on titles from its library, including Super Duper Sumos to ORF, Austria and Luk International in Spain; Inspector Gadget’s Biggest Caper Ever to TSR, Switzerland; Mary-Kate & Ashley to Saran in Turkey and Luk International; Sabrina's Secret Life to ABC Plus in Romania; and Sabrina: The Animated Series to Club RTL Belgium and Nickelodeon Holland. Further, Sonic Underground went to GMTV, Germany and AB Group for French-speaking Europe, which also secured Totally Sonic and Movie Toons.

Sonic Riders 2 for PS3/X360, k

SEGA will release a sequel to its racing game Sonic Riders on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 according to producer Takashi Yuda.

More interestingly, Yuda-san revealed that sections of SEGA would like to see Space Channel 5 return on next-generation platforms.

Speaking at a press event in London this week, Yuda-san told Eurogamer, "there will be a sequel to Sonic Riders, and it will definitely be on PS3 and Xbox 360". Definitely, we responded, parrot-like to the last? "Yes."

How about Space Channel 5? There are people - higher-ups, it seems - who are keen on the idea, Yuda-san told us. "But nothing has been decided."

Yuda-san also said that that his team was interested in porting the current-gen Sonic Riders to PlayStation Portable, although, again, nothing's been decided at this point.

Before any of that, however, we'll have to wait and see Sonic Riders itself. Due out in early 2006 on PS2 and Xbox, the Sonic-inspired racing game has players coasting along on hover-boards powered by air, a stock of which is replenished by performing tricks and pausing at refill stations and can also be used as an F-Zero-style boost.

Source: EuroGamer

Sonic Rush

There is another Rush site up again. This is the site from SOA. It's pretty much like the other one but some of the tracks from the first one is missing while other tracks are longer; plus, it has ratings from Nintendo Power, music from the Desert level as well as one from a boss fight, etc.

Sonic #158 and SX #5 Preview

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #158 by Ken Penders & Ron Lim "System Reconfiguration": Robotnik… Shadow… Mecha… and an army of Metal Sonic Troopers! Could things possibly get worse for Sonic and Rotor? Only the amazing revelations made by Robotnik himself… If he’s telling the truth! Meanwhile, Uncle Chuck has a revelation of his own. Don’t miss all the action, intrigue, nuts, bolts, and microchips as Knothole Village faces its greatest threat ever! 32pgs, FC SRP: $2.25

SONIC X #5 by Joe Edkin & Ron Zalme "I Never Promised You a Chao Garden": The fate of the earth hangs in the balance as the reason behind Eggman’s kidnapping of the sweet, peaceful Chao named Cheese is further revealed! Sonic, Tails and their friends face their biggest challenge yet as they struggle to save the planet from mass destruction! 32pgs, FC SRP: $2.25

I am soooo excited! =D

From 86th floor, of course

Sonic Riders on PSP

According to Sonic Stadium, Sonic Riders, an upcoming racing Sonic title, is announced for PSP. This makes a grand total of 4 video game systems it's slated to hit: Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, and now PSP.

Source: Sonic Stadium

Ian Flynn Debut Pushed Back

If you were expecting Ian Flynn to make his Archie writing debut in Sonic #155, it has been pushed back. As he posted at the Mobius Forum:
"See Ya Later, Chao!" unfortunately got shuffled to a new slot. It'll be published, don't worry. It just won't be in S#155-156.

Sonic X-02 UK air date!!! (Jetix)

The second series of Sonic X (#53-78) begins airing here on Saturday 5th November @ 2:00PM on the Jetix Channel. And @ 3:00PM on Jetix+1.

Ep54 airs on Sunday 6th November at the same times.

I dont know wether the new series will air during the week, or just weekends.
During the week its at its normal double bill times.

Source: Sky Guide/Radio (logged in & with Jetix added to the listings)

Sonic The Comic Online #237- Now Out!

Sonic has just thwarted the Syndicate's plan of planetary destruction. Now, it's time to take them down once and for all. It's Sonic VS Shadow in the final showdown, while Knuckles moves to reclaim the Chaos Emeralds!

Meanwhile, Shortfuse and Tekno clash as she investigates the recent Metropolis Zone crime-spree- can it really be Shortfuse behind those robberies and abductions? And if not, who? And this issue, a new Shenmue strip makes its debut in a 5-page prolouge as Ryo Hazuki's life is completely shattered...

In addition, there are four pin-ups, a Review Zone and a special feature- how to make your own Robotnik 'Guy' for Bonfire Night!

New screens for next-gen sonic

Eight new screenshots of the new Sonic the Hedgehog game have been revealed at Sonic Channel.

Source: Sonic Channel

Karl Bollers' Last Story

Notice to Archie STH comic fans: The two-parter, "Songoose" in Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog #153 & #154, was Karl Bollers' last work in the Archie comic series. He said, "I wanted to continue doing SONIC, but I found that the direction editorial wanted to go in was in conflict with my own story sensibilities."

Source: Personal correspondence

Shadow Screens

Gamespot have released high detailed character shots of Shadow the Hedgehog. Nothing really major, but we now know that Cream will be another NPC.

Sonic X Collections

In an odd move, mra entertainment has announced two Sonic X collections. Collection 1 has episodes 1-9 and Collection 2 has episodes 10-19. Both are set to be released on December 5th in Oz. It would be much better if they released the Sonic Underground DVDs that were supposed to be out a month ago.

Sonic 2s in 1s

A number of Sonic 2 in 1 games are set to be released. These are Sonic Advance + Pinball Party, Pinball Party + Collumns (some random tetris game) and Sonic Advance + Sonic Battle.

In the US they're set to be released on the 15th of November. No word on the UK, but considering how Oz and UK release dates are similar, they're probably going to be released around November 20th.


Sonic #157 Preview

Sonic #157 CoverSONIC THE HEDGEHOG #157 by Ken Penders & Ron Lim “System Shutdown”: Coinciding with the eagerly awaited Shadow the Hedgehog video game from Sega, it’s the eagerly awaited return of Sonic's dark counterpart, Shadow! After the huge fan response to the earth-shattering events in issues #146-149, Shadow returns to his mission of learning the truth of his hidden past… even if he has to destroy Sonic and the evil Dr. Robotnik to get it! This time, however, a bigger unknown threat lurks in the background, waiting to destroy them all! One of the biggest, boldest twists ever to hit the Sonic comic-verse happens here! PLUS: Another head-spinning cover by Spaz! 32pgs, FC SRP: $2.25

Sources: 86th Floor and Westfield Comics

Sonic X in Australia

Finally, the new series of Sonic X is airing at 10:30am on Channel Seven on Sunday 9th of October

Source: Cartoon Cenral Australia

Sonic 360 release date

While browsing Amazon, I came across Sonic 360, which is said to be released in the UK on December 2nd, 2005, for the Xbox 360, but not PS3. I'm a bit skeptical, since it was revealed only a few months ago, but Amazon is an offical website...

I think it's a typo, and they meant to put 2006. But check it out and see what you think.

Shadow Game Site

A new Shadow The Hedgehog game website has been launched that contains information about the story, characters, levels, and gameplay. It also has screenshots, movies, and samples of music from the game.

See it here.

New Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer has a new Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer showing Chaotix as charatcers in the new game as well other cinematics. The trailer also features a good deal of the new theme song.

Downloadable from

Sonic Rush Updates

Gamespot has more useful info on Sonic Rush. If you go to the screenshots, you'll see that Tails in featured in the game, but not as a playable character.

Source: Gamespot

New Shadow trailer

A new Shadow trailer has been released. We can see Shadow meeting the leader of Dark Arms, and all out war erupting (even bullets bouncing off Shadow for some reason). This is one crazy trailer you have to see!!!

Source: Gamespot

Sonic Riders Website!

Sega of Japan have just released loads of info on the recently announced Sonic Riders, a racing Sonic game that will be released for Xbox, Playstation 2, and Gamecube in early 2006. Although its in Japanese, the sight features screens and even a video. Sonic fans, What are you waiting for?! Click Here!

Sonic comic info

Sonic the Hedgehog #156: To save the kingdom, Sally must sacrifice her feelings and do what must be done.

Sonic X #3 and #4:When a mysterious doctor invites Sonic, Chris and their friends on a field trip to the space museum. evil goes into orbit. Plus: Boistorous Bot Battle.

Scource: Westfield Comics

Sonic Riders

IGN reports that a new Sonic racing game will be released on all platforms.

Next-Gen Sonic?

Gaming website Kiziko claims that we wont have to wait long till the announcement of the next big Sonic title.

"Kikizo can reveal that Next-Gen Sonic is scheduled to be announced at the end of this week, on September 9, before making an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show, which starts September 16."

Apparently, the game will appear on a variety of next-gen consoles and will be based on the demo shown earlier this year at E3.

Sonic Specials Re-Offered

If your comic shop ordered them, the following specials are being sold again by Archie:

Sonic In Your Face
Sonic & Knuckles
Knuckles Chaotix
Mecha Madness
Sonic Vs. Knuckles Battle Royal
SSS#2: Brave New World
SSS#3: Sonic Firsts

Source: Diamond Comics

Sonic X Season 3 Air Date

Sonic X's third season will be airing on 4Kids TV on September 10.

Sonic The Comic Online- #236


Shadow and the Syndicate are about to destroy all of Mobius, and Sonic is now left with one final, desperate option to save the day! Meanwhile, Tails is forced to make a stand to prevent carnage in the Nameless Zone; and strange crimes are being committed in the Metropolis Zone, by someone disturbingly familiar to Shorty & Tekno...

New Shadow trailer have released a new trailer of the upcoming Shadow game. Shadow is seen to be teaming up with Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge at various intervals. However, the game appears to be becoming less of a Sonic game and more of a 3rd person shooter.

earlybird special

In Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog #152 they have a sonic x early bird specail. Now you can get The first comic of sonic x and 4 more issues for $5.

New Sonic Rush Video

G-Freaks Denmark have released a new quicktime trailor for the upcoming DS gmae Sonic Rush. The video shows new levels, bosses, moves and a new character, Blaze the Cat. Go check it out!

Sega Announce European Release Dates

The three upcoming Sonic titles are set to be released in Europe and Australia on the following dates...

Sonic Gems Collection: 30th of September
Sonic Rush: 25th of November
Shadow the Hedgehog: 25th of November

Source: Sega of Europe

'Sonic Next'

While showcasing Sonic Rush, Sonic Gems and Shadow the Hedgehog, Yuji Naka revealed that a next generation Sonic game is in development.More details will pop up at the Tokyo games show in September. It's probably the same game that was shown at E3.

STH#154, STH#155, and SX#2 Previews

Found this at

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #154 by Karl Bollers & Ron Lim "Songoose" Part 2 of 2: Sonic fan-favorites Karl Bollers and Ron Lim team up for another "Marvelous" Sonic adventure! When Mina the Moongoose is nearly assassinated Sonic and the Freedom Fighters go into high gear to protect her. But Dr. Robotnik has two more aces up his sleeve — namely, the long-awaited return of popular Sega game characters Heavy and Bomb! 32pgs, FC SRP: $2.25

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #155 by Ken Penders, Ian Flynn, & Steven Butler “Line of Succession Part 1 (of 2)”: The biggest shake-up in Sonic history starts here! A mysterious illness has attacked Knothole and not even Sonic is fast enough to stop it. But is the illness real? Have the people been poisoned by one of their own, or worse, deceived? The mind-boggling events may even lead to Sonic losing Sally forever! “See Ya’ Later, Chao!”: Video game players familiar with Chao Land know that the magical Chao entities draw a lot of attention to themselves. When they invade Knothole, the attention they draw is that of Robotnik — and that’s never a good thing for Knothole! 32pgs, FC SRP: $2.25

SONIC X #2 by Joe Edkin & Tim Smith “See Sonic! Sea Battle! See Sonic Sea Battle!”: By order of the President, Sonic and his friends embark on a special search and recover mission to retrieve a powerful energy source...and it just may be a Chaos Emerald! The only problem is, it is at the bottom of the ocean, and we all know water is Sonic’s greatest weakness. Speaking of weaknesses, Eggman has a weakness for power, so you know he’s out to get that Chaos Emerald, too! 32pgs, FC SRP: $2.25

SONIC X Preview! Six pages of #1!

I'm surprised! The artwork is right on-model with the TV show! Good artwork, so far!

I had to think about Eggman not knowing what money is, though. We have to assume, that Mobius, where Eggman used to live before Chaos control, he didn't use paper money.

Looks good!


Sonic X Books

As well as the DVDs, Amazon UK also have two Sonic X books available for preorder and an annual.

Sonic Rush release date

While browsing on amazon, Sonic Rush was recomended. Checking it out, I found that it's set to be released in the UK on November 18th. Pre-orders are now avaliable.


Sonic X Season 3 Sneak Peek

Apparently, 4Kids TV will be showing a sneak peek of Sonic X's third season this Saturday morning.

Happy "82" Jun Senoue!

Today is Jun Senoue's birthday (82 = August 2nd). If you wish to send a happy birthday message, please visit the official Jun Senoue website @ and visit the forum or guestbook.

Happy birthday Jun! Thanks for all the great music!

Sonic stuff at Argos

Sonic toys and games are once again available at Argos and Argos Extra.

New Sonic Gems Movie

Nothing big, except that have released a new trailer for Sonic Gems. Nothing snazzy, but it's better than the last one.
Sonic Gems Collection will be released in North America on the 16th of August.

Jetix UK pushes back SXseason2 to November

Ive been trying to contact Jetix for confirmation of the new series for ages! And at last they decided to reply.

But it seems they have decided to push back the date that SKY gave me, from September to November this year.

CiTV to stop Sonic X after episode 36!

According to TV guides, CiTV are about to mess up Sonic X again by finishing the current run on Tuesday 2nd August with episode 36. This means they will be stopping 4 episodes into the 6 part Sonic Adventure 2 adaption!

Now doubt this is because of the previous change to their Sonic X scheduling (they were gonna miss out episodes 24 - 26). If they had missed out these episodes then the 2nd August would have been the date they showed episode 39 (the last episode in the set of 13 which they are currently showing) obiviously when they changed the schedule to show episodes 24-26, they didn't think about how it would affect later episodes if they stopped broadcasting Sonic X on the same date.

Again I ask as many of you as possible to email CiTV: and ask them to continue showing Sonic X to the end of the current run. It worked before so hopefully it will work again this time!

"Long" John Baldry (Voice of Robotnik in AoStH) passes away.

Sadly John Baldry died this past Tuesday after a long battle with illness aged 64.

Although he is best known with Sonic fans for his excellent portrayal of Dr. Robotnik in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, he is best known everywhere else for his Blues music career. He had a Number 1 hit in the UK during the 1960s and is also credited with starting the careers of many British musicians, including Rod Stewart.

He will be missed.

Sonic Gems Collection now preordering on

Sonic Gems Collection is now available to preorder for Gamecube on for £14.99. The release date is stated as October 7th. Here's a link

A Lack of Gems

For all those in the US, Sonic Gems might be... "lacking". Basiclly, the Streets of Rage Trilogy does not confer with the E rating, so its been omitted from the US version. Why they couldn't change the rating is beyond me.

It's unknown whether the PAL version will include this ommission. However, we can expect Vectorman 1 and 2. If you're wondering why Sega doesn't add Chaotix and SEGAsonic instead of games few of us have heard of, you're not alone.

By the way, the Sonic CD soundtrack is the US version and there may be game improvements, such as team battles in Sonic Championship.

Scource:Sonic News

Ken Penders will be at the San Diego Comic Con

Posted by Ken Penders on July 06, 2005 at 18:01:36:

Yes, it's that time again, and like clockwork, I'll be there, along with Macklin's drawing of Queen Sally and Julie-Su from M;25YL. (You're going to be there as well, right, Macklin? ;-)

I'll be seated at Table JJ-2 in Artists Alley, so don't be shy. I'll be signing autographs, looking at portfolios, doing sketches, the same ol' same ol'. And yes, I'll have back issues available.

As for the original art collectors among you, the key new piece available this year is the complete art to the 12-page story THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UNKNOWN: PROTOTYPE from SONIC #146 which Steven Butler and I putting up for auction. The starting price for this puppy will be $1000.

I'll be there from Wednesday Preview night until early Sunday afternoon, after which I generally close up shop and enjoy the last two or three hours walking the show with my family.

As usual, there will be all sorts of surprises and attractions throughout the convention, and I even believe Sega may have a presence in one form or another at the show. I'll have more details when they become available.

See you at the show.

Source: Ken's Message Board
Link: San Diego Comic-Con Official Site

Mike Pellerito Answers Fans Questions

A couple of things to keep in mind when reading:

1) Mike answered these just before Memorial Day weekend.
2) He asked me to delay releasing them because the board went down due to the EzBoard attack.
3) If you rather just get the original Word file (or a text version I made up quickly if you don't have Word), go here.
4) As the Mobius Forum is back up, his responses make up the rest of the post.

Sonic interactive retrospective in Melbourne!

In honour of his 14th birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog has been treated to his own interactive retrospective at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia (corner of Flinders and Swanston St).

Sonic is 14!

June 23rd, 2005 was Sonic the Hedgehog's 14th anniversary! Let it be a happy birthday to the greatest video game character of all time, one of the few franchises now that stands for true gaming and not constant mass appeal!

Happy 14th birthday Sonic the Hedgehog, and many more!

Sonic X Miniseries date

If you have archie Sonic #150 you may already know this {I'm still waiting for #148} but the Sonic X {mini}series is set to debut on September 21st, perhaps to coincide with Season 2 of the cartoon.

Naka Talks Next-Gen Consoles

In a recent article, Sonic Team head Yuji Naka has expressed interest in all three next-gen consoles:

PlayStation 3 - "I am very interested in its high-quality graphics capabilities. It's equipped with a graphics chip that's twice as powerful as the high-end [graphics card] for the PC, which allows it to make realistic expressions that haven't been possible before."

Revolution - "I look forward to the 'new kind of fun' that's unique to Nintendo, and I expect that there will be a lot of surprises, such as the unannounced controller. It's also great that we'll be able to play Famicom and other games via download. I hope Sega games will be playable as well." [Note: A number of Sega games have been released for Nintendo consoles by Sunsoft.]

Xbox 360 - "[Microsoft has] used its knowledge from Xbox Live to evolve their network, making its services and controls even more convenient for the user, which I think is a very attractive point."

Source: Gamespot Article

Streets of Rage in Sonic Gems?

According to an IGN Article, there will be more hidden games in Sonic Gems Colection:

"Sources in Japan are reporting that, rather than just one entry in the Streets of Rage series, Sega will be including all three entries as part of the collection. Streets of Rage apparently won't be alone. Sega will also be including the original caper game, Bonanza Brothers with the collection, our sources report. And this, apparently, isn't the end of the fun in this fun-filled collection."

Could this mean the inclusion of other missing games, namely Segasonic and Chaotix?

6 cents

you have all probably noticed but if you didn't the price of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog has gone up 6 cents to $2.25.

Video Games Live Concert

The following is information on the upcoming "video games live" concert featuring music from Sonic:

Sonic X 24-26 on CiTV after all!

Fantastic news! In response to the emails sent to them CiTV have changed their schedules and will now be showing episodes 24-26. Sonic X will still air at the same times previously reported but the episode airing on Tuesday 21st June will now be ep24 "How to Catch a Hedgehog" with episode 25 following on Friday 24th June.

Sonic X returns to CiTV (UK) on 21st June

According to Sonic X returns to CiTV on Tuesday 21st June at 4:00pm with the next episode on Friday 24th June also at 4:00pm. It appears it will run every Tuesday and Friday.

The bad news is that they've missed out episodes 24, 25 and 26 and have skipped ahead to episode 27! I plan to email CiTV about this and suggest any other displeased fans also send a polite email to CiTV asking them to start with ep 24. The CiTV email address is:

Sonic X DVD Release Date for U.K.

Those of you in the U.K. who have been waiting for a Sonic X DVD to be released will not have to wait long! have put up a release date of August 25th 2005, and retails at £12.99 and is now avaible to pre-order.

Sonic X Ongoing Comic

Before the first issue has even been released, it looks like Archie has already decided to make Sonic X an angoing comic. The story from Comics Continuum:

Archie Comics has announced that Sonic X, the latest addition to the Sonic stable of books, will now be an ongoing series, set to be published 10 times a year.

"The reaction from fans when it came to Sonic X was impossible to ignore," editor Mike Pellerito said. "We'd be foolish not to keep this book on the stands."

Sonic X is written by Joe Edkin, with art by Tim Smith and Andrew Pepoy and covers by Spaz.

Source: *Comics Continuum*

Sonic Rush video gone

For some odd reson, the sonic rush video that was on the sega website is gone after about two weeks of being online. The only thing left there is the screenshots for people to see.

Sonic Gems US Release

According to EB Games, Sonic Gems Collection will be released in America on the 2nd of August. The game will be a Gamecube exclusive in America, but will be realeased on the Gamecube AND PS2 in Europe and Japan.

Sega Release Sonic Rush Video

Sega of America have released a gameplay video from the upcoming Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS. The video features some gameplay from a forrest-like level, as well as the fully 3D boss battle.

Click here to watch

NOM reveals the story behind Sonic Rush's Blaze

In the latest (June) issue of Britain's Nintendo Official Magazine, an E3 investigation has revealed that Blaze will play a key role in the new Sonic Rush game as the Queen of an alternate dimension to Sonic's usual world...

Sonic #153 and Sonic X mini-series spoilers/preview

From Archie's Press Releases:

Ships 08/24. 32-page, full color comic, $2.25 US. "SONGOOSE Pt 1": SONIC fan favorites Karl Bollers and Ron Lim team up again for another marvelous adventure! Sonic's day is about to go from dizzying to deadly when he faces off against one of the deadliest assassins on the planet: Nack the Weasel! Can even the combined might of the entire Freedom Fighters stop the Nack attack?! As if that weren't enough, Sonic must race to save his old girlfriend, Mina the Mongoose... but will her new boyfriend's jealousy put Mina and Sonic in even greater danger?! All this, plus Robotnik, too! SCRIPT: Karl Bollers. ART: Ron Lim (pencils) and Jim Amash (inks). PLUS: another thrilling Sonic back up feature!

SONIC X Mini-Series
SONIC X starts off with a boom! When an evil plot by EGGMAN, with sidekicks DECOE and BOCOE put hundreds in danger attempting to empty the bank vault of all its cash, DR. EGGMAN hopes to gain more bucks for bigger, badder Obots! Trapped in the bank are SONIC's friend Chris and his family! Only SONIC can save the day with help from KNUCKLES, AMY, CHEESE AND TAILS! Things go from bad to worse when a strange energy is threatening the entire seaboard, is it a Chaos Emerald? Or is it something much more dangerous? Worst of all the mystery is at the bottom of the ocean, and SONIC can't swim! By Joe Edkin (writer), Tim Smith 3 (penciler), Andrew Pepoy (inker), Ben Hunzeker (colorist) and Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante (covers). $2.25 US/$2.65 CAN and printed on coated stock paper.

Sonic Channel website

Sega's Japan website now has an equivalent to Sonic Central. It includes links to new websites of the latest Sonic games with new screens.

Sonic Channel

E3 Sonic Stuff

More info. Sonic Rush is set to be released in late 2005. {what's the actual definition of 'late'?}. Also, E3 shows a movie of the Sonic title on the new Xbox console, which is the exclusive title reported. It shows Sonic in the most realistic Green Hill to date {Green Hill again!?} and is set to run in real time. Got this from Sonic News, but no movie is avaliable to see.

Sonic Gem News

According to Sega's E3 site, Sonic Gems Collection will see a PS2 release only in Europe. And according to IGN, Japan will get the Gamecube and PS2 version as well but no news of a US PS2 release yet, only Gamecube.

More on Sonic Gems

Not much, except that it's been confirmed that Sonic R will be in Sonic Gems Collection. Sonic R Extreme may have had a basis then.

Sonic Mobile Announced for Panasonic Phones

Right before E3 opened, Sega announced that Sonic will be making another appearance on selected mobile phones later this year. According to Sega, Sonic Mobile will first be available as an embedded game in Panasonic's upcoming VS3 smart phone, which will be released across Europe this summer, with other Panasonic models to follow in both Europe and Japan. Sonic Mobile will feature the same levels and controls as the original Genesis game, minus the bonus stages. Sega has also indicated the game will feature music from the first Sonic game. Screenshots of the game indicate a highly accurate reproduction in terms of graphical fidelity, although Sega has added bars to the top and bottom of the screens to preserve the original's aspect ratio.

Source: Gamespot

Sonic Rush Confirmed for the DS

The trademarked logo is for the DS title after all. Sonic and a new character are together in this adventure.

Sonic Gems Collection Info

Nintendo Now have just posted images of various game displays from Nintendo's E3 booth. Included is Sonic Gems Collection on the Gamecube, which features controller layouts for Sonic the Fighters and Sonic CD. This is SOLID PROOF that these games will be included in Sonic Gems Collection. Expect more details as E3 unravels...

Source: Nintendo Now

Shadow The Hedgehog gamesite!

Sega of America have put up a small website for the upcoming multi-platforum spinoff for 2005: Shadow The Hedgehog.

Sonic X UK annual & season2 Books for USA!

There hasn't been a sonic annual in the UK for YEARS, and this year see's a SonicX annual being published.

And two books from the new series [53-78] are to be published in America.

please note: the two books MAY be published in the UK also. As lists them. But do not give either "UK price" or "UK equivalent" for US imports.

'Sonic Rush' Patented by Sega

Sega have patented another title in the US Patent listings, called Sonic Rush. Could this be the Sonic R Extreme rumoured to grace the PSP? Stay tuned, as the answer will more than likely be revealed at E3 later this month!

Sonic Collection 2?

Game news site '' has reported that (allegedly) Play magazine has an article revealing a 'Sonic Collection 2'. The game is reported to include Sonic CD and Sonic the Fighters among others, and be GameCube exclusive - though the article is hardly 100% certain, and the facts have not been verified.

It does make sense considering the registration of the name 'Sonic Gems Collection' and the upcoming E3 show, as well as the reported development of a GameCube exclusive Sonic title. Again, note that the news is not yet confirmed.


Nintendo Official Magazine UK Reveals Shadow the Hedgehog Details, Screens

In the NOM magazine on sale from today in the UK, an exclusive play of the demo version of this controversial Shadow game to come later in the year reveals a lot of hidden surprises, as well as some accompanying screenshots.

It is confirmed by Iizuka-san that Shadow will be appearing on all three platforms, for starters. Screenshots are also shown of various play elements such as Shadow jumping into mounted cannons to blast off a few caps, soaring on a winged alien of some sort and more details of the enemies Shadow will face. Scans are available below, and they include some rather sexy promo art.

Interview with 4Kids CEO

From an interview with

Q: On a similar note, do you have any intentions of releasing any other Japanese series in their original format?

A: We expect every series we license to be released in its original form.

Full Interview

New Sonic Game for the PSP?

Adding to the countless pre-E3 rumours that have been circulating around the net, Game Stop have listed a PSP game under the simple title of 'Sonic'. A previous interview with Takashi Iizuka on 1UP has confirmed Sega's intention to make a PSP game. Interestingly, the game is listed under Action/Adventure/Racing - could this be the rumoured Sonic 360 or, being a 'racing' game, the speculated Sonic R Extreme?

Q&A with Mike Pellerito

Particularly if you read the Archie Sonic comics, you may be interested to learn that Mike Pellerito is interested in answering your questions concerning the Sonic The Hedgehog series and the upcoming Sonic X mini-series. For more information, read this.

Sonic R Glitch

The Sonic R game that Game Crazy reported was nothing more than a glitch in Sega's releases list. Sega have confirmed this, so there can't be anything more said.

Last episode!

Team Artail has new screenshots of the 78 episode of Sonic X. So far, its the last episode.

Kiziko Announces 'Sonic 360'

Kiziko games have conducted an interview with Sega veteran Yojiro Ogawa about upcoming projects for the Nintendo DS and PSP. However, At the beginning of the article Kiziko lists the Sonic Team games set for a 2005 release - one of them being called "Sonic 360". What can we make of this new title? It's unknown what platform this game is on but there are a number of possibilities on what it could be...
- There are rumours that it could be an exclusive Sonic title for the next-gen Xbox, which some believe will be called the Xbox 360
- The game could be the rumoured Gamecube exclusive set for a late-2005 release
- Most likely, this is the name of the Nintendo DS game, whose tentative-title was Sonic DS. The touch screen aspect would explain the "360"
Stay tuned for more info!

Sonic X Screenshots

Team Artail has released screenshots for episode 77:Cosmo's Work. Apparently Artie posted them because "it was a really sad episode". Check it out anyway, 'cause it features Super Sonic, Super Shadow and, for lack of a better word, Super Cosmo. Episodes 74-76 have been titled and are The Lost Planet,The Day of the Plantations and Concerns for Sonic respectively.

Sonic DVDs in Oz

This post was a long time coming but better late than never. Along with the Sonic X DVDs MRA entertainment is also releasing Sonic Underground DVDs in Oz. Vols. 1-6 will be out September 5th and 7-10 will be out December 1st. There's four episodes to a volume and they all appear to be in the order that they were aired in the UK and have the same titles.

Sega Megadrive Plug 'n' Play Volume 2 Released

UK manufacturer Arcade Legends have just released the second version popular Sega Megadrive Plug 'n' Play. The console includes six classic Megadrive (Genesis) games, inlcuding the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The console has been released at an RRP of £24.95 (About $50 US)

Source: Ministry of Gadgets

New IGN Shadow Preview

IGN have posted a preview of the controversial Shadow the Hedgehog game. The article contains a hands-on impression of the game, as well as summarizing some of the gameplay features.

"Shadow the Hedgehog is actually a pretty faithful sequel to the Sonic Adventure series. Its style and setup are all very similar to that franchise to be sure, and yet it still has enough tweaks and alterations to make it an altogether different game."

The article also includes the leaked second trailer.

Source: IGN Article

Sega Promises Sonic Game for Next-Gen Xbox

Microsoft have just released an article listing publishes for their new Xbox console. The document includes many big-name companies and confirms that SEGA are backing the new Xbox. Most importantly, Simon Jeffery of SEGA promises more from SEGA's great franchises, including a new Sonic the Hedgehog game.

More Shadow Details

According to GHZ, who got this from the UK magazine, Gamesmaster, there were more details revealed about the Shadow game...

Sonic X-02 set for Jetix UK this year!!!

After months of trying to contact Jetix UK, and them not answering one email, I emailed SKY and I GOT AN ANSWER!

This relates to the kids channel JETIX, Sky: 609

SatAM on ITV2 (UK) 8:30am weekdays

To update yesterdays information it's SatAM which has returned to ITV2, not the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Also the time stated on online tv guides (8:40am) is incorrect, the actual start time is 8:30am which makes much more sense as 8:40 would only give it a 15 min timeslot.

Sonic returns to ITV2 (UK)

According to Radiotimes online Sonic the Hedgehog returns to ITV2 tommorrow (Monday 4th April) at 8:40am. It could be either The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog or SatAM but the decription given sound's more like Asoth than SatAM.

Sonic DVDs in Oz!

For those of you who didn't get the news earlier this year {due to the posting being removed}, Sonic DVDs are {finally} coming out in Oz! Here's a lineup from MRA. Note that the titles are Australian versions in the case of Sonic X and that some have already been released.

Sonic X-Volume 1: Supersonic Hero Appears!, Escape Area 99! and Dr Eggman's Ambition {out already}
Sonic X-Volume 2:Get the Chaos Emerald,Sonic vs. Knuckles and I want to be Respected!{out already}
Sonic X-Volume 3:Cream and the Flower Crown, Dispatch Tornado 2 and Amy on the Beach {out already
Sonic X-Volume 4:Chaos Emerald, Battle at the Baseball Field {one title}, Rouge, Beautifull Thief! and All out Attack on Eggman's Base {parts 1 and 2, out already}
Sonic X-Volume 5: Cream and Cheese, Skirmishish the Sky and Depths of Danger {out already}
Sonic X-Volume 6: The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk, The Dam Scam and Scream Test {out already}
Sonic X-Volume 7: Cruise Blues,Fast Friends and Little Chai Lost {I'm guessing that Chai is a typo and this DVD will be out on May 2nd}
Sonic X-Volume 8:Emerald Anniversiry,How to Catch a Hedgehog and A Dedardstly Deed {out May 2nd}
Sonic X Volume 9:Countdown to Chaos,Pure Chaos and A Chaotic Day {Yes, they are in order in case you're wondering about the last title and it will be out May 2nd}
Sonic X-Volume 10: A Robot Rebels,Heads up Tails! and Revenge of the Robot {out June 6th}
Sonic X-Volume 11:Flood Fight,Shadow and Shadow Knows {out June 6th}
Sonic X-Volume 12:Sonic's Big Break,Shadow World and Robotnik's Revenge {yay, the BETTER name of Sonic's nemmesis. It'l be out June 6th}
Sonic X-Volume 13:Showdown in Space,Deffective Detectives and Sunblock Solution {out September 5th}
Sonic X -Volume 14:Eggman for President, A Date to Forget and Mean Machines {the last title is one of a ninja turtles episode by the way.Oh, and this'l be out September 5th}
Sonic X-Volume 15:Sewer Search, Prize Fights and A Wild Win {out September 5th}
Sonic X-Volume 16:Map of Mayhem, The Volcanic Venture and The Beginning of the End {out September 5th}
Sonic X Volume 17:Running out of Time,Friends 'til the End and a New Start {out September 5th}

That's all I can post right now.

Sonic Movie Revealed

Our most reliable source revealed that a Sonic movie is in development. Ken Penders said that the movie would not star Sonic or Knuckles. That's because they're supporting characters, and Shadow is the star. The movie is live action with computer animated and animatronic characters (like the hit movie Country Bears) and based on the Shadow the Hedgehog game. The trailer will be released in autumn 2005 as part of a huge Shadow the Hedgehog marketing campaign.

Director: Uwe Boll

CGI character voices

Shadow: Orlando Bloom
Shadow's Talking Gun: Ben Affleck
Rouge: Kiera Knightley
Sonic: Tobey Maguire
Tails: Haley Joel Osment
Knuckles: Micheal Ironside
Amy: Alexa Vega
Chao: Casey Casem
Princess Sally: Nicole Kidman
Big the Cat: Vin Diesel
Froggy: Frank Oz
Cream: Alexa Vega
Scratch: Gilbert Gottfreid
Grounder: Jim Carrey


Robotnik: Alfred Molina
Gerald: Geoffrey Rush
Robotnik's girlfriend Alicia: Elizabeth Hurley
Mayor of Station Square: Ray Liotta
Station Square police captian: R Lee Ermey

Our Source

New Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer

A second trailer has been released for the upcoming Shadow the Hedgehog game, which can be downloaded here in both .mov and .wmv formats (under the link labled 'Trailer' as opposed to 'Legacy Trailer').

The video shows some more footage of Shadow using guns and chaos-type attacks, as well weilding some sort of sword that has previoulsy been seen being used by some enemy characters, and a bazooka.

**NOTE: At the request of Sega, have removed the second Shadow trailor and have asked Sonic fan sites to do the same. While we can't link you to a trailer, you can find it for yourself on plenty of internet sources ;)

Shadow GBA tie in game announced

Sega has unveiled plans to make sure Shadow reaches every console possible. That includes not just the Playstation 2, Gamecube and X-Box, but Gameboy Advance.

Thanks to his power to use Chaos Control Shadow is the most powerful being in the universe, the deadliest weapon ever created, but who’s at the controls?

Professor Gerald’s finest creation is on a mission to discover the truth about his past. Unfortunately the real relics may have been lost forever. The only remaining solution is to discover the secrets of time travel and go back to when it all began...

Shadow Advance is prepared to bridge the gap between the existing Sonic the Hedgehog games on the Nintendo Gamecube and the upcoming Shadow the Hedgehog, don't miss this exciting adventure coming soon to a store near you. Connecting this game to the Gamecube version of Shadow the Hedgehog will unlock secrets, mini games and more...

These screenshots show an intruiging look at what a darker Sonic game could be like. Rouge, Gamma, Eggman and Chaos will be returning, and so does the controversial gun. Hopefully it will be optional..

Thanks to Nicknyte from the Sonic boards for making a Shadow sprite, everything else is pulled from random video games or made by the creator...

Details on Shadow game

Sega has more details on that controversial game involving Shadow...

Source: IGN

New Sonic Toys in McDonalds! (UK)

I was just watching Sonic X on Jetix... and afterwards, I saw some commercial come on for McDonalds Happy Meals. So I thought it'd be some typical rubbish toy at first... ^^; But... it's Sonic LCD games!

It's the same ones that the US got in December, by the looks of it. So any Sonic fans in the UK should be able to get them now! ^^

Sonic Heroes Goes Platinum in the US!

SEGA of America announced today that top-selling Sonic Heroes, the first original Sonic The Hedgehog game to launch on all three consoles, has achieved Greatest Hits status on the PlayStation 2. The game will also become a part of the Platinum Hits series on Xbox video game system from Microsoft, and will be added to the Nintendo GameCube Player's Choice collection. All three versions of the game have been re-issued with new packaging and a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Source: Xbox Advanced

Screenshots of Episode 56 of Sonic X

Team Artail has screenshots for one of Season 2's Sonic X episodes (airing in France). The color and texture of the new episodes seems to be alot similar to Pokemon Advance Challenge. Take a look and see.

shadow game

on the shadow game is listed under the GameCube section so i doubt it is only for the ps2.

Sonic X: The New Season

Joy to all!!! Sonic X will most likely begin the 2nd season starting in France (dunno why) on Jetix starting with 2 new episodes on March 12, 2005 at 18:05 French time. The rest of us should get it next fall. You can see the details, some screenshots, and a 45 second trailer on the site below. This looks promising!

Sonic X is BACK!

Just when you thought it was all over. Just when you thought all this noncence about story boards and packs of animation art was nothing more than over hyped rumurs... we are proven wrong! Sonic X is back for an all new series!

New Sonic X DVD

There's yet another Sonic X DVD coming out on April 12 for those of you who like them. It's Volume 6 and it's called "Countdown to Chaos". It will wrap up the first season on DVDs.

Yuji Naka Interview - by Nintendo Official Magazine

Two new Sonic games and a hint at Mario and Sonic in a game together - these are the words of gold from Yuji Naka in Nintendo Official Magazine's exclusive interview. You need to read them.

Ken Penders Chat Rescheduled

Posted by BobR at Ken's Message Board:

Chat Tonight Cancelled -- Rescheduled for Next Thursday 2/24

I just got off the phone with Ken. He's still stuck at the studio in L.A., so he won't be home in time to make the chat tonight. He's asked me to convey his apologies and to announce that it will be rescheduled for 1 week from tonight on Thursday February 24 at the same time, 8:00 pm eastern, 5:00 pm pacific.

Goodnight, and thank you for your support.

Online Chat with Ken Penders

As posted by Ken Penders on Ken's Message Board:

As promised, the next scheduled online chat will take place on Thursday, February 17, 2005 at 5:00PM PST / 8:00 PM EST. I'll be online for an hour and will be happy to field your questions as best I can.

Sonic X toys at Argos Extra

New Sonic X toys are available at Argos Extra now

The toys that are available are 5 5" action figures which include Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman and Big with Froggy (each character has 2 chaos Emeralds each). The others are 10" talking action figures which are Sonic, Tails and Knuckles speaking with sound bits from the Sonic Adventure game, comes with stand.

These Sonic X toys are only available in Argos Extra and not in regular stores...get em while they last.

Other-M #30

Other-M #30 is out, signaling the end of Act II of the series.

Read it here.

Deem Bristow, voice of Dr.Robotnik, has passed away.

From Jen Irwin of

Ryan Drummond, voice of Sonic The Hedgehog, has reported that Deem Bristow, voice of Dr.Robotnik, has passed on last Saturday night.

A link to the full text of his letter to her follows:

Deem was a superb voice actor, perfectly capturing both the menacing and comedic aspects of everybody's favorite Eggman onscreen, and a longtime favorite of many fans, including myself. He will be sorely missed by fans, friends, and family.

SatAM in the UK on ITV2!

SatAM is now showing in the UK on ITV2. It started showing this morning (Fri 21st). Its on at 6:55am Monday to Friday as part of GMTV2.