SHQ Questions and Answers - Year 2002

Fearsome Foursome

Though I haven't read all of the comics, I did look through the scans, archives, and encyclopedia and still can quite figure out what issue I should be hunting for to see how the Fearsome Foursome got from being Mogul's cronies in the M.M. Special (between #39 and #40) to landing in the Devil's Gulag. Please help me out here!

SA2 Theme Song

Hey SonicHQ! I was wondering... How do you play the Main theme song for SA2? I went to the sound test and it wasn't there... And I don't like Beating the game just to hear it at the credits. Can you help me out??

about sonic games

Is Sonic cd in sonic mega collecttion.Thanks

Female Hedgehogs

Dear Sonic hq hello, i am a fan of the sonic the hedgehog comics and i love drawing the characters. I have made up my own character which is a girl hedgehog. I just want to know- do female hedgehogs have that flesh covered stuff on their arms and chest to? or is that a mans only jobbie? PLEASE ANSWER!! I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much. -Alexandria Clarke

What just happened?

So HQ,I was playing Sonic Cd and I was in Palm Tree Panic(I think Zone 2). I know I was at the begining and I was trying to time warp. Then Sonic crashed into the scenery and started to zip around extremly fast, even for him! After about 10 seconds of crazed dashing, he exploded out of the wall and stoped dead! The weirdest part was that he left a Sonic-shaped hole in the wall, like when a cartoon character runs through a door! Can you tell me how to do that again? I wasn't paying much attention untill it happened. Sorry for the long question. Thanks HQ, you guys are the best! P.S. Do any of you have info on the next upcoming Sonic game?


In #13, Knuckles mentioned he was the "last of the echidnas." Where did everyone else come from? What's up with this?

Scratch and Grounder Action figures

We have checked for Scratch and Grounder action figures on Amazon & E-bay for 8 years and have not found anything of them. Did they make any figures of them? Please e-mail me so I can give up the hunt or continue looking for them. If they did, can you tell me where I can find them. Some fan web sites say they did but didn't tell where they got them. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic Says

Am I crazy, or did the SATAM series have a clip at the end of the episodes called "Sonic Says"?

Several perhaps difficult questions.

Okay, so I've dug around on the net, but I've not been able to find what the name of Amy Rose's Japanese voice actress was in SA (and SA2, assuming that it's the same person). Also, I'm somewhat curious about who Eggman's Japanese voice actor was for the SA games. Lastly, I was wondering -- Do you have any frickin' idea of what Tiara Boobowski from Sonic X-Treme is supposed to be? Thanks a lot for your time. Any answers you have would definitely be appreciated.

What does ??? mean in sonic mega collection

Hi, in sonic mega collection ,when you pick the games bar you will see listing of sonic games. Why do some of the games say ???, is that a secert game ? If so,how do you unlock them. One more queston, what are the steps to raise a chao to a chaos chao? Please answer back.

How To wake up a chao

In SA2, how do you wake up a sleeping chao without actually making it mad? I'd tried whistling at it, but it won't wake up. Please give me an answer.


Could you tell me where you guys put the old SatAM Downloads?

Sonic figurines

Can you tell me where I can purchase Sonic figurines (bendable or solid) for my son who is six years old and loves Sonic. I've checked Toys R Us, Target, Gamestop. I live in Houston and would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Behind the hedgehog

Who were the voice actors for SA2? I just want to know who plays, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Dr. Eggman and Rouge.

Where's the music?

In Sonic Adventure 2:Battle, each character has a theme song. I played the hero side, got to Eggman sending the Egg Golem after Sonic, and when that happened, I heard lyrics from Eggman's theme that weren't on the song in the sound test. This has also ocurred with Knuckles and Rouge. Is there a way to unlock the full versions?

Truth or lies?

Dear Sonic HQ, On the newly re-built site,, it states in an article by Ken Penders that there will be a new Sonic Show. I was wondering could you folks clear that statement as lies or truth?


How do I send hoaxes?

Ice Cap zone?

In the sonic 3 ice cap zone it had a preety phat track to it. In the pc version it got changed to a barney-type-holly-jollyness crap. was there problems in the tranfer or what? this will be my last question i hope(you do too). Thanks.


In SA2Battle How do you use the mystic melody?

Sonic fullscreen

I was unable to find the answer to this question in the software's liturature and was also unsuccessful in this sites FAQ's 1)Sonic PC CD, any attempt to go to fullscreen mode causes the program to crash. I have tried variations from 640X480X256 to 1024X768X32bit and operating systems 98 to XP Will monitor for answers Leo T

the arcade fighting game called Sonic Championship

Hi ! I was wondering where I could find an arcade machine by the name of """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""SONIC CHAMPIONSHIP"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Anywhere!

did they release it

did they ever release Knuckles Chaotix for sega genesis?

Sonic Games

Please tell me these are the sonic games in order. Sonic The Hedgehog (1) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Sonic & Knuckles Sonic CD Knuckles Chaotix Sonic 3D Blast Sonic Adventure (1) Sonic Adventure 2 That will be all Thanks!!!!

Who do you send crossovers to?

Who do you send crossovers to? I just can't figure it out even though i've looked at your staff profiles. Thanks

I was wondering about a sonic the hedgehog game?

My sister tells me that Sonic the hedgehog,Tails,Knuckles,and Amy was in this game Phantasy star online episode 1 and 2 is this true? Thanks.

Marble Garden

Is the Marble Garden from Sonic 3 like a good/bad future for the Marble Garden in Sonic 1, or did Sonic Team just forget that Marble Garden was the name for the zone in Sonic 1 when they were making the zone 3 in Sonic 3?PPPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE answer my question.

comic books

can you tell me all the sonic comic issues that nack the weasel appeared in?

About Fan Comics..

How do I send you my Sonic fan comic? It is quiet large as a file and not quiet finihsed yet but when it is I would like to have it hosted on your site? Also, how do I get the rings in the Special Zones in Sonic Advance?


1. Do they still make Knuckles comics? 2. Will Sega make any more game systems? 3. How can I contact sega? 4. Why is Dimitri important? 5. What the Chaotix? thanks

Chao Emerald

In the Sonic Advance manual it calls the chaos emeralds, CHAO emeralds. Why?

about chao?

How does chao become older in age I have a hero chao and he never seems to get older? thanks.


Where did the Sonic and Knux pics in Archie profiles come from? They are coll. Thanx

Julie-Su info??

Hi. I'm making a pitiful attempt to start a Julie-Su shrine that actually makes some semblance of sense...but I can't find ANY comprehensive info on the net, and I missed quite a bit of the comic series, too much to rely on what I know. Are there any websites that you know of that have indepth-character info...or are you guys going to update the profiles section any time soon? Arigato.

Chao living 3 lives?

I just want to ask, how do you get a chao to live three lives? Thanks.

Sonic AD 1 limited

I was wondering why the heck there was a Sonic Adventure ''limited edition'' and regular edition. Could you point out a few differences for me? thanx

farst sonic

how can sonic run so fast???

come on

when did sonic first come out?????

Sonic Mega Collection

On Sonic Mega Collection... 1) How do you unlock the secret games? 2) What are their names? 3) Thank you!

Sonic the Hedgehog comic series

Hey there. I was just wondering: In the comics, Robotnik Mach Two and Mecha-Snively are blown up by nuclear bombs sent by Station Square. I can understand Robotnik surviving because he can download into another body, but what happens to Snively? Is he gone now? Also, I been trying to find the story for "Knuckles: 20 Years Later." Do you have any clue where I could find it?

I want sonic fleetway comics

To: Sonic hq, Is thier a comic store or website that has fleetway comics I checked the sonicstore them so an answer from: J64

more midis

Do u have any midis of the wood zone or thegenocide city zone(I havnt heard of dat zone but found it on the Sonic 2 Beta page),if so where can I find 'em?

180 Emblem Costumes... ????

what do the new costumes look like in SA2B when you get 180 Emblems, if Super Sonic, Hyper Shadow, Hyper Knuckles, Turbo Tails, etc are there then i will keep up my quest for all the emblems, but if not... i'll still try to get all 180, but i just wanna know, ya know?

the Tornado

IF this has already been asked then i'm sorry but...i would like to know whatever happened to the original Tornado that Tails flew in the past games?

Where i can buy comics

Where can i sonic's buy new and old comics and where can i buy shadow's comics.Im having trouble to get the space costumes for SA2, i got all the levels and all of them are A's but the costumes arent showing up. Please im tring to get perfect. Thanks

My dark chao does not to do this?

I got my dark chao a dark seed I gived it to him to plant it but than he smiles and drops it how do I make him plant this seed? thanks.

Tails Picture

Where did the Archie picture for Tails in the Sonic Encyclopedia come from? I really like it, but I never seem to recall him ever a. looking so incredibly bad-a**, b. wearing (or, in this case, holding) pilot earmuffs and c. looking so... old. Was it from a sketchbook?

Super Sonic in Sonic Advance

I have collected all chaos emeralds in Sonic Advance.But I still connot transform into Super Sonic in the normal stages even with 50 rings and without a shield.Can you tell me how to transform into Super Sonic in the normal stages?Thank you for your time

Question Limit

I was wondering, does everyone have a limit in asking questions? Like, can you ask 3 questions and then that's all the qustions you can ask?

just want to know...

hi guys.i just wanted to know if you can get secret levels in sonic adventure 2 two player action mode. thanks.

angel island

hey I thought that knucks home was the floating island not angel island.Because in the sonic & knuck instruction booklet that its the floating island . so is angel island just a zone on the floating island or its the name? thanks jonos news nitro: reporter jonathon toon

Tails and that Machine

IS there some way to get Tails as a playable character in Story mode outside of the his machine, in Sonic Adventure Battle 2??

is there a way for my chao????

I have a hero chao but is there a way to turn him into a chaos chao how do I do this? Thanks.

Your comic scan page

Hi, Why is the link to your Spaz gallery dead? I can't click on it, do you actually have it up yet?


How on earth do I get my chao to school??? I try to take him out of garden but it will not let me... grrr... please help!

different sonic colours

hi in sonic 3 profiles i saw a light blue, pink, green sonic's how do u get them and what r there names. thanx

Knuckles: Good or Bad?

My question's about Sonic 3 & Sonic and Knuckles. Dr. Robotnik tells Knuckles that Sonic and Tails are bad guys, but when Knuckles attacks them, he has an evil devilish chuckle. Did Robotnik trick him, or brainwash him?


Can you get Omochao in your chao garden for SA2B? If so, can you tell me?

Sonic Adventure 2

Is Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast the same as SA: Battle on Gamecube? If not whats different?

Sonic Fighters

I was just wondering if Sonic The Fighters was ever released on a console. Thanx.

Sonic Adventure Battle 3 toys

My son told me that Sonic Adventure Battle 3 toys were out in Kmart or Electronics Boutique and he wants them for his birthday or Christmas. I have not been able to find them. Have they really come out or is this a rumor? I think it's Adventure 3 - I, personally don't know much about Sonic except that my son is a huge fan and plays the games all the time. I know they are new Sonic toys.


Do you realise that you have a Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening DX tune on one of the pages of your website?

Shadow the hedgehog

1. Is Shadow about to appear in the Sonic Comic books? 2. How does Shadow know where the Chaos Emerald in the bank was? 3. How did Shadow and Rouge escape Prison Island? 4. What's Shadow doing on the pumpkin hills when Sonic and friends are heading for Eggman's? 5. In the final battle between Sonic and Shadow, how does Shadow use Chaos Control without a Chaos Emerald? 6. Finally, Tails said that Eggman was at the Space Colony ARK when they traced his call to the president. How did Tails know where Eggman's pyramid was?

Sonic things?

just a couple of things 1)in stardust speedway when you are raceing matel sonic there is a jump when you start out is there a way to jump on that platform? 2) When is sonic adave 2 (sorry if my words are wrong) and sonic mega collan is coming out? thats it thank you!!!!

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

1)How do I get a group of chaos to play with the ball I won from chao race? 2)How do I get my chao to transform into a different type(running type,flying type,etc.)?

After Green hill...

Hi, i've got a simple question regarding Adventure 2 : battle. I have got all Emblems + completed Green hill stage with an A, and i was looking forwad to getting the new costumes that other sites said (Eg: Space sonic, Space Shadow) but i did not get them? Do these new costumes exist or are they the costumes you get when you get an A rank as the character?

Is sonic in there

In the gamecube game my friend tells me that sonic the hedgehog is in the gamecube game beach spikers is this true? Thanks

Metal Sonic In Sonic Adventure 2!?!?!

Hello there! I am extremely excited because im quite the Metal Sonic fan and i absolutely love Shadow. What can i say.. im a sucker for Sonic clones. I noticed in your Encyclopedia entry for Metal Sonic, you state he is in Sonic Adventure 2. Is this true? I know for a fact he is in SA 2: Battle. Im dying to know!!! Thanks muchly -Steve

Error in episode guide for Sonic the Hedgehog?

I noticed that your episode guide for Sonic the Hedgehog ( is much different from the episode guide at tvtome ( Which one is correct?

choa gardens

I now in Sonic Adventure 2 battle you can get out side of the choa garden. Is there a way of getting outside of anyother garden? Also, is there other gardens then the hero and dark? I heard theres a level bewond choas choa what is it and how do you get it.

Sonic the Comic UK

Why are there no Sonic the Comic (UK version) reviews in your archive? I'm guessing that you're all American but surely there's someone out there with a load of back issues (I did have but sold them all :(

super sonic and other things

1) how do get super sonic in sonic adventure do complete the game with all the characters? 2)what happens when you get all the emlems in sonic adventure? 3)is there a cheat to get super sonic, super tails and hyper knuckles in sonic advance (apart from getting all the chaos emeralds)? 4) is hyper knuckles green? 5) is there a superamy? 6) can you put robo knuckles on character profiles please (the boss on angel island)? your website rocks thanks

Dr. Kintobor

Can you please tell me the story about How Dr.Robotnik use to be Dr.Kintobor in the segasonic world?

Ixis Naugus good/bad ?

I don't really read the comics... Is Ixis Naugus good? Or is he a bad guy? 'Cuz in the SatAm Series 'The Void' he was against Robotnik... And let Sonic save his friends out of the void.

Questions from the Darkside!_(Mwahaha)!

I have a few questions for you to answer:1)Is Shadow truly dead?Because when he was falling through the Earth's atmosphere I saw that he was still in his Super form.If I'm not mistaken,when Sonic or Shadow are in there godlike states they are COMPLETELY INVINCIBLE,even to blazing heat that the planet's atmosphere posesses,and extreme impacts that would accur when Shadow plummeted to his so- called "doom"(oh,and just for the record,that "shiny effect" wasn't Shadow using the Chaos Controll,it was a completely too familliar anime effect that is used to show that he,she,or it is falling or "blasting off"(as I like to call it)to a verry far distance,and is also used as some dramatic effect).2)Will any of the older characters(like the Chaotix or Fang the Sniper) be making any new appearances?Because I'm DYING to see Fang as a playable character(I'm already aware of Sonic Drift 2 and Sonic the Fighters,it's just finding them that's the trick).3)You wuldn't know about anyone who might be selling any arcade machines,like Sonic the Fighters,would you?PLEASE TELL ME!!!4)Since E-102's appearance in Sonic Shuffle,I've been wondering if "he" is still existant in some parrallel universe(like Maginaryworld),or has taken the nearest portal back to Earth to keep a watchfull "lense" on his former master,Dr. Eggman,and help keep the world safe from evil.Help me out here!

Can I buy?

1)Are Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic Cd still available to be bought.2)Do you know of any plans to bring out another game like Sonic Jam including any of Sonic 1,2,3, Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic CD

super sonic and crew

hi i was woundering if you could show super sonic, mega tails, hyper knukles and ultra amy on your web site or just show a pitchuer of them. and how do you get those characters on sonic advance and sonic adventure on dreamcast thanks from james borley


1.) I heard that Robotnik died in the comic series and became robo robotnik... is that true?

A few questions about the blue hedgehog and his gang

1. is sonic mega collection, for GBA able to conect to the one fo GCN? 2. how come in the comic, some of the animals (well, thats what they are) don't have many clothes on (like Sonic, or Sally) and some do (like Amy and the dude with the french accsent) 3.what animal is Sally any way? 4. is it sonics shoes that make him run fast, or something else that makes him fast?

Super Sonic not so super anymore?

1) What ever happened to Hyper Sonic??? 2) Does Sonic Team have a good explanation for making the most recent Super Sonic appearances on the last level only (that's pretty lame)? 3) Are there any stages that can go beyond Hyper level (I can't find any comics so I don't know)?

How do I do it?

Hi its me again.I was wondering how to do I jump dash on sonic advance?I do it somtimes but its really hard to do.Thanks.

game vs comic

1. Why is knuckles green in the comics? 2. Are they making any more sonic games? 3. Is SEGA making any more platforms? 4. Is eggman dead in the comics? 5. Is there any Sonic shows on reguler cable? 6. Is SEGA charecter Rouge in the comics? 7. Are Chao in the comics? thanks


Why isn't maria and Dr. Gerald last name Kintobor?

Questions for upcoming Sonic games

1) I heard that the anouncement for Sonic Adventure 3 was really a remake of SA1, if so then when will it be released and what systems will it be on? 2)Are there new characters in Sonic Advance 2? 3) What is Ristar like ( I heard it was going to be on Sonic Mega Collection)?

Sonic Merchandise

Does anyone know where I can find a "Sonic the Hedgehog" costume for a child 8 years and up ? I'm having a difficult time locating one on the internet so far. Any help would be appreciated !

Rouge and Shadow

Is there a way to get Shadow and Rouge in Sonic Advance?How do you get them?


1. If knuckles aorbed the master emreld did he absorb tikal and chaos? 2. what is sonics planet? Im hearing Earth in SA2 and in comics Mobias. 3.Is there SA2 Gmeshark CDX codes? 4.Why does sonic have robot parents? thanks

My chao in sonic adventure 2 battle

In sonic adventure 2 battle is there anyway my hero chao can be in the dark races how? thanks.

sonic q's

1)How do i prove i am talented enough to become a staff member? 2)My friend told me there was a turbo tails, is that true and if so, what does he look like? 3)Is sega going to make another game on the s3 & k series with the death egg? (I want to know because the death egg games are the best!!!) 4)If the metal sonic from sonic cd was created between s1 & s2, how come eggman just didn't rebuild him for s3 & k? 5) Will creme be in any other games besides sonic advance 2? 6)can metal sonic from sonic anime go super? Please answer these questions and I love your site.

Super Sonic Confusion

I've heard that in a series of games or comics that Super is evil. Is this true, and if it is, why? Thanks.



About the sonic games and sonic adventure

1.Is Sonic CD a Sonic Team game? 2.In the version of sonic & tails story, robotnik gas them after getting a chaos emerald from the casinopolis.In Knuckles story, After Knuckles when into the past and got sent back to present by tikal sprit light, he saw sonic & tails asleep. When he said "Hmm. I wonder what does guys are doing?" Why did he left them there and went on searchin g for the shattering master emerald? 3.Is tikal the ancestor of Knuckles in Sonic Adventure? 4.How many time did knuckles got trick so far? 5.Did Knuckles ever knew that tikal and chaos was inside the Master Emerald that he be guarding in Sonic the hedgehog 3, Sonic & knuckles, and the biggest game of all Sonic Adventure? 6.In knuckles story version, How did the Master Emerald breaks that set tikal and chaos free? 7.The Master Emerald First appeared in sonic & knuckles. Right? 8.What happen to all the people in station square when chaos flood the city? 9.Does Knuckles life past generation to generation? 10.Was station square still damage in SA2?

sega sonic question

1. Did Sega stop making games on GBA? 2.When will the New Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon be air on? 3.Is Playstation crushing Sega? 4.Will Sega lose more money that way if they make games on other systems? 5.Is Sega going to make Knuckles Chaotix for pc?

Sonic and Mario

Last year, I saw a rumor that was in red, saying that there will be a game featuring Sonic characters and Mario characters. Now, I know it's very hard to believe, especially when I heard it. So, I'm asking you, did you get any news about it or is it confirmed yet?

Chaos zero questions.

1.where did chaos zero [from sonic adventure]come from? 2.Is chaos zero totally bad? 3.what is he? 4.was he made by some one? Please help me!!!!!!!!

Name of the King

Is the name of the King of Mobius ever given in SatAM? I know that Archie calls him Maxamillian Acorn, but is it given in SatAM? Is Sally's last name ever given in SatAM? The reason I ask is that SatAM sites use these names but I don't here them mentioned on my episodes (though they are USA Network versions). Thanks, BrmSort

Where is the Sonic Story based NOW?

Back in the day, Sonic lived on Mobius and Robotnick was one of the only humans living there. I left the Sonic universe for a couple of years *slaps hand, but when I returned to SA2:B on the GC, it seemed Sonic was on Earth, there was no mention of Mobius and they even call it Earth I think in a few cut scenes. Where is Sonic now and if it is earth- is there any explanation as to why he's there or is it a new storyline?

New Cartoon 10/06/02

I heard about the "New Adventure of Sonic The Hedgehog" cartoon. Is that true?

sonic in super smash brothers melee?

Is sonic in super smash brothers melee? My friend said that sonic was in the game, and I also saw that mentioned on a website. Thanks.

Sonic's marrige

Will Soni marry A my or will Amy marry Shadow?


I have 2 questions 1)How come I go to the midis on one part of the sight,it goes to midi player, but never plays? 2)It would be a great addition to the sight if, on every part of the sight, a midi automatically played(y' know, like the midi from Sonic Crackers played automatically for Q & A,midi from Sonic 3 & Knux played automatically for the News Archive)

were is Big the cat

In sonic adventure 2 it said in my book that Big the cat was in evey stage but I cant find him can you tell me were he is in evey stage.Thanks Sonic HQ

about games

I have a couple of questions, 1: Are they really making a Sonic Adventure 3? 2:Is there going to be sonic shuffle 2? 3: Are they still making games for genesis, sega saturn, magadrive, etc. 4: Are they making any more games at all? PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS SO I AM NO LONGER PARRINOID


1.Where can I get SA2:Battle for under 30 dolars? 2.Why didn't they use the same graphic system for sonic blast as they did in sonic librath? thank you

A bunch of sonic questions (8)

Please answer these questions I’ve sent them before but for some reason I have to send it again in order for them to be answered…Please Answer 1. How did the whole Sonic gang survive the ordinary ending in sonic advance (where they fall from space) while Shadow died in SA2? 2. Are they coming out with a second "Sonic Mega Collection" with the remainder of the "good" Sonic classics? I really liked CD a lot so I wanted to know. 3. Will the games in the Mega Collection be exactly the same (No SA special-moves, etc.) as before? 4. Right after Sky Rail with Shadow in SA2B, in the cutscene following, I saw Big the Cat behind the stone door. How do I see him again? Are there other places where Big shows up? 5. Is the Metal Sonic found in S&K an up-grade of the Metal Sonic in CD? 6. Will Teddy Tails and the Knux Robo from Sonic R make another appearance? 7. Was "Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie" made by Sega? 8. What are all the evolutions of a chao in SA2B and how do I get them?

About Sonic Mega Collection...

According to SHQ news, Sonic Mega Collection has the feature for playing as Knuckles in Sonic 1, 2, and 3(like the S&K lock on feature). But the original idea for playing as Knuckles in Sonic 1 was scrapped years ago when S&K was about to be released, due to a minor bug in the gameplay which froze the game. If this is so, can you really play as Knuckles in Sonic 1? Gracias.

Some questions I want to get off my mind.................

1.How come Sonic was tooken off toon disney? 2.Do you know if Sonic will come on Nickelodeon?I am DYING to know. 3.Who is the strongest of ALL of the Sonic charecters?The fastest? 4.I read in a comic strip that had Knuckles saying "and me and water don't mix to good."However, in his level Aquatic Mines in SA2/SA2B, he swims.Does he swim or not? 5.And speaking of swimming,can Sonic swim? 6.Who is more powerful-Sonic or Shadow? That's it!I hope you answer my questions!

mistaken from someone eles

1.Why did G.U.N and other people think that was sonic on tv when he wasn't black? 2.How did sonic got capture in the first scene in the hero story?

sonic mega coleection

hi again.are there going to be tv commericails and comic book covers in sonic mega collection?


I have spent so much time at this site that I would really like to thank the staff here. Is there an e-mail address that I could use to contact everyone who spends their valuable time working here? Thanks.

Knuckles Team Up

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Knuckles first appeared and he was with Eggman (Robotnik). When did Knuckles team up with Sonic?

the profiles in sonic HQ

How come you dont update the sonic profiles in your website.thanks


EEErrr?Just wanderering,is there any easier way to geta chaos chao?

The Chaos Control

Can the Chaos Control teleport Sonic and Shadow randomly or by will?

Sonic timeline

Where could I find a sonic timeline, which would classify ALL the sonic stories (games, comics, cartoons...) in chronological order ??? Thanks


this is probly the most stupid question i have ever asked,but why does eggman want to destroy sonic?i'm asking this cuz i havn't watched the old sonic cartoons for a long time.And I also want to know who is a bigger threat to Sonic, shadow or medal sonic?thanks alot!

5 question about the games

1.Was tikal and chaos inside the master emerald in sonic & knuckles? 2. Is sonic & knuckles part 2 of Sonic the hedgehog 3? 3.shouldn't Sonic CD come out after sonic the hedgehog 3 and sonic & knuckles? 4. long ago Before sonic was saving south island and stopping robotnik in sonic the hedgehog 1, was that the time shadow got lock in the iron gate? 5. Why was sonic at capitol city instead of station square?

Are they?

1. Due to the Space Colony ARK levels in SA2, Sonic and friends can breathe in space? 2. Were the SA3 screenshots that you showed in April an April Fool's Joke? 3. In Shadow's level, Sky Chase, on hard mode, was there a secret upgrade that you can get?

Why ARK?

Why did Robotnik have to worry about ARK, when he could just build another Death Egg? They're both virtually the same thing.

Why not Robotnik?

In every game other than Sonic Adventures 1/2, they refer to Robotnik as Robotnik, yet in the Sonic Adventure series, they call him Dr. Eggman. I know it's because he's called Eggman in Japan, but why didn't they call him Dr. Eggman in the first place?

Map Of Mobius

Where can i find a map of Mobius for my fanfic? Possibly with all the zones labelled.

Chemical Plant Tubes: One Way or 2 Ways?

Hi! I have a new question regarding both acts of the Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic 2. Whenever you come up to a tube (aka one of the 'one-way' tubes that 'warps' you to a different area) that goes two ways, I notice that some of the tubes go to one of two areas. Why does this happen? Thanks again.

sonic mega collection?

Is sonic mega colloen(sorry if my spelling is bad) has the game has kunkles chaoix in it?thanks sonic HQ.

Sa3 or SA1?

On I was sbrowsing thrue the Gamecube section and I saw somthing that said: Sonic adventure(Workingtitle). is there going to be a Sonic adventure 3? or a Sonic adventure gamecube version?

sonic the fighters 2 on gamecube??? friend told me there is gonig to be a sonic the fighters 2 with constable remington and julie-su in it including the orignal characters for the gamecube coming out at the end of the it true?

Sonic Question

What store sells SONIC THE HEDGEHOG THE MOVIE? I mean a store not online.

S3&K question

Hi! I have a question regarding Act 2 of the Mushroom Hill Zone in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Near the end of the act (behind the last star post before Robotnik) is a one way wall which has a couple of monitors behind it, so how can it be reached? Thank you very much.

Regarding the voice actress for Bunnie...

According to the credits in "Dexter's Laboratory", Christine Cavanaugh does the voice for Dexter. Is this the same Christine Cavanaugh that does the voice for Bunnie in Sonic SatAM?

Who is Rouge talking to?

In sonic adventure 2 after rouge and knuckles fight, it apears that rouge allows knuckles to have all of the master emerald pieces just so that it is fully resored. Then she says ''come on lets go'' to someone not shown on the screen after knuckles is gone. Who is she talking to?


Why do you suppose Archie would make an adaptation of Sonic Adventure but not Sonic Adventure 2? I was pretty sure they'd make one, and right now I'm kicking myself because I didn't subscribe earlier and missed issue #98. Drat.

Sonic anime on tv...

Has the Sonic Anime ever been shown on TV in the US? If so, what channel? Will it ever be aired(whenwhat channel)? Thanx. P.S.> Think it might be aired on toonami's in-flight movies?

about SA2 and archie

i would like to know if there is an adaptation for sonic adventure 2 in the archie sonic comic series. if so, what issues does the adaptation take place? thank you.

Sonic help

My sister always bugs me about this. Did Sonic break up with sally?thanks sonic HQ.

OKay I am proably becoming annoying..... BUT please anwser these qeustons.

1. Where can I buy Sonic Comics, like what store, and do you recomend any certein ones, cause I never got one before.... 2.Is sonic merchandise found mostly in Japan cause there is none nowhere 3. How do I become able to send fan art here 4.Is there any way to get SOnic posters, or coloring pages or anything... 5. Did toon disney cancel SOnic cause its not on anymore and I am really MMMMAAAADDDDD

You say...

You say that Sega won't put Archie Sonic Comic charcters in Sega Sonic games, but most of the Freedom Fighters were copywright of Sega and some of the characters from the Comic appeared in "Sonic Spinball" for Genesis. Correct? If that's true then why can't or don't they do the same with the other Sonic games?

mega sonic collection?

I've heard that there is a game called the mega sonic collection coming out for gamecube that has the games sonic 1-2-3 sonic spinball sonic and knucles and dr. robotniks mean bean machine. Is that true?

sonic adventure

In sonic adventure I was in eggmans base and i saw metal sonic but there was a other metal sonic who was that sonic?

Whats goin on?

What is going on? i Sent you guys a question that followed all of the sonic hq rules and still no answer?


Once more, I have a Gap comic question. What ever happened to Elias between issues 89 and 109? I havn't seen him.

Could you tell me why my Sonic R game isn't working?

When I start up my Sonic R (PC), I don't hear any music. The sounds are all weird (ie: I go down the menu and I hear them but when I go up after stopping for a second I can't hear it anymore) and when I get to the menu screen the only thing I can choose is the Options menu because the other three choices have red x's over them. Could this have something to do with my computer or could the game just be malfunctioning? (Sorry, I just needed to know... I tried to contact the company that made the game but found out that the website doesn't exist anymore). Can you please give me an idea of what is going on?

is sonic a cross dresser

ok theres a huge rumor goin around that sais sonic is a cross dresser is it true couse the rumor also has a picture goin around with it iits in color and all ive seen it on many diferent sights and it looks jus like sonic but with his hair up in a bun and hes got a bra on

Any Comics

I was wondering if you could put up an entire scaned story in the scans archive for me to read. Archie isn't sold where I live and fleetway shut down this year so i have no comics to read. Can you help me out. Thanks.

how do you make tails go super

i have all the chaos emeralds on number 3 and i cant make him transform how deo you i know with sonic you jump twice but it doesnt work with tails couse he flies

Robotnik and sonic.. Related?

OKay, I know this is stupid to ask, but my friend who happens to lie alot, told me Sonic and Dr. Robotnik were brothers and that Robotnik was really a robot. I don't think it is true but is it?

many questions about Sonic and Sonic HQ

1.How old do you have to be to join the staff here?
2.Is Sonic Team moveing out the Sonic Adventure Series and are going to make a new fresh Sonic game series insted of "Adventure"?
3.How come Archie dosen't put Amy in the comics as much?
4.Did Sega tell Archie to put Amy in the comics?
5.Dose Sonic have feelings for Mina in the comics?
6.Oh and when Clowie luv asked dose Sonic love Amy and you said Sonic Team isn't in that kinda of stuff and there was no way to tell. Well in my SA2 Prima's offical Strategy guide Amy's Profile in there said that "....Sonic feels that Amy is more trouble then She's worth but deep down he may have feelings for her." My question is this, if Sonic Team isn't into that kinda stuff. How come they put that in there? ( and Sonic Team and Sega helped Prima make the book too. cuz it says it in the book itself)
7.Is it true that Tails in the games dosen't like romanic kinda stuff?
8.How come Sega won't put Archie Characters in the game?
9. Will Sonic games appear in the Xbox?
10. Was Shadow the "ultimate life form" or not?
11. was Shadow immortal?
12. How come you guys stop answering questions by e-mail anymore?
Well thats it. Thanks for readind my question. I just hope you'll answer them. BTW GREAT SITE!!!

How to CA2

I've been trying to figure out how to play the VMU(Visual Memory Unit)game Chao Adventure 2.I know you have to put your chao in the chao transporter,but then what do you do?


in the sth comics i read a bio on tails and that the real tails disapears and theres another the thinks he's the real tails and Athur and tails uncle are the only ones who know it. how did it happen and where the other tails came from?and where is the real tails? mike

Knuckles # 13

In Knuckles comic #13, the Chaotix eat stuff, them kinda go crazy. I'm not quite sure how it effects Espio, though. Could you help me ?

Clash of the titans

In the comic "Clash of The Titans" when super Sonic and Hyper Knuckles battle, I wanna know why were they battling and why did they trasform.

How to get to the sonic store!

I have a hard time finding your sonic store and finding the order form. I'm looking for a sonic stuffed animal. And by the way, do you have now or plan to get any Shadow the hedgehog merchandise?

was this soppose 2 happen?

this is probly a stupid question but i brought a comic today and last month, i got sonic issue this month, i got sonic issue 113, was this this the order of the comics? this is my secon time buying a comic so i really don't know the order. please help me out!thanks.

Super Sonic & Super Tails

I was wondering what happens in Sonic 3 & Knuckles if you collect all the Super Emeralds as Sonic & Tails together. Do they both go into Super or Hyper form?

umm a mistaken fact about the site?

hello, i have been looking for places that have the sonic satam episodes to download, and in search engines, links to your site continue to say you have all 26 satam episodes to download. but, your movie section, before entering it, says that aswell, but when entering it, it doesnt say a thing about the episodes. is something wrong? (and yes, i read the FAQ)

a crush.....

does tails like amy at least alittle bit? and did tails ever had a girlfriend? please answer these questions. thanks

Sonic Underground

I was wondering if you knew what station,time, and day Sonic Underground comes on and if you know if any videos of Sonic Underground are out yet. Thanks!

Just one question

How do I creat hoaxes?

Just wanting to know

Was their ever a sonic game (or rare import) featuring sally, rotor and all the other characters in the archie sonic comic. Also will sonic team be creating another Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon. Bye and thanks

archie sonic

on the Faq page,you said something about Ultra Sonic, Polar Sonic, Solar Sonic, and Eco Sonic. What are they, what do they look like, how does sonic turn into them in the comics, and what are there powers?

I Don't Get It

SA2:B 1)How did Amy get to Prison Island? 2)Why didn't the hero story show Tails recieving the chaos emerald? 3)How did Sonic catch up to the president? 4) Why didn't the dark story show Eggman's chat with the president? 5)When Sonic and Shadow used their last Chaos Control, how did Shadow die when Sonic didn't? 6)Why didn't Shadow just use the chaos control to escape from the military? 7) What does GUN stand for? Please answer these questions because they have really been bugging me. Thanks

A question about the comics

1)Is there a place where u can order the whole set? 2)Do u know why archie started to sell back issue in sets only and not individually?thanks

planet mobius to planet earth

Sonic was on plant mobius for a few games then he went to planet earth what happined?

Getting the three chaos chao

I've went to all different sites of how to get the chaos chao. Some said to reincarnate a chao twice, feed it all 21 animals and feed it a dark,hero,or chao fruit and others say not to feed it those but pet it 25 times depending on which side your on. I don't know which one is the right way.

Old game new?

I'm not asking if there is a SA3 coming out I'm wondering if they are going to put a remade version of SA1 on the Gamecube like they did for SA2, I've been hearing it and I don't want to get excited for nothing, thank you.

Whant episodes

Where can I download episodes of Adventures of Sonic?? I can´t download the episodes in your page and in my country we don´t have the sonic serie. So that´s my cuestion: Where can I download episodes of Adventures of Sonic?

Sonic Mega Collection

Does the Sonic Mega Collection happen to be the rumored Sonic Jam 2?

What are the Sonic forms?

Acording to the comics and the games, what are all the Sonic forms (like Sonic, Super Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Eco Sonic, Polar, exc.)?


whys chaos not in your profile? such as the chaos in sonic adavre 1


are any new sonic games coming for gamecube?


I've seen pictures of dark chao with red spiked balls&wings.I've had 2 dark chao for a while.Why are my dark chao's spiked balls&wings blue?

i need more info

hi guys! please don't delete my's about a question that was asked before,"is sega gonna make a new console?when?" remember? anyway, you responded and said "no" to this person.i just want to know why a great company like sega will not make a new console.i love everthing about sega.

When is Part 2 of the Sonic Jam cartoon going to show on the website??

I recently saw part 1 of the Sonic Jam Cartoon. It is really funny, esp that nutty Egg Man :PPP :o). When is part 2 of the Sonic Jam Cartoon going to be shown on the sonic hq website?? email me at I really want to see part 2 of the sonic jam cartoon :P.

Tails Doll in Sonic R

In the Sega Saturn game, Sonic R, one of the secret characters was a doll that looked like Tails. What was the name of this doll, and did it appear in any other game?

A question about the metal counterpart to Sonic in Sonic 2

Alright, this might be an off the wall question, but I was curious as to what Yuji Naka named the Metallic Sonic in Sonic 2. Not a fan name, but the actual model name. What -he- called it. Thanks!

SA2 (Dreamcast) question and info

Hi SonicHQ! Just a question and some info for you. First off all, how do you pull a trick off ramps? I can never seem to do it! What buttons do i press? Thanks! P.S. Sonic Underground is aviavlble on TeleToon in Canada

Extra Characters

How can u tell if you've gained the extra characters in SA2 after completing the stages with an A rank?

Robot Issue

I'm sorry if I sent this before but it never got answered... 1. why has sega (lately) been putting more of "Gun's" robots instead of Eggman's? 2. what is the series E-????? and when did it start? 3. why does Eggman put in animals while gun has chao drives? different styles? 4. In what game did Sonic and Robotnik change their appearances? Why'd Sega do this?

question about collecting

A)Do you know where i can buy a set of the whole sonic cartoon series and how much it will cost? B) I saw something in the Q&A section about a 10th anniversary box set. What is in it? Thanks.

Sonic games

Is there any news on a brand new Sonic Game? I heard there is a mystery game coming out. Is it True?

freedom fighters

i heard that the freedom fighters are on sonic spinball.are they on the gamegear version or the genesis one?

Some Qustions

Dear Org : It's me again, please help me in those Q's : 1- Will Bunnie & Rotter appear again in the games ( like in Sonic Spinball) even as sectert characters ?
2- How did the freedom fighter met whit the Sonic Underground Group (Prince Sonic's family) from the other Dimention/Zone in the comic ?
3- Are there any Vampires on Mobius ? Kind or evil ?
4- Will Sonic & ST.Johns make up ?
5- Any Idea about prince Sonic's( Sonic Undergriond) Real Dad or Future wife ?
6- Is there a Princess Amy or Sivilian Sally in the other zones ? Thanks again .


I am a huge Kragok fan but I don't have SSS 11,did it mention how Kragok and Lien-Da got their cybernettic implants ? Did it show how Mari-Su die?

what's the deal sonic hq?????

guys, are you closed or something? i asked a question 2 days ago and still no reply. what's up?!!!

Chao parts

On Sa2, I evolved a chao, but how do I get the animal parts to go away, like rabbit ears or something?

to tell the truth

a)ok.this is confusing. once i went to one of 'em cheat websites and once they said that if you finish sa2 with sonic/shadow with or without "A" rankings, you could get alternate costumes in 2 player mode. well i've finished the game. even the "last" stage but i don't see any new costumes. is there anything else i need to do or were those guys just lying? b)after finishing the last stage, in the story, what did sonic give to rouge?thanks.

How Fast Do They Run

I was just wandering hwo runs faster sonic or shadow

Do You Need The Secret Items

Do you really need the secret items on sonic adventures 2 battle, for example sonic's Power Up Magic Gloves and knuckles or tail's mystic melody or other secret things too complete the game?

Getting the character

Do I have too get all the characters in sonic adventures 2 battle to battle. It Will Help Allot If You tell me how too get them, if you have to get them.

limited edition

hi I have a limited edition 10th anniversary sonic the hedgehog box set and was wondering if you have any idea how much it is worth? I actually won it last year put it in a drawer and forgot about it! rgds andy

just a few questions....

hi sonichq! i have a few questions to ask you guys... a)this is a little bit silly, but in the sega game series, does sonic love amy and just doesn't want to admit it? how does sonic really feel about her? b)is sega planning to make another console? when? c)any clue on when sonic adventure 3 is coming out? d)what is the use of knuckles' sunglasses? pleeeez reply my questions!! thanks.

Sonic Crackers?

You mentioned something about the new sonic game called "Sonic Crackers" what is it about and if you don't know, where can I find this information?

Looking for an issue number

Hi. Recently I became a "born-again Sonic fan" after being away from the series for a while (because I was a Nintendo guy.) But then I got SA2B, loved it, and rediscovered my love for the hedgehog, the fox, the echidna, the Eggman... etc.
Anyway, my question is this. Way back before my Nintendo years, I had ONE issue of the Sonic comic book. (That I can remember.) It was called "Vertigo A-Go-Go", it started off with one of the characters yelling the logo, and in the middle Sonic went to the Special Zone and there was a little picture of a Genesis controller. What issue number was this? I want to go to the Scans page and see stuff from it...
Great site. It's "as cool and blue as me!" Well, maybe not the blue part.


okay you guys, really what is the deal with tails? we all know he has this crush on sonic. my question is why would you make fox gay. i had sonic the hedgehog from the master system to the dreamcast. why didn't you just leave the fox the way he was? why give him a sexuality crisis?

The Freedom fighters

Do the Freedom Fighters exist in Japan?thats just pretty strait forward what my question is.

Sonic Mega Collection

I saw in the news section of this website that Sonic Mega Collection will have many Sonic games on it, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. Will we be able to make them program together to get Sonic 3 & Knuckles? Will we be able to play as Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 also?

another sonic movie?

i love sonic adventure series and i'm wondering if they'll ever make another sonic movie in 2002 or later. i heard sega made a sonic movie before. if they make a movie, which i hope they do they should base it on the video game and not on archie. thanks for your time man.

Sonic 4!???? Wha.....?

I saw on another website (This was back when I thought this place sucked cause of that whole Mario hq thing=P)That there were rumors goin' around. Is there even a GRAIN of thruth there? regarding sonic comics:I know this must sound PRETTY ignorant, but in Archie comics how did the freedom fighters get there new looks? I've bee dieing to know!

sally in a game

I was playing sonic spinball and I was in a bonus round and I saw sally and bunnie rab-bot and other freedom fighters I looked in your profiles abount them being in that game but it doesn't why.

sonic3 & knuckles

what can i do with hyper sonic to pc for the game "sonic3 & knuckles" john

Chaos Emralds?

I heard you could get the Chaos Emralds in SA2(B)? Is this true?

sonic on ps2

Hi I was wondering if they are going to release sonic adventure one or two on ps2 and if not will they ever release any sonic games on the ps2 console


1. who has the most moves sonic or shadow?
2. what is the best animal to give to your chao?

chao help

1. do chao evolve twice because im just taking care of it over and over again?
2. how do you evolve them again if they do?
3. my dark chao is evolved and he cannot swim, how do you make them swim better?

Sonic comics

Sonic the Hedgehog and friends has teamed up with Imagecomic's heros, how did they get from Knothel Village to NewYork how did the chaos emerald get out of control and did Dr.Robotik team up with the Imagescomics vilians.

Finding The Light Speed Shoes

How do you get the light speed shoes in metal harbor from sonic adventures 2 battle?

choa black market

hello,i was wundering,IS THERE A CHOA BLACK MARKET?if so,please tell us how to get it.(i heard its only 4 gameqube)


First, I would like to state that this is my favorite sonic site, 2) Are there Sonic Adventure 2 Archie comics? 3) Scence Sega joined with Aintendo, do you think that there might be Sega/Nintendo games, as in games with both Sega and Nintendo characters? 4)Where is Sega of America's location? Or is it just on the net? Ive got alot more questions, but Im tiered so Ill be back! Thanks.

Sonic Advance 2

Lots of my friends said that there are making Sonic Advance 2? Is it true?

Original Sonic The Hedgehog

Can I get the original Sonic the hedgehog for PC? And if I can, where?

Super Knuckles

I heard that you can play as Super Knuckles in Sonic Adventure. Is this true and whats the cheat?

Super or Hyper?

In the last stage of SA2 you see Sonic and Shadow use the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic becomes Super Sonic. But what is the name of Shadow after he uses them? Some people say Super Shadow, some say Hyper Shadow, but it doesnt say in the game.

Chao Evolution

This may seem kind of dumb, but how do you get your chao to cocoon more than once and my friend and I have a different set of eggs in the black market. Why is that?

What is an echidna?

What is an echidna? As in Knuckles the echidna.

What the...

I am English and I have little idea of some of the characters. Packbell?!?! I was reading NetRapter's "Daylight Savings", and I wondered who he was and what role he plays in Archie Sonic. I looked in the profiles but he wasn't there.


I would like to submit a story to the fan fic section for other reader's pleasure, but I have no idea how to send it in HTML format. I acknoledge that it has something to do with internet things but I don't know if you must use a program or if it only has something to do with emailing it, but I am not sure. PLEASE help me!?


were chaos in the first sonic games or when did they become chaos?

Sonic's first

When and how did sonic learn how he could go so fast? was Sonic able to turn super sonic in "Sonic the hedgehog 1"? What did sega think about sonic being able to transform? (last one) did Dragon Ball Z's "Super Sayian" copy off "Super Sonic"?

Chaos emerald power

I being hearing stuff about a "super emerald" what are they and how does Sonic get them? The 7 emeralds sound like the 7 dragon ball; so do the emeralds enable Super Sonic to shoot energy blast from his hand?

Sonic RPG

Are there any plans on a Sonic rpg, I once heard a rumor but never again any idea ?

sonic adventure

is it true that you can play as nack the weasel if you collect 100 rings from the egg carrier?


hey 1 more thing about the alien chao do you have to be a certain character do you make a sonic chao

Sonic comic #0

I have looked all over the internet for a site with early sonic comics for sale such as #'s 0-7. Can you help me out?

Sonic Compilation

About a year ago I heard that Sonic Team were going to release a sonic compilation to celebrate his tenth birthday. But I haven't heard anything since so could you enlighten me,

Hyper Shadow &Super Sonic

1. Which one is stronger, Hyper Shadow or Super Sonic?
2.What color is Hyper Shadow?

Sonic R

After I earned all seven Emeralds and raced as Super Sonic only once, I still had the Emeralds but not Super Sonic. Why is this?

super flight

can sonic fly when he's super sonic?


Did Sonic and Tails die in Dark Mode?

Three Questions

(if you've been getting incomplete ones of these, I apologize. The connection was faulty at that moment, so I'm trying again.)

Personally, I think Adventures was a really cool show. When I was small, I had seen every episode I could, and I even found test stations that showed them, allowing me to see 5 episodes on a Friday night, starting at 11 pm and ending at 2:30 am. I just wanted to know why people hate the show so much. After all, the first show I've seen to outrival that was Dexter's Laboratory. (Thank God CN got their act together and started doing Season 4 after 3 years!) Also, since I have never been particularly interested in getting any of the Sonic Comics, but I'm curious to the characters they made, do you have any list of the characters Archie put in that you have bios for? Finally, in SA2/SA2B, what's that "abyss" they talk about in getting the 2nd Hard Mode shard in the Aquatic Mine?

Whats wroug with the music!!

I just got Sonic CD and Sonic R and I can hear the sounds but not the backround music of the both games pleas help me.

my game is disordered

hi sonic sa2b's sound iz really disorderd. 1 other thing,how does shadow die?does biolizard like takle him into the atmosphere?and i discoverd a hiddin movie in sa2b


Can I download my chao garden rings to the tiny chao garden, I know how to do it vice versa, but how do I do it this way??

Zones are Dimentions ?

When I've heared about the diffrient characters from the other zone like Evil Sonic, Good Robotnik and Prince Sonic, I thout that those zones could be Other dimentions whit diffrient situations. So are Zones are the short name for Dimentions or what?

Turbo Tails

Why does Tails need both the Chaos Emeralds and the Super Emerlads just to go Super, and not Hyper?

Biolizards last hit

After you hit the biolizard 5 times and you need to hit him once more.How do you hit him.You can`t grind upo him and you can`t go up the bubbles. All you can do is dodge the shooting bubbles while floating in the air.


I am a big collector fan of Sonic. Are there any plans for future sonic merchandise? I heard about Nintendo releasing Shadow and Sonic figures...but anything other than that you know of?

Chaos Emeralds

Apart from the "Kintobor" storyline made up by SoA, have we ever discovered the actual origin of the Chaos Emeralds,apart from the fact the echidna tribe had them in SA1? Please don't use Archie references in your answer.

Sonic Sites

Hi. I have a Sonic the hedgehog site and once I saw a site who was giving out awards to sites. Can fans do that?

thats messed up!!!!!

Is it some defect of the sonic and knux collection that the level select is the only code that works? I have tried E V E R Y tric on this site. if there are other codes for PC what is the debug code?

All the AVIs for Sonic CD work now except for the "Opening Scene". It won't play on my Macintosh, but the others will. Is this correctable?

I did e-mail the site in the hopes that I would be able to watch the Sonic animes of Sonic CD when I found out that they were taken down due to "bandwidth problems". My wishes were granted except for one, "Opening Scene". When I tried to play it, all I got was the sound, not the video, and a message on my Mac said that a compressor could not be found. However, all the AVIs played just fine, no problems. I hope it is possible someone can fix this. Thanks.

Sonic R for PC

In SonicR for the PC if I play as MetalSonic I go against SuperSonic but theres noway I can play as him.Can I get a little help here?

Sonic Crackers

What about "Sonic Crackers" genesis game? Was it ever published?


What year, month and date did the first anything of Sonic come out, and was the first thing that came out that was Sonic?

the comices

1th then cool site i love it .o well i want to know were do you get the Sonic comics?

Sonic+Amy Rose

OK, Amy says she is Sonic the Hegdehog's girlfriend, but I heard elsewhere that Sonic's got a different story. What is that story?


Why does Robotnik put the animals in is robots? Do the animals work as batteries or something?

new item

In Sonic Adventure 2:Battle, where is the air necklace for Knuckles and Rouge?


How old is the SA2B characters.I am very curious.

Mystery "Thing"

In Sonic 3, I was playing with the debug mode on the first level, act one; and I came across this weird object that looked like a red sphere. I "copied" that red sphere and it made a bunch of red sphears appeare on the screen. What are these, and what do they do? PS I sent sega a photo of this once...they never replied to me.


how to unlock a character in stage selection mode?

Stuck in the Lost Colony

How do I get passed the acid part of the Lost Colony with Dr. Eggman in SA2 Battle?

Sonic games reborn

Do you have any info on any Sonic games in production (not just SA3)?

Basic Information

I just got Sonic and Knuckles for the Sega Genisis. I can play Sonic 2 with it but when I plug in Sonic 1 it says "No Way! No Way? No Way!" across the top of the screen. Is there a code I should know... I am obviously illiterate on things like this, if you could help me get started. Thank You!

Unlocking characters in SA2

Is it possible to unlock Chaos0, a chao in a chao machine, Big in Eggman's walker, and Tikal in SA2 or just SA2B?

Copying down your guides

Not that long ago, I copied down some of your sonic codes for his games. I think I asked permission, but I don't remeber. Is it OK if I copy it for personal use only? If not I will erase it. Please let me know.

Sonic Adventure 2: Kart Racing

How do I get the hidden chracters for the Kart Race mini-game in Sonic Adventure 2?


how do you get super sonic and hyper knuckles in comic any more.

Sonic Sat AM

Your Site is said to have all episodes of Sonic Sat AM available for downloading, yet I have not seen the link or ANY of the episodes on your entire site. Can you tell me where it is or at least put in a guide to your site?

Can you have Shadow come bake

Shadow is my favorite character and I was wandering if there is a way to bring him back after he dies.

Comic Buyer

Im Kevin and I just Wanted to know if you were able to buy comics from your site?? I really love Sonic, and I never, ever saw or read a sonic comic. Thanx. Oh and one more thing, I just started looking at your site yesterday.

Tail's Cyclone

In SA2B does every mode for Tail's Cyclone have a different name? If so what is the car mode?(Route 101)

Shadow action figure?

Is there a Shadow the Hedgehog action figure at all? Thanx!!! ^_^ ^o^

About Shadow

what did happen to him after fighting Sonic

Does Knuckles Have Sandels on?

ME and my friend are argueing if Knuckles has sandels on. Do you know?

need more time!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I now have Sonic CD. And I have beaten it with visual mode an' everything , exept I have only HAVE ONE, time stone. I m currently trying to get past zone 1 of collision chaos's special stage how can I do this with out losing time!??????????????


I gave my chao two bats. It lost its legs on the first. Then I gave it two regular animals and it didn't get its legs back. What's wrong?

Fan Pic

I asked the person incharge of the fan pics about my drawing but they never replied or put my picture on. What should I do?

Mad Space

Does Sonic Adventure 2 battle take place on Earth or Mobius? I've heard them menchin Earth a lot and also there are ALL humans living there... I've never played Sonic Adventure 1, do they travel to Earth or something, or is it one big mistake made by sega... (God I'm such a Sonic nerd *sigh*)

What's wrong with my Chao?

In Sonic Adventure 2 DC. My chao somtimes starts squirming in my characters arms. He also always has a frown! Whats wrong? Also, both of my chao are adults so when will they start mating?

Sa2 Shadow

where can i find the lost chao for shadow in the final rush stage?Please put good detail into it.Thank you

Rock'n Sonic

On satAM,wasn't there an episode were sonic played an electric guitar,and if there was,can you find out which episode it was?


Why haven`t the people who create the gaming info make more info for sonic advance

metal sonic

People say there are apperences of metal sonic in sonic adventure, are there?

New Chao

When one of my Chao on SA2B has flowers around it, I pick up another and bring it to the circle of flowers, but he ignores it. How do I get them to mate?

Secret Characters

On Super Smash Bros. Melee I heard a rumor that Sonic & Tails are secret characters. Is this true?

Where can you find air shoes?

Well i got to the bit where Shadow has to go back for Rouge. The prob is that i come to the bit of where you need air shoes to get accross. Can you plz say where i can find them? or a way around it?

Sonic R

Sonic R is getting on my nerves! I got on PC and i want the code to get all the characters in the game. Do you know it?
And For megaman X do you know if there will be an X7?

Sonic/Need for Speed Game

Is it possible for a Need for Speed related Sonic game to appear?

What's so special about chaos emeralds?

I have gotten all of the chaos emeralds in the very first Sonic the Hedgehog(for Sega Genesis) and I have no idea what I worked for. What does possession of all the chaos emeralds do for me? How do they help? Please write me back. Thanks


In SA2B when a chao comes back to life does it keep its color, animal parts, face image, and medal?
In SA2B how many power level-ups do you need to beat the chao Spooky in standard?

shadows death

In sonic adventure 2 when shadow fell to earth and well....died.did he really die?,I thought when you were in your superform you couldnt get hurt?whats the beef?

Just A Question.

I was wondering exactly how many Sonic games and Sonic comic books (in all series) have been made, and what the breakdowns are by series and systems.


What do you know about the game SA3, and when will it come out on the market?


When does the SatAM DVD debut, or has it already? I would really like to know. Or, is there anywhere else i can download the SatAM cartoons?

Sonic game questions

1. Didn't Sonic Blast come out for the Game Boy pocket? I think I remember playing it on it?
2. In Sonic spinball, why does it have Sonic Satam's Freedom Fighters?
3. Does Sonic 2 count as the first Sonic 3d bonus round?
4. On Sonic R, is there a way to slow the other characters down? Becase when I get all 5 coins,I always come in at 4th or 5th place.
5. Will they ever make a Sonic game for PS2 or X box?
6. will they bring old Sonic cartoons back to telvision? 7. If there is a Sonic jam 2,what will it be releced on? 8. Aren't SA2 and SA2 battle baseicly the same thing? 9. What happend to Amy rose after Sonic saved her? 10. If SEGA makes another hand held system,will it have 32 bits? 11.will they make another Knuckles or Tails game?