SHQ Questions and Answers - Year 2006

Where is Amadeus?

I can't figure out where I can find a picture of Amadeus. I've read about him but I can't find a picture of him. What does he look like?

who is he?

in sonic rivals who is the white hedge hog?ive looked in the encyclopedia but i counldnt see pictures so i didnt know who it was.

My Life (Hoaxes)

Could you please answer my query? Please tell me this: The computer I use says URL NOT FOUND when I try to access the hoax pages. Is this a site malfunction or is it the computer itself?


Who are all these characters I saw on this site the only characters I know are sonic, knuckles, tails, amy, big, creme, and anyone from sonic heroes someone please fill me in!

What the heck!

on sonic heroes i have beaten the game with all 4 teams and i,ve gotten the 7 chaos emeralds. why can't i play the last level where all the teams play together to beat egg man once and for all?

Site question

Hey, I was wondering....When is this site going to be fully operational? I notice that the pics in the encyclopedia aren't showing. And how come I can't acess the proart area? Is it restricted or something?

was sonic originally a rabbit?

Is it true that Sonic was originally supposed to be a rabbit with extendable ears? If so, he could've been "Maurice the Bunny"

Manic and Sonia

About Manic and Sonia: Is it only in the "Archie Universe" that they are Sonic and Sally's children? Because, in the Sonic Underground series they're siblings. Is it just a universe switch that makes them siblings in one, and father, mother/children in another?

A few questions

1) Ok I have been a little iffy about tails sonic adventure 2 he was stated to be a ten year old wy in future games is he slated to be 8 years old? Is it to establish some sort of relationship with cream or something what? 2) Does Sonic have any REAL background? Every game ive played sonic has absolutly NO story about his own past or background.....hes just a hero and thats it.........whats the deal with that? 3) And is shadow going to have anymore story in upcoming games? I was real upset about his ending in shth and wondered if sega would focus on him and try to resolve his issues, course I wont be seeing it due to how I dislike sony and microsoft this year...... 4) Another thing.....when is sega gonna go back to the roots of their glory days when sonic felt like sonic? in these times that classic over joyess sonic feel has just died......... 5) one more metal sonic ever coming back? Or even hyper knuckles and super tails at least?

is it ture

Did sonic prime actually date bunnie? And why did they kiss each other in #150.

How do I submit fanfiction?

Yeah, I have been wondering how to do this because I came up with a great concept idea and I think after I was done with it, I can post it here. How do I do that

Shadow's Fate

At the end of the Last Story in Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow walks away saying, "Goodbye forever, Shadow the Hedgehog." Is this the end of Shadow?

sonic's "brother"

I heard on cheatcc that sonic had a brother named ashura. I've been trying to get info on him ever since. does anyone know anything about him?

Chao issue

Um, okay. This is about Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. One of my chao is getting pretty high up there, age wise, and I want to know that if he is reincarnated, or comes back after he dies, will he still have his stats? Or will I have to start from scratch? Thanks for the help.


Hey, I saw one of the questions on here was (something along the lines of),

Why don't you put whole comic books on this webpage?

In the response you said it was illegal unless money was involved.
My question then is.....
A. Why then do you put scans of 1 or 2 comic pages per book?


B. Would it be legal for me to put a couple comic scans on my webpage?

One Quick Question of Concern

I was wondering, does this site have the ability to let its viewers actually read the comics? All other sites i have been to only give cover scans. If this site allows the eading of the actual comics, please let me know how, and if i need to sign up any (cause i will)

chao gardens

how do you get a chao garde in sonic heroes?i know there is one but idont know how to get it?(i saw only an adualt with it so im sure its hard)

About Tails's Relatives...

Ok... question: did there happen to be any other info on Tails's relatives besides in Archie #129??? (That's just about all I could find around here, & their profiles really just restate the whole thing) I've also noticed that there's no profile for Rosemary Prower last time I checked, which is driving me NuTs.Just wanted to point that out. :D~Foshizzle~:D


After shrinking some cover scans to discover that all of them would take up over 10 MB of space which is half of our limited amount could we just make a link to your cover gallery?


I have been waiting for Tails parents to come back and it seems like they're never going to come! So I wanted to know do I have to wait much longer?

Sonic 1 Beta screenshots

Can I use the Sonic 1 Beta screenshots of the prototype zones for my own site?


I would like to submit some info about Sonic 160. I would like to submit some info about Sonic 160, however I do not know how to. Can you give me info about how to submit things such as a review or a scan?

Charmy the bee's real age

Hi, I'm Keshia and I am a huge fan of Sonic and all of his friends.My question for you is that in the Sonic dictionary on both of the definitions for Charmy the Bee,you said that the video game virsion of Charmy's age is 16,but my brother got the Sonic Heroes video game and the guide said that Charmy's really six years old!!!! Can you explane this to me?

what's the difference?

I was wondering what is the difference between times transformed and age. Most of my chaos are at least 2 or 3, but all of them in the times transformed catagory say 0. why is that? these questions regard to sonic adventure 2 battle for the gamescube.

HQ Award

I was just reading about your Sonic HQ and is it an actual trophy award?

Cover scans

could I use the cover scans of the Archie Sonic, Knuckles, Specials, and Super Specials for my own site?


Hey just wondering if you could put up some kind of timeline based on the Archie series, as continuity sometimes gets a bit hazy and I'm lost! You have dates on this site regarding when Sonic et al were born, but you don't seem to have any info on important dates, such as when the great war started, when Sonic's parents met etc etc.

Also, since Sonic's trip to space, which apparently lasted a year on the Mobius calandar, wouldn't that make the birthday Sonic celebrates in issue 150-something his 18th (as he would have had his 17th in space)?? I be confused!


hey sonic im ur no.1 fan but if they celabrate ur aniversary shodent u be married to get aniverys?

Okay, something is wrong here

Hi, I'm a Knuckles fan, and I was wondering something. In the the video games, Knuckles claims he is the last of his kind and has no family. But in the Archie comics, he has a family and a whole bunch of relatives. What's going on?

Is Tails...

Okay, I know that Tails is a boy (I've known him for a quite long time) but I heard he was girl. Was he a girl at one time in his life, or was he always a boy?

Shadow's Past

Grr.. I am really confused about Shadow's past. Did he die in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? Is he an android in Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog? And is he the so called "ultimate life form" or is that the bio-lizard thing?

Sonic the Comic full run

Hey, just wondering if you knew what issue Sonic the Comic ended at. I've been working on getting them all, and I own issues in the 130's and 160's, but your archive only goes up to 124. Any idea how many issues there actually are? Thanks a bunch.

What just happened to Tiara?

I recently went to a site that said that Tiara was a brown maynx. Is this official info, or is it fan-made?

Sonic's name

Okay, I heard that sonic has another name, that is olgilvee (Or something to that effect) isn't his real name Sonic? what's going on?

Knuckles in Sonic Heroes

Someone told me that in Sonic Heroes, Knuckles says a bad word when he punches. Is this true?

She did too!!!!!

I am responding to the answer that Mina+Knux got, saying that Mina did die. She died in Archie Sonic Comic issue #123.

Sonic's Name

In the comics, Sonic has some kind of name (________ Maurice Hedgehog) that starts with an "O". How is that name pronounced?

sonic heroes

how do you get team super sonic for all 1p modes