The Beginning:

Gerald focused on his papers with much anticipation. His experiments were about to begin, ones that would win him fame, grants, and overall, wealth.

For some time his only aspiration was to create the ultimate life form. This creature was to be the new hope for humanity and one day the history of a new age. To accomplish this he first had to create a prototype, one capable enough to withstand the experiments and training required to become the "Ultimate Life Form".

Gerald walked about the laboratory where he read on about his future plans, cane tapping lightly on the crystal white floors as he limped about towards the hallways. A pair of assistants followed reading over the same material.

"Sir. Which animal do you intend to choose for this project?" one of the assistants said.

"Something strong, something beautiful and powerful. We shall see when we get there." Gerald replied.

"Yes sir." the assistant said.

"Come on Sonic! Come to mommy!" Maria called from across her bedroom.

The little brown hedgehog sat on all fours looking around. He studied the room closely and sniffed the air. Suddenly he heard Maria from the far end of the room shouting at him. Though not having the slightest idea of what she was saying, it sounded warm and calm to his ears. Without hesitation he dashed towards her, paddling his little legs on the metallic floor, sounding like a small locomotive.

Before he crashing into her legs he sprung into the air landing roughly in Maria's arms.

She laughed as the little hedgehog licked at her face, "Sonic. You're so cute! Stop that!"

The hedgehog leapt out of her arms and onto the floor, squeaking, and rolling with his little spikes, entertaining Maria. She dropped to the floor and rolled along side the baby hedgehog giggling hysterically.

Gerald and his assistants, Professors Hamsburg and Lee, stood quietly in the elevator as it lowered itself to the bottom sectors of the colony.

The space colony "ARK" was built under the grants and services of the allied nations. It was created for research in all fields of engineering and biotechnologies. Dr. Gerald Robotnik was in charge of the research facilities held on the colony and responsible for the lives and health of the people taking residence there. The Colony wasn't a government project, but funded by several governments to serve as a research base, meaning that the governments could have access to the files or colony itself when deemed necessary.

The colony had five sectors, or floors, in all. Each sector served a different purpose; from living quarters to laboratories of different fields etc.

Gerald stepped off the elevator, accompanied by his assistants, onto the Sector Four grounds where the "Bioscience Labs" were held. He walked down the dim hallways till he reached a large door guarded by two armed men. It was the same room that he and his granddaughter had entered when they chose a pet for her.

Gerald walked up to the two guards, "Hello. Are the animals okay?"

"Yes sir. Would you like to access the room again?" one of the guards asked.

"Yes I would. Please let us pass."

The two guards opened the metallic door instantly.

"Again? When have you been here Professor?" Professor Lee said.

"Oh. I was just checking on them, making sure they were all alive and well."

"I see. Sorry to ask Doctor." Professor Lee replied.

The group hurried in past the noises of the caged, baby animals and looked around. Gerald studied each animal carefully looking for one that would live up to his expectations.

"I need something that will adapt quickly to anything and everything." Gerald said.

"Would I recommend a breed from the amphibian or lizard families?" Professor Hamsburg commented.

"Yes. Good thinking!" Gerald replied.

Gerald looked around, spotting some frogs and toads, not liking either of them. Finally he reached something huge. A massive form of a lizard and a powerful form of myth stood in front of his eyes/

"A Komodo Dragon." He said with a small grin on his face.

"Excellent choice sir! Such a powerful creature and so great in power and form!" Professor Lee said.

"I will take this one. Take it to the Testing Room for further study." Gerald said.

"Yes sir!" the two assistants replied in unison.

The young dragon hissed, flicking its tongue out of the cage, starring up at Gerald. Its dark and menacing figure interacted with its surroundings, a shadow amongst the white, metal floors and a stain to the straws of hay lain about the enclosure. It wrapped its long slithery tail around itself as if to warn off any danger as the hissing persisted.

Gerald reached down to look at the specimen, "Hello little one. It's time you found your destiny."