New Energy:

Gerald stood at the podium displaying slides off of a digital screen. Several images were of blood cells and liquids taking motion. In front of the screen was a row of seats where several scientists took notes and watched as the slides portrayed a story of research. They all sat in silence and listened carefully to each word that was given by the Doctor.

"As you can see, we will be injecting our new specimen with a variety of enhancers. Each will upgrade strength, mass, brain mass, and maybe even color depending on the creatures genetic structure." Gerald exclaimed.

"What will this lead to Doctor?" one of the scientists from the front row asked.

"What it will lead to is an advancement in all of science. Once the creature has morphed to a secondary stage we will start our experiments to see what it can do or more of what it can learn."

Another scientist raised his hand, "Sir, you do realize that these enhancers may take months to begin working, correct?"

Gerald smiled, "That has been taken care of already. I have made these enhancers a form of mutates, thus I am able to manipulate them at will. I have already found a way to make them work within less than ten seconds of interaction."

"How so?"

"That, I am about to show you." Gerald said as he stepped off his podium down towards the exit.

The scientist arose from their seats without hesitation to follow the doctor.

The lights thrust through the transparent ceiling as they shined brightly on the team of scientists. Gerald stood silent as he let his observers look in awe at the room.

It was an all white dome with a honeycomb-patterned floor. In the center stood a huge oval structure and a crane looming over it. Circling the structure were seven pillars and sitting on top of the bases of each were small emeralds, which glowed and hummed with energy, varying in color, but not in size.

Gerald walked up slowly to one of the pillars and placed his hand upon its rough surface. He bowed his head and stood silently as if trying to recall a past event, speaking with almost a whisper, "What you see here is a modified version of my first experiment."

One of the scientist spoke up, "You mean the Seventh Circle Project? Wasn't this the one that was to replace all of the energy on the planet?"

"Yes, sort of. You see, energy was soon to die on our tiny little planet so I tried to create an energy source that could be contained, not wasted and last forever. After many experiments I created a large emerald that contained the energies or life force of every living creature on the planet. We were to call this emerald the Eterni Emerald. Unfortunately when we tested the power supply on the colony here it caused massive damage to the computer systems and shut the station down for some time. After that little incident I began to cut down the emerald into pieces, testing a number of them each time. I never could get the results I wanted, even after the seventh piece had been cut, so I through them out into space and gave up on the project all together. That was many a year ago." Gerald sighed.

Another scientist raised his hand, "Then how come you have them now?"

"Well, I was soon called out by one of my colleagues from Earth. He had told me he had found my emeralds and to see what they had done to the local wild life, so I went down on a vacation to South America wondering how on Earth they had gotten there. He led me to a small jungle within the continent and I had found something absolutely amazing, a sophisticated race of Echidnas had lived there."

"What do you mean by sophisticated race?"

"I meant there were buildings and temples. These echidnas walked on two feet and spoke a language unknown to the human tongue. It was amazing. My colleague and I had figured that these creatures had gathered all the emeralds by themselves. One must of landed on their home and by theory we predicted that the energies from the emeralds had triggered an evolutionary process within their genetic structures. After time of researching these creatures and actually speaking with them I learned they had worshiped these emeralds as they would a god. Soon though I persuaded them to give me all seven of these emeralds and in exchange I had lied and made them another emerald with equal power. They tried to test the emerald I had given them, but they couldn't find anything wrong because I made it work in unison with the others, so it appeared they were all of equal power. After tricking the little beast I had them all exterminated to hide the evidence and took back my project, thus I have them here now. And with these strange occurrences resulting from the emeralds themselves, I finally gave them the name of the Chaos Emeralds."

"Though cruel, very well planned doctor and a marvelous achievement!"

"Indeed it is!" a dark man said as he walked towards the group.

He was a young and dark man with glasses. His black hair stringed down to his face as he walked smoothly across the floor, "The names Guiver, Doctor Guiver. I am the head assistant of Doctor Robotnik. We plan to place the creatures cage within this crane then lower him towards the emeralds where the energies will be given off, thus the transformation and then our achievement."

"Ah. Doctor Guiver! Thank you for informing them. It is a pleasure to have such a well knowledgeable student." Gerald said.

"The same to you, a great teacher! Now Doctor, let us begin. Our little pet is becoming anxious." Guiver said with a smile.