The Transformation

"Now, if you look here, Doctor, you'll notice that the mutates have begun working already. Just shortly after being injected they are quickly interacting with the various cells in the dragon's body. We should be ready to take the next step." Guiver exclaimed to Gerald.

Gerald looked through the microscope, turning the knobs to focus on the blood sample, "Indeed. Let us begin."

"If you will follow me sir I will escort you to the observation room, Doctor." Guiver said.

"Wait a second, I thought we and the team agreed on a more close up and personal observation? I don't wish to sit a hundred feet up behind bulletproof class as my creation comes to life. I want to be there when it is born to its new destiny. I want to be there to experience what I have created."

"But sir. We haven't even tested this procedure and…"

Gerald cut him off, "No ifs, ands or buts about it! What I say goes. I want to be down there. You and the rest can sit all cuddled up in your glass chamber, but I want to be there when it opens its eyes for the first time. I want it to know who its father is."

"Yes sir. I will arrange for the guards to get you some protective gear. Please be careful though."

"Trust me, there is no need to say that. This time we will not fail, for we will show the world what we can create with our minds. We are making history today Guiver and we are making a future."

"Yes sir."

Gerald pulled his cane off the table and began to limp towards the door. Suddenly, Maria ran in, a guard followed, taking hold of her arm as he tripped over his feet.

"Grandpa!" she screamed as she hugged him.

"Oh my! Little one, what are you doing here? You know very well this is a restricted area! I don't want you to get hurt." Gerald said.

The fallen guard got up, gasping for air, "Sir. I'm sorry, but she was too fast. I tried to grab her, but it was too late."

"Don't worry about it, just make sure that everything is within protocol and that we have nothing to worry about."

The guard gave a small salute as he rushed out the door, "Yes sir!"

Gerald looked down at Maria with a serious face. She looked back with her puppy eyes and smiled at him. Gerald couldn't help chuckle at the innocence portrayed by the five-year old, "All right. All right. You can watch me work in the observation room, but no trouble!"

She began to hop around joyfully, "Can I bring Sonic too?"

He looked hesitantly at her, "I...I suppose."

"Yay! Thank you Grampy!"

"Didn't I tell you not to call me that? Oh well. Now go along and get Sonic. Doctor Guiver here will take you to where you need to be."

"Okay, Grampy!" Maria said as she ran out of the room energetically.

Guiver raised his voice, "What? I don't want to take care of her! Please Doctor! Remember what happened last time? I still have a scar…"

Gerald cut him off, "Now, now. Don't start with me Guiver. Please attend to those matters at once. I need to prepare myself."

"Yes sir." He said with an irritated tone.

Guiver walked down the barren halls yelling, "Maria! Maria! Where are you?"

"In here Uncle Geezer!" Maria yelled with a giggle.

"Don't call me that! Now tell me where you are!"

"In Grandpa's office!"

Guiver tapped on the large oak door lightly and pushed it to the side. The room was a mess full of papers and diagrams. In the center sat a plain desk with a picture shadowing it on the back wall. It was a painted image of Maria herself.

Guiver heard a faint sound of squeaking and the rustling of papers beneath the desk, "Maria?"

Maria shot out from under the desk, a lab coat covering her small body that was three times as big, papers scattered everywhere beside her feet. Her hair was a stringy mess as a little, furry brown hedgehog lied on top of it.

"I found Sonic, Uncle Geezer!"

"That's all very nice, now we have to go. Gather your things and follow me. Oh, and leave the rodent behind."

"He isn't a rodent! Grandpa said I could take him!"

"Yes, but it is unsafe. He could cause some damage, especially when he's with you."

Maria began to sob, "You're mean!"

Guiver looked at the crying Maria for some time before he began to get a sick feeling to his stomach. He hated it when children cried, because they never stopped until they got their way. The only way to solve this problem was to do it gently, Guiver thought.

Guiver walked over to Maria and knelt beside her, "Now, now. I'm not a bad guy. I just don't want Sonic to get hurt, that's all."

Maria wiped her eyes and looked at Guiver with a saddened face, "You mean it? Why would he get hurt?"

Guiver spoke in a faking, worried tone, "There are some really bright lights where we are going. If Sonic was in there he would go blind and then he couldn't play anymore."

"But, couldn't we get him some sun glasses?"

'Damnit, I hate it when kids get smart' Guiver thought.

He picked Sonic up from her head and put him in his arms, "He's too small and he's still a baby Maria. Let's let him sleep okay?"

Maria finally stopped sobbing and bowed her head, giving a small nod of approval, "Where will he sleep?"

Guiver looked around trying to find a place to put the rowdy little hedgehog. Suddenly he got an idea, "Why don't we put him in this warm coat you are wearing and then lay it nicely on the desk? He'll love it there."

Maria nodded and took off the coat, handing it to Guiver. He smiled and placed Sonic, which was fighting to get out of his grasp, into the front coat pocket. When he was done settling the hedgehog he folded some of the coat over the pocket to keep the hedgehog from escaping and placed it on the desk.

"There, no worries. Now let's go see Grandpa."

"Okay, Uncle Geezer!" Maria said with a smile as she ran out of the room.

"Damn kid." Guiver muttered as he ran after her.

"Hamsburg! Please fetch my lucky coat, I want this to run without any problems!" Gerald yelled across the hall to his assistant.

It was always a mystery to Hamsburg as to why one of the greatest scientific geniuses in the world would be so superficial. There was never really telling what the Doctor would come up with or believe in. He was an insanely good man with a mind that spanned galaxies.

Professor Hamsburg pushed his way through the door, papers scattered everywhere. It was a true mess. He was surprised that the Doctor actually worked in this environment or that he could work here at all.

He searched through the papers looking for the white coat. Finally, he spotted it on a small desk in the center of the room. He walked over and picked up the folded, silky coat, moving hastily back out into the hallway to the Doctor.

"Here you are sir!" Hamsburg shouted trying to catch his breath.

Gerald took the coat and unfolded it with care. He placed his arms through it and adjusted the fit, "Thank you Hamsburg, this is all I needed. Hmm. It seems a little heavier than before."

"Maybe you left your journal inside sir." Hamsburg said.


Gerald felt around his pockets until he heard a soft squeak, "Hamsburg! Watch your manners! I think you need to lay off the dinner meals."

"But sir…" Hamsburg tried to explain himself as Gerald walked away.

"Maria, keep calm!" Guiver barked at the little girl as she tugged at his leg asking questions.

"Where's Grandpa?"

"Just wait, and don't put your hands on the glass!"

The other scientist in the room laughed and commented on the odd couple. No one ever imagined Doctor Guiver with a kid, even if it wasn't his. It was a funny scene to remember. They could all tell the cute little girl annoyed Guiver, and they enjoyed every minute of it.

"Shut up fools! I help pay your salary and I make sure you have a job. If I hear anything else I'll take the opposite into consideration!" Guiver yelled, his face turning red with anger and aggravation.

At once the scientists that filled the room halted their laughter and fell into a deep silence. They all peered down at the large, white dome and awaited the historical show about to take place.

Maria screamed with excitement as her grandfather walked through a door in the dome, lab coat and goggles on, "It's Grandpa!"

Gerald adjusted his goggles and limped towards the oval platform in the center of the dome. He glanced at the tall structure and placed his hand on one of the pillars, "Release the cage!"

Suddenly the ceiling began to move, it slid apart, side from side as a crane lowered a small cage. Inside was the Komodo dragon. It hissed and threw itself into the sides trying to escape, a vicious display of instinct and ferociousness.

Gerald waved up at the observation room hoping Maria would catch his hello.

He cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled out in the dome, "Activate the emeralds and lower the creature to the center of the structure!"

A loudspeaker crackled, "Yes sir. We are proceeding as planned. The room has been cleaned and stabilized so that no other living organism is affected by the energies. As we lower the creature into position the emeralds will be warming up. When we have them at full power we'll release the bars on the cage, all should go smoothly. Once the transformation is complete a team of guards will rush in to restrain the creature and carry it off to its chambers for further study."

"Good! Good!" Gerald yelled, a smile lighting his face.

The loudspeaker tuned off as the cage hit the base of the structure, the crane pulling its claws away from the barred enclosure and raising itself back to the ceiling.

Sonic awoke at the strange sounds all around him. He looked around to see where he was, but was blocked off by the vision of all white. This was a strange place and it smelled bad. Without hesitation he crawled to the top where the fresh air was breathable and inhaled thickly. He looked about to notice that his resting place was bustling with activity, hanging onto the white softness with dear life as it moved around. He became dizzy at once and decided he had had enough of it. Without another thought he leapt out of the place and onto the floor, shaking his furry body to loosen himself up.

Everywhere he turned it was white. He had never been in such a place before and wondered where he could find some food. He looked up to see a large animal towering to the sky, mumbling much like another animal he enjoyed playing with, but this one was louder and hurt his ears. It didn't seem to notice that he had escaped from its fur. Maybe it was trying to eat him? Maybe it had taken him and was saving him for later? He didn't waste any time to run in the other direction. Behind him he heard an even louder noise, earth shattering as it shook the ground and almost knocked him off his feet, but he kept running hoping not to be eaten.

Gerald screamed and limped as fast as he could after the scurrying hedgehog, "Stop that animal at once! Don't start anything! Stop at once!"

Before he could do anything the little hedgehog leapt onto the structure and hid behind the cage. Gerald screamed, "Stop! No!"

Before his words could be heard the emeralds began to glow brightly, they beamed with energy as the light grew stronger.

Sonic sniffed around the shiny bars. They looked like plants, but they didn't smell like them. He tried to gnaw on one of the shiny plants, but to no avail they didn't move or chip. He sniffed some more till he picked up another scent, moving his eyes upward to see a long slithery tongue flicking over him. The monster hissed and hit the bars forcefully.

Sonic backed up that instant, this time something was trying to eat him! He knew, though, that if he kept his distance the monster couldn't get to him. Suddenly, the worst of things happened. The bars moved out of place and released the monster. It came dashing through towards him. Sonic gave a small, terrifying squeak as he turned and ran like lighting in the other direction.

Maria wailed and hit the glass, "No! Sonic no!"

Guiver tried to restrain her, but she bit his arm and ran towards the exit, "Damn kid!"

He quickly ran after her rubbing his now bruised and teeth marked arm.

Gerald ducked as the emeralds shot out beams of energy at the center of the platform. The light filled the room and blinded everything and everyone in site. He covered his face with his hands and knelt on the ground fearing the intensity of the beams.

Finally, after a few seconds everything was still. Silence filled the dome as the lights faded and the emeralds stopped glowing.

Gerald uncovered his face, squinting to see what had happened. He gasped in shock as he tumbled onto his back. What was before him was nothing he had ever expected.

The Komodo dragon had grown. Its body covered the entire outside of the dome and curled around itself. It lay on its stomach, head rising to the ceiling as it flicked its massive tongue across the walls. Its scales were a glossy green and shined under the lights. Then, with a small raise in its head it opened its monstrous jaws and let out a hissing roar that cracked the glass on every window within a hundred yard area.

Gerald covered his ears as he stared in awe at his new creation. It was a magnificent display of power and elegance. He had never imagined it would turn out like this. He would be famous without a doubt.

"Marvelous! Marvelous!" Gerald said as he stood up.

Sonic tried to focus as he opened his eyes, head aching and throbbing as the blood rushed back to his body. He looked around to see if he had escaped the monster. It looked as if he did. He arched his back in pain, feeling with his hand behind him to find a rough surface. He jumped up at once at the sound of a roar; the surface trembled and hummed with that sound. It felt like an earthquake had just struck.

The monster wasn't gone. It had caught him! He got on all two legs and shook his head in multiple directions trying to find an exit. Wait a second, two legs? He tripped on himself trying to walk, scared and confused. He had a strange feeling that he was going to die.

A tide of guards rushed into the dome, all with weapons in hand. The halted at once when they saw the gigantic lizard.

"How in hell are we supposed to get that thing out of here?" one of the guards yelled.

Gerald looked at them, "We don't. It has grown larger than I imagined. Just try to put it to sleep for now, we will figure something out soon."

"Sir. It's just too big! Putting that thing to sleep is like asking for us to put everyone on the colony to sleep. We don't have that many darts or chemicals to perform that."

"Just do it!" Gerald barked.

The guards looked hesitantly around, aiming their weapons at the creature's head. It hissed once more and curved its head towards its predators. Suddenly it let out a screeching roar as it swung its tail across the floor and knocked the guards over. They toppled onto one another and crashed into the wall.

"No! You aren't supposed to do this!" Gerald screamed.

Then, Maria ran through the open door, Guiver chasing after her yelling for her to stop.

"Grandpa! Sonic!" Maria shouted, hoping to get an answer.

Gerald replied, "It's okay little one! Now don't come in here! Leave at once!"

"I have to get Sonic!"

Sonic listened and heard the sweet voice of his animal friend. He knew though that the monster was still in here, but he couldn't leave his friend behind.

He pushed himself up and crawled towards the voice, over the rough surfaces and onto the crystal white floors. His friend was there. It cried, as if in pain. He couldn't have her hurt. He had to protect her.

The monster loomed over him sniffing. It hissed once more and twisted itself in his direction. He glanced back and began to crawl as fast as he could, but with much surprise the monsters head swooshed over him and went after a different target.

Maria kept screaming, hoping her pet was okay. Suddenly she saw it, the gaping jaws as they reached for her.

Gerald threw his hands up, waving them to the door, "Maria! Run!"

She ducked her head and crouched as the monster lunged at its new meal.

Sonic didn't know what to do, but his mind was set that he would save her. He opened his mouth trying to speak, "Ma-ri-a. Ma-ri-a!"

A low humming began to fill the dome. Light darted from the floor as the seven Chaos Emeralds floated into the sky. They began circling and surging with energy, suddenly stopping, and within a second they crashed into the desperate hedgehog, fusing with him.

Beams of light cracked the surface and walls of the dome. The monster stopped at once and closed its eyes, blinded by the furious storm of lights.

Gerald rushed over to Maria taking her close to him and carrying her to the door. He glanced back to see what had happened and his jaw dropped. Before him was an angel. A golden angel of hope as it levitated in the air, shining and mysterious. Its spikes rose to the sky and it looked as if it had wings.

Sonic opened his eyes once again, feeling a wonderful sensation grace over. He was floating in mid air. He always wondered what it was like to be a bird, now he knew.

He had to save Maria though, and without much more to think he dived at the monster, for once not thinking of himself. If he was to be eaten, better it was him than his friend.

With a clash of thunder he landed his fist into the monsters jaw. A giant crack was heard throughout the dome as the monster collided with the wall, toppling over on itself. Knocked out cold the monster gave a final hiss as it closed its eyes and let its tongue drop.

Maria sat near her grandfather, her eyes wide with amazement, "Grandpa. Sonic is an angel!"

Gerald watched as the flying, golden hedgehog hovered over its fallen victim, "Yes little one, he is. He is…"