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Antoine stepped away from the wall he had been talking too for the last half hour.

“Zaying it to hiz faze iz going to be hard!” Antoine said to himself
“Nize talking to you!”

He walked out of his hut and looked round. Now the only thing to do was to find him. His ears pricked up as he heard the all too familiar sound of a sonic boom indicating Sonic was either accelerating or had just slowed down and released a burst of energy. He straightened out his uniform and walked over to where the sound came from. He felt a lump in his throat and prayed that he would not freeze up and look stupid. He heard laughing from behind a tree and immediately recognized Sally’s voice. It immediately filled his heart with a pain knowing he had no right to ever call her his own or ever think they could be together. Not after what he was about to say.

“Wait a sec Sal, you can’t be serious!”

“Look Sonic, one day a year, it’s not going to kill you or ruin your errrr, reputation!”

“But Sal he ain’t even got a life!” he put his hand on his hip “If there was a prize for the most totally uncool person in the whole of Mobius old anthill would win for sure!”

“What did he ever do to you?”

“Hey! he keeps trying to pull moves on you, I don’t want you to get hurt. Surely you find it annoying!?”

“Ok, sometimes he is a bit boring but he is kinda sweet.”

“I’ve heard enough I’m juicing!”

“Wait Sonic” said a familiar voice “Zer is zomezing important we must dizcuss.”

“Like what pal, come to learn how to get a life!”

Sally looked at Antoine, and as was the norm, expected his response to be very indignant.

“Shut up and Lizten Sonic!” snapped Antoine, he was much to annoyed to be offended.

Sonic was too surprised to say anything and seizing the moment Antoine decided to act on it.

“For a quite a time as I remember we have never liked each other and zis, haz cauzed certain, er, problems!” Antoine breathed in deeply and then continued. “I have a ummm, proposal, you ztay out of my face I will ztay away from yourz!”

Sonic looked at Antoine with a rather dumb expression.

“Well, vhat do you zhink?”

Sally broke the embarrassing silence.

“That was very sweet Antoine! I’m sure sonic agrees!” She nudged his side. “Won’t it be great! I can finally get some peace!”

“Hold it Ant, you think I am just gonna agree to that? Threre’s a catch isn’t there!”

Sally felt like covering her ears.

“I did not zhink you vud agree Sonic! And zer is no catch.” There was a hint of indigence and of the old Antoine.

Sonic stood there and made like he was about to say something. Sally put an arm on his shoulder and stopped him.

“We need to discuss this in private Sonic.” She looked him in the eyes. “In my hut c’mon.”

“Be back soon Antoine!” She called as she led the bewildered Sonic away.

Sally opened the door and literally dragged Sonic in.

“Listen Sonic, I know you and Antoine never liked each other but this is the perfect opportunity to let all that go” She put both her hands on his shoulders “Let it go Sonic.”

“But Sal!”

“How much more agitation are you going to cause each other before it finally stops?”

“Alright alright, as long as he stays out of my way!”

“So, are you going to do it!”

“Er, what?”

“Our discussion, Antoine’s birthday!” Sally folded her arms and looked irritated.

“Oh that! Ok then. But not next year!”

“Now I want you to go out and shake hands with him.”

“No way I..... ok alright then.”

Sonic walked off rather sullenly and closed the door of the hut behind him.

“Sally” Said a voice coming from the floor.

“What’s up NICOLE?”

“Robotnick has just sent us a message, no traces of any computer viruses. Transmitted by standard radio.” There were a few beeps as NICOLE waited for a response.

Sonic walked to the edge of knothole.

“This is gonna be hard!” He thought to himself. “Oh, well, I suppose Sally is right, this arguing had to stop sometime.”

As he went round the tree where he had first seen Antoine for the fist time that day ( if you exclude the time in the morning when he stuck the notice on Antoine’s back saying “LOSER”) he noticed him standing there.

“Iz it zat we have dezided, no?”

“Ok Ant, on one condition. You stay away from Sally!”

“Zat was ze plan! However zhe haz cute butt, no!” Antoine’s entire face was suddenly covered with a spasmatic mischeivous grin.

“Why you d....”

“Ezy Sonic, it was only a joke! I will stay avay from her!”

“You’d better Ant or ill’...”

Antoine interrupted him again.

“Let us forget zis, shake.” He extended his hand in Sonic’s direction.

Sonic was rather flustered again but he knew this was the only way out. He gripped his hand and shook it. He noticed Antoine’s grip was stronger than he had expected. As there hands met a sudden wave of pleasure flowed through both of them. At last all the trouble would end. However after so many years of giving nothing but hell to each other, it seemed strange, and as their hands parted they felt rather embarrassed and walked off in different directions.

In Sally's hut Sandra and Sally were listening to the message Robotnick had sent. The message had been sent in holographic format so they got the full three dimensional show. It was a stranage affair with a wierd pattern suspended in mid air that constantly changed. It made both females feel queer but it had a marked effect on Sally who started to get a headache. She turned the image off.

"What do you think Sandra?" Asked Sally.

"How should I know! Buttnick was always pretty screwed up anyway!"

"NICOLE what's new?" Ordered Sally.

"Until futher analysis is complete I cannot give any more information concerning this message."

"What d'ya have so far?" Voiced Sandra her tail continually moving from side to side in a puzzled manner. "I wasn't there when you told Sally."

"Message is free from viruses, however it seems to affect the brain in some way. It appears to be brim full with subliminal messages designed to cloud perception. However it seems to have not had any effect on Sally except the headache, which I cannot explain. I reccomend she should be observed carefully in case any symptoms do appear."

"Ok then"Said Sally.

She then immediatly sat down and seemed deep in thought. Suddenly she stood up and put her hands on her head. She tried to get the thought out of her mind but it would not leave.

"I'm going to talk to Bunnie OK?" Said Sally as she walked off rather shakely. "This whole thing can wait a few hours."

Sandra shrugged and re-played the message to try and figure out its purpose.

"WHAT THE WHO-HA!" Exclaimed Bunnie after listening to Sally speek of her problem.

"Yes Bunnie, I don't know why I never saw it before."Sally took a deep breath "Sonic is going nowhere and he is taking me with him. I can never sit down and have an intelligent conversation with him. He just runs off. He's kind but just not sensative enough. I've got to find someone else. Somebody who wants to be serious."

"Well!" Bunnie began to recover from the shock. "I think ya made da right choice! Ya have to think about ya self in a relationship too!"

Bunnie leaned close.

"Well Sally-girl, anyone in paricular ya want ta get togetha with?"

What Sally said next made Bunnie almost completely lose control. She never forgot this shock, even to her dying day.

"I want....." Sally paused to think, "Antoine!"

Bunnie put on a dumb expression and became transfixed for a few seconds. It would have been comical in a less serious situation.

"Well I, umm err why d'ya want, I mean, ummm well, oh my stars!" Bunnie mumbled.

"Why not?" Said Sally flatly.

"Well errrrrummmm, nothing wrong with him just a bit of errr a shock!" Bunnie began to think straight again. "Ya know when I think about it he ain't that bad! But he is stubborn."

"I can make him a much nicer person!" Sally said confidently. "Someone who I can talk to and be with who will listen to me."

"My stars, well, ya have all ma support Sally-girl. Who ya gonna tell first?"

Sally thought about it.

Bunnie thought to herself. 'This is going to really hurt Sonic's feelings but Sally seems so sure of herself.' Should Sally go to Antoine and confess her love or find Sonic and break his heart first?"

You Chose This...

Antoine was in the process of walking back to his hut when he was called from behind by a familliar voice.

"Yez Princez?"

Much to his suprise Sally walked straight up to Antoine and held on to both of his hands, interlocking their fingers. Antoine was immediatly flustered and was not sure what to do. Not only that. But Sally was staring right at him. Looking into Sallys eyes almost melted Antoine. They looked so gentle and full of good intentions.

"Antoine" Sally said "Would you have said me and Sonic were close?"

"Ummmmm, yez you were!" Antoine looked puzzled. "Were?"

"Well, ya see" Sally looked even harder at Antoine. "He was alright but, I need someone not afraid to be themself, someone cool I can talk to."

Antoine put on a dumb expression similar to Bunnie's. Was she going to say the thing he had dreampt about all his life?

"I've dumped Sonic and I want you!" She released him and stared with even more power. "Please Antoine, I really need some decent male company."

"Aidez moi!" Antoine whispered under his breath. (Help me.)

At that moment Sally raised her head to Antoine's height and kissed him quite quickly on the mouth. She then withdrew and watched the reaction. Antoine was almost on the verge of fainting and staggered slightly but somehow manage to regain control. He looked at Sally and searched with all his might for something intelligent to say.

"Wwww,wwwhy nnn,,now prrrincezz?" He stuttered.

"I was..." Sally paused for a minute as if this question posed a serious threat. "Stupid, you are the only one for me."

Antoine used every last bit of his effort to say the next thing he said.

"Sally, would you be liking to come to my hut," Seeing her eyes brighten he quikly added. "To discuss zis."

'I must sort this out' Antoine thought to himself. 'Sonic and I had just made peace. What is going to happen now?"

Unknown to them the entire thing had been watched by Sonic. He was comsumed by a burning rage, an unquenchable hatred for Antoine. He did not hear much of the conversation. But he did hear the part where Antoine invited Sally round to his hut. That was the last straw. After all Sally and he had been through how could this happen? He felt a tear trickle down his cheek. The only one for him had been taken by some french dork. Sally must now hate him, there was no other explaination.

Sonic was so angry he could barely think, should he try and talk to
Sally or turn on Antoine?

You Chose This...

Sonic walked around the perimeter of Knothole in a wide arc hoping against hope that he would not meet Antoine again. He forgot his displeasure when he saw Sally walking up to him.

"Hey, Sal!" He called "I did it! Hope yer happy!"

Sally's expression however was serious. She approached Sonic and his smile dropped.

Sally took a deep breath, this was it. Suddenly she had a fleeting image of all the happy times she and Sonic had shared and she saw something else, it tried to tell her that she was not herself, it wasn't real. She pushed all these out of her head and stood facing Soinc. Sally wished she had rehearsed it but it was too late now.

"Sonic." She took a deep breath. "I am afraid that I am not your girlfriend any more, we can still be friends but there is someone else."

Sonic stood still and seemed stupified.

"Whooa, hold on Sal, this is a joke right?"

However her expression told him that it was not a joke. Sonic backed away slightly.

"No, I don't believe this! Why Sally, why? this isn't funny."

"Sonic, when were you ever there to comfort me, to talk to me about something other than yourself..." Sonic broke in.

"Who in Mobiu's name has anything I aint got!?" Sonic thought to himself. What was it? He had comforted her and had been kind. What was she talking about?

"Anyone" Yelled Sally in a fit of rage. "Anyone except you seems to have a personnality!"

Sonic was taken back by her sudden unnaturally agressive nature. This was not right, it was weird.

"But Sal..."

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH HEDGEHOG!" She yelled back, cutting him out.

Sonic began to back away. What was wrong?

"Sally, calm down!"

"I'll show you calm!" She unsheated her claws and began to walk towards Sonic.

"You've gone pshyco!" Wailed Sonic.

"I'm sure Antoine won't treat me like you did."

"ANTOINE! What's he done to you!"

"Nothing! But you always did stuff to me I regret." She had almost reached Sonic.

"I knew I couldn't trust that jerk!" With that he raced off.

Much later he spotted Antoine and Sally sitting on a log hand in hand. He decided to get to the bottom of this.

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You Chose This...

Sally and Antoine alike were both scared out of their wits when Sonic charged out of the trees and approached them.

"Antoine! Keep away from her!" Yelled Sonic.

"SONIC!" Screemed Antoine, scared of what he may do.

"Sonic listen!" Said Sally "It was my choice, please let's discuss this!"

"Antoine! Come hear!" Sonic was too worked up to notice what Sally had to say.

Antoine turned and began to run away but Sonic was far too fast. He leapt through the air at Antoine with as much force as a jet and smashed him against a tree. There was a load crack and snapping sound upon impact. Antoine fell to the floor.

"Get up and fight you miserable coward!" Yelled Sonic at the still Antoine.

When he still did not move Sonic kicked him over. He rolled onto his back and Sonic got a good look at his face. He had a distant expression on his face and his eyes were wide open, unblinking.

"Antoine! ANTOINE!" Yelled Sonic with concern and guilt. He still did not move.

Sonic held him up and shook him but Antoine's body was as cold and as lifeless as a fish.

"You killed him!" Whispered Sally. "YOU KILLED HIM" She yelled the second time.

Tears began to stream down Sonic's face.

"NO, I DIDN'T (sob) MEAN IT! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" Sonic tried to convince himself.

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You Chose This...

Sonic stormed up to the couple making his prescence quite clearly known. Both Antoine and Sally were quite startled by him.

"Ok," He started. "I'll listen, what's going on?" Sonic managed by some rare act of self discipine to remain in control.

"Maybe I should talk to Sonic" Said Sally, she pushed Antoine aside gently and walked up to Sonic and led him out of the woods into her hut. She held the door for him as he walked inside.

"First I am sorry I shocked you so much Sonic," She paused "It's not really you or anything you did but I was just not happy. I'm sorry about this."

"Why Sal, What did I ever do to you?"

"Sonic, our relationship was never built to last," Then "We are two different people!"

"That never got in the way before. We had fun and shared laughter and chilidogs and we were happy. What's brought this on Sally?"

"I, can't explain it, just happened." Sally pulled her hair out of her face. "Maybe we should all spend some time alone with our other friends to come to terms with this."

Sonic said nothing else but just walked of in a sort of daze.

"NO WAY!" Screeched Tails.

"Yes way little bro!"

"Why would Sally leave you for that sad Anthill?"

"I don't know."

Sonic had gone back to his hut and as expected had found Tails there. Tails may not have been very old but he needed someone to confide in.

"Here Tails." Sonic handed him a photo. "Tell me what you see."

Tails took the photo and looked at it. It was a picture of Sonic and Sally standing next to each other. Sonic had his arm round her and Sally was nuzzling up to Sonic's muzzle.

"I see you and Sally!"

Sonic leapt up and hurled the chair he was sitting on to the floor in a fit of rage that suprised and scared Tails.


Tails began to back away and Sonic realised what he had done.

"Sorry little bro, I didn't mean that, she just means so much to me." In response to his voice Tails became less agitated.

"I'll help you Sonic!"

"Thanks but I don't think anyone can undo this!"

Sally had found and brought together Bookshire, Dulcy, Rotor and Sandra and was about to convey the news. By now she had learned the most effective way was to just say it flatly and wait until the confusion died down.

"I've left Sonic and I love Antoine!" She stated.

"Excuse me!" That was Dulcy

"I've left Sonic and I love Antoine!" She stated again.

"Damn!" Said Sandra

Sally turned to face her.

"Since when were you so concerned about our relationship?"

"I'm not, but now Antoine has you and...." Sandra realised this was a mistake.

"You loved Antoine?!" Said Bookshire.

Sandra began to turn red.

"I would never have guessed!" Said Rotor.

"I'm outa here!" Sandra Stood up and walked out with a few irittated flicks of her tail.

They all turned back to face Sally.

"Tell us it ain't true Sal." Said Dulcy again.

"It's true." Then Sally spoke again before anyone else could but in. " I'm gonna go now, I think you all need to adjust to the shock."

Sally walked out rubbing her head. It had been like that all day. It kept throbbing.

"Ok" Sonic thought aloud to himself, "Just one more person I need to talk to."

After searching around knothole for quite a long time Sonic was no closer to finding Antoine. He looked in his hut, around the perimeter and even in Sally's hut. However after much searching he eventually stumbled on Antoine walking up the throught the center of the village. Antoine seemed completely preocupied with thought. Sonic looked around for Sally but she was no-where to be seen. Antoine did not notice Sonic until he was almost on top of him.

"Ohh exuse moi Sonic," Then realising that they were alone he started to back away.

"I'm not going to hurt you as long as you tell me what 's going on."

"I am not to be knowing!"

"Tell me Ant, d'ya think she's gone crazy or does she really not love me?"

"Well.." Antoine thought to himself.

Does Sally really love me or has she gone crazy?

You Chose This...

"I really am not knowing Sonic." Said Antoine "It just does not seem right, no?"

"Your telling me!"

"I am thinking zat maybe zere is something going on and we really need to be knowing what it is!" Then he said "Well maybe we could call a truce until we find out if it really iz juzt her."

"Well, OK then, just until this is finally sorted out."

They looked up at the sky and saw a large sun seeming to sink into the forest setting it ablaze.

"Nearly, night Ant!" Sonic stated the obvious.

"Wait a minute, were we not have supposed too have been going on a raid tonight?" Asked Antoine.

"Yeah, come to think of, I forgot all about that!"

"Zis iz wierd, it has zlipping everybody'z mind!" Antoine continued to gaze at the beautiful sky.

"Hmmmm, I think I need to have another talk with Sal!"

"Should I be coming!"

"No! It'l just screw things up!" Sonic blurted.

"Ok then!" Antoine replied. "Whatever you say."

Antoine turned and started to walk back to his hut. Sonic watched him walk off for a few moments and then started his own journey to Sal's hut.

Mean while in Robotroplis Robotnick leaned back in his chair with an evil smile on his face.

"The pesky squirrel and the french fox, Sonic will be thrilled!" He leaned further back. "Couldn't be better if I planned it my self!"

"That hedgehog will be sure to come!"

Antoine opened the door to his hut and looked inside. Things seemed different somehow. There was soft music playing in the background and the blinds were drawn. Antoine stepped inside rather nervously. He looked across the room first the left and then the right. Nothing. The bathroom door was open so she wasn't in there. Antoine cringed at the thought! He'd better go and find Sonic.

"Hi there foxy!" It was Sally's voice coming from behind him. Antoine whirled round to face her. She had snuck up on him while he was preocupied with looking for her in the room.

"Sally, zis iz not what I was expecting!" He paused and then continued quickly "Sally you know we have been missing a raid on Robotroplis? Do you not think theze eventz are zuspiciouz. Robotnick was planning zomething big?"

Sally was wearing absolutlely nothing not even her boots. Of course Antoine thought this as being perfectly normal.

"Who cares about that stupid raid." Antoine was shocked "That can wait, what matters now is that I have you!"

"Vell, jeez!"

"Come over here!" Sally almost ordered Antoine to comply.

Antoine walked over to wear Sally had pointed. She then closed the door and advanced on him.

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You Chose This...

"I iz very zorry Sonic but I think that zhe doez love me!"

Sonic said nothing but let out a long sigh.

"Do you love her?" That was Sonic and his tone was completely neutral, not friendly and not angry.

"I am not knowing, I have said for a long time that I loved the pricezz with all of my heart. Now I am not being zo zure! Honeztly Sonic I think I luzted after her becauze I was jealouz of you. Zhe iz very zweet but I zuppoze I thought of Sally as more of an object than a person. Now it has actually happened I do not know what to do!"

"This is the worst day of my life!"

Sonic began to think again of all the times he had rescued Sally, talked to her, the times that they had kissed. All the feelings the pleasures they had shared that were now worthless. Now, Sally was sharing all that with someone else! He had comforted her when she had cried, consoled her and yes, he had loved her too. All these feelings that he had fought to contain bubbled out and he broke down in a fit of tears.

Antoine stood there watching Sonic cry. He then did something he had never done before or ever considered doing. He Sat down beside him and put his arm around Sonic. Sonic immediatly became ridgid and it was like trying to hug a stone.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh," Whispered Antoine and in response to his gentle and quiet voice Sonic relaxed.

"Zink about it like zis. In about ten yearz can you zee yourself still being zis unhappy?"

Sonic made no attempt to pull away from Antoine. He just shook his head and nuzzled up closer to Antoine. At this point he would have probably nuzzled up to anyone. Sonic seemed to be feeling a lot better, however, his proximity to Antoine meant that one of his spines was digging into Antoine's shoulder. shoulder. At this moment however Antoine was not frightened of anything, he had never felt this good in all his life. He simply ignored the pain.

"Thanks Ant!" Croaked Sonic "Or would you prefer Antoine now?"

"Ant iz fine!"

"Please help me up."

Antoine pulled Sonic to his feat and Sonic gently took Antoine's arm off his shoulder.

"I think I need to talk to Sally." Said Sonic.

"Very well." Antoine started to walk away.

"Hey Ant." Antoine turned to face Sonic. "Thanks!"

No further words were needed and they walked off in different directions. Sonic went to Sally's hut and Antoine went to his own.

Antoine stepped into his hut and saw Sally standing there. She was completely naked but of course Mobians are used to this.

"Bonjour princzez!"

"Hi Ant!"

"What iz all thiz?" Antoine pointed at NICOLE in the corner who was playing some music.

"It is for us foxy!" Something in the way she said that made Antoine cringe slightly.

Sally began to approache Antoine and put her arms round him.

"Errr, princezz, iz thiz not moving too fast, no?"

Sally did not reply.

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