He could smell him.
Finally, after all these years I can see how may little brother is doing. In
the middle of the great forest, a fox surveyed the area around him. He
pulled back his hood and peered to his left. He could see huts in the far
distance and spotted a little orange fox hunched over as if he were crying.
What happened? Without blowing his cover, he pulled his hood over his head.
He rose quickly off the ground by two fast moving tales and took to the air
with out making a sound.
“Why did he have to go!” Tails asked. No one around him seemed to be able
to answer what the fox said. Almost all of Knothole, save Sonic, was in a
central area that was filled with streamers, balloons, and banners, which
read: “Happy 15th Tails!” This was to be a happy time for all but was quite
the opposite. Princess Sally also felt like Tails, depressed and worried
about what had happened. Even Antoine, who doesn't always get along with
Sonic, felt saddened at what happened.
Several days before, Spartacus, a badger warrior who had joined the Freedom
Fighters months ago had comeback to Knothole badly hurt with terrible news,
Sonic had finally been captured. Someone who was close to Uncle Chuck had
tipped him off, saying that he knew where Robotnik had set his data records
about the Robotocizings and a new robot squadron where. Uncle Chuck relayed
this info to the FF and Sonic and Spartacus had volunteered to find out if
this was true. When Spartacus returned to Knothole, he told the FF that it
was an ambush and Sonic was captured by the Swat-Bots. Spartacus tried to
free Sonic, but was almost killed and had to retreat. Knothole tried
several attempts to rescue Sonic, but they all failed.
Sally, Bunnie, and Spartacus looked on as Tails cried and Amy was trying to
comfort him.
“It’s gonna be ok. We’ll find him soon.” She said. Amy looked up at the
trio and secretly knew what they were thinking. After all of the attempts
to rescue him, they weren’t sure that they would find him again.
“Thanks Amy.” Tails said. He hugged his girlfriend tightly as tears rolled
down his face, “I just wish we could find him.” As if his prayer was
answered, a camouflaged cloaked figure jumped down behind him and Amy.
Knothole was surprised to see this figure and several quickly took up arms,
with Spartacus’ axe already in attack position. The new figure kept his
hood up but when he spoke, Tails felt like he knew that voice from somewhere
“Don’t worry little brother, I’ll find him.” The figure took off his cloak.
He looked just like Tails, just that his hair was messed up and his fur
was a darker orange. His face held a roughish charm and when he smiled,
every female in Knothole had their heart skipped a beat.
Antoine glanced over to Sally and Bunnie, who were a little breathless.
This definitely peeved him a little and was the first one to speak.
“Who are you?” he asked in snobby French tone. The fox looked up from
Tails, his two tails perked up as he spoke to Antoine.
“Zero.” He said, “None of you would know me except Sonic. It was him who
took Tails when our city was under attack. I had hoped to come in secrecy
to thank him and see my brother for the first time in years.” Spartacus
looked at his belt and noticed two daggers, and a short sword.
“Then what’s with the weapons?” He snarled. Zero looked at Tails.
“After the village was destroyed and Tails was safe. I began to wander and
met up with a group of mercenaries. I was taught how to track, fight,
disguise myself, find out stuff about people, etc. Oh, you may want to sit
down Frenchie, your hyperventilating.” Antoine had not been so fond of the
newcomer and was hyperventilating from rage. He did not like Zero at all
even though he was Tails’ brother. Tails got up and looked straight at his
brother. Tails thought about his family for years ever since he was left in
Knothole all those years ago.
“I…I… Thank you.” He said softly. To Zero’s surprise, Tails embraced him
in a tight hug. He hadn’t felt like this in years. He slowly put his arms
around his younger brother for what seemed like an eternity.
“Give me a couple of minutes and a small group. I’ll find him for
you Tails.” Said Zero. He looked at Spatacus, Sally, and Bunnie. They all
nodded silently. The town slowly dispersed, leaving only the afore mentioned
people and Antoine.
“You vil not leave me behind. I vil come only to protect ze princess.”
Antoine exclaimed.
“Okay. That makes six of us.” Zero said. Amy looked at them.
“I know when I’m not wanted.” She said, “Take care cutey. Keep him alive
Zip.” She kissed Tails and left the others for her hut. Zero looked at the
Freedom Fighters and took off.
“Make your way to a safe point, I’ll track you down and we’ll find Sonic.
I need to pick up some stuff.” Zero said as he took off. Spartacus left
and beckoned the others to follow. Tails and Antoine followed him and
Bunnie and Sally took the rear. The whole time, the two females talked to
each other about various things.
“Ahh.” Bunnie sighed.
“What?” Sally asked.
“Tha foxy lil fox was something else. Mmm mm!” She said as she liked her
lips. Sally stared at her with a huge smile on her face.
“I know what you mean.” She said, “But I hope he can help us find Sonic.”
Everyone waited impatiently at the front of Uncle Chuck’s hidden house.
Man Robotnick didn’t find this place? I could find this place with
my eyes closed. Zero thought to him as he quickly made his way through the
dusty deserted streets and piles of scrap metal.
“You see ‘im yet Sally-girl?” Bunnie asked. She had been the most
impatient to get this over with for two reasons. They finally might find a
way to bring her back to her old self after being almost roboticized, and
she couldn’t get Zero off her mind since he left the Freedom Fighters.
Sally ran back inside, out of breath
“Sorry, haven’t seen him- what was that sound?” Several quick clanks came
from outside which startled everyone. Spartacus and Uncle Chuck ran to the
closed door and waited for what that was. Not long after that, several
sharp raps hit the door. Uncle Chuck ran to an opening to see who it was.
“There’s a fox outside.” He said in a somewhat metallic voice, “Is he with
you?” Bunnie and Tails ran quickly to door and let him in. Zero walked in
noiselessly and said hello to Uncle Chuck.
“So, you guys ready to go?” He asked. Bunnie stood at attention in a
joking way and Tails followed in suite, both were smiling. Spartacus and
Sally smiled and walked out the door on their guard.
“Let’s go get him bro.” Tails said as he ran out after the others.
Chuck looked at Bunnie and Zero, then smiled and chuckled. Bunnie left her
position and walked behind Zero. He jumped a little as the rabbit pinched
his rear.
“Let’s go Sugar.” She said sweetly. Zero quickly ran after the
others and put his hood back on. Chuck stood in his house alone for a
I hope he is on our side. He thought as he walked out the door.
The robots in the city were acting a bit more hyper this night,
almost as if they were happy about something. Spartacus led the group to
the area where he and sonic where attacked. Zero looked around.
This seems awfully easy. He thought.
“Okay, here’s where we were last time. Let’s go- AH!” Spartacus
thought of some rude words as Zero dropped a communicator in his hand. He
jumped off Spartacus’ head and front-flipped in mid-air. To everyone’s
surprise, Zero flew up to the roof of the building and ran out of site.
Spartacus looked at the comlink and heard Zero’s voice.
“Everything ok. I’ll find the opening. Be back in a bit.” The
sound ended and everyone waited to hear from the fox again.

This is just way too easy. Robotnik’s gotta have something around
here to interfere. Zero ran through the abandoned warehouse warily,
checking around the dark for anything suspicious. Through the years, his
eyesight had become attuned to the dark he could see that there was no
library of records, just boxes everywhere. His ears picked up, What was
that?! It’s to the left! He jumped out just in time to see the box he
hiding behind shatter into splinters. Something had cut through it. The
thing had spun around and was tearing the floor at Zero. Zero took one of
his small daggers and threw it; it landed at an angle in the ground. The
figure was launched into the air, creating sparks behind it. This gave Zero
the second he needed. He leaped into the air completed a back-flip kick,
sending the saw entity flying into the wall with a loud CLANK! Hell, this
is what I had in mind! This is what I thought Robotnik would do; send his
damn lackeys to do his dirty work. WHAT THE HELL! Zero ran toward the
entity, which straightened up to fight.
“Sit down punk!” Zero yelled as he leaped toward him. CLANK! CLANK!
CLANK! CRACK! In rapid succession, Zero spun-kicked the entity and
axe-kicked its head, snapping its neck. The entity grabbed its head and
with a gross CRINK!, snapped it back into place. It then grabbed Zero by
the neck and lifted him off the floor. The light shined off it and Zero
looked straight at it. He could barely squeak because of its grip.
“Oh God-“ Fist to head. The entity wiped Zero’s blood off his hand and
continued to mercilessly beat him into submission.

“Zero-honey! Come in!” Bunnie screamed into the comlink, not caring
if they are found. No one argued. All of their attention was on the
warehouse where they could hear yells and clanks coming from inside. “Screw
this! Ah’m going in!”
“No Bunnie!” Sally held her friend down. Tails and Antoine had
noticed something flying toward them.
“Luk at zat!” Antoine said. Accompanying the flying screen, two
squads of SWAT-bots had surrounded the fivesome. The screen clicked and an
ugly, red eyed, fat face flickered onscreen. It was Robotnik.
“Welcome to the grand unveiling of my newest creation, thanks to
you.” He said, ”He should be out in just a minute. A little background
info. He is the greatest invention of mine so far. Everything is top of
the line. He has sensitive hearing, super sight, and titanium skin-“ Just
then a body flew through the warehouse door. Tails and Bunnie’s mouths hung
open in silent horror. It was Zero. His body flew through the air like a
rag doll and hit a pile of metal nearby, creating a small crater.
“Uhhh~ cough!” He was alive, but barely. He sputtered up blood,
which trickled down his face. Breathing came in short gasps as he murmured.
“The robot. It’s-“
“I would like you to welcome my newest creation-“ Robotnik said as
the robot, severely dented from the fight, stepped into the light. Sally
looked on in horror at the light. Her heart snapped in two.
The robot whipped his hands in the air, blood flying off them.
“Oh God…It’s Sonic.”