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Announced as a new partnership for Sega in 2017, IDW is the current publisher of Sonic comics with books having started in April 2018. An all new adventure taking place after the events of Sonic Forces! This universe is considered more canon with the games with Sega even incorporating the new characters into the games, such as Sonic Forces – Running Battle (mobile) and Sonic Frontiers (with characters mentioned by name).

2018 –


Sega’s partnership with Archie lasted for 24 years, 1993 – 2017 with over 500 books in total released. Latter issues were never released as Sega opted to not renew its license.

1993 – 2017


Contains miscellaneous comics published by Sega, such as the promotional Sonic Forces comic.



The English “Sonic The Comic” follows a decidedly different tone than Archie! This bi-weekly book was published with new stories until 2000, when it went into reprints, which ended in 2002.

This section is largely incomplete.

1993 – 2002

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Not everyone has access to a local comic book store. Wondering how/where you can get the current IDW Sonic comics? Unfortunately the others except for the promotional comic for Sonic Forces isn’t sold anywhere.