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    Here are the retired aspects of Sonic HQ. You may recall of such sections like the Encyclopedia, Games, Cartoons among other goodies. They live on in this corner of the site but as a shadow of their former self, with no more updates to them. The information contained may still be pertinent (save for the Q&A) so they are searchable through the search feature accessed from the top navigation bar.

    If you’re looking for the older archive site, you’ll find that after clicking the button below.

    Please note, we may need to discontinue hosting it at some point in the near future but we are trying to bring as much as possible over.

    SHQ History

    Zifei Era

    Around the dawn of the internet, (or just June 26, 1997) this site sprang forth under the name “Zifei’s Sonic Page”. Zifei was the owner at the time and the original creator of Sonic HQ. It wasn’t until April 11th, 1998 that it got renamed Sonic HQ.

    • Sonic HQ Version 1
    • Sonic HQ Version 2

    WB Era

    Zifei stepped down September 1, 1999 to pursue another dream and left the site to the hands of Jon Gray “WB” and Vector. During this time we also got a new redesign developed by Zifei, Vec and WB along with our own domain name at on April 11, 2000. SHQ was at its prime during this time. WB stepped down April 20, 2001.

    • Sonic HQ Version 2
    • Sonic HQ Version 3

    Vector Era

    After WB moved on, Vector took charge. The site did really well at first but then started to stagnate as updates came less frequently. A new version of the site, completely recoded by Vec, sprang forth on September 12, 2003. It’s now the archive site.

    • Sonic HQ Version 3
    • Sonic HQ Version 4

    Stagnant Era

    At this point there were barely any updates at all. SEO declined. Traffic declined. The site became an archive site. There was a 1 month black out period and the domain was lost. The site returned at but the damage was done.

    Checkers Era

    The checkers era because the background has only been blue checkers.

    This era saw a new person take ownership, Lighthead. And so just who am I anyway? Well, if you look at this old staff page on the older version of the site, I was a random news maintainer/encyclopedia profile writer. I also maintained the music section somewhat.

    During this era, the site tried to regain new footing in a new internet. I rechristened SHQ as the MySpace of Sonic Sites. Partial kidding aside, the comics page and music page were completely redone. Overall, the site became a content site for comics and music first and news site second.

    • Sonic HQ Version 5
    • Sonic HQ Version 6
    • Sonic HQ Version 7

    Present Era

    As of October 2017, we start a new era.

    • Sonic HQ Version 9

    Mobius Forum History

    Looking for info about the Mobius Forum? It now has its own devoted page.

    Mobius Forum History (1997 – 2014)

    Additional Retired Sections



    Question and Answers where people could submit questions and the staff would do their best to answer. Silly or stupid questions were met with Dr Fexusfan replies.

    Other Notables