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  • SHQ’s previous Sonic Link Directory. Many of the links may now be defunct. No longer maintained. Includes Sonic fansites, official developer sites and more.

    Japanese Sonic Links

    Sonic Island

    Maintained by famed MIDI composer Koryan, this Japanese site has tons of fan art and provides an interesting look into the Sonic of the other side of the Pacific.

    Comical Highway

    Aoi K’s famous comics, updated daily! Definitely one of the premier Sonic comic artists on the net.

    Pikopiko Hammer

    Tons of cool and nutty photo edits.

    Winners of the Sonic HQ Oscar Award

    Chaoz Jamez’s Fan Art Archive & Sonic Research Centre Awarded October 2001
    Dirty Power Awarded August 2002
    Emerald Projects Awarded June 2001
    Fans United for SatAM Awarded May 2001
    Graffiti Wall, The Awarded January 2002
    Khaoxx Media Awarded May 2002
    Mystic Mobius Awarded December 2001
    Shadow The Comic Awarded March 2002
    Sonic Foundation, The Awarded February 2002
    Sonic Hacking Community Awarded November 2001
    Sonic Pandemonium Awarded August 1999
    Sonic Stadium, The Awarded September 2001
    Sonic Awarded July 2001
    Sonic United Awarded January 2003