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    Online comic strips, drawn or made with sprites, on 1 or 2 pages.

    Lien “Chainspike”

    Updated Apr 12, 2000

    Tony “Cuckooguy” Nguyen

    Updated Apr 12, 2000

    Sarah “Sarah-Le” McSwain

    Updated Apr 17, 2000

    Invasion Mobius (Presented by Sonic HQ)

    Updated July 21, 1999

    The brand spanking new Sonic HQ fan comic. This is by the talented Sonic HQ staff.” When Zifei quit Sonic HQ, it appeared that this comic was over. However, people wouldn’t leave him alone about it. 😉 Zifei came back to continue it, but so many changes were made that we got an entirely new comic. Invasion Mobius was an Archie-based comic about an alien invasion of Sonic’s world. A rebel colony of Earth wants to use the Master Emerald to fight the Republic of Earth forces. It really has nothing in common with Butterflies itself, besides the artist and colorer.

    The first Senario of Sonic HQ’s Invasion Mobius fan comic is drawn by Zifei Wu, WB, and colored by Tony aka Asudem. The plot is co-developed by Zifei and Duo P. The storyline is written by Duo P.

    The whole idea of a fan comic by Sonic HQ came when we wanted a jump start for our newly established Fan Fair page. A comic drawn by some of the best Sonic artists on the Internet would surely capture mass attention. We also wanted to do this because it’s fun! That’s the whole point. We had a lot of fun drawing this comic, we hope you have fun reading it!

    Senario 1: First Strike

    Turning Points (Presented by Sonic HQ)

    Updated Jan 7, 2001

    A great fan comic about Knux, Julie-Su, and the Chaotix! Written by Duo Prower and Illustrated by T2.

    Endlame (Presented by Sonic HQ)

    Updated Sept 22, 2003

    Heeeeere’s Endlame! Endlame is Ruby Echidna’s parody of Archie’s Sonic #50. Tony got permission from Ruby to draw Endlame, so here’re the credits: Written by Dawn Best (Ruby Echidna) and Illustrated by Tony Nguyen (Asudem Hedgehog).

    SonicVerse Team

    This site hosts TONS of fan comics, including Other-M.

    The Sonic The Hedgehog Info Page

    Has several fan comics, including the Sonic Adventure Fan Comic by Eva Richarte. There’s a Sonic manga page in “The Old Stuff” with both official comics and doujinshi.