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  • What do you want the new Sonic cartoon to be like?

    May 25th, 2002

    Sega is reportedly producing a new Sonic anime. What do you want to see in the series? What characters, plots, or other elements would you like featured? If it turns out to be somewhat different from the games, like the first anime was, would you mind?

    Mrs. Draiman

    Okay, here I go. First of all, I heard there was a boy named Chris in it and I really wouldn’t want a human to be one of the main characters.It takes all the fun out if it being Sonic! I didn’t like the whole Sonic Live comic, so I don’t want anymore humans in it.
    I’d also like Mina to be in it. She’s a new character and needs a chance to shine! She got shot down by Sonic in the comics (sadly) and I would really like for her to be more of a main character. She has a lot of potential and lots of energy so that would be neat.

    I would like to have a new plot, not with Dr. Robotnik, they use him too much. I would like a fresh face, a new villan a lot more cunning the Eggman. Someone who gets close to winning so it keeps you on the edge, I don’t want good to win to easily.

    Okay, I’ve said my two cents.


    A Sonic anime series would be awesome! I’d like to see it with all of the SegaSonic characters in it, including Amy Rose, the Chaotix, Fang, Big and Rouge. The original voices from the video games should be in it, too (Not like the girl-with-a-cold voice of Tails in the first dubbed anime). The Super & Hyper forms of the characters should be in it, too (Like Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, etc.). But the thing that I would really love to see in the anime is Shadow! It would be cool to see him animated! If the anime will stray away from the video game plots, I would’nt mind. Just as long as it has some good stories in it, I’ll like it. Also, a Sonic anime should have loads of action, so I would like to see it on Cartoon Network, or their Toonami block.
    ~Servey written by MetalSonic789, 6/28/02~


    Hi, I looked over the survey section in Sonic HQ and it was asking what that people would like to see in the new anime that SEGA is makeing.
    Well I have a few opinions. First off about the characters, I would “not” like to see that Rouge character in the anime, she was ok for the first three minutes but other than that she is just not one of my favorite charcters, and I really, really did’nt like her. Though about Shadow, since there is little knowlage as to if he died or not in Sonic Adventure 2 so hes kinda sketchy to say if hes even a consideration, he was a good character so I would’nt mind seeing him in the anime. Though no more of those little ‘smurf’ things either please.

    Though the main four, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Robotnik are purely fine with me.

    Now about the story or how the anime will be. I’d like to see it in a more post-modern apocoliptic state, like from the early sonic games, and if you’ve played Sonic CD, in the future parts. And maybe to help you understand what I’m saying like for example if you’ve read the comics you’d probably notice that it had a post-modern “Robotnik just took over everything and everything is machine” type deal, thats what I’m saying

    Though I’m also a big fan of the SATAM series though I’m not saying I would want it exactly like that. Though maybe around that area.

    Anyway thats what I think. Hope that was’nt too confusing:oP Though if you have any questions please ask.



    What I really want to see in the new Sonic X T.V. series is for Tikal and Chaos to return. I also think that Tails should earn a bigger role than just being Sonic’s “Little Buddy.” I also want to learn more about CrΓ¨me, Cheese, and Chris. I think CrΓ¨me and Tails would make a super-cute couple on that show. I also heard that Big the cat might appear on the show and, THAT’S THE WORST IDEA SINCE THE IDEA OF MAKING BIG IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! I also think that somehow Chris doesn’t really fit into the classical all animal, no human Sonic Team. I want there to be chaos in the show, but on second thought what are the chaos really going to do?

    As far as the storyline I hope Sonic Team has a plot as good as the plots for SA+SA2. The plots for those games were soooo totally awesome! I also think that Sonic should somehow get captured by Eggman in one of the episodes and need Tails, Amy, Crème, Tikal (Hopefully), and Knuckles to save him.

    Ever since I found out about the show I’ve been hoping that it will spark a Sonic Craze (cuz I’m tired of being the only person that I know who takes a Sonic action figure everywhere I go due to my Sonic obsession)


    Hi, my name is Carlos.
    I’m a huge Sonic fan and quite frankly this new Sonic anime I keep hearing about is keeping me on edge.

    Personally I would like to see Sonic(of course), Tails, Knuckles and Amy. In the bad guy section I would do anything just to see Metal Sonic, Chaos and Shadow fighting Sonic! I wanna see an Eggman with the same look as in Sonic Adventure but with the same twisted and dark mind from the Sonic Archie Comics. The rest of the cast of Sonic Fighters could do some special apperances. And heck, why not other Sega characters? They could have cameo appearances of Shinobi, Beat from Jet Set Radio, Lagi and Egde from Panzer Dragoon Saga, Ecco the Dolphin, the Burning Rangers and heck, even Virtua Fighter Characters! Sonic is Sega’s mascot so why not place other characters even if their role lasts a few seconds or a full episode? It also would be nice having special star cameo appearances, like Michael Jackson, Will Smith or even important political figures like Al Gore, Prsident Bush and even Boris Yeltsin…all in full anime design,but that would be to much to ask! But It would be nice to see Yu Suzuki and Yuji Naka making apparences in the series.

    As far as plot goes, I wish for a plot that’s in the lines of the hunt for the Chaos Emeralds and also dark and mysterious forces threatening Earth(NO MOBIUS!NO SONIC SATAM CHARACHTERS!!) and Sonic being able to change into Super Sonic. Flashbacks of the characther’s past would be a welcome addition. It’s gotta have action, a bit of emotion and alot of humorous and serious moments.

    It would be nice to see more romance between Sonic and Amy. To see Amy’s true feeling for Sonic become bigger and clearer, now that’s something.

    To end this, it doens’t have to be 100% consistent with the videogame saga. Surely they can make something new so It doesn’t look too similar to SA1 or SA2 or the rest. Hope this isn’t too long to read.


    More Responses

    • i think that there should not be a new anime if it will be any thing like the last one because that was the worst sonic thing i’d eva seen. i think that sega should make a new series that follow the same story as the comic do because that was the best story and the real story because it had all the game story lines and also other great storys – Compaq
    • no. – Mary
    • I can’t wait till Sonic Anime 2!!! It should be much better than the first one. Anyway one thing I’m not sure of is if I want the characters to be designed like in the first one or how they are in the Sonic Adventure series. All the characters should be in it including Amy, the animals,etc. The Chaotix, Master Emerald, Power Rings, Chaos Emeralds, and Super Sonic should be in it and maybe the Super Emeralds, Hyper Sonic, Super Knuckles, Hyper Knuckles, Super Tails, Bark and Bean. The plot should be about how Robotnik bio-scans all the characters to make different ‘bots like Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic(from Sonic&Knuckles)Metal Sonic(from SonicCD)Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles(from SonicR)Mecha Knuckles(from SonicAdvance)etc. Robotnik does this by draining the Master Emerald’s power which of course makes Angel Island fall. Robotnik then creates another DeathEgg(like in Sonic the Fighters) and builds a Black Eggrobo that turns against him to destroy planet Freedom by himself, but Sarah later convinces him to stop being evil. Well I guess Sonic Team will decide what the storyline will be like and it will hopefullyhave more than the first movie. – the greatest Sonic fan, Daniel Winner
    • There must be an animΓ© for everything now… The first thing would be to make it REAL close to the game. The games are pretty much the only Sonic outside of AoStH and SatAM that I can relate to. And relating to is what makes a TV show popular. After all, which show has more correct baby psychology than Rugrats? It’s a given, but Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Eggman should be in it. The weird Archie characters are out of the questions, them being created in the United States. However, it would be perfectly reasonable if the Chaotix, Bean, Big, Rouge, Shadow, and Bark show up once in a while, particularly Bean. He looks like a Sonic character that should’ve been in a ton of games, but I guess another cartoon can be the 2nd medium to show that he has great potential and can link up to countless plots. One last request, if at all significant, is to have it put into English, one way or another (AKA Subs or Dubs) I don’t care, and brought to Cartoon Network, either on Toonami Midnight Run or the Saturday Adult Swim, since I get everything on there 3 hours early. – Dr. Robotnik
    • In the Sonic anime I want to see all the characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Rouge, Shadow, Super Sonic, Super Tails, Super Knuckles, Eggman, The Chao,and Gamma. I would like see to Sonic and the others, their history and background like where they live and how they got their powers. I hope it’s a funny, fun, adventurious, not childish, not cheesy, and action show. I just hope they include every character from Sonic that I listed. I hope it’s nothing like Pokemon, Hamtoro, or Zoids. I hope they include important places like Angel Island, Station Square, South Island, and all the places from the game. I hope they have rings, chaos emeralds, The Master Emerald, and Eggman’s inventions. They should have funny inside jokes and funny skits. They should have cameos like The Super Mario Brothers, Link, Zelda, other Zelda characters, Dragonball Z, Tenchi Muyo, and Sailor Moon. That’s a suggestion. – Katie
    • yes and it would be cool if the fans could send in drawings to make the new seasons characters – Orhan
    • well you have to have that nasty Robotnik because he is so mean.I have seen many cartoons and the ones i like best is when the good guys barely make it in sticky situations like getting trapped deep in a volcano that will erupt in less than 5 min.So maybe Robotnik can have schemes effecting the whole planet including Sonic!
    • Anyway,make episodes really long so peaple can whatch more,making them wonder what will happens next. Beleive me. It works – Austin
    • the New Sonic Anime- I would like to see Knuckles and the Chaotix. and hopefully it will be on a regular cable channel. Enemies like Mecha Sonic,Mecha Knuckles,Robotnik, Freedom Fighters hopefully will also be in the new cartoon. and all the chaos emeralds and master emerald.
    • It difinately has to include sonic, tails, knuckles and amy! it could have minor appearances of the chaotix crew too. I think robotnik should have a new evil helper (only one) that looks a little like shadow. Rouge should appear in it too. – Rebecca
    • I would love to see the Archie Comics come to screen, and with their new Anime style, the transition wouldn’t be that hard. I liked Knuckles’ hat from the first one, but NOT that they called him a gopher. THAT had me furios for months. – Austin
    • I would like no Sally in this. Sally stinks. I want Shadow in it. No comic book characters whatsoever. I would like all the characters from SA1 and SA2 in it, exept for stupid fat Big, pointless E-102 and Chaos. I want Sonic to fall in love with Amy. I want to see what happens when Rouge steals the master emerald from Knux and he never gets it back. I want to see more humor. I want a special episode where all the characters tie Sally to a pole and burn her. Then there is a big feast and they play pin the tail on the donkey. I want to see a new character. I want Shadow to be more sinister. I want robotnik to be ran over by the presidents limo, them Tails steals his eggwalker. I want to see Robotnik eating eggs. I want to see Rouge eating the m.e., then finding it is jello that holds the island up. I want a scene where Sonic and Amy get married, and Sally is crying in the backround of jealousy. I want to see them all have a picnic on pumpkin hill. I want to see omachao being tied up then thrown in the water. I want Knux to sing rap songs at his concert. I want to see Shadow and Maria run into each other. I want to see Knuckles and Rouge play a nasty game of ping pong. Also, I want each character to wear big bulky sweeatshirts. They will wear tights for pants. Good day. – Susan
    • I want to see all the sonic characters in the movie except Big, Sally,Bunnie,Antouine,Dulcy, and maybe Snively,all of them will be good even Shadow and Rouge.I also want to see Sonic Adventure2:Battle’s plot and the short scenes from the game.Three other characters I would like to see are Manic,Sonia,and Aleena,their good to.And I want to see things from Sonic Underground and Sonic The Hedgehog Saturday morning.Amy would be good to,plus I want to see her somewhat smoothering Sonic and all the other things she does to him.Thats all I want to see,I can’t wait.
    • Sincerely, A big fan of Sonic
    • I’d like to see Shadow the Hedgehog. A couple of really good episodes with him would be that this corporation called Geneo Tech created an android Maria to trick Shadow in returning to the Ark so that they can claim the “ultimate life form” as their own and try to recreate his abilities, but limit the amount of freewill.
    • Shadow is the character from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and he is very cool! I think it would be neat if he had his own social connections with Amy Rose since she helped him remember his promise to Maria. And also pair him up with this fanfic I have, a cat-creature named Merelda who is a master thief and summoner of darkness.
    • I also have another fanfic named Raden “Hunter” Breeds who is a Lt. at the Cove Harbor Military Base and a well-accomplished pilot. He had a crash accident during his rookie years, but went back into the air not long after his recovery when any normal soldier would be traumatized…this has earned him a lot of respect by the other soldiers of the base and the envy of his commander’s superior. – Dennis
    • I won’t mind if the anime strays a little from the game itself,I just hope its not corny. I also would like it if the voices were the same as the ones in the games with acting lessons coming before to the actual voice over recording! I might be sounding picky but I just like voices to stay constant you know. – vulpix
    • I heard that they are making two cartoons. One is a T.V. series, the other is a movie based on, get this, Sonic Adventure 2.
    • So in the T.V it would have to be KNUCKLES & CHAOTIX!!! They are just the coolest. Also they could come to some sort of agreement with Archie and bring in Julie-Su (you know her. The fantasticly gorgeous girl-friend of Knux). Mabey they could have an on screen smooch!
    • In the case of Sonic Adventure 2 movie I would love to see SEGA items. So in the intro Sonic could be collecting rings or using shields in the various scraps he gets into. Also the teams Chao. And what would be SA2 without Rouge and her huge… ears. – Martin
    • in the show i would want the sonic adventure 2 characters – LINKWEAPON
    • I think there should be Knuckles all kinds of Chao and new characters – Rainydaye
    • I think that it should be similar to the SATam series but should also have some things that are in the comic like certain characters like the chaotix and mina – Virtualjosh
    • I think that Sonic X rocks. It is the first Sonic Anime that i can see. I never knew about Sonic OVA. I think, that if this goes well in America and Europe, that Yuji Naka will create the Big Screen movie. I mean, Samaus has one, so why cant Sonic. With 52 episodes, i hope that they get through it without repeating, but most likley they will. I have kept in close contact with Sega, and they said, that is is quite an honor, to find a line up on FoxBox. They hope, that this will bring back Sonic’s name along with Sonic Heroes. Anyway, as a HUGE Sonic Fan, i must say, its great to See that Sonic X is coming in under 70 days. I am keeping count! – Sammy
    • I love it if the storyline was *drumroll*Sonic Adventure 2 Battle! OMG,I love that game! Plz,plz,plz,plz,plz let the anime plot be like that! But, now that I think about, it would be short, soooooo… how about SADX, then SA2:B! Most of all……SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is the coolest guy ever to live!!!!! Do you know what channel it will come on? Plz, whatever you do talk to the people at Sega, and tell them a cray fangirl of SA2 wants the anime to have that storyline. After all, think about it! Shadow,Rouge,and Knuckles animeized! – Steph
    • I would like to see a metal Shadow And the whole sonic gang’s clones – Frame-N-Tiques
    • I would like to see a story about sonic(of course!) tails,knuckles,sally,shadow,and vector. It would be about them fighting a new enemy… Dark Shadow & Dark Sonic? Plus the added help of metal sonic& hyper shadow – NickArt22

    What Do You Think Of Sonic Adventure 2?

    May 25th, 2002

    James ‘Popcorn’ Duffy

    Hello, it’s me again! Thanks for posting my old SA2 wishlist– and for saying it’s the best you’ve ever seen! Great! ;D
    Aaaanyway. So– what do I think of SA2? Well, I think it’s fantastic, and probably my favourite Sonic title of all time! The removal of the action stages has really helped to simplify things and provide a tighter game, allowing for more quality and quantity in the action department. Both Shadow and Rouge have proved to be excellent new additions to the Sonic universe, and the whole emblem system has been stretched to its absolute limit (plus there’s a decent reward this time ;). Each type of gameplay has been tweaked and tightened to the maximum of perfection, the story’s fab, and the 2-player mode is as addictive as hell on toast (although it could’ve benefited from a few more levels). All in all, it’s excessively smashing. πŸ˜‰

    There are problems with it, though, but most of them stem from my status of overly sad Sonic Team freak than actual design flaws. The most common critiscm cocerns ‘Tails in a mech’, and I’d have to agree– I really missed flying over the level and zipping along the ground, tails a-twirling. While it was obviously necessary for Tails to be in a mech, for reasons to numerous to explain here– although I’d quite happily detail my theories at some other point, should you want me to πŸ˜‰ — I’m still not entirely happy with it. But it was either put Tails in a mech or leave him out altogether, from a game design standpoint (since Eggman HAS to be in a mech and no-one else could possibly provide an adequate counterpart for him). It’s tricky, but I guess we’ll have to live with it. Additionally, was anyone else frustrated by the fact that at no point in the game does Sonic fight Eggman? I was. In any case, as I say, my problems with the game are more concerned with the fact that it goes against so many Sonic traditions than anything else, but still– you asked. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for listening. See you next survey!

    Aaron Griesser

    I think SA2 is very interesting and crative. Shadow and Rogue seem like very cool characters to be able to play with. I thinks it’s a good creation and it should live up to the hype. The only thing I would do differently is add Metal Sonic as a playable character.

    Victor Guy

    Dear Vec,
    I think puttin’ SA2 into stages was a great idea. I kept gettin’ stuck not knowin’ where to go & what to do In SA1. I also think that it has much better ghraphics too. SA2Battle was even better! My best friend & I would spend hours battlin’ each other. The best part of that was the special charecters you put in to use & how you gave them stats. Believe me, I’m prob not your biggest fan, but w/out Sonic, I never would have met my best friend. Thanks! Sincerely’
    Victor Guy


    And I thought Sonic Adventure was awesome. I have had the Dreamcast for nearly a month now. I am a fan of Mario, but the Sonic Adventure game outdid any of the Mario adventure games. I think the second game did one up on the first, with the introduction of Shadow. It was sad to see the ending when Shadow did not return. I keep thinking to myself what if Shadow didn’t die? I think he could be a good ally for Sonic and the rest. I don’t think Dr. Robotnik a/k/a Eggman would turn from his evil ways. Both Sonic games were superbly done. You could probably make a novel out of each game, the plots and subplots. Both Sonic games have batted 1.000, and this is coming from a Mario fan. May this new era of Sonic games get better and better. I’m not ashamed to say I llike both Sonic and Mario equally. Go Sonic!!


    I think if sega are goning to make a Sonic Adventure 3 they should do this,
    1. There could be more characters. Example: The Chaotix,Metal Knuckles,Metal Sonic etc.

    2. There could be more Adventure fields and some interactions with homans. Example: Find a womans dog,get a boy ice cream etc.

    3. Robotnik should be a background character and be replaced with…Robo Robootnik! Maybe he could even be killed off!

    4. Maybe Mario could be in the game as a secret character!

    5. Maybe each characters adventure fields and action fields could be ENTIRELY different!

    P.S I hope Robotnik hasn’t turned good after SA2!


    First of all, I know nobody cares about my opinion, but I have to speak out about this abomination, I am very dissapointed about this game. The racing mode left much to be desired, as did the story. The way I see it, the whole game would be so much beter if they eliminated the different types of levels. I love Knuckles, but I hardly wanted to play once I saw the only thing he does was treasure hunt. In the 2D games, everyone had the same levels, (Which isn’t always a good thing) but at least there was more to do. After the first 3 levels, I could tell this game is probally a waste of time. Now not everything was bad, I’ll admit, like the Chao garden, which was pretty cool with the karate and the racing. I expected the racing to be more like Mario Kart, with weapons, and different course themes and not playing on a bridge every time.

    But honestly, why whould anyone play so long to get all the emblems and all the A rank missions. I admit the hero and dark side was alright, as was the boss attack modes. They could have had some better charecters and the storyline wasn’t good at all. One of the things I missed most was playing Super Sonic, or Hyper Knuckles, or Turbo Tails, (They did exsist) in the regular levels. They all exsisted, and that was the escense, (did I spell that right?) of the old games. I realize this is very hard to create in 3D on gamcube or Dreamcast, but they could have tried.

    Call me old fashioned, but these games just don’t appeal to me like they used to.



    I am annoyed about Tails in a robot because it takes away his most known ability-flying. Also they should have left in the Adventure Field from Sonic Adventure because it added a nice touch to the game. However the graphics are better and the character’s theme tunes have been improved. Also the idea of being on Eggman’s side is cool.

    More Replies

    • The game is pure speed!The best game I played yet. – askamgene
    • I thought It was a very good game. I like the fact of how you dont pick the characters anymore you go along with the story line. I thought the game was GREAT. – Tenchi Kawaii
    • SA2 is the coolest game I’ve played! Shadow is now my favorite character. And the music is perfect! – ShadowGunner
    • i like sa2 better than any sonic game. ive played every single game [yes even that one only in japan plus hes my idol] – KATPOSEY
    • i think sonic adventure 2 is an amazing game
    • the graphics are a bit differant from sonic adventure 1 like now knuckles does not look as cuddly as before Mike Gowland
    • I thought it was awsome, but very short. I was a bit dissapointed about how quick I beat the biolizard. – Vector Croc
    • Well, I liked Sonic Adventure 2. It had an exciting storyline, and great gameplay. But, I still wish they made a game for the comic book characters. – Nathan
    • hi sa2 is my favorite game except i wish you could choose the exact character.An example would be after beating City Escape and BigFoot then going straight tothe part when sonic was in jail an Amy saves him. – JJO712
    • sa2 Is possibly the single BEST Sonic game, and on of the best games i’ve ever played. – ChessMate26

    What Would You Want To See In Sonic Adventure 2?

    May 25th, 2001

    I want a level where you can play as Nights from Nights Into Dreams
    SHQ: I’m sure a lot of people would, including Sonic Team. πŸ™‚ But due to the production involved, I doubt there will be any real hidden characters or levels, other than something like SA’s Super Sonic game.


    I just wanted to say that Sonic Adventure was a great game. It kinda bothered me, though, that they didn’t bring back some of my favorite Sonic characters: The Chaotix!!! These guys deserve another appearance in a game! I, for one, loved Knuckles Chaotix, and I’d like to see them appear in more games. Maybe SA2 will be the game I’ve been waiting for!
    Another character Sonicteam should bring back is Ray. I don’t know what the deal is with Ray, but I’d like to learn more about him, considering I am a long time Sonic fan (since the game started!).

    One last thing, Sonicteam should add some kind of new villain in SA2. Dr. Robotnik is getting kinda lame, what with his roboticizing animals and stuff. Although, I will admit that Chaos was a great idea. Some kind of sorcerer type being, kinda like Ixis Naugus. oh well. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

    SHQ: Yes, I would VERY VERY VERY much like to see the Chaotix in the Sonic Adventure series. This was actually the thing mentioned in the survey, but a ton of great responses got deleted.

    James ‘Popcorn’ Duffy

    The return of the multiplayer modes!: First off we’d have standard racing, whereupon each player chooses a character and tries to be the first to the finish (Sonic can run fastest, Knuckles can find shortcuts, etc). Then you’d have the point-based racing, where players compete for the highest score, balancing time spent in the level with collecting rings and destroying enemies; and a mode similar to Sonic 2’s mode where there were different catergories to fulfil, eg. first to the end, most rings, points etc (you know what I mean). A boss challenge mode would also be fun– see who can get through all the game’s bosses in the shortest time. Tadah!
    More levels which require momentum: I didn’t think rolling played a big enough part in SA, whereas in the 16-bit games you’d often find yourself stuck in a rut and you’d have to build up enough momentum to get out. I’m sure this could be implimented well in SA2, but you’d have to get rid of the ability to dash without stopping for a moment. I believe this has already happened, if demo reports are correct, but apparently pressing X whilst running forces Sonic into a somersault along the ground that lasts only for a few second and SLOWS HIM DOWN, rather than letting him roll…

    Branching paths: In the 16-bit games, especially in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, you had a lot of different routes to choose from to lead you to the end of the level. SA had virtually none. I’d love to see different routes available in the sequel.

    Special stages: SA sacrified these for the sake of the storyline, which was fine, but if SA2 really is aiming to return Sonic to his roots, then I’d love to see the return of the Special Stages. It’d be really cool if they had differing types, too– for example, a few half-pipe ones (updated for true 3D, of course), a few globe ones, and some new stuff πŸ™‚

    Bonus stages: I loved those gumball machines! I want more of them!

    More underwater levels: Y’know, I really missed the old 5-4-3-2-1-aargh countdowns. And it was really cool to be able to run on water if Sonic was going fast enough πŸ™‚

    Shields: I’d like some of the old elemental shields back… obviously most of the special abilities they gave Sonic would be fairly useless now, what with his new homing dash, but it’d be cool to have a fire-retardant shield or one that gave the ability to breathe underwater, just like Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Of course, the fact that the electric and fire shields dissipated underwater was always very cool– I was quite disappointed when I found the electric shield stayed in SA when amongst the fishes, as it were. And I still say it’d be cool if it nuked all the baddies on-screen if you stepped into the water with an electric shield– ZAP πŸ™‚

    Well, seeing as most of my hopes are from the older Sonic games, I guess I’m an anal-retentive nasty old man who just can’t move with the times. But if we could combine Sonic Adventure’s speed and style with Sonic 3 & Knuckles’ depth and complexities, then it would be class. πŸ™‚

    SHQ: At last someone else who knows that there was a lot more to the 2D games than speed. πŸ˜› This is the best SA2 wishlist I’ve ever seen. For the special stages, I’d like to see something like the Chaotix stages, which are already 3D, or the rotating maze of Sonic 1, which would be quite insane in 3D. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, despite reports to the opposite, unless those cheesy arrows are taken out in the full version, the demo suggests that City Escape may be even more linear than Emerald Coast. :/ I really hope they ditch the arrows. With the numerous places where Sonic falls from a path to a lower path, it would be fairly easy to design branching paths in that level, IMO.

    Kris Asick (Gemini)

    TAILS!! If he isn’t one of the playable characters in Sonic Adventure II then I’m going to be very disapointed! Also, remember Sonic 3D Blast on the Genesis? Well, I can remember that playing the game always felt slow, but in third-last level of the game I can remember there were no flickies to rescue and tons of robots to destroy. That level felt most like a Sonic game, and I can remember the music was really cool. They remixed a couple of Sonic 3D Blast songs in the first adventure, and if they remix any more I hope the one I just mentioned is one of them. One last thing. There should be a two-player competition mode, just like in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. Or four players if you can chug out enough polygons per second! (And for multiplayer games you could bring framerates up by removing tough-to-see textures, like those used on Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. I was actually going to E-Mail Sonic Team directly about a couple of these, but I figured I’d only be ranting and would probably be ignored πŸ˜›
    SHQ: Tails is in, and Panic Puppet, 1 of the stages anyway, was remixed in Sonic Adventure. The 4-player mode would be cool, but I doubt they’d do it, because anything that sacrifices graphics for gameplay will be seen as cheap by some people. πŸ˜› Sega probably wouldn’t want them showing any graphical limitations like that.

    More Responses

    • sonic tails and knucles teaming up
    • A lot of levels,SPEEEEEED!,a new villan,a new charicter! i think thats it.
    • What I would like to see in Sonic Adventure 2. I would have to say a battle or a race between Sonic and his evil twin.
    • I would probably like to see a Angel Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. i think that would look sweet
    • i wood luv 2 c sonic & knux to teamup
    • Sonic should throw more punches and kicks when he fights
    • On Sonic Adventure 2 my wishes are to be:
      • Charactors:Sonic(you know him)
      • Tails(more of a roll this time)
      • Knucles(biger and bader!)
      • Amy(in a japanes school girl outfit!,see tails)
      • Big(how about a VERY larger roll!)
      • E-102(golden eye tipe missons,more wepons)
      • Nales(sexy female bat,see E-102
      • Boomer(The only Archi Caractore that Sonic Team can work with!)
      • Bengi(the kangero in the S@K Archi speacal)
      • Dr.Robotnic(it not a sonic game with out robotnic!)
      • Mecha Sonic(with a voce!)
      • ZERO(grate bad guy,see Mecha Sonic)
      • New E-Seres Robots(that whould be cool!)
      • More Eggman Pods(go back to the clasices)
      • New Moves(do I have to explane evorything?)
      • Nack(where the hell did he go?)
      • Biger leavels(the only big level in SA was Lost World Zone)
      • Them songs from amaracan bands( Just like JGR!)
      • Online paly( A grate way of desplaying SegaNet`s powers!)
      • Poke`mon like chao battels!( stab nintendo in the back! LOL!)
      • Sonic falling in love
      • More Badnics!!!(NOW!!!)
    • i reckon that not including Tails in Sonic Adventure 2 is a big mistake because, although the game is supposed to be on a good vs evil, yin yang, basis,and tails is more of a cute looking character, U CANNOT HAVE A SONIC GAME WITHOUT HIM!!!!! I think that if Tails was included with his own platform levels instead of just racing and also the game also had a split screen two player mode as featured in Sonic 2 on the megadrive, Sega would make an absolute killing. Now i know that faithful sonic fans like myself will flood into shops on the release date and buy it anyway but deep down we’ll always know that it could have been better if it had tails in it and a split screen 2 player mode. Just incase u’re thinking i’m a Tails fanatic, i’m not, Sonic has always been and always will be my favourite character but the two tailed fox has to be included to avoid disappointment from sonic fans.
    • I for one would love, once and for all, for Amy to win Sonic’s heart. It’s gonna happen sooner or later, and when it does, Archie will finally have to dispose of princess sally. In addition i would love to see Tails return! It just isn’t a Sonic game without little Tails! (He doesn’t have to be little either-a teenage or twentysomething Tails would be great too)
    • I would like to see more info on this black hedgehog that looks like Sonic
    • I would like to see Sally actually meet Sonic once again in Sonic Adventure 2
    • A nice thing that Sonic Adventure 2 or sega should do is make SA2 on the PC! Or at least SA1 on the PC, (I can only afford a PC πŸ™
    • I would like to see the second stage of Knuckles and Tails. Especially Knuckles
    • Here’s what I’d like to see in SA2:
    • Knothole Kingdom, Robotropolis,the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and a lot of fights with Metal Sonic (he rules), also the Shadow Bots, as they certainly make a better challenge than those crummy Badniks any day!
    • How about a carnival zone, a new metal sonic and a new robotropolis zone that would be cool.
    • the ancient walkers
    • i’d like to see metal sonic or metal knuckles in sa2 and some secret characters like super sonic, hyper knux, and super tails
    • The oly thing i wish to is that where you can control your chao and playwith him on the internet!!!
    • well… hummmmm… how about…. oh i don’t know…maybe TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and TAILS!!!!!!!!! and… what’s his name again oh yea u guessed it’s TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!