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  • Sonic HQ’s previous site note updates – these would appear on the homepage.

    These are from 2003 – 2008.


    There Will Be No More Updates To The Archive

    Please visit the main site to see the latest updates.

    Archives Back Up

    The site, as it has been, is back up now after a nearly month long absence.

    StC updates:

    StC special and poster mag records completed, along with polishing up my records on the regular series issues up until issue 80.


    We have mostly completed our move to http://www.sonic-hq.net/ and will be checking out any 404s!

    Visitor Notice

    As a general word of advice, when you want to know what is going on with regards to this site the best place to go is Emerald Visitor Center @ the message board. While answering emails isn't the strong suit here, nearly all of us are active participants at the message board, especially the two people most really want to contact when it comes to the site: myself or Vector. However, because I do not have the time to respond to all the emails being sent my way the past few months and a lot of them are similar in one of two ways this is a rare public announcement.

    This site is moving and also changing. If it was just moving, things would have picked up long ago. As a result, only the News, Q&A, Comics Archive*, and the encyclopedia* are going to be updated on my end until the move is complete. *Comics archive and encyclopedia will only have textual updates--no scans added. Uploading images, music files, pages, etc. right now will just slow down moving the site and the changes being done to it. The sections being updated are completely database driven and that isn't a big deal to move.

    In addition, until the move is close enough to being finished, I'm not adding anyone to the staff.

    Thanks for the concern and if you sent something or asked to be on staff I will get back to you when things are relatively ready OR when I have the time. I'm not completely ignoring you no matter how much time has passed.

    New Archie Scans!

    A whole mess of new scans from Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic have been added. Represented here are issues 165-169.Hope you enjoy them!

    Sonic and the Secret Rings

    The Game Info page is under construction, including Sonic and the Secret Rings. New info on Sonic's Wii debut will be added to the site as it's available.

    You can get information, help, and discussion on the Mobius Forum, as well as contributing to our Sonic and the Secret Rings page.

    Sonic and the Secret Rings Help

    Sonic and the Secret Rings Game Info Community Project

    (Very large, starting with the eariest previews) Sonic and the Secret Rings Discussion

    Sonic HQ Game Info Community Project

    Catching up

    I fixed broken images that I either noticed or have been told about through email or Q&A. If I am missing something, let me know by emailing me. When telling me something is a broken (image, music, page, etc.) link, please be specific about what it is or at least how you got there when emailing me. For example, other than links to a website that is down (which will be replaced when it can be), I don't know of any music files that aren't working. If it's anything else, be specific.

    Store: Links to ordering/pre-ordering the following have been added: Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) Game Guide, Sonic The Hedgehog: Several Wills, Sonic and the Secret Rings, SatAM Complete Series Box Set, Archie's Sonic Archives #1 & #2, Sonic X Seasons 5 & 6 DVD Sets, and the Sonic X-related book "Desperately Seeking Sonic."

    Comics: Final cover scans up to Sonic #167 and Sonic X #12 are up. Preview covers go up to Sonic #174 and Sonic X #19. The archives are mostly relatively up-to-date. Also added cover scan for the second volume of Coro Coro Comics "Dash & Spin Super Fast Sonic" series in the "Other" section.

    Info: The Fleetway/STC profiles have their own separate link (so you don't have to search through "all" to find just that series). A variety of profiles have minor updates from various staff members, including myself.

    And no, the site isn't dead. ;)

    STC Archive Update

    Fleetway's Sonic the Comic issues 92 and 93 have been added to the archive. Convieniantly issue 93 is Christmas themed.

    Help Wanted

    Sonic HQ needs another PHP coder who can help me to add features to some script prototypes and extend them for use in multiple types of pages (email freddyg NOSPAM AT sprynet DOT COM). A person who can be on AIM or MSN often is preferred because this will be an object oriented design (I can teach you how to use such a design if you don't know, and can teach an aspiring PHP coder quite a few tricks) and will require some cooperation in designing code.

    We also need content writers, especially in games, and a community game info project is being organized here.

    Another position we could use help in is a "project manager" who can help to organize the community game info into pages on the site.

    Sonic HQ Back On

    We were hacked twice, but the site is back up.

    STC Archive Update

    Fleetway/StC issue 91 has been added to the comic archive.

    Sonic HQ Has Moved!

    We are now coming to you in no popup glory! Changing links is unneccessary (pages automatically redirect) and we'll be switching back to the www.sonichq.org domain if the admin of EmuZone's host, ZTNet, responds.

    NOTE: Some people are getting popups on the main page. This is related to one of the trackers but I haven't figured out which one yet.

    Summer of Sonic

    I know this is nearly a week late, but check out the Summer of Sonic website if you haven't already. There's a lot of great stuff there from the Sonic fan community at large. ;)

    Comics & Fan-Fic

    Comics: The review for Sonic The Hedgehog #162 has been posted. Story and cover scans have been posted for Sonic The Hedgehog #162-163 and Sonic X #8-9. The archive entries for Sonic The Hedgehog #162-163 and Sonic X #8-9 have been updated. The previews now go up to Sonic The Hedgehog #167 and Sonic X #12.

    Fan-Fic: One new author, Kiwi Kenobi, has a SatAM-centered fic up. Go check it out.

    STC Archive Update

    StC/Fleetway issues 89 and 90 have been added to the comic archive.


    Links to pre-ordering/ordering the following games, books, CDs, or DVDs have been added: Sonic Advance/Sonic Pinball Party Combo Pack, Sonic Heroes/Super Monkey Ball Combo, Sonic Mega Collection Plus/Super Monkey Ball Combo, Lost & Found: Shadow The Hedgehog Vocal Tracks, Sonic Riders Official Strategy E-Guide/Guide, Sonic X Vol. 10: The Beginning of the End, Sonic X: Aqua Planet, Sonic X: Battle at Ice Palace, and Sonic X: Dr. Eggman Goes to War. The link to Ace Comics (a UK-based site for ordering Archie Comics) has been updated. The links to Komics and DieCastExpress have been removed.


    Story scans have been posted for Sonic X #6-7 and cover scans for Sonic X #5-7. The archive has been updated for Sonic X #5-7. The previews now go up to Sonic X #11 and Sonic The Hedgehog #165.

    Welcome to Sally Moon HQ

    Sorry for the domain issues that have kept the site down for a few days for some people (including myself and the rest of the staff). However, it's back up and better than ever with a new star: Sally Moon. She's the perfect mix of alien/anthromorph due to her past life on the Mobian Moons while currently living on Mobius (think of it as Earth if you hate the name "Mobius" a lot). Considering the recent usage of aliens in the games, cartoons, and comics as well as some other recent news, it makes perfect sense to adjust the site accordingly. ^_^

    STC Archive Update

    Fleetway/StC issues 87 and 88 have been added to the comic archive.

    Editorials & Comics

    Editorials: One editorial has been revised, so check it out.

    Comics: Story scans for Sonic X #5 have been posted. The Sonic X archive has been updated to Sonic X #9 and the Sonic The Hedgehog archive has been updated to Sonic The Hedgehog #163.

    STC Archive Update

    Issues 127 and 128 have been added for the Sonic the Comic section of the archive. These issues feature stories of Amy and Tails's lives before they joined the Freedom Fighters.

    Archie Previews updated

    The Archie encyclopedia has seen more updates and revisions. Many of the characters appearing in recent issues have been affected by this. Nack, Heavy, Bomb, Ash, Elias, King Max, Dulcy and others have been updated.

    Also, just one new profile this time, but it's not for a character in recent issues. Rather, it's a character in an upcoming issue: Scourge the Hedgehog, the new form of Evil Sonic. Check it out!

    Sonic Ads

    Emulationzone's Sonic Ads page is up in videos.

    STC Archive Update

    STC issues 121, 122 and 124 have been added to the comic archive. Also issues missing from the archive (Currently issues 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 97, 98, 100, 101, 106, 119 and 123) have been marked as so.

    Comics, Fan Fics, & Store

    Comics: The Archie 2005 Year in Review survey has now begun. The deadline is March 4, 2006, unless you have a reason for a delay in your submission--which must be given before the deadline.

    Fan Fics: There's a new email address for fan fic submission: shq@truered.net

    Store: Links to pre-ordering Sonic Riders and the Sonic X Vol. 9 (4Kids) DVD were added.

    Comics & Fan Fair

    Comics: Reviews have been posted for Sonic X #2, Sonic X #3, and Sonic The Hedgehog #156.

    Fan Fair: A new editorial on Shadow's history has been posted as well as a new fan fic by a new author to the site.

    Editorials & Comics

    Editorials: One previous editorial was slightly updated and a rebuttal to a previous editorial has been posted.

    Comics: The Sonic X portion of the archive has been updated to Sonic X #6 and the Sonic The Hedgehog part to #159. The Sonic yearbooks from the UK were added to the "Other" part of the archive. Story/cover scans are now up for Sonic X #2-4 and Sonic The Hedgehog #155. The review for Sonic The Hedgehog #155 has also been posted.

    Editorials & Link/Email notice

    Editorials: Two new editorials added. The first is a rebuttal to a previous editorial concerning Sonic & gods. The second is about the search for the real Sonic continuity.

    Link/Email Notice: This is a bit late, but if you were hotlinking to Sonic HQ using the banners that were on echidnoyle.org or attempted to send email to the fan art/hoaxes or directory accounts, that domain doesn't exist anymore. I think I have updated all the links here to the new doorsclosing.com domain that now has the email accounts and the banner images. If you find one that I've forgotten, you can email me about it and I'll change it.


    Starting to make some headway into the music backlog. Everything that has been added today is noted here.

    Music & Editorials

    Music: Damian Grove's version of Fastest Thing Alive from DiC's Sonic The Hedgehog has been added to music archive. Also, the lyrics for the Sonic Adventure themes has been fixed. Minor note: Yes, we're aware of many broken links in the music archive. They'll be fixed when they can be.

    Editorials: An editorial on the legends of the Sonic games has been added.

    Comics & Store

    Comics: Massive updating over the past week--whether or not anyone noticed. ^_~ The cover and story scans have been updated up to Sonic #154 and include Sonic X #1. The Archive has been revamped to make it easier to view the Sonic The Comic, Poster Magazines, and other STC-specials that have been posted by the STC staff (that stuff written isn't my doing). Archie's Sonic X series also has its own section in the archive as well. The Archive also contains an "Other" section for the original Sega promo comic, the French comics provided over a year ago by adamis that I've been sitting on for the longest, and will house any other official Sonic comic that was/isn't published by Archie or Fleetway. Reviews have been posted up to Sonic #153 and for Sonic X #1. The Introduction to the comics section has been updated to include all comic series, not just the original Archie Sonic The Hedgehog series. Also, thanks to Karl Bollers, Sonic HQ now has a character overview that detail some of the original plans for the Sonic characters post-Sonic #134. If you read the series, you can see how much of it that has/hasn't been kept on your own. I think that is all for now.

    Store: Links to pre-ordering or ordering (depending on the item) Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic Rush, Archie Sonic The Hedgehog or Sonic X comics, Sonic X CDs and DVDs, and various Sonic books.

    Dedicated Server & Donations

    Dr. Lighthead has a new dedicated server which will be hosting increasing portions of SHQ and probably SHQ itself (which would mean getting rid of the pop ups). But we need help to pay for it, either in the form of donations, or selling hosting to other sites. Click here to donate or post here to ask about hosting.

    Comics (Part One)

    Been awhile coming. Story scans are up for Sonic #149-#152. Cover scans are up for Sonic #149-#152. The Preview cover scans have had #149 and #152 added. Due to the fact that I haven't gotten to the comics archive yet, I added the preview cover scans for the upcoming Sonic X series by Archie for the first two issues in the Cover Gallery. Usually I never put preview covers there, but until I get to updating the comics archive, the preview covers for those comics are there. I didn't do the same for Sonic #153 and #154 however (since #153 is out next week anyway and I plan on fixing up the archive before #154 hits). The Pro-Art Gallery has had a few additions as well. Obviously, a lot more comic updates will be coming sooner than later.


    The Editorial Section has been updated with an editorial concerning Knuckles.

    Fleetway - The Metallix / Kintobor Connection

    A couple of new Encyclopaedia entries for Fleetway have been added, also a couple of new Comic scans in the Fleetway gallery, including several Metallix stories and the origins of Sonic and Kintobor, one of Fleetway’s most sublime plot twists presented to a whole new audience.
    Check out issues 8 and 71, in THAT order…

    Archie Comics Note

    If you visit the message board, you will have seen that Mike Pellerito answered the questions that fans asked of him. You can read the questions and his answers on the news page.

    As for the Archie section itself, if you originally submitted a review for any issue after March 13, 2005, I don't have it anymore due to EzBoard being "hacked" in May. You'll need to re-send it if you still want it posted. Otherwise, the section will be updated within the month.

    Archie Encyclopedia updates!

    Sonic X isn't the only section that's seen updates recently. The Archie Encyclopedia has seen some changes over the past couple of weeks.First of all, a whole lot of entries have seen revisions in the text. Some of these are minor, others are quite large. For instance, check out the entry for Sonic himself. It's been split up into paragraphs and significantly rewritten.

    Next, cross references. Some entries now have clickabble cross-references within the text that can send you to other topics of interest. This takes a while to do, and the work on it has only just begun but it will make navigating a lot easier. Check out the entry on Albion to see what I'm talking about. Or, to see another way it can be applied, check out Dr Robotnik (disambiguation).

    In addition, images. several new images have been added. Some entires, like Biotex, did not previously have images. Some, like Bunnie Rabbot, had images that were outdated and needed to be replaced.

    More updates like this are on the way, so keep checking it out. It's a work in progress.

    Season 2 Sonic X started

    Sick of seeing me yet with all these updates. Anyway Sonic X episodes 53 and 54 are up and ready. Going to try and see if more have been done but it's going to take a while. I hope you enjoy and expect more soon!

    Sonic X Season 1 Done

    Well I finally had some spare time so episodes 49 through 52 have been updated on the Sonic X page. I'm going to try my best to stay on top of the season 2 episodes better than I did the first time around. I'm already planning on working on what I have tomorrow so I hope you'll be around then and I hope everything will go okay.

    Sonic X Updated

    Yeah, I meant to do this earlier, but stuff got in the way. Anyway Sonic X episodes 46 through 48 are now up for you. I will try to finish the final four as soon as I can, promise this time. ^^;

    More Sonic X Updates

    Well I got around to doing episodes 39 through 45 today. So that leaves just the last 7 dubbed episodes left and I will try and finish those on Monday. XD I'm burned around from doing the seven episodes today so I hope that you all enjoy it.

    Sonic Amateur Games Expo

    SHQ is sponsoring SAGE. Be sure to check them out to see what the Sonic fan game community is producing.

    Sonic Underground Ep List

    The Sonic Underground episode list is now complete, with the name of the song for each episode and continuity notes available.

    Sonic X Updated!

    Well I know it's taken forever everyone to finally get this done, but I am glad to say that I've updated Sonic X finally. The Sonic Adventure 2 arc, episodes 33-38, have been completed. I will try to finish the rest as soon as possible. Also, I have added the slots for episodes 53 through 78, but seeing as I do not know French at all, I can give brief summaries for now. So enjoy the new summaries if you haven't already seen the actual episodes!

    Fleetway and Underground

    A few new entries in the Fleetway section of the Encyclopedia, but more noticeably the Episode Guide for the Sonic Underground series has now been updated with all 40 episodes listed and almost two thirds containing comprehensive details, also with a small cast list of the main characters.

    Archie Comics

    Reviews for Sonic #146 have been posted. Scans (story and cover) have been posted for Sonic #147 and Sonic #148. The archive info has also been updated for Sonic #147 and Sonic #148.

    In addition to the usual update, you may be interested to learn that Mike Pellerito is interested in answering your questions concerning the Sonic The Hedgehog series and the upcoming Sonic X mini-series. For more information, read this.


    The store has been updated with links to ordering/pre-ordering Sonic Heroes (PC), Sonic Mega Collection Plus (X-Box), the dubbed Sonic X Vols 5-7 (DVD), and the dubbed Sonic X Vols 5 & 7 (VHS). Oh and I decided to finally bring back Sonic HQ. ;p

    Bye To All

    A huge opportunity has come up, and I must reluctantly announce my probable resignation from SHQ. I'm starting up a web programming business and already have a potential customer.

    I'd like to thank True Red, WB, and the SHQ staff and forumers for being great friends and a lot of fun. My experience at SHQ was a huge part of this. When I started here I didn't even know HTML.

    More details when I'm at liberty to say them.

    Introducing the new Shadow HQ

    With the recent news concerning Shadow getting his own game and replacing Sonic as the mascot for Sega, we have now become Shadow HQ to reflect Sega's changes. Enjoy the wonderful new website. :)


    The Archie Comics 2004 in Review results have been posted. Many thanks to everyone that participated in the voting. ;)

    Fleetway Section Updated

    Loads of new pictures added to the Sonic Encyclopaedia along with several new entries (including Doctor Robtnik) along with several new cover scans mean that there’s a load of new Sonic the Comic Fleetway material online.

    Archie Profiles, Added and Updated

    A whole bunch of entries in the Archie section of the Encyclopedia have been added, including Isaac, Argentium, and quite a few more. In adittion, Several have been updated, including (but not limited to) Snively and Remington. Why don't you go there and check them out?

    Fleetway Scans Added and Corrected

    Only a small update but worth mentioning, as well as adding a few more Fleetway Covers and a new image into the scans page, the last original strip the magazine ever made. As well as all that a large selection of images that weren’t working previously should now be fully functional. If you come across any 404 errors when trying to link towards Fleetway pages please let me know immediately either via email or in the forum.

    Comics & Help Wanted

    Comics: Reviews have been posted in the archives for Sonic #142, #143, and #144. The reviews for Sonic #145 are the featured reviews. Additional reviews were added for Sonic #139 and #141. Cover and story scans have been posted for Sonic #143-146. The archive has been updated to Sonic #146 and previews are posted up to Sonic #152. As a reminder, this is also the last week to answer the Archie Comics 2004 survey before I no longer accept submissions.

    Help Wanted: Read this post if you are interested in helping either with Archie or News.

    Fleetway Cover Gallery

    The Fleetway part of the Comic Cover Gallery is now fully up, although far from complete. There are still a lot of covers not yet scanned, but there is at last at least 1 cover in each of the 9 pages documenting the 223 issues of Fleetway. Although the large version for a lot of the covers may not yet work, this is still work in progress and you can expect more soon. Also, the Fleetway Encyclopedia has been improved with more pictures for more profiles and multiple entries now have links to the main account.

    E-mail us if you're the 4,000,000th visitor

    Send an e-mail and if possible a screenshot to freddyg@sprynet.com.

    Fleetway Encylopedia Opened

    The Fleetway Encyclopaedia has been officially opened, currently containing around 69 entries with more to come. For anyone who’s never read the UK Sonic the Comic it might be an interesting look at everything you’ve missed out on.
    Also, a few more pictures have been added to the Fleetway Scans page, you can access both in the comics section.

    Editorials & Comics

    Editorials: Two new editorials are up, including a long overdue one submitted in November last year.

    Comics: Archie Comics 2004 in Review survey is now up. You have until March 19th to respond if you would like to participate in it.

    Fleetway - Comic Scans Rearranged

    In the first of, hopefully, many updates I have finally sorted out the Fleetway scans page. Now all of the old scans are arranged into their correct issues and a couple of new scans have been added in the attempt to even out the section which previously showed issues from the comics early beginnings.

    For those who don’t know Sonic the Comic was produced by Egmont Fleetway and is the British Sonic Comic that ran through the 1990’s and ended its printing run in 2002. Look to the editorial section to find out more there if you’re interested, and also you can expect more updates concerning Fleetway soon…

    Hoaxes Update Finished

    Updated: Ximon Kucoch
    New: ShoeCake, Sonic Nerd, Turbo The Porcupine and X the Samurai Hedgehog


    Updated: Emerald Guardian and Jamie "SwiftRunner" Lee.
    New: Angnix, Cheese Monkey, Clover, Darkflame, Frootcake, Mighy51, Protoknuckles and Shazra The Hedgehog.

    This update is incomplete due to technical problems. Please look forward to more hoaxers being added and updated soon.

    Sonic X Repaired

    Not quite sure what happened over the week guys but it seems some of the Sonic X episode links disappeared and the pages failed to work, I have gone through and corrected the situation so you should be able to them again.

    More Sonic X

    Episodes 29, 30, 31, and 32 have been taken care of, which completes the Sonic Adventure arc. Next up is the Sonic Adventure 2 arc and then just a couple episodes after that and it will finish up the current collection of dubbed episodes that I have. Enjoy the four episodes.

    What's this? NEW Sonic X

    That's right I'm back in the game for now to get the rest of what I have up for Sonic X. Right now it is just episodes 26, 27, and 28, but it is something. It will be just a while to get the current collection up-to-date but I will be working on it next week so it should not take much longer.


    The Sonic 2 page has been updated with more information, as well as now using the new format.


    Reviews for Sonic #141 are finally up. Scans for Sonic #142 are up and the archive goes up to Sonic #146.

    Thanks (Concerning STC)

    I'm going to have to stop accepting offers to help out with the STC section before I get overwhelmed. If you haven't received an initial reply yet, you should by no later than Monday (late night, factor in the 5 hour time difference for me from the UK). Many thanks to all who have responded. :)


    Another review for Sonic #138 (by Miles "Per" Hour) has been added to the fan review archives.

    Comics & Help Wanted

    Comics: In the scans section, the entire Sega promo comic is now online again thanks to Conekiller.

    Help Wanted: If you know about Fleetway, STC and/or its specials, and would like to either join or contribute, please contact me. Contact info is on the staff page. I'm really looking for people who can provide cover scans, release dates, story info, and profiles. Having every issue isn't required as I'll be accepting as many as I need to get the job done in terms of covering every issue.

    Games & Store

    Games: Sonic Battle is now up.

    Store: The store has been updated with links to ordering/pre-ordering the following...
    Games: Sonic Advance 3, NeoGeo/Sonic Pocket Adventure bundle, Sonic Mega Collection Plus (PS2), Sonic Heroes Vocal Soundtrack, and Sonic Heroes Original Soundtrack
    Archie Comics: Comic Books Etc added to the online store list
    Cartoons: GBA Video Sonic X Vol. 1, GBA Video Sonic X Vol. 2, Sonic X Vol. 3 DVD & VHS (US), Sonic X Vol. 4 DVD & VHS (US), Sonic X Vol. 12 DVD & VHS (JPN), and Sonic X Vol. 13 DVD & VHS (JPN)


    Reviews for Sonic #140 are up, scans for Sonic #141 are up, and the Archive has been updated to Sonic #145.


    The gallery has been mostly updated to the present look for the site. Images of the McDonald's toys from last year (in the U.S.) were added as well as the Tiger Sonic 2 handheld game in the merchandise area.


    The Desktop page has been slightly overhauled and new wallpaper is up for downloading as well.


    Scans for Sonic #140 are up and the archive info for the issue has been updated.


    Two new editorials are up: one by Nytloc on Sonic X and video game continuities and another by SonikuUK on the Sonic movie rumors. They're both posted based on the date I received them, July 29th and August 22nd respectively.

    The Mobius Forum On EZBoard's August Spotlight

    Since I haven't mentioned it here yet, check out www.ezboard.com, specifically the Community Spotlight. Sonic HQ's Mobius Forum has been featured on one of the busiest sites on the entire internet!


    Reviews for Sonic #139 are now up. As I'm sure many noticed due to the lack of emails I received, the scans for #139 were posted weeks ago. The Archie Sonic archives are up to Sonic #144 spoilers. The Preview covers section (within the cover scans area) has been slightly overhauled by me as well.


    Reviews for Sonic #138 are now up.


    Artwork is now completely up to date, sorry for the long hiatus!

    Updated: Alexandria Clarke, Dark Hedgehog, Emerald Guardian, Euan the Echidhog, Gizmo, Marcin Pranczke, Jamie Lee, Natashi-Chan, Turbo, Wolfio the Echidna and Xanthic Duckie.

    Introducing: Alex Day, Crammers, Dr. Wolfenstien, Verona B, Darkstar0007, Sonic J, Jordan, M Sonic J, Raven M, Sonic K, Sonicstein, Supersonicv3, The DJTC and Thomas Rothlisberger.

    Also, just a reminder to potential new artists (And hoaxers)--Please read the guidelines before submitting! The top reasons that people aren't given archives is they either fail to submit at least the required five pictures, they don't give me a name to list them by, or they don't send their art with the e-mail submission.

    Sonic Survey

    Holy pig aviators Batman, the Sonic Survey has been updated!


    Reviews for Sonic #137 are up and the archive info has been updated to Sonic #142. You can also view cover and story scans for Sonic #138. Sonic #138 is not out in stores yet so don't go looking for it. I have a subscription for the moment and I got the issue early.


    A chaos emerald theories editorial has been added.

    Comic Previews

    I was looking through my HQ files and found some old preview covers. These aren't easily available on the net anymore, so rather than delete them, I thought they might be useful as a curiosity. So the cover previews page has been added, with the covers I found along with all the previews that are currently up on the site.


    Overdue reviews for Sonic #136 are up. Scans are up for Sonic #137 and the previews/archives have been updated to Sonic #141.


    Scans for Sonic #136 have been added and the archive info for the issue has been updated.


    Reviews for Sonic #135 are up.

    Comics & Store

    Comics: Sonic #135 scans and archive info updated.

    Store: Links for ordering Sonic Heroes Original Soundtrack, Sonic X Vol. 9 DVD/VHS, Sonic X Original Soundtrack, Sonic OVA Vol. 1 VHS, Sonic Christmas Blast DVD, Sonic the Movie DVD (2004 edition), Sonic Beginnings TPB, Sonic Firsts TPB, and Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad VHS were added. Links for pre-ordering Sonic X Vol. 10 DVD/VHS, Sonic X Vol. 11 DVD/VHS, Sonic X Vol. 1 DVD/VHS (dub), and Sonic X Vol. 2 DVD/VHS (dub) were also added.


    Reviews for Sonic #134 are now up. Oh, and Sonic HQ is back. ;)

    Welcome To Chris HQ!

    With the announcement of 26 new episodes of Sonic X, we're revamping the site after the star of Sonic X, Chris! ^_^ See the news page for info on the new season featuring the adventures of Chris and his sidekick Sonic.


    Long overdue reviews for Sonic #133 are now up. Scans for Sonic #134 are also available and the archive has been updated.

    The Final 3

    That's right everyone, the last 3 current episodes are done meaning that everything is up-to-date so enjoy the 24 episode summaries and as I get the new episodes onto my system I will provide everyone with the newest summary avaible. Later!

    I'm On A Roll

    The next four episodes are up and ready to be viewed. All that is left is three more until Sonic X is caught up with the 4Kids dubs. Once that is done I will try to get a summary for each new episode once I can get it onto my hard drive. Do not worry during the in between times I will be supplying with teasers for the episodes that have not been played in English yet. There are only 2 Japanese episodes left and it will not take long to write short summaries for those. So until tomorrow. Later!

    Amazing! 6 Episodes!

    Yes you heard it right I managed to pull off 6 summaries for everyone. Episodes 12 through 17 are now completed leaving only 7 more episodes to be summarized until Sonic X is up-to-date. Though right now I am very tired from all that writing so you will have to until until Thursday and Friday to get those final summaries. Later!

    4 New Episodes

    Well it has taken me nearly 3 hours to complete all of this, but you have four new episodes to look at that are fully complete. I will continue to try and get caught up with the episodes so that those people who do not get to see Sonic X know what is going on. Remember Sonic X is located here: http://www.sonichq.org/newsite/cartoon/sonicx/

    New Sonic X Summary

    Well there's a new summary finally up on Sonic X, episode 7 is complete and ready to be viewed. I am going to try and do at least an episode a day so that I can get caught up to the current 23 episodes that are in english. I have spring break this week and I hope to at least get to episode 20 by the end of of the week. So watch close and hopefully the Sonic X section will quickly grow. Laters.

    New Section ~ Sonic X

    Well it's been due for a while now, but the Sonic X section is finally opening up at SHQ. Right now we are focusing on the summaries but in the future expect more from the new Sonic cartoon. You can find the section here: http://www.sonichq.org/newsite/cartoon/sonicx/


    The results from the Archie Comics 2003 In Review survey is now up. Many thanks to everyone who voted. :)

    Other updates: A new fan review by Calypso was added for Sonic #132. Sonic #133 archive info has been updated and scans are also available to be viewed.


    Sonic #132 reviews, scans, and archive info have all been updated and the previews go up to Sonic #137, too.

    Sonic Heroes

    I've redone the Sonic Heroes page with much more detailed info.

    Sonic HQ Featured On French TV

    Thanks to Adamis for pointing this out, Solly for the original video, and Rlan for the video conversion. To save bandwidth, we only have the Sonic HQ part of Game One's online Sonic sites report on the videos page. When our bandwidth use is reduced, we'll probably add the full version that Solly made. Sonic-Online.net and Sonic-GIF.com were also featured, and the news page has a link to the topic where Adamis posted Solly's video.

    Comics & Desktop

    Comics: Reviews for Sonic #131 are now up as well as the preview cover for Sonic #136.

    Desktop: Sakaki's Sonic X wallpaper was slightly altered and is now up.


    A new survey is now up. Give your take on the best and worst stories, art, among other things, in 2003 concerning the Archie comics. It'll be open until February 15.


    A link to another US online shop was added to the list to buy Archie Sonic comics as well as a link for buying Sonic Battle. Links to pre-ordering the PS2 version of Sonic Heroes, Sonic X VHS/DVD Volumes 7 & 8, and the Sonic Heroes soundtrack were also added.

    Fanfic Updated

    ...yeah, go ahead and pick your jaws up off the floor. I get the picture. :p Darren "RedFox" McRoy & Duncan "MTP" Sheard's "The Power of One" has been uploaded with review. More to come later.


    Happy New Year ^_^ Archive info for Sonic #131 has been updated. Scans for Sonic #131 are now up and the previews go up to Sonic #136.


    The Comic review section has been updated to 4.0. Reviews for Sonic #130 are now up. Additional reviews added for Sonic #127 and #128 as well.



    If you get the 3,000,000th hit, please e-mail me at freddyg@sprynet.com. If possible, take a screenshot (you can copy the screen with the print screen button on the keyboard).

    Sonic Heroes, Editorials, and Survey

    The Sonic Heroes page has been updated with the most complete info yet on the moves of each team. Thanks to Super Shadic, shingking, and SuperHyperMetalSonic for some of the details. Editorials and Sonic Survey have been redesigned.


    Archive information for Sonic #130 updated. The Scans section has also been updated to version 4.0 of the site. The section is now split into Covers, Sega Promo, Sonic The Hedgehog, Knuckles The Echidna, Specials & Mini-Series, STC/Fleetway, Pro Art, and Spaz galleries. Scans for Sonic #130 have been added and the Pro Art and Spaz galleries have also been updated. Cover scans for STC #51-73 were also added.

    Comics & Store

    Comics: Reviews for Sonic #129 are now up and the previews/archive go up to Sonic #135.
    Store: Links to pre-orders for Sonic X Volume 6 DVD/VHS, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Heroes Strategy Guide have been added.


    The Sonic Heroes page has been updated with tons of screenshots, magazine scans, some art, and the new Grand Metropolis and Power Plant video.


    Last Story was finally added to the Sonic Adventure 2 page. The Hero & Dark sides also got some minor updates. The Sonic Adventure page got a small chao update.


    Nice big comics update. An additional review was added for Sonic #128. Story and cover scans are up for Sonic #129 and the archive info for the issue was updated. Preview cover for Sonic #132 is up in the previews/archives. Also, the Pro Art and Spaz galleries have been updated.

    Comics & Desktop

    Reviews for Sonic #128 are up and the previews go up to #133. Sonic Heroes wallpaper, courtesy of ChaosMaster DX, is now available. Take your pick of individual or team wallpaper.


    Updated the awards page with awards from Gamerguy and Shinchan.

    Games & Store

    The Sonic Adventure page is finally up. Info on each character's games and stories is available as well as some basic chao info. Links to pre-ordering the Japanese Sonic X Volume 5 VHS/DVD and getting the CD to the second Japanese Sonic X ending theme have been added to the Sonic X section of the store. Diamond Comics' comic shop locator service has also been added to the Archie comics section of the store.

    Sonic HQ

    I added the Theme Selector (upper right corner for those with IE5+, Mozilla, or Netscape 7+). More themes will be added. Getting this to work right was a TON of work. ^^; If you see any bugs, please tell us on the forums in the Emerald Visitor Center.


    Long overdue update. Reviews for Sonic #127 are up and an additional review for Sonic #125 has been added. A minor update has been made on review submissions, so if you're interested in writing reviews, check it out. Scans are up for Sonic #127 and #128. Archive info for Sonic #127 and #128 has been updated and the previews now go up to Sonic #132.

    Sonic HQ

    We're happy to announce the grand opening of our new site design, Sonic HQ 4.0!

    Game Info

    I just opened the new Sonic Heroes page! ^_^

    Comics Info, Fan Games

    Added Comics Info and Fan Games.


    Added Sonic Canon Part 2 by Crazy Penguin. I actually got it last month, but didn't add it until now. Sorry!

    Cartoon Info, Fan Fics

    Added Cartoon Info amd Fan Fics.

    General Info, Fan Graphics

    Added the Sonic Encyclopedia, Legends of a Blue Blur, Sonic Internet History, Fan Art, and Hoaxes.

    Music, Directory, and Forum

    Added the Music page, the Directory, and the Forum rules, guide, etc.

    Fan Fair

    Added Fan Comics, and updated Endlame with the 3 missing pages. The full Endlame comic is now on the site.

    Site Features

    Added Staff, Humor, E-mail, and Site FAQ.

    Q&A, Update Board

    Added Q&A and the Update Board.


    Added the News page (including interviews) to the new site.


    A link for buying Archie's Sonic Beginnings trade paperback from Archie's website was added.

    Site Design

    Worked with Tony on some modifications to the new site design to get it ready.