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    Sonic – Jaleel White
    Tails – Christopher Evan Welch
    Dr. Robotnik – Long John Baldry
    Scratch – Phil Hayes
    Grounder – Gary Chalk
    Coconuts & Additional Voices – Ian James Corlett

    Miscellaneous Characters – Kathleen Barr, Michael Benyaer, Jay Brazeau, Babs Chula, Jennifer Copping, Kyle Fairlie, Shane Meier, Jane Mortifee, Pauline Newstone, Brad Swaile, John Tench, Venus Terzo, French Tickner, Lee Tockar, Louise Vallance, Cathy Weseluck

    . The Super Special Sonic Search And Smash Squad (Pilot Episode)

    The first episode of the season, this ep was HORRIBLY ANIMATED even worse so than its future counterparts. Doctor Robotnik has created three new badniks under the monicker of the “Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad” – codenamed Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, thier full job is to eradicate the devilish Doc’s number one enemy – Sonic The Hedgehog!

    #2. Subterranian Sonic

    Whilst escaping from Scratch and Grounder in a network of abandoned mine shafts, Sonic and Tails stumble across a hoard of diamonds, guarded by a miserly old mole. Deciding they`re after his treasure, he imprisons them, but they are forced to join forces when the robots threaten to blow up the mine, and the mole sees the error of his ways. A weak plot attempting to justify itself by moralising.

    #3. Lovesick Sonic

    One of the more remembered AoSTH episodes among Sonic fans – Sonic saves a “Jessica Rabbit-like” hedgehog babe, Breezie, from Scratch and Grounder, and falls for her, not realising that she`s really a robot sent to exterminate him. Despite repeated warnings from Tails, he aimlessly falls right into her trap, but she has a sudden pang of guilt at his sincerity as she realises that at the end Sonic has actually made her fall in love with him. Unable to comprehend the feeling of love as it wasnt programmed in her, Breezie saves him at the last minute leaving him heartbroken. While it was one of the more subtle episodes, it was very an annoying at times. And the fact that Sonic suddenly became stark-raving stupid every time Breezie touched him didn’t do much for the cartoon either…This was one of the few AoSTH toons (minus the Chaos Emerald Saga episodes) that could have had possible potential as a good episode, had it not tripped over itself so often.

    #4. Sloooowww Going…

    Doctor Robotnik’s finally done it as he’s invented a ray gun that’s supposed to slow Sonic down for good! Sending the Dumbbots out to do his dirty work, a family of sloths comes under attack from Scratch and Grounder, who use them to lure Sonic into the path of the Doc’s new Slow Motion Ray. Sonic is then captured, but saved by Tails when he reverses the effects of the ray and turns it on the sloths, turning them into a high speed fighting force, before turning it back on Sonic! One of the better episodes of the series for Tails fans, but the sloths` drawl sets your teeth on edge within thirty seconds. In all honesty, this would have been a half-way descent episode if it weren’t for the sluggard sloth characters at all….

    #5. High Stakes Sonic

    Doctor Robotnik’s caught a bit of the ego bug as he needs workers to build a huge monument of – himself! Question is how to lure the workers. Simple – he opens up his new Casino Night Zone to get gamblers to lose all they’ve got and have to work for him…

    #6. Sonic Breakout

    A popular satirical comic artist, Sketch Lampoon, is imprisoned, and it`s in the interest of Mobian morale for Sonic and Tails to break into the prison and get him out – before Robotnik uses his skills for propaganda among the Mobian people! Unfortunately, Lampoons jokes are so bad and his character so irritating, that he should be left in there…

    #7. Trail Of The Missing Tails

    Five years ago, Robotnik banished his insane cousin Warpnik to the “Zone of Confusion”. Unfortunately, seeking revenge, Warpnik has escaped and in a three ring bind of sorts he captures Tails, knowing that Sonic will follow Tails, and knowing that Robotnik will follow Sonic! His plan works to a tee, as they all end up trapped in the Zone of Confusion. Sonic could rescue Tails and get out – but Warpnik has a gun that turns everything into a monster! Trees, fish, rocks, even Robotnik’s robots…and Considering the Zone setting is like the inside of an insane person’s head, this is going to be difficult….

    #8. Close Encounters Of The Sonic Kind

    Scratch and Grounder have a super-suction plate that they intend to have Sonic run over and get caught, but the suction beam goes up into outer space and hits a passing spaceship! Containing an alien inside with a squid for a head, and a large, free-floating red ameoba, Sonic and Tails find out that the alien is on his way to be crowned king of Rhombus, and if he isn’t there in time, his baby brother (who wants to blow up Mobius) will be king instead! The ship lost some parts when it crashed, but particularly a red nosecone with a bulit-in navigation chip they need to get to Rhombus in time. Theres just ONE PROBLEM – Grounder’s nose falls off when the ship crashes, and he grabs the nosecone, thinking it’s his nose. Sonic has to get it back in time to have the alien go back and be king and to keep the planet from becoming a pile of kibble in the starstream. BTW, the alien’s brother really is a baby — he’s 2 years old!

    #9. Mama Robotnik’s Birthday

    It’s Mama Robotnik’s Birthday and she’s broken out of the asylum again to get her birthday present. She seems to hate just Sonic as much as her son, so Dr. Robotnik decides to catch Sonic for her for her birthday. Unfortunately he can’t do it in time for her birthday, so she goes out and tries to catch him herself with Dr. Robotnik. Of course, they both fail miserably, and Mama is sent back to the asylum.

    Words cannot describe the complete stupidity of this episode. Bad enough that we get an ugly Robotnik with breasts and shifting PMS movements, but to top that Mama Robotnik (possibly the most ANNOYINGLY FRUSTRATING character next to Wes Weasely) becomes a recurring character in the series as DiC didnt have the sense to KEEP her locked up in that @#$% asylum…If Yuji Naka were to see it he would most likely break down into tears of sorrow…

    #10. Big Daddy

    A giant baby ape comes to Sonic for help, looking for its missing father! The parent has been kidnapped by Robotnik, who plans to destroy most of Mobius with both it and his new laser weapon, from the top of Mount Mobius! Cue the giant ape climbing up a tower – I honestly and truly think this entire episode was written SOLELY for that King Kong gag…

    #11. Sonic’s Song (Note – “Sing It Again, Sonic!”: Australia)

    A popular singer, Catty Carlisle, writes a song about Sonic, and it soars to the top of the charts. A furious Robotnik captures her, and Sonic rescues her. And that`s about it. Basically, 30 minutes of a damsel in distress that sounds like she has a dying weasel caught in her throat. Oh, and the song`s infuriating, too.

    #12. Birth Of A Salesman!

    He’s heeeerrreee….Wes Weasely, the recurring super-salesman weasel has arrived in his premier episode. Weasely tries to sell weapons to Dr. Robotnik to catch Sonic, but none of them work (mainly because Scratch and Grounder are too stupid and can’t use them properly). Wes realizes the error of his ways as he switches to Sonic’s side when he realizes that it’s safer than not giving Robotnik a refund.

    To tell you the truth Wes Weasely is a very “grating on the nerves character” that was used too much in the series much to fans chagrin. Why on earth some moron would think to put a super salesman in Sonic continuity is beyond me, but Wes DOES have a plus – if it were between him and another Mama Robotnik cameo – I’d take the cheap looking, orange plaid dressing, bifocle wearing weasel anyday…

    #13. The Best Hedgehog

    This episode could have had so much potential…..Years ago Doctor Robotnik loved a woman named Lucinda, but Lucinda loved someone else….A man named Lucas, who has been locked up in Robotnik’s fortress for years because he was the one who loved Lucinda, whom Robotnik also loved. This sends Sonic, Tails, and Lucas on the adventure of their lives searching for Lucinda, with Robotnik hot on thier heels…

    #14. The Robotnik Express

    In an episode thats almost animated and acted like a bad 60’s Hanna Barbera cartoon, Scratch and Grounder have to deliver some bombs to Robotnik. But, when they meet “Da Bears”, a case of mistaken identity starts. “DaBears” think Scratch and Grounder are Sonic and Tails and are helping Scratch And Grounder to guard a train full of missiles against the real heroes` attack! The first appearance of `Da Bears` (see `Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior`), a pair of dim-witted bikers. This is so lame you`d almost wish the train would explode. And about that animation – which was LOWER than its usual sub-par standards, lets just say it was akin to a greatly animated episode of “Rocky And Bullwinkle”….

    #15. Too Tall Tails

    Robotnik tries to get Professor Dinglehopper’s growth gun to work, but it explodes and creates a cloud of growth gas! It happens to drift over Tails, who grows incredibly large! In his huge state, he can’t help but destroy small (relatively) things – such as towns and people! >;) Sonic has to go get the antidote before Robotnik does “something good for the community” by viciously shooting Tails with a freeze ray.

    Beyond the usual animation, this was actually a pretty decent episode. Tails’ gets first billing here and the bit of Robotnik wanting to freeze tails to death “for the good of the people” was honestly hilarious.

    #16. Tails’ New Home

    In an episode that expands a bit on Tails’ origins – Tails has been feeling lonely lately and after having so much adventure he comes the point to where he wants to join a family. After trying to get himself into the army unsuccesfully (???) Tails notices a billboard which asks about a family and thier search for thier missing son – A TWO TAILED FOX ! One problem though – It’s really Scratch and Grounder in a Doc Robotnik plot to kidnap Tails! Sonic takes him to the home and it’s a sad good bye (well, not really) as Sonic remembers that he gave him the name Tails and his family would have called him Miles. And its this error of judgement that Sonic sees the trap as he goes off to rescue his friend!

    Yet another of one of the more tolerable AoSTH episodes, with Tails` history as a redeeming feature. While it did have its usual quota of overusing slapstick and bad annimation, the episode was actually quite tolerable.

    #17. Over The Hill Hero

    Sonic rescues old, out of shape, Captain Invincible, but at the end, it’s the other way around…Sonic`s freedom fighting efforts are suddenly hampered by an incompetent veteran superhero with a lust for glory – Captain Invincible! When Sonic rejects his attempts to `help`, Invincible is fooled by Robotnik into capturing Sonic, and too afraid of his own incompetence to attempt a rescue when he realises what deed has been done! But Tails convinces him to save the day. Breaking the double streak of decent episodes, this is another ep with the sentimentality laid on so thick you could cut it…

    #18. Blank Headed Eagle

    When a teenage girl eagle suffers a blow to the head, she believes that Scratch is her favourite T.V. hero, and aids him in fighting against Sonic! When she is finally brought back to normal, Sonic arranges for her to meet her real hero. Bland, rather than blank, should be the word.

    #19. Mystery Of The Missing Hi-Tops

    There’s going to be some sort of fair in Sonic’s honor today on Planet Mobius, but Sonic wakes up and finds his shoes gone! He suspects Robotnik, but he can’t run without the shoes due to the fact that the friction would tear his feet up, so he has to use detective work. He realizes it was a pushy carnival salesman. He admits to having stolen them as he was going to cut them up and sell them as souveniers. A very simple plot that actually could have worked if AoSTH had better writing and production. It was interesting seeing how Sonic could react to a situation where his speed is renedered moot. However its climax somehow ended up falling on its face.

    #20. So Long Sucker !!!

    When the robots rip open a door to an alternate dimension, a mysterious small purple alien blob creature from another dimension falls through into Tails hands and Sonic lets him keep it. Simple? WRONG! The one problem is, the alien will only eat…guess…yep, Chilli dogs!!!!! And if it doesnt get them it grows into a huge alien, goes ballistic, and sucks everything up in site. The alien – now named Goopster, is in constant danger as the robots would find it more use as a weapon, and are constantly try to capture it. However, Doc Robotnik steps in, kidnaps it and Sonic and Tails must go to rescue it! But things get really haywire when Robotnik angers the alien and it sucks up Sonic and Tails instead!!! The heroes eventually trick the robots into sending it home to its parents as things return back to abnormal.

    #21. Sonic Gets Trashed (Note – “Scrap Valley”: U.K.)***

    When Robotnik opens up a resort to make the resident Mobians his slaves, Sonic enlists the help of some robots from an area of Mobius called Scrap Valley.

    ***Its unkown the exact title of this episode. In the U.K. it was known simply as “Scrap Valley”, while the U.S. got the “trashed” title.

    #22. Psuedo-Sonic

    Way back in the earlier days of the Sonic comics – this was one of the episodes that MAY have been PARTIALLY adapted in the comics. (Sonic The Hedgehog #9 to be exact). Robotnik constructs a (frankly unconvincing) robot replica of Sonic, and instructs a young mouse to pilot it and ruin the hedgehog`s reputation on pain of his parent`s lives…. The mouse comes to Sonic for help, but Sonic falls ill before they can reach Robotnik. Tails takes the suit in an attempt to be a hero, but is captured, and Sonic recovers in time to save the day. The plot is… to be polite, formulaic, and the animation is even WORSE than usual.

    #23. Grounder The Genius

    This is debateably one of the BEST EPISODES of the season next to the four part Quest series. Robotnik`s design for a `Super-Genius` chip is stolen by Hacker The Mole, and finds its way into Grounder`s brain by mistake! With Grounder’s newfound intelligence upped to its extreme, he no longer is the complete doof he once was as he takes over as supreme villain, and even succeeds in capturing Sonic, who is fortunately saved by Tails and Hacker! And when neither of the three can stop Grounder’s reign of terror there is only one thing that can defeat him – Scratch`s utter stupidity. Another of the all too few redeeming episodes for Tails fans, and almost patronising to computer users, as well!

    #24. Tails In Charge

    Doctor Robotnik invents a freeze-o-ray that he tries to use to petrify Sonic. Believe it or not – It actually works, and Tails has to keep Sonic away from Robotnik unitl he can cure his condition. At the end, the gun shoots itself, which is not as Escher-esque as it sounds, and is frozen forever, much to the chagrin of Doctor Robotnik.

    Yet another “Tails’ centered” episode – it was another one of the few redeemers barring the usual problems AoSTH had. Tails fans could be pleased as he takes yet another center stage role. That and the ending was honestly quite original.

    #25. Sno Problem

    Doctor Robotnik has invented The Ultra-Freezomatic with his goal to freeze every being on Mobius and place on them little cigarette-patch looking “Servitude Chips” thus giving them complete obedience to Robotnik! But when he installs them in Scratch and Grounder with the program of “Get Sonic!” they end up prematurely setting off the Freezomatic instead. Thus in the ensuing chaos and messed up circuitry Scratch and Grounder fluctuate between Sonic and Robotnik being their master. And even worse still Tails is captured and a servitude patch placed on him!

    Ending the “good episode” streak started by Grounder The Genius, this episode had a pretty decent premise, but overall fell quite lame on its ending.

    #26. Submerged Sonic

    This was one of the few stories to have a plot based on the game. Robotnik wants the Power Gems from the city of Submerbia in the Labyrinth Zone and he kidnapps the Princess Bubbles in order to do it! Little does he know of the love between Bubbles and her estranged merman boyfriend – who after being rebuked by the King goes to Sonic for help. The horrible surfer dude accent on the boyfriend did nothing to help an already weak plot.

    #27. Boogey Mania

    Robotnik makes a machine that turns dreams into reality and uses it on himself, creating a super “Nightmare monster” – and knowing Robotnik, that’s some nightmare. Sonic makes his own monster to battle Robotnik’s by feeding Tails lots and lots of junk food then using it on him. No comment….

    #28. Musta Been A Beautiful Baby!

    Robotnik somehow invents a ray that makes people turn into babies, and shoots Sonic and Tails. However, he also shot himself! An overly hyper baby Sonic, a baby Tails that can speak few words, and the bully like Baby Robotnik are taken to daycare, where they must go the whole day without a time-out until the effects wear off. Scratch and Grounder use multiple disguises to try and trick the owner of the daycare into thinking they’re the kid’s parents, but none work. This episode was just one deplorable stupid slapstick gag after another and was enough to turn any Sonic fan AWAY from this cartoon…

    #29. Robotnik Junior

    When Doctor Robotnik builds a robot “son” that looks like him he finally has a sense of pride. But the pride is soon dashed to pieces when the robot realizes he’d rather be on Sonic’s side because “Sonic’s nicer”. The amount of lame in this episode is almost unbearable…

    #30. Full-Tilt Tails

    Another Tails concentrated episode thats actually almost decent – Tails unwittingly steps on a piece of “high-speed gum” that Dr. Robotnik invented and now he can run really SUPER fast! Theres just one drawback to his new super speed ability – because unfortunately, once he starts speeding, he can’t control himself…

    #31. Mac-Hopper

    When Scratch And Grounder capture a Freedom Fighting Kangaroo named MacHopper (A Cheap Crocodile Dundee wannabee) Robotnik comes to realize that Mac may be the only person capable of matching Sonic at his own game, as he brainwashes Mac into doing his dirty deeds! But in the attempt to reprogram his brain an explosion occurs in the lightning storm, causing his reprogramming to go bonkers. And so his mind begins to switch programming from lost memory, to regular memory, to Robotnik created memory and the only true mind reviver being none other than chili.

    #32. Momma Robotnik Returns!

    Momma Robotnik once again escapes from the asylum (see `Momma Robotnik`s Birthday`), and returns to wreak revenge on Sonic, notifying the law that a homeless minor is roaming the streets, and offering to adopt him. The minor you ask – TAILS !!!! The courts forcibly place him under her care even without Sonic’s pleas, and she imprisons him in her fortress, using Tails, locked in her torture chamber, to keep him there!! Viewers will wish she`d stayed in the asylum.

    #33. Space Sonic (Note – “Spaceman Sonic”: U.K.)

    Sonic and Tails are blasted into space whilst trying to prevent Robotnik from launching a deadly rocket towards a space station! When they arrive, they find the space station inhabited by a very hungry – and cold afflicted – alien, who views them as the first fresh meat for some time, but they bargain with the alien that it can chase Robotnik for as long as it wants, if it will help them return to Mobius! The sneezing alien is the only joke, and it doesn`t work.

    #34. Mad Mike Da Bear Warrior

    Mad Mike (last seen in `The Robotnik Express`), receives a blow to the head and suffers amnesia, which causes him to think that he is loyal to Robotnik! Sonic, Tails and Big Griz however must change his mind.

    The plot and the jokes have been used before and are getting QUITE STALE by now (SERIOUSLY look at all of the tired “amnesia” plots…), and of ALL the characters used they had to bring back “Da Bears”! SHEESH !!!

    #35. The Last Resort

    When Robotnik announces his intention to give up villainy, Sonic is therefore forced into retirement, and the offer of an all expenses paid adventure holiday from a town`s grateful mayor seems like just a thing to relieve his and Tails` boredom. But -shock! horror! – the mayor was really a robot, and the entire island is populated by the duplicitous Robotnik`s troops, hellbent upon bringing about the heroes` demise. Perhaps mercifully, this is completely bland…

    #36. Robotnik’s Rival

    A half man, half duck (yes, really – we are NOT kidding) named Quark suddenly appears with his robot servant in tow, and attempts to oust Robotnik from the villainy stakes. The two attempt to co-operate and defeat Sonic, but rivalry and sheer stupidity mean that they fail and the newcomer is sent back to from whence he came. A very weak plot with no redeeming animation quality, and the inclusion of an outside villain has its usual lack of success…Just reading this should make you weep in despair.

    #37. The Magic Hassle

    A decent episode somewhat marred by the return of Wes Weasley. Doctor Robotnik acquires a magic wand and a book of spells from Wes Weasley, and attempts to master them while trying to destroy the Mobius mint before it can release a Sonic banknote, with the ultimate aim of forcing it to produce currency in his own image.

    #38. Sonic The Matchmaker

    In a simple episode with a stupidly simple premise, Robotnik builds a mechanical wife and tries to catch Sonic with her help, but Sonic messes with it so it treats Robotnik like scum.

    #39. Tails Prevails!

    One of Tails` inventions catches the eye of the goofy Professor Dinglehopper, who asks the fox to leave Sonic and become his research assistant! Whilst they travel to the professor`s laboratory, the professor is captured and replaced by Robotnik, who gets the unwitting fox to help him to build his new anti-Sonic weapon! All is saved when Sonic accidentally shows up. The professor is as infuriating as ever adding his usual amount of lameness to what could have been a decent episode.

    #40. Zoobotnik

    In one of the most surreally odd episodes EVER PRODUCED in Sonicdom – An intergalactic bounty-hunter comes to Mobius looking for unusual people (there’s enough of them, just look at the crowds in the backgrounds), and decides to catch Sonic. She (yes, SHE) runs into Robotnik when trying to catch him, and falls in love with him (someone love Robotnik? is that possible?). She arranges for them to be married and hunt for Sonic together, though Robotnik is not too enthusiastic about it. Oddly enough, at the ceremony Sonic is the preacher and Tails plays the organ. (????? WHAT THE HELL????) Just as it’s about to be over, Mama Robotnik shows up and says “I won’t let my son ruin his life!”. She then fights with the bounty hunter who leaves, deciding that she could NEVER be related to an old hag like Mama Robotnik…..

    WHOA…..This episode just made a 50 on the strange meter….Words just cant describe how completely off kilter this ep was – EVEN for the quality of AoSTH it managed to top itself in complete asininity. You just have to see it for yourself – and seeing Sonic as a preacher and Tails playing the organ……Words just cannot describe…

    #41. Attack On The Pinball Fortress

    In the adaption of Sonic Spinball for the Sega Genesis, Sonic, Wes Weasley and Sergeant Doberman (laugh? I almost cried) attempt to breach the defences of Robotnik`s new fortress, and NONE OF THEM can stand the sight of each other. They succeed, minor characters are their usual non-entities, and that really is all there is to to it..

    #42. Mass Transit Trouble

    One of the better episodes of AoSTH, Robotnik plants bombs at three of Mobius` centres of transport: an airport, a port and a railway station, threatening to cause chaos unless Sonic can effectively be in three places at once!!!!! Cue a hedgehog ego trip…

    #43. The Coachnik

    Robotnik constructs a pushy P.T. robot in in attempt to increase Scratch and Grounder`s fitness, and the three of them try to rub out Sonic with various lethal sporting devices. That really is just about it as its another one of those annoying “slapstick full” episodes….mostly ending up in the slapstick NOT being funny….

    #44. Untouchable Sonic

    My, my, my….. DiC Animation LOVES recycled plots !!!! Sonic comes to the rescue of yet another town as it is held to ransom by a crime syndicate under the control of Doc Robotnik! Read `The Magnificent Sonic`, `Scrap Valley`, `Robolympics`, `High Stakes Sonic`, etc. etc….

    #45. Super Robotnik

    Coconuts knockes a bunch of chemical mixes off a shelf into a vat. Robotnik falls into them and gains super powers as he challenges Sonic to a series of physical tests – and the one who loses the most has ot leave mobius forever! Robotnik’s only weak point is his butt, since it was the only part that didn’t touch the chemical. Sonic puts a pin on his chair, and Robotnik loses his powers. And though he loses, Robotnik doesn’t leave. Scratch, Grounder, and Robontik quote: “And you two! I’m demoting you two to floor cleaners!” “But why? We didn’t even do anything!” “Exactly!”

    Now there was just no excuse for this episode at all….I’d have been ashamed to have been associated with it. Not to mention all of the butt jokes got REALLY ANNOYING after you’ve heard them the first 20 million times…

    #46. Robolympics

    An asteroid is heading towards Turtle Town, and Robotnik agrees to save it if Sonic will participate in the Robolympics against himself, Scratch and Grounder! The games are all rigged (of course), and surprisingly Robotnik wins, but his final attempt to exterminate Sonic is foiled by Tails, and the asteroid is stopped anyway. Another reasonable episode for Tails fans, owing to the ending, but that`s about it.

    #47. The Magnificent Sonic

    In the town of Tranquil Glutch, the local sheriff is driven out of ton by Six Gun Pete, a robot from Robotnik. Sonic and Tails enter the town under the impression they are going to kick back and relax. They enter Miss Possum’s Saloon. Six Gun Pete appears in the saloon and tries to gun down Sonic, only to end up losing his head. Sonic declines an offer to become sheriff even after Tails pleds. He gives into it when Miss Possum askes him. Six Gun Pete returns to Robotnik and destroys the model for Gambler’s Gultch. Robotnik sends Scratch and Grounder to get Sonic. Sonic tries his luck at shooting cans and completely misses; including the broadside of a barn. Scratch and Grounder enter the town and call Sonic out. Sonic gets them into a game of strip poker. Sonic beats them with 5 aces and continually beats them them until they lose their heads. Scratch and Ground capture Miss Possum in a runaway stage coach. They trap Sonic in the car and jump, but forget their parachutes. Sonic uses them to float the coach down into the river safely. They end up navigating safely through rapids and then go over the falls, along with Scratch and Grounder. Sonic fishes them out and Robotnik thinks of torture methods when he learns that Scracth and Grounder are in jail. Robtonik appears and states that Scratch and Grounder can rot in jail. Robotnik brings reinforcements and Sonic quickly starts taking them down. While it’s going on, Scratch and Grounder break free from jail. Robotnik forces Sonic into a shootout after threatning to have Tails run over by a train. Miss Possum gives Sonic new clothes, which in fact turns out to be a mirror; having Robotnik’s gun backfire on him. Sonic gives up his job to Miss Possum and he and Tails leave.

    #48. Quest For The Chaos Emeralds – Part One: Blackbot The Pirate

    Robotnik has decided that its time to take care of Sonic once and for all – and to do that he’ll need the legendary Chaos Emeralds to fulfill his quest! Robotnik first decides to steal the emeralds, and goes back in time for the long lost “Emerald of Invisibility”. Once there, he lands on Black Beard’s ship and shoots him with none other than a “Roboticizer Gun” (reference to Sonic SatAm, perhaps?) and has him sail the ship to a desert island where they dig up the emerald. Meanwhile back on Mobius in its present time, Sonic gets recurring character Professor Caninestein to make the rocket-powered skateboard, which both he and Tails use to go back in time at various stops and stop Robotnik once and for all! However they all seem to run into a small snag – The emerald itself is invisible, so Robotnik thinks it’s not there!! Sonic takes this opportunity to steal it, and Robotnik can’t find Sonic or the emerald and takes off into the next episode…

    This episode marks the beginning of the 4 part “Quest For The Chaos Emerald” saga – possibly one of the most remembered of the AoSTH episodes and surprisingly just about all of the 4 parts were honestly decent! Note the references to Sonic SatAm in the form of a “Roboticiser gun”. Professor Caninestein’s appearance is really the only thing that somewhat mars the episode barring AoSTH’s substandard kiddie plots and animation. But this ep and the next 4 are probably the only REAL salvageable episodes in the entire series next to Grounder The Genius. What can be noted in these episodes however is the fact that this marks the Chaos Emeralds first apparance in a Sonic cartoon (even if the concept of them is wrong). Each of the 4 emeralds have a separate power and a special note is none of the four emeralds except for one look like they do in the comics and games.

    #49. Quest For The Chaos Emeralds – Part Two: Hedgehog Of The Hound Table

    Part two has the devilish Doctor Robotnik landing in King ‘Arf’ur’s court (he’s a dog, prehaps a relative of the dog scientist – Professsor Caninestein?). It’s in this setting that Robotnik poses as a black knight and sieges the castle, trying to take the emerald located in this time period. He fails yet again, and zips off to unfold…

    #50. Quest For The Chaos Emeralds – Part Three: Robotnik’s Pyramid Scheme

    Sonic yet again follows Robotnik, this time to the early Egyptian days of Mobius! But Doctor Robotnik decides enough is enough and goes a different route! If Sonic was to never have been born, Robotnik would never have to be bothered with him in the first place, as he tries to prevent Sonic’s Egyptian ancestors from meeting! And in what is the corker for this episode – Robotnik fails, but Sonic unwittingly prevents it himself as he vanishes from existence!!! Tails is thus left alone and fortunately makes them meet, as Sonic reappears. But it doesn’t end there folks – Robotnik meanwhile zips off to a pyramid, with Sonic following in tow….there they open some coffins and find Robotnik’s mummified ancestor AND Sonic’s mummified ancestor! The mummified ‘Botnik ancestor has the “Emerald of Immortality”, and he gladly hands it over to Robotnik, saying ‘Who’d want to be chased by that hedgehog for eternity?’ Sonic’s ancestor has to eternally attempt to get the emerald, so now TWO Sonics are after Doctor Robotnik! They defeat him, and Sonic gives the emerald to his ancestor, who can finally rest in peace. Robotnik completely fuming, then goes back through time even further to his final trump card….

    #51. Quest For The Chaos Emeralds – Part Four: Prehistoric Sonic

    Next to Grounder The Genius and the previous Robotnik’s Pyramid Scheme “Prehistoric Sonic” is quite possible one of the BEST episodes of the cartoon for the sheer thought put into the conclusion of the four parter (even if the animation style at times was horrendous). So far Doctor Robotnik has gone back in time to collect 3 different Chaos Emeralds – The Chaos Emeralds of Life, Immortality, and Invisibility and has so far failed in all three attepts. Now there is only one emerald left – The “Emerald Of Invinciblity”, located in Mobius’ Prehistoric Age. And with it he could finally go back and complete those tasks which he had failed at previously. Sonic and Tails must use the rocket powered skateboard to go back in time to the Dinosaur Age and try to stop Robotnik once and for all and yet somehow Sonic prevails again…WRONG!!!! Doctor Robotnik has won! Or has he? Suddenly Sonic gets the idea that if he cant stop him by himself – then what he MULTIPLE Sonics could stop him? Sonic and Tails may not stop him in the past…..But in the present, they will…with a little help from multiple Sonics gathered one by one through the timestream…

    #52. Baby Sitter Jitters

    Sonic and Tails babysit a pair of baby beavers who`re at least as much trouble as Robotnik, and get themselves kidnapped at least as often as Tails!!! Robotnik attacks the heroes whilst they`re preoccupied, but the twins are ultimately better at seeing off villains than Sonic himself. Its depressing that after a four part good streak, AoSTH chooses to return to its “roots” with basically just another bad slapstick episode….

    #53. Honey, I Shrunk The Hedgehog

    Robotnik hatches a plan to shrink the sources of all of Mobius` natural resources, and keep them all in his fortress! Hit by his shrink ray, Sonic and Tails must make their way across the doctor`s lab and join forces with the residents of the shrunken cities to stop Robotnik!

    #54. Robotnik Land

    Sonic’s birthday has arrived as he and all his friends end up in Robotnik Land. Doc Robotnik traps Sonic in a giant cake (that isn’t even Sonic’s favorite kind of frosting) and they end up escaping by using pipes to blow the top off and trap Robotnik in his own land of torture and hell.

    #55. The Mobius 5000

    When Robotnik threatens to close down an orphanage and evict all the poor little orphans, Sonic and Tails enter the goofy Professor Dinglehoppers car design in a race, in an attempt to win the prize money! But the robots, Scratch and Grounder are also competing, and dog Sonic and Tails all the way, until they realise that they may be replaced if Sonic is defeated….

    #56. The Little Merhog

    While fishing, when Tails pulls out a mermaid hedgehog named Merna, its up to Sonic and Tails to asave the day when they find out Doctor Robotnik is destroying her underwater city. This episode is unbearably stupid and the design of Merna is honestly quite ugly…

    #57. Road Hog

    Sonic gets a speeding ticket that he can’t afford to pay, and has to do labor in a field to make up for it. Meanwhile, he learns of a plan that Robotnik is going to use a special pollen that hypnotizes people and makes them do his bidding! Problem is – how can he hope to stop Robotnik if he’s trapped doing hard time?

    #58. The Robot’s Robot

    Doctor Robotnik invents a machine that literally implodes everything, he’s going to use it to conquer the planet once and for all once he installs the BLAMMO component… Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder create a robot out of spare parts that they use to do their bidding. The robot runs away, taking the BLAMMO, an important, delicate piece of Robotnik’s imploding machine. And its thus here that Sonic has to recover the BLAMMO from the robot before it implodes the whole planet!

    #59. Tails’ Tale

    When Sonic dissapears from the face of the planet mysteriously it’s up to Tails to locate him with the help of Professor Dinglehopper! But a mysterious lost city and unknown doings by Dr. Robotnik may complicate problems…And just what did happen to Sonic anyway?

    Tails fans should be pleasantly pleased with this ep as he takes center stage for the entire episode with Sonic nowhere in sight until the story’s climax. This was actually one of the better and more original episodes but marred by the appearance of the goofy acting Professor.

    #60. Hero Of The Year

    Doc Robotnik’s up to his old tricks as he’s convinced a superhero that Sonic is the enemy! (Sound familiar? Check “Over The Hill Hero”) Capturing Sonic under the impression that he could get his own show leaves Tails’ and a bunch of other Mobians plans to give Sonic a surprise banquet and a hero of the Year award a little askew…. Sonic gets captured along with his friends, is slammed inside a giant disco ball and heaved into a lake to drown to death! The trick: If any of his friends come even close to the ball, it’d start filling with water, if Sonic tried to escape he’d drown, and if he did nothing he’d run out of air! And to make matters worse he places the other Mobians in a cage and starts to sink the ship thier on!!

    And just when it looks as if this could be one of the best episodes of AoSTH, all goes downhill as the plot suddenly has a “Full House” moment where the tricked villian sees the error of his ways – Then, the superhero suddenly realized that Robotnik had tricked him and his show wasn’t on TV at all. He rescued Sonic from the ball (but wait, wouldn’t he have to go close to it? Why didn’t it leak water?) and Sonic saved his friends by bailing water out with his Hero of the Year trophy. And the fact that the plot is recycled isn’t much better…

    #61. Fast And Easy

    Robotnik is after Easy Eddie, a pick pocket that took his Chaos Emerald ring that he was going to use to conquer mobius and he wants it back…

    #62. Lifestyles Of The Sick And Twisted

    A parody of the old “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, except about Robotnik and his daily routine of evil – with a twist: especially when Robotnik kidnaps Robin Leech’s neice! And to top that – Robin isn’t so much of a good egg himself…

    #63. Sonic Is Running

    Robotnik is running for mayor or president or something, and Sonic runs against him to ensure that Robotnik won’t win. But, Robotnik uses mind control (AGAIN ??????????) that effects everyone except Sonic, because he’s so fast. But, in the end Robotnik only gets 1 vote. Himself! Yes, Scratch, Grounder, and Mama voted for Sonic!

    You know what? Its bad enough that this episode used the lame ass mind control gag for the millionth time. But when DiC Animation starts stealing plots blatantly from their old Super Mario Brothers cartoon you know its just getting RIDICULOUS !!! The culprit in question is from the DiC animated Adventures Of Super Mario Brothers 3 series – the cartoon entitled “Princess Toadstool For President”. The plot is EXACTLY alike, the conclusion being that the Koopa Kids voted for Bowser and Bowser only voted for himself. Shameful….Plagairism on a cartoon. Now thats just SAD.

    #64. Robo Ninjas

    Robotnik captures a master of martial arts (Miyagi by any other name), and steals his knowledge in order to turn Scratch and Grounder into better fighters. The master`s pupil comes to Sonic and Tails for help, and the trio then battle the robots for the sensei`s freedom. Even more badly animated that usual and the fact that it plays like a bad Ninja Turtles episode on crack cocaine isn’t much better.

    #65. Sonically Ever After

    Robotnik invents a ray gun that literally transports Sonic, Tails, and Robotniks’ gang into a storybook! Robtonik steals a magic wand straight off and uses it on Sonic and Tails. He assumes the role of the evil character in parodies of each story. And the bad thing is Tails doesn’t know what’s going to happen because Sonic never read him fairy tales. No comment whatsoever….

    #66. Sonic Christmas Blast

    The final episode of the season (THANK GOODNESS). How ironic that the LAST EPISODE is one of the better of the season. Christmas Blast is a Christmas Special that first aired on USA Network on November 24, 1996 at 12:30 PM/11:30 C months after AoSTH had ended its original run. Based around “The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog” (Weekday T.V. Show) elements such as Princess Sally were added from “Sonic The Hedgehog” (Weekend T.V. Show). DiC basically merged the two shows to create something like the Archie Sonic Comic Book when it first started. Dr. Robotnik (posing as Robotnik Claus), takes Santa’s place as an evil scheme to have people give him presents, instead of the other way around. Sonic and Tails are searching for a present for Princess Sally (Who is the OLD Pink Sally and says nothing the whole episode) when they learn that Robotnik Claus has stolen every gift on the planet. Sonic and Tails go searching for the real Santa, who is locked away 7 miles south of the North Pole. Eventually finding him Santa points out a Special Ring that Sonic is wearing (that Sally gave Sonic the year before). that will give Sonic Super Speed if he passes a few tests. Can he pass these and save Christmas?.