Fang the Hunter #4

Release May 1, 2024
Writer Ian Flynn
Lineart Thomas Rothlisberger
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

Secrets revealed! Fang has finally cornered a lead on the fabled eighth Chaos Emerald! If only he, Bark, and Bean were’nt finding themselves cornered by their heavy competition! Can Fang escape the Heavy Wing with his prize, and his partners intact? And how do Sonic and Tails get dragged into this mess? Find out the thrilling conclusion to the first Classic-era miniseries!

Featured stories[]

Story one[]

While swarmed by the Heavies, Fang then tells his gang he is thinking of a plan, but Bean ask him to think quickly. Heavy King asks them to return the Warp Topaz, but Fang's plan is to run which leads to a chase around the Heavy Wing, Heavy King demands the other Hard boiled to get the gang and worry about the gem later. Bean suggest calling for the Marvelous Queen, but Fangs attempt fails saying how he needs to be in closer range, Heavy Rider and Jimmy manages to catch up to them, but Bark manages to stop her with Bean cheering him on until he is surrounded by the others. Bark then faces Heavy King one his own while the other robots continue to chase them. Bean them is lead to a trap by Heavy Magician turning into Fang which leads Bean to a dead end but her and Heavy Gunner. Fang takes on Heavy Shinobi which Fang gets frozen after trying to doge it's attacks, Outside Sonic and Tails show up on the Tornado and Sonic saying how there is no one outside with him soon getting frustrated that there is no action, Tails then suggest the look inside in which Sonic agrees. Meanwhile after Fang is freed the Marvelous Queen arrives and hits Heavy Shinobi and Fang defeating him. Soon Bean is still surrounded but manages to have a mega bomb which blows the robots up, Once reunited with Fang, Bean ask what about Bark in which the two go to rescue with Fang assuming he's fine. Bark on the edge of defeat is saved by Fang and Bean with the gang warping out. Sonic and Tails then reach the reactor which Sonic is still thirsty for action Tails elaborating that it's clearly a Eggman warship and plan to take it down. Tails saying how he can overload the reactor but will only have a few minutes to escape, Sonic then saying how he is the best friends a gut could ask for. Heavy King commands for his forces to find Fang's gang but the ship starts to go down while Sonic and Tails hurry back to the tornado. Heavy King contacts Eggman telling him their test flight caught the attention of the duo, Eggman frustrated replies saying how he commands them to return straight to base. Once back on land Fang celebrates but Bean is furious with Fang since he and Bark risked their lives and didn’t get a Chaos Emerald. Bean and Bark then quit and leave Fang, with Fang saying that he’s happy he won’t have to share his money with them, anymore. Then, Eggman contacts Fang and requires his services saying he has been investing some strange islands, and Fang leaves for his next gig.






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