Sonic The Comic #124

Release Mar 10, 1998
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Richard Elson

Official Solicitation

“Order & Chaos – Part Two”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Richard Elson
Sonic protests that if Grimer takes the emeralds the Floating Island will fall out of the sky, but Grimer has calculated that once the emeralds are removed they will have a couple of hours before the island begins to fall. When the guardian robots enter Sonic manages to break free and steal the Master Emerald. Since the others are useless without it Sonic becomes a prime target. But in his attempt to escape he crashes into Tails, just in time to see another figure emerging…

“On the Run – Part Four”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn
At the police station Hammerhead is taken to a cell when Vector and Charmy arrive. Knuckles begs Furor to give Porker a chance to explain himself as he’s known Porker for years and can’t believe he’d be a criminal. But Porker says that unfortunately it is true, and it began when Hammerhead employed him after he earned his university degree. At that time Porker didn’t know Hammerhead was a criminal and thought he was helping to create a new kind of energy supply for the city. But he began to realise the elements used in the production were too unstable to be used as an energy source so he broke into Hammerhead’s office to find out what was going on. He discovered that Hammerhead was really creating a very powerful bomb, so he had the work destroyed in a bonfire, meaning no one would know the elements used except Porker. Once Hammerhead was found to be a criminal he got his revenge by convincing everyone Porker was his right hand man. After the story Furor sends in some officers and Porker worries he could end up going to prison but Furor reveals he does have a nice side by telling the officers that the suspect looks nothing like Oscar the Pig and should be let go. Then he tells Knuckles, Porker and the Chaotix to get out of his office so he can get back to work.

“Fan Friction”
Writer: Lew Stinger
Artist: Mick McMahon
Sonic has agreed to an autograph signing in Metropolis but soon gets bored and tries to sign the autographs at Sonic speed, causing the paper to set fire. A man called Collector Supreme offers Sonic a pad that will help him solve this problem but when Sonic tries to use it he gets trapped in an energy bubble. The guy reveals his real name to be Ryan Baggit and that he now has the ultimate collection, but the comic’s regular nerd, Norris Wimple, turns up to save Sonic through use of a trivia quiz. The quiz shows a run through of STC history, mentioning characters like Fleabyte the Bounty Hunter, Commander Brutus, Ebony, Pyjamas and the Master Sentinel, but Norris loses. Sonic threaten to give Ryan an electric shock using the bubble so Ryan powers it down leaving Sonic free to escape. And everyone has a happy ending: Norris is happy because everyone wants his autograph for helping Sonic and Ryan’s happy because he was defeated by a Sonic Spin Attack. For once, Sonic is left speechless.

“The Lump”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Carl Flint
When a monster attacks the Timber Village Zone Amy and Tekno are called to help out. The monster is some kind of orange lump and when Amy tries to hit it she finds out it’s like hitting a sponge and gets sent flying. Since it seems like the monster’s trying to communicate Tekno uses a scanner to change the way it talks to regular Mobian speech. The Lump turns out to not be dangerous at all; he’s simply a failed experiment of Doctor robotnik who wanted to do some shopping! The people still want to get rid of him scaring the Lump away across a rope bridge. When the villagers chase after the bridge gives way, causing them all to fall. But the Lump uses his body a bounce them back up free of harm. After that he is accepted as a member of the community and his name is changed to Keanu.

Cover Art: Mick McMahon