Sonic The Comic #127

Release Apr 8, 1998
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Richard Elson

Official Solicitation

“Robotnik Reigns Supreme – Part One”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Richard Elson
While joking on about what to do with the crystallised Robotnik Sonic and Knuckles walk away leaving Tails to watch it. However it turns out that the crystal Robotnik isn’t as stationary as they first thought and tries to strangle Tails before throwing him aside to fight Sonic and Knuckles. Robotnik reveals that he now possesses the power of the Chaos Emeralds; it just took his body some time to adjust. Knuckles shouts to Sonic telling him to push the button on the control panel, but Sonic doesn’t know which button and ends up pushing all of them. This seems to work when the Master Emerald fires a beam at Robotnik causing him to smash. Then Knuckles explains that this was because it absorbed his powers. But it’s not over yet as a laughing sound reveals that Robotnik’s outside, now giant and no longer crystallised, holding the Floating Island in his hands!

“Fog Warning”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn
While fighting some badniks Tails gets some unexpected help from Johnny Lightfoot. Even though he’s happy to see his friend after so long Johnny brings bad news that something’s going wrong at Sun Valley Zone. The place got its name because it was always sunny but recently its been filled with unnatural fog. While flying there Tails accidentally crashes one of the bi-plane’s wings into a cliff as the fog is preventing his vision so badly and he tells Johnny to bail out in a parachute as he lands the plane himself. Upon getting out of the craft Tails is attacked by Agent X who turns out to be working alongside Windy Wallis. She’s created another one of her machines to control the weather but Tails finds Johnny’s battle staff lying around and uses it to smash the machine. After the fight’s over Windy and Agent X escape in a shuttlecraft and Johnny turns up having landed half a mile off and getting lost in the fog. They both speculate over who Agent X could be as they watch them go.

“Taking the Plunge”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Mick McMahon
Sonic has been caught up in a fight against warrior sea citizens from Trituna and easily manages to beat them. As they leave one of them mentions something about a formula then they report back to their leader, Sharka Khan, who complains that they haven’t taken over a surface zone for him. The group protest that Robotnik’s serum wore off so they can’t breathe on dry land anymore making Sharka realise Robotnik was using them to get at Sonic, so he’ll need his own way to conquer the surface world. They believe they have the advantage that Sonic can’t swim but he turns up in full scuba diving clothes proving them wrong. Tekno designed the suit so that Sonic could still use all of his attacks underwater meaning the group are easy to fight. However Sharka abandons them causing the group to turn on him and side with Sonic.

“Amy’s Secret Past”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn
This story concerns Amy’s life before she joined the Freedom Fighters. At a lab in the chemical Plant Zone Robotnik is busy trying to duplicate the fluke that turned Sonic from a regular brown hedgehog Mobian into the fast blue version we know today. Elsewhere Amy (Who currently is also a regular brown hedgehog Mobian) is protesting to a crowd that they should all help fight against Robotnik as he’s gaining more power. The villagers don’t agree with her, as they’re scared of Robotnik and leave saying ordinary folk shouldn’t get involved. A scientist returned to the lab to tell Robotnik “that female hedgehog has been stirring up trouble again”. But Robotnik says he has nothing to fear from her and she isn’t even worth his attention. That night she breaks into the lab and tries to sabotage the machine before Robotnik can use it by firing an arrow from her crossbow into it. Before the machine explodes Robotnik throws Amy into it so she’ll be destroyed as well but after the explosion she walks out looking like the pink Amy we’ve come to know. Robotnik shouts that the power should have been his and that it has increased her fighting ability. But before taking down the Troopers and escaping Amy tells him that pink wouldn’t look good on him and that she’s always been able to fight like this, he just didn’t take her seriously before. The next day the villagers are pleased with Amy’s successful mission and come to agree with her that Robotnik should be resisted against.

Cover Art: Nigel Kitching