Sonic The Comic #13

Release Nov 13, 1993
Writer Mark Millar
Lineart Mike Hadley

Official Solicitation

“Double Trouble”
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Mike Hadley

After being accidentally released from its monitor by Tails, one of Sonic`s extra lives turns mean, and goes around causing havoc. When Sonic shows up, wondering why he`s suddenly public enemy number one, a fight breaks out, with the usurper looking as though he might even win the day. Is there anything that Tails can do?

A rare treat for both the self-respecting Tails fan and the pursuer of the lesser-spotted Sally Acorn (who suddenly seems to`ve acquired some clout in zone politics), this story is mainly marred by the out of proportion artwork. It`s hard to find any clout in characters who mostly look as though they were drawn from the base of an eggcup.

Cover: Mike Hadley