Sonic The Comic #4

Release Jul 10, 1993
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Ed Hillyer

Official Solicitation

“Day of the Badniks”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Ed Hillyer

A blue, hedgehog-shaped creature is going around ripping up star posts, causing animals to disappear and generally giving Sonic a bad name. When Sonic and Tails investigate, they find Robotnik waiting with a small army, using their friends as organic batteries.

Tails` attempt to help with Sonic`s attack causes Sonic to be imprisoned within the robotic replica – and it looks as though the fox is about to be next on the production line, complete with his old RoboFox suit!

All in all, Mr Kitching`s first outing basically sets the tone for a lot of earlier StC fare: hoorah for Sonic, and that fox just gets in the way and whimpers a lot. Also, Hillyer`s exceedingly scrappy artwork and a complete lack of consistency in character designs (Robotnik lookiing like a demented ringmaster in a top hat?) serve to distract from a decidedly filler quality story.

Cover: Jon Howard