Sonic The Comic #51

Release May 12, 1995
Writer Lew Stringer

Official Solicitation

“Face From The Past – Part One”
Writer: Lew Stringer

The Freedom Fighters rescue a hedgehog from a badnik transport convoy, and he proclaims himself to be Tonic, Sonic`s long lost brother! When Sonic, being an orphan, denies any ties with him, the newcomer flees deep into the woods of the Emerald Hil Zone, apparently heartbroken. Tails generously decides to follow to see whether the stranger is okay, only to witness Metamorphia changing back into her natural state! And none too pleased at having been seen…

“Zonerunner And The Big Freeze – Part Four”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Roberto Corona

Tails, Sab and Sol arrive at Nutzan Bolt`s headquarters, where the head that Tails severed during their last encounter has a new body of "living ice" – and a machine that could freeze the whole of Mobius! Tails is left with yet another showdown with Nutzan to contend with. Grabbed and held firm, he finds himself unable to break free from the ice, but succeeds in making Nutzan so angry that it melts. The head manages to make its escape, but the sheep have deactivated the machine. Leaving Sab and Sol to their reconciliation, Tails returns home just in time to get another dressing down from Sonic.

Oh, come on! Tails defeats Nutzan by basically infuriating him to death. This is just getting silly!

Cover: Carl Flint