Sonic The Comic #59

Release Sep 1, 1995
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Richard Elson

Official Solicitation

"The Brotherhood Of The Metallix – Part One"
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Richard Elson

Sonic and The Freedom Fighters receive a signal from the Metropolis Zone, which originates from a new kind of Badnik! It turns out to be a clown-like robot that calls itself Mr. Blobnik.

Its foolish appearance, however, is only a trick to put Sonic off guard. When Sonic smashes the robot he is caught inside a prison bubble and transported to Citadel Robotnik!

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood of Metallix captures Robotnik's assistant Grimer, and brings him to Robotnik's old base in the Special Zone: the Egg Fortress. They want him to develop a device that can control the power of the Miracle Planet…

Note to the perplexed: Mr. Blobnik was based on a semi-notorious television character of the period: Mr. Blobby. Originally created as a a parody by a BBC prankster to see how far celebrities would go when placed in outrageous situations for the sake of a fictional children's TV show (think Punk'd with less subtlety and more chunky-knit cardigans), he took on a life of his own, outgrowing the show he was created for, spawning a number one single, masses of merchandise and even a theme park.

"The Seven Badniks – Part One"
Writer: Mark Eyles
Artist: Mike Hadley & John M. Burns

Cam `n` Bert have a cunning plan to confuse Sonic by transporting badniks from the Palmtree Panic Zone to the Green Hill Zone (after all, he always knows what to expect); but they aren`t quite so keen on the idea when they have to go to the Palmtree Panic Zone to catch them.

"The Revenge of Trogg – Part One"
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Nigel Kitching

Knuckles is busy in his Emerald Chamber on the Floating Island when a sensor reports an energy surge in the Mushroom Hill Zone. Fearing an attack on the relocated Emerald Hill Folk, he goes to investigate – just in time to see Tails disappearing into a mysterious green portal. He follows, and finds himself in the Nameless Zone!

It turns out that the two Enchanter Kings have been taken captive and are being held in the hostile land across the Dimension Bridge. Errol Blackthorn was sent to attempt a rescue, but has returned transformed into the same sort of hideous creature as Trogg, and just as homicidal!

Around this time – most likely due to licensing agreements – you could`ve been forgiven for thinking that Fleetway seemed to have some sort of irrational love affair with Knuckles, fitting him into any context that they could. They seemed convinced that he could do no wrong, so who better to pair him with than a character who they never let do anything right?

Cover: Carl Flint