Sonic The Comic #94

Release Jan 6, 1997
Writer Lew Stringer
Lineart Richard Elson

Official Solicitation

“Eve of Destruction"
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Richard Elson
Sonic and the Chaotix are currently having trouble beating a monster called the Bulk, so we take a flash back to a few hours ago where a doctor called Bob Bobble is boring his date at a new year’s party. The girl dumps Dr. Bobble so that she can get a dance before midnight and he storms off back to his laboratory where he uses his Delta Ray Machine to try and bulk himself up. But he accidentally absorbs too much of the rays and becomes the Bulk. Out on the streets Sonic and the Chaotix are watching the countdown to midnight when the Bulk rips the bell from the clock tower and throws it at the crowd. Sonic causes a tornado to cushion the bell’s fall and the enraged Bulk jumps down to fight them, which brings us to where the story started from. While they fight Vector thinks upon how to beat him and heads to Dr. Bobble’s lab. He brings back the Delta Ray Machine, which has been repaired to reverse its earlier affects and change Bob back. Sonic then destroys the machine so it can’t be used again.

“Roots – Part One”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn
A protest is being held at one of the last remaining parklands of Metropolis Zone to try and save the trees. At the front of the crowd, a dog called Pyjamas, is having a vision of a tiny winged creature heading their way. One of the protesters points out Knuckles on his pterodactyl to a black cat called Ebony and asks if she thinks Pyjamas meant him. As Knuckles looks down on the protest he notices that Robotnik has sent some of his SBS (Special Badnik Service) Troopers to deal with them, which isn’t good news. The echidna jumps down to fight them off and is helped by Ebony, who says that although she’s read about Knuckles before she doesn’t think he can take down the SBS on his own, and she wants some fun too. She uses magic powers to team up with Knuckles and fight them off. Whilst they’re fighting Knuckles says he has a feeling Ebony’s done this sort of thing before to which she replies, “Might have, handsome.” After the danger is over Knuckles tells them Robotnik is only going to send more badniks so they should all head to safety. But the protesters say they can’t do this, as they must save the trees. Knuckles asks what’s so important about the trees, and the trees themselves answer that question…

“The Monster Wakes – Part One”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Roberto Corona
Amy, Tails, Shortfuse and Johnny are spending New Year’s Day with Tekno in her underground laboratory. Tekno says happy New Year to Shortfuse and gives him a kiss, to which he coughs and replies that it would truly be a Happy New Year if only they could triumph over Robotnik. Johnny tells him to forget about Robotnik for today but Shortfuse says he can’t forget that Robotnik turned him into a cybernik. Amy gets in-between them before an argument can start and says Tekno has a suggestion to make. The canary tells them that they can use her lab as a secret base instead of being on the run all the time. They agree this is a good idea but Shortfuse points out that the lab is too small for five. As Johnny starts to suggest they burrow through the walls to make more room (“Trust a rabbit to suggest that!” – Amy) the alarm goes off to signal there’s someone on the surface. But it turns out that there’s no need to worry, as the new comer is only Knuckles on his way back to the Floating Island. The girls use puppy-dog eyes to convince him to dig extra space onto the lab. He quickly heads off back to his own journey after this before they make him do anymore work. After he leaves Shortfuse and Tails go to check out the space only to discover they’ve woken up a rather cranky sleeping dragon.

Cover Art: Richard Elson