Sonic The Hedgehog #22

Release Apr 1, 1995
Writer Ken Penders
Lineart Patrick Spaziante

Official Solicitation

Continued from Sonic 21, Take a glimpse into the future where Sonic is married with children and the once thought destroyed Robotnik has come back. Then follow Robotnik to the Spaceship of an alternate timeline and a new Robo-Robotnik (Sonic #19) where this one is operative as a Space station. Upon the real Robotniks return to his own dimension, he comes to find utter chaos as Snively has accidentaly uttered the passcode for "Operation: Wasteland", a program that literally means the destruction of Mobius and the FF’s as well…

"Tails’ Knighttime Story!"

Writer: Angelo DeCesare
Penciler: Dave Manak
Inker: Jon D’Agostino

In an attempt to get Tails to sleep, Sally tells Tails the story of Sir Runalot and Mortail to convince Tails that Sonic’s life is filled with danger and hard work, not fun and excitement. The moral of the story being "Never wish to be someone else until you have fought a battle in his armor!"

Cover by Patrick Spaziante & Jon D’Agostino