Sonic The Hedgehog #23

Release May 1, 1995
Writer Angelo DeCesare
Lineart Dave Manak

Official Solicitation

Robotnik’s attempt at trying to roboticize Rotor goes awry when he and the Freedom Fighters are sucked into the spaceship of Carheem, a giant interplanetary scientist who has no plans on letting the FF’s go and places them inside an ecological holding capsule for further study!

"The Vol-Ant-Teer"

Writer: Angelo DeCesare
Penciler: Dave Manak
Inker: Jon D’Agostino

Tails has left a power ring in Robotropolis without Sonic knowing. Antoine being the showoff he is decides to retrieve it, but Bunnie comes along to help. This story gives us the first glimpse of the upcoming love story between Antoine and Bunnie.

Cover by Dave Manak & Jon D’Agostino