Sonic The Hedgehog #54

Release Oct 26, 2022
Writer Evan Stanley
Interior Art Evan Stanley
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

Coming to you live from Central City! There appears to be a malfunction with all electronics. Traffic lights are all green, TVs are smoking, and microwaves are beeping nonstop. Can Sonic the Hedgehog save us by lunchtime? I need to warm up my burrito! Stay tuned! Sonic and Tails race to Central City to stop Surge’s rampage, but they’re no match for her this time around.

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Overpowered, Part 3[1][]

  • Story: Evan Stanley
  • Art: Evan Stanley (p. 1-15), Natalie Haines (p. 16-20)
  • Colors: Reggie Graham
  • Letters: Shawn Lee
  • Editors: Riley Farmer, David Mariotte
  • Special thanks to: Mai Kiyotaki, Michael Cisneros, Sandra Jo, Sonic Team, and everyone at Sega for their invaluable assistance


As her fight with Sonic and Tails continues in Central City, Surge uses her Dynamo Cage to shoot electricity at two, which they struggle to dodge. While carrying Sonic, Tails admits they may not be able to keep this up, but Sonic states that they need to so that Surge's attentions stays on him rather than the rest of the city. Surge rushes them with a Spin Attack, knocking them out of the air and onto the ground, the impact of which causes Sonic's leg to hurt again. As Surge taunts him, Whisper whistles for their attention and uses multiple prisms to send her Cyan Wisp to Sonic, allowing him to absorb its power and use the Cyan Laser. As he blitzes Surge with a barrage of attacks, she puts up a shield using the Dynamo Cage's Cube mode, giving her time to figure out where he will strike from next. From there she manages to grab Sonic mid-attack and separate him from the Cyan Wisp, taking its power for herself.

Tails holds Whisper back from getting her Wisp back. Tails says Surge is unstoppable unless they drain her power. Whisper sits down, but says she isn't giving up. Tails then catches something with his eye and walks off. As Surge absorbs the Wisp's power, Sonic pleads with her to stop saying the Wisps are thinking, feeling creatures. Surge tells him she doesn't care and is tired of his grandstanding. Tails then gets Sonic's attention and leads him into a hardware store. Tails tells him to hold her off for a minute and meet him in the appliances section. As Sonic hides, Surge breaks into the store by shooting lasers out of her eyes with the Dynamo Cage's Laser mode. As she walks over to Sonic, she slips over on some screws. As she looks up in anger, Sonic puts a bucket on her head and makes it to the appliance section as she tries to take it off.

Sonic comes down to see Tails has hooked up a bunch of appliances to jumper cables. Surge then makes it downstairs to where Sonic and Tails are with the Dynamo Cage's Spikes mode on. Tails then flies over behind Surge and attaches the jumper cables to the Dynamo Cage, apologizing in advance for how painful they will be. Surge screams in agony as the Dynamo Cage powers all the appliances in the room. Tails says it is working and she will be drained soon. In a rage, Surge charges up her power and lets out a massive wave of energy, causing the appliances to explode. Surge passes out, and Sonic and Tails come out from cover to take the Dynamo Cage off. Sonic tweaks his ankle and goes down, and as Tails goes to Surge, he sees Kitsunami at the top of the stairway leading down to them.

Shocked, Kit goes down to check on Surge. Sonic pleads him to take off the Dynamo Cage. Kit tells Sonic he told him Surge was gone. Sonic says he thought she was, as he saw her fall when they first fought. Kit says Surge is hurt bad, and before Sonic can explain himself, Kit attacks Sonic with his water tentacles. Kit raises himself up and tells Sonic he lied to him and he was going to finish off Surge. Kit says he won't let him and attacks him again, but Tails flies in to stop his tentacles. With hate in his eyes, Kit rhetorically asks why Sonic would bother to help him when he has Tails as a friend. Before Kit attacks again, Surge stirs awake. Kit then goes to pick her up and take her out of the shop. He tells Sonic and Tails not to follow them.

Later, Sonic and Tails free Belle from being trapped in Tails' Lab. Sonic says his knee is getting better, but not healing as fast as normal. As Sonic and Tails agree they need to follow Surge and Kit, Belle notices Whisper wallowing in a corner. She introduces herself to Whisper and offers to help fix her Wispon, to which Whisper agrees. Sonic promises they will get her Wisps back. Meanwhile, in Eggperial City, Dr. Eggman repairs Metal Sonic while Orbot and Cubot update him on damages caused by Surge. Eggman ponders how Surge used the Dynamo as a weapon. He then leaves with Metal to track down Surge.

Sometime after leaving the shop, Surge stirs awake, still in pain. Kit is there with her and it revealed they are back in Starline Base Sigma in their bunk beds. Kit says he didn't know where else to go. Dr. Starline then appears in a hallucination, telling Surge nowhere is safe for her. She jumps off the bed in terror as Kit looks on, unsure what is happening. Surge walks into a corner as "Starline" torments her saying they are back where she started. He tells her he created her and she will always be his. The hallucination finally goes away as Kit hugs Surge. Tears roll down Surge's eyes as Kit apologizes for leaving her. Surge gets up and accepts his apology, telling him not to do it again. She rubs Kit's head and tells him they will get back at Sonic.



  • Belle the Tinkerer
  • Cubot
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Dr. Starline (hallucination)
  • Kitsunami the Fennec
  • Metal Sonic
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Orbot
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Surge the Tenrec
  • Tangle the Lemur (mentioned)
  • Whisper the Wolf

Races and species:

  • Wisps
    • Cyan Wisp


  • Sonic's dimension
    • Sonic's world
      • Central City
        • Tails' Lab
      • Eggperial City
      • Starline Base Sigma


  • Dynamo Cage
  • Hydro Pack
  • Prism (multiple)
  • Variable Wispon


  • Color Power
    • Cyan Laser (first appearance)


  • On page 21 where Orbot was listing all the things destroyed by Surge to Eggman, he lists one of them as Cubot's "cyber singer mika 10-inch figurine", which is a reference to Hatsune Miku, a synthesized voice for the VOCALOID software, a computerized singing software. It is also a reference to Sonic's prototype design, Feels the Rabbit.[2]

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