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    The title says it all. Main part is about how the authors felt about Sonic’s birthday in Sonic #68.

    Has anyone happened to notice that we have some major clashes building up in the immediate future on the planet Mobius?

    Indeed we do. The destination is Sonic #68.

    The three things off the top of everyone's head when it comes to Sonic #68 in December are Sonic's birthday, his reunion with the Freedom Fighters, and the emergence of a major villain or villainous natured event. (Personally, I think the idea of the meteors crashing isn't the coolest of circumstances to reunite with your love under.) But aside from all that, there are some major groups of furries that are going to come at odds with one another starting with #68, and we're not sure if anyone truly realizes it.

    First and foremost, let's deal with the impending meeting of the long-lost Prince Elias Acorn and his sister Princess Sally. OK, so everyone who felt that that was the “other option” the King spoke of way back in #60 was right. But now, by the time he comes back with Geoffrey & company in #68, the fur may really fly. Sally will turn to daddy, King acorn and discover the truth of the matter. This is REALLY going to make one of the hardest decisions Sally's ever had to make even harder. Being forced in choosing between Sonic & the throne is hard enough. Now to know that someone she never even knew may get it without a fight? This once again defies the flash-forward that we saw in Sonic: In Your Face, where Sonic & Sally are king and queen. Remember, that future has been guaranteed as true (despite what the corporates at SEGA demand, and you all know my feelings on that matter from my first editorial).

    Lots of people are begging to see Sally again. Lots of people are also wanting to see Sonic WITH Sally, and can give good reasons for it. Figure this: Once Elias and Sally get things squared away and Elias ends up as the Heir to the Throne, Sally would accept it, because it's the rules. Given the choice between either Sonic or the throne, though, it's a tough call… She merits Sonic for saving the planet, and has her heart saved for him. To claim the throne would mean taking on the responsibility for the citizens, as she was raised as a Princess. It makes you wonder if Elias was taught anything about the royal responsibilities? Sally had her mentor Julayla, who devoted herself to train Sally, as shown in Sonic #18 and the Sonic Kids special. Julayla would have been ever proud to see Sally reach her 'destiny'. “Though you might have longed for other paths, the duties of your birthright could not be denied.” Perhaps this was only “just in case” the PRINCE was lost. Then again, we're also left to assume that Elias is older than Sally in the first place, but we don't know that for sure.

    Speaking of royal matters, what about the one who has been “chosen” for Sally: Antoine. The details have to be revelaed to Sonic eventually when he returns. Now knowing Sonic, he'd probably laugh his head off when he first hears the news. But once he knows that it's all legit, this could easily lead to a fist-to-head confrontation with Antoine before we even blink. At the same time, we also have to remember that Sonic knows about Antoine's father out in Deerwood Forest. Think he'll speak up? Probably not, but maybe Tails will spill the beans on that one. Still, that makes two things that Antoine still has not been told about yet. If both these issues involve Antoine, wouldn't it make sense for Sonic and Sally to clue him in? Depends if you like the idea of keeping secrets like in the Knuckles stories (and that is not meant as a shot on Ken Penders).

    In the meantime, Sonic won't have issues just with Antoine. Hearing the news of Sally's “Ultimatum”, he'll probably have his own words for King Acorn as well. And it will be interesting to see, too, because we have never seen King Acorn and Sonic really interact up until this point. Thus, we may finally get to see what the two think of each other. Unfortunately, there's a possibility that Geoffrey may get in the way of this confrontation, as Geoffrey will try to get an answer from the King as to why he wasn't given the full story, and he'll definitely try to keep Sonic from finding out first. The idea of their ego war re-emerging isn't a welcome sight, but then, Antoine might be an outside factor as well. A 3-way dance may emerge between these guys. We just need the steel cage now.

    Finally, in a seperate matter entirely, I have a personal suspicion brewing about Uncle Chuck and Nate Morgan. We all know how it was revealed in Sonic #65 that NATE was responsible for the creation of the power ring. Well, am I the only one who feels that this would cause a problem? Think about it. Nate is coming back with Sonic & Tails to Mobotropolis. Everyone will ask who Nate is and will be given the life story, most likely. Based on that, the problem I see is that this could lead to Uncle Chuck being somehow phased out of the picture. Everyone would see Nate now as the scientific genius, and they would all go to him (the teacher) as opposed to Uncle Chuck (the student). This bears similar to one of Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert's recent stories where Rotor was being phased out with Uncle Chuck deroboticized and now permanently in Knothole. Then again, maybe this is all just in my head.

    But the rest of the conflicts aren't. There are issues that exist, and we're really anticipating watching these conflicts come to a climax. As always, let's wait and see what unfolds in this world where nothing is for certain.

    Thank you for your time. We are

    Brian Sapinski & Lien Nguyen
    “Sonic Whammy” & “Lien-Na”


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