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    The Real Bad Guys

    The Sonic comic is suffering…who’s the menace behind all this? You’ll hear an opinion about this phantom menace in this editorial.

    Everyone has had someone to blame for the demise of the Sonic Comicsfrom Archie.SEGA, Archie, Ken Penders, etc. But if you really, I mean really think about it, we can allfigure out the bad guys from the good.


    One very cool dude. He's been working at the comic since Sonic issue#13, and he hasproven himself a very gifted writer and artist and a Sonic comic veteran. There are many of us who would argue that it's his fault for many dumb plots and plot twists. Even though that may be true to a certain point, (no one's perfect) I begto differ. Sonic is doing very well, and Knuckles is very good, so he's doing somethingright.


    Archie was very thrilled I'm sure to make a comic about a very, verypopular video gamecharacter back in '93. Who wouldn't be? What I think is funny though is that Archie Comics have always been domesticated. Back then they were trying towrite their first Adventure comic ever (that they dubbed the Adventure Series).

    I guess it makes sensethat Archie did Sonic though. I mean think about those big stuck-ups like Marvel and D.C. I don't think they would have ever taken Sonic seriously like Archie did eventually. After all he was a short, very fast, blue hedgehog competing againstguys on steroids.Who then would have thought he'd make it this far in the comic industry? Archie has almost always done Sonic justice, and I don't blame them for the comic's problems at all.

    Drum roll please…

    …presenting now is the one true, real and very ultimate villian…


    Amazing isn't it? A wonderful company that can make great games, and awonderful hedgehog, but can still screw up the hedgehog's image. SEGA has alwaysbeen therepulling that lovely legal choke chain around the necks of the writersand artists at Archie. GASP! Isn't it true though? All this time, the attempted death ofSally, the Naugus arc, and so many failed plots are the fault of SEGA.

    Penders did not want to kill Sally, SEGA did. Boy were they surprised when the fans expressed their fandom of Sally and their hatred of this plot big time! SEGA won't even let Sonic show emotion, because it is

    uncool. Well the guys out there that don't show their true emotionsare usually the biggest jerks out there. And I for one do not think Sonic is a jerk.

    SEGA isn't bad. It's just the American branch that is. I heard that in Sonic's homeland, Japan, they actually listen to their fan and customers. Wow! The consumer here knows what they wanttoo, but SEGA of America is not doing any changes.

    The bad thing about this situation though is that the comic is doing it's best now, (which isn't bad at all) so SEGA thinks they are doing the right thing by bossing Archie around with their stupid “theycan only do this” and emotion restrictions. We're in a corner people. The blame for the comic's demise isalso Sonic's creator, and who owns him as a trademark.

    I would like to point out however that a lot of you do not like a lotof the plot twists. There were some really stupid ones, but right now I'd like to point outsome that weren'tnecessarily bad.


    Many of you consider Knuckles' father, Locke, one bone-headed jerk. He was only doing his duty as a guardian. Now before you say I'm full of it, you have to understand one thing: that is the only thing Locke has ever known. And that is thesame with Knuckles, that is why he has practically no social skills. Hopefully Knuckles will be different and learn how to be a person unlike his father and ancestors. Like the guardians said, he's always been different, in the sense he helps everyone, not just echidnas. I'm sure Locke is a very good person, but like a lot of males, like Knuckles, they don't show emotionsbecause they think it's weakness.


    You shouldn't hate Ken Penders for his development of King Max. Theplot of him notliking hedgehogs and roboticized Mobians and him telling Sally who to marry just show him as a lot of monarchs are. Even though we liked the SatAM version of him, this is the comic. Besides with Robotnik gone (for the time being) lives will resume, and other plots and in this case “villians” will have to develop. King Max hasn't became a villian, he's just what sadly a lot of fathers are; controlling.

    Besides this plot makesit very realistic. Almost all royalty go through something similar in real life, and/or betronment, being an heir, and etc. As much as we want the freedom fighters' families to be perfect, they won't be, just like any other family. It just makes it more real and all tootrue.


    I didn't necessarily like it, but when you think about it, they had tostop Naugus. Besides Sonic was getting bored. I realize SEGA wanted “their characters”

    tobe by themselves,and they got what they wanted, but over all it showed Sonic and Tails bond and lust for adventure. It is true that it did bring Nate Morgan (who is a so-so character and a replacement for Rotor) and was pretty well meaningless, because Ixis isjust back in thezone, which was pretty meaningless.

    We have to face it.

    SEGA is the only thing holding Sonic back. SEGA isn't about to listen to us, now are they?