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  • Interview With Kedzie K

    This interview is done by WB, the forgotten one…:-) Seriously, WB will be doing a few interviews now to help out with tough college schedule faced by both him and Vector. Anyway, this interview is with Kedzie K., the webmaster of the super-popular Sonic fan site: The Sonic Foundation! Not only is it a great site to visit, it also has a news page simular to ours. And if you visit our links page, you’ll see that this is the only page that received a perfect score of 20/20 from one of our reviewers. Now go on and read the interview.

    Sonic HQ: ERP ! OK – How did you become a Sonic fan?

    Kedzie K: From playing Sonic 1 on my Genesis. I was a huge Mario nut back then and Sonic came along and I became an instant fan.

    Sonic HQ: Cool. So after playing all of that Mario then and more of Sonic now? Who do you like more? 🙂

    Kedzie K: I’ll have to say Sonic, most definitely.

    Kedzie K: Mario was good for its time, but Sonic has that huge likability about him you just can’t ignore.

    Kedzie K: I’m still a Mario fan, but I’m a much bigger Sonic fan.

    Sonic HQ: Now as for TSF – Many people call your site one of the top Sonic sites around on the net. And with 50,000 + hits that’s an awesome accomplishment to back up that statement.

    Sonic HQ: So here’s the question – how did you come to start it? And why?

    Kedzie K: Well, about 3 years ago, one of my friends showed me, the old Sonic info page…

    Kedzie K: And that’s when I realized that Sonic had a huge following on the Internet. I really didn’t decided to start with tSf until last year.

    Kedzie K: Simply because I kinda procrastinated a bit and was trying to find the time.

    Sonic HQ: So it was basically a part of following the huge trend of people that followed Sonic?

    Kedzie K: You could say that. I think of tSf as my personal contribution to Sonic fandom on the Internet, much like every other person who owns a Sonic site also.

    Sonic HQ: Coolness. What do you think makes your site so popular?

    Kedzie K: Honestly, I never really thought why my site is so over with the fans. Offhand, I would say I try to make my site as unique as I can.

    Kedzie K: I’m not saying my site is the best one around. I try to give the Sonic fans what they would like in any site.

    Sonic HQ: Cool – But there has been something that has been on our minds for the longest time: How do you find the time to run your site by yourself? I mean – You’re GOOD at doing it alone and sometimes even WE at HQ have problems as a group! 🙂

    Kedzie K: Well, I think of my site as “volunteer work”. I put out a couple of hours a day to work on it, update it, get news and whatever.

    Kedzie K: Running the site is like my job.

    Sonic HQ: What do you think of the Sonic comics as of late? Where would you like to see them go and how do you see them now?

    Kedzie K: The Sonic comics are doing very well, in my opnion.

    Kedzie K: Knuckles being better than Sonic. As far as Knuckles, I say “more power to Ken Penders” for making a spinoff comic so successful.

    Sonic HQ: And Sonic?

    Kedzie K: For Sonic, it could be better. Sometimes they’re cool and other times they’re just “eh..”

    Kedzie K: I don’t mean to make excuses for Karl Bollers, but I think he’s still adjusting to writing “Sonic”.

    Sonic HQ: All right – 2 more questions: Sonic Adventure – What do you think?

    Kedzie K: Sonic Adventure has to be the most-packed video game I have ever layed my eyes on…

    Kedzie K: I mean, the replay value of this game seems to go through the roof. My only beef with the game is that it reminds me too much of Super Mario 64.

    Kedzie K: I just can’t wait till this September.

    Sonic HQ: Mario 64? How?

    Kedzie K: Well, Sonic Adventure and Super Mario 64 are the same genre (Action/Adventure with a little RPG mixed in)…

    Kedzie K: They also have the same transition between action and adventure stages…

    Kedzie K: Also, the zones/courses (from what I’ve seen) are similar in size. SA’s zones may be bigger but it’s in a way similar anyway.

    Sonic HQ: OK – Last question: What do you think about Sonic HQ? We had to ask! 🙂

    Kedzie K: I have to say that you guys are the best Sonic news site around. Without question. 😉

    Kedzie K: The rest of your site is pretty well put together as well. I’m impressed.

    Sonic HQ: Why thank you for saying so! Hopefully we’ll be more organized by the end of the year with the move. And thanks for giving us your time with this interview ! You will probably be our first new interview of the new year!

    Kedzie K: Thanks a lot.

    Sonic HQ: End of interview. Chicken and burritos will be served in the Green Room.