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    Interview with Rotor The Walrus

    Sonic HQ's exclusive interview with Freedom Fighter – Rotor The Walrus is here!…..How in the world did we do that you ask? Well, anythings possible in a cartoon! ^_____^ The following message was sent to him (or rather written in advance) to precede the interview. This interview is by Bumper. Now, read on!

    He’s not exactly good looking. He isn’t exactly skinny, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he’s not really sociable by much standards – and sometimes he’s extremely quiet. But he’s Rotor! And he’s one of the most geniune and original of the Freedom Fighters. So what would an interview with him be like? What kind of things would he have to say? Lets find out – shall we?

    A portal opens. As it opens, Bumper steps into the portal. It connects two realities, so that people can travel to other realities, or two people from different ones can meet in the middle and converse. When he comes through, he sees a table with Rotor the Walrus from the Archie/Sonic reality sitting on the other side, who came through a couple of seconds ago from his own reality. Seeing that he’s all ready to go for the interview, Bumper sits down on a chair oppisite Rotor. “Hi, Rotor. My name’s Trevor, and I’ll be interviewing you on behalf of the Sonic HQ.”

    Rotor: “Yes, I heard. So, what do want to ask me? It’s not like I have any shortage of time….” The two of them shake hands across the table.

    SHQ: “I can imagine. Anyway, first question is, do you ever shave those whiskers of yours?”

    Rotor: “I tried a couple of times, but it’s difficult when you have flabby skin in that area like I do. It kinda hurts when I screw up in the slightest.”

    SHQ: “Hmm…. interesting. Now, what kinda stuff do you eat? Most of the time, we’re seeing you eat almost entirely fish. Is that actually all you eat?”

    Rotor: “While fish is certainly my favorite and a stable food of my kind, I try to go for as much a balanced meal as I possibly can.”

    SHQ: “Not a bad idea. Now, what kind of problems has your…… girth caused you in your life?”

    Rotor: “To tell you the truth, the only times where I’ve had any serious social problems because of it was when I was younger. A lot of people would point and laugh and snicker and giggle and all that stuff. The only ones who really accepted me outside my family were Sonic and the rest of my friends. Nowadays though, the prejudice really isn’t there anymore, especially now that people know what I can do. The only real problems it causes now is that annoying slow land speed of mine. That drives even me crazy sometimes. But at least I go really fast underwater, so I guess that evens things out in the long run.”

    SHQ: “Sweet. Speaking of what you can do, how did you get interested in the sciences and technology and stuff?”

    Rotor: “Well, I was always fascinated by how a person could take things apart and see all the stuff inside. Well, I was always taking apart machines, usually without asking at first, and getting amazed by all the transistors, circuit boards and wires and stuff. Well, soon, I actually learned to put them back together again by myself. Actually, I ended up making them work better than when they were first together. Well, that is, when I didn’t make the thing blow up or something. But that blowing up stuff happened less and less, and…. well, I think you know the rest.”

    SHQ: “So, how do you feel about your friends back in Knothole?”

    Rotor: “I love them, every last one of them.”

    SHQ: “I suspected as such. OK, next question. How much of a relationship did you have with your family as a whole before they had to flee to the Arctic?”

    Rotor: “Quite good, actually. We were all very close. But other than that, Trev, I don’t remember very much at all…”

    SHQ: “Don’t worry about that. So, what do you think about Sonic and company’s adventures in the Hidden City of the Ancients?”

    Rotor: “Hmm…. the place looks interesting, to say the least. I never thought I’d see Overlanders, or I guess you call yourselves humans, with a streak of friendliness as a whole. Actually, Mr. Morgan is the first actual friendly Overlander I ever met. To tell you the truth, I think the reports that come from this will put the Overlanders/Humans in a better light than ever before. As for Chaos, well, it’s really kinda sad the way things turned out with that thing, and now, it looks like it might have to be put to rest or trapped again.”

    SHQ: “True. Now, shall we start talking about some of those gadgets of yours? How about that stuff you use to stick people to things?”

    Rotor: “Oh, you mean this thing?”

    ***Rotor reaches into his belt and takes out the object.***

    “Yeah, whenever I shoot this thing, the orange gel comes out and once it hits it’s target, it will generally immobilize the target by sticking them to whatever they may be in contact with, usually the ground or whatever they may be next to. Once hit, you’re stuck there for quite a while, or I free you by dissolving the gel with this.” He goes into his belt again and pulls out a bottle. “This is a compound that will react with the orange gel to dissolve it instantly. I almost never let it out of my possession.” He puts the objects away.

    SHQ: “Cool. Now, I remember, a long time back, you demonstrated an ability to impersonate voices. Do you still have that ability or has that ability gone away from you since?”

    Rotor: “Oh, you mean this?” Rotor prepares to change his voice. He now sounds like Doctor Robotnik. “I shall destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters once and for all!” He changes back to normal. “That, you mean?” He asks, smiling.

    SHQ: “Heh, yeah. Can you impersonate anybody or just certain people?”

    Rotor: “I can do a fair bit. I’ve actually been practicing. I can actually do a few females.”

    SHQ: “Neat. Speaking of women, have you actually had your eyes on somebody, hmm?”

    Rotor: “Uhh….. no comment.” Rotor says with a half-frozen smile.

    SHQ: Trevor considers pressing the question, but decides it best to leave it be and not risk putting a strain on the interview. He moves on. “OK, never mind then. Now, this is sort of a confirmation question. When you had been separated from your entranced family, you threw something onto the ice floe they were on. What exactly was that? A transmitter?”

    Rotor: “Yeah, to help find them when I go to search for them, like now.”

    SHQ: “OK. Now, by now you know that your whole world is a comic book in mine. What do you think of all this?”

    Rotor: “Well, it’s quite a concept. My reality is your viewing pleasure. How strange…. like, when Princess Sally almost died, you people read it and thought nothing of it….”

    SHQ: “Not quite true, actually. When she was supposed to die, a lot of fans booed and hissed at Archie and had them bring her back somehow. Anyway, next question. Why did you build a huge gun like the one you had?”

    Rotor: “I was debating finishing the thing when I just had one more component to put into it. I wondered if people would approve of such a thing being brought into this world again. I decided I would almost never use the thing. I actually only used it twice before it got destroyed by Robotnik, to my knowledge.”

    SHQ: “What did your fellow Freedom Fighters think when you introduced the gun to them?”

    Rotor: “Actually, they didn’t really seem to mind it that much at all, believe it or not. I was expecting more resistance.”

    SHQ: “What was your most memorable moment as a Freedom Fighter?”

    Rotor: “I think seeing Sonic and Princess Sally kiss outside right after he awakened after he beat Robotnik would be that for now.”

    SHQ: “What are your feelings on Nate Morgan?”

    Rotor: “I admire him. He’s quite the inventor. I greatly respect him.”

    SHQ: “OK, now this next question might be a hard one for you to answer, and you have every right to refuse to answer this question. When you were really young, up to the point just before the coup, you and Sonic lived next door to each other. You were best friends. Now, when Tails appeared on the scene and replaced you as Sonic’s best friend, what did you feel?”

    Rotor: “Well, being young like I was, of course I felt jealous for a little while, but like most things like that, I got over it eventually. Tails make a really good friend to Sonic anyway. After all, he IS the Chosen One. Besides, him and I are real good friends, too.”

    SHQ: “OK, to finish up, what are your future plans?”

    Rotor: “I’m not sure yet. I just wanna find my folks first before I think about doing anything else.”

    SHQ: “I see. Well, I guess that concludes this interview. Thank you, Rotor, for your time.”

    Rotor: “My pleasure.”

    The two of them shake hands across the table again, and then return to their own realities.