A glance at Sonic HQ on Geocities


Sonic The Hedgehog #39

Wed May 12, 2021 2 d

Report: Test subjects S, A, and T are responding very well to experiments. Proceeding to phase three.

Sonic, Amy, and Tails are still stuck in Eggman’s evil tower and being subjected to his increasingly crazy tests. It doesn’t help that Tangle and Belle have unknowingly begun controlling the tower and are making it impossible for their friends to escape! Everyone’s limits are pushed as they try to make it out in time in “Test Run,” part three!

Sonic The Hedgehog #40

Wed Jun 9, 2021 30 d

Tangle to the rescue! The brave lemur has jumped into the battle to save Sonic, Amy, and Tails from falling victim to Dr. Eggman’s latest experiment. Belle has a different kind of battle when she comes face-to-face with an old friend. Will the gang be able to escape unharmed? Find out in Evan Stanley’s epic conclusion to “Test Run”!

Sonic The Hedgehog #41

Wed Jun 16, 2021 Tentative

The Deadly Six are still on the loose and attacking towns. Jewel the Beetle recruits Sonic’s friends the Chaotix to find and stop the Zeti, but Zavok of the Deadly Six is looking for his minions, too—he’s angrier than ever and wants to reunite. The Chaotix will have to act quickly to outsmart the Deadly Six!

Sonic the Hedgehog: 30th Anniversary Special

Wed Jun 23, 2021 Tentative

After 30 years of going fast, it’s time for fans to celebrate the speediest hedgehog of all time! It’s an unbelievable birthday celebration for Sonic the Hedgehog with his first Classic Sonic special!

First, in “Seasons of Chaos” by longtime Sonic scribe Ian Flynn and artists Aaron Hammerstrom & Reggie Graham, Sonic goes on an adventure from pleasant spring valleys to wintry wonderlands in search of the Chaos Emeralds. But Sonic’s not alone, with a little help from his friends Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Mighty the Armadillo, and Ray the Flying Squirrel, they’ll race, fight, and fly their way to victory against the baddest of baddies!

Then, in “Dr. Eggman’s Birthday,” the vile, villainous Dr. Eggman takes center stage in a story written by New York Times bestseller Gale Galligan (The Babysitters Club)! And how does the bad doctor celebrate the occasion? Only his Badniks know for sure…

Finally, in “Sonic Learns to Drive,” Sonic’s up against a tough challenge: Driving! When the fastest thing alive can outrun any car, will Sonic have the patience to learn… or will he finally get left in the dust? Written by the hosts of My Brother, My Brother, and Me, The Adventure Zone, and New York Times bestsellers, the McElroy Brothers!

Grab a slice of chili dog cake and don’t get left in the dust on the most way past cool book of the year!

Sonic The Hedgehog #42

Wed Jul 7, 2021 Tentative

Zeti Hunt, part two! Now that Zavok has his pack, it’s time for them to make a big move. But Jewel the Beetle, newly appointed Restoration leader, has called on Sonic, Tails, and the Chaotix to run interference. Will they be able to stop the Zeti and make it home in time for spaghetti!?

Sonic The Hedgehog #43

Wed Jul 28, 2021 Tentative

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG VS. SIX DEADLY ZETI! Who will win the battle?! Find out in the action-packed “Zeti Hunt,” part three! It’s all hands on deck as Sonic and friends struggle to defend the newly rebuilt Restoration HQ from the Deadly Six.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Fri Apr 8, 2022 333 d

Sequel to the 2020 movie.

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    A glance at Sonic HQ on Geocities

    Pages from the original Geocities version of Sonic HQ have been featured on the One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op blog!

    This automated Tumblr blog, a project of the Contemporary Home Computing site, chronologically posts screenshots of Geocities homepages. Every 20 minutes a new screenshot gets posted (inside a Netscape browser no less), complete with the original URL and the date the site was last modified.

    Now, as you may know, Geocities was closed down by Yahoo back in 2009, deleting tons of internet history in the process. Thankfully, one terabyte of data was managed to be rescued by the Archive Team before the closure, and these websites are still available today in some form.

    First up is the games page.

    So how did this get featured? Well, at the time, Geocities had a strict 11MB limit for websites. To skirt around this, SHQ was split into multiple Geocities sites (and Angelfire sites… and Tripod sites…). So while this would be considered a sub-page of SHQ, it’s technically its own website. Thus it’s viable to be picked up by the Tumblr blog.

    Significantly, the games page is also the first page from 1999 to be posted on the blog. This means it had the earliest “last modified” date of any Geocities page from 1999. Meaning it’s the first Geocities page to be completely abandoned in 1999, without the webmaster deleting it themselves sometime later! …Hooray!

    The screenshot also has 81 likes and reblogs at the time of this writing. Yay~

    Check out the original page on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine!

    Next is the homepage (both the original URL and the custom URL).

    The homepage was overhauled to redirect visitors to the site’s new address, where it was hosted on Emulation Zone and finally all under one umbrella. As for that custom Geocities URL (geocities.com/zifei), that was the name of the site’s founder, Zifei.

    (And yes, you are looking at a Netscape screenshot inside a Netscape screenshot.)

    Check out the original page on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine!

    So there you have it! Quite a nice little trip down memory lane. I personally wasn’t around to see this era of the site — I didn’t find it until 2001 a couple years later. But it’s nice to reflect.

    It’s pretty amazing Sonic HQ is still kicking after all these years, huh? Well… I guess it’s more of a limp right now. It’s seen some better days I’ll give it that. But it’s still around and that’s what counts, right?

    Hey, and be sure to check out the One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age blog post bringing in the new year, Happy 1999!, where Sonic HQ is also featured. People will indeed be bewildered by this ancient Geocities site… and maybe even more bewildered to find out it’s still around!