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  • New First4Figures Presents: Amy Rose!

    Now available for preorder on, shown here in incredible detail is none other than Amy Rose!

    This pvc figure shows her with her signature piko piko hammer smiling like a boss after taking down some badniks; no doubt to impress her big crush, Sonic the hedgehog! What’s really interesting is the attention to detail made in each blade of grass she stands on with a stone base. Figure4Figure’s knows how to make quality depictions of our favorite Sonic characters!
    Fans deciding to take this adorable figure home have an option of standard, exclusive and definitive editions. While the standard edition is pictured here, the exclusive features the Amy chao, while the definitive adds the Amy chao and several cute, detailed chao friends to join them! Exclusive and definitive editions are only available on the First4Figures website. Better snag one now before they go chase the blue blur once more!