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  • Fan Game News: Sonikku Speaks Out!

    Two days ago, as one of our news bytes, we got a report saying that Sonikku, maintainer of the Sonic Robo Blast fan game had vanished, leaving AJ Freda to take over the project. Well it seems he hasn't quite slipped into limbo per an email that was sent to me a day ago:

    Hi, Sonikku here…In regard to your news item on Sonic HQ –

    Nope, I am still alive, right now I'm moving house and can't update the page personally for a while – I will be online from my Dreamcast and school Internet accounts… but I'm not sure about my home address – I can only access it once a week. AJ suggested that I'd vanished and died (O_o), when in fact it was something far less sinister.

    Until everything is cleared up, I'll have to wait until next Monday to see if I can update the page – even then I'll have to send it to AJ or Mach, who will be looking after the page in my abscene. To make up for all this however, we've released a sneak preview of SRB2, bear in mind that this isn't the finished product and we've still got a lot of bugs to iron out, but if you've been sitting around at STJr waiting for something big to happen, this should last for now. I had a quick go and got a time of 0:56, which should esaily be beaten by anyone with a pair of thumbs. 😉

    If you want to contact me (Sonikku) now, I have two addresses, I suggest the first address if possible – 


    Thanks for the update on your whereabouts Sonikku!