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    Genesis Mini details revealed

    At this year's Sega Fes, more details were unveiled about the mysterious Genesis/Mega Drive Mini console. If you remember, its release was initially delayed for quality reasons. The initial theory (and fear) was that this was simply going to be a reskinned clone console from the dreaded AtGames. Well, put those fears to rest.

    Here's a quick rundown of some significant details:

    • Releases September 19th worldwide
    • Emulation handled by M2! (Currently working on the Sega Ages line for Switch, previously the 3D line for 3DS, and much more)
    • 40 games total (10 revealed so far)
    • Western package includes two 3-button USB controllers, retailing for $79.99 USD
    • Outputs at 720p and 480p
    • Save state support, up to 4 per game
    • New menu music produced by Yuzo Koshiro! (of Streets of Rage fame)

    Of the 10 games announced, Japan gets Sonic 2 while the west gets Sonic 1 and Mean Bean Machine. Though, I think it's reasonable to assume Sonic 2 will also be included in the western release. Sonic 3 & Knuckles… um, maybe not.

    Other highlights of the revealed lineup include Gunstar Heroes and Castlevania: Bloodlines. This will be the first time Bloodlines has been rereleased since, well, ever. The Japanese version also includes Namco's Wrestleball (aka Powerball in the US). This confirms both Konami and Bandai-Namco are onboard. (Fingers crossed for Contra and Rocket Knight.)

    The game lineup seems like it's going to be quite different between Japan and the west. The Japanese lineup includes games that never got an English release, such as Madou Monogatari and Rent A Hero. Not just that, but Japan also gets the 6-button controller in either a one-controller or two-controller package.

    For further details, check out the official websites: JapanUSEurope (And here's the portion of the livestream where it was introduced and discussed.)