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    Happy Holidays, friends–whatever you may be celebrating this time of year. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually written news for Sonic HQ, and I send out my apologies for that. But, enough of that, let’s get to what you really want–news! I bring in my big red stocking today more sales information for PSO, Saddam Hussein Stockpiling PS2s, and Sonic Team Junior’s Holiday gifts to their fans.

    PSO Sales Somewhat Disappointing: I have received what is believed to be right not unofficial numbers from the PSO launch and beyond. It looks like Sonic Team’s RPG sold only 55,000 copies on the December 21st launch date, and the next day, the game dropped to ninth place in the overall software sales, then bounced back to third on Saturday. When I get official numbers, I will pass it along to you.

    Saddam Stockpiling PS2s: We may just have one more reason to hate the Playstation 2–it could lead to nuclear war. You laugh, but if Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein gets the right people to work on PS2s, it could happen. Reports indicate that he has bought 4,000 of the consoles, in the hopes that he can combine their power and disrupt, possibly intercept and control arms technology worldwide. Keep in mind that Sony has had a tough time convincing the Japanese government that the PS2 is too powerful. If used in the wrong way, the PS2 can launch missiles. Currently, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation in looking into the matter.

    STJR’s Screenshot Giveaway: It’s not another SRB2 demo, but it’s the next best thing–screenshots. AJ Freda and Johnny Wallbank of STJR have been posting various action shots from the game for the past eleven days now. Sonikku is promising something special for the final day at midnight tonight–that’s in about an hour and a half. Keep checking their board, and I’ll be back tomorrow morning to tell you what it is.

    And that is it for now. Have a wonderful Holiday season, and I should be back in time for New Year’s Eve.