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Sonic The Hedgehog #47

Wed Dec 22, 2021 17 d

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE-long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

Amy, Tangle, Jewel, and Belle’s peaceful camping trip is still up in flames… literally. The fire is blazing but all the tension from before has melted away and the heroines are ready to save the day! Plus, being confronted with such danger has some reevaluating their futures… Find out more in the final part of “Trial by Fire”!

Imposter Syndrome #2

Wed Jan 12, 2022 38 d

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE-long-adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.Surge and Kit are put to the test! Dr. Starline is almost ready to launch his grand plan, but first he must ensure his creations can perform under pressure. But more powerful doesn’t always mean better… can Surge and Kit live up to the heroes that inspired their creation?

Sonic The Hedgehog #48

Wed Feb 23, 2022 80 d

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE-LONG-ADVENTURE leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

The Chaotix are on the case! Central City has been turned upside-down by unmanageable traffic, and reports of lightning and water moving in odd ways have the city’s emergency services scratching their heads. Is it a sewer-dwelling crocodile, a pair of unruly brothers, or something more sinister? Whatever it may be, Vector, Espio, and Charmy are sure to uncover the truth.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Fri Apr 8, 2022 124 d

Sequel to the 2020 movie.

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    Mario & Sonic Olympics Interviews

    Gamedaily’s interview with SEGA and Nintendo has slightly more info. The game is being developed by SEGA sports with supervision by Shigeru Miyamoto. They’re considering ways to balance Sonic’s speed in a race. And to those wondering about whether SEGA has gotten the message in the overall response to STH360, this quote is interesting:

    BIZ: The Sonic franchise, especially with the recent games on PS3 and 360, has sort of seen a drop off in quality over the years. The games have not been received all that well and the franchise could use a jumpstart. Do you see this team up with Mario as a way of reinvigorating Sonic or refreshing the brand?

    SJ: I think that’s a very fair question. The Sonic games of late… the better games have been on the Nintendo platforms. Sonic Rush on the DS last year was a really good game. Sonic and the Secret Rings on the Wii is a great game as well. It’s selling really strongly and is definitely one of the Wii platform favorites at the moment. So it feels like Sonic and the Sonic games have an affinity for the Nintendo platforms anyway, and we’re happy to extend that. But you’re right in that Sega has been looking to reinvigorate the Sonic franchise and inject some more quality into the games going forward. And we feel this is a great opportunity to work with Nintendo to do that.

    Newsweek’s interview says that Shigeru Miyamoto will have more involvement in this game than on the average Nintendo title.

    Separately, is there a plan to revitalize Sonic on other platforms? Or is this a sign that it just makes more sense in the future to focus Sonic on Nintendo platforms where the product quality has been good and where there may be more audience affinity?

    We are actually undergoing a fairly considerable refresh of Sonic as an intellectual property, as a character. Sonic on the Wii is probably the first product that’s come to market that reflects that. We’re not going to be bringing another game out on the other platforms for quite some time, because we feel that it is time to reinvent Sonic, to make Sonic contemporary again. At the same time, even the recent 360 and Playstation 3 games have sold extremely well. Sonic is still an extremely endearing character; there’s still a lot of love for Sonic out there in consumerland.

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