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  • Sega Releases New Sonic Drawing Video Tutorial


    Are you new to Sonic and looking to make some awesome new fan art, or are you an older Sonic fan that wants to improve your hedgehog drawing skills? Well, good news! Sega’s launched a highly comprehensive tutorial about drawing the blue blur! The easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions by Mr. Karasuno give you guidelines on how to draw modern Sonic! The tutorial gives you tips on how to give Sonic the right body proportions and compares them to good ol’ classic Sonic. Mr. Karasuno also gives you tips on adding details and the correct color palates.

    The original tutorial was only in Japanese, but now subtitles have been added for English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese fans to follow along! The tutorial even includes some jammin’ music from Sonic Heroes to help inspire you!

    So why don’t you grab yourself a pencil and paper or a tablet and give it a try!? Let’s see some way past cool fan art! Don’t forget a chili dog for some artist fuel!