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Sonic The Hedgehog #61

Wed Jun 7, 2023 4 d

This is it! The end! (Of the arc, that is.) Everyone is focused on the central command tower: if that goes down, the city will fall. But are three teams enough to stop something it seems even Dr. Eggman can’t control?

Sonic Origins Plus

Fri Jun 23, 2023 20 d

Sonic Origins Plus builds off the momentum of Sonic Origins by adding all 12 Sonic Game Gear titles, playable classic Amy in Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD, as well as playable Knuckles in Sonic CD.

Sonic The Hedgehog #62

Wed Jun 28, 2023 25 d

With Dr. Eggman and Surge subdued for now, Sonic and friends have a chance to relax, reset, and plan for the future. Join us for a set of misadventures in our brand-new story arc, starting here in issue #62 and running full speed through #66! First, Amy visits Knuckles on Angel Island to return a relic. The island, as always, has a few surprises in store for them for them as they catch up. Meanwhile, Mimic is putting together the purrfect disguise to infiltrate the Restoration.

Sonic Prime Season 2

Thu Jul 13, 2023 40 d

Sonic The Hedgehog #63

Wed Jul 26, 2023 53 d

Stuck in the past with no clear directive, Silver decides to spend some time with the Diamond Cutters and their new member. But he’s too busy being star-struck over Whisper to notice that he’s interrupting their training! Elsewhere, Sonic takes Blaze sightseeing so she can enjoy her vacation.


Thu Oct 12, 2023 131 d

Knuckles The Echidna teaches deputy Wade Whipple the ways of the Echidna warrior.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Fri Dec 20, 2024 566 d

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    Segapede prototype released!

    Hidden Palace comes through with a closer look at Sonic’s long lost cousin.

    Segapede” (later called “Astropede“) was a Sega Genesis game in development at Sega Technical Institute. Headed by Craig Stitt, an artist who had worked on Sonic 2, this game was originally planned to be part of the Sonic universe. Starring a robotic centipede created by Dr. Robotnik, Segapede was a platformer that would’ve brought some unique twists to the Sonic formula.

    You may remember footage of this demo surfacing a couple years ago. Now you can give it a go yourself! Though there’s not too much to see — just a single short level that demonstrates the ideas of the game. Still, it’s plenty enough to wonder what could’ve been.

    Look familiar? Yep, that’s the long lost Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 2. The graphics for that (in)famous zone, also created by Craig Stitt, were recycled into this demo.

    Check out Hidden Palace’s news post for a historical breakdown of this game’s development, including some snazzy concept art.

    In related news, Hidden Palace has also released VHS captures of a late Sonic 3 prototype and a Ristar character design test. Everybody remember to give some thanks!