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    Sonic 2 also coming to Switch

    Along with the first game, Sonic 2 has also been added to the Sega Ages lineup for Nintendo Switch. A page for the game was added to the official Japanese website. From what I can eke out of Google Translate, features include:

    • The ability to use the drop dash from Sonic Mania. This is also being included in Sonic 1.
    • Time attack mode with online leaderboards.
    • Ring keep mode, which allows you to hold on to some rings after being hit.
    • Super Sonic mode, which starts Sonic out with 50 rings and all chaos emeralds. This is carried over from the 3DS release.

    Other games announced for the lineup include:

    • Space Harrier
    • OutRun
    • Columns II — This hasn't really gotten a home release before and also never left Japan
    • Thunder Force AC — The arcade version of Thunder Force III, which received a number of adjustments

    Sonic 1 is set to release on the 20th of this month.