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    Sonic 2, NiGHTS, and other freebies in Sega’s 60th anniversary sale

    Sega’s 60th anniversary is on, and they got goodies.

    To kick things off, Sonic 2 is free on Steam until October 19th. Just click the “Add to Account” button and you got it. The game will be added as DLC under “SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics“. (The full bundle of 58 games is also a whopping 91% off!)

    Next up is the classic NiGHTS into Dreams. Register on the Sega 60th website and get it added to your Steam account automatically.

    Sega will also have free “mini-games” available to download every day from the 15th through the 18th. One of them is “Streets of Komurocho“, a mashup of Streets of Rage and Yakuza…! These will be available for a very limited time, so don’t forget!!

    Finally, the sale itself has plenty of deals. Almost every Sonic game on Steam is 75% off, including the likes of Sonic Mania, Forces, Generations, Lost World, Racing Transformed, and more.

    So get in while the gettin’s good and have fun~