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    Sonic #97 AND Sonic #98 Spoilers! – Ultimate Villian Queries, Secret Identities And….SA2 ????

    I knew the previews were late for this month but dang….Two In One DOUBLE PREVIEWS !!! Well now THIS is just nuts – Geoffrey St. John, Tails The Fox, Uncle Chuck, A Sonic Adventure 2 Cover, Missing Overlanders, An undercover Sonic The Hedgehog, Sally sneaking away from Knothole to find Sonic whose trying to find Tails, Tails whose busy somewhere off with Knuckles but has some link to Dr. Robotnik (?????), And Mina finally being acknowledged as Sally’s rival????

    Attention Tails The Fox fans! You’re gonna have a lot of fun tryng to decipher THESE previews….

    Sonic The Hedgehog #97
    “My Secret Identity”
    “The Chosen One – Part Three”

    Writers: Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
    Pencilers:James Fry & Ron Lim
    Inkers: Andrew Pepoy & Pam Eklund

    Geoffrey manages to piece together half of Uncle Chuck’s message from the damaged Shadow-Bot, and he and his secret service team embark on a mission to Robotropolis to retrieve it. Meanwhile, an incognito Sonic begins his quest for Arachnis and Tails, but is sidetracked by Geoffrey’s mission. The intrigue thickens when both the secret service and Sonic are captured by Overlanders, and Sonic does his best to maintain his anonymity in the midst of his cellmates. Can Sonic aid in their escape without blowing his cover? Plus, surprising unexpected revelations about Robotnik and Tails. And what’s with all the missing Overlanders? Also: another Knuckles back-up story, this time guest-starring Sonic’s buddy Tails.

    Sonic The Hedgehog #98
    “Blow By Blow”
    “The Chosen One – Part Four”

    Writers: Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
    Pencilers:James Fry & Ron Lim
    Inkers: Andrew Pepoy & Pam Eklund

    After returning to Knothole, Geoffrey informs Elias that Robotnik still has robotization on his mind. Sally disguises herself as a servant and manages to sneak out of Castle Acorn in order to go see Sonic, but Sonic has his hands full trying to stay incognito while he continues his quest for Arachnis and the Sword – not to mention Mina, Sally’s latest rival for Sonic’s affection. And just like last issue – what’s with all the missing Overlanders? Plus, another Knuckles back-up story, guest-starring Sonic’s buddy Tails.

    Okay – say it with me. “Damn.” ^___^

    Where do I start on THIS one? First of all Tails is getting a LOT of recognition lately…More attention than he’s gotten in a long time. Hmmmm. That, AND Tails and Dr. Robotnik (???) now seem to have some sort of connection? Plus it seems that the Chosen One saga is being extended to 4 parts. THIS is a good thing. ^^ Maybe Tails The Fox is the rumored “Ultimate Villian” ^__^ But Archie wouldnt have Sonic fighting Tails, his own sidekick and “psuedo-little brother” on the 100th issue anniversary – would they? ;D

    Sonic’s incognito identity makes him look like an X-Man with that cape and X gloves. Hehehe. ^__^ But the biggest shocker (to me anyway) was the cover of Sonic #98. Juct click on it for a sec, and tell me if you see the same thing I saw. Does that cover say Sonic Adventure 2 in the background? We know its not gonna be in the book in time for Sonic #100. Archie’s already gotten that and the first few issues after it planned out. But I think that after #100…. Plus – something I noticed, but its amazing that the June cover sports SA2. Especially since thats the release date for America. But not to worry or anything. Like I said – #100 and the first issues past are probably already planned out, so theres no need to worry about Sega intrusions on the big “UV Story” for now. But at least we know that theres a large possibility that its coming…

    And last but not least, those spoilers. Whats with the all missing Overlanders? Its ABOUT TIME we finally saw Sally take some initiative again. Perhaps she wont be playing second fiddle for a while, but it looks like a meeting between her and Mina and Sonic is imminent. Uncle Chuck returns, Geoffrey’s proabably still gonna be a prude with Elias on puppet strings, and I’m still trying to figure out just what this link is between Tails and Dr. Robotnik…

    One more issue to go….Hmmmmm…… ;D