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  • Sonic HQ Twentieth Anniversary!

    You might feel old after reading this post.

    Twenty years ago today, this site sprung forth under the moniker “Sonic HQ” (prior to that it was known as Zifei's Sonic Page) with its own domain at Unfortunately, we lost that domain over the years but now we have

    We're not as popular as we were before but we're not trying to be. Most traffic is for comics information and so that has been our main focus as of late. The recent launch of Sonic under IDW gives a breath of fresh air and so we will follow it and provide a “feed” of upcoming issues along the left side on the main page.

    Many also still come here simply for the nostalgia which now sits comfortably in the “Archives” section.

    If you have suggestions for what SHQ should have more/less of, please feel free to chime in, in the comments.

    In any case, thanks for being a part of Sonic HQ's 20 years! Lets see if we can go for another 20 more (at least).

    To celebrate Sonic HQ's 20th, we're bringing back the image rotator from the early 2000s era that had some of the below images that you may remember.