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  • Sonic SatAM Reborn In Fan-made Sea3on Animated Project

    It’s Juice and Jam Time!

    Sea3on Animated stems from the webcomic Sea3on, written by Eric “Gojira2007” Mason and illustrated by the team of Riggo and Nex.

    It remains ongoing and shows how Sonic and the Freedom Fighters must contend with the evil duo of Snively and Naugus as both sides race all around Mobius to try and track down the mysterious Chaos Emeralds, the power of which could determine the fate of the entire planet…

    In 2018, it was decided they wanted to go animated and their Patreon was born! Attracting more talent (attracting even Crush40!), the project grew more steam leading to where we are today! You can check out the trailer below.

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