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  • Sonic Team News – That Loveable Chu Chu Madness!

    Chu Chu Rocket

    Once unvieled to the masses – Sonic Team’s Chu Chu Rocket, one of the “Enjoy 4” titles, left the populace dazed and confused as no one knew just what the heck it was. And to top that – we got that really weird Japanese commercial with bloody mice, an odd 2D cat, pencil drawings, and blank looks from many that saw it.

    Well today, Gamefan Online and IGN DC have gotten thier hands on the finished version of the Japanese game and both have surmised that Sonic Team has yet another hit on thier hands! Click the links below to read the respective remarks on Sonic Teams newest oddity puzzle game Chu Chu Rocket!

    Gamefan Online: Chu Chu Review
    IGNDC: Chu Chu Review

    Source: Gamefan Online and IGN DC