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  • Alternate Knuckles?

    Ive read about a few alternate Knuckles that ive never even scene before (or herd of in refrence) and was wondering if these were true alternates, or just made up. One thing was a possible ‘future’. Brass Knuckles? The second wasnt given a name, but was said to be a cheif of police in the same universe as Sally McAcorn. The last was somthing about a giant mutant with three spikes on his hands.

    Those are all different Archie-related versions of Knuckles. The possible future versions could have resulted from Knuckles #25, Sonic #106-109, Sonic #131-144, or Sonic #166-167. The Brass Knuckles would refer to Sonic #103. The Sally McAcorn related one would come from Super Special #14. The mutant would come from Super Special #12. There are more alternate versions of Knuckles than that from Archie, including the “Anti-Knuckles” from Sonic #44, a Gatchaman/G-Force parody from Super Special #12, and a Sailor Moon parody from Super Special #8.

    –True Red