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  • Archie Sonic Comics Retrospective: Issue 3

    Bunnie Rabbot is a popular character from SatAM and the Archie comics. Her half-machine side makes her strength an asset to the team. Let’s observe her debut in the third issue of the Sonic Archie comics published in October 1993. The issue was written by Micahel Gallagher.

    The comic begins with Sonic destroying swat bots in Robotropolis when he eavesdrops on a conversation with Robotnik who is talking about a bomb. Sonic panics and reports this to Sally Acorn. They decide to steal the bomb by distracting Robotnik with a movie projector of them protesting against the bomb. When Robotnik and his army of swat bots attack the projections, they hit against a brick wall knocking the evil scientist out.

    Boomer, disguising as Robotnik, demands to know where the bomb is. Crabmeat hands over a box containing the bomb and the Freedom Fighters leave. Once they open the box, they find out it was actually a bug bomb to get rid of the insects infesting Eggman’s lair. 

    Later, Boomer and Sonic enter the southern section of Mobius where Robotnik is roboticizing citizens using a portable robot maker. One of these citizens happens to be a pale yellow bunny who is thrown into the roboticizer. Sonic quickly dispatches the swat bots and saves the rabbit who is now half machine. The two quickly return to Knothole showing Sally the cyborg Mobian. The rabbit introduces herself as Bunnie Rabbot and demonstrates her strength with her new body.

    After she introduces herself, a giant burrobot attacks Knothole so Sonic and Bunnie team up to defeat it. With Bunnie’s strength, the two quickly dispatch the giant machinery. This concludes issue three of the Archie comics and Bunnie Rabbot’s debut.


    At a Glance: Archie Sonic Comics: Issue 3


    Summary: Robotnik as a bomb ready to use. Will Sonic and the Freedom Fighters stop him from using it? Or will the doctor succeed with his goal?


    Publication Date: October 1993