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  • SatAM Retrospective: Episode 8 “Hooked on Sonics”

    Ah, Antoine D’Coolette. One of the main characters in the SatAM cartoon. He used to be one of my least favorite characters in the show (probably still is). When I was little, he always seemed like such a coward and arrogant (and not in a cool way like Sonic). This leads to episode eight of SatAM: “Hooked on Sonics” (written by Randy Rogel). Aired on October 30, 1993, this episode is where Antoine takes the spotlight. Will I have second thoughts on the character? Or will my opinions on him remain the same? Let’s find out. Hooked on Sonics Image

    The episode begins with Dr. Robotnik’s nephew Snively in the forest testing out the latest of Robotnik’s inventions being the shredder, a robot that chops down trees and drains the life force out of them using long red eyes. Using the energy, it can use its Sonic Radar. Upon the activation of the radar, it senses Sonic approaching and, sure enough, the hedgehog appears. Sonic confuses the robot by his speed and makes it accidentally cut itself which alarms the swatbots. They aim at Sonic but instead shoot the shredder, breaking one of its feet. Sonic then circles underneath it causing the eyes to tangle with the legs making it falls and break itself.

    That night, the Freedom Fighters cheered for his bravery which gets Antoine jealous. He proceeds to sit depressingly on a rock trying to figure out how to get Sally’s attention. Rotor jokingly says that catching Robotnik and bringing him back to Knothole would do it. Antoine likes the enjoy and waits for a power ring to show up. Once he obtains the power ring, he enters Robotropolis and informs Robotnik through a camera that, if he wants the power ring, he must meet at the city limits in an hour. 

    Once Robotnik meets Antoine, he goes to him to grab the power ring but falls into a pit set up by Antoine. He tries to capture Robotnik but the doctor has a few tricks up his sleeve. He uses his rocket boots to fly and shoot lasers from his fingers to capture Antoine and obtain the power ring.Hooked on Sonics Image

    Meanwhile, Sonic and the others search for Antoine in Knothole but Rotor starts to worry and he tells the others what he told Antoine. Sonic then leaves to find Robotnik and Antoine. As he is running however, Robotnik demonstrates to Antoine his latest invention. Using the power ring, he can detect Sonic’s speed and shoot a giant laser. In order for Sonic to reach Robotnik, he has to walk from now on to avoid the explosive laser. The evil tyrant sends Antoine to the roboticizer and leaves to the forest to use his rebuilt shredder machine. Sonic follows the swatbots carrying Antoine and finds the roboticizer. The hedgehog distracts the robots, saves Antoine, and runs back to the forest. Quickly dodging the lasers, he reaches the shredder machine causing the laser to hit it instead. However, once the shredder is destroyed, Sonic and Antoine are surrounded by swatbots. Antoine grabs the power ring out of the giant laser and hands it to Sonic. Sonic toys with Robotnik for a tiny bit and they head out. 

    Once they return, Antoine starts bragging about his adventure, and everyone leaves except Tails who is very invested with his tale. Thus concludes “Hooked on Sonics.”

    My opinion on the character remains the same but I have to give credit where credit is due. I love Rob Paulsen’s voice as the character. He does a pretty good job as him (especially with the accent). Hooked on Sonics Image


    At a Glance: Hooked on Sonics

    Summary: Antoine wants to earn the respect of the Freedom Fighters and decides to capture Dr. Robotnik. Will he succeed? Or will he succumb to Robotnik’s cunning intelligence? 

    Air Date: October 30, 1993